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Did Joshua Conquer Palestine?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 18, 2018 5:01 pm

Did Joshua Conquer Palestine?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 18, 2018 5:01 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/18/18.

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So how is the world like Palestine get used in the Bible talk about the conquest of Canaan. I mean it's hundreds of years out of date stock for the line of fire, your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, did you hear about the speech of Palestinian Authority Pres. Mahmoud Abbas just a few days ago. If you heard about it through CNN you got the sanitized version. You didn't hear the worst of what he had to say will tell you the truth about that.

It is thoroughly Jewish. There is a this is Michael Brown. Welcome to the line of fire for those watching on YouTube and Facebook, you will be hearing our audio feed as everyone does on radio but because of the blizzard. The storm the legitimate snowstorm that we had yesterday is basically no access to our building parking lot so because of that I am broadcasting from a remote location so radio audio as always, on this thoroughly Jewish Thursday, but no video.

However, the phone number remains the same. 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 any Jewish related question you have any question about Israel today any question about Judaism. The question that relates to Hebrew language in Bible things like that Jewish related questions only. That's what will take on this Thursday, 866342 last night I got a note from my friend Scott Faulk and by the way, we are planning out our next tour for Israel will be will be announcing details of that for you very shortly in 2019 gobbling, but Scott shot me a note. He is been reading the NASB for many years.

It's one of the most respected modern translations of the Bible. It's it's known especially for the New Testament for being probably the most word for word translation after you can to perfectly word for word from one language to another with the NASB, even if the languages of the readers smoothly will will will go close to the word for word, which many Greek scholars appreciate with the New Testament. In any case, there's nothing anti-Semitic or anti-Jewish about the translation.

Someone pointed out to me that he consistently footnotes words is James that in the footnote. It mentions that it's actually Jacob and Greek, which is very positive in terms of the Jewish roots of the faith but but Scott sent me a screenshot last night and hit he had never did never notice this before and then when he started to dig a little bit. He was even more surprised so he semi-screenshots from an actual physical Bible, one that was produced by Cambridge University press and it had a heading. A section heading before Joshua 1020 kn is not that the the Scripture itself.

These are the headings of the bold headings that tell you what's coming next. So it's not technically part of the Bible translation but if you see it in place after place after place in all the different print versions. For example, when the online versions in euros or could this.

This must be incorporated in the official translation somehow. So Joshua 1029 it says Joshua's conquest of southern Palestine. Set some Palestine the nation of Israel as a whole. That area was not called Palestine until after the destruction of the second Temple and Hadrian renamed Joshua's conquest of southern Palestine. Then he began to look at different online additions. He went to Bible Gateway Bible hub is liberty and pocket Bible which is found in the logos at any found, for example, this heading before Joshua 11 one northern Palestine taken it one. It that that would be like me saying Christopher Columbus discovers the United States, or the rule of Genghis Khan extends into the Soviet Union or TE Lawrence was famously known as Lawrence of Saudi Arabia metal of all these things are completely anachronistic completely out of time order. It would be like, you know, saying that it oh 500 years ago similar to Washington DC.

There is no such place as Washington DC if you said 500 years ago someone went to this area which today is called Washington DC. That's one thing but that's not with the same Joshua's conquest of southern Palestine. Northern Palestine taken so were trying to get to the root of how this happened. Something this anachronistic.

A colleague of mine just said that when he read my article that I wrote about and I got this all written out for you which is on our website.


Dr. Brown's K your but someone that knows the folks involved with the NASB is going to reach out to them supreme get this corrected.

Because again it's a fine translation which try to find out how this happened all means use the NASB it's great translation, but if you look at Joshua 11 one. For example, on various translations that you can get disk of the Bible Gateway website. For example, you got Joshua's conquest of the North conquest of Northern Canaan. Israel defeats in or the coalition, the northern campaign conquest of northern cities the northern conquest. Northern kings defeated Cochran North.

These are all from Lexington. Translation ESV NET, ISV, CSB new King James MAV TLV. There is no reason to put Palestine in there because the name did not exist, that now here's what's interesting the Palestinian viewpoint is correct reject everything and to make Jesus into a Palestinian messenger I'm looking at a speech that was given by Mahmoud Abbas ways back and omits the here Melanie Phillips wrote about it.

June 2014. Jesus was a Palestinian.

The return of Christian anti-Semitism and and she's talking about this idea of Jesus being a Palestinian he he is no longer in Israeli shoe.

