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Accusations Against Judge Roy Moore; and Christians, the Bible, the Constitution, and America

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 15, 2017 4:51 pm

Accusations Against Judge Roy Moore; and Christians, the Bible, the Constitution, and America

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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November 15, 2017 4:51 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 11/15/17.

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So what about Judge Leroy Moore is there an all-out attack against him. Is he guilty of something is coming out how should Christians respond for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, so articles about work. My most recent one yesterday why the allegations against him are so serious not spent a lot of radio time on this, but were going to again as always in a redemptive way to look at larger issues as well about Judge Roy Moore's vision for America. Based on the Bible and constitutions. He rightly interpreting the Constitution and rightly talk about the role of the Bible in America. Welcome welcome to the modifier broadcast this is Michael Brown them to call 86634 866-34-TRUTH 784 alloy get your opinion.

It's simply a matter of opinion.

Right. This is not right now a matter of determining truth. God knows all the truth about Judge Moore and the accusations against him. I simply want to know what you think.

Do you believe he's being falsely accused.

Does this remind you of, say, the Anita Hill testimony about Clarence Thomas, before Congress this remind you of other attacks on other political leaders that seem to you highly questionable just a matter of trying to get them out of a campaign or defame them. This is part of the larger fake news that you don't trust or these accusations ring true and if so, what's your own perspective to identify as conservative or liberal, you vote Democrat Republican which retakes of the phone lines are open just to get your opinion is Judge Moore guilty of violating girls 14, 16, trying to violate them sexually inappropriate sexual conduct with girls as young as 14 and 16, when he was in his early 30s already serving in the law profession.

What is it Deputy district Attorney in Alabama is a guilty as charged. Or is this a political hit job against them. What's your take 866-3487 84. You can also weigh in if you're watching on YouTube just give your opinion will check the comments section, or listening on Facebook again this is just to know what you think. We are not trying judge Moore here. We are not playing God with judge Moore. I simply want to know your reaction to the news.

This is enlightening. Do you think man fake news can trust it. Washington Post Trusted attorney Gloria Alred involved with one of the accusers can't trust it all and enter some more recent news that plays in as well.

This push things in either direction will get to that in today's broadcast. So just when you can call again 866-34-TRUTH you can post your comments. If you watch on the Esther Gibran Facebook channel or post your comments if you're listening on the S Dr. Brown Facebook page for those who are not aware the nation of Australia voted on redefining marriage by vote of 62% to 38% so very strong majority. They voted to redefine marriage and said that marriage can be the union of two men or two women obviously this is a sad day for Australia of Christian colleagues who been on the front lines of the battle. There over these issues obviously are deeply disappointed. I'm not surprised in the least is my understanding was that Australia would be so broke liberal leaning. Some would say that there have been dirty tactics use.

There's been intimidation against those that hold to Christian values that you have media elite steering things in one direction or another could be truth to all of that, the people of voted right now that will become the law of the land sad and tragic not unexpected gospel goes forth. Either way, right back for cleansing and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown compromise. Alright, so Judge Roy Moore. I became familiar with judge Moore back in the womb late 1990s there was a rally at 10 Commandments rally on the steps of a major government building in Alabama. I was one of the speakers at the rally standing with judge Moore standing with the public display of the 10 Commandments and member during that rally my message preselect us as believers that we need to have God's word in our hearts that is the 10 Commandments have been taken out of our hearts and out of our homes will be taken out of public buildings in the greater issue standing with judge Moore, the greater issue was getting God's word in our hearts and repenting of our own sin. Remember I preach the remember Steve Hill preached and we did special ministry to the folks there in a prayed together.

I believe Alan Keyes spoke some others forget exactly who they were, but that's what I became familiar with judge Moore. This became a big national story.

The news came in from all over the covered it's the start of a friend of mine, Pat Mahoney and Pat Mahoney involved in the thing just exploded nationally and it was really a news and media happening and then we did our rally on the heels of what had been happening there.

So I watched his career with interest.

Some would say he's bullheaded and a wrong way. Some would say that he does not respect the rule of law of this would say it last a God-fearing man who fears God more than people and who believes that the American government cannot overrule the laws of God.

So the debate over him.

