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Dr. Brown Answers Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 17, 2017 5:01 pm

Dr. Brown Answers Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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November 17, 2017 5:01 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 11/17/17.

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You got questions, we've got answers stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH. Your job is Dr. Michael Brown, a friendship welcome to a very special broadcast on the line of fire your live streaming right now on our ass. Dr. Brown Facebook page and I'm to be looking down through the course of the show and answering questions that are posted on Facebook so no need to call in today but I'm going to be looking at questions that are being posted right here on Facebook.

In fact, let me refresh my screen and take a look and see what's happening.

So here's how it's gonna work. Post your question as concisely as you can. It can be on any subject that we talk about on the air. It can be controversial.

Doesn't matter, but if you posted concisely. I have a better chance of seeing it because if a lot of folks post if it's several paragraphs long on the sea is the beginning of it now. Feel free to post a few times if I'm not getting to your question and you wanted answered, but the entire content of this show will be driven by you so hello to those already tuning in, go ahead and begin posting your questions. You know when I am going to do an interview sometimes maybe there's a documentary that's being filmed. Maybe there's an or an interview I'm doing for a newspaper or magazine and folks will sometimes send me an advance we want to get you all the questions and this way you can look at them and be ready to answer now if it's important to them that I do that then I tell them that's fine and I'm happy to look and happy to give it thought, but I love spontaneity. I love it when I hear the questions for the first time and and somehow it puts me in a position of of right at that moment having to dig deep and look to the Lord for wisdom and answers and insight. So this is all spontaneous, as are all of our shows when you call in and let's just see here all right some fun questions here, but as soon as you have some serious questions. Go ahead and post them so was just asking about help for a particular type of pain, not a doctor, a medical doctor that is I have no expertise in that field whatsoever. However, I do know this, that is super healthy diet cures a lot of sicknesses and gets rid of a lot of pains note certain things. It won't get rid of but many things it will so that I can say right. Do I agree with Michael Heiser's take on the divine counsel.

Yes, in terms of the fact that there was in the ancient near East. The concept of the chief God and then a Council of the gods and with that work itself out in Israel was that God is the only true God of the other gods. The gods of the nations or false gods. But God had an angelic counsel. There was a heavenly council in that respect. But no, there were no competing gods or competing deities. What he got asked for men to be circumcised. Obviously, this is only speculation. In terms of why, but in terms of the concept of reproduction in terms of things coming through the male line and the seed, and the responsibility of the male and the role in procreation which a male uniquely has obviously circumcision is touching that person in a very direct way and interestingly interestingly circumcision is practiced in the land of Canaan, before Abraham got there member the Philistines are called uncircumcised Philistines they came from outside. It was see people as they came in from outside by way of the Mediterranean Sea, but this was customary in the land of Canaan and some other nations and it was a way of God joining his people with that land.

But then there were specific to the entire mustard never promises to the CCCCC and this is a covenant may more of dividing the male body that I in the seat.

All right will be right back on to get to every question I can today file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends on a special edition on the far you've got questions, we've got answers. I'm answering questions that are being posted on Facebook was the role of the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament versus the New Testament am I a dispensational list is the gate still straightened away still narrow know I'm not a dispensationalism. I do not believe in the pretrip rapture. I am a historical premillennialist, but not a dispensational as though I have many friends that, and coworkers who are dispensational us and our fine solid believers in the Lord yes of the way to life is still straightened narrow meaning it's not your way my way. A million other ways. Meaning is not open to a million different human opinions. Meaning, not all religions lead to God, which is why in Matthew seven, Luke 13 Jesus urges us to enter through the strait gate and pursue the narrow way. All right, so the role of the Holy Spirit. The role of the Holy Spirit. The Old Testament versus New Testament, the functions are very similar. The Holy Spirit interacts with human beings on the earth. That's why the Holy Spirit can be grieved.