He's no longer Judaism Jew he's a Palestinian and therefore you identify him with the cause of the the Muslim world fighting against Israel rather than with the cause of a visitor and I don't mean that Jesus is taking an nationalistic side, I mean that your stripping him of his identity and his roots. Not only so, the idea that the children of Israel ever were given the land of Canaan by God presents a problem today.

In other words, didn't they drive out the Canaanites at divine order.

Didn't they slaughter those that fought and resisted, didn't they drive out others. Didn't they take the land as given to them by God. The answer is yes they did well doesn't that present a problem that you could set one up. No problem God gave to them.

Then they send and disobey. Got kicked them out of the land announced that there is anymore you could be a Christian and perhaps hold to that view, which is an erroneous view, but you can hold to that you, but there are Palestinian Christians that some of my friends have dialogue with and they have a hard time with with the Old Testament says itself because it would it would seem that the Old Testament is advocating all the land belongs to the Jews.

They can drive out and kill anybody they want as if they could do that today so it's wrong for Christians to say well, God gave the land then they send that he took away their banished forever. That's wrong that's in Scripture it's also wrong with the Jew was to say well God give us the land, then we can drive out anybody. We want a wing drama today that would be a wrong application but the right application was it's God's land. It's up to God to distribute it however he wants to give it to whomever he wants and it's not based on merit.

It's based on his grace and his purpose and justice. He gave the land to Israel as a as a lasting inheritance before the Sinai covenant by promise to Abram. God can restore the Jewish people back to the land whenever he wants. And because he's God, he cares about justice and fairness for all. There's a famous commentary.

The most famous rabbinic commentary to the Bible written about a thousand years ago. It asked the question why does the book of Genesis. Start with the creation account. Why not start with something else. Why not start with just the first laws like Exodus 12 regards the laws for Passover mean if the tour is there to teach us how to live in the Torah is there to give us God's precepts, then why start with the creation account doesn't seem to make any sense. And the answer is well reason starts with the creation account is to show that God created everything and he owns everything and that the land belongs to him and he can give it to whomever he wants. Obviously is a lot more to why the Bible starts with the creation account and that that it reminds us of the fact that is God's land. It's God's world and it's up to him to give it to whom he wants so there's an article that I'm looking at and it's it's pretty intensely written article and will hang on just all did I do that. Did I just click to okay hand, let me get it back on my screen here.

I just uncollected one second and I'll get it up for you okay so there's an article very passionately written on the website built to Beale website so it in Arabic website confronting the Bible's ethnic cleansing in Palestine and was written by Michael prior and it it asked certain questions, and quotes John Mahoney is Yahweh. The great ethnic cleanser, did he not instruct the Israelites to rid their promised land of its indigenous people and he says that Dr. Pryor was professor of biblical studies and the University of Surrey, England, and visiting Prof. in Bethlehem University Palestine is going to answer that and in his he is. He's going to argue that Israel is trying to practice ethnic cleansing today. He starts by saying it's mid October 2000.

To date at least 98 Palestinians and seven Jews killed over 3000 mostly Palestinians injured in the holy land's most recent unholiness. That's the math of it is, however, the morality of it that has engaged me over the past quarter of a century and is wrestling with this okay does the Bible just tell the Jewish people to drive out the date the ethnic inhabitants of the land is Israel doing that now was Israel guilty of ethnic cleansing.

Back then, and he addresses these issues at some length. Here's the point of it all, we have to understand that ultimately this is God's business is God's business to determine boundaries and where people live and what nation gets what territory this is God's business and the one thing he has clearly sketched out in the Bible is that this piece of land is ultimately for his Jewish people, not them alone. Others can live there with them, but it is ultimately for his Jewish people and it is a Jewish Jerusalem that will come back.

As for the name Palestine site use for the areas of said after the temple second Temple was destroyed main the anachronistic call the ancient land. Palestine folder affect the learning plan gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown in the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown and Brown sugar to be on the broadcast with you. Listen this coming May. I'm scheduled to speak for the first time at the by annual Christ at the checkpoint conference in Bethlehem. Many Jewish believers in Israel stand strongly against it, even though they work regularly with Palestinian Christians with Arab Christians for reconciliation. They spent time in prayer together. They do annual retreats. Together they do advance together and yet many strongly oppose this believing it's just being used for propaganda purposes to make Israel look bad and that that's the whole purpose of it so that they use people like me that will come and say hello. Look were open to various viewpoints. So I was aware of that concern.

