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Answers to Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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December 15, 2017 4:40 pm

Answers to Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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December 15, 2017 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 12/15/17.

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Stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown, a friend, this is a special edition of the line of fire. You've got questions, we've got answers today. I am responding to questions that are being posted on Facebook as I speak. So if you're watching on Facebook right now.

I would encourage you to post your question, the more concise the question the better, because if it's a really long question it's can be hard for me to read it because a lot of questions appear in the screen is running quickly, but we get to as many questions as possible. Feel free to post your question several times. If we are unable to get to it the first time around. You say what subjects any subject Bible yeah theology yeah Israel yeah elections, politics yeah anything that's fit for discussion in this forum you got questions. We got answer so I'm not taking calls I'm answering questions that are being posted on Facebook now even as I speak.

So I'll be looking for those momentarily. Let me first say this and I said it many times. We encourage healthy questions. We encourage good questions.

I wrote an open letter to Dan Brown, the best-selling author of da Vinci code of the books like that and I read a story that he told about his upbringing, which he said that his mother was devout churchgoing woman and his father was with atheist professor and he he drew from both of them and learn from both of them.

The scientific thought from his father religious thought from his mother a certain point he signaled these things seem to be in conflict with each other.

So, according to his story. He went to the priest. I think an Episcopal priest asked him what about the contradictions between science and religion, and according to Dan Brown story the precentral boys don't ask those questions and after that he went in a different direction, the direction that in many ways is been anti-God anti-religion, anti-faith, so there are questions that can be asked in a wrong spirit or wrong way, but otherwise let questions be encouraged if if someone is generally seeking are generally struggling or generally try to figure something out. I see contradictions in our questions about other faiths and religions. By all means asked them right so let's see here. What is the strongest argument to believe in premillennialism. I would say that the key prophecies about the first coming of Jesus, his being born in a supernatural manner is dying for our sins is rising from the dead is ascending to the right hand of the father is being betrayed by someone close to him rejected by his own people that those things came to pass, literally, and there are many prophecies about his return and establishing the kingdom of God on the earth that we can expect to come to pass, literally, and we get that, especially from Peter's preaching and ask the third chapter Reese's the Jesus must remain in heaven until the time comes for the restoration of all things spoken of by the prophets. So one of the prophets speak of read a passage like Isaiah to all the nations will stream into Jerusalem and the not at war anymore read a passage like Isaiah 11 where the earth is filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the seas and the wolf lies down with the lamb read other passages about a glorious future state. Read about the return of Jesus in Zechariah 12 and Zechariah 14 which then leads into God ruling and raining out of Jerusalem so it just as the prophecies about his first coming by and large literally fulfill very few of them were spiritually or metaphorically fulfill. There were literally fulfilled.

We expect the same of his return, God gave promises to little Israel are still literal Israel preserved by God. No sure this is an work out his purposes are near the end of the final rebellion was an approval to prove that even in a world ruled and trained by God without sin still file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown. Looking back, friends, line of fire broadcast where I am answering questions being posted on our Facebook pages with Facebook live video today so I'm not taking your calls question was posted is called in Hebrew the word for one absolute unity does not absolute unity, nor is it plurality. It's just the number one will I mean there's a word in Hebrew Ya feed which is a distinct one and only what if you had an only son, that would be a way to describe him as the heat when Jesus is spoken of as is the one and only son of God that that were just he would be used in a Hebrew translation of the New Testament, but the word Eckhart is a more generic word for what it doesn't mean compound unity.

It doesn't mean absolute unity.

It just means one. So where does it first occur first occurs in Genesis the first chapter where there is evening and morning one day or day one and then it's used again in Genesis 224 were talks about the man and the woman becoming one flesh so the two become one. It's used in in in Exodus, the tabernacle accounts talk about the many different pieces and parts of the tabernacle or one so when God is described as ex-con in Deuteronomy 640 is religious or God, the Lord is Eckhart or the lord of God means the Lord alone is our God, that one God and only that God or the Lord is one, meaning that he is not many different gods in many different locations. It does not tell us about the essence of his nature. In other words, is he try unison complexes unity. It's just telling us that there is one God and only one God, whom we worship.

