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An Interview with Pastor Carl Gallups and Thoughts on Jewish Evangelism

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 11, 2018 4:20 pm

An Interview with Pastor Carl Gallups and Thoughts on Jewish Evangelism

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 11, 2018 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/11/18.

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It's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown got a special guest joining me today. Pastor Carl galaxy is long time pastor of a Baptist church in Florida over 30 years is radio host. He is the best selling author is not afraid to tackle controversial subjects in his newest book, God's and throws just that the title of it is interesting to call it great to have you on the show with us today.

Thank you Michael, it's always an honor to be with you. God bless your brother and more interesting than the title as the subtitle was the subtitle of your books are not cosh forgotten prophecy and the return of the Elohim all up from the title to the subtitle are all very solid conservative balanced contextual theological topics, but you're right the title put that way is a rather intriguing, we have not met intriguing, which is the whole purpose of of the books and what will get you the Hebrew, the other not cosh from the child will work on that to the show right you have been known for writing and saying were living in prophetic times were living in the most prophetic times when I came to faith in 1971 at the age of 16.

How Lindsay's book likely planet Earth was out.

We were told this is it.

The end is near. Jesus is coming in any minute in a sense, the church has always lived in prophetic times. So what you mean by that and and what you think today is different than other times you will there's there's no question that this is different and yeah and you know it's funny because you and I are about the same age and will be so we came out of that same era of out how Lindsay's books and everything is funny from time to time when I speak to people about this and they say we know how Lindsay said yeah but I mean that's only been 4050 years ago, I met you that I mean in the scope of all of humanity in the scope of the coming of Jesus Christ thousands of years ago.

The scope of the birth of the church. The scope of the return of Israel having sometimes we get the thinking Michael that if it doesn't happen in our lifetime than that is not really prophetically significant. It's like when the when the angel of the angelic host appeared to the shepherds announcing the arrival of the birth of Christ and they went into the city of Bethlehem the town of Bethlehem. They saw the Christ child. They worship they came back they went about their business.

They probably told people, but it would be 30 years later more he would begin his public ministry, and then it would be three years after that before he would go to the cross and the Bible says nothing about the shepherds being at the cross or the wisemen that came later after the shepherds oak. The point being all that unfolded in their lifetime.

Most of them probably died during that time.

If the shepherds were 40 or 50 or 60 when he was born the night they were gone by the time his ministry started so that's just a little trap we fall into. You know, because here's the bottom line, when God's word says something and says this is going to take place. Prophecy moves forward, whether we see it or not, whether we acknowledge it or not, whether we like it or not, whether we understand it or not it moves forward and is just like the very first prophecy of the coming of the Christ in Genesis 3 when God says look there's out of the womb of a woman is coming a seed. He will crush your head that took thousands of years to fulfill. Think of the generations that endured those thousands of years looking for the Christ and and is a well. It must not be going to happen and must not mean we thought for sure it would happen in our lifetime, but in light so I just want your audience to understand that that you know we are uniquely positioned Michael in that yes generation after generation has watched prophecy unfold has expected prophecy. I am not a date setter.

I do not set dates. I do not run around reading my hands proclaiming Christ is coming even in our generation. I'm just saying we are living in the most prophetic times as the first coming of Jesus Christ. How can I say that very simply, we are the we are living in unprecedented times I can say over and over. We are the only generation that is ever live to see, for example, the return of Israel.

2500-year-old prophecy we're living 70 years on the other side of that number 70 is hugely important. The 70 weeks of Daniel 70 is is is an extremely important biblical number were living 70 years on the other side of that with the first generation to be in that position where watching it happen. Were living in the midst of it again.

That's like the Christ child in Bethlehem were living right in the midst of the birth of Israel, the rebirth of Israel. But most churches.

Most pulpits, most Christians just going about their daily business, as though it's just just a typical ho-hum thing but for 2500 years before us. Generation after generation long to see it and they didn't but we have so now here we are, but now we are just a few weeks. On the other side of the of the declaration of Jerusalem being the capital of the nations voting against that. And that happened in a Jubilee year happen 50 years after Jerusalem was captured in the Six-Day War and 67 with the first generation to see those things happen.

