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Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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December 22, 2017 4:31 pm

You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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What's do it. You've got questions, we've got answers. I am ready to take your calls stalk for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown. What a joy today on the modifier. This is Michael Brown you got questions, we've got answers, 866348788486634 on Friday. As always, phone lines or wide open any questions of any kind that you have biblical, theological, spiritual, political, cultural questions, I'm to do with Israel. Islam any question of any kind whatsoever that I can help you. It's gotta be an aerial I can help you. 866342. Yes, there's a lot of news this week with the tax reforms the tax cuts passed by the president and Congress.

It's big news it's major news. I believe its positive news. It could even be that that this bill went through a sign of God's favor.

After Donald Trump is so clearly stood with Jerusalem.

That being said, I'm not a financial expert, are not strong in areas of economy and finance. That's what you virtually never hear me talk about that. It's not my area of strength so you may have questions about it is so many others that can answer those questions better. But there are a whole lot of things were.

We can really be of help to you and answer your questions well or call 8663 for eight 784 before I get into any of your calls I saw something posted a Neil I hope this brings a smile to your face.

I was looking at my twitter feed this morning and saw this posted by Neil Dr. Michael Brown. This world is filled with bad news.

Yet every time I listen to your podcast. I am encouraged because no matter the news you countered with the good news. Scripture love and truth. God bless you brother for helping to give us hope in all circumstances.

Hate Neil. I am blessed to do that. It is from the heart is because of the hope I live with 24 seven in the Lord and it's the least I can do to share that biblically-based hope with others. Oh yes I sound the alarm. Oh yes, I'm grieved and concerned over so much in the church and so much in the world around us yet beyond all of that.

I live with a burning hope because of the goodness of God. The promises of God. The fact that our God rules and reigns. The fact that Jesus is Lord seated at the right hand of the father. That's all I need to know. That gives me hope 24 seven. Now, not everyone is as positive in response to my video on YouTube about the UN asking is it fulfilling prophecy and commending Nikki Haley for the strong stand. She took yesterday. United Nations Dave J posted this on YouTube. You are in real danger. Dr. Brown stop thinking US is this great place we have been killer since the beginning of this godless country encompass everything a Christian should not be, and he revels in it.

One L revels not only that Trump and all government mock Christians with these fake praise as many fake prayers. Your becoming one of Trump's sycophant followers first thing you misspelled sycophant. First thing second thing I am not in danger for being on the right side of God and history when it comes to Israel and America, with all its faults is a lot of good qualities as well that God has also use and then there was this. Then there was this in response to my article about you and vote from John on Facebook.

US was humiliated by the vote every decent country on the globe voted against the sinus claim on Jerusalem and the American Embassy I reply, so your comment is allowed to stand because it does not violate her guidelines but every word you wrote is 100% wrong with the Lord have mercy on you and help you to understand the difference between right and wrong is an error.

He responded with after viewing the end result fascist boy. He was blocked all morning, all in a day right back going straight and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown is doing time go 7884.

You got questions, we've got answers will start in Ames, Iowa Evan, welcome to the broadcast. Correction to Heather. Heather okay have a good Evan.

I don't know, I made transgender woman and I identify all the evangelical person to you my personal Lord and Savior. Well, I am also a conservative and I discovered the idea a lot more in the LGBT LGBT activist than the other way around. Frankly because I trended you like a common ground between the two to community you ground or my going up and possible battle is sure so that let me just make sure I properly understand of you are one biologically male, but you identify as female. The correct correct okay and how how far have you gone your identification, I just I'm just asking for my own understanding. Have you had's sex change surgery, hormones, or suggest a state of mind for you right now.

I am currently talking with surgeon about the surgery but that you're about okay you been on hormones. I would take it for some time, correct or and and you dress you dress as a woman correct right and I'm only asking is for understanding and for the sake of my my listeners and interviewers as well and also just to be clear of just take a moment, I will have time free to share everything that you'd want to share.

But how is it that you don't feel that this is in conflict with your faith is a conservative evangelical Christian.

