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Replay: The Dangers of Replacement Theology and Thoroughly Jewish Calls and Insights

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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October 26, 2017 6:10 pm

Replay: The Dangers of Replacement Theology and Thoroughly Jewish Calls and Insights

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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This is a previously recorded broadcast one of the consequences of believing that the church has replaced Israel in the plan of God with the church has superseded Israel stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. It is 32 Thursday Michael Brown delighted to be with. Coming away live from Dallas Texas tonight show this afternoon after the show scheduled to drive to Tyler Texas and speak at a banquet for the messianic Jewish Bible Institute doing some teaching for them this week.

After the show yesterday recorded four hours of lectures and that's the schedule for Friday as well. Gobbling but radio comes first. So here we are 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884. We are really going to get into some eye-opening stuff. Today we look at the Scriptures what the word teaches about the church and Israel will look at some controversial passages that have been used to say that God's promises to Israel have now been transferred over to the church or are fulfilled in Jesus and therefore are only available to those in him Jews who do not believe are outside of those promises on every level. I will look at that I will connect with one of my colleagues in Israel to discuss this as well play some clips for you from the Christ at the checkpoint conference that took place less than two weeks ago in Bethlehem and tinkered usually calls 866-34-TRUTH know if you personally believe that modern Israel today is not a fulfillment of prophecy and a sense of the word or if you believe that there are no more national promises that remain for the Jewish people even outside of the land future promise of salvation or anything like that. I love to hear from you. Love to hear your reasons why 866-34-TRUTH also be playing some clips from Dr. Gary Byrd. That's his far as we can go playing clips from the reading quotes from his writings because he has politely declined invitations to debate mere dialogue with me either at his home University at Wheaton or on another station where he was asked of Moody Bible radio Moody radio.

He was asked to have a dialogue debate with me about this and politely declined. So Dr. Burchard really love to have public dialogue. I love Chris to sit down and in the structured debate format was several hours to present our views and probe one another. I trust you would do it in a godly spirit. I assure you I would think would be of great benefit to the body. I can understand if you didn't want to come onto my radio show to do it, but certainly in a university setting.

We could have a high level debate, dialogue, discussion could then be videotaped and sent out to many, so that they can explore these issues together. Why not Sir it is an open, friendly, nonhostile invitation before we get into our thoroughly Jewish Thursday subject matter. I do have a few things to say on a different subject is more and more folks in Peru are hearing about my talk to congressional leaders in University Chancellor's last week. As expected the reaction is quite hostile. Not one gentleman from Peru who called me a monster yesterday. I did say this.

I know we can go on and on with this and I'm sure we both got better things to do. So let me finish say that I'm sorry I called you monster the first place was not a nice thing to sitting on nevertheless really think you're doing wrong with a smile. Of course I gladly accepted his apology and continued to interact with him. Another gal was not so happy she wrote this. You are not welcome in our country.

Multiple exclamation points. Only murderers and corrupt politicians follow you multiple expiration points of the Herbert Pope Francisco said about gays course he didn't change the church if you are homosexual practice and you know that anti-gay is really frustrated case. What you know it still boggles my mind that people can address issues as issues that they have to recuse a heterosexual being a closeted homosexual in order to prove their point. I guess that makes this woman than a frustrated fundamentalist Bible believer phenomenon. She knows that I will be punished for the bed things undoing a lot countries listen we didn't expect to be applauded by those hostile to us setting up would like a couple of back then, I guess the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown and there is yes, that was some of the promo for this year's Christ point conference in Bethlehem and the first voice you heard was that of Dr. Gary Burge whom I just mentioned I've not been able to go through his talk yet, but my guess Ron Kanter has gone through it carefully and I will be talking about that in a little while 866-34-TRUTH are welcome to call if you have a different point of view as to the things not thoroughly Jewish related very quickly. I appreciate this being done. I mentioned it somewhat jokingly. The other day but Bill Donahue who is the president of the Catholic league for religious and civil rights has filed an application to march in the New York City Gay pride parade this year. He's boycotting the makers of Guinness Stout Sam Adams and Heineken beer safely about the gay rights groups and drop their support for New York St. Patrick's Day parade. This is wants to prove a point is that I went to the managing director of the heritage of pride parade and said listen, I want to march under my own banner straight is great in the 2014 heritage pride parade. You agree are they gonna let me do it or not I'm waiting to see what they want to say very interesting and well done Bill Donahue. I absolutely agree with that approach. If it's a matter of equality for all what's tested then and Pastor John MacArthur's announce that he'll be holding and inerrancy conference. In an article in the Christian post-Christian Poe said to him you took a lot of jabs for criticizing the charismatic movement.