I mean we could go on and on we proceed with seeing the collapse of the Middle East and the Arab spring we've seen Russia arrived with its troops. We've seen China for the first time in its history. Develop a military base off of its mainland in eastern Africa so we can supply troops into China connected to Russia in Syria, which hasn't collapsed into an irreconcilable Civil War continually hearing talk of World War III resignation North Korea with nukes tied to Iran with nukes around tied directly to Russia, China, giving troops to Russia in the Middle East.

I mean you can go on and on. The collapse of borders the European borders the Islamization of Europe. Turkey collapsing into an Islamic caliphate under everyone the borders of the United States that been porous for dozens of years and really bad in the last 10 years and all that that entails. The largest Christian nation, the planet is ever known. The United States of America by decree of the Supreme Court declared we don't know what a marriage is anymore. I mean I could go on and on with these unprecedented occurrences that all of them tied into prophetic utterances that only our generation has seen only in our lifetime and think about Michael and in our generation. Not only was Israel born but think when Israel was reborn just 70 years ago. Just 70 years ago there were only three major networks and they were black-and-white. Now we've got Internet and cell phones with instantaneous communication, information, connections to the Internet and look at the digital technology we are using today and I reminisce just it's unbelievable the explosion of technology crisper cast nongenetic editing stem cell babies and on and on and on. We can go where the only generation to see this explosion of technology and the astronomical growth curve and the people that are using the technology inventing the technology. Even some of those Elon musk and several others in the headline news there there proclaiming every day. Oh my gosh we've opened Pandora's box. Some of this stuff could kill us and there's no way to squeeze it back in the toothpaste tube again with the first generation to see it so I could go on and all brother with the first generation to see all of the technologies spoken of in the prophetic Scriptures about the last days. All of them are here now with the first generation to have all of the whole world seemed something it wants. You know the signs and wonders in the sky. The images that come to life. I mean, you could go on and on.

So there we are. We are living in the most prophetic times as the first coming of Jesus Christ right so obviously a full answer again is 50 questions. At that rate will have about a nine hour interface that's that's right that's right, you can tell I'm speaking with an author, radio host and and Pastor Sosa, Carl, even if some single I dispute this point. That point to the point.

The fact is in so many ways we are first generation in human history to experience all kinds of things all kinds of changes will even mention the massive world harvest in the greatest influx of souls in history. The kingdom were Muslim say. Perhaps last 2450 years than in the previous 1400 combines as many amiss urologist working with Muslims would say. Certainly these are quickly important times, pretentious times your book dogs and thrown again intriguing title and subtitle Nacos forgotten prophecy and the return of the Elohim. What what is this what what is God's in thrones. What is it mean, what's the book about you very quick answer. Let me tell you what the books about that. I'll tell you what the title means God's with plural a lot. But the book is about as from the from the garden of Eden to the book of Revelation emphasizing reemphasizing reintroducing the modern-day church to the supernatural message of God's word and how it all connects things that you seldom hear from pulpits are seldom here in Sunday school classes anymore. Yet the word of God is clear something horrific happened in the garden it's tied to supernatural things that were happening to the day of the flood where all flesh should become corrupted. Beyond that, all the way through to the book of Revelation and so I tied this threat. I connect the dots in a way that I don't know that any other book has done this not there been a lot of people that are written to the things I've written about, but I don't know that there's anything else out there that connects the dots like that.

Then I move that into today's headlines to show people my gosh there it is. I mean this message from God's work. It's being displayed right before our eyes. I move it from there into the individual Christian life. I moved from there into the kingdom that is to come in Jesus Christ and what that means. What salvation really means and what the word of God really says about the kingdom that's coming in our place in it and it's a lot different than what most folks preach and teach. So that's what the book is about in it in a nutshell, the title God's in thrones. Just goes to this, the term God's comes from the Hebrew word Elohim, and that word is the first word we hear in the Bible for the name of God in the beginning Elohim created the heavens and the earth.

It's one of the most prolific uses of the and is one of the most prolific presentations of God's night but as you know, it is also at it. It ends in IM so it's one of those strange and difficult Hebrew words that carries with it either a single singular connotation or a plural is like a word dear or Buffalo or dice you know it's the same word even if were speaking singular.

There is a dear, look at all the deer there is a Buffalo wild look at all the Buffalo is the same word but that the verbs that are attached to it and the surrounding words determine the context of singular or plural. So what we discover as you know Michael in this in the Hebrew Scriptures that that word Elohim when it surrounded by all the singular verbs and qualifiers in speaking of God in speaking of Yahweh in the beginning Yahweh but it says in the beginning Elohim created that word is also translated and a lot of English translations as the word God's with a little G some translations rather than put the word God's they put the word angelic beings or divine beings or the Angels or the heavenly host, but it's the word Elohim. So the point of the title is look Satan wants to be big God. Isaiah 14 I will ascend to the throne of the time. I will be the God of gods will sit on the mount of the assembly.