I separate gender identity from boring. And I think a lot of the confusion because our transgender is included with the yes the homosexual community and I don't think I know a lot of independent thinking transgender people and even people that are tracked out what to have a separation from the gay activist right in and of course it goes both ways and that there those gay and lesbian activists who feel that they don't want to take on the battle of gender identity, so we we would let let's agree a few things we recognizes a category called intersex where someone has a biological or chromosomal abnormality, which may make their sexual their sexuality or even their biological sex perhaps ambiguous and that's that's one category in your case, you are unambiguously a biological male, but you feel deeply that you are actually a female. So am I defining those things to your satisfaction. Correct okay now may also ask to whom you are attracted romantically and physically. Males and females right basically mail but I currently I'm currently single so up not acting decided not to act on any of the impulses are feeling okay one where the other provided I did doubt that there'd be better to like a old friend listen to figure out sexuality okay but but all right so let let's let's say this right even though this is not exactly what you're saying let's say this, let's say that you said okay I understand I can't be in a relationship now of physical romantic relationship with someone so I'm living a celibate life before the Lord said exactly what you're saying but I will say it like this. Okay and you come to me and say can we find common ground.

What I would look at you and cannot be totally candid here. Okay, I am sure you been through enough rejection and pain so I'm on the train to beat up on you and him in any way I'm speaking with compassion. I would look at you as someone very sincere and you confused. I would look at you with some very sincere hurting in a way that I can't relate to struggling with something I've never struggled with, so no condemnation, no singular week person, or something like that. But I would look at. She was very confusing God. In fact, did you met did make you a man every bit of your DNA and hundreds and thousands of other things within you that God is made say that you're actually male that it's either deception for the enemy orc the confusion of our society were certain things in your own life experience or upbringing that have caused you to feel that your woman, but you're really not and unluckily deny your faith in Jesus.

I'm not going to say that if you were to die right now that you're damned to hell.

God is your judge. God is my judge but I would do my best to meet you where you are and to disciple you out of female identity to affirm who God made you and that you would recognizes a false construct from the world that this whole gender is different than biology and that their multiple genders are we are who we perceive ourselves to be. I would go back to Scripture and say God has categories of male and female. Again, there people who don't neatly fall in that terms of intersex but that's just like saying God made us to see God in us to hear, but there's some people with with defects, we can see and hear well so I would might my goal would be to take you where you were and to help disciple you into a place of freedom where you felt holding your own skimmer you didn't have to take hormones to to go against the biology that God put in you or to take perfectly healthy parts of your body and to change them you anymore than I want you to cut off a leg or an arm. If you are suffering from body identity integrity disorder with some referred to as people who are trans able that would be my position and and I would work with you based on the condition of your heart. If if I saw that you differed with me but you were open and that you really wanted to please the Lord and honor God in your position was Lord what ever you want. I want to honor you, but if you're saying to me.

I want to be true to. Then I hopefully stay with you through thick and send it to you can't replace where you are at home in the body that God gave you if I found that your purpose was to sow discord among others, or to try to preach LGBT activism or that your you you didn't really care about with the Lord Jesus had to say because you know what you know how you feel that I would be able to help that with my position and and I'm glad that you found more love, perhaps from Christians than from LGBT activists only because at the very least, those who claim to be followers of Jesus should be meeting you with love. Wherever you are well. I think a lot of the LBB. Community there for God LBB to dogma on the community but like you're mentioning the whole multiple genders that we would cut her children transgender community because the idea of like you could be no gender and right or multiple Chinese yeah and I like bitter going to get the term bisexual because I need to multiple genders been known to be by at heavy view of follows that the story of Walt higher by the way, Catholic dream about him say what he he was married man with kids and tormented for years, was convinced that he was trapped in the wrong body ultimately had sex change surgery and after years realize that there really other areas in his life where he was struggling and when he got those fixed and it was in relationship with the Lord. He realized that he actually was male and that that's about it made him so he reversed whatever he could and got off hormones and this is happily married to a woman now and in point of fact, he's got a great ministry helping people. I was just looking at a comment on YouTube thanks DG for posting that he mentioned her here. She mentioned that the new someone of struggled with this for years and then with the help of a Christian counselor and an both with God working there their life there there free and and whole. I'd encourage you to visit this website jotted down sex change sex change go there explore and and then please do this one thing all right, go to the Lord and say God I just want your will.