Other messianic Jews think it's important to do this, but I was aware of the concern I felt it was the Lord's will that I did accept the invitation and they were very candid with me were inviting you to come because we know how strongly you disagree with our perspective, we want you to present it. We want you to hear ours is a great and said, quote you in terms of why you invited me in, etc. and that I can freely speak about Islam and anything else yes and then by God's grace because we got a great platform.

We've got radio, we've got TV we've got social media so every week.

We can literally reach millions of people.

I felt if they did in fact want to use this for their own PR purposes. I'm on believing the best. I'm trust in the best and expecting the best from Christian brothers, but if in fact they did want to use this for their own propagandistic purposes, will we perhaps have a louder voice and a larger platform to expose that to set that right so might my hope is that there will be folks who will listen and that I can challenge some things and I absolutely plan to challenge them on their solidarity with the Palestinian Authority, I will invite them to renounce evils by the Palestinian Authority against Israel and to say we stand against this because we are followers of Jesus, I will invite them to do that. We shall see what happens. But please pray that God would be glorified that Jesus would be central if this is Christ at the checkpoint and let Jesus be exalted.

So what's the checkpoint. While there is a conference in Bethlehem. You'll see that for people to get from Bethlehem into the rest of Israel.

There's a checkpoint that they have to go through if you've ever gone across the border from US to Canada US to Mexico. You have a border crossing.

Sometimes you have to wait for hours to cross and so you have delays have issues like that crossing over, and then for security purposes. Israel built a wall and in some places primarily offensive security fence but it's it's separate.

It wasn't there before.

Now it's it's not just that I sort it separates Bethlehem for the rest of Israel proper and just makes life more difficult course Israelis don't like it either that Wallace is put up to keep snipers and murderers out. It's been very successful me that the rate of of terror attacks is dropped Bible close to 99% in those areas. Since that the barrier was put up, but there is a reason that there checkpoints that I sense that Israel's fault it's the fault of the Palestinian Authority and radical Islam and Islamic hatred for Jews because you don't have those checkpoints in Israel proper. Do you you don't have those pregnant checkpoints when you when you coalesce Israel proper me where it was undisputedly controlled by Israel. You will have those checkpoints and yet you have, what 1,000,000 1/2 Arabs living there Palestinians they be called living there. Why because they're not trying to kill their neighbors if they were then be expelled or put in prison. You have to work at some of the security solution so I'm looking forward to that. Pray that Jesus indeed will be glorified. 866-34-TRUTH of our let's let's go to our friend Todd and see Grove, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire like Dr. Brown I have a good report question from chapter 8 of Ezekiel, or are you what is the image of jealousy and speculate about what is meant by putting the branch to their note, yeah, okay.

Putting the branch to the nose is something that I looked at a lot years ago because it's such a controversial statement we we don't know for sure.

I'm looking at the IV P Bible background commentary says there's an Acadian expression lob on RP that refers to a gesture of humility used to come contrite me before deity with the petition. When this act is portrayed in art. The worshiper has his hand position in front of his nose and mouth is sometimes shown with a short, cylindrical object in his hand from the Sumerian tail called Gilgamesh in the land of the living. There is some evidence that was held the small branch cut off the living tree. This would suggest that in Ezekiel. The people are putting on a show of humility must be dinner. However, these convex connections are very hazy and the significance may lie somewhere else entirely. In other words, we really don't know what it means people are just trying to speculate is that you have some act of worship or false on of humility, but honestly we don't know that the top scholars have debated this and we simply don't know as as for the idle of of jealousy. It's interesting that in second Chronicles the 33rd chapter that when Manasseh sets up an image of of Osher.

It's referred to in similar ways is as something that provokes jealousy so we don't know exactly what it was but there was obviously some type of idle some type of idolatrous image that was right there in the temple and because of that it was it was called the idle that provokes to jealousy. So we don't know specifically which idle but that certainly what it was some some other type of idolatrous image that was there in the temple and therefore the idle that provokes jealousy, 866-34-TRUTH. Yeah, let's just see here. Okay, you know, I've challenge of challenge the folks Christ at the checkpoint. If you want reconciliation, then why does your Facebook page or blog.

Why do you just attack Israel day and night and post negative things about Israel day and night. It does not seem to be any type of balance whatsoever. So here are from their blog is teargas and sound bombs sound outside my office on this declare a day of rage in response to United States current administration decision to hang on scroll down here somehow not scrolling. In response, United States current administration's decision to declare Jerusalem is the capital of Israel employee to consider the way of Jesus harmful interpretation of prophecy and subsequent theology is literally killing people.

