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Updates from Germany and Answers to Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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October 27, 2017 4:21 pm

Updates from Germany and Answers to Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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October 27, 2017 4:21 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 10/27/17.

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You got questions, we've got answers today from Germany stalking for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown, a friends of Michael Brown here. I'm in Bob Gonder's time, Germany at the famous Robin Centrum. This is a Bible school here that's been in Germany for many many years and well something especially neat about it is that it used to be. The whole facility here this large campus used to be Nazi barracks and there is special training that went on for certain operations of the Nazis.

These are the barracks. This was the training center for many years now. It has been a Bible centered Robin Centrum faith center so been here a few times over the years, ministering this time for men's conference I think was something like 800+ men that have come from all over Germany and might be a great time together.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to come your way live last night.

That was the plan to become a way live last night from Germany, but one piece of luggage didn't arrive until about midnight last night so well after the show time and in that piece of luggage.

I had my radio equipment and some other important items.

So unfortunately plan to be with you.

Trust your helped and blessed by the broadcast.

But I will be answering your email questions that I know some you just about to dial out will get some extra time to take calls next week, but to be answering the many email questions that you sent my weight as I was getting ready to leave for the trip I decided to write an article questioning why so many evangelical Christians are associated with guns is even a book by an evangelical Christian leader about God and guns etc. and you generally think of some evangelical Christians being at a strong advocates for the Second Amendment.

Not that's fine.

I'm not my article did not dispute the Second Amendment in question. That didn't talk about whether we should carry arms for self-defense didn't talk about whether it's right to serve in the military's are a wrote about this and posted the article just as I was leaving for Germany on Wednesday so I'm I made clear at the outset, although I knew I was I was getting misunderstood and blasted and most people would talk about things that I wasn't talking about at all.

Also, I said at the at the beginning of the article. I said listen, just so that you don't get me wrong here, I asked this is one of the gospel become associated with guns.

Since when did the Christian faith become way to the right to bear arms. I said, lest I be misunderstood.

This article is not about gun control, nor is it about the Second Amendment.

I'm not asking whether Christian should serve in the military and are not questioning our right to defend ourselves. Of course comment after comment came pouring in on different sites will, of course, we can defend ourselves. Well of course we have the right to bear arms. What about the Second Amendment spot is not with the article is about. I was simply asking why conservative Christianity in particular American evangelical Christianity so strongly linked with a passion for guns and NS of this. It certainly no scriptural connection to be made and then towards the end of the article. If you didn't read it yet, go to our website.

Asked her to ask Kate DR Towards the end of the article I said look, it's quite suspicious to build a theology of carrying arms based on Luke 2235, 38, so that if that is your main text where Jesus tells his disciples to go so what you have and by swords and then Melissa we have three aces it's enough. Many scholars believe he was being facetious there because he said look it says in Isaiah 53 have to be numbered with the transgressors.

So, boys. I think we need more swords to the one when I get arrested. It looks like were band of evildoers, and that he was just trying to draw attention to Isaiah 53 in the irony of all of that and Melissa we have three swords in a sense enough, many scholars in some translations is enough enough not to utilize her.

Either way, it's an interesting thing in America. Some Christians are asked we know better when I get to be persecuted where the believers are we now have arms really file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the reminder fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

Looking back to the line of fire Michael Brown the same voice but Bob Gonder's time, Germany a little bit out of the way, if you find two major airport nearby, maybe a 4 Hour Dr. we flew into a smaller airport. That's about an hour out but as I mentioned the first segment.

Unfortunately one of my pieces of luggage didn't arrive that had my radio equipment and it because of that we were unable to broadcast a didn't even have my recorded equipment to record a show from Germany.

