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A Powerful Interview with a Christian Leader from Germany

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 14, 2017 4:50 pm

A Powerful Interview with a Christian Leader from Germany

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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November 14, 2017 4:50 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 11/14/17.

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It's time for using powerful interview with the pastor from Germany, oh you need to hear about this March for life stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of Ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH index 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, French back to North Dakota back in the comfort of my studio with some very special guests. Dear friends from Germany. Over the years have had the privilege of ministering in Germany, probably about 15 different times 63 different times this year alone and when I find people in Germany of like heart.

Often the connection is is very deep and very strong when I find some that that share my heart in many key areas. The connections even deeper. That's the case with pastor yelps and Charlotte Bittner from Tübingen, Germany. We've worked together for a number of years they have a tremendous heart for the Lord are trying to sort for their nation, a tremendous heart for Israel tremendous heart for the things of the spirit and I even wrote the forward for an important book German book called the veil of silence that has been translated into other languages as well. It's gonna be very eye-opening interview and we are joined in studio not only by pastor yelps to be hearing and shallots, but also by their faithful coworker Tina, who was a translator products Alonso yelps and Tina, great to have you today with us in studio on the line of fire signals of audiences and the great time to be leading the charge. So all of you German speakers you are going to get doubly blessed, because you hear German and English. Everyone else will get to hear a cutting edge live interview in German and English yelps the city of Tübingen.

I knew about because of my theological studies. One of the most famous theological cities in the world famous for its seminaries.

You and your wife study there as well. What else is Tübingen known for it to become a ghost who did hit a ball, an offense like a sheet does not know that this was well Tübingen has a big university. But it's also infamous for its Nazi path when dozens Nazis also invited by the on the cottage meter not the perpetrators which train that was like the intellectual hotbed of the L'Enfant, but if it were 21,000 Juden and the people trained at that university would personally responsible for the deaths of at least 700,000 Jews less than an unethical attachment and this training happened across all faculties on Utica shifted demonic of gob. I didn't even and that parts of Tübingen had never been like three that is all that she still is a step and it's a city at the history ferocity as well. Rights a suit just to be clear here what you're talking about your your resident there. You've lived there. You and your wife study in the University if you were saying this in Germany, would people say no, no, this never happened, or is this commonly known addresses from the kind well, that history is actually known about these assets. In that sense, a young elf, it is that I finished that come more than a few political but it's only been a time of like 15 or 20 years that it was officially went through before that there was complete silence covering that fact that some 15 young Humvee and if he had been the confines of the close of the past 15 years we've really seen a veil of silence being broken over us. It was done by the comfortable, because up to that time.

People just did not speak about it on S done press yet it wasn't English that wouldn't be the over by the punishment for nobody. She's to be vied with each pump and only after which something opened up over our city.

People think it's speaking the truth and we were able to face what had happened and friends which are about to hear would just getting started with pastor yelps Bittner from Tübingen, Germany, what you're about to hear is going to be very intense but friends it is very redemptive and you will be shocking to hear about the current history of Tübingen and what test yelps in his congregation have done there publicly and what's happening around the world. So, call a friend text her friend email a friend talented true and you can also watch this interview live on our master Brown cattle be right back side of the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 86. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks much. Friends join us today on the line of fire. Today's broadcast really is of historic importance things were dealing with a very large and dealing with some folks on the front lines of making historic change. Germany and the nations is the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. It's a time when there's much focus on the church Germany in the history of Germany. It's a time where a lot of truth needs to be told a few years ago, pastor yelps, Bittner wrote a book called the veil of silence. You know I can read German. I read slowly, so they work through his teamwork through the contents of the book with me and English wrote the forward to it and then one of our German friends read the book and when she read it. She's a German Christian woman loves the Lord. She was shocked. She said if this is true, how come I've never heard it. She's an educated German woman. So let's go back pastor yelps the history of Tübingen, one of the elite cities in Europe so known for its intellectual achievements, its universities, its seminaries, how did it become so saturated with Jew hatred you.

She's from Tübingen, as they are told something together.

Well, the history of Tübingen is actually quite all its 1400 years altogether total for that young bundle smiling at W-2's and labor come in all of those 1400 years, that's only ever been a period of 300 years that Jewish life was welcome in the city benefits and zipped his litigant debility with the technical and that in the year 1470. That was the year founding the intimacy of Yvonne on this Amicus log off Iraq about his and the founder was an anti-Senate. His name was County behind the bearded of FX 5151 any occasion of founding the University.

He expelled the Jews from the city for the next 100 than us, and that's another thing. At the time that I think then when in 1933 national socialism arose about he was dead as assets open on June fly. This university was the first went on of Jimmy to be officially declared free of Jews ones you preferred cooling solution that solidifies new money done by Gable in the entire population just remain sign and nobody took a stand against the right just to understand this, that it we hear about unified freedom of Jews and we associate with the Holocaust, but we don't really think this just happens in other parts of Germany. If this was a Lutheran professing Christian city and nation. How do they tolerate expelling Jews. How did they justify expelling Jews by the guns teeth under the Matisse was from phone motel for me to the public, because they themselves carried those deep roots of anti-Semitism and sheer hatred that had been prevalent in the church, even since the Middle Ages and throughout Luther's teaching as a saga is a concise fund under the medicinals is glazed good is taking a beauty for them when I keep telling people to set one mock of this anti-Semitism is actually an indifference towards Jewish life and homicide. The vocation of the mind and in our churches.

