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Confronting Contemporary Anti-Semitism

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 30, 2017 4:31 pm

Confronting Contemporary Anti-Semitism

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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November 30, 2017 4:31 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 11/30/17.

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You know it's interesting the new anti-Semitism it's the same as the old anti-Semitism same lies same hatred for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown here was really interesting. Some things never change, and I'm looking at the latest attacks on Jewish people in the world today and the packaging may change a little. The vocabulary may change a little but it's the same old charges the same old junk.

The same anti-Semitism the same Jew hatred will talk about some of that today here on the line of fire on thoroughly Jewish Thursday with first phone lines are open wide open 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH eight 784 any Jewish related question you have of any kind.

Call in now. It can be Hebrew related can be related to Judaism, Jewish tradition, it could really be related to Israel today. It could be related to Jewish background to the New Testament or messianic prophecy or a specific Old Testament type of question. Full eyes are open 866-348-7884 and if you feel that that I'm being biased and speak about anti-Semitism because in fact the Jews are evil Jews control the banks or the Jews control the media or the Jews are behind various world plots and things like that and you want to call in and argue your point have added 866-34-TRUTH next May. I'm scheduled to speak at the Christ at the checkpoint conference in Bethlehem and I have been invited because I so deeply disagree with what they believe and put forth, and they've invited me as someone who disagrees to come and express my disagreement and then they want to challenge my views about Israel and the Palestinians and and then we sit privately and talk and interact his brothers in the Lord. I'm really looking forward to it. But I have said that some of the theologies they hold to I believe is deadly and even anti-Semitic while or are those charges fair in my taking all criticism of Israel is being a criticism of Jews in general can you be critical of Israel without being anti-submit those of the things that we need to explore.

Honestly, again, I'll be sharing more about that as we get closer, but I'm thinking about writing an open challenge to the leaders I Christ at the checkpoint in advance because they emphasize that this is about Jesus in the center. This is about reconciliation. This is about following the spirit of Jesus in the Middle East conflict and I may challenge and say what are you doing that looking at your website, your matures are you doing that or are you bashing Israel and then at what point does the bashing of Israel become a larger theological issue with Jewish people in general.

Those are questions that need to be asked. So what will get into some of that I want to share an article with you about Linda sore, sore, who in many ways is a modern-day Islamic poster girl for anti-Semitism.

Of course she would deny that.

But I believe those charges are well-founded in her case will talk about that as well and I want to look at some amazing wisdom from the Hebrew Scriptures. In fact, that's the very first thing were going to do.

We come back after the break.

Here were going to look at some amazing wisdom of the Hebrew Scriptures and the amazing impartiality that God calls for in Scripture that was reiterated in the New Testament. Absolutely the foundation is laid in the Hebrew Scriptures. The talk we Christians call the Old Testament will look at that, we come back and edit something to think about when we look at the latest scandals and who's guilty who's not guilty how we side with truth fairly in the midst of contrary claims.

Take that up scripturally come back here on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown and fire, 866-348-7884 with your Jewish related questions.

Look in Exodus chapter 23 versus two and three. You must not follow the crowd. Some would say follow the mighty most likely crowd. You must not follow a crowd in wrongdoing do not testify in a lawsuit and go along with the crowd, literally the many to pervert justice. So just because everybody's on one side just because the multitudes on one side is because the big and the mighty are on one side won't just go with the crowd. Don't to pervert justice now then next verse, verse three do not show favoritism to a poor person in his lawsuit is extraordinary. There is so much in the Torah, emphasizing the importance of caring for the poor and and helping the poor and show injustice to the poor, and yet God wants to make sure that just because someone is poor, that you don't show them favoritism if in fact they are the guilty party.

They are the ones breaking the law.

They are the ones who are acting unjustly. Don't favor them just because they're poor. This is called M.

Partial judgment throughout the Hebrew Scriptures.

There are verses about God hating unequal weights and measures. Of course you would use them in the marketplace right so I'm on the way out what I'm giving you why I use one way and it's it's undersized. So I claim it's a certain poundage. But then when I put it in the scales image.

Okay, here's what I'm paying you ingrain. It shows one thing and then I put your ingrain there. I use another measure claims to be the same poundage but but this one is.

This will be different. You once having one's life and and I'm I'm getting giving you less and taking more from you and God hates that.

