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Biblical Sexual Ethics Make Sense

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 20, 2017 4:21 pm

Biblical Sexual Ethics Make Sense

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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November 20, 2017 4:21 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 11/20/17.


From the death of Charles Manson. My parents got you covered today right here it's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown for reading on the life of Charles Manson in the tragedy of the evil of his life. Want to comment on that in a bit. And yes Mike parents and his sexual ethics, the so-called Pentz rule which is previously called the Billy Graham rule that's back in the news after the latest sexual scandals and accusations want to talk about and I love you so I wrote an appeal to the president. If you read it yet, but you never know my stuff is God is in a circle that I know for sure and I believe medication to him. But in any case, I just urged him that he was on the right man to lead the charge in Tweetie against Al Franken and that his own past was not so virtuous things from 10 years ago came back to haunt him during the object is the elections anyway just encouraged him to remember the principle of if you receive mercy, show mercy to others, let the Senate let the court of public opinion deal of Al Franken rather than the president leading the way.

Anyway a lot to talk with you about today. This is Michael Brown you're listening to the line of fire and I'm so blessed to be able to be with you five days we can function as your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. And it's my heartfelt prayer that every broadcast will light a fresh fire in you is my heartfelt prayer will put a vision within you that with God's help, you can be a world changer in your life can make a difference wherever you find yourself maybe in a position where you can speak to lots of people every week is were privileged to maybe in a position where anybody knows your name. But God knows who you are. Maybe in a position of being home with little kids sort been in the midst of a long Monday and work day. How can I touch other people.

How can I make a difference friend wherever you are with the life and heart yielded to God. You can make a difference if any one of every one of us does what we are called to do America or whatever country in which you live. That country will look different. America will look different so many times were waiting for the big thing to happen were waiting for the major event were waiting for the president. Your leader is someone famous in the media to to do something were waiting for history to basically happen by itself. But that's not the way it works it works is people work together, especially from a gospel perspective as people work together with God to bring about change and the big changes don't happen overnight. They may look as if they do, they may give you the appearance that they happened overnight, but in reality they don't happen overnight.

They happen over a period of time.

Maybe just like an earthquake suddenly and happens, but if we had perfect knowledge of what was happening inside the earth over a period of many years. We see this building and building and building and building and building, so also it is so revolutions happen.

That's how change comes about that little by little by little things push in a certain direction and then suddenly there could be an explosive event that could be an explosive moment. There could be an explosive time of consciousness where everybody sees something in grass something and gets hold of it and then society shifts for better or for worse, but things have been building and in particular friends when it comes to spiritual things.

They often build in the unseen realm, they often build in a realm or only God sees what's happening. So what seems to happen overnight has been rising rising rising rising could we be on the verge of a great revival in the moral and cultural revolution. I believe, closer than you might realize we come back the making of a monster. Charles Manson sure to check out our latest articles and videos and asked her to run a skating around the number by Expo light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us for I taught you about Charles Manson. Do you think evangelical Christians put too much emphasis on sexual immorality, preach about it too much talk about it too much, or we just being wise, we just following Scripture we recognizing our own human weakness outside of God's grace.

What you think 866-34-TRUTH we putting too much emphasis on it. Not enough is the problem the problem that were emphasizing it. But were not living it out 866-34-TRUTH all right. The death of Charles Manson headlines all over beginning last night and through today with pictures of Charles Manson and you look at these things and and he really looks like an evil crazed man. The prison pictures of 11 article notes Charles Manson of Ville and praised as a counterculture hero in 1969 dead at 83. In this article notes that that after the massacre of actress Sharon Tate and other semi horrific brutal massacre, and then another couple tortured and murdered UN groups like like the weatherman. These were radical underground groups that actually engaged in bombing and work with that anti-government that they actually celebrated Manson they they had a Flint Michigan war party at the end of 69 and they hoisted a Charles Manson power banner spelled out pregnant victim Sharon Tate's name in all its and when the rest subsequently what to do there but we wanted to be bad. Yeah, I mean it was a real sick time with some real sick evil people. Charles Manson certainly leading the way in terms of evil cult figures. I want to talk though about his upbringing and his background. I think you might be shocked to hear some of this if you did know about it first.