We still see that today is in this be the greatest good is cut is Vienna for blogging. The thinnest is not the invention of the film time when we see that indifference like a hidden thinnest a seed that's deep inside people's hearts of the Buddha Holocaust went under the meticulous on June hasn't even remotely fit that's striking delighted to be taking the thumb and so anti-Semitism, the Holocaust, hatred of Jews became possible in Tübingen because of people who just did not say anything right so went when people say that the Germans as a whole were unaware of what the Nazis were doing. Obviously varies from place to place and obviously people didn't know everything happening in the camps you're saying in major cities, there was an open anti-Semitism that welcomed the Nazis absolute absolutely and so is excitement and distortion of function as a hook designed to seductively score was tied. Actually it's a historic deception to say that the Germans did not know that I'm that I see far from the spot of us who the father right from the outset, from 1933 on with it was completely obvious what hitless plans when students finish defends Odyssey depicted benzoic, which was to destroy the Jews, which was to have them to put it into The School Is a Public Involve Defying the Meta-Misconduct in the Big Problem Was the Large Silent Majority Who Just Did Not Open the Thief of Outvoted Didn't Want to Admit It Was to Fall in the Oval and You End up a Tea at the One and I Have One and Device for Football Hoped That It Was Right in Front of Their Very Own Eyes That the Jewish Population Was They Would Take and That Rubbed of the Liberties They Were Robbed of the Dignity of Their Possessions They Were Deported Either under the Same Associative and Everybody Was Able to See What Was Happening When the Globe, This Is the House Fundable Trust through inside and I Believe That's a Challenging Message for Us Today.

You Know the Strike Minutes Because Once Again in the Face of Anti-Semitism We Can Remind Remain Silent Today. Alright so November 9, 1938 Kristallnacht When the Nazis Went Even Further in a Public Way, Where They Testing to See If the German People Rose up and Responded Absolute Absolutely.

So That's Fun from the Fish of the Guns, Often Secretly Hitting Deadbeats As They Move on Is That I Got Your New Gig Invented a Gold to See Unthinkable and Well Obviously It Was Something Very Very Public Step, It Became Visible to Everybody. Aggression Directed against Jewish Property, Jewish Possessions and Shops against Synagogues, with a Shrug and Cut That's Jews Were Already Taken Away to Concentration Drops on the Following Mnemonic by the Neighbors and Friends Was Suddenly Gone to Visit Wisconsin. That's Another Silly Fish As a Stamp for the Things That Convinced with the Shtick to Be before: I'm Done in the Entire System of National Socialism Just Increased in Darkness and Actually Everybody Got Dropped in and Was Involved in the Holocaust. When We Was His Whole Cousins a Guy Needs Disc Deductible Focal Length but I Can Is Inventor Hectic and Noticing and Historians All Agree That the German Population Had Been Willing and Would Have Been Able to See Art Show When the Holocaust Now Comes into Full Power and Hitler Is Doing Everything He's Doing. People Now Are Either Indifferent or Cooperating. Is This What You Referred to As the Veil of Silence or Is It after the Holocaust, the Denial You Refer to Absolute Escapees Abide by and for My Buck Teeth with a Pacifistic Absolutely Is Both Area Areas. Actually, Because Either You Will Involved Actively or Passively, Because If You Sign up Either the before: about the Shtick and the Cause That Everyone in the Population with All of into the Hundreds of Them for the Sake of Body Hoped That Deutsche and Bessie a Kinder Should a Chemist and Then after 1945, after the End of the World That General Attitude of the Germans Was They Had No Concept No Idea about the Guilt They Had in Current through the Thereabout of Because They Thought of Themselves As the Big Ten Detent on Which Leading the Pack Detritus They Remain Sign or the Beginning Will Be, but Tylee Can Be Hummus for the Others Who Were Involved, They Repressed It and Nobody Ever Talked about Going to Go Nuts over Nuts at Food 52,000 from Thick Food for the Safety Guns Get Not Sure That the Publishable in This Entire Generation. Between the Years of 45 and Maybe 50, 55 to 60. They Just Were Silent. They Did Not Speak about It If You Netted up with That Instinctively and the Children Obviously They've Eli since It's Something Is Not Right with the Pen for the Month of Micah, I Thought They Were Criminal Was Demonic but Not All. They Had Gone Already. They Went on behind the Back of the Flight Rules by the Guns. Let's Your Business.

If the Guy out and so It Was a Complete Veil of Silence That Cover the Entire Nations Right up to the 70 Art so Kids Are Growing up.

They Know That There Is No War. They Know Some of What's Happened and Maybe Your Average Kid Thinks Well, Not My Parents. It Was Other People.

It Was This the Kind of Attitude That Must've Been Other People.