You have done this a thousand times before but but I just want to ask you one more time. And hey, everybody, listing watching, could you agree and pray right now. Go to the Lord and say God I embrace your will. Whatever it is I just want you will.

If in fact you made me a man and I'm thinking wrongly and I'm understanding things wrongly, I will embrace being a man and follow you as a male. I just need your help helping people from the inside out. Please do that go to sex change and if you don't mind in a month or so just send a note to our website and asked her to round the Lord. Let us know how you doing we do that are praying for you think you file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I sent follow the truth and avoid controversy. Think again. I tweeted this out a fallen world full of lies.

There's nothing more controversial than the truth speak boldly regardless of cost or consequences. Hey, I hope the car just spoke with a hope you're still listening. Thank you for calling.

I really appreciate it and thank you for listening and you have a lot of people praying for you that never knew you name never knew you before their praying for you. All right. And we do want to hear fuse that website sex change really encourage you to to go there with an open heart because can help you. You throw yourself on him in your weakness so you understand your standard right I can't. That's a good place to start, throw yourself on God in your weakness. God, I can't. I don't know what to do.

I don't know any other way. He will help you if you truly look to him, 866-34-TRUTH let us go to Kim and Winston-Salem North Carolina. Next: the line of fire, deductible, question, he was 20 objected to witnesses authentic Christian about great question is does he finished that work here on earth or do you see or this process to go through all eternity. Well, that that is a wonderful question and it is in context it's talking about our life in this world right. He's the one who starts the work he brings it to completion. Might my deep hope is not in Mike Brown's faithfulness, but in the Lord's faithfulness and for example Philippians 1. Paul writes, he who began the good work will will bring it to completion of the day of Christ and in first Corinthian's one gives a similar sentiment that that the Lord who started this work will will bring it to completion with the return of Jesus. So it in a sensor we can say that it is the finished work he does in this world knows why we need the help.

While were still in the body. While there's still temptation and the devil around us so he is the one who officer our faith and brings it to completion.

That being said, it's really that exhausted in the world to come. You know what I mean that that forever and ever and ever will be learning more about God and and I imagine the different ways will be will be growing itself that this can be sin or immaturity.

But think will be growing forever and ever and ever in the Lord and the knowledge of the Lord in our exploration of who he is and in that sense, Jesus is is always the one perfecting and completing what he started, but it in context, and in light of other New Testament writings, I believe the focus is in this world, starting it, bring it to completion. When Jesus returns okay thank you Dr. you are very welcome 866-348-7884. Let's go over to George in Duncan, South Carolina.

Welcome to light a fire, really only grant that about talking with brothers about great and yes is some claim that he was that he was absolutely being deceitful. So let's let's just read it and in context so after this, Jesus traveled throughout Galilee, he stayed out of Judeo because the Jewish leaders want to kill him. By the way when it in some of the Texans on the elusive transit of the Jews want to: speaking of of Judean leaders in most of his context to Jewish leaders.

Sometimes it's Jews generically, but the word Jew can mean today, and it can mean Jewish people. More broadly, so Jewish leaders is a good way to translate it because they're the common people thought he was a prophet widely received another Jewish feast of Tabernacles was near. So she was brothers advised him leave here today is your disciples may see your miracles. Your performing for no one who seeks to make a reputation for himself does anything in secret. If you're doing these things, show yourself to the world for letting his own brothers believed in him. So Jesus replied by Thomas not yet arrived but you are ready at any opportunity. The world cannot hate you, but it hates me because I am testifying about this teaser revolt you go to the feast yourselves. I'm not going up to the feast, this feast because my time has not yet fully arrived when he said this remaining galley but was brothers going up to the feast and Jesus also went up but not openly, but in secret. So number one was he being deceitful. The first thing in terms of his reply as he was as forthright as he could be. He was not doing with the brothers wanted him to do. The brothers have this expectation that you can if you think your dispute a great miracle worker Messiah profit no famous figure going show yourself to get all the PR you can go. It was in his time and he was not out for PR and in certain ways. He needed to be more hidden until that time came for him to be fully revealed and then crucified. So first and foremost, he is 100% being honest and telling them no, no, I'm not out to do things the way you want them done. That's not my MO is not my purpose here, the seller under this number one number two. He did have a plan to go up but just not at that time, and if he told him I'm going later on going secretly. Obviously they could've tried to make trouble for him.