So Satan wants to be that he is convinced that a large portion of the heavenly host to follow him. In this rebellion the Scriptures clear about that from Genesis literally to the book of Revelation. Revelation chapter 12 tells the story in panoramic so what I'm saying with this and I explained this thoroughly in the book is that the Bible is clear behind the thrones of how to hold it right there behind the thrones of Earth's power will be right back and continue to stop Pastor programs the book gods and thrown in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

I am speaking with pastor Carl gallops his new book gods and thrones. Forgotten prophecy that she is enough because forgotten prophecy and the return of the Elohim right over you be able to do today is is what people's appetite to find out more about the book but you were saying that behind every earthly throne behind every earthly power. There's something spiritual going on.

There's a spiritual battle there is Satan wanting to have the place of the God and and there's a spiritual battle resort. Once you just finish that thought, yeah, thank you so much know you're absolutely right and that's that's what the title mean God's and and you know with a little G the fallen Elohim if you will the fallen from the divine realm, the fallen angels. The demonic realm, but follow follows the leadership of Satan and Satan's desire to be the God big GE of the earthly realm. That's what he desires.

In fact he wants to be God over the gods, he says, and so so so I mean he's got big dreams and big plans, and the point is that behind the thrones of power there. There are demonic influences continually seeking to manipulate and to influence and to thwart any kind of godly purposes, and support those purposes and to conform them to to Satan's purpose for the government desire of ruling and reigning over the earth and the Bible tells us there will come a generation that will see this Antichrist kingdom that's infused with with Satan himself. But the point is Michael I like to help people understand so when Paul states that truth in Ephesians 6 he says, look, our battle is not against flesh and blood, but it's against powers and principalities authorities in the heavenly realms. He speaking of these gods behind the throne suits who do you think even though there are some Christians that look for a demon under every rock and who sometimes are so impractical in this role because everything is a spiritual battle you think. On the other hand, that most believers are focused more on the natural world and the natural thrones and don't give adequate attention to the spiritual battle behind the scenes. Yes, that is brilliantly stated Michael and that's the balance that I try to keep in my life and that is understanding the word of God, that the spiritual realm and the influence of the spiritual realm is extremely real. It's very important, from Genesis to Revelation. That's emphasized, however, our focus, our eyes should be on Jesus Christ being ambassadors represent representatives of his kingdom will you know that we been raised up for such a time as this.

But I tell Christians the balance is number one.

Be aware of the prophetic times were living in a number to be aware of the spiritual realm that is influencing this look because people Christians are always asking me what's wrong with this world is what you me well is World War III and brothers are collapsing in the Middle East is on fire and everybody hates Israel, and Isaac. Do you really have to ask that question because because even though I don't go around immersed in it every day because I know God's word. I know what's wrong with this world and that's where this balance has to come in so no I don't look for a demon under every rock. I do not live my life that way.

But on the other hand, I want to make sure that I'm continually reminded of reminding myself were living in very prophetic times and very spiritual times and when you get that and when you get those biblical principles and understand it as outlined in my book in the world makes sense. The headlines make sense since answer the spiritual battle going on explains a lot of the earthly config humans beings against sin.

We understand that human beings can strive for power, and human beings are gonna do what with their father the devil also does. But let's not forget that she's the one pushing and and he has his plans and goals are right in the time we have left will will continue to break down title and subtitle said folks will know what's in the book, not kashrut. We know the meaning of that the snake that the serpents also related to word for bronze, and hence the bronze serpent that was made in the wilderness was called in. This pushed on and we know that ended up being worshiped by the children of Israel and idolatry.

We read about that second Kings, but not harsh who you talk about here. You talk about the primeval serpent, who is not harsh yet knockoff is the primeval serpent, who is Satan. Revelation 12 says the Drake that ancient Dragon the ancient serpent, who is the devil who is Satan. Revelation 20 says the same thing that each serpent, who is the devil who is Satan's. Paul says, second Corinthians chapter 11 the same thing the serpent deceived Eve in the two verses later.