So sorry about that, but I'm back with you today answering your email questions and just one more comment about the article I wrote on Christians being associated with guns again to repeat, I was not questioning the Second Amendment in America. I was, not saying it's wrong for Christians to carrying concealed or to to own guns. I was, not saying that we shouldn't defend ourselves and I was not saying that we should not participate in the military of simply asking the question article which you can read it asked her to ask your Brown the Lord. I was simply asking why is there such a strong connection between evangelical Christians, American Christians and guns and I knew also that people would point to Luke 22 were Jesus finds that his disciples of three swords. Okay, that's enough. And you know from here on euro soldier have to have a sword out was he saying it's gonna be rough you need to defend yourselves okay even if he was saying that even if that was the point where you have an emphasis on self-defense or knives or weapons and the rest of the New Testament, there are there are people posting. Say for example on the asked her to Brown Facebook page and they are passionate and they are militant look. We been slaughtered always of the nations is not to happen in America is not can happen in America because we have the right to bear arms as if that's going to stop persecution and as if in every instance of persecution all at simply the believers didn't have arms as they had arms that were fought back. Well, you know, I would point to in the garden of Gethsemane when Peter fought back. And Jesus said, put your sword back in your sheath. Those who live by the sword will die by the sword. Is it what, but that was just for the gospel because Jesus had to go to the cross and I okay well then why is there no incidents in the rest of the New Testament. A believer circuit. When persecution comes, we need to do is gather arms again. I am not discussing I am not discussing our right to bear arms defend ourselves. I'm simply saying since when did being armed become the primary way to to to stand against persecution and asked the fourth chapter 1. When persecution started to rise.

What in the believer start the survey, then okay, how many knives do we have at least swords do we have. We have clubs really, weapons do we have this get ready for persecution. Why did they do that because that wasn't the mentality they understood that following Jesus might be very costly. Anyway, I hope to write an article on Luke 22 and open up some of what I talked about in the real kosher Jesus because I got into Luke 22. There because there are some that paint Jesus out to be the leader of the zealot movement and that they were trying to fight against the Romans and overthrow Rome and that he just he said okay will get this little band with a few swords with if we start than other Jews will following join in and and it's it's a complete counsel of despair. To do that. The whole thrust of the Gospels is that Jesus came to die, that he was the Lamb slain before the foundation of the world and and that as as we just mentioned he told Peter to put his sword back. He told Pilate in John 18 if by kingdoms of this world, my service would fight for it, so it was clear that he came to die, that he came to lay his life down as an atoning sacrifice as a ransom for souls sold to to look to Luke 22 and to argue from there is some of my friend Rabbi Shirley in his book kosher Jesus is why rebutted it in the real kosher Jesus to argue from Luke 22 that this is this is Jesus say okay good. We got in the swords start the rebellion. It is complete nonsense. If you are arguing that whole passage that it does talk about self-defense and you're gonna need it skinnier rough. From here on. That's another that's another question entirely, but the larger picture that Jesus was some religious zealot who was going to lead a physical result revolt against Rome with his zealous followers is complete and absolute nonsense. All right, let me start with your questions. This is about a preschool using Todd Parr books I name is Rob I'm you tramp Dr. Michael Brown. I'll make this short and sweet. You know of author Todd Parr. My four-year-old told me the other night.

Her friend doesn't have a mom so I was confused why would she know that. Anyway, my wife asked the teacher she's been reading Todd Parr books to the kids. I'll be yanking my daughter out because I feel it's not a biblical atmosphere. What are your thoughts okay I am not familiar with Todd Parr books in that our oldest grandchild is about to turn 11 so I don't have kids or grandkids that are that young that would be reading these, but are just looking on Amazon. He is the author and illustrator of more than 40 books for children, including New York Times best-selling the I love you book the earth book and the thankful book is books are available in over 15 different languages throughout the world. So he is obviously very well known in the world of children's books, but I do not know. Having not read the books and feel free to shoot me notes. I do not know if any of his books or a specific gay activist books or for example the family book does that show the sexual families also that are to mom or to dad, families, things like that. I don't know I have a whole collection of books.