Then during the campaign with Luther strange is Republican candidate Republican opponent during the primaries. Pres. Tromp apparently at the advice of his son-in-law Jared campaigned for Luther strange strange loss decisively to more there were people in terms rally for Luther strange saying hey we love you, but were standing with judge Moore Luther strange to them was an establishment candidate part of the swamp of DC.

That's how they viewed him in any case, Moore one decisively and was on his way to what appeared to be a decisive victory over the Democratic challenger, which would be no surprise given the heavily Republican nature of the state of Alabama. This is to replace the Senate seat of now Atty. Gen. Jeff sessions so now we have a situation where all hell is breaking loose against judge Moore Republican establishment is telling them to step down. Even Sen. Ted Cruz has said, look, either prove that you're not guilty or step down. These are serious charges. Mitch McConnell obviously not a strongly conservative Republican to his critics part of the swamp in DC he is ready call for more to step down that Romney has said, I believe the charges are true in a court of law you're innocent until proven guilty, but not the campaign that then leads to all kinds of questions such as what what was and is falsely accused.

What if this is just a hit job against a good man with this is an all-out attack against a staunch conservative would be a real threat to the establishment and who many many sectors of America would not want to see elected to destroy someone with false accusations destroy a career tarnish a career is in his early 70s and then just say well maybe it was false, but it's this too too hot now you can stem it is that what people are going to do that that would be concerning, on the other hand, is there enough time either prove guilt or not. Guilt in the time that remains valid questions, 866-34-TRUTH.

Your take is judge Moore guilty as charged or not what you feel the way you do. But let's let's look at some headlines. Sean Hannity who interviewed judge Moore at length on his radio show. Took flak for this if he was defending more on just getting information out Hannity's ultimatum for Roy Moore explain inconsistencies or step aside so as of last night, Sean Hannity has said 24 hours, sir. I'm asking you either to explain inconsistencies in the interview that we had her in statements that you've made or step down now. Why is Hannity doing this book, God knows the details but obviously as much as he would stand with judge Roy Moore in general as much is more would be a Hannity type candidate if the charges in fact are true. They are serious enough that you do not want to be standing someone who's with some with some of his hands are tarnished and obviously Sean Hannity was not sufficiently convinced of Moore's innocence in the interview that they did without this little bit more complex.

What if more. In fact his early 30s dated some women who were 17 or 18, did not engage in inappropriate behavior got the mother's permission before dating and at most, as reported kissed or hugged a couple of times, there would've been nothing illegal in the conduct you if I have a 17 or 18-year-old daughter when I want her dating a guy in his early 30s know that would seem odd to me. What if he was a highly reputable respected man, Deputy district Attorney, etc. would you want it, then maybe Alabama culture little different wealth.

Either way that does not make the person up into a predator or a monster or pedophile right and I don't believe that he denies dating younger ladies. I would just think that he would say they were quite that young but if you say okay I did date some younger ladies but I didn't do with the 16-year-old with 14-year-old, or accusing me of you. I never did that to anyone I was stating that just gets a little bit more difficult because you say he has some of the accusations are art true. But they're not really accusations because of my guilty of anything but the real accusations aren't true. Here's here's another headline.

This is now on evangelical women speaking out against Roy Moore evangelical women speaking out against Roy Moore, one of them is Nancy French, wife of the attorney colonists and almost presidential candidate David French, who is been a very strong critic of Roy Moran and has urged him to step down and David French. Highly respect his work.

I respect his columns respected as critiques of Pres. Tromp and the primaries have watched with interest as he's taken the stand and I have honest questions know again what if the accusations are false to allow a man to be destroyed to allow a career to be destroyed in a purely political old you lose a key seat in the Senate.

So if you lose is based on false accusations and Democrats take the seat than what happens to the Republican martinet that the Republicans are doing a whole lot with the mandate that they have, but that's another issue. My trust is not the Republican party. In any case so what about that and and and then another perspective. This is on the stream that Roy Moore should withdraw guilty or not guilty or not.

From our ecstatic now a question on what basis would you say withdraw guilty or not is it purely pragmatic, as it purely saying the whole system is a mess right now and and there cannot be a good vote. So for pragmatic purposes that at least there can be the possibility of writing in another candidate and getting a Republican to run against the Democrat and get potentially another conservative elected words Moore would've been elected. Just get out of the way for now and if your guilty woman. You should've gotten out of the way.