But let's listen to a couple of clips from Charles Manson in prison.

He was sentenced to death within California, turned all death sentences into life in prison without parole. So that's what he was serving out but but listen. Listen to Manson listen to what he has to say in prison. All right, we just got a stall on that clip looks like something froze here for a moment, so Matt let me know when were ready to play that. But yes, so California turned the the death penalty into a life prison sentence and there he is sentenced to prison and in prison continues to be the man he always was timing his rhetoric is evil.

His his pictures and always got a swastika nasty swastika over overs between his eyebrows and went went when he was asked about having any remorse for what for what he did of feeling guilty. Listen to what he has to say all right high on our we have a freeze up in our equipment.

We believe in moving flawlessly and seamlessly some time with the status until it all.

I'll just tell you about these clips all all set the stage for you.

Guilt feeling any guilt, no, no guilt, no guilt, rather he thinks maybe he should have killed four or 500 people. Then he really could have done something for society. But here's what you need to know about his upbringing, his mother was married and gave birth to the age of 15.

The man she married was 20, he quickly abandoned the family so Charles Manson is basically fatherless when he's four years old.

His mother is arrested for her involvement in a botched armed robbery and sentenced to five years in prison so he's then temporarily raised by an aunt and uncle according to his cousin Joanne. There was never anything happy about he never did anything good. The customer reported that the boy was obsessed with knives and guns and we lost control of his anger, his eyes blazed with an intensity that convinced her he was capable of injuring or even killing her article also claims that Manson's mother feared her quote crazy eyed son when he was just five years old.

Not only all right I think we got these clips ready. So let's set let's listen, I tell you what clips clips are clips aren't working on other not here on radio might my deep apologies will will will give up the clips for right now. All right yeah are are better than I get what will just what will just give them up about so so any anyway. He and his upbringing is also, according to the reports he's undersized so he now has gets sexually abused and harassed by other boys and his escape is that he he acts like he's crazy.

That's his escape from being beaten up or abused or whatever.

According to the reports he starts having his own brushes with crime when he is now young teenager by the Tommy's 32. He spent 17 of his 32 years in prison. 17 of his 32 years in prison and then he comes out and then he becomes the infamous Charles Manson begins preaching on street corner that he's the second coming of Christ gathers this cult hippie following, especially young women and believes that there's gonna be some all-out race war he's trying to spark it now by his actions and anyway just absolutely crazy. He's responsible for his actions.

God knows if he had psychiatric issues from early days. God knows what would've happened if you'd been in the golfing environment. He remains responsible for his actions and to the best of my knowledge, he died unrepentant but here's the point and and this is this is what I want to emphasize. We don't know what would've happened had he been raised in a godly loving environment. We don't know what would've happened if he had had a mother, father, caring from him from day one. We do know the horrific effects of fatherlessness.

We do know how there's a much higher percentage of kids who end up on the streets from fatherless homes who end up robbing who end up killing who end up committing all kinds of other violent crimes over and over and over again. This is been demonstrated here you have fatherless and then motherless, and whatever other issues he's got going on then getting sexually abused and beaten by other boys.

You got a formula for disaster.

Let me emphasize again, his actions or his alone. He is responsible for what he did and what he enlisted.

Others to do that remains unchanged and his is accountability to God in society remains unchanged. I'm not minimizing anything. I'm simply saying when you look at him in isolation. You just see this level of evil and and and and satanic anger and rage and in craziness when you look at it in the larger picture.

You have to wonder how much his upbringing and environment played into this so what's the redemptive side. What we learn from this little one. We reemphasized the importance of stable marriages and families. We know that while everyone makes their own choice, those raised in a stable, godly, loving environment by mother and father have a much better chance it's it's just like if you have three athletes of equal ability and one of them is well rested, has exercised a lot and eat healthily. Another one doesn't eat healthily and doesn't exercise a lot and another one is fighting off sickness that the one that's most likely to win the competition is the first one so were talking about giving our kids the best possible environment is the man a blown at the ready and raise my kid in a single home because of mistakes I made God's Redeemer, God can bring brother other people into helping give you wisdom is a single parent and look are our last president was raised by single mother now so much of his life so anything can happen, lives can can become very valuable.