Oh maybe 20+ books at this point and I could easily get more if I wanted whole collection of books that are aimed at little children, and that advocate for it's good to be gay or transgender cross-dressing or of two mommies to daddies, etc. so I don't I don't know off the top of my head.

If any of his books go in this direction, so I would. I would just find out for sure what is being taught in the school. I would want to know that directly just looking through the family books of families a big some families a small some of the same color so families are different colors of families like to hug each other in there that's just the preview.

So if it could well be that same-sex families replicated just don't know because I don't have the books and know about them. Specifically, but if your daughter was being taught that the other some kids have two mommies to daddies that's in preschool. Of course that's not the preschool you want your kids in an there is a preschool in the Charlotte North Carolina area and one of the young ladies that was a student in our ministry school that was teaching those years back. Probably 10 years ago and she told me then that she was not allowed to address the kids as boys and girls because that would be making gender distinctions. So, just as a friends kids consider boys and girls or boys should be noted that she can do that 10+ years ago and she also was required to read some of these books to the kids you know Heather had two mommies that kinda stuff and and she just wouldn't do it.

Ultimately, she had to leave that job all right this is from David. Why are angels and the rulers of Israel called Elohim in the Bible. Okay Elohim in itself can mean God's plural or God capital G or in some cases angels because this is as somewhat explain it. Beings of the Elohim class beings of the LOI, which is the singular class which would be of the, the deity, divine class, or of this spirit being class and hence angels are in that class as well so this ruling powerful spirit being the one and only true God. G. The ones that the people call God's these other spirit beings that people worship or these other powerful spirit beings that we call angels so why is it that judges, for example in the book of Exodus are sometimes called Elohim. Well there is debate about that. For example, it been in some of the laws and Exodus in this particular case. You bring the person to the Elohim. Often that's been understood to mean judges why because these are earthly people with power who rule and have certain authority, but others have said no, it doesn't mean judges there, it just means God so it's probable that in some cases, the word means judges. It's not certain it's very probable that in some cases it means angels because these are also divine beings they they are these heavenly beings with the special power the spirit beings but they are distinguished from the one and only true God, but some words it may strike us as is unusual or they can be used in this way because on the flipside, Moloch is the primary Hebrew word for Angel, but Moloch in itself just means messenger and sometimes it can refer to an earthly messenger and sometimes it can refer to a heavenly messenger so sometimes it refers to human being. Moloch is a human being and sometimes Moloch.

In most cases it is heavenly messenger has an angel.

Each language has ranges of meanings that are a little different than other messenger generic and he originally Angel sometimes earthiness error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution of your exam is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us on today's line of fire Michael Brown coming your way from Germany not taking your calls but answering your emails and will open up the phones extra gobbling next week. Where will be able to take more of your calls. This is a really interesting question from David and it says no I'm sorry this from A thanks for your ministry.

Thank God for his anointing on you. I'm a believer in on the type of guy who would leave no stone unturned. Maybe I should read the Bible more as a devotional, but to me I treat his technical data I study physics and I'm sure you know of our kind right. I want to start here as I read the rest of your email which I'll get into a minute you're reading the Bible not the way that God intended it to be written.

You're reading the Bible in a way that you will miss the whole point of why it's there. It would be like for example I write a riddle to you and you read the riddle as if it's up home and never realize the purpose of the riddle or it would be as if II wrote a love letter to to my wife and she wrote it as if it was a manual for operating a car and configure and operate the car.