Okay. And he asks why we preach that God heals everyone obviously not everyone is healed. Obviously, there are godly people who love the Lord and and or walking with him and fellowship with him, and yet they are not physically healed. Why not then there lost people to know the Lord and they get healed.

Here's what I understand that I study this intensely for years wrote my doctoral dissertation on the Hebrew word for healing looked at it, it's ancient Greece context and expanded on that that a massive study of everything I find in Scripture about this wrote the book Israel's divine healer which I believed it to date is is the most comprehensive study of of divine healing in the Bible in English terms of academic study. Space the Old Testament it's academic books are just one you when you pick up it's it's a serious academic book, but having gone through it is very clear that the Old Testament healing and health are God's ideal will for his obedient children that healing in and of itself is a blessing that sickness and of itself is something negative, sometimes even a curse right messenger cursed.

If you're sick and if you're healthy then you must be hoeing on the Senate. I'm simply saying God's ideal wolf was obedient children was healing and health revealed emphatically and quite a few passages in the Old Testament and then when Jesus comes into the world, he can only do what he sees his father doing this is if you see me you see the father and he feels all that come to him and then it is death of the cross culminates is taking our sicknesses and pans on the shoulders and dying for our sins, he dies for the root cause of all of our suffering that we don't see the full realization of that in this role.

What we need to be our resurrected bodies before we see the fullness of everything Jesus purchased for us on the cross but the New Testament pattern remains that signs wonders and miracles are done in Jesus name to glorify him and show that he is resurrected that healing is is part of God's love and compassion for falling hurting world and the prayer offered in faith Jacob James V chapter, the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well so my presumption when I go to pray for believer. My presumption is God's desire was for that person to be healed. I'm gonna pray.

If they're not healed and I can doubt God if they're not healed. Maybe there other reasons may be, for example am abusing my body and in August I got lung cancer because of smoke cigarettes for decades. II may not be healed because that's that's the fruit of my sent or maybe have overwork myself for years and years and years and now I start to get run down wife of not been a good steward or maybe a walk and blatant disobedience send them out from under God's blessing, but am I can assume any of that other pray and ask God to heal. If I don't see he alone in appraising that he's good and encourage the person that in the midst of sickness they can grow in the Lord, but I understand fundamentally. According to Scripture, sickness in and of itself is a negative bad thing healing and of itself is a good and positive thing. I don't see it is the same with financial riches.

Many times we have to leave everything in this world to follow Jesus and we may suffer persecution for the gospel in the wind up in prison may way out in the beaten and sick in prison for the gospel, but sickness in and of itself is not suffering for the Lord. It's part of being in a fallen world. Okay, let's see here was a difference between being saved and being the bride of Messiah no difference in my knowledge. Some people say will model the church is the bride of Messiah, and not all believers of the bride of Christ. I don't see it that way but understands all those who are born-again redeemed our the bride of Messiah network call to walk worthy of that.

Let's see what I support any hint.

II don't why what you think. I do appear on his showed his gracious invitation in in order to reach his audience and with the hope of building a relationship with them so that if there were errors or issues in his life or ministry that I would be able to speak into that of that relationship did not ensue.

The only contact if had since was to write a strong letter O couple years ago, urging him to make some major changes. In particular the area of fundraising and finances and things like that but I'm not his enemy. My calling is not to come against him but I'm not a supporter of Benny Hinn's ministry was it right to appear in a show Lara really appraising us all to do the assault to do the right thing. I heard horrible reports about his ministry. I noticed a no-no that was years ago when he made some real changes. I have others who got very close to them and said Dr. Brady love him. He loves the Lord. He was a godly life and he's very serious about the word usually gets. And also I thought you want since I got this invitation to be on the show as always I get the message out to his audience and I want to get out so's I can do that.