That's why the Holy Spirit was on the profits for them to speak. That's where the Holy Spirit led the people. That's where the Holy Spirit was poured out on some for prophecy and miracles now in the New Testament. Everything comes with a great spiritual explosion. Now, instead of a trickle. There is a flood now instead of being on a few. It is on many in volume 3 of answering Jewish objections to Jesus. I lay out many, many of the different functions of the spiritual pre-Old Testament to new and it's amazing how you have almost everything in the New Testament or any of the old, but now it comes in great great measure.

What about us some teach that the Holy Spirit is effeminate, yes it is true that the the Hebrew vocabulary is feminine when speaking of the spirit. For example, in Genesis 1, rule off the spirit. The wind of God brought half fat which is hovering over the face the deep. The verb there for hovering is feminine, but it does not mean necessarily, though, that it refers to allegedly feminine aspects of God, a lawyer could because beer would create an image of God, male and female, yet the Holy Spirit has aspects that are not necessarily feminine, and God himself has aspects re-has motherly love so in the Godhead and God himself.

There is male and female expression. Yes, it's true that the other gender.

In that sense of the word spirit.

When is feminine but is the wind feminine is in spirit feminine others. You cannot press that to for all is the Holy Ghost.

The Holy Spirit the same yes yes same words in Greek. It's just old English sometimes used ghost for spirit best not to use that because most people don't understand Holy Ghost in those terms or ghost in those terms that my son offended. To some, but can women preach today does Isaiah 53. Teacher predicts the deity of Christ. Some questions here that are on the screen on Facebook Satan know our thoughts or existing our thoughts I believe so.

I believe so.

Why because sometimes that the intricacies of temptation and think Satan is doing could only be done based on knowing our thoughts not just her actions and words and if you have ever had it in a mental interaction with demonic powers of Satan that was reveal a clear temptation coming inside of you and you respond inside of you, and there's a back-and-forth on the base doctrine on that but I believe Satan does north on some say doesn't, but I believe this can I prove it. No, but I believe so.

This is a 53 predict the deity of Christ. I would not say so, but Isaiah 5213 points to him in a highly exalted form like the Lord, like unto the Lord, high and lifted up like the Lord, Isaiah 6, but this is clearly predicts his deity. I would say no. What about women preaching today. Sure, of course, women can preach, we can preach and be used by God in many anointed ways. My understanding is that governmental headship is male, and therefore, you'll see, primarily governmental has around the world, heads of nations leaders of churches and as I've surveyed many women, godly women students and wives of pastors and women in ministry. I've asked many that are married out within the home. Ladies, do you want to be the buck stops person, the one that everything comes on, you feel the full weight of things in the responsibility for finances and spiritual well-being of the house. Would you want that to fall your husband almost all of them say my husband. I'm so much strong dog anointed women. When asked the man. Almost all of us. I want that form. In other words, there's a certain governing responsibility, overseeing responsibility, caring for providing for responsibility that comes to a man within that context, of being under authority. Women can preach minister be used by God and in every possible which way the gifts of the spirit can operate through them and sometimes God raises up Deborah's there. The exception to the normal rule of authority leadership but absolutely preaching, sure, why not. When babies die, do they go to heaven did Jesus need to be born again can I clarify the difference between legalism and religion in right living that we address these questions. I believe that when babies die, they immediately go into the presence of God. I do believe that that upon death.

Immediately a baby goes into the presence got baptized or not, whatever background religion. Obviously there is difference about this in the body, but Deuteronomy 139 speaks of little children, not knowing the difference between right and wrong is a seven speaks of children, not knowing the discrete good and evil until a certain age. Jesus is in Matthew 18 that we must become humble like little children to enter the kingdom of God. So my understanding is because there is no actual guilt of by action or word or deed to babes. Yes, they inherit the guilt of Adam, but they themselves did not send that there is God's mercy extended disable the blood of Jesus cover them in a special white those very fair theological questions to ask, but my personal belief is yes, maybe some really go into the presence of God upon death of an feel free to repost some questions if I miss them because they're getting to a fraction of what's being posted did Jesus need to be born again okay did Jesus need to be born again, meaning did he take our sin in such a way that he himself became sinful in its reporting a no no no. Did Jesus cease to have the divine nature and take on Satan's nature so need to be born again. No no no, not ever in this world not ever on the cross, not ever in hell after the cross, no, no, no.