What you're doing and I'll show you the moment is is just as extreme and missing the whole purpose of why God gave us Scripture. It is devotional is God's love book to us. It is God's correction book to us is instruction book to us is book that shows us the way to live, how to connect with him and it's done and in the wisdom of God so that throughout the whole of Scripture we will get what were supposed to get so Since this I got stomped to Jeremiah when someone mentioned that the book is been shuffled and that we don't know its original arrangement and that the story is on order will, in point of fact, it's not the case is wisely ordered. It is brilliantly ordered. It is divinely ordered, but it does not go in a chronological order. Why because it is getting certain points across in certain messages across in a certain way and it when we understand that as I explained, for example, in Jeremiah the 20th chapter in my commentary Jeremiah which have I know that you have as you mention it later on in the email that the the chapter there puts together several different experiences from Jeremiah's life to highlight the extreme highs and lows that he went through in his life and ministry and calling but it is absolutely in strategic order. So what covered was this if I recall, I think it was about the timing of when the Babylonian king conquered Israel or something about an entry in the Septuagint being missing misplaced that it varies from the received text or something about Jeremiah the person getting captured in the Babylonian king deliberately destroying the book, Jeremiah server had to piece together, but to no hope of putting it back in its original form. There is not a stitch of evidence for that. There is zero evidence for that.

That is somebody's theory or some myth that was passed on, you can make an excellent case for Jeremiah being the final editor of his book that what about the fact that the Septuagint has some of the book in different order than Jeremiah. There is a dispute in question as to why that's the case, but what we do know ultimately is the Septuagint was a translation and that the Hebrew text is assumed to be the earlier text right and why there is a different order in Septuagint is a secondary question, but what we know.

Even there, is that the Septuagint is not chronological either. It's not giving us a chronology. It is leaving things together in such a way with certain purposes. Most of the prophetic books are not given chronological. You even have instances in the Gospels were one gospel author will insert one account in one place, as opposed to another place because they want to emphasize a certain point and when Jesus got done teaching this they want to put in a historical example.

It fits with it so it it is not written with the intent to be chronological until you get to the end with the fall of the city and the final destruction and then we have chronology there right and in you do have certain parts that are chronological, but the bulk of the book is not written chronologically because it's getting messages across. And that's what we layout and it is you as you know, I address that in the commentary so IS naturally discrete discouragement because how can I mentally re-create the story if it's not the correct order will that you get from first and second Kings and from second Chronicles.

That's what you get there.

All right, that's where you have the history chronologically, but you don't have in the prophetic books so he goes on uses example and then says I actually bought your your your commentary, but the issue the actual text bothers me more than I'm able to continue reading. I've been stuck in Jeremiah for about 60 years now. I haven't proceeded reading the Bible.

This is a grave sin 9% have you are completely in all love with real love, trust me with with real compassion for your situation. You have completely missed the point as to why God gave us the word he said. I wish it was like when I was say when I read through all the Gospels in the week and through the end of Revelation. Soon after, maybe life happened to be maybe the thorn strangled this growing seed. I asked the Lord to forgive me for my sins, and to reveal to me the reason for this drought molest over the book of Jeremiah is that the Lord Jesus Christ himself quoted Matthew 217.

To me that's more than enough to prove Jeremiah's value and Kevin, this is divine inspiration of simply waiting for the light to shine upon the starkness When you ask God to forgive you. You then act on it. I so you've asked him to forgive you for stopping and read the Bible. Now, continue reading and say Lord, I'm sorry I misunderstood your purposes in giving us this book I'm going to read it is devotional. I will read it and learn what I'm supposed to learn spiritually all right and were there books that are giving us merely history five.

But even then I would really devotional. In other words, what am I to learn from this history. As for Chronicles being an almost exact copy of Kings it's not.

It is very close but it's not an exact copy and it does make different points than Kings does. So you need to read each one for what it is and also reinforcing some of the history and some of what happened. As for variations in the numbers. There may have been certain scribal matters and techniques that were not familiar with today because, of which there seemed to be a discrepancies but otherwise no.

I would recommend again that you just don't get hung up on those things and say okay it gives this number here this number here. Maybe they're emphasizing a different part of an army or different emphasis in the battle.