But let's start with a clean slate and I get to meet the man and find out who he is because of her good. I've heard that and I've heard that there are things he said years ago. He's renounced assault so I thought okay let's start with a clean slate and had great fellowship with him around the word thing any believer that was in the room with us loosing two men really serious about the word and excited about the Lord and people so about this prophecy spoke of a lot of it. I didn't know about this and study his ministry by listing certainly concerned me when things came up subsequently concerning sort reached out to him, but I've had no response can even guarantee that he got the letter that I sent to him through someone close to him, but not was on his shoulder reach his audience and hopefully to be a blessing and help his own life. That didn't happen was the right decision not don't know if I had to do it over what I will, the flack I get from critics over it on their him please the there folks that as long as I speak in tongues and believe in healing the sick today and prophecy today. There will consider me an enemy you know so that's that American to please them or satisfy them. Your dear friends of mine like Mike Bickel who angle that I gladly work with that yet gladly joyfully they love the Lord that they love the lost. They love the people of God and love the word of God is my joy to work with them when we will report to make noted on very private who has a friend or colleague. We agree on every single point in every case but none I'm not going to please the critics, however, there many folks what we say or not critics really stumbled by my appearing on Benny Henschel and that Greece and for that reason I question whether it was the right thing to do or not okay. David asks what's our response to the Alabama U.S. Senate result read my latest article Rye race five questions for evangelical Christians in the aftermath of it. Watch right right here on the Facebook page. All those that are watching a live stream on Facebook go there and you will see a video commentary but in short it's a mixed bag, ultimately I believe that God's will was done, whether it's blessing or judgment is another question. Were the allegations true in which case Roy Moore was a liar and a hypocrite. In denying them and defaming the women that he sinned against bike and vote for someone like that work was was there just an all-out attack on him by the political establishment and by the left and the charge is false, and a good man was brought down that that would grieve me deeply that was the case because I didn't know if I lived in Alabama I didn't know if he is guilty or not, I would have voted for him because I would've agreed with the stance he was taking and then believe that the Senate Ethics Committee would force the issues and if he was guilty have to step down and he wasn't guilty he be exonerated able to serve in any event, there's a lot to learn from it. A lot of questions raised. But since I've given a lot of commentary on the ready, but refer you to my article on five questions that you have for evangelical Christian aftermath elections and a three minute video loser only a definite ask Dr. Brown right here on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome back to the line of fire. Thanks so much for joining us this is Michael Brown.

It is our regular Friday broadcast. You've got questions. We got answers but were doing a special advance Facebook live video taking questions that are being posted on Facebook and answering as many of those questions as I can on the air today.

Let's see here. Can a pastor committed adultery still serve or preach if there has been proper and true repentance and restoration. Absolutely God does forgive God does restore and it is part of that person's testimony that that here's what's really important. When Johnny Mercer, John the Baptist preached, he said, bring forth fruit worthy of repentance went when Paul preached, so Matthew three or Luke three for John's message, Paul's message and in acts 26 preach that people should repent and and turn away from their wicked deeds and prove their repentance by the way they were living now we know that an elder, a leader is is required to have a good reputation to be known as a person of integrity.

So what happens when you destroy the trust. What happens when you you act in a way where, for whatever reason with your drawing and emotionally with your drawing and by lust whenever it is you end up committing adultery. If you go through proper repentance, so easier caught in it and God grants repentance or better still you break away you.

Repentance was a better Simon the person themselves breaks away and repents you to get Carter you confess it. Okay obviously have to step down right even sleeping with someone you're not married to. You must step down for ministry for several reasons.

One, you have brought reproach to the gospel and a broken trust that does not get rebuilt and repaired overnight to your very vulnerable at this moment you're not a position where you will be leading others because of what's happened in your own life so so that's a major issue as well and N3 you needed time were ministries, not your focus and maybe the habits of ministry are the things that open the door to the adulterous relationship so step away whatever the process is often in a week we look at the year for some of the restored built up but but that's not fixed in Scripture. After rebuild the trust.

You have to demonstrate by a changed life that there is been true repentance and then you have a testimony of the grace of God.