So another verse. It's important. Proverbs chapter 17 verse 15 and in this is one were dealing with okay who's guilty who's not you have case after case, even more news today about people stepping down her accusations coming against them when it comes to Judge Roy Moore this week he spoken out strongly and said, not guilty being lied about.

And even though these women bring charges against me. Another of the women involved the spoken out look of I can pay for this I get no benefit from this. I can't believe is denying this so Proverbs 1715 a.

Quitting the guilty and condemning the just. Both are detestable to the Lord. It's the. The Hebrew word therefore abomination of the same.

As we get and in other verses where things are abominable or detestable in God's sight. The one who acquits the guilty and the one condemns this in both of them in our abomination to the Lord. So on the one hand, if say in the case of Roy Moore. He was guilty if you say well I'm not going to believe the excuses I'm just gonna believe him visit was a court of law. You're the judge and you say not guilty. Will the you have active unjustly you have been guilty of acquitting guilty, but if you condemn the just. It's equally wrong. If he's being falsely accused, then you are doing something detestable in God's sight by believing the lies about in the same way with the accusers if they are bearing false witness, and you side with them. You are acquitting the guilty if they're telling the truth and decide against them or condemning the innocent. So this is this is why justice is not easily found in this is why the more evidence you have, the more things that can be tests.

Test excuse of the less case you have of of said list case you have of. He said she said all the better and it's early Jewish Thursdays were looking at some wisdom from the Hebrew Scriptures right. Let's let's grab a call will start with Nicole in Austin, Texas. Welcome to the line of fire. Hello, you're on the air or you became a Christian. What did you know about eternal punishment. Before I was a follower of Jesus.

I heard that people believed in hell and heaven wasn't talked a lot about Judaism and I was not that religious Jew anyway so I have a strong Jewish education or upbringing but it when my friends got saved and started witnessing to me that I heard you know there's a hell and there's a heaven and the save go to heaven and the unsaved go to hell, and here's what needs to be saved or unsaved, but just in general culture. I think most of us heard of this place called hell that people believed in, but it was certainly nothing that was discussed much in our home and you can't steer. Prayer payroll and correct your eternal punishment. You will, of course, if someone rejects God's mercy and God's grace with a person is a Jew or Gentile. Jesus died for Jew and Gentile. All the same. He saves Jew and Gentile the same. He has mercy on all just the same, and those who reject his mercy suffer the same way.

In fact, Paul is on Romans two is that judgment comes to the Jew first and blessing comes to the Jew first so salvation is for the Jew first, and condemnation is for the Jew first, because we were the ones that were actually given God's words and given the oracles of God and the Messiah is a Jew and he came to us first. So, to whom much is given much is required. So did you have a belief that Jewish people can be saved outside of faith in Jesus. Now yeah again we understand that through history, many times, Jews were not presented with a real picture of Jesus. In other words, they were presented say with an apostate church telling them they had to be baptized or die and and all they knew of his. Here's a church with statues of Jesus and Mary and and this is nothing to do with our Jewish faith, and they're asking us to deny the one true God, and we rather die than do that. So God is there judge state they stand before God, not me because in that case they would not presented with the truth of the gospel. They were presented with a very false picture. There is no way that in conscience before God they could embrace that false picture that false gospel being brought by a false church so there accountability will be less severe than the one that clearly heard the message understood it and rejected it and ultimately God will judge all people fairly. But for sure there is no salvation outside of the Messiah and if we reject his mercy, Jew or Gentile were lost just the same mind. Her writing section number.

In Israel electric, curriculum. How dare go there and haven't been taken over by that majority the Middle East being left on how you think and why are they still there even are they still don't believe in Jesus Christ is there because God made promises. We exist as Jewish people to stamp on a Jewish follower of Jesus still identify courses that you we exist because God given us promises not because of her goodness, not because were faithless, but simply because of his grace, he made promises to us. He made us a people who are a sign and a witness to the whole world and the whole world looks at us and they watched God dealing with the earth they see God scattering us in judgment. They see God restoring us in mercy, and he made planning passages like Jeremiah 31 versus 35 to 37 that no matter what happens, no matter what sin we commit.

