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The Annual Christmas Debate

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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December 25, 2017 3:01 pm

The Annual Christmas Debate

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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December 25, 2017 3:01 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 12/25/17.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

What's time for the annual Christmas debate. Should Christians celebrate Christmas doesn't matter when Jesus was born. Is it a pagan adaptation take your calls today right here on the line of fire stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown right phone lines are open. I am ready I am poised to take your calls today on our annual Christmas debate want this to be constructed.

We want this to be meaningful want this to be helpful. We want to get you thinking what you weigh in on either side. Any side I should say to their multiple sides to this debate to this discussion, 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884. I'm throwing a bunch of questions for you to respond to these respond in different ways from different angles. As long as we stay on this specific topic by Christians celebrating Christmas for some of you sick of course. Of course we do.

This is when Jesus was born.

This is when we have special church services.

This is when we go out caroling. This is a special family time of the year for us yet we enjoy the gifts and the food and the Christmas tree. But that's all secondary to celebrating the birth of Jesus. Why should we do it. Thank God for the church calendar. Others, like what you talking about so pagan is a pagan holiday Jesus, or there was born on December 25, so why in the world who wanted to do that the world loves this. Obviously if the world loves it sums wrong. Others say what you mean. This is a great time when people talk about Jesus. This is a great time when everybody's more open to hear the gospel. Should we point to the light of the world at this time of the year and then lots of questions, do we know when Jesus was born.

Doesn't matter. Do we need to know when Jesus was born. Should we celebrate his birth at all is no command to but is there a command not to. Is it wrong for the church to develop traditions were the only things to be celebrated. Those that were ready given in the Old Testament. Is there nothing new to celebrate Ami don't we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. That's of that Old Testament Israelites could not have celebrated the way we do. Are there things that we celebrate them and communions been instituted Baptist minister to instituted of the other things that are not in the New Testament directly, but that the church instituted that are fine.

Others are several. Why take away from the biblical calendar facility Christmas traversing that celebrating the Jewish high holy days and things like that are not even celebrating Hanukkah which is for when you stand Jesus would have so widen something new. Let's discuss this in his constructive way as possible.

For those who used to celebrate Christmas and don't anymore. What if you done an alternative way for your family. Have you done anything whatsoever.

An alternative way as a family, 8663 for 87884 hey this morning we posted my new article. The Vatican is wrong. Jews do need Jesus. Certainly something worth talking about at this time of the year. Vatican is wrong. Jews do need Jesus. You can read up ago I asked Dr. SK and clicking on latest article also.

I would video some my commentary on this from last week about a nine minute video addressing this as well that you can watch on YouTube. You can see if I going to a YouTube chalice asked Dr. Brown a SK Dearborn on YouTube. You see it as the newest video up there is always it's our goal will bless you. It's our goal to equip you.

It's our goal to enable you to be stronger witnesses. So let the debate begin.

Do you celebrate Christmas. If so, why, how it spiritually meaningful in your family if you don't believe that others shouldn't why what are the dangers in celebrating Christmas, 866-348-7884 error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown is as well, saying I said Bing Crosby and David Bowie. The little drummer boy anyway Christmas. It is our Christmas debate 866-34-TRUTH. I recently read a scholarly article on the December 25 date, saying that there is no strong evidence that it was borrowed from pagan celebration pagan celebration to a false God winter solstice. In particular, that there is evidence that the earliest Christians believed that orb this tradition going back to some of the earlier Christians that believe that Jesus was born at the time of the year.

Some even argued that the a wing. The December 25 date for pagans was used after it was used by Christians of the sea.

You gotta be kidding me, we all know this is a pagan holiday and that that the church just took it over maybe to accommodate pagans coming into the faith. Or maybe to replace that look you look at the bad way if in fact there was a pagan festival first in the church that I pagans do it. Let's make a days for this also led the negative accommodation. If the church that hey pagans are celebrating this, we believe Jesus is one of the state are not getting say let's get something else to celebrate now be fine. Others would say why in the world celebrate his birth to me what words the Bible tell us to know birthdays make the birthday of Jesus little baby Jesus was celebrate that others like you kidding me like a celebrate when the son of God, the light of the world came into the world though, so you have distorted the right time of the year Jesus was born at runtime Sukkoth feast of Tabernacles and said nope nope he was born more in April. Living close to the Passover. And when you have dates this four-part euros okay there's no clear evidence on this.