Despite this, but we want to first emphasize the importance of godly life, godly family and upbringing recognize the destructive effect of sexual abuse and bullying under the children and then work through the gospel to try to reach out to those who been raised in these rough environments and maybe if we can intervene early enough in their lives bring the gospel to them. Bring the gospel to immediate love ones.

We can have all kinds of stories of redemption.

Again, Charles Manson's guilty of the crimes he committed. There's no excuse but what might've happened. Raised in a different environment.

Only God knows right back. Talk about sexual ethics. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 8663 here again is Dr. Michael Brown obsessed with sex. Evangelical Christians preach against it all the time to preach against immorality all the time.

Preachers pornography all the time or or we reflect your own weaknesses and struggles as if your preacher preach on that having such a struggle or are we being wise. Or perhaps we don't preach it off on the positive aspects of sex within marriage in God's intent for what is it we put too much emphasis on it. Not enough emphasis 8663 for to also remember if you're listening on Facebook you can weigh in their with your comments. If you're watching on YouTube. You can wait in the live chat. There will be looking at your comments on YouTube and on Facebook and then again calling 86634 okay there are now more choosers second accuser has come forward against Sen. Al Franken and said while he was a senator that there was a county fair.

People taking pictures with him. She went to have her picture taken. She said he squeezed her real close and put his hand on her buttocks and he says seasickness. Remember that that he took pictures with thousands of people and that easily apologizes if she felt uncovered whatever that would make sure wonder if if they ask you a question asked me a question. If we did that we say no course not. That what course not, as opposed to, I don't remember taking the picture so that makes you wonder if you realize I have done things like that, but he's in the news one person after another in the media famous people being accused of sexual harassment. You have it of the horrific charges against Harvey Weinstein and others within Hollywood so in the midst of this letter.

People said included in already mock Mike pence VP Mike pence who said well I'll never have a meal alone or or work late, alone with a with a woman other than than his wife and if there's alcohol being served somewhere in that he wants his wife there present it out.

What's with them and you got some wrong idea of things. It is all you you it's crazy and and now people look at it. I've asked the question if the charge against Harvey Weinstein are true. Who would you rather have your daughter working for Mike Panzer Harvey Weinstein. I think it's a fair question to ask and I think overwhelmingly people would say I rather have them with pence retreat my daughter with dignity and respect.

You know she's 20 years old or 30 years always. I can try to take advantage of her as opposed to an alleged sexual predator like Harvey Weinstein wealth, I wrote an article on stream. My latest article I wrote on the stream and it's it's entitled why the Mike pence rule is as Christian as it is wise why the Mike pence rose as Christian as it is wise is really Billy Graham guidelines and many of us have lived by that for for many many years. So Mike pence again in the news and what caused me to write this article was was Caitlin Beatty who I believe is an editor with Christianity today. She wrote an op-ed piece for the New York Times and in her op-ed piece she gave a Christian case against the pence rule and she even said that most of her female peers don't agree with it and to her it seemed extreme that let me read what she wrote in her article, according to her the pence rule arises from a broken view of the sexes mentor lustful beast that must be contained, while women are objects of desire that must be hidden away, offering the pence rule is a solution to male predation is like saying I can't meet with you one-on-one. Otherwise, I might eventually assault should that's the case, we are far deeper problems Ron Menon and power than any personal conduct will consult right first before reading the quote from her first thing this is not just guidelines against sexual predation and in fact the pence rule is not primarily there because were afraid us that we as it's a male follower of Jesus were afraid. Therefore, loanable regular soft rape them or abuse that, no, no, no, no, not at all, but that there are many other reasons forcibly read one more quote and and then I'll give you might my three A's my three reasons why the pence rose as wise as it is Christian. Let's look at one more quote from the article and she mentions a former colleague at a Christian nonprofit through her back out on a business trip lying and pain in her hotel room.