That's even deeper not to look, I understand there are certain things we can do that we can't undo so let's say God forbid a believer gets depressed, discouraged goes out gets drunk. Now they're driving in their car trunk they they they crash into another car and kill a whole family.

Okay they get sober they repent, they grieve what they they're still to go to jail for driving while intoxicated driver will and influence, and killing a family and there you have the weight of that that reality on them.

The rest of the life they can't take that back. It doesn't mean they can't be restored to fellowship in God doesn't mean God can use the maybe even imprison but it means there are certain things we do that have lasting consequences, even though God forgives us, so it's possible that someone's ministry becomes sustained in a certain way and because of that it's difficult for them to walk away from that. That's why, to the extent what happened is known publicly is shared public government.

Every gory detail and then this person goes through a righteous restoration process and if you call to preach when you want to start tomorrow you feel you're ready tomorrow just like an athlete how many athletes come back prematurely. How many athletes get injured and they come back prematurely and then they end up with a worse injury and it can be a lifelong interest so the best thing go through the restoration process. Humble yourself especially feel their people that are on your side them when the time is right. You begin to ministry again. I believe your minister with greater brokenness I believe is people of the sportier testimony can be worn even more clearly and in people also know he drew different because here's the question if if I find out five years ago that that you were in the midst of a one year affair sleeping with another woman right and preaching ministry and the whole time and at what was going on now right so when there's that proper repentance and would people see the change life.

You, your ministry could even be richer on the other side. God is a Redeemer.

Okay, let's see here. Got a couple questions on one saved always saved here Lily. Let me be as practical as possible.

If you have asked the Lord to save you and truly turned to him and cast yourself on him and you are depending on his grace to carry through. He will never leave you.

He will never forsake you. No one can put you out of the father's that's clear in Scripture it's also clear.

If you willfully walk in sin and reject the Lordship of Jesus that you do not have eternal life is a will that person was never saved is also let's be practical. Let's be practical. Let's look at like this if you've given your life to the Lord. If you believe is truly saved and you want to live from the not perfect understand it, but God a monolith you want to please you want to but I want to be your son or daughter, be loyal to help me. Hell never cast you out, he'll never leave you never forsake you, he who began the good work and you will bring it to completion. Rest assured, and that and don't worry everything on your bikes on motorbikes without trust God's keeping power. On the flipside, there is not a single promise in Scripture to a willful rebel who willfully goes on in unrepentant sin and refuses the Lordship of Jesus. If that's your attitude I'm doing and unsaved undo.

Everyone did nothing happened to me then you need to fear.

Jesus said that everyone assist me Lord Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only those who do the will of my father and there many other verses almost on so either never been saved or you are about to forfeit willingly forfeit your salvation so you are safe flying on this plane across the ocean. You are safe in this plane God is piling it piloting the plane and and maintaining the plane. You are perfectly safe. You will get to your destination. However you decide to do something suicidal and crazy open emergency during jump you will die. So for those that want to follow the Lord even recognizing their own weakness and send rest in him, he will keep you strong. He will finish his work in you.

For those who say I will do whatever in the world I want to do because nobody can stop me from doing it, then you need to fear either you have never known the Lord, or you are going to forfeit the forgiveness and eternal life is giving people several God doesn't make sons and unmake sons while he doesn't force them to stay in his house either. So my trust is in the Lord and I never worry about losing my salvation I haven't for decades, decades, decades, my trust is in the Lord.