So as long as I understand him saying I'm not going up in the way that you want me to. I'm not going up to make a public display in the middle of the feast. It's not my time, so I'm not going you go and then secretly he goes that that's consistent with me. That's consistent in terms of euro here. Look at it like this, let's say you are a player on a on a team so your player on the NFL and it's a big game right and you're in rehab but it was a come on, come on, you should be there you should be out on the sidelines using the Nama going to the game. If I go to the game is to be a distraction not I should be at not I can't be there. It's gonna be a distraction and plus I the coaches of Toby rehab people you don't want to get in public around people he make a jostle; you go and then everybody goes secretly you have someone drive you and you watch in the back of the stadium from a secret monitor.

I don't feel like you've lied or deceived by saying I'm not going to the game so that's that's my take on and again doesn't remember is that the Gospels are not going to intentionally present Jesus as being a liar or deceiver or center. These are written by his disciples who love him and honor him and are presenting him truthfully for who he was. The way the truth and the life.

So that's how I understand it forthrightly.

They wanted to go to the feast certainly do certain things and no I'm not going it's not me it's not my time's not my style, and then secretly he goes little bit later and out of the crowd so that it is going for different purposes and different reality. Again, that's my best way of understanding it to be true to the text, and not to try to read in anything more hate got a break but Sir, thanks for being a regular listener, thanks for calling in for the first time will be right back with the rest of your it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 664 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown joining us today on five December 22 is more our second daughter are younger daughter. Her birthday are wrongly posted birthday greetings today.

Why well. We spent some time with the family last night the day before birth. It was written supposed to be tonight. We really do it I had in my minds day before birth.

It woke up to get all I don't forget birthday greetings and post them on Facebook and my faithful bride. Nancy said what's today's date the 22nd who would day early but happy birthday a day early.

All right you got questions, we've got answers, 86634 to buy profound joy really from the heart to be here with you. Take your calls, answer your questions and with that we go straight to the phones. Let's go to Monty and prior Oklahoma.

Welcome to the line of fire drama Dr. Brown had a question regarding Revelation chapter 1 verse one. I have a severe debate with Don Preston yeah and I was there, is very impressive. I like hearing about your side. I'm kind of leaning toward your partial credit risk post-millennial view but I don't like the fact that I have does away with the Jewish people have a big chunk of the Jewish people don't like that at elective it you know someone what you thought about the first verse of Revelation where it says the revelation from Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show his servant but must soon take place yet so I have no question I and and just forbearing for folks Dr. Don Preston is a prejudiced full prejudiced scholar. He is relearning in in his field. There are some predators. Partial pressure is to consider his views too far gone even heretical in that, for example, he denies his future resurrection of believers of future resurrection of the dead, etc. organs that were somewhat sore. You were ready. In the days of the new heavens and new earth, but I respect him as a scholar in in what he holds to so we did a couple debates on Romans 11 of Israel shall be saved from us of the Gentiles, so first everything I believe can be held with historic view of the book of Revelation. In other words, if the book of Revelation was written to the early church and primarily to the early church alone and is no problem its apocalyptic literature. There is no question whatsoever that we are not living in a new heaven and a new earth. Now there's no question whatsoever that we are living in a day when there's no more pain or cheers or death. Okay this is a question that we are not living in a day in which Satan has been utterly and completely vanquished and sin is not exploding all over the world so that much is clear. So I have no problem because of the nature of the book of Revelation of the first two chapter 1st three chapters very specifically apply to the early church and and there is much reverently data either somewhat dated before the destruction of Jerusalem, which I don't even if they did it in your 70 that's totally secondary to me.

Everything I believe in terms of God's purposes works just the same in the premillennial reading of the text is revelations a pop apocalyptic literature filled symbol is not that here's the thing. Everything else. Revelation the whole book sauce of relevance to the whole body.