If you are not guilty. Alright so you took a hit for the sake of the party. Someone else got elected.

Now you can always rule out unit run again. What four years 76.

At that point and start the battle of fresh so there are no easy answers and let's think of this out loud from it.

If Sen. cat senatorial candidate Roy Moore is guilty of the accusations as to what he did to a 14-year-old and a 16-year-old vested crew said these would still be potentially prosecutable offenses that he could still be held accountable because there would be a statute of limitations running out in crimes like this. What if he did it and confess to the people I'm sorry forgive me and got things right with God and man confessed was pastor and went on to then drag them up now it if he's not guilty that he speaking the truth now which case the people accusing him are guilty of a criminal offense by falsely slandering him and saying that he committed these acts against underage minors and then if you didn't do it then, but he's delighted now is maybe did it and I now is lying right back where we will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown is always just sent a link to the stepson of a recent accuser against George Moore and he said I don't believe she's telling the truth. I stand with judge Moore unbeliever that was about the 14 vivid video and the guy was speaking freely, spontaneously, slowly, without notes. I got through about half of the video before stepping into the studio. I don't think he's coming with any proof here is why I don't believe her, except for I don't believe it and why is it just coming out now. But it's his own stepmother of Mills family dynamics and all that but just to report on it and then the question? George Moore why would he say he didn't know his last accuser and I've had folks that were in his camps.

A boy I watch the video and and I believe this will was telling the truth. Cheers and everything in the way she presented things, but she showed a yearbook that he had allegedly signed. He said I don't know her. She claimed I signed insert restaurant even though the restaurant now or the restaurant say that 40 years ago, 62 other restaurants I had 40 some years ago someone mentioned to me we met I would remember meeting them. I would member the restaurant sure sure, but maybe small town are things like, I will notify simmer with either way either what there are those now who say this came out pretty quickly that this signature is a forgery. So here's another headline is getting a lot of circulation for the Gateway pundit.

It's a fake analyst says, Judge Roy Moore signature inside Gloria already accuses yearbook was forged and they say, look, here are differences in the signature now compared to then it will does the signature change so dramatically over 40 is mines night and day. I can do my old one but the way I sign now is night and day different but others say no. Just look within this within the yearbook inscription itself that you got inconsistencies in someone else. It why zipping some Christmas time who brings a yearbook in Christmas Time Than Another Question.

If He Tried to Rape Her Why She Asked Him to Sign the Yearbook.

What's the Chronologies They're Just Questions to Me. I I Had Some Very Close to Me Many Years Ago, Falsely Accused in This Got out in the Newspapers Everything and Then I Have Other Friends of Mine.

Oh, Some Years after That Falsely Accused an Even More Blatant Noise and I've Been Falsely Accused Him and Completely Contrary to Fact People's Meticulous Evidence and I Know It's False As Surely As I Know There's a Nose on My Face and It Was a Resume He Knows There Is a Nose on My Face so I'm Often Skeptical When I Hear Things at the Same Time You Think about the Sounds Credible. This Sounds Believable. And What If Judge Moore Is Me with Someone Whose Politics I Didn't like What I Be Quicker to Believe the Critics Am I Being Fair-Minded and Honest. These Are Questions We Ask 866-34-TRUTH out. Let's Take Some Calls and Find out Where You Stand. I Will Start in Virginia Scott. Welcome to the Line of Fire Brown Picture Taken My Car a Quick Question of Who Did You Vote for the Elections.

If You Don't Mind Saying Dominant Automotive Personnel Drop and I'm Stuck Described Conservative Far Right Wing Conservative Opinionated Christian Jerk Rights Are Enough for the Counted Self-Description Your Take on This or It.

I Just Want to Answer Your Question Begging That You Post Rick or Picking up His What Ideas Fair-Minded with a Democrat or a Liberal. Honestly, No, I Wouldn't and That It Just an Admission of My Personal Bias Which I Always Try to Put out There Because We All Are.

We All Are Biased Is Much We Try to Be Fair-Minded Everybody out by You. Should You Be Having Set Yourself on That You Yeah and Having Said That, I Don't Buy the Accusations and My Reasoning Is This Herman Cain in 2800 Accusations Turned out to Be False.