Pentecostal Christians during the release of your book strange bargaining conference of the same name. Can you frame your arguments in terms of how you see this ongoing discussion about what you see is there case and yours and he said to write the book of the conference certainly provoked a lot of criticism but the strong response was welcome since the intention was to force biblical thinking on this issue. Of course Dr. MacArthur with all respect there better ways to provoke biblical thinking then to be inflammatory and divisive and even inaccurate public comments which once again, I urge you to correct and fix as you move forward.

But he says this going forward are desirous to hold this vast movement up to the pure light of Scripture to rebuild Sarah's Sir, how about holding up to let his Scriptures. In reviewing its strengths. How about holding up to the light of Scripture and revealing what God is doing and rejoicing along with revealing errors as I would hope you do in your own movement as well. All right, 866-34-TRUTH.

Yes yes thanks Matt for pointing that out.

The Christ at the checkpoint promo did not have the harbor and the Gillett music that was our thoroughly Jewish Thursday Israeli sound leading into Christ at the checkpoint out my guest Ron Kanter friend for decades coworker for many many years living in Israel out for years with his wife and children and working with my always his website Ron Kanter that's TR Ron here are great to have you on the air today thinking that maybe in the next checkpoint.

They may want to give that music they have requested more messianic Jewish involvement.

I think that we often do it yeah II do appreciate the fact that there were different messianic Jews who spoke in a couple years ago a messianic leader missing a Gentile leader in Israel spoke as well. First Ron overall what you hearing from your friends in Israel or for folks like Dan Chester and Odette Shoshana messianic Jewish leaders in Israel from their participation in the conference what you hearing. Overall, it mixed because Jews are the whole idea of a conference call Christ at the checkpoint and conjures up images that are in my opinion it on that. The idea of Joseph and Mary coming in Bethlehem trying to get into the city, but not be able to because above checkpoint court and crew their Jewish and that the Jews can't go to back when Emily Disraeli Jews. I cannot can't you can't go in your Downhill. I wanted to go to Beckley tomorrow. I would have to apply for special permission for my own safety.

They don't want me to get hurt because it become a more in one month that he used to be a Christian for the and believe it or not to be a revelation. Before that it was a Jewish study about 2000 years ago, but now you're today I cannot go in without getting special permission. That's from the Israeli side because because of the atmosphere, the hostility on the other side right throat.

Joseph and Mary wouldn't be able began because of the checkpoint be the imagery of a massive wall and of course the idea that there is a a wall of China or Berlin wall and Israel is erroneous. If you Google security Israel you will almost always find pictures of an 8 m 25 foot wall, but in that is only in areas where Palestinian snipers were killing Israeli drivers on the road. 97% of that wall is actually a a mesh them and but they don't. You never see the images of the benefits only a wall and conversation because of all this Dr. Brown there is a long a little bit of his trust, but I have to say this year I'm speaking for myself, I would be real clear because the Medicaid Jewish community is diverse in many different opinions on this and am I have to share a little bit more trusting. I was a few weeks ago when the conference started a video was put out direct outlet extremely manipulative and invited people to come and study the Scriptures at the wall at the checkpoint.