He talked about that that is Satan who can appear as an angel of light and on and on and on. Ezekiel 28 God calls him the chair of the anointed cherub that was in the garden that was on the mount of assembly. So yes not touch it, it means it can be is likely is Lucas the same way we use our English word snake I can point to a snake asked. I look at the snake in the grass. What's the context there's a snake in the grass at the rattlesnake if I'm in a room full of people I've just seen somebody that come that came in the room that I don't trust the deceiver there a manipulator that snake in the grass that same word that Hebrew word is used exactly the same. The New Testament tells us, and God tells us in Ezekiel 28 that the term serpent in Genesis is symbolic of the real deal behind that symbolism and the symbolism refers to his character not cost the Guardian cherub that was deep deceived and brought about the fall. It is Satan that at the risk of of opening up a massive subjects will just give a short answer. Obviously we're Jesus entered, we focus on it on a great big God. Not a great big devil.

But do you think that many believers fail to realize how crafty how devious, how destructive, how nefarious, how powerful Satan actually is. Yes, yes I do know that's my quick answer gods and thrones.

I spent a lot of time helping people understand that because we've turned them into a career coach or a cartoon style of the children's bedtime story, we turn the whole garden scene into the garden of Eden into a children's bedtime story. The whole Noah's flood. I make Noah's flood, Michael God push the reset button. He destroyed everything in the garden. It was so despicable that God called Satan and he said look under the kill you for this. I'm going to destroy you for this. I mean yeah so I use the book to bring all of that alive in forefront so that people can understand what we're up against. And you're right greater see who's in us than he was in the world but sometimes people don't even understand how powerful one is that were up against yeah and we have many for grad serving as missionaries around the world.

Some of them in countries like Thailand which is just a real ancient Buddhist stronghold in the labor and they fast and they pray and they reach out and you compassionate work and they see fruit, but right now it's still very little fruit realize when they're there all the strongholds that are out there and it takes a real tremendous spiritual battle to see victory and I know you point to key chapters in the book of Genesis. The importance of than the, the apostle nature of them and then speak to us today all right. Forgotten prophecy again.

You can go on for hours here folks left regards and thrones, but give us a minute or two version. What what is this forgotten prophecy will I list I talk about for five humming. I dissect them once I lay the theological groundwork and framework in the earlier part of my book that I just start unwrapping things that are been in the Scripture that people once they see it as oh my gosh, I never understood this before now I see one that I just think about the top of my head, I'm not do all of them but we got a yeah I think of like Ephesians chapter 1 I think is right around verse 19 or 20, where Paul says look we know God has revealed what his will is he is going to bring everything in heaven and on earth together under one head, Jesus Christ develops this whole theme of look what's God up to his going to heaven getting saved and going to heaven is a fat little baby sit on the cloud heart not know that's Greek mythology but but God the Word of God says do you not know you will judge angels do you not know you will rule and reign with Christ. Do you not know you will sit on a throne with Christ. Do you not know that you will judge the nations you know so so there's something that you rarely hear about you.

It's all moving. This is something bigger is getting ready to happen in the word of God speaks of it all the way through. Even through the New Testament and so seldom do we hear about it. So I unpack all of that and so much more if the glorious return of Jesus and he comes and literally establishes a kingdom on an area and ultimately a new heaven and a new earth as opposed to just some type of the cereal in the by-and-by heavenly doing whatever we do know there there something much greater and then all this will be a challenge, and in one minute of the return of the Elohim like a million questions, but really have two minutes to go ahead. I can do that in one minute targeted very simply, that just speaks to the fact of the prophecies in the New Testament about the Spirit clearly says in the last days. I'm just going to paraphrase it there be a demonic outpouring and and of course on speaking of the fallen Elohim. This this intensification. This this this revelation 1212, Satan is been thrown down. He's curious, he knows his time is short. Revelation 16 speaks of the demonic spirits that begin to get behind the thrones of the kings of the earth and manipulate them. There's going to be an outpouring and what I think were seeing it now around the edges of it now of of the Elohim, the fallen God's little G that collect around the throne of Satan for the purpose of stealing the world the return of the Elohim. I mean, the battle that the climax of the ages. It's almost like everybody comes out of hiding and and here is a brutal time, but also a glorious time because we were made for this very hour and just a couple seconds people reading this is going to give them courage, understanding, faith, practical application.