You Which Was after He Dropped out the That That Is They Just Just Hang on I'm I Know That Some of the after He Dropped out. I Know after He Dropped That No One Pursued Any Any Anything Further against Him. Do You Know Firsthand That and I Don't Know Firsthand That They Were Approved about, but They Were Okay. I'm Just Raising Your Anything Right.Reading on Your Anything so I Think They Accomplish the Goal That They Were.

They Were Meant to Accomplish God Right and Not Go Ahead and with Donald Trump's Accusers during the Campaign. We Don't Hear Anything about Them Anymore. If These Were Real and My Thing Is If These Were Real Sexual Assaults and Now They're Brought to Light the Women Feel Safer. Not Because Now the National Stage Now Covering. I've Heard A Lot Of Arguments against Why They Haven't Come out Sooner Because It Because It Alabama.

The Deep South. The Good Old Boys Network Airfreight for Their Safety, Which Could Be a Very Legitimate and Now They Have Cover Because of National News. Okay Well I Guess the Proof Is in the Eating, Not in the Pudding, and at That Point Yes Scott, We We Have Not yet Been Able to Sort out What's True and What's Not Hasty Scott, Thanks for Weighing It and Look That a Glaring Thing and I Will Get to Recall so Stay Right There a Glaring Thing in All of This Is the Double Standard with with President Clinton. You Have Women Saying That There Was Actual Sexual Assault.

There Was an Actual Rate, Not Just to Grab Me or Something like That Remade the Uncomfortable. So Now You're Having Actual Charges Brought against People like Harvey Weinstein or Their Being Considered and You Have, for Example, Corey Feldman Talking about Alleged Pedophiles in Hollywood and True Names Ready As Far As I Know He's Gone to the Authorities Is Going on Public TV and He's Gone to the Authorities and Said I Am Reporting Crimes That Were Committed Years Ago You Said Why Did People Come Forward Earlier with Corey Feldman Did in the Clinton Accusers Did, but It's Not Always Easy to Do so.

I Can't Relate to What I've Never Been Sexually Assaulted or Abused, but I Know Women Now Feel They Can Come Forward Much More. So We Got We Got a Listen Carefully. We've Got a Listen Carefully at the Same Time We Don't Want to Sink Someone's Ship with the Falsely Accused Right Skews Me Much More to Come, but Have You Visited or Go Friendly Page Everywhere Right Go around the World. People Say to Me.

I so Appreciate Your Videos Dr. Brown I Watch Her Videos. They Been so Helpful to Me. What's a Team Effort and the Team Begins with You. Here's the Place to Go, Go Find GR Brown Studio Asked Dr. Brown Studio. Let's Go

Ask GR Brown Asked Dr. Brown Studio Take a Minute Watch the Video and Partner with Us. We so Appreciate the Gifts That Have Been Coming in There, Allowing Us to Do so Much. We Wanted to Do. And Trust Me, We Got a Whole Lotta Great Plans Plus a Whole Lot Better. Thank You for Hearing. If the Line of Fire with Your Host Activist and Author Internationals Leader and Theologian Dr. Michael Brown Voice of More Cultural and Spiritual Revolution Get into the Line of Fire Now by Calling 6643 Here Again Is Dr. Michael Brown.

I See a Man of God Being Attacked from All Sides. False Accusations Coming against Him Because He Is a Man of God Because He Would Be a Real Threat to the Establishment, Especially the Liberal Establishment in the Senate. Is He a Hypocrite Lying through His Teeth about All and Denying His Sins of the past.

These Are Not Life Issues. Michael Brown, Welcome to the Line of Fire.

Love to Hear from You. What Is Your Take, Just so I Know How Your Viewing Things Just so I Know How Your Processing the News Were Not Trying Judge Moore Here Where Trying His Accusers Here Were Simply Doing Our Best to Understand Issues in Response to Christian God the Way, What You Believe to Believe He Is Guilty or Not, off the Air. A Self Identified Black Female Republican Called in Her Take Was We Should Be Praying for Him and Obviously We Should Be Praying for All Involved. The Truth Would Come to Life. I Have Just Read That Steve Bannon, Who Is Been a Staunch Supporter of Roy Moore and Sylvia Man Who Helped Roy Moore. When the Primaries and a Man Who Has a Large Vision out to Take down the Republican Establishment and the Roy Moore Votes Getting Him in the Primaries and Getting Him Elected and Senate Would Be a First Major Victory.