He'll still preserve us to the end. As long as the stars and sun and moon are still there help preserve us so we are an ongoing testimony to his faithfulness to his love to his mercy and also to his justice and his judgment. We are testimony and Jesus will not return to this earth until the Jewish Jerusalem welcomes him back.

That's why it's so important to pray for the salvation of the Jewish people at the review. Turning of Jewish hearts back to Jesus how well I'm Peter) occur on your temple or barrel you believed our chapter and how template described as her body in your field at the campground being dealt by air.

Christ arguably that another chemical physically like building has to get it.

I wouldn't say it has to be I would say it's likely that it will happen because Matthew 24.

Part of it has come to pass part of it is not come to pass and it speaks of a literal temple and Jews living in Jerusalem and having to flee the fact that second Thessalonians 2 speaks of this anticrisis man of sin setting himself self up in the in the temple of God to be worshiped as God. Does that mean the church is the body of Christ does mean the physical structure. I take it to mean the physical structure their other passages in my mind that point towards a physical temple being rebuilt, but I can see it has to be I would say it's likely to happen, but I'm certainly not saying Jesus can't turn until it's built a thank you for the great questions.

Nicole never gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown that music tells you it is thoroughly Jewish Thursday to everyone listening on radio or computer or cell phone everyone watching on YouTube and on the Esther to Brown sites everyone listening on Facebook welcome to thoroughly Jewish Thursday. Remember don't post your questions.

If you listing on our Facebook page or on YouTube don't post your questions.

I may look for some later but we are taking your calls, 8663 freight 7884 anything Jewish related is kosher will take your calls today.

Right before I go back to the phones got this email sent today by my assistant who handles all of our Jewish related E questions and he sends me the answers as he sends them out and it just reminded me again of how is the same old libels the same old stories that this re-package the latest lies about the Jewish people and all the conspiratorial lies and and and please understand I am not a defender of everything Jewish and everyone Jewish. I've said that God has especially gifted the Jewish people as world changers, for better or worse that's that's why we have Moses and Paul among us.

That's why we have Einstein and Freud among us and Karl Marx among us in people in the media that I do not like the who's ethics. I do not like like Howard Stern and others in the media, you know, that are that are admirable and influential in all that to say Jewish people do have a disproportionate influence. I believe it's by divine calling others would point to our history of education.

I think that's part of it.

That certainly goes beyond that. So we we done tremendous good in the world. We've done tremendous bad because we have this world changers type of anointing and calling on us and part of our history and culture then ties in with the song. I feared him not here defend everything Israel does. But I am here to say that there is a stubborn spirit of anti-Semitism with Catholic scholar Edward Flannery called the world's oldest lie over 2300 years old at least, and still going strong and end with it the world's oldest hatred filled with all kinds of lies that that this is ongoing and and the intensity of the hatred is equal by the absurdity of many of the lies that someone wrote in a question. I really appreciate the writing in. I don't get to listen to the broadcast very often but when I do there's always something learn thank you. The news tends to use the term scientist is a group of people that is in direct opposition to the Muslim route. That's that obscene misunderstanding, it's good we get to clarify this.

It's it's not opposition to court the Muslim movement.

Scientists believe that the Jewish people should have a homeland in the land of Israel. As with sinus belief that either from a secular basis, but this is our history and we should be there for a pragmatic basis. We need a homeland and this is the most logical from a spiritual basis, but this is what God is promised for many of those different angles, desires, or maybe all three believes that the Jewish people should have their own homeland, their own nation on state in Israel so he said lately. I hear relationship with the Rockefellers, Soros and other mega wealthy individuals and families and that they are truly Satanist so another words, that there are people associated with Zionism who are super wealthy and they are also Satanists. I've also heard that there are five levels of Zionist really 50 and by the way, I appreciate the questions of us was hearing this and that there ask.

So what's the real story. Who are these people and organization what what are they after one of their goals were the levels of Zionist I have studied these things for years. I've never even heard of five levels of signs W5 levels Zionism you heard about that. I I haven't. To be honest have to shop sure it's just so I get is this generally misunderstood completely. That's asking the question, which happens we will have it happen or or here. It's a completely bizarre, so just throw that one out and George Soros or in Hungarian is his name is Cheryl Rush. He is a Hungarian Jew. He is a billionaire. He does underwrite a lot of radical leftist causes, as do some Gentile billionaires and then there are Jewish billionaires that help underwrite conservative causes and Gentile billionaires that help underwrite conservative causes, which means what it means people with money. Try to use their money to have certain influence Jews and Gentiles.