And when you hear some extreme word of faith teachers saying this is taught more in the past and I hope is been completely repudiated in the word faith movement that Jesus took on Satan's nature and actually died in hell and then was born again as the son of God. I absolutely, categorically 100% repudiate. That is an erroneous, heretical, dangerous teaching, when Jesus died on the cross. Everything was finished right there and he said it is finished, meaning he did everything that had to be done for our redemption. Now does the Bible speak of him being declared the son of God with his resurrection. So was he born into this world as the son of God was. He then declared to be the son of God with his resurrection. Yes, yes, but he was not born again. In that sense that he somehow took on our sin, to the point he had to be born again. Remember his closing words to his father. He commands his spirit into the father's hands, and that is what happens is the initial evidence of the baptism of the Holy Spirit manifest through speaking and tongues. What about mental illness and Christians. I believe the most common outward manifestation of the baptism in the spirit is speaking in tongues. The Holy Spirit comes on people and they speak and this is now a heavenly language, the language of the kingdom, and it is common in the book of acts speak in foreign languages in acts two and then something visible happens in acts three and then speaking in tongues in acts 10 and ask 19 and then Paul speaking of languages that no one understands speak of that first with his 14th so I believe it's the most common outward sign, but not the only one so different with my friends in the summons of God that would say it. It is the initial manifestation I'd say it's the most common is for mental innocent Christians sometimes this is a chemical thing just like you have a physical problem in your body that sometimes there can be a physical problem in your brain, causing mental illness because which you need medication. Sometimes there are emotional issues that simply need counseling and help sometimes there is spiritual issues in terms of sin and separation from God, and sometimes just like with physical illnesses. Demons are involved in the demons are cast out the person set free, but we make a big mistake if we think all mental illness must be somehow a specific demon that needs to be cast out and rather getting people to help that they need medical counsel is demonic.

Yes, you better believe other cases, no) right back I'm taking is any questions I can write here on Facebook era. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown I thanks friends for joining us for unique broadcast. I am looking at my Facebook stream and doing a Facebook live feed okay as questions are pouring in. I'm doing my best to answer them as quickly as possible so I'm not taking your calls today is Hanukkah vein, as in Jeremiah 10 is no connection between the warning not to to make idols out of trees etc. Jeremiah tenant Hanukkah snow connection there. What's so ever. Was it when people say that all the signs of their Jesus could return at any moment, earthquake, Middle East, stuff, etc. I say that all the signs are not here, for example, before Israel was back in the land. You could not possibly have the fulfillment of passages like Zechariah 12 and Zechariah 14 and yet people were saying hey hey Jesus could come at any moment.

So theoretically because we do not understand prophecy perfectly and we don't understand the end times perfectly. I want to live in readiness for the return of Jesus at any moment. Just as I live, ready to die. I will have to get ready to.Lord I'm not ready to do car recommend I hang on I need to repent. Because I'm a million miles away from God. I want to live ready to meet the Lord. However, as I understand Scripture.

We haven't seen the beginning of many things that we are going to see before Jesus returns, and earthquakes, famines, and sweet. We've had these through the centuries we've had them in increasing measure at certain times, lesser measure, other times and Jesus said it, even a nasty 24 if that's exactly the context of this is only the beginning of sorrows. What would have been a better answer a firing Carl lenses shoes.

I wrote a whole article about this and am putting on another video to make a few things clear, but the money, take a minute and give a little background Pastor Collins Hill song church New York City.

I've now had dialogue with him over the last year by phone once but then extensively through email, text, direct message, and if there's ever something where there's a picture of him and what you do with Justin Bieber over here or or he's on his TV show in his answer seemed weak.

I've contacted immediately before that I address things publicly and said hey can I be of help and reached out to the church. Karl Rove back to me and said sure, but I didn't. I didn't know we never got the email somehow got lost in our system for year or two, so I know he reached out to me and said sure. Let's dialogue so I've been in steady dialogue with him about this he was on the view. He was asked by Joy Behar directly is abortion sin in your church and and he began say with something will have a conversation before I tell you what I believe is sinfully life of conversations.