You can surmise you can guess you can calculate but I'll think of any clear evidence of anything I've read thus far has given its master. Some a post on Facebook.

There's no doubt about its indisputable that Jesus was born, Tabernacles indisputable really, 8663 Fortune's I will find out if you celebrate Christmas and what you do, why you don't will start in Warwick Rhode Island with Donna welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown hello I'm one of the people that you celebrate Christmas but no longer do okay how coming down what what I found out about the historical background of the day and so we my whole family actually decided to stop celebrating it. But you had asked about what we replaced it with his one quick question.

I'm sorry.

How old are your kids when you made the decision not to know why I was a child I would live in childhood teenage out of 18 or 19. Got it.

I met my whole family went to a Bible study and we heard about you know all the origin that we thought you know what is not right that we all decided together to stop celebrating. You replaced it with a celebration just a feast of Tabernacles in general or celebrating the Messiah's birth. At that time the tabernacle on and particularly around keeping it all, right, and we going to go away only keep the feast of Tabernacles every year. Okay, so what what what you do at that time to celebrate the Messiah's birth while weed is not specific birthday celebration. Okay I got it got okay October going to service for regular fellowship and having had a de facto dotted okay so you've eliminated any celebration right you eliminated any celebration of the birth of Jesus, though don't know what happened there. Hope you're okay Donna I think in all the years that's the first time we heard that crashing sound. Hope you're right there whatever phone the background is okay but all right all clear, so you your family concluded that the origins were pagan and instead now celebrate the feast of time. I was just a celebrate that, not even to replace Christmas, but since it is in a day biblical celebration 70s+ an ace with Jewish tradition. Hey thank you Donna for calling in. I appreciated 866-34-TRUTH Detroit Michigan Mike, welcome to the line of fire.

Sure thing.

I can't help Charlie not my Wi-Fi for market market. Okay you know biblical mandate requiring out-of-pocket groups that they are what they regard as holy. There always are all the more you want on pool of good health but would apply cried during the great okay right and is there anything spiritual about your family celebrations and more just a fun time you have a Christmas tree try and you must've prior to earth like a intra-optical) read got it all right Mike, thank you for weighing in. Much appreciated.

866-34-TRUTH we go to Ron in Peterborough, Ontario, which are takes her by Dr. Brown by particular call sure are you yeah I don't celebrate Christmas.

I do celebrate the feast of dedication by the Bible. Jesus mentioned, I think, in the John 10 verse 22 that he did honor that even though it was the minor day, a holy day, but I do water that would be the Hanukkah is known today.I and and so as a traditional GU we do Christmas has no meaning in his or her life by the Hanukkah would be celebrated and often similar in times of your Hanukkah a few days or a few weeks before Christmas and that celebrating the victory of the Maccabees over the of the Greeks in the rededication of the templates with Hanukkah means is dedication. She said the feast of dedication and lighting the candles for eight days and reciting prayers and then giving of gifts, but there are there more minor gifts it's it's not like Christmas we got the tree in the that the gift he was waiting for all year. Other there's almost a joke that your Hanukkah when compared to Christmas as far as giftgiving is not the equal but that's not the goal of RBC traditional Jews doing it with no thought whatsoever about Christmas, but appreciate that I've got friends that do the same. If you do wrong.

Thank you for weighing in 866-34-TRUTH if if correct in terms of rose to speak with Ron is doing. This is a messianic Jew from Christmas would often have less or no meaning. 86634 every responsible for has been different. Every response has been different. St. Petersburg, Florida, Christian, welcome to the line of fire.

Thank you very much Dr. Brown for taking my call document good afternoon. I do celebrate Christmas and corrected.