I know he's the one Me I know is Through weak spots, hard times. I understand that I know that if it was dependent on me I wouldn't make some depending on him at the same time. I understand this. Give me a choice and that I could choose to deny him and walk away from him and the firemen if that's the way I'm walking better wake up and faced desire plane was on the skin and answered medically known as the ground typing eternal security find broadcast talk about that right will be right back, taking your questions on Facebook live for cleansing by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to the special broadcast of the line of fire. Special you've got questions, we got answers, but we okay it's Friday but it's not Friday redoing this live but were not there. It live on Friday but your hearing it as live on Friday so this is so that we done a couple times before we go on our Facebook page with over the wall over 1/2 million 550+ thousand folks that are there at a regular basis and we we broadcast live on Facebook video and audio and we take questions and were answering those questions on the show that's what you're listening to Elizabeth. Some of the most fun radio shows when we've done that you say radio video Facebook confusing. Whatever you doing, listening, watching just enjoy him to get to as many Facebook questions as possible so not taking your calls today, but any question of any kind. Any subject. Go ahead and posted let's see here. Maria dispensation is a biblical word Ephesians 3.

Why are you not teaching the same well dispensation issues there in some translations, or possibly give a dispensation of grace. He's been given is not being used the same way as dispensationalism uses the term dispensation dispensationalism, which is a pretrip rapture. Teaching says that there are different dispensations in time in which God dealt with human beings differently. First, the dispensation of innocence before I really fell than the dispensation of conscience. When human beings were dealt with with their conscience before the resolve in the dispensation of law in the sum of a few others in there, then the dispensation of grace. Where where God is not dealing with Israel it there's like this parenthetical time is deal with them physically but is different not spiritually wants it. It's a special grace. And then there were the Triscuits rapture now goes back to the dispensation of kingdom and God deals with Israel differently.

There I don't hold to that system. Some points. I agree with but a whole to that system so I can teach dispensationalism because I don't find that explicit in Scripture.

Yeah there are distinctions Scripture makes John 117. For example, the law was given by Moses, grace and truth came through Jesus the Messiah. So there is grace in law, there is long grace, but there is a contrast to greater emphasis on law and teaching of Tarawa and in in the period prior Jesus greater revelation of God's grace now through the cross and the son of God coming into the world. We recognize those distinctions when the time of the outpouring of the Spirit, but were not seen the fullness of everything God is going to win this already, not yet. God's kingdom is broken into the world, but we don't see the fullness of that we won't until Jesus comes and sits up his kingdom on the earth, so II teach as best as I can. Scripturally we all wrestle with the same texts of see here, Daniel Dr. Brown. As I observed many of the debates between Christian circles, I'm starting to believe that much of the confusion is rooted from replacement theology is that an accurate observation.

Oh yes, sir.

Absolutely the idea that the church is somehow displaced Israel that the promises that God gave to Israel in the Old Testament now transferred to the church in the New Testament with the church is somehow superseded Israel and God's plan of salvation that that God is no longer using Israel in a salvific way for the nations that that's the church's role only, but yeah. For example, just the conflict with Palestinian Christians would be massive over this is Israel today fulfilling prophecy. But even ways of looking at other scriptures.

Yes, replacement theology is one of the major major issues and I fun to be one of the most dangerous areas in the church looking through church history, that terribly open the door and anti-Semitism in church history to rebuild their fine Christians today who are not anti-Semites in any shape, size and form they hold replacement theology.

I do see this unscriptural and dangerous.

That being said, Jews need Jesus to be saved like everybody else.

Jews do not have their own way. Especially humans are saying the same way as analysis and blood of Jesus the Messiah right whole lot more to come your way has been answered question the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling the 866-34-TRUTH paradigm is Dr. Michael Brown thank you so much for joining us today on the line of fire. This is Michael Brown you got questions. We got answers but were not taking calls were answering questions that have been posted on a special Facebook live video that we have done and are doing right now as I speak. So I want to get to as many of these questions as possible. Let's see, this is is a Trico why are we praying for the new world order to not happen when the Bible teaches that it will happen. I'm not exactly sure what you mean by that. But if by the New World order. You mean a world ruled by an antichrist in rebellion against God first am not praying for that not to happen and pray for God's will to be done for state to be held for his kingdom to come. Praying in accordance with the directives of the Lord's prayer in Matthew six and Luke the 11th chapter and I'm doing what I can to preach the gospel and spread the good news and see the kingdom of God advancing the world through the conversion of sinners and in the growth of the church, God's people until Jesus comes and establishes his kingdom, but I believe that before he comes and establishes his kingdom there will be times of great darkness, and even greater persecution. I don't hold to a pretrip rapture personally so I believe will be here right through of the period of of the antichrist and it could be a time of severe persecution which God will also do amazing things for his people. So the midst of gross darkness the be great light shining. I believe those things will happen, but here's the deal until certain negative things in place on the earth only do what I can to push back for righteousness. Every time I see something run amok and throw the towel was too late. What would've happened if that was the attitude of the church through the centuries we would not seen any changes, just outs over and over and they see Islam spreading oughts over or you see you know that that the effects they have of LGBT activists on site. Also over the rise of feminism and the pro-abortion but also over. We never see any change come so I'm gonna be an agent of positive change, seeking to be salt and light in this world is a follower of Jesus until we can do anymore. Right till the end and continue seek to to do that and live that out.