But this whole idea that there is a conspiracy among the mega wealthy and that the mega wealthy are Jews and Satanists and illuminati going back to the Rothschilds. They're all part of a Jewish conspiracy to take over the role of this is a typical anti-Semitic life. I've got many many files that I that I haven't in one note it's Microsoft software that super useful just make any kind of notebook. Put any kind of file in their right. Anything pictures. Whatever very useful so I I have many many different categories, but there are so many anti-Semitic attacks that I would see on the social media feeds.

I decided to put them in one under a Jewish notebook just calling them social media haters.

The very first entry I have was made, what to something years ago and this particular file I mapped out other things for decades before that. I hate Israel equals devil and I am proud. I don't care with the West country's opinion IN my brothers my kids all who I know we will hate her till stop killing the native and the right owner of Palestinian so here's someone saying that Israel equals the devil and that they are devils and murderers because the way they treat the Palestinians next entry, the Jews murdered cheese seasoning. That is why we have murder now next entry. No nation which suborned got gave voice to a mourn over manlike of Aja Rutherford just use a full see the glory of God, of the source of second century book of false doctrine and abomination. So here's an attack on religious Jews and on Jewish mysticism. Israel is terroristic polity. Another F Israelis. They are all illegitimate change that word and and on and on and in that one lie after another.

Hamas is our defender is the Palestinian resistance. I've lost my family because of Israel long-lived Hamas in Palestine on and on.

Let's see here grill for me.

I it's just more outrageous.

One thing after another Ivan out. Now let's see here some interaction boycott is really products in here are the reasons why and on and on. One cannot help feeling sympathy for Adolf Hitler when one sees babies and innocent Palestinians dying on hospital beds. You have many Palestinian children and Palestinian people Israel cares for in their hospitals for free every single year and how much humanitarian work it does to help and how much there would be peace in the Middle East between Israel and the neighboring Arabs. If the neighboring Arabs, Palestinians put down their weapons and said okay let's have peace to be amazed. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown 87884. You got Jewish related questions we've got Jewish answers for you to just another reminder in today's Saturday, December 2 I leave for India, more importantly, Saturday, December 2.

Love life. Charlotte join us from 9 to 11 in the morning for an historic event were believing God asking for 7000 people. Christians from local churches to come together and to prayer walk. This will involve the Latrobe clinic in Charlotte where thousands and thousands of babies meet their and in this clinic every single year and in the last two years 800 babies have been saved. Mothers have fathers have chosen life to find out more go to love life. love life. 86634.

Go to the phones in California. Michael you are on the line of fire.

I heard a question about the benefit Rada Negra McGregor. Yes, your brain think that I got a copy of England and placed on the back. God made a woman before you put me by God toward earlier Adam hundred and 30 W are being made and that the tree of life cover and talk about your turn unit you gave birth to Damon.

It is a lot of really weird thing might request and are how authoritative is the benefit of drama and duty of them and how much and it is meant to be believed or was actually believe yet is just distraught about is part of the school major trauma on on the five books of Moses Mrs. Robinson integrate midrash and and midrash is is homiletical exposition of the text. It's not exegesis it's not meant to be interpreting Scripture and telling you what the Scripture means it is collected around various verses in these different books and it is midrash it is homily is not meant to be.

History is not meant to be theology and in terms of your giving doctrine in a Christian sense.

Rather, it is meant to give in edit edifying insights.

It is meant to make larger points.

Now some of it.

Some Jews do believe in other words, the whole idea of Lily.

This demonic being that steals children, kills children in the womb in and out of the womb, there is Jew there is Jewish tradition that says that was Eve's first wife, and his first wife was destroyed when she would submit to Adam. It's another one of the views so feminists have used the name Lily Trina feminist magazines and themes for years and then this ends up knowing revenge for the judgment ends up attacking babies and children in the womb, etc. some people actually believe that but by and large, these are just understood to be stories, so it for it.

For example, here, so here it here.