Yes, all of that. All that the last four chapters in very positively very centered on the believer and our ambassadorship and and and our purpose that we been raised up for this time in greater is he who is in us yet but I like the theological found groundwork, as I said, from Genesis to Revelation. But yes, it'll do all of that little encourage it will instruct it will inspire it will inform and hopefully is a lot of people said is it is amazing is change their their understanding of how to read the Scriptures like friends. Check it out. Pastor Carl galloped gods and thrones.

Nahas forgotten prophecy in the return of the Elohim and listen. My hope is we talk about these things as this gets you thinking freshly about Scripture read the book, Scripture and ask God my eyes that I can be a fully hate pastor called great in with you today. God bless you.

Thanks so much.

It's my pleasure Michael God bless you. I the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown will again in York city still in the midst of a very fruitful week.

Great focus on Jewish ministry and a special broadcast for you today so thanks so much for being part of our thoroughly Jewish Thursday show. I want to speak to a bit today about Jewish evangelism will be taking calls today will use this time to talk to about Jewish evangelism and why I encourage everyone of you to be involved in praying for the salvation of Israel looking for opportunities to share the good news with a Jewish friend or coworker supporting those of us who are on the front lines of evangelism reaching out to the Jewish people. Certainly, if you pray for me. Pray for a team pray for so many others on the front lines that would be awesome and those that are led to help financially wonderful.

There many good ministries to get behind ours is one of them that I want to put the focus not on giving. Right now, but on what you can do to make a difference while here in Brooklyn.

At this conference. Advanced apologetics course that I taught on Jewish evangelism and then a special conference on reaching the ultra-Orthodox call this hurry deem it literally means those who tremble. The comes from the book of Isaiah.

Those who tremble at God's word. In other words, these God-fearing people.

The very, very religious. The most religious in the Jewish communities worldwide. In the midst of this conference a brother from Holland said that some of the churches in Holland are reluctant to engage in Jewish evangelism, you know, with the horrors of the Holocaust.

A direct result or built directly on the centuries of anti-Semitism in churches in Europe with the idea that you can't dam all the excuse to hell and maybe they have their own covenant with God. So they had their way, we have our way that that there reluctant to share the gospel with Jewish people. Some of the churches in Holland, not just in Holland, but the brother said could you contribute to video. Give just a statement of maybe five or 10 minutes why it's so important for Christians to reach out to Jewish people, not the please hear me Christians reaching out to every body you know what I'm saying you're reaching out your friend, your friends, and atheist are friends of warming your friends.

A Buddhist your friends a Muslim you sharing the gospel with that person so like we are targeting Jews and leaving everybody else so it's quite the reverse were saying don't leave out Jewish people. So I made an appeal as a Jewish follower of Jesus, I said please please don't withhold from us the water of life. Please don't withhold from us the way of salvation and I said if Christians didn't share the gospel with me when I was 16 years old, I would've died in my sin is a heavy drug user if if Christians didn't share the gospel with Nancy when she was 19 years old timeout. People were Jewish, were both Jewish was non-Jews who first shared the gospel with us.

She well died and atheist and on and on and on it goes. So I said as a Jew.

I'm appealing to you Christians please don't withhold the message of life from us the most anti-Semitic thing that you could do the most discriminatory thing that you could use a Christian does not share the gospel with the Jewish person or you might find it challenging at times. Sometimes you might think.

How can I share with them today no more than I that whatever conceptions you have or I'm not saying that every Jewish person you want to talk to is going to thank you but I'm saying it is your service in the gospel and in we need Yeshua the same as everybody else look if a Jew could be saved by keeping the law and asking God for forgiveness where that person fall short if would you could be saved without the Messiah sacrifice. Then he died in vain. As Paul wrote in Galatians 2 of righteousness comes by the law that we we frustrate the grace of God. If righteousness comes by the law, then we we would not have needed a Savior we would not have needed to save me. That's what you quoted were exactly. I will not frustrate the grace of God by saying that that salvation can come through the law no, absolutely not.

If there was another way Jesus would not have said to his Jewish people. I am the way the truth and life Peter would not of said their salvation and no other name. Remember the ones Jesus was preaching to. At first they're all Jews remember that. Remember that his message came to the lost sheep of the house of Israel and he said he came to seek and save the lost, and first and foremost among his people and after he died and rose from the dead, his apostles preached his emissaries preach to those same Jewish people, telling them to turn and receive the Messiah that there was only forgiveness of sins and hand when did he change when did God nullify that when did God resend that so don't withhold the message of life for us when it comes to salvation. Paul writes in Romans 1012 there's no difference between Jew and Greek the same Lord is Lord of all richly blessing all who call in and for whoever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved if the end of Romans 11 Paul explains that God is concluded. All both Jew and Gentile in unbelief and disobedience in sin so that he may have mercy on us all. We all find ourselves lost and hopeless dead in our sins, with no way to save ourselves and only through the blood of Messiah only through his death, death and resurrection.