Let's see, Justin was Matthew originally written in Hebrew. Okay, here's what we know. The only actual copies that we have of an ancient Matthew that are preserved or in Greek right that we know and the church leaders, quoting Matthew according him in Greek and Matthew scholars have told me Greek scholars Matthew scholars have said that it's clear that Matthew as we have it is not a translation from Hebrew, but is a Greek original now on the other hand have one early testimony from a church leader.

The things gets quoted by other church leaders say that Matthew put together a collection of sayings of the Lord in Hebrew, or someone argue in Aramaic wrote about this extensively over 20 years ago.

A lot of the debate here right so what's their original preservation of the sayings of Jesus if he was speaking in Hebrew, or more likely in Aramaic, or possibly both. Was that put together by Matthew and and then that's a separate book from what we have, was that the original Matthew that we even have a Talmudic tradition that mentions Hebrew, Gospels, and then we have other church fathers talk about Jewish followers of Jesus to this day that they read from either Hebrew or in Aramaic Matthew now. Centuries later, centuries later, we have Hebrew texts of Matthew that, from everything we can tell our translations from the Greek into Hebrew. There even some rabbis that were fighting against Christian missionaries with a belief so they took the that Matthew takes at and translated into Hebrew so they can then deal with it in Hebrew writings, but some would say have at some of the Hebrew Matthew text it reflects like plays on words in Hebrew and if you're like a counter missionary rabbi why would you do have this nice play on words of the Hebrew that that must be the original Hebrew. That's all speculation. What we know is that we do not have anything that we can say is the original Hebrew method that's number one number two there is what's called the push into this is the translation of the Greek New Testament into Aramaic branch of Aramaic called Syriac. It's also translation of the Hebrew Scriptures into this sister language Aramaic/Syria now that the normal scholarly consensus is that this reflects the early church Lord's body of Syriac speaking Aramaic speaking believers.

Therefore they translated the Greek into the sister language of Syria Syriac sister language to Hebrew but same sums but that must be really close to the way Jesus recently spoken. Some say no that's actually original from what we know Syriac translation of the sheet that is a translation of the Greek, but perhaps it reflects some of the idioms and speech that Jesus would abuse and therefore is good to study and learn from as well, but was there an original Hebrew Matthew, it's possible. Is it possible that it was just a collection of his sayings and of the gospel as we know it. That's possible. Is it possible is rigid in Aramaic. It's possible, but what we do have is a Greek Matthew, so either he put this collection together. In Hebrew, Aramaic, and he also wrote out his gospel in Greek or he had an original Hebrew gospel Riemer gospel and subsequently would agree gospel what God is preserved for us.

This is the big thing what God has preserved for us is the Greek Matthew and when anyone tells you, we are basing our translation on the original Hebrew Matthew the original Aramaic Matthew that's bogus.

We do not have. If there was an original Hebrew or Aramaic.

We do not have. Okay, let's see here.

Okay, what is my view on credit tourism.

Yeah, I want to write a whole book on why I differ with predators and why I find it dangerous. What is predators. Speaking of predators and speaking of things being in the past. Now we know there are many prophecies about Jesus that have already been fulfilled by his virgin birth, his death, his resurrection and his ascension to heaven prophesied in Scripture. They already came to pass a predators they full predators would say all the prophecies about the return of Jesus. All the prophecies about the new heavens and the earth.