It isn't this remarkable. This is a Palestinian Christian position and this is what I take issue with how utterly remarkable president Tromp recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, which it is historically and practically and functionally presently that didn't kill anyone that didn't hurt anyone that that there is a bloodshed because of that the bloodshed or the uproar was people protesting against it so so picture this, you say because of of a because of some problems we've had in our area were declaring a state of emergency. We we had a natural disaster were declaring a state of emergency. Because of that some people who don't like the decision begin to protest in the streets and start killing people and you say man. The proclamation of a state of emergency coping. None of the state of emergency was something that needed to be done and now people reacted to it. They're the ones harming so if you could preach Jesus to someone preach it to the protesters don't know preach it to the Christians who were applauding the president for doing what's right. Preach it to the ones that are stirring up trouble and as a result of stirring up trouble Israel's God put down dangerous protest. Yes, but who is at fault.

The protesters were the ones putting down the protest, 866342's all right we go over to killing Texas Cherokee out welcome to the line of fire or log about hello and yeah go ahead. I question I've been studying the Torah. Out of five books of Moses for a while now. I got a majority perspective when I read the Torah on the Christian perspective and early commentaries on the person to comment that really don't have in-depth information on how to find out you have any good, all references in the Lord, or any type of literature that would help expand and understand the law greater what you trying to understand IIR yada yada yada II just wanted understand it a lot more and meets talk and and understand the law it in the proper context in NY got David and Walton idle, cultural, and all ceremonial law. Walton and Andy are started and more in depth about it you have any record that that that are really good perspective docket is from a Jewish perspective that's what you get in in. In other words, went when you if you if Thomas and everyone ago that would that would endlessly confuse you. You need a massive orientation to that. But if you going to read from a Jewish perspective you're not going to get you regional Tory going to get later Jewish interpretation.

Understanding reflection here is a useful book.

A good place to start because just been looking at a few weeks back. It's by Roy Gagne GA and E is called Old Testament law for Christians original context and enduring application Roy Gagne GA and E Old Testament law for Christians original context and enduring application. Good place to start to give you further insight from there for the references but that's it's a good place to start.

That we will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown joining us today on the line of fire. It is thoroughly Jewish Thursday.

This is Michael Brown 866-34-TRUTH with your Jewish related questions 866-34-TRUTH 7884. I have a question for you. Who was it that played in the Palestine Symphony Orchestra, which was founded in 1936 Palestine Symphony Orchestra Jews today. That is the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra. Originally, the Palestine Symphony Orchestra found in 1936 Rabbi this the Palestine post was founded in 1932 N. that's been since after the establishment of the state of Israel.

The Jerusalem Post limits the people that took on the name Palestine Palestinian's identity were Jews because this was their homeland that had been call Palestine for a long time.

So when they lived there they they took him a that is the Palestinians did not have that identity for the Arabs living there that had never been a homeland for them orate a state for them as part of greater Syria. It was controlled by others but no one thought of. Okay, this is will make this a country estate. No one sought in those ways so Palestinian referred would've referred to a Jew, and again that region as a whole was named Palestine by Hadrian after the second Jewish revolt 130 to 135 it was and put down Jesus banished from Jerusalem and what would have been historically the land of Israel became known as Palestine, named after Israel's enemies. The Philistines now there's a reference that was pointed out to me today from Herodotus.

So about 500 years before the time of Jesus who references Palestinian or Palestinian. There's a question on the spelling, there is still one part of the land there and if so that would have been related to the Philistines who were living in the five coastal cities now Gaza Strip, being a good approximation of that. So, there would've been some reference to them and then a couple of other Greek writers references but it's never a name for the land as a whole never and to speak of of the Jewish people living in Palestine 3000 years ago is anachronistic that would like to be talking with the Native Americans living in the United States a thousand years ago. So there's this constant battle as to who's land it is. But even aiming at Palestine's thank goddess I call that is a whole anymore, but if you look at, say, Palestinian textbooks, you'll cease Israel doesn't exist is been well documented. Israel doesn't exist you just have Palestine and why beak because there is in in in that mindset, no legitimacy for the Jewish people being there there occupiers.

They don't belong. They need to be driven out so posting a 30 president Mahmoud Abbas gives a speech he has been increasingly angry with Israel and with America since Pres. Trump has has a stated claimant of Jerusalem will be recognized as the capital and as Pres. Trump is pressure the Palestinians and so you don't really want peace, they been pushing back so so check this out this is a speech that Abbas gave a few days back quoth colonialism created Israel to perform a certain function. It is a colonial project that has nothing to do with Judaism, but rather use the Jews as a tool under the slogan of the promised land. He also said the Jews did not want to emigrate. Even with murder and slaughter even during the Holocaust. They did not agree.