Otherwise, why is there and there are certainly things that only apply uniquely to the end of the world. But what is unmistakable in Scripture is that God will restore the kingdom to a physical Israel on this earth is unmistakable from the question of the disciples in acts one sex with you this time restore the can into Israel, which Jesus did not rebuke. This is not for you know the times and seasons. The father suppose the thorns. I'm gonna do it. Just off you know you focus on preaching the gospel to the to the promises of Jesus in Matthew 19 when he speaks of the regeneration of all things from the disciples will be raining over the 12 tribes of Israel to ask. Three were Peter says that the time spoken of by the prophets must be fulfilled.

All things must be fulfilled. And that's when Jesus returns to that point. Prophets are filled and that's when we have the millennial rule of the Lord. So I've no problem with wherever someone dates the book of Revelation is ultimately going to back my final understanding of all of you first stay right there at one of the plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown transfer market just wanted to take one more moment. I'm hoping in the years ahead that I'll be able to write a major book on refuting predators him and and why I see some of the real dangers with it. Full predators and in particular, and again for those listener familiar with this predators just means past. So a predators to full predators believes that all the promises about the second coming, the return of Jesus. They have already come to pass. They are, they are past.

This is a predators review of things partial predators would see many of the prophecies coming to pass through the destruction of Jerusalem but of the still future, I see that position is less dangerous, but can I ask you one question Monty went when Paul wrote to Timothy and talked about all those who long for the appearing of Jesus to think he was talking about all those who long for the destruction of Jerusalem know that I have a problem with review God. It is so so here I think is the better thing predators would say look at all the verses were Jesus as I'm coming soon and am coming quickly and look look at all those verses. Now, on the one hand, the fact that it was 40 years after the crucifixion of Jesus before the destruction of Jerusalem. Many would think. Let's talk quickly because most of the apostles were data ready at that point and and Tristan have still had to restrict but nowhere is there any hint whatsoever it in in the New Testament that were looking forward to Paul speaking of first with its 15 the last trumpet nevertheless trump is the last one right when working to be glorified when the dead and the sigh will be raised and will be changed into incorruptible bodies in first Thessalonians for the same thing. The trumpet blast right in Revelation 7 she's Revelation 11 speaks of the seventh trumpet which is the last of seven. That's when the kingdoms of this will become a convert on the size of when he returns that that happens demonstrably under every possible way of of of looking at this we have not yet been physically glorified. We have not entered into incorruptible bodies. We are not like Jesus. In that respect in glorified bodies all those promises. Having come to pass everything we were told to look forward to hasn't come to pass. So possibly you could say some verses you talk about the Lord coming quickly meant coming quickly in judgment, possibly, but that in no way whatsoever takes away and I don't even accept that.

But even if I did on some of those verses.

Okay, that has nothing to do with all the promises about his appearing is glorious appearing and what were looking forward to and second Peter three saying at that point, you know that that there's gonna be a transformation of the heavens and the earth and you know the elements melting with fire and then let's happen and and to me to try to understand a few verses you that's a coming quickly, etc. and people debating cycle quickly means her as is always the judge is always at the door could come at any moment somebody means to take that is stacked up on one side note states an inch high that you got about 100 feet high. Of all the other things that that the Bible says it can happen with the second coming, the end of the age.

Like I'm on the throw those out for that inrush of verses that that's one of my my big big big issues, and again when you have a whole Bible before you get to Jesus with the Hebrew Scriptures absolutely clearly affirming God's plans and purposes for Israel and guaranteeing that they will happen. All nations will one day come screaming to Jerusalem to learn from the God of Israel and then Paul reaffirming the calling on Israel unequivocally and and wrote in Romans 11 chapter I'm not gonna let anything take that unlike an elimination threatened and then the other verses will do our best understand the fairly rightly so. I just wanted to throw that extra thing and and encourage you to be extremely cautious in stepping in this direction right off of my appreciate your your help in your you bet. Thank you sir. God bless you Monty 866-34-TRUTH we go to our friend Scott Winston-Salem how you doing today, I a quick question. I got a rotors marriage or divorce: and development of broad I will anybody live the King was one of the war while Mary Sonu Clement of Berkeley. Anyone who Mary a divorced woman. The minister, yet so there are some who would give you an unequivocal answer and say absolutely there and send there in adultery the need to repent. I cannot give you that answer is unequivocally number one we would all agree with what was divorced and her first husband original husband died that everyone agreed she's free to remarry okay the matter with divorce is valid he's dead it's over now she's free to remarry. So, assuming that's not the case.