She asked her coworker to carry suitcase from the room. He refused into the room, wonders what he thought was going to happen in this and other cases. Personal purity seems to take precedence over the command to love your neighbor are first is the issue of appearance hasn't look your married man right. Maybe your 50 maybe your your personal assistant's executive secretary sales chief with or maybe she's 35 right doesn't look if you're having once you do it you're working have a lunch with her several times a week or having dinner or stay late at the office with her. You can tell it doesn't look well till close, and I wonder about that and and what happens if that's you have to fire her.

Something comes up. She's incompetent. You have to fire and then when she's fired she gets embittered and says will you try to take advantage of his will. Hang on, I mean I saw them together with together all the time. It would be doing when they were working late at night. Suddenly there is the appearance of evil. Since the first thing you want to avoid something that can give an evil or bad appearance. The second a is attraction just emotional attraction, romantic attraction, it's true that men may be more drawn to outward appearance and women may feel more pressure to dress a certain way to to look appealing, but the bottom line is, emotional attraction, romantic attraction happens all the time. Men and women naturally attracted to each other. That's what we get married and have families and that's why there's so much sexual sin of adultery noticed his people get attracted to the others that they're not married to that the fact is, you spent a lot of time together.

Let's say let's say that some just raunchy because you're the the person. The power there's appalling that let's say at home. Your wife's struggling a bit, just had third kid and and is it new kids on sleeping and she's losing sleep in the romantic attraction. The spark is down between the two of you, and you put in long hours at work to try to make ends meet and spend an extra time with a female coworker employee and you know she's laughing at your jokes and and and and really like share it owed you got a majority touch attraction. That's an issue and then finally, adultery there. There's a reason it's in the 10 Commandments. There's a reason Jesus wants about it there. There's a reason Paul put sexual morality at the top of his lists when he lists sins in Scripture.

There's a reason that some of the greatest leaders in the Bible messed up because a sexual salmon like David and Solomon another charismatic leader like like like Samson.

There's a reason for the so let's be wise as far as ultimate going to the room you it's under figure rape the woman. If you go on the room hotel room but you it's the appearance of it number one and number two if you can find an excuse to go in for one reason may be, for little bit longer.

The next time what's so bad about leaving the hotel room door open or if you're talking to a woman room leaving the door open so anyone can see and that walks by and then going and get the luggage was a hit, would you mind going out for snuggling picture is what's so bad about that in a day and age like this man be safe than sorry will be right back.

It's the line of fire with your host activist author internationals leader and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown noise as I use past last night. I have an article about him shortly be able to see that Esther Brown, the Lord will have a video up in the not-too-distant future, with some comments and clips from Charles Manson as well. All that you find an instructor but he's gone, he's dead to the best of our knowledge. He died without repenting and turning to the Lord, but it made me think of David Berkowitz, the notorious son of Sam serial killer who got wonderfully converted in prison. I spent time with him years ago and we put out the documentary about his life called from some of Sam to some of hope. While there is life there is hope. The worst of sinners can be redeemed, most evil people on the planet can be saved. It's always amazing when when you know someone only as a believer and there there godly man, godly woman. You know, sweet, loving, compassionate, caring, and you find out before they were say their out-of-control monsters and online. That's the power of the gospel listening to Michael Brown. I like many of you am also a trophy of God's grace. You know my story shooting heroin using LSD angry crowd vicious tongue young person full of rebellion and install money for my own father, God had mercy on me know. I was in a Charles Manson or David Berkowitz.

My sins were ugly in God's sight. There is redemption there is hope in Jesus mother's life there is hope. All right question for you and I put this up on twitter it in the life of all of the sexual scandals, is there a day that goes by where there's not someone else in the news being accused God. Those whose guilty and is not some immediately saying guilty, the comedian Louis CK. Maybe give the most articulate confession and even went beyond what he was accused of and some are like that of his denying it. Others seemingly upset that the being accused hey Ya we were together, but it was all consensual God knows, but sometimes are the hour goes by without there being a new accusation coming for and and here's the deal. This stuff has been there all along. Follow is like this just happened a month ago these things allegedly been happening for years and years and years and years and years now doesn't that doesn't that give more credence to the emphasis we put on sexual ethics in our churches and in our preaching in our ministry so might my question on twitter was this money just get over to the actual pole and take a look at it now do evangelical Christians put too much emphasis on sexual purity and sexual ethics. I put this up a little over half hour goes, her first hundred 66 responding to evangelical Christians put too much emphasis on sexual purity and sexual ethics. You don't really when you think of it when you think of human nature. When you think of how easy it is for people mess up when you think of how pervasive pornography is just all around and readily available stuff that say an eight-year-old could find on his cell phone that I didn't know existed.