There Are Those Claiming Again This Is All Secondhand. There Are Those Claiming That Bannon Has Sent People into Do Further Investigation to See If the Charges against the War Are False, and He's Not Finding Sufficient Evidence with ER False That He May Pose Support for More but Right Now This Is Hearsay, My Simple Prayers Lord Bring the Truth to Light Quickly Either Expose George Moore or Expose His Accusers Bring the Truth to Life. So the People of Alabama Can Vote Righteously, 866-34-TRUTH… Go to David in Raleigh, North Carolina.

So What's Your Take on This. Well, I Think You Should Drop out That Way.

Murderers Have a Choice between a Republican.

It's Not Accused of Anything and a Democrat and It's Very Common for People to Wait Years to Come Out Of the Fact That They Waited Almost 40 Years Isn't Evidence That They're Not Telling the Truth and over the Years We See Both Democrats and Republican Abused Women You Got It Every Two and a Listen I Can Imagine How Difficult It Would Be for Someone to Come out. It's Got to Be a Shameful Thing, and That Your Name Is Attached to This for from Life. Not Everybody Wants the Public Eye of the Succumb on the Timing of This Is Just Too Conspicuous, but Fair Points. Let's Go to Michael and Winston Salem Will Not Brown. Hey, Want to View All the Altering Bonnie How McConnell Has Already Believed the Future, All for George Moore to Drop Out Of the Right Is Already Convicted or Any Evidence Ever Been Abandoned by an in with an Opponent of Old. For the Republican Primary Though Drug Morbidity Mitch McConnell Yeah Yeah Did I Would Be There As Anastasios Illicitly Works out Well in That Respect, to Discredit More Right You You Think – McConnell When He Predisposed to Be against Him Right and Mitch McConnell Order. What's Wrong in Washington. I'm Kind of Let the Truth by What Young Black Telephone Call.

You Have a Look around, See That's the Great Goal Is Layout Sure and As Christians Don't Want to Be. You Don't Want to Falsely Accuse Brekke Plan by the Expo Line of Fire with Your Host Dr. Michael Brown Voice of More Cultural and Spiritual Revolution. Here Again Is Dr. Michael Brown Again As Believers, As Followers of Jesus We Have a Uniquely Challenging Position to Hold One Walk in Integrity. We Know It Is a Sin to Condemn the Righteous. We Know This Sin, to Acquit the Guilty by Listening to the Accusers Are We Standing with the Victims against the Victimizer by Listening to Judge Moore or We Standing with an Innocent Man Whose Being Falsely Accused and Obviously We Don't Know for Sure You Say Certain Things Line up Certain Don't Certain Details Seem to Be Damning of You Seem to Raise Questions. George Moore Had Simply Said Hey in My Early 30s I Did Date Some Gal, 17, 18, but It's Perfectly Legal. A Plus.

We Did Not Commit Any Any Crimes and There Is Nothing Illicit in Our Behavior.

We Conducted Ourselves in an Upstanding Way with Parental Permission and All That Sets a Little Weird Be Dating Women at Age but You Throw Someone under the Bus. Let No, but If He Was Guilty of the Other Acts and If He Forced Himself on a 14-year-old 16-year-old There Is in His Early 30s My Moms and Dads, Grandparents Think of That Was Your Kidneys This Happen to Them What You Think You Soiling to Be Forgiven.

I Will That Would Be Another Thing If He Had Come Forward If You'd Met with People Said I Blew It. I Sent Forgive Me and If Was Known That He Had Done That and Then He Became an Upstanding Man and a Great Judge and a Champion of of Righteousness in American Christian Foundations of America. If That Indeed Was the Case in the past Is the past. Even Though These Things Are Reprehensible. Even Though These Things Are Ugly.

Even Though These Things Are Inexcusable. Okay, It Was the past He Repented of. He Dealt with It, and If and If Someone Simple.

We Dug This out Now.

We Heard This, He Could Say It's All True. Everyone Knows It's True That Happened All Those Years Ago I Got Forgiveness from God for Man Dealt with Those Things That Never Happened Again, Nothing's Ever Been near That There's Not a Single Thing You Can Bring against Me in Terms of My Character Ethics Behavior for over 40 Years.

Well Then the Voters Decide to They Want to Hold This against Them, but If in Fact He Did It and Say He Didn't Do It.