I'm not sure why that exists. Scholars have different theories but I'm going to move on because nowhere do any other biblical authors make that an issue so II just want to encourage all of you as you're reading through the Scriptures you want to be macro and micro you want to keep reading through the Bible. Keep reading through the Bible. Keep reading through the Bible so steadily you're getting the word in your heart in your mind you're keeping it before you, you were growing in God you are getting a balanced diet and meal right keep it before you keep reading, keep the word in your heart in your mind and you dig in subversive really interest you a subject that really interest you did again study it and learn everything you had your interest but if something troubles.

Write out your question put into the side solicits you and if you do both at the same time study which troubling you, as well as taking in the word to read her plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to our Friday edition of the line of fire Michael Brown coming away from Germany. The city of Bob Gonder's time where I'm here for a large men's conference and a well-known national Bible school called club in Centrum and as I've mentioned the facilities here where the school is based where they have their dorms where they have the special conferences. This was a former Nazi training facility and Nazi barracks was walking today with my assistant, Dylan from the meeting back to to my room and I said you could really see this being a Nazi facility in Nazi barracks. Something about the starkness of it. How wonderful that for decades now. It has been used as a Bible school and training for Christian ministry. I'm answering your email questions today.

Not taking your call. So get if you're ready to call you were just about to call answering email questions today, but but do want to just comment on one major news item, the release of many of the classified documents regarding the assassination of JFK. I have never studied any of the conspiracy theories. I have never gotten into the idea that there were multiple shooters, or that Lee Harvey Oswald was just a dupe, etc. was Russia behind this and and and was Russia behind a part of the major narrative of the mainstream narrative. I'm not an expert on this are not devoted years to studying it, so the last thing on the do now is comment on documents. I haven't read based on headlines all right. Maybe if some major revelations come out, the dust settles, then we can revisit some of those things okay to your emails Carlo Dr. Brown good day someone asked me in first Timothy 25.

Jesus is God who is my mediator between Jesus and I according to that verse which I answer once just tell them with the verse says the man Christ Jesus. There is one God and one mediator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus. Jesus in his humanity is our mediator and he's our perfect mediator because all the fullness of the deity dwells in him in bodily form.

Colossians the second chapter and yet he was fully human and put aside his divine prerogatives so that he could die in our place as a human being. So it is the man Messiah Jesus, who is our mediator is fully God and fully man and as our mediator as a man stands between us and God and brings us our eternal salvation. Here's a question from Stephen.

This could you tell me your opinion directly baptized by Victor or preacher in a church setting is of the is it possibly be baptized in prayer in your bathtub.

This is a genuine and serious question that I really wish to know a Stephen if you mean can you baptize yourself no that would defeat the whole purpose of public testimony.

This would defeat the purpose of being a witness through baptism so if you mean can you baptize yourself no, but if you're part of a house church all right let let's say you're in an underground church in China and you you cannot have a public baptism.

There it would be dangerous for you. If you're in a Muslim country could believers come together you want leaders there. You don't just want to be in of your physical brother or sister of their believer you you wanted to be in conjunction with authority you want to be in conjunction with the testimony all right, but if the only way to do it was with a few people in in a house privately and baptized in a bathtub. Sure, sure, and and I have friends of mine and in China and that's how they baptize people when they come to faith. They bring them over to their apartment and they baptize them in their bathtub. But if you mean can you baptize yourself and know but believe is part of the house church and pastor over to your home and you testify life in Jesus's baptized event. It works gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH paradigm is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks so much friends for joining us today on the line of fire Michael Brown come your way from Germany.

Gargoyles become UA from Germany on Monday and then back with you in our studio on Tuesday.

Look for latest articles and videos we got a bunch of new videos up an important article that I wrote regarding why American Christians evangelicals are so associated with guns and article that as I rooted wrote as I rooted.

As I wrote it as I as I write it it skews me as I wrote it. II knew there'd be a lot of controversy around it and I also knew that people would not read what I wrote respond to the title, but I think the message is clear and hopefully you'll find the article an important read as well.