Yeah, Also about the Kingdom and Could Devote the Conflict, yet That Was the Case, but Even the Children and Grandchildren. They Didn't Even Day to Ask the Minds My Thought about Them. Up to 59. Since My Father Was an Officer in the Family Punctually with Include Kindness. Sometimes They Did Talk about the Will of a Network Forensics When You Come before It. That the Deaths of 6 Million Jews Never Featured in Any of the Stoning to the Holocaust, but Nobody Ever Talked about the Holocaust Back There to Give Us Is the Kingdom and Giddy and Is Even Stranger to Think Children and Grandchildren Would Never Ask Any Questions Either His Mother's Writings by the End When the Melody Became the Misys Weekly: and This Veil of Silence Was like an Invisible Wall That the Children Never Had the Strength to Bank to the Quantities of Homes on It Was at the Time and so Obviously They Were Not Able to Repent the Size of the State Had Some Hot, It Was Something That Really Hot to Help with SSD Goals and on the Anchored on the Clock Thing on These Ridiculous Funds until I Was Only the Grandchildren Who Slowly Started Asking Questions and This Think They Have Started Ripping about 1%. This May Be Abuse of Todd Metzger Mind and in Our Churches Sauntered by Us Going into the Pen Tip… Despite the Fact That It's an Only Thing That Spoke to Us and He Said the Science of You Found This Still Is When You Have a Successful and Trying. We Had Gotten What You Mean Book Assignments Is to This.

As Such, My Mind Told You to Provide Some Pieces.

First of All, at the Sign Instead of You As a Charge on the Hold to Its Jewish Roots of the Christian Societies of Surviving the Divide of Communitybut the Second Element of the Science Is That You Do Not Speak the Truth about Your Own Family Histories Right We Got a Break Here Friends. I Think You Can Feel the Intensity and the Seriousness of This and and Really I Think It's Pretty Inappropriate That You're Hanging German and English. There Is Something That Strikes Home with This Talk about How the Veil of Silence and How There Is Now Worldwide March Ties in with His Famous Back We Will File the Line of Fire with Your Host Dr. Michael Brown Get into the Minor Quiet Now by Calling 866-34-TRUTH Here Again Is Dr. Michael Brown about the Veil of Silence.

Number One, You Have Not Rightly Connected to the Jewish Roots of Your Faith to You Have Not Dealt with the Legacy of the past, the Holocaust, Why Is It Your Responsibility to Deal with the Legacy of the Holocaust. You Weren't There, You Weren't Responsible.

Why Do You Feel a Responsibility As I Know That's Really the Least Dense Lesbian Good Bead That Appended Him Was That It of Course the One Thing Is What We Experienced in Prayer and through This Time of Personal Repentance. We Have Nothing on the Compound Which Was Something We Had Not Planned on above Is the Macro Does the Last Is Holocaust for the Children That What We Realized Was That We As the Descendents Was Also Carrying That Burden of the Hanukkah Liked Satish Move the Minimum View of Height Shown Come to Fund Volatile Confidence and Also It Is True That Only Once We Remember and Only One Suite Face the Truth and Speak It. We Will Be Able to Take Responsibility for the Future. By This Got Guns into the of These Two Elements Are Connected so Closely with Roofing Than of a Medication Known Anchored on Your Goals Fight at the Final Bus by the 90 Close Probably in Some of the Children and Grandchildren Church They Started Asking Their Parents and Grandparents What Went on What Was Going on during the Will Was Condemned to Control the Suspect Event.

There Is Also a Psychological Aspect. I Cannot in Good Condition, It on the Goals and on with the Home Because It Is Possible for the Children and Grandchildren to Inherit the Traumas of Both the Parents and the Grandparents and They Also Looking around with It When FEMA Tool. The Angst Are Indeed, the 20 Obesity. Lastly, If a Full Fund with so Many Was Still Carrying the Trauma to the Burden They Were Carrying Them with Them. When Does the Unearthing of My Reasoning Also's Curriculum Uses at Once They Started Speaking Those Things Once They Started Repenting. I Can See This Debbie Design Is Something of a Flying Leap over the Site Is a Single Godly Directly in an Anointed Seem to You Questioning: They Realized While They Were Experiencing Deliverance They Were Experiencing New Freedom, but on the Other Hand, It Was Also That Only One State Went through That Process Actually Able to Enter into a New Love Relationship to His Diesel Boost the Visa Cotton on Thursdays or Via Height, Easy Way for Me to of Fallen and Stunned Done under Lawyer Fund Volatile Fees Catalog Last Saturday 05 the Unity within, to This Article Is That an so through Their Repentance to That Speaking the Truth.

They Experience That You Free in Themselves, but Also at the Same Time They Received a New Responsibility for the Descendents of the Victims Is Not Who Were Also Still Suffering under That Same Burden so so What Now Happened in Your Own Life in Your Own Church As She Began to Take Responsibility and Move This Forward Is Inciting That I Should Buy Both Deliver Ridiculous Wagons and to Stop the Vehicle to Blend in so That Way to Things That Happen, You Know, I Wrote the Book As He Mentioned about the Vein of Science, and It Started up like a Movement in Our Nation by VI and I'm a Hole in the Defense of the Admission of the Divide with the Media.

I Was Clicking on – Positive Basket Appended a Chemical Chameleon Put in like 10 People Realized It Was Such a Hunger and Need.