He said, so it's not black and white. Your church usable.

Some say it is what you before I talked about Jesus.

I want to know your name so his whole point of his "let me back up and say this, he was from what he's told me, fully prepared and ready to talk about abortion clearly when the host went in a different direction than was planned and agreed on. He was talking to play their game and was thinking to himself right. I want to reach lost people their people women under the guilt of abortion right now if I say things a certain way on the lose them. I want to keep the door open so I can reach out to them. Do I wish he did things differently yes and he knows that. Do I think that he answered poorly. Yes, he knows that. Alright so this is our we still friends. Yes he's told me any I have eroded with his permission. That is passionate pro-life and been convicted by the Lord that he needs to speak on this much more right so when asked is abortion sin, I believe, again I was in his shoes. God didn't put me there on the view that day, but my answer would have been theoretically if these words came to me at that moment. You never know what happens when you're there in that setting. I would've said this, if you understand it's a living human being in the room and you cut the thing up slice of the poison that killed it. Of course it's it said but it's not an unforgivable sin.

Jesus died for that sin to and to everyone is having abortion there is hope, there is life there is forgiveness. But yes, of course, it's a sin and God cares about that life in the womb to.

That's the way I would've answered it and if I get kicked off the platform thought that by the way, I believe Carl if he thought he should've answered differently.

At that moment would have been if he got kicked off the platform in off-the-shelf, so be it. But in any case, I'm not throwing him under the bus. I wish you did things differently. I understand why people are angry with him for all right but let's pray for him rather than throw under the bus and let's believe that he will be a great ally of the pro-life movement in the days to come. In reaching many women who had abortions note one last thing.

I'm putting on another video. In fact, by the time you hear this on the radio. I may have put this video up as well, but I did a very brief presentation. I had very limited time before bring on a guess, but I wanted to address this and I said here's what happened on the view. We played the clip and I said here's the statement where he put out some yes abortion is sinful and this is the point. What I was trying to say on on the air and then I said, I'm not defending him or choosing among just reporting and that's the end of the segment and we put on YouTube so I got a lot of flak people upset with me for saying I was just defending understand what understand the context you didn't believe me that I was, not defending or choosing.

I was simply reporting. Why did I say more. Number one I was praying and asking the Lord how he wanted me to address it and have clarity at number two. I was in the midst of dialoguing back and forth with Carl and trying to determine where his heart was out with all this and how I should respond. And if I needed to say anything publicly because just because someone says something doesn't mean I need to respond so I fully understand why people were upset with that segment of I'm not upset with you for being upset but friends, you've got a strong unflinching pro-life advocate here and I've never back down from that for a split second ever in my believing life but my hope is that car lengths will also be a frontline pro-life warrior all right let's see here greatest sin in your opinion, is refusing grace. What is my opinion, yet refusing the love of God is the thing that's going to damn us and destroy us, refusing his forgiveness, refusing his grace in Jesus is what's going to destroy is not obviously obviously you murder someone to go out and rape some if you got the view someone if you want commit some evil act against someone that is heinous and ugly in God's sight for your own soul's sake. With that, then refusing God's grace is absolutely terribly dangerous how the Jewish scholars were so learned in the old testament be more than others still miss Jesus being their Messiah.

Is it supernatural yes and no. No, it's not supernatural because remember after the crucifixion and resurrection.

Jesus had open the minds of his disciples so they could see him there, meaning it may not be self-evident, reading the Scriptures a certain weight that the verses are speaking of Jesus.

Then, in light of church history, which is often been so negative and ugly and destructive towards the Jewish people, and then with Jesus being presented is this foreigner just like the Gentile head of the Catholic Church.

It's easy for Jews to think why don't see him in the Old Testament and then when you're raised reading things a certain way soon and certainly that's only natural. So one had no it's not supernatural involves perfectly understandable. On the flipside, yes, it is supernatural because God has not removed the veil that's there that's preventing person as a person first turned toward the veil is so careful scholarship.