Can we be saved here something else. If you know the great majority of Jewish people that you speak with, especially in America, not religious, and don't know the Bible well. While there Jews. They must know a lot about why we Jewish person raised in a fairly secular nonreligious home know the Bible better than you was a Christian when you read it on a daily basis to listen to messages preached on a weekly basis if not more. Look when I came to faith 1971. You know my story heroin shooting LSD using hippie rock drummer and by the way we we went to some of the locations. Just yesterday we went to the locations where I grew up on Long Island and and what are where I was bar mitzvahed and and then over in Queens New York that the church in which I met the Lord we we went to these different places and it was is really very very special to do that but but here's the point. Here's the point is so important to understand that we Jewish person comes to faith like I did back in 1971. We don't have all these amazing insights in the Lord just because were Jews. I'm not. I'm not say that long of people think what you're Jewish, you must really understand the Bible, but I hadn't read it. I hadn't read it. It will be one thing if I was raised in a religious home and learn Hebrew, from earliest days and summer taking the time with the says in Hebrew that would've been one thing, but what I know so this idea that all know if I talked to Jewish person to know, so much the average Jew that you talk to in America will not you'll know the Bible better than that person does and you'll be more serious about having a relationship with God than that Jewish person because they are more likely more secular or liberal now look if you meet a very religious Jew. If you talk to Rabbi that will be different of course and that person is good to know a lot of stuff that you don't know. But if you have a genuine relationship with the Lord you can share that. If you have a genuine relationship with the Lord in your sins have been forgiven and in you have the assurance of eternal life and intimacy with God, your father whom you call Abba. That's something that can challenge any Jew the most religious or the most secular. But first, don't be intimidated. Walk in love, don't look is at a Jew is a trophy that you're trying to take to win or something like that some prize that the you're trying to obtain look at this person is a fellow human being loved by God, with a very important and special heritage and someone whom God wants to reach with the good news of the Jewish Messiah. One of my Jewish believing friends encourages Christians when they talk to Jews to say we need you. We love you so much. Thank you, thank you for what. Thank you for the Messiah is a Jew. Thank you, thank you for the profits and thank you for all the apostles are all Jews without you would be lost that that person, but the Jewish people because of Messiah, and so on and make them himself will hate you because you Jews think that the so-called Christians at the den and church history. A complete aberration and look where we stand with you we we care about you and then like anyone else seek to build a relationship and end. Do you have a testimony did you experience new life in the Messiah will yet so you can share you can share your testimony and if you get into a discussion you want to hear something amazing. Are you ready Jews send like everybody else. The most religious Jew on the planet. The most devoted Jew on the planet still sins and some Jews are more conscious of their sins than others. Some Jews are into all kinds of mystical beliefs or New Age beliefs or whatever the latest trend may be summer starch atheist others, very religious, but like everybody else.

They sin and fall short, and that means that if you share the word with them. If your life is different and in your living a godly way that the challenges that you pray for them for the Holy Spirit to convict them of sins. You pray for them that God would deal with them and make them realize they need a Savior. And here something really interesting. Those who will be far and away the most resistant to your message will be the most traditional Jews. The most religious. Naturally, in any group. The most religious. What will be the most resistant to change because there was committed to it that they have the greatest mistake involved. Many of them have been living like this for generations generation so to them. It's the ultimate betrayal to leave so on the one hand, the most religious Jews will be the most resistant. On the other hand, they may well be the most conscious of their own sins because they are so devoted they are so prayerful they are so studious they have such a high and lofty view of God that they may even be more conscious of their sins, and when the Holy Spirit begins to convict them. It can bring them to a realization that with in their system with no temple standing and no sacrifice available, and in no Messiah right here to delivery and yet they can pray they can ask God for mercy, but you can pray that the Holy Spirit would convict them and give them a deep awareness of their need a deep awareness of their need for a Savior in my life. Friends is a heavy drug use is always far from religious people pray for me by. It was just amazing to talk to young lady, about 60 noun 62.