It is indirectly kind of a big deal in my family. I know it did I do pretty much the whole thing. I mean it. It is mostly a spiritual celebration of not just honoring birth of Jesus, but I know for me, especially it's just the time to also reflect on the incarnation of God the son taking on human flesh, and that to me is it a big deal. I love the traditional Christmas carols like Park, the Herald Angels thing you know, you people that are specifically have lines that it expects all the incarnation and so that to me is is a big deal. I know that there is some controversy over Christmas and I don't want to take up a lot of time. I just know when it comes to the pagan origins argument against Christmas keeping even though I do believe that is a conscience issue. I positively believe the concert that you somebody chose to abstain.

I would say, by all means know that you do what your conscience tells you to do.

I always go to first Corinthians chapter 8 where Paul says that you wear that in the first verse 40 says. Therefore, concerning the eating of things offered to idols, we know that an idol is nothing in the world and there is no other God but one. For even if there are so-called gods, whether in heaven or on earth is there are many gods and many lords yet for us there is one God, the father of whom are all things and we for him in one Lord, Jesus Christ, through things and through whom we live. So my argument is that basically you know, even if it had some pagan origins attached to it. The title don't even exist anyway. So how could that be tainted but again I think it's a conscience issue so dotted in that respect Christian everyday belongs to the Lord every day can be redeemed accordingly.

Yeah. And as for those great hymns, those do have meaning.

Many Christians really sing those one time of the year. They have tremendous meaning when they are saying that time the if there was some year-round and beef is wonderful to come let us adore him and these others are beautiful, powerful hymns, many have great spiritual meaning there sung at this time of year. Continue the discussion time for you way in 866-34-TRUTH for cleansing and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown to the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown my looming amount on every Christmas. We have a point. Over time I have four children and redoubtable children around the Christmas tree on Christmas morning and we have a wonderful time.

We all went out packages and we sing together and we watch the excitement on the faces of the children, but at the same time, Christ is the very center of all of our Christmas celebration that was Billy Graham speaking. What's your take on this important subject. At this time the year, celebrate Christmas yes or no 866-34-TRUTH, I'm just taking calls.

Is there coming up trying out alternate so if I've got a lot of yeses this year it's because that's is dominating the phone lines of get a lot of nose later. That's is dominating the phone lines in Queens, New York. Angela, thanks for calling the line of fire down Eric. Baby care company will God not want to yank backdating because like you going to forget next day start date at blackberry if it could be shipped out now that Greg is typically organically.maybe church land and generally a Week good geek.

I forgot all about everything so much that she felt much of the gate gave gave gave now and are not thinking about getting a key About gave gave gave any kind.

I got out the door like effect all day and asked Andy to college life as a Christian bank to be what is this speaking out facility and sociability.

Frank went black GDP and the elderly. Yet listen we we need we need a fresh wave of revival that will point us to the risen Jesus and appreciate your comments every day, ultimately, is about Jesus person conscience on this issue. Hey, thank you for weighing in and and thank you for sharing your heart so honestly 866-34-TRUTH where we get the idea of having Christmas tree when we get to December 25. Idea are these things pagan borrowings. Are we just bowing down to the commercial spirit of the age. And yes, give, give, give, but receive receive receive what is the world love Christmas so much more. Or are those immaterial questions if it's meaningful and spiritual to you, 866-348-7884 if you stop celebrating Christmas. Tell us why others go to Nanuet, New York Tom Wilkinson line of fire. Hello Dr. Brown are you doing very well thank my my family a syllabary Christmas. We know that our Lord and Savior came on this day we don't know what day it came, but nonetheless we came he came to save us all. The son of God became the Son of Man died on Calvary's cross for us all, but all gospel is Jesus Christ and him crucified Lamb of God. We are family celebrates that knowing that our Lord and Savior God traverse all who would believe yet bottom bottom line there. I appreciate the time. Thank you sir. Weighing in 866-34-TRUTH Marianne in Cortlandt Manor, New York. Thanks for calling the line of fire Context outbreak and it's very important Angela I understand what you and I do believe the commercial world they don't understand if you people that came on arm calibrating the whole meaning of Christmas that came after which the Lord, in your checking upon a to remember electron already to keep in mind all earned after the character will say this, in respect to that call that we had a number one she was saying that there's no biblical calling or mandate have a day to celebrate Jesus birth and if you want have a special celebration that brings the family together. Let's do it around Tabernacles. I don't think those are just parties. They're having. It's all around worship and prayer and spiritual family gatherings. That's when I took that to mean. So yes, very different meaning than Christmas. I know some believers who celebrate the birth of the Messiah during the feast of Tabernacles but Marianne thank you for sharing your heart very clear.