Also pray that God would open the eyes of understanding right out of you right back and dive into more of your Facebook questions right by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome friends to a special mission of the line by this is Michael Brown. I am delighted to be. You've got questions, we've got answers. I'm not taking calls we are doing right now a live Facebook feed and I getting flooded with scores and scores of question. So in rapidfire and rapid succession unit really enjoy this. I'm answering as many questions as I possibly can so let's do this. Let's see. Do I believe all Christian denominations the people to salvation. For example, Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant, etc. is polygamy us said some of the questions are being asked you're okay.

I believe that all Christian denominations, the major Christian denominations teach fundamental truths about Jesus that he is the word made flesh, born of the Virgin Mary Miriam that he is the sinless son of God, that he died as the payment for our sins that he rose from the dead and ascended to heaven that he sits at the right hand of the father that there is a final judgment for the saved and for the lost. All these things. Yes, I believe, are taught in the major denominations because of which there are true Christians in every single one of them, because of which people can be born again by adhering to the church's teaching at the same time I believe that for example there are Catholic doctrines that add in dangerous things not found in the Bible that are contrary to the Bible, like the veneration of Mary or later and and and more secondary with the infallibility of the pulp or the meaning of Sunday mass, which would suggest to some that Jesus is suffering again and again for our sins. So there are other things that are taught in these denominations that could lead someone away from true salvation. And yet, because the fundamentals are taught that the most fundamental Christian creeds are held to then people can be saved in every major denomination and Christian groups to be a Catholic. The so-called Orthodox, be it Protestant or the polygamy is polygamy a sin will if you lived in Old Testament times in certain settings, though it wouldn't have been was never God's ideal God did not make Adam and Eve, an event any font he made Adam and Eve and then in the New Testament Jesus reminds us in Matthew 19 that God made us one man and one woman, and the two become one and then Paul lays it out in the church is that in order to be an elder.

You can only have one wife, and then the believers are to follow the example of the leaders, however, does the New Testament explicitly state that for every one is a sin to have a multiple wives will if you live in a country where it's illegal like in America, then yes, it is a sin if you have any revelation of God's ideal plan, then yes, it is a sin, but you might live in a country like Uganda and you might have Christians there.

The come from a polygamist background and they may get saved and come to know the Lord and it was the guy do with five wives. Does he divorce them in and they turn to prostitution to make a living. No one else is going want them divorced and that culture slept with fireman.

So what you do well missiology us would say well let the man stay with his wives is not to go to hell for that. And then teach the next generation. So when they come up they can get it right. So in all cultures were polygamy. Polygamy is legal. It is sinful creature breaking the law. Anyone that understands God's clear messages for hard on this.

Yes, it is sinful and therefore what I see Christians opening up a discussion will maybe it's not sinful.

I know they are already in sin to open up their hearts to that all right come back with many more of your questions and folks have a debate on Facebook. That's fine with you Hunlock is question so best just post questions and see like I special the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH paradigm is Dr. Michael Brown, welcome to the line of fire Michael Brown.

You've got questions, we've gone answers I'm looking at questions that are being posted on Facebook a Dr. Brown looking for new church all where the baptism is maybe is practice or full underwater practice, which is acceptable. Okay, my understanding is baptism is for believers, not for babies. Baptism is in response to faith repent and be baptized, believe and be baptized. This was taught in the New Testament and that baptism is it was the Jewish practice of the day is full immersion and it signifies dying to Santa going under the water and the coming up in newness of life. Now there are fine believers who know the Lord who differ and who baptize infants. It's 100% foreign to my own practice and background. I've never been part of a church that did this. However, we had I guess a presbyterian couple that was in our church and one of her elders at a Presbyterian background and they did the ceremony where he sprinkled the baby and they're all believers throw believers that were involved in this. So if if you are in a church that was a fine church and you had nothing else in your area. They preach the gospel but differ on baptism, I would just say hey, if any, your family members get baptized wanted to be full immersion, etc. but II wouldn't divide in the Lord over it. I have a hard time making that my home church.