We Need to Speak the Truth Need to Face It and When We Do That and You Move a New Life Can Come from God Was Actually Much Asleep in the Sexy Breath and Much of Life Moving Back to Pennsylvania Next In Spite Of the Move That Much of Life Movement Itself Was Best in 2007 Back without Those Log on Tripping Home Because at the End of the War. Tübingen Had Been Surrounded by Two Concentration Can Win Some and Excitement for Extension Tortoise Measurements on the 50,000 Men. Of the End of the War. The Camps Were Liquidated and That Prisoners Were Sent on Death Marches in 250,000 People Perished Right on the Streets of Germany Titled As He Veered off to the Workmen Line with the Timely Month or My Postdocs Was at the Pool and Unforgiving to about You Via Height to the Shakeout so into the Nonstop Thousand and Seven We Started Walking along Those Roots of the Death Marches to Speak the Truth to Depend and Also to a Sweetie What Had Happened. Without the Line Is I'm Not Fond Holocaust Believe That They Not Found the Not Dictate That Gangsterism. The Pacific Was a Physician, One Height Went on and That with 300 Persisted in Joining Us on This Much.

It Wasn't Just the Germans up at the Descendents of the Perpetrators, but It Was the Descendents of Survivors and Victims Themselves Who Came and Joined Us a Hand in Hand.

We Walked at an Age As You Are Doing This, Such a Redemptive Act. Such a Life-Giving Act, Something That Seems so Much in the Spirit of Jesus Were There Others Who Opposed You and Thought What You Were Doing Business Type, but the Stomach and Lived Well at This Stage We Didn't Have Any Position We Didn't Experience That about Him Than Guns Being Tongue-Tied As They Have Done Nothing but Impress the Median Jewels and Impose New York Times with a Letter Sleeping Quite on the Contrary, We Still Support Every Went. The Media Took a Nap.

We Had Articles in the Jerusalem Post and Then the New York Times Available Extent on the Heights of Him Via In Spite Of Technical Indictment and Feel That Statements Funding That's Shown in the Movement Kept Growing and by Now We've Reached 400 Cities in 20 Different Nation with Which They Named a Leader. We Also Experienced Opposition by That Much. As Liam States That This Be on Site and the Thinking of Them at This Point Because the Much of Life Stands for the Fact That We Make a Statement against Anti-Semitism from Chris Love the Mind of Just Cause That's It.If It Got to the Second That Something We Are Calling Christians to Take to the Street to Make a Public Statement. It Only Lighter Stained Again Will Unseat Tribal Belief about Getting about This Cost Is about the License Trip and Yes There Are People Who Take a Stand against That. They Write Letters against That. But Whenever We Actually out on the Street Went Experience Support If You Have Been Polly Said to Him Most Was Saturday She Got Francis This Year We Had the Fast Much of Life in Paris and France in March Went Right through Muslim Neighborhood Ones from Apodictic and Funk like His Verboten Alignment You That This Claim Was It about This – but Actually on the Political Level. In France It Is out against the Law to Just Speak about Israel If You Don't Speak about Palestine, so Via the Sky Visit Israel of God Again Refuses for the Handle and We Were Walking Right through That May Prevent or Stop. What a Treasure Sigh When I Put since Thereby. We Had a Police Post of 200 to Know That Is Not Gunstock Psychically Putting Together on the 20 Hobbies Landed on His Aunt.

She Doesn't Understand That It Was a Very Powerful Statement and We Have Politicians with Rabbis with All Amazing Christian Message Friends Say Cities around the World Much More to Come, Stay Right Here Is Mary McGuire I Am a Car Guy Here to Help Me Understand God's Purpose for Your Life to the Eyes of a Layman, In Spite Of the Clarity Descriptors Most Christians Don't Know or Refuse to Accept the Fact That the Active Daily Sharing of Their Faith Is Not an Option Contract Is Repeatedly Mandated by God through the Great Commission. The Great Commandment to Love Our Neighbors As Ourselves and to Be Salt and Light of Christ Investors Sultan Life Both Change Their Environment. So Here's a Question for You.

Changing Your Environment, or Is It Changing You If It's the Latter, You Need to Change and When You Do, You Begin to Understand What Being a Christian Is All about Is the Scriptures Come Alive with Meaning and Every Day Becomes a Series of Blessings of God Begin to Flow over You and through You Making Everything in Your Life Work for Good, As He Promised to You in Romans 820. Your Job Is Revival outside the Walls Injured by Moving Everyone and Everything Will Help Doing That Go Tomorrow. It's the Line of Fire with Your Host Activist, Author, International Speaker, and Dr. Michael Brown Voice Is More Cultural and Spiritual Revolution Get into the Line of Fire Now by Calling 66343 Here Again Is Dr. Michael Brown Thanks Range for Joining Us Today on the Modifier.

I'm Pastor Pesky of Spigner's Courageous Counterpart Charlotte Bittner.

Together They Have Taken Bold Stands for the Gospel for Israel and Germany around the World Are Joined by Their Faithful Coworker Tina and She Is Translating Pastor Yelps Today When I Found out the Really Be Right in My City Will Be Broadcast to Be Gotta Bring You into Studio. We've Got to Have a Discussion about the March of Life about the March of the Nations about a Generation Rising up and Saying We Will Longer Be Silent about What Happened in the Holocaust and the Slaughter. 6 Million Jews in Our Indifference Towards Anti-Semitism or Participation in It.