She was 14 when I came to faith. She was 16 when her butt is 10. I mentioned this earlier that week, but we we met with them Sunday night it to film some of my testimony go back through time and things like that and and listen. She told me after that first time I was at the church they prayed for me all the time I was stubborn I was rebellious. I boasted about my sin. But I'm telling you one night I'm laying in bed high on drugs thinking on the coolest guy on the planet and look at all the stuff I've done a trick. This one stole from my parents. They are just all this diabolical stuff.

I was proud of it. One day later couple days later, I'm waiting for high-end versus direct that to my friends. What made it different. Pray for me. Ron Gentile can't run from you will be right back.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown come back to thoroughly Michael Brown coming your way from Brooklyn, New York, and when I'm here in a community like this and when there are so many Jewish people around me, especially traditional Jews.

But my heart just beats with this intense passion to see our people reached and and I get excited when any person comes to the Lord is an amazing when God's use you to share the gospel with someone and they get wonderfully born again. It seems like America. It is a miracle. It's the greatest miracle. It's just all your different person maybe happen to your husband or wife or your kids or your parents or friend coworker for many years and when I get born again he it illness have to pinch yourself.

I received that over the years right you someone for years. Certainly, they were hostile and they got bored again. They got so born again is my friend Steve Hill used to say so saved, so say I so that's wonderful.

I'm here the person is Jew, Gentile. It is wonderful so sure anyone is born again.

It's amazing we rejoice the times you see it happen from your eyes were submitted gets under conviction weeps and prays and cries out to the Laporte next say they're different.

And then you talk to him every day they can recognize themselves as amazing sometimes is not that dramatic a little bit more gradual but still if you haven't seen that person for years. The last time you saw there and I believe in the they are now a believer. It always seems like they're acting so why do you serious target. Many of you know exactly what I'm talking so I'm thrilled with when anyone comes to faith and if I find that the person is Jewish that came to faith that that's always special in another way is a Jew, myself and knowing through her history, how much resistance there's been to the gospel and how often the gospel is not presented to us in a way that was culturally relevant or sensitive, so I was thrilled. It's a fellow Jew who comes to faith and I believe there is something of ultimate significance of that is God's eternal plan, but but what warms my heart the most. What excites me the most.

So again, I rejoice, I rejoice. When a sinner saved.

There there is joy in heaven over that right. But what especially thrills me is is one of very religious Jew comes to faith because the obstacles that have to be overcome are our massive it's it's almost like going from one world of existence to another. There so many challenges. There are so many difficulties and and even though those of us who are on the front lines of outreach can also yeah I know this when they came to faith or that when we still know them by one's knowing saying if there are hundreds of secret believers are thousands of secret believers. God knows who they are. We just know one here one day or another there another there do I hear about more yeah but I I've never met them personally, nor does it do it do I know anyone that's met all of them that are there so a lot of in secret underground swing when you find that out what when one of you that is very religious. Will call the show and say I listen regularly agree with you. I can't say Mark or send an email number one ultra-Orthodox Jew sending an email and said listen, I agree with what you're saying.

I think you're doing a great job like I command you and keep up the good work spreading the news about the Messiah and and we wrote back and said hey listen, we love to send you some materials I can we get this, no, no, no, my family can't know you can send me anything. No, no. So we decide to leave it there so if you're one of those listening and and and you know you know in your heart that Jesus she was really the Messiah you know that as I'm talking you got that little smile. The twinkle in your eye that warms my heart greatly and and I'm praying for the day you'll be able to boldly share your faith, and when there will be a community of believers. Like-minded same background as you were, you could worship God together and serve God together and be a witness to our people together that would be absolutely wonderful and friends for those of you who want to find out more about why Jewish people don't believe in Jesus. What are the main objections. You may not know that I wrote five whole volumes answering Jewish objections to Jesus rebutting all of the major objections with which I had been presented over the time people presented other arguments I try to weave some into those books and others have tackled outside of those books but as I was putting the volumes together. I was answering all the major objections I had encountered over the years, reaching out to my fellow Jews as a Jewish follower of Jesus reading the counter missionary books, listening to the counter missionary presentations so we got five whole vines were broken down into six categories. General objections historical objections theological objections messianic prophecy objections. New Testament objections traditional Jewish objections and then we also put out a 22 hour course on countering the counter missionary's approaching some things from some different angles and refuting some of the most well distributed counter missionary material by leading counter missionary Rabbi.