If I had other alternatives. But if not, it's it will praise the Lord. If we agree on the other things we do and will have a friendly difference here, but to me because it's very clear.

Baptism is for believers and bifold immersion. Let's see, since some pastors seem antagonistic toward creation care what's my position. What Revelation speaks against those who destroy the earth.

And we are called to be good stewards of everything God gives us material as well as spiritual.

However, I do believe that many of the environmentalist movements or extreme I'm not debating climate control. I'm not the one to debate. I have no scientific background to say anything. Either way, I'm not debating that I do believe that there is human responsibility in many things on the planet but it could just be types of know we all know about pollution right in cities with heavy pollution and smog and the effect that has on people's breathing. We know that we can be irresponsible, say with our waters and rivers with pollution and things like that and that can cause problems for further fish and things like that and can cause problems for us eating understand pesticides with fruits and other all these that that's basic stuff whatever we can to be responsible stewards, we should without getting fanatical. We don't worship mother Earth the whole tree hugging movement almost always tends to be radical extreme, and hence my derogatory tree hugging comment, but if you have a burden for the environment. You have a burden for stewardship of the earth. That's a good thing. That's a great thing. Just don't let it get like that's more important than saving the life of an unborn baby that's more important than reaching the lost person with the gospel.

Just put it in its proper place. Let's just see here is the scapegoat a Christology in the Hanoi answer those who say that Ashkenazi Jews aren't Jews and do I think you're on the edge of the great revival and great harvest described by the Lord right scapegoat Ashkenazi Jews great revival yes Leviticus 16.

The two goats are both types of the Messiah, the one who is killed and sheds his blood for atonement and the one that carries our sins off into the wilderness. Jesus paid for our sins and carried our sins away. So both of those are types of the Messiah as is the high priest involved in the process as well.

Leviticus 16 filled with rich imagery that points to the work of the Messiah.

As for the term scapegoat. It comes from the goat that escapes the scapegoat. There is debate on exactly with the Hebrew means and whether scapegoat is a good translation or not. All right. Are we on the edge of a great revival and great harvest.

While there is been great revival taking place in many ways around the world. The last hundred plus years. More people have been saved in the last hundred plus years.

Then in all centuries of church history combined and multiplied several times and then more people been saved in the last 50 years or the last 25 years than any other period of time in church history. So God's poured out his spirit in countries like China, he's pouring out his Spirit in countries like Iran.

Now he's pouring out his spirit all over Africa. Africa seen a massive shift in the gospel and and increasingly the church is no longer white.

I believe right now all around the world that that white Christians are now in the minority because of the extraordinary growth of the gospel worldwide.

Are we on the verge of another great revival in north America a great way of awakening and harvest, I I I am hoping deeply that the answer is yes and I am seeing an increasing recognition of our desperate need for revival. I saw it very intensely through the late 80s and early and mid-90s. Before the birth of the Browns revival in Pensacola Florida which will support and some of the revival movements before and after that I'm not seeing as widespread hunger. In his many circles, but I'm seeing a growing here and here and here and here. That to me is a great sign more and more believers recognizing that our ways are failing that we can't do it on our own, that there must be more. So yes, I'm encouraged. But can I say I know right on the edge. No intensity. I knew it before Pensacola might my book in its current edition time for holy fire that came out three months before revival broke in Pensacola in the closing words or are you ready I knew I knew it I knew something was at the door. I knew something was ready to break. I fasted for and prayed for Kerry to Bradford for years and years and years. In the poem boom I knew was right there you read the end of of that book time for holy firearm in the whole book talks about revival and talks about our need for revival to what real revival looks like and what gets in the way of revival and on and on and then I close with a picture from the Niagara Falls about what revival looks like and feels like that and then that the closing was about. Are you ready I knew something was at the door and I agonized, prayed and fasted long to see God moving breakout in power and in our midst.