Assuming the storm was divorced and her first husband is still living. I would say for sure if the divorce was a sinful divorce, meaning there was no possible biblical justification for let's just say I hope this is not the case.

But let's say this woman will call her Sally was going to brother Bill Sally was married to John.

Sally fell in love with Bill Sally divorce John to marry Bill there living in adultery is not to have a marriage summit sister married living in adultery. That's an adulterous relationship.

Let's say, Sally is married to John she loves the Lord he turns away from God.

He rejects her as wife. He moves in with another woman lives in adultery with her, divorces her and then goes on starts new family. Some would say doesn't matter as long as he is alive. The first husband's log just alive. Sally cannot remarry. I understand Jesus words in Matthew five and Matthew 19 saying that there can be a for divorce because of sexual morality here, adultery and frisk within seven see if the unbeliever departs that the believer is not bound.

I understand that to mean that she could remarry, in which case the marriage could be valid and could be blessed in God's sight of his division in the church. Some would say that's against the church.

View through almost all of history of this receipt go back to the first century Jewish context. This would be in keeping with it so I encourage you to really pray look at Matthew five and Matthew 19 as well and asked the Lord for wisdom and insight, and pray for them that whatever God's will and best is that they will embrace and that's what we just have to leave it on the more about the situation than that it's not appropriate for me to go into further details about suspicion of the couple -related speaking with, but read those other passages. Matthew five Matthew 19 some civility can contradict Luke 16 of the say will you have to put them all together work that through pray about it and then pray for them. God your best are your best for them. May they walk in full obedience to you. That's how I would handle it but thank you for the call and the concern 86634 let us go to John in Denver Colorado. Welcome to the modifier by Dr. Brown hello I have a question about the word Elohim, though I'm in messianic Jewish studies at the University great though. If I understand correctly a proper noun doesn't need a definite article to be definite.

Why does the word Elohim number 523 would be a good example. Take the definite check take the definite article translated as God, that of the God or angels are the renowned man or whatever yet so first thing. If you have a name of personal name right. So Scriptures I can say of the Justin was a Michael Negrete we can do that but he brutal okay note.

Greek you have the in front of someone's name the Michael or just Michael by fever, you wouldn't do that you and say how Mickael you just a missile. However, when it comes to a noun which case Elohim can either mean God with a G or it can mean God's with a small G it can go either way. Hot Elohim, the God or Elohim. God with a G either is is perfectly acceptable and grammatically correct again because it is simply a noun, it is not a name so you're not saying the name of God you were saying this being who is God, so Yahweh which is the covenantal name of the Lord most likely pronounce Yahweh you never have hot in front of that hopping the for those that don't know Huber see that you never have high Yahweh never because that would that would be a mistake because it is a proper name, but Elohim just being a noun, you can either say Elohim, speaking of God with a G or hot Elohim, the God speaking of God with a G and comes out the same meaning is the same either way.

If you want to say the Lord he is God for emphasis. You could say he is the God to make that absolutely clear so not before name, but when it comes to a noun, you could have the proper you could have the definite article or not. Either way, the overall meaning is the same if you just said hot Elohim though. That makes it even more clear.

You speak about the one true God was to contest the context. His idols say the gods of the nations are not gods at all.

Say hi Elohim, meaning the gods plural nations are not gods at all pipe hope that's helpful. Although I stuck David's route off of the cave universe gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 86. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown hey let me just remind all of the that we have thousands of hours resources for digital library asked Katie or digital library thousands of talk about articles on talking about videos that are radio archives sermons tons and tons and tons of stuff on the website available for the debates. Yeah that we get lots of things you can purchase our books and and DVDs in teaching series. Thousands of hours of free material. Thank you a shout out you and thank thank you, over torchbearers offer monthly supporters. Thank you for helping to make this possible. I just saw Lila Rose tweeted this out and I retreated it all.

41 minutes ago breaking news Ohio Gov. John Kasich signs bill banning abortions on babies with Down syndrome. Well, this is major.