The opening lines of Genesis Rob okay the great Rabbi Josť opened it starts quoting with this verse I speak of the Torah was in Mont to him and I was a plaything to him every day which is Proverbs chapter 8 verse 30 and the question is what is the meaning of all Mont and Weiss quoted that because this is a creation account in Proverbs chapter 8. Speaking of wisdom and their single wisdom is the tour that was involved in creation Genesis 1 skill with creation and it was after all a little more we come back, but this is not meant to be historical account is meant to be edifying story telling, some of it may be historical, much of it is not will break that file. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends joining us on thoroughly Jewish Thursday 866-34-TRUTH in a moment I want to discuss anti-Semitism a little bit today. Some of its current manifestations firstly go back to the phone with Michael in California, so Michael just reading that the opening lines of Genesis, Rob and and I've read parts of of all the major major she might read them through in their entirety but because Genesis 11 is dealing with creation. In this verse the fall deal with creation and Proverbs 8 is talk about wisdom involved in creation and what is wisdom or houses described in wisdom describes itself as being an Mont so you now have a discussion about this. All Mont means pedagogue that is nanny among means covered among means hidden and there is one who says unknowingly among means great among means nanny as in Numbers 1112 as a nanny induce the Hebrew there carries the this suckling child among means covered now to give verses for each of these so you can see it's it's anything just by the straightforward exposition and and then other things will just be tying in different versus and then, sometimes, will be giving what's believed to be historical accounts of others just exclamations, parables, and things like that but this is this is can be found throughout the midrash literature and within the Talmud. You have two major sections of content and Genesis Ramos may be written about for 500 years after the time of Jesus.

We don't know for sure, but within that the Talmud you have the more legal discussions is going back and forth about laws and then you have the other which is more stories and anecdotes and some were taken to be historic. Some are just tradition that's been passed on in different readers of everything differently. A more secular Jewish scholar with said midrash is just filled with all kinds of traditions but not to be taken literally or historically more religious Jew might think that many of the things being passed on our actual, literal, historical facts, but for sure there's tons of stuff in there that you edifying to be very, very, very strange, no question about not everything in their meant be literal rather than actually believe the thing but to be edifying. How is the snow that there was a woman created before even that Adam Vandergriff cupping because the lots are being created. God better. If that's not literally what no sect of Judaism believed and how that edifying the Marriott will okay there's two ways of answering the question, what is that that very, very religious people might believe every word is something they might take it literally and even though it may not of been intended in that way, they may take it that way and they'll find meaning from it will be some remember their commentaries on this. The commentaries on the midrash, and it could be a commentary on a fault in Adam, you know, war or or how we could despise something.

If we see the make on the other hand, some could say none of this is there a thousand different traditions about the creation of Adam. There thousand different traditions about the creation of Eve or otherwise and know what we literally believe is what's written in Scripture. The other thing is just lots of tradition and discussion. So we learn from it. So if it's not met literally what is the lesson that is to be learned from. You can still learn the same lesson that sometimes when you know someone's origin and history you don't think of them as highly sometimes that we can get very caught up on on how a person gets to a certain point and Mike appreciation of where they are. So there there all types of ways to read it that can be edifying. Whether it's literal or not you want to learn about what you believe and downgrade the member are vacant.

The product is not everything their nugget door you are looking at it you look at the wrong way that I saw that's on Tronic to convey.

It is not a problem because we have certain categories to say what ancient Jews believed your you're not necessarily asking if the same way, simply what Christians believe about the Bible. Do you believe Jesus literally rose from that yes Jubilee that there was little exodus from Egypt. Yes okay so those are things that you also historical and factual. And if they were historical and factual in our faith falls apart. The Bible is not true, correct, and that's that's how we look at if Jesus did literally rise from the day.

If Moses was just a fictional figure than the Bible is not true. Midrash is nothing read on that level it. It meant a lot of it.

Like I said is just throwing out different interpretations and possibilities in the study to say which one is right or which one is wrong. It's just interesting.

Here's one angle here's another angle. But then the other part of it is it's a storytelling. So if you want to know what ancient Jews believed while the main emphasis was on keeping the law that God gave the Lord Israel is important to keep the law and that the main components of that you know what was written in Scripture that those things are true.