Now That Is Lying Now. That's What Makes It a Present Tense Issue Where I Stand Personally, I Don't Know I I Have Strong Concerns That He Could Be Guilty. I Deeply Hope You Wasn't. But I Don't Know 866-34-TRUTH. Let's Go to Alabama. Lisa, Thanks for Calling the Line of Fire Doing Well Thank You for Lying. I Want to Write Credit or Anything like That. I Create That Creek. Here I Will Write More and Integrity Are Lacking or Are Active on Employee Believed That Wagon along Tonic As Part like I Are Very Long Time and I at Anything and I like Black Year and Whenever He Got Mary.BNA Are Now Look Back.)

Hear Anything for Me to Believe It or Not, Khaki Light Air Lining or Anything like That.

It Convicted of My Own Heart. I Should Believe That Pico Might Know I Live in Alabama You Know Way More As an Anti-Any UK You Know Will You Go to Jail for Your Thank You. We Yeah You He Was the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama Is Kicked off the Supreme Court and Was Popular to Get Back and Become a Chief Justice and Then Took a Stand Kicked out Again with People Agree with the Stance Is Not Your Talk about a Man of Deep Conviction and His Point Would Be Look, I've Been Not Just in the Public Eye, but Had All These Public Campaigns and a Been Vetted over and over and over and over Again. Why Are These Things Just Coming up Now Some Would Say Well It's Because There's a Climate Where More Women Are Coming Forward with All the Excuse Me with All of the Exposing of What's Been Happening in Hollywood and Others Would Say No. The Timing Makes It Clear That It Is a Hit Job Lisa from What You Know I Have. I Have Read That People Interviewed Polls Indicated That More People in Alabama Said That They Would Vote for Him. After the Accusations As Opposed to People Who Said They Wouldn't Vote for Him. After the Accusations in Your Circle of People You Interact with Social Media, Friends, Church, or Are People Taking This by Enlarges a False Attack on the Call the Man and the Reason More Determined or Is It Creating More Questions for Them. One of Our Wearing Spiritual Warfare on People like an Anchor Guy People Got Going Here at Aaron United and Mobile, Alabama Where Alea and I Left the Beat Character.

Prayer Can Gather.

Pray for Roy Moore but We Know How He and Haley Wendy and for Me Would Get the Point for Chiropractic Believe That I Am a Part of My Lack along Tonic. I like Act at United Network, and a Liar. It's Hard for the Late John and You Say That Is Is a Woman. Also, Hey Lisa, I Appreciate That and It's Great to Hear from Alabama Directly Pay out 11 Last Question and This Is All This Is Hypothetical. Lisa, Let's Say That These Ladies Were Telling the Truth and Judge More Came Forward the First Day and Said Actually, This Is a Shameful Part of My past, I Got These Things Right. You Can Talk to My Pastor's from Back Then Are the Lives That Are Alive.

This Was All Dealt with the Families Know Will Dealt with This before God and Man Asked for Forgiveness.

I Dealt with My Route Issues and I've Lived a Flawlessly Moral Life in Terms of Sexual Conduct.

Ever since and I Have Thousands of Witnesses to Attest to That Would Would People Been Willing to Say Okay We Forgive If You'd Made the Confession over That Be Too Damning Alabama Power Creek. Now You Really High like to Record a Contrary Back at Her. Or I Will and How I Got There, Waiting for Court That We Went Wrong or Anyone Roy, Mark Fact That We Don't Forget to Forget That No Matter What LA Molecular How to Help My Mother Again Department to Get Back to Me and I Haven't Got Anything Right Now and I Believe That Christianity Be Happy for Him to Be Forgiving and Execute the Way We Should Let Our Light at the Creek Yeah What Will Be Somewhat One of a Powerful Testimony to Say That You Yourself Are Sexually Molested. The One That That Is for the Context to the Entire the Entire Call and Secondly to Say That That You Forgave the Molester of Cedar Legal Issues. There Are Other Things That Have To Be Taken into Consideration in Terms Your Own Heart. God Bless You That's an Example to Many, 86634 Let's Go to Really Will Try Michael in Illinois Welcomes the Line of Fire. Hello Hello You're on the Air, There My Name Is Michael Brown.