Before that happened him and I carried that it it intensely for over a decade. I don't see that as widespread in the body today and yet we know are in a mess. My book saving a sick America the last chapter really talks about the possibility of another great awakening in America. I deeply believe that will see a greater awakening in many ways that we seen in the past in America but cannot guarantee it. No drama timeframe. No, but I do have great great expectation.

Okay what about Ashkenazi Jews and people. So we are not really Jews, Ashkenazi Jews are not really Jews.

You are the descendents of the house. Ours.

This was a kingdom that allegedly the whole kingdom converted to Judaism. 01 1100 years ago and Ashkenazi Jews are descendents of the cause ours and are not really traceable back to its methods nonsense. Yes, there were some of the photos are soon converted, and they then would come into the larger Jewish people and make up the tiniest tiniest percentage historically right but Ashkenazi Jews can trace their their descendents.

He back to Israel. Number one through a history okay here's rumor in this century than before, that this century before that in this century we have literature we have archaeological remains. We have things with left behind with our history. Okay, so we can trace that back century by century by century by century. But in terms of DNA. There are geneticists who believe that the population of Jewish people in Europe got very small in some particular areas, and out of that small Jewish gene pool. There was than a multiplication and growth, and hence Ashkenazi Jews with certain distinctives because they were part of people living in a certain part of will disable how can you not darker skinned what the reason is that in all the nations will be been scattered people married into Judaism so married out and assimilated others, married into Judaism by marrying into Judaism now their particular cultural backgrounds, their particular physical characteristics became part of the culture so there were Jews who lived in India for generations that look like Indians use of the China for generations look like Chinese Jews live in Africa look like African's use of the America live like look like Americans. And then of course the Israelites would have looked different than say Americans today or or or Chinese. Okay and and then how dark was the scanning different than black Africans or what you note, that's all. All those things are debated and discussed with the idea that Ashkenazi Jews in a legitimately Jews is nonsense.

If you just want to look at the satanic hatred who was it that Hitler was wiping out a mass was Ashkenazi Jews so clear enough there alright so let's see G you have to accept the Trinity in order to be safe if you come to the Lord and understand Jesus died for your sins and don't fully understand Trinity can you be saved. Yes, I was say before I understood God's tri-unity before he fully understood the deity of Jesus. I knew he was awarded since men had knowingly and willfully. Jack, that's knowingly and willfully reject what you see is true course. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown back friends to the line of fire broadcast Dr. Brown.

Here's a question for me is retaking Facebook questions and you got questions regarding answers how can we be sure who wrote the Gospels listen to Bart.

Herman seems difficult to say the manuscripts are reliable. There are there are many, many fine books they give us background in the historical reliability of the Gospels or the historical Jesus and even if there was a debate about the authorship of one of the Gospels.

The fact is there accounts are reliable and and scholars, evangelical scholars will say this amount of evidence that Matthew wrote Matthew, Mark wrote Mark and Luke wrote Luke and John wrote John but more importantly, the larger testimony because they don't start off saying this is Matthew writing his gospel was it already is gospel sought find Glenn disputes that I don't think it's really that disputable to go ahead and dispute that the manuscripts that we have over well mentally are the greatest attested manuscripts of anything the ancient world.

We don't have anything any books written in Greek and Latin at that time.

Nothing at all in the ancient world that is that well attested so many manuscripts and the differences that we have in them are absolutely minuscule and where there are larger differences, they don't affect any major area of salvation doctrine following the Lord in any way. Alright, so, so let me just say this if you check out see Craig Blomberg's book on the historical reliability of the Gospels orbits the Darrell Bock edited on the historical Jesus or Craig Keener's book on the historical Jesus. You get a lot of useful data for yourself there. But, by the way, by the way, just one more thing on God's tri-human nature. I have friends of mine who are believers who sincerely believe Jesus died for their sins, who thoroughly believe that he's the only way to salvation that he rose from the dead, that he is the divine son of God, and they have different understandings of Trinity they would not say things exactly the same way may be that a historic treatment on the dam and to hell over that right. I would say that those who hold to the Jesus only doctrine Pentecostal doctrine. Jesus is the father son and Holy Spirit that there are some issues there that can be very serious and need to be probed and discussed. And obviously, those who deny the deity of Jesus are Cree are guilty of a fundamental serious heretical error. There God is ultimately judge who saved Dr. some people come in with limited understanding some Jewish people as they get saved they have limited understanding how and I believe the saved.