Miles in the world it at my deepest moment of sin so with with everything being where it is.

Doesn't this make sense of our position.

What you think 866-34-TRUTH would you think the reason we have problems in the church in Prague from the church and adultery in the church is good we preach against this stuff too much. The preach on grace enough or is it that will preach about the whole wholesomeness and beauty of sex within the con taught the confines of God's intent, namely, marriage, male and female together for life or is it that will talk about it enough that we don't put people tools the principles we think 866-34-TRUTH. Are we preaching enough sexual purity are we doing it in a holistic way back with your calls and much more stringent. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us on the line for you know I used to hear this.

If the preachers preach against sexual say that means that's what he struggling with. So I analyze that because I preached about that a lot over the years as well. I preached about a lot because I saw it emphasized in the word. Then I saw her friends destroy their lives and ministry through adultery that I knew the temptations that came my way seem to be quite realistic to do it, but it wasn't that I preached on more. When I was struggling more and in fact sometimes I preached the most fervently of the times of deepest personal purity and then for years is because later my heart to preach against the dangers of gay activism.

I know for fact that that's is unconnected to it to my own desires.

It is as anything could be retirement in a heterosexual sin and heterosexual lust yet relate to that have to deal with it. Have to watch my eyes up to be careful on the Internet. Be careful my relations with those of the opposite sex when it comes to same-sex is no more attraction to me.

Towards another man and there is two of the wall so it's not always true that people preach on things because there struggling with, but for sure. Sometimes someone does preach out of their own struggles and then you look at them and in.

You see, they fall in is a been what a hypocrite could yeah could be what a hypocrite or could also be the date they knew their weakness. So in preaching to others. They were preaching to themselves that the bottom line is for me, this doesn't need justification. This is throughout Scripture warning after warning after one about sexual morale. So with VP Mike pence when when his ethic of of sexual purity and not eating alone in the woman work along with another woman in her staying late with another woman of alcohols being serving sure his wife is at the that meal. The occasion is wisdom to me and and that's why for years. You know, just understood from teaching a Bible school in the 80s and a woman wants to come in and out when the students get counsel on something. That's the rule was always shut the door open someone so anybody walking by can hear and many my friends would have have no pastors that a glass window in the door so you could always see in is and where is your privacy well better. Better to be safe than sorry and then better these days that you don't have a situation was some confusion when you try to do this to me at some just comes in to set you up.

People do this, there are evil people who do this or some people are painted to do this is never happened to me ever read anything close to this, but I I know that Billy Graham read this that he would have before going to hotel room settlement have to go in there and look to make sure there wasn't some naked lady in their people try to set him up if these things happen so the fact is, to me this just wisdom just good precautions can we preach 1000 empowering grace that helps us overcome sin.

I believe we can. Can we talk more about the positive aspects of sexuality within marriage. I believe we can, but should we preaching too much about these things in terms of dangers of sexual sin, look around how the world to be think were preaching too much, but want to get your opinion. 866-34-TRUTH will start with Becky in Raleigh, North Carolina. Walking to the line of fire. Hey, how you doing a quick ISU question first before you answer my other question here so you're familiar with what's called the Mike pence rule right arm.

I'm not exactly okay. So basically just repeat it was attributed to Billy Graham earlier something.

I was always taught to live by, which is you.

You don't have a meal alone with a woman other than your wife and that's what your daughter, your sister right so with another woman other than your wife. You don't work late with a woman other than your wife. If alcoholic beverages are being served at at a dinner or something you will make sure that your wife is there with you those basic things to set some extreme chewers that seem wise to earn her boundaries out there boundary Graham network, Inc. and boundaries are helpful.

Definitely mean that it seemed a little bit extreme that work at that the boundaries are alerted that there got it okay that many out that I and then your take on. We preaching too much about sexual ethics, sexual morale enough preaching enough what your take on I can get very complex.