I responded by saying what. What if we, as Jews dead. Let go and study the Scriptures near the actions of outlet. Both would be manipulative because we don't determine our interpretation of Scripture deep wound and emotionally and the adjuster shared against talk. He said we have to get healed first Jew and Gentile Jew and Palestinian.

We have to be healed emotionally before we can come to interpretation about the deep issues.

It's not the root of the woundedness that we find a revelation if we get healed through your sure and then we find revelation.

All right, so, so let's first speak about the positive things that took place at the conference, because obviously we get a different very strongly with a number of things that were spoken and overall sympathies that were put forward.

And of course each morning there was the opportunity to go to quote the checkpoint and to see what it felt like an and I don't know if the when the Tories were given if they said okay that we want you to know that this wall is put up here to keep murderers out of Israel to keep Muslim terrorists and garbage out. Okay so give me whatever you can we get a couple minutes, but in this segment give me whatever you can. That was positive about the conference or that is caused me to be a little bit more trusting than you were before. Okay. Positive number one Odette Shoshana Gordon is rarely nativeborn. It really messianic leader here is relieved date vibrant Hebrew speaking congregation and in Jerusalem was invited to give about a 15 to 20 minute message multimethod were short and he brought a very strong message. I would encourage people to go to their videos by and large, old advantage and back you go to my daughter Ron We have a doctor but he was very straightforward and he made a point that needs to keep being echoed it with this if in 1948 the Arabs accepted the United Nations suggestion of a partitioning the land of Israel into an air country in a Jewish country there be no more there be no occupation. There'd be no refugee issue that there would be peace but instead of war date at rather that of peace. What we offered. You can read the statement from David in Paris and highlights and the leaders of Israel think we want peace with you, they said no to yes to war. Yet genocide.

The goal was genocide to kill every Jew in the land of Israel. Now unfortunately for them we won the war of independence. We became a nation and with compassion without underestimating the pain of the Palestinian people suffering the Vanguard group from there have been definitely things done to them from Israel, most in the name of security, of course, determine the suffering of being under the Palestinian Authority and as a Christian Arab, or under, as a Christian with very powerful Dan Chester taught messianic Jewish theology actually dated. He did not date Gary Berg. He debated Gary Berg and over the issue of replacement theology and then made a very passionate argument for messianic Jewish theology, where we knew God permit we do value is jumping around like that and I probably will get to talk to a college and feels that America part of the house stay here a whole lot. It's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown for joining us on thoroughly Jewish Thursday might reduce guest from Israel Ron Kanter Ron obviously you can spend a little bit more about positive things at the conference and I'm glad that there's more dialogue. I'm glad that there is a desire to bring more messianic Jews into the interaction and certainly where there is injustice on any side were Israel is guilty of injustice against Palestinians were Israel is guilty of harsh measures that ought not to be taken that we need to renounce that believing that God has brought our people back to the land, believing that the church is not replaced.

Israel does not give Israel and type of carte blanche and in you and I would be the first to criticize her people for cyclic. The fact that we say, their loss to the issue is a pretty happy thing to say but Ron on the flipside, now what concerns you the most. Obviously, God is in control and he is Lord. Most human beings make decisions and choices in those decisions and choices have great impact.

What current concerns you most about what was said at the conference or the overall spirit and approach of the conference. Well I didn't watch every I wouldn't have accomplished by living Tel Aviv. It was in Bethlehem I watched part of it on line credit for every method.

There were many messages that were very anti-Zionist anti-Israel that it would seem that the overall feeling is that the primary reason that Palestinian Christian supper is because of Israel. There was no real mention of the the murderous nature, who has been known to just grab kids off the street for having something like gel in their hair or wearing jeans and then being beaten and return home later. Unable to walk Thomas. Thomas is not in Bethlehem. What about Palestinian Authority men about issues like that. I Palestinian Authority is one of the most corrupt government and in the world that was addressed publicly right. I know I get I get what I wanted to years ago.