At that moment. For example, ask the second chapters.

Peter's preaching. I believe all the Jews hearing understood the Trinity.

At that moment or understood the deity of Jesus at that moment the 3000 were saved and added to the body and that continues to happen to this day, and then people grow in grace and growing understanding and there can be ways that the Trinity is presented in traditional Christian teaching that I believe goes beyond Scripture that some of the creeds go beyond what Scripture says in order to explain things and that's what I do speak of God's complex unity and if we can agree on is complex unity and on the deity of the son of unique work of the son then to me. We are in fundamental harmony. Alright, let's just see here reposted. I don't understand how the creation story in Genesis true. We have evidence of his cosmic expansion and background radiation seem to point to a big bang so again I'm not a scientist, but I do not read Genesis 1 as science is not limited to be clear, I have friends who are who are young earth creationists or colleagues who are young earth creationists. They are brilliant scientists and they believe that Genesis 1 is in full harmony with science so the websites I or answers in Genesis, they would argue that out. I friends, colleagues who believe in an old earth creation and who believe that everything we know about science is compatible with Genesis 1 and the other creation accounts in Scripture and there you go to website like reasons to believe, which is so I am not saying the Bible is inaccurate. Scientific that's not my point. I don't read Genesis 1 scientifically. I read it to learn about God. I read it to understand how God works in the universe, how he brings order out of chaos light out of darkness how he establishes his order on the earth and causes everything to reproduce after itself. The uniqueness role that human beings have in creation, etc. that's what I get from Genesis 1. Now again I don't have scientific background others to do, argue these things out, so goes your questions to answers in Genesis for a young earth answers go to for old earth answers and read some of the writings of Gearhart Schroeder Schroeder what I have to say like that is it SCh RO DER he's brilliant scientist read John Lennox's book on the sixth day of creation, brilliant scientist or I love the shortest physicist I forget his exact background they're coming in all these things as scientists, as is people far more learning than you and me in these ways and sing yeah Scripture what Scripture is actually saying and and what we know scientifically it works hand in hand. I also know there is much that still speculation, including the exact nature of the Big Bang and other theories of the Universal another try to squeeze every verse into what modern science tells me if there seems to be a clear contradiction between a definite teaching of Scripture and something science as that Allstate question I don't have the answer for that, let's dig together and see what we can discover. Let's just see here.

Do I believe in Trinity what yeah I believe in God the father, God the son God the spirit.

Yes I believe in God the father Oliver that we pray to the son who takes in human form is Jesus, and the spirit one eternal God complex in his unity. Yeah, absolutely. Certainly. And let's just see here. Okay tell you what tell you it question I Timothy Brown's revival 99. What's the state of revival in America today is your favorite memory of Steve Hill get somebody from Steve but just him going for souls with tears every night and he and I sometimes talk before service. We both break down crying because we were so desperately burn for the lost and and the time I remember when these two kids young people all pierced and punk looking and they came walking to get the building when they found there was no room in the main sanctuary. They left Steve sought through window.

The pastors lounge and we have the big pastors conference and Steve said get to the past is off the front row, put them in the overflow room and get those kids in the front. That's one here for them and they got wonderfully safe at night. Stated revival in America today. Boy there. Some churches doing really well. We need we need revival, where the sickly states of the reports of American church so compromised. Need revival.

All right friends.

Thanks for your participation.

I hope you enjoyed the rapidfire style today is read and take your calls. We took your Facebook questions.

I got to his many as I could, some very quickly some greater length but if you appreciate what you what we're doing as we getting towards the end of the year your year-end one-time contribution but would help us if you been ministered to on Facebook discover website*around the ask a year-round. Click on the gift of any size to help out go to make a massive difference of listening on radio watch.

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