Not that I think the more we preach the people are an outline for current or thanking them for reality and you now wanting to be in the kingdom of God and what that looks like a file it yes yes. Having been raised up in the church and hearing all that then when you make a mistake you make a choice that's not why you're out labeled and branded and never have gone no recurrent bite my yeah that I think and it becomes even more complex than that for a lot of women from the effectually come into effect by manager then you get all that crap dealt with it. I think a lot of sexual need to be dealt with but I think we need to look at her own life are our own current now how are we not being sexually ethically people are what are the things that we have a line on I wish everybody would have boundary now there boundary on radically when I think as an American character have a problem with our sexual immorality and call it what it is I have a problem with that let me ask you this. Have you been able to to get restoration in terms of your own emotions in your own heart lie from the abuse that you suffered. Been a long, long journey starting with depression and anger and God. With the help of good people and good friend. Good counselor and God and Jesus and a million times better today than I was 30 years ago. Since you at your child is a grandparent.

Give your children to processing your own life that some folded over. Of decades. I let that limit many assists since you brought this up. I hope you don't mind this this for the question ice. I think those of us who are not sexually abuse growing up can understand conceptually how damaging it is because we've talked to enough people counsel people heard their stories, but it's still different. Living through it. In what ways did that affect you or traumatize you that you that you can look back on and and actually see you there is a connection between being abused and the way you live things out or what you struggled with her how you perceive yourself, how would you describe are described are here to bring her you to break your car And their error on more than one arm in here and they're not at some point they are, by the way you get with the offender. Now I must confess God 11 years old. You're going to affect everything you told me. I don't think you'd agree to try that that contract in people and man in a bar nine when God, and it might look, my biggest struggle coming back to the Lord saying hey you allow the company to back it and having a truck that you got Brandon are perfect and that whole thing in a long journey longer and big struggle and I'm thankful to God and that now I'm packing. Relatively been married), but I think there might be different than that. You know I love the Lord and in doing is when I can to serve him and love him about names now for 27 year long. You have trouble with evening your relationship with your marriage. You it's really again I appreciate you being so candid and and sharing this with with so many others you have people listening both women and men shaking their heads because they went through the same thing and you have some listening same.

I'm still I'm still there. I'm still angry.

I still feel victimized. Sex is still dirty to me. I wonder where God was still friends the same God that held Becky work these things through and now gives you graced to speak these things for the help of others. He is there for you if you say look, I've tried everything cry out to God and say, God give me the help I need either through counseling through supernatural encounter with God, or through some type of of of healing of emotions through the gospel cry out to him, he will send the help that you need. He won't leave you destitute.

You may think you for security. Never did and they won't leave you destitute.

Hey Becky, thanks for calling hey policy right there in your next will get to some of the calls as well.


May God shine his light on sexual sin in our own hearts in the church. That's we can be condemned, but so that we can find repentance, freedom, healing, new life here on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown okay this is this is really cool. I got admit that you have asked Dr. Brown app. If you have an android phone sold the Samsung phones and always if if you have an android phone with the galaxy like a galaxy note 8. If you have an android phone download the ester to Brown app ASCII dear Brown is every habit will updated Google play store and clicked updated and then when you click online. The fire you can actually watch the live stream your 3 to 4 Eastern standard so whatever time you are around the world. You watch allies derived right on your yourself on the ester to Brown app so it that is so cool of you. I'm looking at you of them looking at me as as it's happening right here on the phone, but I'm also pulled it up so I could look at a bunch of your comments all we just interact quickly.

Volcano 1948 on YouTube.

I respect greatly is a manic I'm so happy my granddaughter is a student fire Institute. Come on then Jesus sees a student ministry school. Make sure she comes up and tells me that her grandfather is Volcano 1948 yeah there there the age of it are the standard 16 or your students. 17 so they are precious to me like gradual except we will raise them up and send them out to be world changers.

Yeah, sex itself is not evil. Sex is something blessed by God and so powerful drive so strong that that it it can be beautiful or can be terribly destructive for most of the world. It's is more bad than good in terms of overall impact.

Terms of the morality of the world, but in the context which God intended less than a DG thanks for crediting me with addressing the gay issue properly.