This is major. Watch the controversy that swirls around that well done, Gov. Kasich, while 86634260 era makes a mother give birth to a child with down syndrome first thing despite the challenges that come with that. From what I've learned, speaking to other parents whose kids have down syndrome overwhelmingly families are very positive, saying that the child with down syndrome is at it, much to the family and generally speaking, the children and to the extent there can convey whether happy to be hit or happy to be here mentally so all kinds of plenty kids will cause issues and problems. Reagan at Calamos to come out because I don't line up to our standards, and by the way, their people will gladly adopt a baby with down syndrome gladly.

You 866-34-TRUTH, let's go to Sarah Lakeland, Florida Barbara, welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown hello my question do with the upcoming third you employee.

From Beckley with down income at menu today. Most people think it on the Temple Mount and I want to know what your thoughts are.

I've been beating them very interesting. Think about perhaps not on the Temple Mount, but some other location close by on something called depression floor yet so so there is speculation there are some who claim that the temple that that there will be 1/3 temple built that it will not be built right next to the dome of the rock.

Don't think you have to move the dome of the rock to the building and in the natural. That's an unthinkable thing anytime an absolute world war. Some like that would happen in Israel would never dream of doing that and and trigger a war like that Joe Richardson has a theory that this is why the Libyan Islamic antichrist. One of the reasons that he'll be able to barter this and that's why Israel will follow him. Also, because he'll be able to barter and so that Israel can have the dome of the rock area and tear it down until the third temple but bottom line, Barbara I'm not at all persuaded by the arguments that the Temple should be built summer also for those who believe there will be a temple built. I am not at all convinced by the arguments that should be somewhere else. Everything I know, historically, archaeologically tells us we know where the temple was, and it is in the current area known as the Temple Mount and that's what would be rebuilt were to be rebuilt before Jesus returns in their reasons to think that will happen. So I'm not at all convinced the best scholarship. I know the best archaeology the best history. Best that I know says that we rightly understand the current location. So by all means keep setting that I just would not put a lot of stock into as of this conspiracy against the be very easy to find another place is just that the best scholarship is against it. Or, thank you for asking. 866340 we go to Fort Worth, Texas, Maggie, welcome to the line of fire.

Margie, you know, just just everybody knows if if you're watching I have I have monitors here that they have. We we have other monitors in in the is redoing videotape and audio the same time, but I'm nearsighted and the monitors are certain distance that I can read everything I can.

I can see the comments but it's the slightest drop out blurry now, but it's just when I looked at squarely, Margie. As I look again but anyway so so you never see him squinting.

That's what I'm looking okay mortgagee, Fort Worth, Texas.

Welcome to the line of fire at everyday thank thank you. I want to make comment about American remarriage.

Yes, and that I was married married Dr. Pickett, grandparent, rain, and I would bet that girl and we were great great.they would settle him down and we were married for aspect and half years and we had a little girl and after that great out girl yet about that girl anyway so that it hanging out in the bar my dad with the painter hanging out the barn. Granny ran on me and I know I was the mother yelling out with my big baby. I went out there, but I don't want to rush to send notices your story, which is important but were real short on time.

I will make sure we we hear what you're saying so please go ahead anyway. I ran on me. I found out about it.

I got that woman are asking that you know how the light down but he gonna do about it and I prayed all night long allied.but when what can when it came I told Bateman Avenue and make it I would and would make a black paint on Tremont and the income home half the time he might be, and that I did Not paying fines and without faith it back with my children. It's intent to meet. We've only got a minute before, motionless, around and folks will know what you're saying so okay the story at.ELF managed care they need hard to tell me and I'll take care of it and that you have a beta yeah it went down I found that the day I doubt I did that like that like to wait yeah so did you end up did you end up getting a divorce and now that mom and I divorced for three years and I met my wonderful husband. How long have you been married I love you been married. Now we were married for 40 years at heights of some friends just go jump in Margie. I'm so so so I had to interrupt but I needed to Margie saying is, in her view and her understanding her walk with God that there was a valid reason for divorce and that God blessed remarriage for 40 years and she want you to hear that. Thank you for calling him a friends take a moment go here to this website go fund Brown studio two minute video there watch it when you can go fund plus Christmas

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