His arguments are easily refuted, but they often seem powerful to those who are lacking in some knowledge in terms of fundamental Jewish apologetics and for those that are unable to afford the five volumes or can't take the time to go through that you can't afford the 22 hour DVD or CD series. Just go to my website, real real If you have are asked Dr. Brown Apra line of fire app. You can click you can get it from there.

Otherwise, if you're on our main website asked Dr. just click on Jewish and it'll take you there and in there you can look at many many principal objections. I think we have over 150 that are listed there. The main objections that we cover in the five volumes and we have a concise, here's the objection here's the answer we have that for you or we have here is the objection. Here's the answer written and then here's a short video presentation that sounded so rich resources waiting for you there ready to help equip you, so we've got free resources get DVDs, CDs and books. You can be equipped with lots of great information in the way we break them down the general objections are the. The objections based in Wasilla, Jew Jew, I don't believe in Jesus you still believe in Jesus I change my religion and why should I believe in him as a Christian still believe in Mohammed and Muslims don't believe in Buddha. Jews don't believe in Jesus so we overcome that by showing the Jewishness of Jesus. Yeshua and how Jewish it is to follow him. We counter some of the common objections that come down that stream and then the next series is objective objections or historical. One major objection is that when the Messiah comes to bring peace on earth. We know Jesus is the Messiah because he didn't bring peace and we counter that by explaining that there are two phases to the Messiah's coming one Priestly, one Royal, one we had to die for.

Since before the second Temple was destroyed in the year 70.

The other when he will return and establish his kingdom at the end of the age we are in a transition age now so we do our best to lay that out with Scripture and with Jewish tradition, then another major historical objection is his church history that this was the true faith. Why has the church often been corrupted and why have Christians so so persecuted the Jews through history so we tackle is there again I'm I'm simplifying it, but the objections can be very intense and we have to really tackle them in great depth. We do our best to do with clarity. The theological objections are very deep belief about God and one God, not three rebuttal believe a man can become God or God can become a man. We don't believe the Holy Spirit is a so-called third person of the Trinity yes blood is important, but we don't need blood atonement, the fundamental tenets of Christianity violate the fundamental tenets of Judaism. Those are big theological objections. We cover those in one whole volume and then objections based on messianic prophecy. Jesus didn't fulfill the prophecies. Jesus didn't fulfill the provable prophecies the prophecies allegedly fulfilled have been misinterpreted to apply to him. The reader in context. You see, they don't apply to Jesus. So we tackle all of those and again if you can't get the volumes and any one of the five I'm stands alone.

If you can't get those with the DVD series go to real and take advantage of the free resources and the. The answers to all these questions and objections. I'm racing there there for you get equipped with rear equip. You are right, and then New Testament objections.

The New Testament misquotes the Old Testament and New Testament manufactures verses that don't exist to take things out of context, the teachings of the New Testament or anti-Jewish Jesus abolished the law.

Paul abolished Warsaw. We tackle all of those weaving tackle be the objections the genealogical objections of problems with Matthew one in Luke three we tackle all of those and then the last five traditional Jewish objections.

We tackle the idea that Jews have an oral law and unbroken chain of all tradition going all the way back to Moses on Mount Sinai. That's one major objection we tackle that you can understand the Bible without Jewish tradition, and then they Judaism. This is sufficient in itself.

It survived the Holocaust and survived inquisitions of the Crusades. It survived the pogroms in these other acts of persecution. It's doing fine without Jesus when we need him for so we tackle all of these and if you want to get equipped because the Jewish person you talk to may not know a lot about these things, but if they start to get serious about belief in Yeshua there very likely going to have a love one talk to them or someone else and you need to go to this Rabbi you need to go this website you need to read this book and then soon enough they'll be coming to either on their way to faith or having come to faith, though becoming true with all these questions you will be able say hey, great, we've got answers. Go to this website get these materials and will be there to help a friend. I hope you find this helpful reminder again prayer for Jewish people. Salvation is the biggest thing you can do and then make yourself available and then stand with those ministries that are make a difference. We welcome your support become one of our torchbearers and you'll get the rich reward of sharing with us all the good fruit that we see that will become part of your reward is well to stand with us to become a monthly support goal right now asked to ascertain our Brown color donate one time to say it once again gather different claim with all Israel will say

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