I appreciate that 866-34-TRUTH truth, Scarborough, Ontario Eric Weber takes her hello there Michael Brown are you doing very well.

Thanks so much for taking my call so I I wanted to say that I used to celebrate Christmas for a long time and I fully understand all the feelings amplified with even my Christian brothers and sisters for celebrating this and what they think it means to them, but I would say that we must be careful and be buried in and testing by the Scripture. Because it doesn't matter what it means. The matter is what it the same yesterday today and forever, any Nick never change it.

And if we say here oh Israel. Yahweh your Elohim is one and that we quote this issue a Jesus saying I am my father want to contact of that and we've got a big theological problem of that because we have a lot of scriptures about Green Tree tradition that not only do they sound very came to Christmas that might not be a stretch to say they are related because my understanding a lot of people if they come from Germany in 1400 but I have heard some genetics that speaking about. Germany coming from immigration from example from a sharia well if they come from. We got a problem because they made might've brought Green Tree tradition that are spoken of Siebel at the example of the Green Tree tradition in the battle. I'm just going to quote Scripture here came into effect such Deuteronomy 12 to you shall surely destroy all the places where the nation to Michelle this is that serve their God on high mountain and on the health and under every green tree first Kings 1423. Are they just are to hang on the just to clarify the end and perfectly fine for you to come to whatever conclusions you do. My goal is not to argue a point that would get a break coming up suggesting have to jump in and share this year abut the worst Wintergreen close that the tree was that the issue is that they worshiped idols under the tree so someone could say what does that have to do with us celebrating the birth of Jesus, and having a decorative tree and in the house. The that's that celebrating that now you could say where'd you get the idea from of the tree from I understand it, but I just want to clarify those verses have to do with idolatrous practice. Your point would be without idolatrous practice focused on the tree, that we have a trailer house, so I appreciate that, but I did want to bring current hate got a break here. Thank you for weighing them out one encouraging each of you listening to calls another hour and 1/2 but usually with a full heart before God. Whatever you do, and please visit the website in the holiday spirit. We have 30% off all of my top apologetics resources asked Dr. Brown's out take advantage of this. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown according to the Y Romans would exchange evergreen branches during January as a sign of good luck in many parts of Europe during the Middle Ages. Paradise plays were performed often on Christmas Eve. They told Bible stories to people could read the Paradise tree in the garden of Eden in the play was normally a pine tree with red apples tied to it that the most common use of green at Christmas is the Christmas tree read. Let's see if this just to get a this is one website ready Christmas those the apples on the Paris tree to represent the fall of Adam and the plays red is also the color holy Barry berries which sits represent the blood of Jesus when he died on the cross is a true is it math ready for my official verdict.

This is Dr. Michael Brown with his official verdict. Are these things true or not I have no idea zero 866-34-TRUTH. This means you can have your own opinion this because I don't know doesn't mean that you can have your opinion doesn't mean you can't be dogmatic about. I honestly don't think we can know exactly when the Messiah was born based on the evidence we have some sated traditions going back to the early church that was born December 25, of the say no way. When you calculate and the shepherds out at night, someone has been around Tabernacles and other say no, around April's of Tabernacles September October of the same notes more closely to a April and Passover season, I will think we can know and personally I don't think it matters other was that the Bible would give us more precision.

What matters is that he died for our sins and rose from the dead that he came into the world as a son of God died for sins and rose from the dead, but you can differ with me. You can be very dogmatic about that's perfectly fine.

This is our time for discussion.

You could say no. The tree came from idolatrous practice and you can document this Utah item logs. All this is just a wince at winter solstice festival is the shortest day of the year which is right around what day from now or something like that of the calendar as it is now 866-34-TRUTH. Do you celebrate Christmas.

Yes, no or why Donna and Longbranch, New Jersey.