I haven't gone to all and I sure I identity I could challenge them on that. In fact of the matter that Arafat died with US$900,000,000.90 without a businessman, but that's how much money he had in his bank account and that was money that he built from the Palestinian people and that type of thing has been documented as normal. Within the Palestinian that is why by the way, the average Palestinian in 2000 x 2006 voted for Hamas at parent organization over the Palestinian Authority what they wanted Hamas it was that they didn't run the Palestinian Authority anymore because of corruption. Now another thing that really concern me is the embracement of replacement theology, which is now called fulfillment theology. I am doing right now posting every day on my websites you saw the tone that I met you.

I meant to write a very short critique of Dr. Gary Berg of address on replacement theology, and it ended up being over 7000 words were posting a little bit each

Both can go there now begin to read the first three segments are up, but I was concerned about his theology. I have to stay that he is a very likable guy, at least from what I saw on the at the conference. He presented his mature humility. He did not come across as arrogant, but still, at the end of the day there huge problem with his new fulfillment, theology, and largely is that he contact the entire Old Testament in terms of the promises of God made to Israel and it just doesn't hold up under normal exegete right so we will Ron in the coming segments talk about talk about some of the exegetical issues and I do want to take some calls as well, but very quickly. You had some interesting interaction with Dr. Steven Sizer. He had never responded to invitations to come onto my radio program but he did agree to have a debate with me on the radio. It's on my website if you go to latest YouTube videos you find there. But he agreed to dialogue with me at how Christians Christian Zionism and I quoted him on, saying that there are Christians in the land who believe." The occupation or the these parts that I belong to Israel and that he said it's a denial of Jesus it's been in there an abomination when I gave him the quote. He said he never said it, and then when I told him where was again the details and quoted. He said okay I'm comfortable with that. That's led to some interesting interaction between the two of you hasn't. What we've actually been interacting for about two years on and off. I confronted him over that statement about two years ago and he did eventually apologize for the very statement that he pretty comfortable with in the past because of pressure from messianic Jewish bloggers and others is a good article about roasting a report that is taken to task for many of the things that he is bad and he finally did apologize for the evening. If you can read it in his blog. If anybody would like Josh all apologized to the people he bother me about it, but I confronted him on many different issues. She has a blog where he he quotes another blogger saying what a wonderful blog. It is in in in that because the idea of the Israeli Defense forces. The Israeli terrorist organization. Of course that would make all three of my daughters hardly terrorist if the list goes on. He put a paper out regarding their Jerusalem land is Jerusalem. According to the Bible and he comes to the conclusion that it equally belongs to Jews, Christian and are you ready for the Muslim and evangelical and wanting to reach out and love them to love about them, but it faded Antoine."

So much bloodshed in the past you know 5060 years around the world have a claim to Jerusalem will be the thing that confronted on indicate, you know, at first we had kind dialogue, but it it changed to better it states that right there on folks. You got to hear what was said to my friend of many years of decades.

Ron can't or think you find this interesting as we pray for Dr. Sizer to come to the fullness of God's love and truth, hate, pray the same thing for me and for Ron friends were doing is playing a key role being on the radio and talking about these issues and equipping the body to answer objections and questions and helping to reach out to the lost sheep of the house of Israel, with massive expansion on earth are Jewish website under underway right now, but this is a joint effort. This is a team effort, and Paul explicitly says in Romans 15 to the Gentile believers that if they have been helped spiritually particular the two spiritual blessings.

They should then help Jewish believers, especially in the land financially so without shame. I encourage you to stand with me stand with me stand with us on the front lines be part of our team for your gift of any size just rescue be as generous as you can you one-time gift of any size I want to send you a signed copy of the hardcover real culture.