So check out latest articles and videos and asked her to and will either be sure to check out our special offer. This week my one hour or I guess 45 to 50 minute of actual conversation so might my full interview with Jonathan Kohn about his new book, the paradigm along with the book exclusively from our website. Ask Dr. check that out while you are there right back to your email questions. This is from Adam. I'm confused in this matter on the owner of my home. My brother got out of prison I moved them in to help them out.

He's been going out drinking and paying for sex. I try to use love a couple times by talking with him about how this road leading back to prison. I told him there house rules. He's been drinking in the home and three women over he will not stop these things in my home.

He therefore told her about the rules is doing these things love me I should not kick him out or what I want to live by the word in this matter, but have trouble finding the answer here. Oh, and yes my brothers been saved long ago.

At some point in his life. Adam obviously you need the mind of the Lord in this in terms of its possible God tells you just keep loving on him loving on him and giving him a place to stay and he will find salvation over period of time, but if it was me all right so I am not telling you what to do. I just want to see if it was me I would have house rules established and if he didn't live by the house rules he would be out and I would hope that in that active love, it would help them to wake up to reality now again, is it possible God could speak something to you and say just keep praying for him and loving on him and and he is going to be so overcome by that love. He's going to be saved, it's possible, but because of the sin that is bringing into the home because of the atmosphere of temptation that is bringing into the home because under your watch and with your help, he is sending it, meaning that you're providing a place for him to be for him to go and do these things then in my mind if it was me I would be complicit in his sin and and what he does on the outside. I can't stop all right if he's breaking the law.

And I know it then.

Then I have to report that right or have the urge him to if you want that than I have to. But if he's living by the house rules so there was me sitting the wellness time. It's okay. I will think you understand.

You cannot do this in this house you cannot drink in this house you cannot get high in the South. You cannot bring women into this house all right and if if you want to stay here. You have to live by the rules and if he refuses, then you put him out and you civil what if he tries to break it well you have to treat that like any other criminal and in other words, for his own good needs to wake up to reality. So that's how I would handle the more they tell you to do differently but that's absolutely how I would handle it.

John asked when was Jesus born.

Most scholars date.

His birth to around four BC civil.

How could it be four BC. How could Jesus be born before Christ. That's what BC means right right very simply, when the calculation was made of the chronology when when it was decided to start here, one would be the first year after Jesus was born, and before that would be before Christ. There was just a miscalculation made but we know from the census that's mentioned in Luke's gospel when that took place in the death of Herod and things like that that that would that would place things around for BC rough, especially the death of her. This debate about aspects of the census, but some scholars say as early as six BC.

Most would say between around four BC. So if Jesus began his his his ministry when he was roughly 30 years old right then that would have been around 26 or 27 if he was crucified around 30 and he would've been around 33 scholars to date, the crucifixion between 30 and 33 and his birth roughly 3 or four years before Christ and our chronology. All right, this is from Pastor Richards today service they are preacher at my church we set our future sins are forgiven. So we don't need to repent. I approach the saints and debunk this someone else use Romans 913 Jacob I love any so I hated the person uses his argument to try to show this represents the God can do anything, even before one is born, therefore, not sin. Can you explain the Scripture in proper context. Yes, pastor and and thank you for debunking that error when it was taught, your church, in my book. Hyper grace I get into a lot more detail about that. So in hyper grace. I explained the serious error of saying that the moment were saved, that God forgives our future sins and and it's absolutely essential to debunk.

That's as it is written in second Peter one. That God forgive our former sins. God does not forgive sin before it is committed eyes after it is committed that he forgives it of the.

The provision was made at the cross for all of our sins past, present, future of the transaction of forgiveness does not come until after sin.

We ask God for forgiveness. Okay, so what about Romans 913, that before the children were born, God said Jacob I love Denise I hated yet absolutely God can choose whoever he wants for his service. This is not talking about their eternal salvation, but for service so Jacob/Israel was specially chosen to serve God and Esau Ito was rejected in terms of this special calling to do what Israel did. That being said, no words that determine the salvation of every Israelite.