After Looking at the Program George Welter. I Will Be Honest with You the First Time I Heard about the Accused, I Said I Said I Don't Believe It. I Couldn't Believe That I Don't Look Good Moore Book from the Lilo Heard from Him. He Seems like an Honest Guy and I Thought He Was Being Attacked Was Christian Beliefs. Both of the Time Is Gone over and Seeing All the Republicans upon and Him Him so Difficult, Not Delusional, but I Stand with You. He's He's Innocent on the Pool, Wouldn't You, I Don't Think You Know It's Going to Be Pink Wet End of the Character of Enough of Me. Did You and We Now Find out That Nothing Happened. There Was the Confident in It It It It Is Going to Be a Painful Story That You Are Ready You Don't Destroy the Character Wendell Suggested Gold about Extent When a Man of Character. You Can Also Be Destroyed and That's What I Have To Say That the Sub from the Biblical Viewpoints Are That You Play the Double Vindicate and Justify but but I Remember Illustration I Heard Is New Believer in It in the Church Service That There Was a Guy in a Particular Town That Was a Notorious Gossip and the Release of All Just Said Things That Shouldn't Get Fixed in a Pastor to Come to a High Building and Take a Piece of Paper and Tore into Tiny Little Pieces and Threw It out for the Year.

The Blows It Can Get Those Pieces Back Said No.

So That's What Happens When You Gossip about People You Can't You Can't Retract the Words the Damage Being Done. God Can Vindicate. But Let's Continue to Pray Skews Me for Justice. More User. Users May Truth Come to Life. God Bring the Truth to Light regarding Judge. More Bring It to Light Speedily Is a Prayer Think We Can All Agree to Light a Fire with Your Host Dr. Michael Brown Get into the Line of Fire Now by Calling 866-34-TRUTH Here Again Is Dr. Michael Brown Transfer Joining Us on a Fire Is against Judge Roy Moore Again. Let's Underscore the Seriousness of the Allegations Are True, Committed, Criminally Prosecutable Offenses If the Accusations Are False, Then People Are Committing Criminally Prosecutable Offenses against Him of Can I Refer You Friends to Our Great Digital Library If We Were Charging for Resources, There'd Be Thousands of Dollars of Material Extent for You. We Have Thousands of Hours of Free Material on Our Digital Library on the S. Dr. Brown Website Ask Kate DR Check out Articles. Check out Videos. You Can Search by Article by Video and Then You Can Search by the Information You're Looking for.

We Have Tons of It Waiting for You Right on Our Website. All Right, Let's Change Direction Here from All Judge Roy Moore Has a Vision for America. Let's Ask the Question Is His Vision for America. A Good Vision, a Constitutionally Based Vision of Vision That We Should Applaud As Followers of Jesus or Is It Trying to Push in Some Way Towards a Theocracy of Sorts. There Was a Report on This Was after Roy Moore Won the Primaries so These Stories Were Fed Everywhere, Not Just on Breitbart but They Reported That Life Is Victory Speech Together We Can Make America Great. We Can Support the President Now. My Belief Has Always Been That We Cannot Make America Great. Unless We Make America Good. We Cannot Make America Good without God and That Was Presupposed by Our Founding Fathers, Even Those Who Were Not That Religious. They Presuppose That We Would Be a Religious and Moral Society Because of Which We Have the Liberties That We Do and Are Not under a Monarchy or an Oppressive Government Was with the Goals of the Founding Fathers. Let Me Give You a Couple of Quotes from Roy Moore's Victory Speech in the Primaries. This Is What He Said Together We Can Make America Great. We Can Support the President. Don't Let Anybody in the Press Think That Because He Supported My Opponent That I Do Not Support Him and Support His Agenda As Long As It's Constitutional. As Long As It Advances Our Society or Culture Country. I Will Be Supportive As Long As Is Constitutional, but We Have To Return to the Knowledge of God and the Constitution of the United States to the United States Congress.

So He's Emphasizing Our Need for God As a Major Political Candidate Is Someone in the Senate Who Would Be One of the Most Outspoken Christian Candidates and Just Think Again the Truth Will Come to Light. That's Our Prayer, but If He's Being Falsely Accused. Can You Imagine How Mortifying It Is to Spend Decades Taking Certain Stances Christian and Living with a Strong Christian Moral Ethic, and Then to Be Accused of Sexually Molesting under Age Girls How Mortifying It Is on the Flipside, If This Is Been His Dirty Little Secrets. Is There Something Always in the Back of His Mind about These Questions. To Wonder about. Let's Look at Some More of What Roy Moore Said in His Victory Speech. I Believe We Can Make America Great.