Somebody would say all the prophecies about the resurrection of the righteous and and that had they have all already happened.

Say what they would say that all the prophecies about the coming of the Lord were fulfilled near 70 when the temple was destroyed. They would also say that means that was the and of God dealing with Israel as a nation they been forever cursed and rejected many full predators would say that I debated wonderful progress to a scholarly guy. Various students student Scripture, but he said that the verses say first Thessalonians 4 and first Corinthians 15 we speak of us being caught up to meet with the Lord and ran the race from the dead written that will be glorified and receive new bodies that that has already happened in spiritual that is not to be a literal physical resurrection debated with one yeah were ready in the period of the new heavens and the new earth that is full predators a partial predators would say that many of the prophecies having to do with the coming of the Lord refer to his coming in judgment near 70. Hensley says I'm coming quickly or it's at hand was at the door.

That would explain it, see it happen. Then a full predators would agree with that and more within their some partial per se, but there's still some stuff to come to pass. I would obviously have less dispute with a partial predators than with a full predators but God willing. That is a book that I hope to right now, I recognize that there have been major leaders in the past in the body. Orthodox believers who love the Lord who who were solid preachers of the gospel, who were predators. I understand that and and some of them even had a heart for Israel's future redemption as well. Even though they were predators. However, I find predators and dangerous in certain ways so I'm not seeing are not saved if your predators. Please don't fear that all right, but I'm saying I do find certain dangerous tendencies and as I see it rising today. I often see it rising with a certain militancy. I see it rising today with the militancy and and often with the rejection of of God's purposes for Israel's well very very much at the forefront.

Those things concerning the deeply you can get some idea about this by going to the S.

Dr. Brown website SK DR and click on the digital library and just type in Preston Preston. I have two debates with Don Preston who was respected full credit risk scholar and some say his vision to extreme of the season rate representatives written by more than two dozen books on this. You can listen to two debates that we did. I think you'll find very eye-opening.

He's obviously a strong representative of the the full full predators view of also typing tomorrow DE MAR this is a more casually formatted as a Dr. Gary Moore Hudson watch or listen to those that ask around… Life on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome back to the broadcasts.

I'm doing a Facebook live feed right now and answering questions. You've got questions. We got answers on Facebook or quick note educational know it every day. It is awesome studio, traveling overseas or something like that.

So some studio every day uterus live on all of our radio networks right so you're listening. There may be listening on your line of fire apparatus that ran out were also doing a live YouTube feed see you watching and listening and a live audio feed on Facebook so you can listen on Facebook watch on YouTube or listen through all of her other normal means.

So were getting the show, you and many many different ways and and many of our shows or video enhance your listening on the radio you're hearing an audio clip you're watching on YouTube. You're watching the video clip on calling up an article and quoting it to you as you listen on the air driving in your car and the radio or listen later on podcasts but as we watching it. Recalling of that article and and scroll into the very text reader reads the work we do our best to really enrich the broadcast every way we cancel that reminds me of saying this.

Thank you all of you who have contributed financially to help with the development of our studio and to help us with our our our incredible staff that work sacrificially. Thank you. Just getting back from India a few days ago. Thank you for helping me on the trip.