Instead, We Must Break the Veil of Silence and Speak. Pastor Yelps Wrote a Book with the Forward Court for Its Called the Veil of Silence You Can Get It in English. It's a Real Eye-Opener in English but for the German Public Much More of an Eye-Opener in This City, in Which so Much of This Unfolds Takes Place Is Tübingen, Germany. I Knew It for the Years over the Years Because of Its Famous Theology Schools Because of Its Famous Publishers of Theological Works in Semitic Works. What I Didn't Know Was the History That Jews Had Been Banned from the City through Much of Its History, That in 1933 Tübingen Warmly Embrace the Nazi Party and Was Proud to Say No Jews in Our City and Even in the Surrounding Streets. Thousands of Jews Died in the Holocaust's Concentration Camps Were Set up There and Then at the End of the Holocaust Jews Were Led on Death Mortgages Mortgages so 1/4 of a Million Jews Perished on the Streets of Germany through These Marches, Yelps and His Team Have Led Marches for Life, and If Said It's Time to Bring about Change.

When You Hear Moments about the Current Mayor of Tübingen. You'll Be Shocked a Pastor Yelps You Began to Do Some Different Things. German Christians May Be More Conservative and in Doing Things a Little Bit More Acceptable Way You Began to Break Out Of That Even Recent Illustrations like with a Casket on the Streets. Tell Us about This Is the Listing the Steps to Get to Snapshots of Eyes Yala and That's My Thinking Now What We Realized That in the City That Is Only Going to Be Yes Unknown Black and White. There Was No in between.

When That's Done Feeding the Mind. It's a Good, I Know If You Have Minds Knock on the Fact He Quickly Committee Business Are Going and so When We Started Building the Church That Many Years Ago We Had One Event Where We Took a Casket and I Lay down inside the Voter Fund of Fund but We Do That and Then Tell It to. And Then We Had Eight Brothers Carrying This Casket Right through the City Center and We Had a Long Morning Procession on the Genevieve Is Beautiful like a Big Charlatan and I Still Remember Peeking through the Little Breathing Holes in the Casket When the Doctor Said the Damsel Box That's Independent Advice on This Is America and Most German Citizen on the Half but Very Narrow Streets in a Big Marketplace Somewhere in the Center Was up to Make an Abundance of How 12 Poke Gentle, and They Brought Me in There and They Had Big Huge Bass Drums and They Were Playing off the Mark That's Expounded Austin Mazzocco's Aunt Fitting on the Plating and When We Had Reached the Marketplace. I Jumped Out Of the Casket and I Started Preaching on Some's.doc Image of the True That Me over Shouting City Has Killed Me on the One on This Is Vomiting up Responds Often Not a Stream, Development, and Then Somebody Else Shouted and of Course He Was Part of the Team Said No That's Not True Thing on to Seven Units of and We Started Proclaiming the Gospel That Way or Annoy to the People Got Saved Because of It. They?

Pentagon the Bidart That Actually This Very Same Market Square Had Seen Demonstrations of Quite a Different Kind of Epilepsy of Mesh Because They Would Have Been Nazi Demonstration Plan. Back Then, As to Have Been the Biggest Fight of Pok Is the.Flickr Konica Flannel and Then Once the Load Started Speaking to Us about the Veil of Science, We Realized That We Had to Celebrate Hanukkah in a Very Public Way, or None of the Goals of the Nokia of the Boat and Then I'm There.Would You Not Dissolve My Ship Angle. I Was Mentally Damaged and Then We Put up a Huge Kind of PI with All of Its Lights and Then They Place Where They Had Been the Nazi Demonstrations. We Formed a Human Star of David with Friends. This Is What You Call Redemption Will Be Right Back. On the Other Side of the Break the Line of Fire with Your Host Dr. Michael Brown Voice of More Cultural and Spiritual Revolution. Here Again Is Dr. Michael Brown Friends to Let My Guest past Yelps Bittner past Yelps in Charlotte. They Lead a Ministry That Is in Aggressive Front Line Ministry Called Toss Yelps What Is Toss Stand for This Luxury Disease IV Tubing over the Wish That Was You As Part of a History Because It Used To Be Called Tubing Elephants Efficiently Select Outgoing City Mission on the Nuts in a Position like a Box of Them Erected a Number past and Habits of the Tuscan and Then Outgrew the City Aspic Very Quickly. So the Name Didn't Fit Anymore and We Just Use the Acronym God.yet Matt Wanted to Just Put That Graphic up and All of You Share a Little Bit More As As We've Worked Closely with Yelps in Charlotte… The Initiator of the March of Life Move with the Child Marches and Demonstrations and 20 Nations and 350 City. So Far It's up to 400. Yes, Together with Specialty, Establish Ministries and Congregations All over the World to See the Transformation of Cities and Nations through the Power of the Holy Spirit. I've Had the Joy of Ministering in Your Church in Germany and Its Is Open to the Lord in the Spirit and in His Love with the Jewish People Is Any Group, but Don't Let Me Let Me Read a Statement This Is from Geronimo. She Led the End to Be Mission. The Famous and Tippy Mission to Rescue Hostages in Africa and Is an Endorser of the, the March of Life. This Is What He Said All This Is a Very Important Undertaking Works to Preserve the Memory of Humanity's Greatest Atrocity to Reconcile between the Descendents of Victims and Perpetrators and to Advocate for Israel and against Anti-Semitism in the World, Inculcating Future Generations with the Love of Humankind, and the Uncompromising Belief in the Equality of All Individuals. We Support the March of Life in All Its Endeavors Are Proud to Be among Its Partners Alright so Yelps You Feel You Need to Begin to Make Public Statements into Big Tübingen, a City with a Long, Long History of Anti-Semitism, Centuries and Centuries and Centuries. A Key City in Nazi Germany. So Not Only You Start Preaching the Gospel Openly Because That Is the Message of Life. Jesus Is the Message of Life You Now Say As German Christians We Are Going to Celebrate Hanukkah Move Publicly to the Public Squares You Have Your Heart Nokia Have the That the Public Lighting Ceremony.