Jesus spoke with postage a $30 value of assignment send it to you with Romans 1126 inscribed that all Israel will be saved so that you know what you're selling into the salvation of the loss of the house visually. This is my phone number so call one 800-278-9978 1-800-278-9978. Your generous one-time gift elements in the South, one 800-7899 seven. This is a previously recorded broadcast. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us on this Thursday Michael Brown, 866-34-TRUTH, joined by my friend Ron Cantor from Israel and out were talking about the issue of replacement theology were talking about the Christ at the checkpoint conference appreciating the good and being concerned about the bad and the misleading notions that that are going to many evangelical leaders listen only wants truth almost truth of God's word and truth what's happening in the Middle East as he was thousands Facebook page that this the state of Israel and contemporary Christian Zionism is predicated on the explicit use of religious motifs in order to mobilize political propaganda and agitate the feelings of the faithful through the manipulation of religion. That is why I wrote seven difficult answers to popular Zionist assumptions to debunk their abuse of the Bible's will reached out to Steven Sizer regarding statements he made about my friend Ron Cantor and he said this sorry but Ron can't. He does not demonstrate sufficient evidence of being a Christ follower to motivates me want to have fellowship with him. We are commanded in the Bible want to devise a person of once and then worn them a second time after I have nothing to do with them. Titus three, second Peter two of them. The Proverbs are true. A dog returns to its vomit and so sow that is washed returns to her wallowing in the mud.

Speaking of my buddy Ron Ron.

Were you surprised to see that level of rhetoric from an Anglican white you wanted all know because it might in my communications with Dr. sider. I have always focused on the issues. What he had statically met with what he is done to meet with radical Muslims in Iraq and Iran.

The trash of Israel to Muslims and Arabs. He is an opponent of Zionism and I confronted him, not on his personhood, not an estate in the Messiah but on issues real issues and asked him do you really believe that, and how can you justify and he always responds in a personal waistline call. I'm not a believer on the device supported by the way, he never warmly wants or expected time in both of the Scriptures. By the way, to one word refers to a dog in a big and second Peter 222 in the following verses in the entire industry can only talk about really bad people in the congregation that are causing division AA but I do have to state somebody in Bethlehem approached Dr. Sizer of the population, but you really should talk to Ron Cantor. Not that I was dating up a meeting with them by being then I was contacted that he wanted to meet with me and we were scheduled to meet at the airport at the Gurion Airport R&M Saturday, but he canceled the last minute due to the fact that being an airport. The stress of traveling and I get that amicably that it was a great meeting area. So many of you will meet you. Hope hopefully will happen in and listen of the best thing to do list over, as you know and as you see can you do overcome that the rhetoric in the hostile talk with with truth and with love of the problem, of course, though, is that it's on a personal issue, Dr. Sizer and others have influence over a great number of people and just as it's taking years and years and years and years and years for Israelis in the Jewish community to take evangelical Christian support seriously as they wondered what was this just some set up for prophecy or is this just something where you know, little by little there to try to set a substitute to proselytize the finally realize that evangelical Christian love is genuine with the Jews follow Jesus are not now. So much of it is getting undone is is having a ripple effect in the margins really community.

I can churn out a greeting card that counters about.

I think the Israeli government is concerned about losing evangelical yet we have no friends.

We have no and if you look at what's happening in America. America is not all right Scriptures take some calls. By the way, Sizer is regularly on press Iran's state TV television network broadcasting in England around fastening the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Looking back, the line of fire broadcast 866-34-TRUTH Ron Cantor.

My guess from Israel go to his website. Ron CA NCO you want to subscribe to his posters blog. She's got great reports from Israel. He's got a great personal stories is that videos that is really really a great place to go and be connected. Ron, I want to go to the phones in a moment but first let's get your reaction to a clip. I want to go to court number five Joey this is Mont Fred Cole. He is speaking at the Christ at the checkpoint conference in 2014.

So just about two weeks ago, so let's listen to what Manfred Cole has to say in Paul's Christology to land like the law becomes development to be in Christ means to be part of the worldwide community.