Now here let's give an example the book of Jonah. Okay, there are some scholars who believe it's a parable that the author is going out of his way to make that the whole book sensational to get a point across and the point is it. Speaking of a nationalistic bias in speaking of a small minded bigotry that this will have mercy on Israel's enemies, and on and on its exposing say a hypocritical religious spirit which the end that the reader has in the way the reader. Judges Jonah a top Old Testament scholar Leslie Allen and his Comintern, Jonah understands the book to be a parable.

They simply can't because Jesus made reference to literally let's just put that aside.

You get the same lessons out of it.

Whether you believe it was a parable or literal, though it's it's the same message about who Jonah was the same message about the consequences of running from God's commission the same consequences of having that smallmindedness that doesn't want to have mercy on those that are your enemies and and and things like that so all that to say disabled. The Jews believe in the book of John are not an enema and getting into that question with a do or not, but what it meet William and Jimmy to get the same lessons out of it. So the key thing is the lessons that they get out of midrash. Not that they literally believe the accounts.

Some may have necessarily not have. It's one of the lessons that you get from it. The edifying lessons of the Council, it may tell your story about Jacob and his children and is it true did this really happen. Some readers will think yes others understands this story could be made up story ERS to get a point across and mine.

I Western Gentile mine and understand the can do it. Writing, being something happen. Learn how to understand it to just look at it as and again some traditional Jews may not like the simplicity of this is as edifying Scripture based storytelling and with the stories are true or not.

Now the scholars we discussed that no interludes. Here's a dialogue with the Roman Emperor and a rabbi should be assumed that really happen is the author telling us what really happened will be the way that the lesson is the same.

So read it for the lessons and then summer to take it more literally than others, but it is therefore the lessons primarily hate the fact that you recognize that you can read the text, and and I've often had a be challenged by my Orthodox rabbinic friends and a Mike you're reading this in wrong terms you're reading this to Christianize that through traditional Jewish slick right show me I out of the Chiller will go back and forth like okay I see I see your your point there. So, edifying storytelling really like that and learn from that without asking did this actually happen in because whether it happened or not is not necessarily the issue as it is at issue did Moses really live. Was there really in Exodus did Jesus really died for sins and rise of that though those are real life-and-death issues, but whether this particular store in the midrash astronaut secondary to the to the application of the .8.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and look at that. So friends Christ at the checkpoint conference in May Christ at the checkpoint. This is the fifth conference.

It's every two years. It says Jesus Christ at the center I'm speaking there. I've had messianic Jewish friends. So glad that I'm speaking. I've had other say I shouldn't speak. I been very open about going some states just use this as a propaganda purpose against you notice, but by you going and being involved in leads, brings credibility to it Mongolia very openly sing. I categorically different with many of the premises of the conference and many of the speakers and with the conferences stood for.

Through the years and I'm there to bring a totally contrary message and to challenge the viewers and listeners and the attendees and then I'm there to be challenged and of their do it all in the spirit that glorifies Jesus and that's what I want to challenge all those involved with Christ at the checkpoint when you bash Israel on a regular basis on your Facebook page. When you put out statements that you are following Jesus in the Beatitudes is contrary to be a Christian scientist. Where is the spirit of reconciliation and I want to challenge Christ checkpoint to show some spirit of reconciliation on their Facebook page literature leading up to the conference on there is a way challenge out of the grip of her plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown brides birthday today November 30 and it's very she started getting text for the family this morning. She actually forgotten it was her birthday.

We we we did a joint celebration for her sister Robin and our grandson Connor neck on Sunday because they'll have their birthdays within five days, but should actually forgotten it was her birthday today so she got into bunch of fun text notes and things like that but I posted a question on Twitter a little poll on on Twitter. Here's a multiple-choice test denied by my wife Nancy, a chainsaw for her birthday today and I still give the answer in six hours. So the suspense can build.

Now it's two hours left but not everyone on Twitter's listening to show some and give the answer to face with 51% said yes. She needed one. 30% said no. She really has 390% said she would want us all good for you and recognizing 70% of you recognizing that she's made 81%.

Recognizing that she has an interest in saws and things like that.

I own not. I don't own any tools I don't own any saws I don't nothing like that every guard they occur. Everything that Sirs that Sirs, I so know I didn't get her a chainsaw for her birthday because she already has three chainsaws so answer number two.

The 30% got right is the correct answer out limber sore sore outspoken Muslim feminist who has said many offensive things to women who differ with her to Jews and Israelis who differ with her.