866-34-TRUTH back to the phones or we as evangelical Christians, emphasizing sexual morality enough to march not enough.

Let's go to Paul in Winston-Salem North Carolina. Thanks for joining us on the line of fire. Thank you. You're welcome. All we are actually doing it, and when they do talk kind of separate the men from the women phone because difficult coming. I'm a believer in Christ struggle with addiction of Mitchell and I've been through in figure 12 the program but space-based walk that went with Mark Kirk accurately.

Yeah I'm enormous room American think I found this on industrial struggle and your work in hospitals like 80% women, and yet the normal secular man who always talk about this if it's really difficult in this world today.

It was Polish commercial targets. Yes, also called Justi think that the church needs to do more equipping. In other words, that that you need to have okay were just going to meet with men with women winnable accountability groups really put tools in your hand you think that we may be saying things are evil without equipping people enough because it's it's it's a challenging world to live in that I believe it should equip us more talk more about it man you're really drive home or not this department mimic what they do, that the class of the school on my talk certain ways right with all candor, you can sell certain things that you couldn't say that we can be in a promo video embarrass or strain. Yeah Sean on you know someone discreetly like oh my gosh what you really don't know what's really funny and you never know what's were not supposed to strip going right right so so that for example if men are talking candidly about certain struggles they have women might not understand and relate to that is different for them. Yeah, I think, absolutely, so that some of the pastors leaders listening to me just ask.

Ask yourself what we equipping people adequately. Some you did a great job and so appreciated. Some of us need to step up and do little better. So here that from it from a congregants assistance one voice, but I think it's only consider kisses and things are terms about sexual temptation just on steroids.

Everywhere you turn, it's hard not to to be confronted with stuff that you can ask for 866-34-TRUTH. Hey listen, one more thing on the website asked Dr. KSK dear right this second and try try to do this if you can never watch your lifestream try to do this before the show was over and got would like four minutes and counting go there and you see and read. Listen live S Dr. Brown's K dear Click on listen live. And then you'll see the option you can watch the live stream and were so stoked to have this in different times when I'm talking about severe hearing on the radio they were putting up the clips were putting up the graphics and many times if you're hearing audio clip if we have the video clip then you're gonna watch the video clip and as everyone's hearing on radio so take advantage of that. We are redoing our best to get a full-fledged blast powerful well produced multi media show in your hands every day that will impact you even more and be a good tool to help us reach others right right just came from a few days back freezing cold Fargo, North Dakota. Joseph, welcome to light a fire hydrant. Dr. Brown, Bill. I guess that's the solution. Just keep everybody outward so freezing that always try to do staring warm right right. Keep your clothes on right you yeah so I was just listening. I I'm I'm pretty gosh others is mean when I was engaged with your parental counseling and we were. We were given some counseling on just sexual purity. The thing and some of the common advice that we were given we went to actual people are elders in the church and we asked them you know what advice you give, they just said no set boundaries and as soon as you start to think that you're doing good in that you are doing well. It's not like oh we done so good now we can start you know putting time alone together is no hey, you done good looks even see how we can set it even further back and I realized later in about four years intermarried. We we had we had gone through about six months where we where we did not do things the way to talk about doing and the standard ourselves, but then we took nine months of the last engagement we really focused on purity and really paying Jesus and that was huge and healing.

A lot of this icon wanted marriage by member for years in our marriage and we are arguing is not something is about something is really silly, but it had to do with my wife trusting me and I never ask aunt did this have anything to do you know when I broke the promise of the purity.

Yeah. Yeah. And she said yeah actually visited all of the Holy Spirit spoke to me to ask about that. And I realized then that the danger of breaking that promise of sexual purity that you make in between two people. If your God-fearing people you love Jesus and obey him, and I just got something to try to talk I'm so glad you shared that because really we reap what we sow in many many different ways and that's why weekly so the spirit reap everlasting life in the spirit in the criminalistics amenable up like 100 times is Mercy's mercy is forgiveness look to Jesus. That's when he died for us, not just mercy and forgiveness. Life's power to lead life to look to him and pick you up and make a fresh start. Hey Joseph, thank you back with her tomorrow

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