Some of just sent in funds to help with some major filming redoing next week for outreach in Israel. The most important could be the most important Jewish outreach videos I've ever done in my life I get a share more with you doubling next week but thank you. Many have given and supported and helped us if you haven't yet, if we been a blessing to which you take a moment and maybe you're one of the hundreds of thousands of falls us on Facebook, you know, everybody help with with the dollar. We go along way to reaching the world but but anyone that can help and stand with us, please do it. Go to a website asked Dr. SK DR and just click on donate your year and one time gift is tax deductible and it will mean the world to us. You hold our hands up here were going for. I think you know what were going for it, but with your help we can read so many more people. So thank you for your solidarity right Ronnie, which you believe a woman being preachers or pastors we've addressed this many, many a time and that encourage either to to search a website asked Dr. for this, but in short I believe women can be used to preach to teach to minister in all manner of different ways. The only restriction I see that that headship governmental authority is given to men in Scripture, it doesn't mean that women can carry like a Deborah did and I do understand that there are many things that transcend biological sex and gender in terms of calling, and gifting, but I see the pattern of governmental authority being male in Scripture. So I have preached for women pastors that are anointed by God. I know women who are single women missionaries that are world changers that are doing incredible work for God. I don't see it is the normal pattern, though I see the normal pattern is male governmental headship.

Just like in the home. The husband is the head of the wife and yet it is all in service. We serve one another. We don't stand as Lord one over the other. Tom all right you are married to an abusive wife you left your three years ago and remarried while still married.

What do you do now.

All right I don't know all the circumstances are.

But I would encourage you first with the woman that you are now legally married to to both of you go to the Lord and say Lord. We only want what's best.

What ever your will is if it's to stay together for us to just be friends if it's to separate we only want your will, you have to start there right and then you need to sit down with a godly leader, godly pastor that you know loves the word and loves you has your best interest involved. Sit down and go through the circumstances with your your pastor and get guidance and wisdom. From there I cannot say more than that.

Without knowing more, and it would be fair in the context just of a quick answer.

This is too big of an issue let's see here a similar question by adulterous wife lied to the police got evicted, I divorced her and I biblically allowed to remarry. Dennis you can go to Esther to and type in divorce.

For more information of divorce and remarriage and here's what you must sort out before the Lord, do you believe that the New Testament teaches that in the case of adultery with her marital bonds have been broken that you can divorce and remarry okay. Divorce is less of the question remarry. While the spouse is living or do you believe as long as the spouse is alive, you are bound to that spouse and cannot remarry which case you must remain single and less that spouse dies. People say oh yes, I can kill my spouse, forgive me of that that I can remarry right get out of jail and remarry. That's crazy to say sorted out. Scripture, you must come to a conviction before God on what you understand Scripture saying my understanding is that there are cases in which divorce and remarriage are permissible, even while the spouse is still living. Many artists strenuously argue against that sentence a compromise position. It's been virtually unknown to the church through the centuries, others would say no that makes sense in the first century Jewish context in which the New Testament writings were given but I urge you, because this is your own situation between you and God to study the Scriptures and to ask God to give you insight and their books you stack up as high as the ceiling is on both sides of the debate so this is for you to understand enough unit make the decision. It's what you do, but for you to decide God. What does your word say give me clarity and just say Lord I embrace whatever you have for me. I believe whatever you have for me is best in and wrestle it through with the Scriptures of but see one more my pastors is that babies from non-Christian parents go to hell. I believe there are no babies in hell who's right I'm with you on his position would perhaps go to a first Corinthians 7 that children born to a believer is sanctified, what is that mean an end that his theology might say will all children are born in sin, therefore, were guilty and and because those children is not repented, put their faith in Jesus that are not saved, but if the race to the Christian home were dedicated to the Lord birth assembly baptized in the same all I see is this in Scripture that children are appointed to for their innocence and Jesus telling us in Matthew 18 we have to become like children to enter the kingdom. I see passages like Deuteronomy 139 and have often referenced above children, not knowing the difference between good and evil, and then references. For example in Isaiah 7 about a child. The child not knowing the difference between good and evil. I understand that that child is not yet accountable for their sins, and therefore, if a baby dies that they be go straight to the presence of the Lord. It's the only redemptive thing in terms of children being aborted that I do believe they go to be with the Lord. Observe different theologies and say whoever is predestined to have an adult child a goal. Whoever is not doesn't gulp understand the debate. That's my understanding so I'm with you on that. Hey friends at a time. Here again on Monday. In the meantime, make sure you download the ask Dr. Brown 1/2 android don't have it, get it the line of fire and Apple phone and will be back to talk

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