Welcome to the line of fire on I I am iconic treatment in its purest form. I love the whole story go up and I am working on. I was handing out tracts and to share the gospel to a young person at any yet and that just like how the whole. It really got wasted and converted how bright God of hate. I appreciate it and I've course honor your heart in this Swiss Associates was yesterday. I looked up on the board today. Yeah, I thought it was like a day every shortest day of the year, 866-348-7884 Vicki in the Bronx. Welcome to the line of fire.

Hi Dr. Brown, welcome.

I don't believe in Christmas for several reasons. First, and Jack Jeremiah chapter 10 it said the customs of the people are vain, for one cut of the tree out of the forest, the work of his hands of the workmen with the acts they deck it with silver and gold. They fasten it with nails and with hammers that it moved not bite at the Palm tree but speak not.

They must needs be born because they cannot go this is like this is a pagan idol worship by the decorating of gold and silver tray. But more than that. Zachariah finally got to serve the cost of I don't often think like Abba Jaya that Hebrews 1st Chronicles 2410 I was eight weeks after Passover. That was the middle of June and late years born in my thesis within a six-month in late December probably the best day of life, then he would have been born around September October file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown writes a serious request did the world come up with this.

December 25 date Christians redeemed netherworld try to pollute it again did start with the church and then it's just been polluted by the world has never been right in God's sight. These are all questions were discussing about celebration of Christmas 866-34-TRUTH a Vicki did a great job right before the break of getting in your points. We ran out of time. That's why the finish the last .42 second point was that based on the evidence of Luke we we look into two Chronicles and try to see when priestly courses would serve when sick or I would've served and then with Elizabeth Miriam's older cousin being conceiving Johnny Mercer six months before issue with the Messiah was conceived, then that would say that he was probably born around September October and that's why some say well we celebrate his birth. During the feast of Tabernacles which falls at the time of the year. That would be an argument.

Others have said no base of the evidence we have you would've been born around April and other say no early Christians passed on traditions that he was born December 25 roasted they get that from that was before there was a pagan holiday on that day of the Jeremiah 10 passage. What troubles me about that is that it it's it's about idolatry.

It's not saying that when you decorate a tree that's idolatrous but they were worshiping the word is a God. They were worshiping the tree as if it was a deity.

They were chopping up some wood from a tree erecting in the house and adorning it and worshiping it as God, which is very different than, say, hey, let's put a beautiful tree of the house and and celebrate family time and the birth of Jesus around the tree, but many cochair. My 10. My question is is it as applicable to say I could not be so evident. That's fine will have that discussion. But thank you Vicki for weighing in 866-34-TRUTH we go to Washington DC Brenda, welcome to the line of fire. Like all and welcome back Lou back all feeling better and I'm working on it. If they it. What if you know, I felt a break for debate by quite an act that idea have been put naturally in the declaration you You just don't take one day out of the whole year and celebrate the birth of our Savior and then go back everything else just to thank you have to think off the phone.

Even if I do not to be obedient to all I got to pick up the clock we got I think that I feel people when they put up the Christmas tree if they have no one. Thank you, Dan, and to cut those down 10 o'clock and totally because the three wise men bullet gift all felt and when you put up a tree. Good you know it cannot live and if given the happiness equipment to little back at those little ones go up to and an adult and you let them know it getting up to motility to know the real meaning of an and after Thanksgiving the same way anybody give thanks on Thanksgiving Day at detecting the whole 55. You can thank God. And you just okay one day out of the whole year to think about Jesus Christ. After that you go back everything else if the family that the friend I think.

I think every caller will absolutely agree.

Every listener would agree that whatever you do on Christmas celebrating the birth of Jesus, specifically or not we should celebrate his coming into the world every day. We should celebrate his Lordship every day. We should celebrate him as the light of the world came to give hope came to give life came to give salvation to everyone of us agrees with that he, Brenda, thank you so much for calling 866-34-TRUTH that we are wrong. All right, let's go to Richmond, Virginia BJ, welcome to light a fire, parent Brown and called her ring over iconographic opportunity `wanted to share here under your name and I've been taking all my caloric following birth. Luke 923 feet to start, not part tech article and found a lack and he goes on to explain what he really tied up everything that you are not really learned about child. We think there is something new under the sun when there anything that man touches concerning God. We bring and introduce idolatry carry. Jacob concocted a little 11 111 to Holbrook is not about what you are not the end of the day please `12 Alliant All for everything that was done here on the I'm going to truly worship Christ medically.