Not all the sin descendents of Jacob are saved, not all descendents of Esau are lost and Jacob have I loved you so. I hated that comes from Malachi one talk about the nations. All right, Israel and Edom. That's what's talk about in Malachi the first chapter so that simply talk about the destiny of nations and God's purpose for them, not salvation of individuals so nothing to do with that whatsoever and no reference to God for giving sin in advance.

Okay, I can use the name here of her discretion purposes. I've done some things that I regret for the past being a oneness church. When I got saved to leaving my wife now away from her previous marriage because of my adultery with her. I'm sure I caused the breakup and I want to follow Jesus. I came out of oneness, which you still were arguing over that almost all the time. Every time it seems that I'm try to move forward like street ministry. We end up arguing when I get home. I feel I can go to any fellowship and plug into anything because of what she believes it feels very deceptive guy married to a Mormon which says all the right lingo, but believes everything that Scripture says I want to step out and do with the Lord has asked me, but seem to trip over these issues help Dr. Brown. I really respect your advice or thank you for writing and sharing that.

So the first question is were you a follower of Jesus. When you caused your wife to break up through adultery and then subsequently married her. If so, how have you repented of that in it and I know this is a heavy question. But how have you repented of doing that when you repented of being in the oneness church. You left that church. So I would first ask the Lord how he sees your relationship with your wife if you caused your wife when she was married to someone else to commit adultery. And now the two of you are married. How does he see that now.

If you repented if she repented, if she tried to reconcile with her former husband, and he rejected her and he's married and moved on and you've done that, and you have now come back together as a couple. Could God bless that will that's certainly possible to repentance and forgiveness. But as you just gone on with the relationship. I would really is the Lord.

Father, how do you see this relationship and is it your will that we are together.

I know that's a very intense question. But if your relationship was born of adultery and only happen because your wife broke up with her husband because of you. How does God see that relationship now.

I think it's an important question to ask is that biggest thing holding back her back following the Lord, and being involved in his service, so made out of bed to ask to ask the Lord will guide you if you see him understood okay right back. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice aboard cultural and spiritual revolution.

Your again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us from Germany today looking out the window in the center here involving Centrum in Oregon decided looks like typical beautiful German countryside outside the big city and again just the wonder of this that the room I'm in this building. These used to be Nazi barracks but for many years now. This is been a fine Bible school in use for major Christian conferences throughout Germany. It's a picture of redemption. I'm answering your emails here and just want to finish off this very sensitive and personal email from Jason. Okay if it is of the Lord for you and your wife to be together and not to be separated because of the history of the relationship. The adulterous beginning of the relationship of if it's the Lord's will for you to continue to be together, then what you have to do is the head of your home is say listen, this is where I'm going and this is where we're going and in terms of spiritually I'm getting involved in the church. If you don't want to come if you want to go to the oneness church that's between you and God.

But when I can be fighting about it when I can be arguing about it that I if this can be disharmony in the home because of it.

So be it. But to be disharmony were there, the constant fighting and arguing your discussant so you get involved. However, the Lord lead you to get involved, get involved in a local church you give yourself to that you serve, you get raised up you you let the Lord use you are in a local fellowship you share the gospel with the lost and and if your wife feels differently she feels differently and if she doesn't agree with you. She doesn't agree with you Forced to agree. You can force her to go to services with you that's that's can be nonproductive and I can help her spiritually and you just pray for her and do your best to be a loving, gracious husband and do your best. Have the wisdom of God to help her to grow in God and come out of that error but without fighting about it without arguing about it. I would not bring up the argument on my end.

And because it's it's a place of strife for you if she brings it up on her and to say hey I cannot talk about that. It's just not a battle that I have.