God holds over the promised land is now extended through Christ for the whole world and to school. People so worldwide community that an ethnic will be associated with a particular land right Ron would think that what your immediate reaction to that statement beautiful be the idea that Israel is no longer called in the New Testament is 100% refutable by the New Testament in fact and in Dr. Burgess talkie share in the what is the new fulfillment theology. We no longer is that one people in Israel it the whole world, and Dr. Burge read acts chapter 16 which has been dating the disciples gathered around Yeshua and after imploring you and this time going to restore the kingdom to Israel. Now he stopped right there and doesn't keep reading verse seven. The ad quote. According Burge now they have it exactly wrong or if Calvin said this question has as many problems as it has word in which people laugh. The problem is they didn't believe me then the very next verse, and I have heard I heard preachers for years marked the disciples as being strong-minded is being stupid. They still didn't get it, but Yeshua does not rebuke them, he said it is not for you to know the times of the dates the father that by his own authority. And yet, God will restore the kingdom to Israel.

But don't worry about it it it God you will get there with the Holy Spirit preach the gospel. Now that the issue is that they preach in either or theology, either God promises her with Israel between them everyone else's back in class or God is not favoring Israel any longer.

There is no special calling even in Romans 1129 because the get the calling of God to Israel are your revocable and everything is now to the church. I think the church the Gentile believers of the nation are welcomed in to the household of God to the idolatry they become coheirs with Israel, not instead of Israel right so again the either or choice is not want to make the idea that this is not just a matter of ethnicity or racism is not the viciousness of God keeping his promise.

Ron my my last article Israel folks in my website asked Dr. Brown double-click on latest article you find to down the second latest article is called the deadly anti-Israel theology Anna and I knows what John Calvin said, quoting from Dr. Paul Wilkinson's book understand Christian Zionism. Calvin stated that there was many errors as words in the disciples question concerning Israel's restoration. This he believes shall quote how bad scholars. They were under so good a master.

Therefore, when Jesus says you shall receive power, he admonishes them of their imbecility and I. Hey Dr. Wilkinson also quotes at the fifth International Stabile conference 2004. This is antiscience conference of the disciples were very narrowminded nationalistic and blinded for asking such questions. After 40 days with Yeshua after his resurrection, and they say we with this time restore the kingdom to Israel and and they say that the normal way that the people of read this or I should say the anti-Zionist away as is as if Jesus of you idiots don't you know that I through this redundant of the church is replaced as ever been with you so long still cancel. So let's praise this differently. Let's say she was about to ascend to heaven, and the disciples save more is the time for us to take up our swords and behead our enemies else's. Not not for you to know the times and season with the father sitting fiscal preach what he would've said he would keep the set is not for you to know the time for beheading that the father is determined so of prayers. His answer is a great question is just not for you to know now and then further enacts Peter says, and asked the third chapter that you shall remain in heaven until God fulfills everything the times of restoration of the prophets spoke of. So what about the issue though one is this that will take a couple phone calls one about the issue that the promised return to the land is dependent on repentance that that we were scattered under judgment at the end of the judgment of the series, the judge rendered the Babylonians 2700 Israel 2500 years ago and we were scattered in judgment and God's promise to bring us back to the land in repent so if in fact there was mass repentance and we were brought back. Maybe some of these Christian leaders would see things differently and yet it's been or a return that was based in unbelief rather than repentance right. The original writers were mostly socialist Canadian and the rabbis were again trying to them, but I can go to the Bible and it doesn't really matter but I think the Bible does in Ezekiel chapter 36 verse 24. I will bring you back to mother countries by scattered you in your own land. Then in verse 25 he said I will sprinkle clean water on you, and you will be clean and goes on to get the great promises about getting a new heart in an and a new spirit. So it seems that the revival comes after Israel comes back to the land and we have seen that in 1948, there were 25 Jewish believers in Israel. Now there between 15 to 20,000 at eight 37 million Jews appears we are work is cut out for it, but from 25 to nearly 20,000 thank God.

Now also I mentioned Romans one Romans three what advantage is there in being a Jew. Are there any profit in circumcision just the physical to get talking to.