But We Must Make America Good. Sounds like He's Quoting from My Book Saving a Sick America Word for Word. I Mean Same Thought, Same Concept, and You Cannot Make America Good without Acknowledging the Sovereign Source of That Goodness the Sovereign Source of Our Lore Law Liberty in Government, Which Is Almighty God Preacher Judge Moore. I Agree with You Hundred Percent. This Is Nothing to Do a Separation of Church and State. Again, the Purpose of That Was to Keep the State Out Of the Church Primarily to Stay There Will Not Be One State Church for Everyone, but to Have These Liberties.

This Is Foundational to Rely on God. This Is Foundational to Said We Have Become a Nation That Is Distance Ourselves from the Very Foundation Washington Said That of All the Dispositions and Habits Which Lead to Political Prosperity, Religion and Morality Are Indispensable Supports.

This Is What Our Founding Fathers Believed That Religion and Morality Were the Foundation of Our Government Know You Will Not Have a State Church like You Did in England and Know the State Will Not Be Able to Tell the Church What to Do in Life Not to Do Quote Separation of Church and State Is Those Concepts Come into Play Some Time after Our First Documents Are Written, but in Point of Fact, Religion and Morality Were Supposed to Be the Foundation of Our Nation to Repeat Can't Make America Great.

Without Make America Good.

You Can Make America Good without God Being in the Center of Okay One More Quote from That Article More to Address the Divisions in the Country Saying We Are One Nation under God and We Can Become One Nation Unified Bespoke of Protest Demonstrations, Mobs, Racial Strife, but That Were All Made in the Image of God. Moore Remarked That the Constitution Is Been His Life Recall This Time, Being Sworn into the US Military Academy Serving in War Fighting in the Courts against Liberal Judges. He Told the Crowd He Will Fight for Them. United States Senate Quote. This Is a Time for Victory Is a Time to Remember the Struggles We've Gone through. But It's Also Time to Rededicate Our Lives to God into the Constitution into Our Country for Families.

Let's Go Again and Make America Great. Yeah, That Echoes My Feelings Exactly.

That's What I Believe America Can Be Great As America Is Good, America Can Only Be Good. As It Turns to God. I Do Not Know Whether Judge Moore Is Guilty or Not. I Certainly Hope He Is Not but I Want the Truth to Come to Light.

But As for the Vision He Articulates for America. I Believe It's Constitutional. I Believe It's in Harmony with Our Founding Fathers and Most Importantly, I Believe It Is the Only Way That We Can Truly Be Blessed As a Nation We Will Always Have Those Who Differ Will Have Those Were Not Christian Will Have Those with Different Christian Persuasion. We Will Have Atheists. We Will Have God Mockers We Will Have People Who Have a Strong Morality, but They're Not Religious People Will Have All of That Will Have Muslims Will Have Jews Who Don't Believe in Jesus Will Others from the Religious. That's All Part of the Country, but the Foundation Must Be Built on a Strong Religious Morality Which Is Going to Come from a God-based Scripture-based Faith and That Must Be Held to Buy Tens of Millions of Americans Who Live This out for the Good of America so I Applaud Judge Roy Moore's Vision for America. While We Await the Outcome of the Election and His Guilt or Innocence Which, of Course, God Already Knows My Friends. I Appreciate Everyone Who Has Weighed and Posted Comments and Call Then. Sorry Couldn't Get to Every Call or Address Every Comment, but Thank You for Weighing in and Join Me in Praying the Student Once More Right Father We Pray Judge Roy Moore If He's Being Falsely Accused, May He Be Vindicated. If There's a Large Plot, Conspiracy May It Be Uncovered by the Roots. May Those Who Seek to to Do Evil May Be Turned for Good May No Weapon Formed against Judge Moore.

That Is Not Righteous May No Weapon Formed against Him Succeed More If He Is Guilty.

May the Truth Come to Life with His Accusers Be Vindicated.

In May There Be Redemption Pensions, Then Yes It Is Tomorrow, Early Jewish. There Is

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