What What Kind of Response Did You Get in the Neighborhood Must Investigate Safety in the Gators Given. So We've Been Doing This Annually for Many Years and the Insertion for the before: the Responses to His Esha, and by Now the Response of the General Population Is Really Tremendously like a Calm, That's Who Will Come and Join Us If You Have To Open the Half so It's up to That of Quante Tetanus Press.

Yet, As If They'd Just Been Waiting for Something to Stop Them. If You Are Frisking Elbow Incentive Because We Have Many Refugees in German Julian of the They Come from Syria from Iran Is Totally, They Live Via Is That in a Good Slogan Others to See Combed the City so That Camp When Unfunded Leadership Tenses and That We Haven't Seen Such Tremendous Favor. They Come They Get Saved They Start Dancing Jewish Dances Five Ultimate That I Know Most of It I Get on That When Diana and Just Two Weeks Ago We Had a Wedding in Church with One of the Iranian Gentlemen and Take Got Married underneath the Size of the End of a Mother That the Is in Fact Affiliate or Via One of the East Coast. So All Of A Sudden They Start Opening Their House Is Safe. All We've Been Told so Wrongly, We've Been Deceived and They Start Opening the House Phaser Six of This Arranging for a Muslim (What Used To Be and Is Okay and He and His Wife Get Married into the Cocoa Engendered the Jewish Canopy for Weddings Are Okay before We Talk More about the Impact March of Life and You Said Okay As There Were Death Marches down Our Streets. We Will Not Have Marches of Life.

All Right before We Talk about That before We Talk about Your Relationship with Israel. What's Happened. What about People within Your Congregation When They Began to Open up When Families Began to Open up. I Heard Some Testimonies We Should Remember Them All. They Were Very, Very Stirring, Giving Example of What Happen When People Began to Deal with Their past Doesn't Delete the Gains Achieved As to Whether These Are Things That Truly Goes so Deep in People's Hearts Is Signature That I Knew and He Will Follow the Uptight Matter. There Was One Young Lady in Our Church and She Was Plagued by Nightmares Science.

She Had Just Compulsive Thoughts Quickly Hitting the Terrible Things That's Ridiculous Trying to Once Developed Sign and Started Breaking over Her Front the House Is a Goals Father.

I Met the Guy Living in Geneva from Auschwitz and She Actually Discovered That Her Own Grandfather Had Been One of the Engineers to Sit at the Camp of Auschwitz That Had to Be God's Covenant of Good about the Liquids He Had Helped to Set up the Gas Chambers. He Was the One to Install the Electric Fence around the Campus Labels Father so That Was Her Grandfather and Father. Hunting Was Finally Coming around, but Her Phone Father Had Never Met His Father so Her Grandfather As As As It's a Suitable Spot up Which Will Move on Because the Grandfather Had Rejected One Out Of an Octagon That Is Athens and Puddles Become so Only When This This This Man Was 18 Years Old He Actually Learned about His Own Grandfather and Father and What He Had Been Involved with, What about This Fellow's Visit so You Can Imagine What This Start up One of the Equities of the Shift for Gable's into the Holocaust, but Everything Ago Would Have the Boy and so the Man and His so They Sit Back with This History That We Have. We Need to Ask Forgiveness so They Went to Asia to Humble Themselves before Hanukkah Survive, for Me That Vita That Goes Five by the Muffin Is Excavator Must Not Important Are in Another Family the Grandfather Had Been Part of the Assassin Heaping on This Matter and Pulling on Them and That It Cuts Excavator and Other Families. They Discovered That He Was a God in the Concentration.

Does She Still Wish He Still Shaken so That Is One Story after the Next Ones and What What Happened Then Say to This Young Woman or This Woman When She Went to Israel What Happened with the Holocaust Survivors What Happened with These German Christians As That Goes up As I'm with You on the Cause of an Evening.

We Had Big Events and Meetings with Holocaust Survivors Living on Them to Go.

She Could Tell He Is Not Sharing the Stories Tenses Out Of the Patrol from His England This Field for Gable and to Just Tell Them How Heartbroken We Went over These the Stories May Start Asset Started Asking Forgiveness As on the – Darkly I Get up to Dr. Scott Shrestha Had a Very Negative Response to His Hearing That Your Millennial Injectables of the Hudson, but They Actually Realized How Sincere You Will That Satan's on Earth with Nick at the Height of a Physician, and When We Share Those Stories. Then after A While the Hots Would Open up That Be Healing and Restoration Benefits, That I Know What a Customer They Would Suck and I Still Remember One Meeting That One of the Holocaust Survivors Jumped up and I Just Cannot Figure That Come Get 50-50 on the above, He Avoided an Arm Done Could Not Find a Nazi Texan, Then 50 or 60 of the Other Holocaust Survivors Jumped up and Says Yes We Want to Forgive and They Approached the Young Man Sharing His Destiny and Embraced Her Treatment Effects Are Usually Headed by and so We Are Experiencing the Load. Opening up Those to Jewish Life Worldwide.