Artie talked about the Gentiles. In chapter 2, not needing to be circumcised. What about you is there any profit and lodge in every way cheaply because of them were committed to work of God for what if some did not believe he asked the question rhetorically will their unbelief make the faithfulness of God without effect. Certainly not. Indeed, let God be true and every man a liar with what Paul is saying here that even in unbelief. God will remain truthful to his promises to Israel to the end because of God's goodness, not because of our faith, right and wrong. You race a great point Denise.

Romans three is very important because it follows the discussion is who is a real Jew the end of Romans two and that could be missing pieces of pulsing the promises don't apply to the Jewish people as a whole. Obviously, we only find salvation sure wheat we understand that which is the greatest biggest issue of all but Dr. Bernat is believed that there is a future for the Jewish people as it is issue is with the land. He does say that there is a future salvation or some future based Romans 11.

That means that God has to be keeping us and preserving us even in our unbelief right. Let's let's take some calls here. Let's go to Boston, Massachusetts. John, welcome to the line of fire.

Dr. Brown Currier bless thank you. I really want to say that America is part of the house of Israel because they indeed are. I explained that the Jews are from the tribe of Judah which is to do with her nickname for you that is one of the 12 tribes. Imagine a lighthouse, the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Christ is occurring to the other tribes of Israel. Okay so what's the guts to do with America.

America is one of those crime Joseph, son Graham and Manasseh, Paramus, Britain and ministers America and how do you know that. Well, I've learned all this running I mission is to produce a never heard of them.

I one dollars from the Philadelphia Church of God.

Are you familiar with them.

Well, only a little bit unfamiliar with the teaching can attend what's on DNA actually refutes that deep DNA has proven long ago that these charges are completely that these claims are completely false so quickly. I DNA DNA that you can test the ethnic origins of people through the centuries. You can see where people descend from what people groups that really come from.

So for example the claim of the Mormons about Native Americans of the claim of the Mormons that somehow original that the original tribal people here in the land of those who came here were ancient Israelites of the transcriptions to back that up. In point of fact, DNA actually test the origins demonstrated conclusively that that was not the case of John Ike I really encourage you with with all respectů.To learn from someone other than them. Thanks for the call John by the way you're going to have the show about black Black Hebrew Israelites come in Thursday service. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice aboard cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown transport joining us on the line of fire on the state. By the way I posted a very important announcement or line of fire listeners. If you listen to me on radio you really want to go to my website ask Dr. and click on latest blog unless you originally got my email today, then please go online and listen. Please read the blog. It's very important announcement rot. Let's let's focus on one particular verse, which is constantly used by those who say that there are no national promises for the Jewish people, or who would argue that yes there there are national promises, but there they are all subsumed in Yeshua and its Galatians the third chapter when I get into this a bit more in the second hour is Wellington folks go to Ron CNC or as Ron has been writing about this very important lengthy article he has the deals with some of these issues. So Paul says this about the promise to the seed. Romans 316 other promises were spoken to Abraham and to his seed does not say antecedents is referring to many, but rather to one end to your seed, that is, Christ.

That is Messiah. So this is then taken to say that there are no promises to the Jewish people as a whole to the nation of Israel. The promises to the seed of Abraham are all too Yeshua so that they are all fulfilled in him and not outside of him. What's wrong with that interpretation, and if we just take Paul straightforwardly what would be wrong with what Paul was saying well yesterday said in his talk the other day. You can't read Galatians without the old covenant you can't read the New Testament without the Old Testament back much of the New Testament is a commentary on the Old Testament are Paul giving a a fulfillment of the Old Testament so to take that that that that one package. Galatians 316 advocate floating out in an outer space and not connected to enrollment. Let's forget the Old Testament not even connected to Roman God fails after I rejected Israel by no means outward doctors because Israel is a revocable right that even unbelievably faithful to my crumpets is broadly referred to enrollment. Three. So to take.

Galatians 316 by L. It doesn't seem like it saying that you're going to to use the rest of the Scripture to interpret it. Then we have to ask ourselves first of all we have to say this is the burden if not on on me to say why. Galatians 316. Invalid.