From a pure heart statement each day thinking giving you went to live for mounting. Let it be up you'll watch. We don't know what it really meaning the Christmas Thanksgiving forgiven, living, loving church we cut really made a mock lightning could be a yes.

I'm sorry decided jump in. Is it mean to cut you off in the middle of the word PJ. I appreciate your passion. I appreciate your heart for holiness and I am with you that the church in particular America needs to wake up 8663 Fortune thank you for for weighing in.

BJ appreciated let's go to Frederick, Maryland Michael, welcome to light a fire hello yes go ahead on the air. I Michael Brown rice talk. Yes, thank you.

Maybe you can help me out of this. I would really like to enjoy Christmas with my wife but there's two things that bother me about it. I went back and started with word Christmas meant what the word actually is. I was a Roman Catholic, but not on the Protestant. So the word really hate the word Christmas and try to get people are having problems with with not mentioning Christmas now to be politically correct and in the NIH award because the likely what it represents in the Roman Catholic Church, probably help me with many of the other wanted in the Old Testament, they always gave up. God gave the exact day and when it would be celebrated. Whatever pleased it would be in and how it would be celebrated about what things would be done now with God want us to celebrate his birth. I think you would make that information known to us in the New Testament so there are those of the two things that maybe you can help it with good yes or if, yeah, I appreciate that.

First, in terms of debating the meaning of Christmas, but the days of the week. What is Monday. Go back to a much okay. Sunday sit there all pagan days day of the sun, moon day sores, day they're all named after false gods and in idolatry, but that that that meaning doesn't carry over and brought it right so the same way that the question is not the origin of the term Christmas, but what it means in our culture, which is the celebration of the birth of Jesus. So II would not be phased with that anymore that I'm faced with using the calendar days of the week.

To be candid as far as specifics. The question is, is that the spirit of the New Testament mother which you had Old Testament Israel, which was one nation with one particular calendar that was universally followed by the people.

Now the gospel is going throughout.

Culture. Now the gospel is going into many different settings and it's more of an emphasis on relationship with God through Jesus, then it is on specific days and specific customs there only a few things that are instituted for the body to carry out even a specific day when everyone is called together to worship once a week is not without explicitly in the New Testament, so perhaps rather than being concerned about that and I'm answering this in the context of your question, the best thing would be. Since the Bible designates several chapters to the subject. Matthew wanted to in Luke one and two and there other aspects of this and in other parts the Bible.

Should we we got this please if we took a day to celebrate the birth of the son celebrate the son of God coming into the wall. If you think I would be displeased with it when you want to do it. If you think will why would he be displeased then pay more power to you for the her plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown Marty get senior come all ye faithful, welcome back to her annual Christmas debate. This is Michael Brown 866-34-TRUTH of just further comment from early color Vicki that I got cut off by the break. She reminds us of John 114 that the Messiah came in tabernacles among us. The word became flesh and tabernacle among us with that point to him coming in the time of tabernacles and in Zechariah 14 of the millennial kingdom rear and the feast of Tabernacles. Every nation will have to go and worship the King and bring presence on the feast of Tabernacles. If they don't go there is no rain to the salsa be pointing to the Messiah coming during Tabernacles just different arguments from our listeners, let's go to Ashburn, Virginia read our thanks for calling the line of fire. Yet I look around the value hello I'm doing well thank you I am your doctor grown and later I did Christmas to delirious? Like a broader debate implement all those, but later on when I started on converting and reading the word of God at the center. I understood that literally on water?