I Can Imagine How Emotional the Scene Would Be As You Have German-Speaking Holocaust Survivors. And Here Is a German Speaking to Them about the Atrocities of What Their Parents or Grandparents Were Involved in Their Obviously Speaking with Great Pain and Sorrow and You Have To Ask Yourself Why Would They Come Here. Why Would They Do This Are They Just Trying to Get Rid of Their Guilt What's Going on, but There Is Something beyond Getting Rid of the Guilt Life Is Coming Out Of This Absolute Becoming a Food or That of the Shot Photo Shoots Ability. Yes, Absolutely. We Do Not Go to These Places Because of a Sense of Shame Want to Get Rid of the Guilt Complex to Satisfy Them. It Sounds like It's a Pretty Once I Was Privileged to Speak in a Messianic Congregation Back Visio by the Dutch You Get on That Topic. Especially, and I Could since Then Negative Response to Hearing Me Speaking German.

I Completely Understand That They Have Is Guns Atheist, but the Lord Spoke to Me in That Moment.

He Was Very Important Is That the Lender Would Not How Is Your Own and from the Holocaust about in Enough Opposite Side of the Delete What It Isn't Home until the Holocaust on the Night and He Said As Long As There Is Still Holocaust Survivors and Their Descendents. Hundreds of Thousands of Them, Even Millions Who Suffer under the Burden off the Holocaust and These Traumas along Is a Little Fun for Us to Treat Bended As Long As That Happens, Your Responsibility As Germans Can Never Be over yet She Can Attend. And As Long As You Are Able to Tell You Stories You Have Fought to Fit into Federico Footnote Finding Wyatt's Enough Own Father's Never Found along Kind of Mission That's the Time When Healing Can Take the Consequently Started in Future Can Be Shaped. We Have Just about 45 Seconds before the Break. Aside from the March of Life You Have an Ongoing Ministry in Israel Absolute Thoughts State Module Summations Yes Absolutely.

We Have the Much of the Nation's Rights of Its Substance. I Thought from the 13th to 15 May and 2018 of the Navigator Fits That Which Is Supported by the Israeli Government Discuss Guns.

The Guys in and We Act Totally Excited about It and Is There Any Other Ministry You Do to Holocaust Survivors, You, and Much As Liam's House amid of Identity, the Daughter of the Abutment of the Hope of Ultimate Holocaust about It. And Yes, We Have a Much of Life House in Israel and We Have Staff There Who Week by Week Is Administered to Holocaust Survivors and Seven Friends Again This Is a Picture of the Gospel. This Is a Picture of Redemption.

This Is a Picture of Forgiveness and Reconciliation Come Back out. I Want to Tell You about the Current Mayor of Tübingen As Well As Exactly What Happens with the March of Life in the March of the Line of Fire with Your Host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your Voice Is More Cultural and Spiritual Revolution.

Here Again Is Dr. Michael Brown for Friends One Hour Broadcast. So Whatever Report You Heard Me Try to Make Each Part Complete in Itself, but Everyone Can Participate. Around the World 400 Cities. Now the March of Nations.

Here's the Website Them All and 2018.Calm That Is MON 2018 Is in March of Nations MON 2018.Calm Yelps Very Quickly Right at the Beginning of the Broadcast. We Talked about the History of Tübingen When Were Jews First Expelled from Tübingen, Nobody Good and Well Founding the Universe. In the Middle Ages It Okay Alright and Expelled for Hundreds of Years at the Time of the Thing That You Yeah.

For the Next 200 and Right and Then Declared Union Free 1933. No Issues. All Right, Who's the Mayor of Tübingen.

Today the below Message Gets You Dish Well the Man Today Is Jewish on Is What Is the Truth.

Erica All Right's Left so Obviously Nothing like This Ever Happened before. Maggots of What What Makes Note of That List Would Have Been Absolutely Inconceivable Default Totally Obviously and It Would Be like a Radical Muslim Being President Of The United States Stated That's That's How Germans with Gonzo and Something That You May Just Totally Fine and Bad.

Absolutely Ugly and Obviously God Gets the Glory.

But Can You See Clearly There's a Direct Connection between This and the Ministry of Your Church Absolute Club about the Booze of the Cousins Bless You and Simply through Repentance and What Happened in the Church and Maybe I Was Picking up My Speaking the Truth When, in the Event Tightly That Some of His Limb by Making a Statement for Jewish Young Transform It so That If We Truly Have Seen Transformation Because of the Cutting Edge Detail Evidenced by Symbol to the PAL. I Could Tell You Long Sorry about This but Is Pretty Bitter to Read That in the Book, I Developed with about the Things above Them.

I Think I Advise on up to This One, but Actually One of Them Big Miracles Was the Fact That This Man Was Voted Again.