The Bible, the burden would be on people like Dr. Bergen and Dr. Schneider to explain how one verse suddenly invalidate hundreds and hundreds of promises to Israel and I don't think I've done that. Now in my study on this path do not consulted with you and and other people that I can fill scholars Joe Shalonda adjuster others. There seems to be agreement that Paul is speaking in what's called a midrash hermeneutic or a a a bigger Jewish way of interpreting the Scripture which is where the properties are not necessarily, for instance, be the Daniel I the only object is the relation right that that prophecy can unfold that that many times this immediate application. There is a long-term application. So God speaks about the Jewish people returning from Babylonian captivity and part of it happens with the return then part of it is still unfolding. It's the same with the coming of the Messiah of many of these prophecies is spoken of as one and yet they been fulfilled in stages with the first coming and then a period of of centuries and millennia than a second coming, but you don't really talk about midrash a certain level.

It's good preaching. In other words, it's making a point using the taxes a preacher might and and it's understood that he say he's not saying this is the primary meaning of the text. But here's an application so we know first that Sarah the word see just like in English. Just like I think use examples like like fishing and dear, you don't say fishing in a dears you can but you know herd of deer of school fish so that it if you since right team seeds plural.

That would be talking only about physical seeds planted in the ground when you say seed Sarah in Hebrew you're talking individually or you're talking corporately, nationally, and we know it because that the pronouns are plural, and then that the detail supplier about the numbers of of your seed and that's how Paul uses it at the end of the chapter.

If you belong to Messiah your Abraham's seed plural so he he's making a homiletical point and end of the real challenge for scholars is to try to instill a Paul saying because it seems to contradict with the Hebrew saying and people said he didn't even understand he would know he did and he was making a homiletical point. It's bizarre now that that's used as you say to undermine everything else inhibits and Ron were short on time, but if folks go to your to your blog to your website. This give a picture of of what your posting on a regular basis. There well the good thing about blogging is that if I am at a loss for words.

I have time to think about the fate but what basically did what we talked about we talk about Israel. We we confront things like replacement theology.

We have videos.

I think it's very informative. I hope it's it's a July 900 yet, go ahead if they sign up for my newsletter. They will get a free e-book and in their email called messianic Jews motivated people on earth. And I hope that will bless them all. Also, by the way it we have to Matt, we need to get this in frame put on YouTube. Ron can't are at a loss for words for either custom stealth customer as that's is notable that we have to tell our wives about that but Ron your book identity theft people are loving the book go to Amazon friends order a copy it's written in in up in a storybook way.

That's really eye-opening and will help you to see how the there's been a stolen identity. And we don't mean Ron characters hate great to talk with you as always for the issue of replacement theology were Ron is not a loss for words. He opens us up with great interaction with Dr. Byrd, Ron, can't you see a NCO and that'll take you to his Messiah's mandate website.

Love to all man. Thanks for joining us today. Likewise, collecting up a sorry happy anniversary.

When a happy birthday. We as a happy birthday.

Also I hope so. I love you man. Thanks for joining us friends if you appreciate the work you're doing. We do need to hear from you in a tangible way.

You know, it's one thing to say. Mike was so blessed by your work. It's another thing to say were blessed and we want to help you do what you are doing. So the best way to do it is to pray for us to spread the word about redoing and to help us with your financial gifts out your one time gift today a one time gift to support were just asking to be as generous as you can. Our ministry alone has the hardcover edition of the real kosher Jesus. It's $25 book plus postage. So be as generous as you can selling to Jewish work, Jewish ministry today and will send you a signed copy of the book call right now this is by phone only, one 800-278-9978 1-800-278-9978 70 can be generous and help underwrite 50 or hundred people getting books today so you can one 800-7899 78. My bottom line today. The only reason the Jewish people exist on the earth is because God has kept his promises to us when we were in unbelief that tells you something about

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