Like they are wrong. You should have the only opportunity collection to God and literally have the opportunity to worship the true God. It doesn't matter what they did a lot payment. The gospel is the goodness of the Christ inexplicably in time that the gone and met in a bit of a God only true God did not like stripping any item listed got that that would become my side. Yes, I thank you sir for weighing in much appreciated and I don't think we can argue that 866-34-TRUTH abandon Queens New York. Thanks for calling line of fire. Hello yes run their I probably Christmas. I find that we have to draw a line from difficult to draw the line thinking Christianity with the holiday because every holiday kind of mixed paganism, Christmas and Easter. But you have all the paint a really only holiday I can find you can be completely confident in bed the bed okay with God, and to call them both the Old Testament and New Testament supported by Christians and Jews so but you know the problem is for me is it the concept of worshiping confined general celebrating the day and we have to pray to him and eat to him I see very little praise and thanks to God. God know God created the universe got Abraham, Isaac and Israel in all this, it is difficult for me to imagine that the characters of the Old Testament with support and just Christmas in its basic form, not even talking about the Christmas involves encouraging and spending encouraging spending money on and you materialism in general.

Got it hate. Then I appreciate you weighing clearly and actually speak for many on that as well. Much appreciated. 866-34-TRUTH we go to Cynthia and Boston. Welcome to modifier hi Dr. Brown thank you so much.

I'm excited to talk. I am overwhelmed a little bit because I just found out the check and attending wonderful outreach to children's health. Invited all the kids out to celebrate and feed them and brought Kant and and on so grieved because I don't think they convinced we have the greatest story ever and I work for data company about with working Crichton theater and on the director and a writer, I suddenly see the whole stage of the counterfeit production cannot hi Steve and Pat all the great giver. Whereas we know the father with the great giver. Time was spent at the gift of life that we have merchandised galore. We have rain dance. The light came in the darkness we Counterfeit date with what dancing light, make your home big area of the biggest play on the block on the more I look into it in writing a show about it counterfeit all the way and the woman who called in and pick you gave a crack in the young man said that the map just like tantalizing I want to exhort the church in my own soul to pay Weaver guided the Internet whole song and dance celebration as no big deal if Very big deal in the imagination of the young and they grow up in chief to fit into the whole know everything the map and on time grieved and I just learned that what I thought. So what do I celebrate Christmas yes because I'm an artist and it's overwhelming to consider it.

With the invasion. I think the fluid called it that are of that and I also want to turn around and evangelized by frankly I want to get out there and say this is not because the highest suicide rate is dinner time. The people really need to step up, we can't tell Athol I went to the same time grieved about the God of hey I appreciate you weighing in very much and I I buy my alright so so we just give you a few closing thoughts here right I am absent, I can be dogmatic about this in any way simply because it's not a hill that I feel called to Diane and you know there are enough hills. I feel called to Diane. I don't mind.

Controversy in the least try to be as constructive as I can with it number one. The birth of Jesus is a big thing it's a big thing in the gospel since I mean it's for many people reading the Bible for the first time the New Testament for the first time you start. Matthew beginning in the New Testament. That's region start his birth and its big big big big big news. So, just as his death on the cross is big, big news in his resurrection from the dead is big, big news, and his second coming will be big, big, big news, so also his birth into this world is very big news. Let's not lose sight of it. What ever we could do to enhance her appreciation for the Messiah's birth and death and resurrection.

Let's do it.

Let's do it. This first second.

Let's not cast judgment on one another based on our personal convictions.

I know you may feel things very strongly but you still have to admit that these are conclusions you had to come to without a specific explicit biblical text saying celebrate Christmas, don't celebrate celebrate this way don't celebrate that way for you.

It may be that black and white, but I encourage you to leave others before the Lord on this and for some, for whom it's just a fun family time and it has nothing to do with anything spiritual, that's another possibility, but for me if Christmas was a time when you've really got excited about Jesus coming into the world and you sang him. She didn't really sing at the time of the year and maybe even did special outreach is without time of the year. If you somehow conclude because of commercialism or pagan. Let's peg in which whatever that you can't celebrate the dating Mort don't lose sight of the glory of the son of God coming into the world and how special that is.

At that time of the year. I also also, regardless whether you celebrate Christmas or not animal for people just keep the biblical calendar and say hey that's that's good.

Let's do it, and let's celebrate the Messiah's birth, death, resurrection in the context of the biblical holidays so great fun, but the citizens well it's a great time to do outreach because people are much more open to talk about Jesus at this time of year.

My bottom line work this out in terms of Christmas between you and God as individuals and families.

Whatever you do always sell size

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