The Book the Veil of Silence. It's Available in English Translation and End Yelps This This Opens the Door to Share the Gospel of Jesus with Jewish People Yell Nine by the Yes and Now Both by Design.

It Is Aligned.

The Seconds That's Unforgivable to Be Hidden If Needed to Invite about the Fontainebleau Mustiness about the First Thing Is to Be the Fact We Do Humble Ourselves, Ask Forgiveness and the Healing That Takes Place Opens the Door for Them to Ask Why Would You Do Such a Thing by the Uses of Helmet under Zicam, but It Would Fit into Canonical Because We Know Jesus As Our Lord and Savior Because We've Been Granted Unmerited Grace by the Muslims Think This Contoured Effort at Showing but the Much of Life Movement.

On the Other Hand, Is Not a Tool for Evangelism Present at Times I Find It Was for Tony Because I Jewish Friends Can Trust One Another Because Leaking in the Other by the Name to If We Don't Want to Instrumentalized That Holocaust Inc. Anyway for the Bus to LA… The Little Feet of Cargo Will Have Come Discuss It with What We Are Experiencing Is That so Many People Asking Why Are You Doing the Things You Owe 40 Feet of Jesus, and We Do See Them Coming to Jesus and NSF Work with You. I've Seen the 100% Sincerity and Focus with This Is Something Right in God's Sight. This Is Part of True Repentance. This Is Part of True Love for Israel and There Is No Other Motive with It but It Such As Germany Though You Feel That All the Nations Need to Participate in an Active Statement against Anti-Semitism Why Absolute under the Beaches Was Complete Nonjudgment Because Anti-Semitism Is Not Just the German Thing with Me from Hitler and Hitler Did Not Invented Invaded by the Undimmed Is Was Off-Site and We See Him Rise of Worldwide Antiseptics Imaging Is Not Really Because I Know You Can See Also Here in the Letterhead of Any County Seat and South Americans of Cognizant of That.

I Would like in Many Times We Carried in Our Own Hearts Because of Nine Different Sets of Pocket That You Called the Understand Is Not between Ms. Dr. Mike Schiff Is a Nazi. Yesterday I Spoke to a Young Woman Who Is Just Waking a Regular Business and She Said Well My Boss Is an Anti-Cement Clock with It Here in the Lovely Conference That Was Right Here in the City of America Was the Type Verified That the Kick in the Mind of Discuss and Now Is the Time Globally for Churches to Rise and Take to the Strength of the Children for the Fish Concert Because the Revolutions Always Take Place at the Stream and That's about Itself Is about the Revolution for Laser. The Baby Is Crazy and by Blessing Is Low Because of the Composite within That Soon. I Believe Revival Happens in the Nation That Been Meaning That It Would Establish a President As Active Hunting for Noodles Ever Getting Confine Benjamin Yahoo of the Israeli Prime Minister. He Said Only and Best Friends on the Evangelical Christian Was the Best Human They Tried to Get a Shot in Either Milan and Cuba Meshes Limb Stop for June Windermere Much Well Now What Could Happen If Nobody Won't like That Would Be Such Marches of Life.

Around the Time of Him Showing He Was a Year the Shot Is out Physically Sky the Stinging of the Test with Hundreds of Thousands to Take a Stand Each Year to Say We Stand against Anti-Semitism. We Stand for Israel to Visit over That Soon and We Bless Our Own Nation Globe for Back of the Lead for Revival in Our Nations and This Is Taking Place Now and How Many Nations and Something That's on My Now This Is Happening 20 Different Nations Was Gloomy and Mingle with the Muslims. I've Just Returned from Columbia and They Have Big Mountains of Money Say That Because He Goes in the Mind, Together with Cesar Christiane Is in Great Churches and Was Union Ln., Brazil table improve on good nose ad nauseam else in Asia is aimed at unforgettable and so we are seeing the beginning of a globally out month ecstasy. She said in a mesh of his own this year alone we had 60 cities that had marches of life incredible right friends against the website MON MO and is in March of nations. MON

Check it out see if it's happening in the city near you folks are listening and watching right now from around the world so find out how you can participate in yelps. We just have a little over a minute to go.

Would you say that every Christian listener. Maybe they can't get to a March what should they do is individual followers of Jesus as a yes this is all and he says they can fasting is blessed is the site is too much and him getting you to from front of them at this link in evasion of voice against any form of anti-Semitism might subdivide if immediate was to be willing to speak the truth about your own family history not to use a label so you can experience the grace of Jesus is on 5000 after the visa come to Moscow and come to Israel in 2018 and join the much of the nations that way doesn't sense. I pulled the piece got stuck and need to have at least a million things O Schlanger but that's because that is such a special time. The 70th anniversary of the founding of the states of Asia and the load once open up a new chapter of blessing. Both Israel and the nations housing that is not so, come from the nations, and thousands values with another guy that I did make of it that is identical, and that would be the bank account was described as I speak is from his room putting together the politicians will join in with the two of us… And all of the business should be there with that and tied for the cheese to go with the kids, they become part of the history that God's writing is my friends. Let's make history together. Let's pray for Israel.

Let's bless Israel let's renounce anti-Semitism wherever we find it as it raised its head around the world.

Social wave, the message of life to all nations and all back with you tomorrow

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