She has now said this Fox news reports Linda sorceress is fascist White House poses biggest threat to Jews. The article states about a hate peddler Linda sorceress asserted Tuesday night that the fascist White House poses the greatest current threat to the Jewish community sorcerer also dismissed articles in the quote Jewish media accusing of anti-Semitism during a panel discussion on the subject, hosted by the new school of the fact that she was even part of a panel discussion on anti-Semitism was tremendously offensive was one thing if she was weighing it as an anti-Semite. But to be weighing in about anti-Semitism is someone who is been rightly accused of anti-Semitism ridiculous now. Speaking of anti-Semitism. What I found fascinating is you have a series of lies saying the Jews are guilty of this this this this all Jews are evil. All Jews are power-hungry, all Jews are money hungry all all Jews are Christ killers whatever it is that the libel or slander guilty of of secret atrocious acts or are behind all the world governments or whatever it is see that you have these lies to the point that Jews in Germany could be looked at as pariahs and when they were being wiped out and exterminated most of the populace did nothing to stop it from happening and one reason is your fear of the Nazis and repercussions. Another reason was hatred towards Jews, distrust of Jews or it easy to scapegoat the Jews on the other side.

You then get the attacks that Jews are not really Jews so other one and yet you you label very distinct people and say these Jews are guilty of this this this and this.

Then, on the other hand you have the tax will most people in the juvenile people in Minnesota really Jews there. There converts of the Salazar's and Ashkenazi Jews not really Jews at all, and in the real Jews or someone else so it's fascinating. On the one hand, these same people are legibly guilty of all these horrific crimes.

But then when it comes to say their legitimacy to be a know it all no-no. These people are even Jews that shows the irrationality of the lies are to what we got two calls about the so rather than bringing a caller on let me answer this question so murder in Raleigh alone answer you, and this question was also asked earlier best way to witness to Jewish friends and neighbors. First, let me encourage you to visit my Jewish website. Real Messiah's ago to ask Dr. and just click on Jewish that'll take you to that website. You can hear testimonies of Jewish people who come to faith.

You can watch right present or read write present the primary Jewish objections to Jesus.

Okay, I present the primary Jewish objections to Jesus and how to answer them.

But most likely your Jewish friends are not religious Jews, so the way you witness to them is like you witnessed anyone else you pray for them in secret. First, you develop a genuine relationship or friendship because you care for them and you love them and then you begin to tell them what the Lord stood in your own life who Jesus is and then you can expect that some of them may civil Jesus is not first were Jews which case you we have the materials on the website. We help you explain how Jesus himself is Jewish and came for his Jewish people. We don't believe in any of that.

We don't believe in the New Testament in its explain what Jesus came to fulfill was written in the Hebrew Scriptures. Where is that while clearest passages to take into Isaiah 53 and say what you look at that passage and who is that speaking about. Well you we don't need blood atonement's we have answers for all those things will believe in three gods. We believe the moment we to believe in one God and one got only explain these complex in his unity so as objections come up we have the material just go straight to real or send their send them there. If you have questions single real real but by and large, by you loving people praying for their salvation. Talking to him about sin and the need for relationship with God and how Jesus, the Jewish Messiah died for their sins to save them. In doing that you will help them come to the truth, and them that the, the largest number of Jews in America. Percentagewise, the come to faith. I would say the majority come to faith through the witness of a Christian friend or neighbor because that's just how things work Christian friend, neighbor or coworker numbers wise summary Christian sharing their faith, hate more time on the website. Can I encourage you to visit today. Ask Dr. ASKDR and check out my latest videos in my latest articles with all the sex scandals will the government questions. I've got a number of articles dealing with those also. My latest videos as well so got videos on Donald Trump, Matt Lauer and sexual scandals of video on this God predestined people to hell how not to respond to the fall of Matt Lauer whole article on that another article 3 ways Congress could be forced to clean up its own act of video Nancy Pelosi's double standards.

All those waiting for you at the ask Dr. Brown website and while you're there. We are can be spending a lot of time in the next two months Jewish ministry and outreach.

Your one-time gift to help us in Jewish ministry really be a blessing when you're on the website.

Click on donation one-time gift designate Jewish annuals share the reward together with us back with you tomorrow with your questions

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