There's no peace in the home over it. All right, here's a question from a manual I'm a Christian from Gothenburg, Sweden in your text. Don't let the respirators divide us. You criticize the political left, being too quick to assume that white persons are racist the end of the article you mention something about the real issues of racial inequality were they still exist in America how those get ignored. You describe what we racial inequality still exists and give a concrete example of it. What was sure of your average black American is more likely to face discrimination because of their skin color than your average white American. It's going to be rare that is a white American you face potential discrimination in the job market or something like that or are prejudged a certain way because your wife wears it's more common for this to happen to a black American, especially in certain parts of the country now overall as a nation we strive for racial equality, and it's a high value to us. We believe in the importance of it, but implementation because of human fallibility and human said often. That's not the case. There is a strong argument that there is inequality in the justice system that that Blacks are sentenced to harsher sentences than whites. Now some of argued against that I read articles written against it, even books against it, but there seems to be a lot of data to support that it may be because, on average, your average white person makes more money than your average black person and this could be more of a function of poverty so I don't believe there is intentional systemic racism were intentionally through America we have laws and in a system that keeps black people down on a believe it and there's a backlash in some places against being white and and whites get discriminated against. But that's really the minority of this is just this overreaction today that goes to the other extreme of Blacks are much more likely to get racially profiled by by which I mean the policeman will pull you over.

This is looking for someone that looks like you Celeste because Blacks are committing higher rates of crime put that aside someone is not committing a crime getting stopped by the police. It's more likely to happen. Save your black 20-year-old driving through a white area you're more likely to get stopped by a policeman looking for suspect like you, then a white 20-year-old driving through a black area. So those would just be some examples.

Okay, let's see what I have time for here Deanna, I have a question. Is been on my mind for many years now that we heard Dr. Brown I believe could possibly have the answer. After the veil of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom. At the time of Jesus death was it ever repaired and did the Jewish scribes and Pharisees go back to sacrificing lambs as atonement for sins number one sacrifices absolutely continued until the temple was destroyed in the year 70. They never stopped sacrifices never stopped being offered until the temple was destroyed, but there is a Jewish tradition that says that for 40 years before the temple was destroyed, which would be roughly the time Jesus died on the cross until the time the temple was destroyed during that period of time that God did not accept the sacrifice on the day of atonement. There is a tradition preserved in the Talmud and the tractate Yoma 30 9B. That is, preserve their however there is no reference to the death of Jesus and at the rabbis are not saying why the sacrifices were rejected. In any relationship to Jesus but it's something I look out and see. Isn't that interesting. What if that tradition is true, that would make sense from when Jesus died on the cross, say no more to the sacrifices and your great sin is rejecting the Messiah and his atonement. As for the veil being repaired, we would assume so. But there's no reference in rabbinic literature to the veil being torn.

There is a reference to the temple door swinging open at a time that would coincide with this and and them having to be rebuked to be close to get, but there's no reference in Jewish literature to the veil being torn outside of the New Testament. Hence, we can only assume that it was repaired but we simply do not know that for sure right Ronald I been listening to some very brilliant neuroscientists who are believers, talk about evolution some of the similarities in brain structure and function between us various life forms.

Source thinking about the gap theory and the fact that the Bible says God made man out of the dust and the fact we say ashes to ashes.

Is it possible that there were some relatively developed ecosystem before the fall of Lucifer that was destroyed out of the resulting ashes, dust, God made man, thinking that this would explain the similarities in the more primitive parts of our brain with God breathed life into us, making us in his image. That would explain the capacities that we have their way beyond the animalistic. For example, free will and self-awareness.

It seems different to me but I know that I don't know a lot. In this idea for the biblical account. Ronald I think it's great that you asked that question.

It's it's a very interesting question.

But no, I I would not think that at all. Just take the plane since Genesis 2 for what it says and just dirt, dust, ashes for what they mean all right and God forming a Dom out of the other mama out of the dirt of the ground and don't try to read more into it.

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