By 1940 Jews in Palestine were no more than 640,000. Most of them from Europe.

He also said been granted not want Middle Eastern Jews to come to Israel, but when he saw the vast land he was forced to bring Middle Eastern Jews. They did want to come from Yemen. They flew 50,000 Jews. They did suffice with 50,000 went to rock which had large reserves of Jews a minute.

It's it's quite remarkable to read this, some horrific statements, ugly statements, false statements, but as points out and camera. By the way, stands for committee for accuracy in Middle East reporting in America.

Abbas sanitize exceedingly CNN sanitized Abbas's speech is a report CNN's account of Mark with Abbas's dramatic speech. Sunday was a blatant whitewash, completely skipping over the posting is 30 president's hateful and false statements about Jews as well as his call to arms among the Palestinian leaders false, as was his denial of any connection between Judaism and the holy office colonialism reestablish this of the assertion that Jews prefer to be murdered in the Holocaust rather comfortably. State's role as the fact is, the British authorities would not let Jews come into Israel separate trickle during the Holocaust. They tried to flee, but they were they were not welcome in Abbas's charts Israel sending drugs to Palestinian youth. So New York Times even reported some of this accurately at times of Israel course reports accurately and and CNN basically white washes the speech.

I mean, why, why in the world would they do that, your guess is as good as mine of listen to listen to what Abbas said we always and forever your negotiations is the path to reach a political said settlement with Israel. We don't want war, we will not call for military war with Israel. Whoever has weapons, go ahead and do it.

I say this out the open. If you have weapons, go ahead, I'm with you and I will help you. Anyone who has weapons can go ahead. I don't have weapons. I want the peaceful political pastor reach assessments softly say word to work for peace. We got weapons go ahead, go for extraordinary did you hear about that much in the news 866-34-TRUTH of its go to West Bloomfield, Michigan Deborah, welcome to modifier Dr. Brown diet diameter. They were good to go ahead. But in my mind I will see how quickly we can answer number when in in on the topic of Elijah coming back in any embankment after that mountain Gary claimant had given me that referent deal I had coming back.*All thing and I know it either. Bring to what happened during the great ablation and what can happen during the millennium. All I think back I think that there that temple openly on back of them. He is at John the Baptist and that and coming becoming an Anabaptist and inventive economy is great ablation immaculately through the coming of bring that runback you got it going in and out of mental family is that millennium if I'm to get your yet so we we know this is a prophecy the end of Malachi that God would send his servant Elijah before the great and terrible day of the Lord and then we know the questions come up to John the immersive John the Baptist.

Are you Elijah and then he denies it, and then Jesus later says if you had received it, then he was largely came in the spirit and power of Elijah so it's clear that John was not Elijah reincarnate but he did come in the spirit and power of Elijah to prepare the way for the coming of the Messiah that's that's number one. So that's clear. Number two.

The Bible does speak of the restoration of all things about the millennial kingdom. For example, ask the third chapter that this time of the restoration of all things spoken of by the prophets will come to pass.

And then Jesus in Matthew 19 speaks of the, the renewing of all things, when the apostles will sit on 12 thrones ruling over the 12 tribes of Israel. So I did.

I do see for sure that when Jesus returns and establishes his kingdom on the earth that'll be that time of the restoration of all things. The question is, will there be another figure and Elijah -type figure that prepares the way for his second coming. Some say that's the role of the church as a whole, but the believers as a whole will do that you have some looking of the two witnesses in Revelation 11 is is playing a special role in preparing the way for the Lord is is actually two people, or is that speaking about prophetic people, so in in any in any case, the week, we can't be totally sure dogmatic. Obviously, traditional Jews would still be looking for an Elijah type figure, but the largest thing of the restoration of all things. That is something still to come, and that will come when Jesus returns and establishes his kingdom on the earth and rules and reigns in a glorious way during what we call the millennium. So what will will just stop there with that question and go to your second question number millennium without correcting it about God with one bag don't be a remnant that will turn their heart back again and a note in the book of Revelation there and back to Britain, where there can be a lot of people who won't repent and file that got got it doing Bring anything back or bring the world back to what was built there with it will be a remnant after that guy die Japanese engrafted the return back okay so here is what we understand you don't want to be too dogmatic about future events and exactly how they're going to unfold because this often things that become clearer as we get closer to them. Jesus told his disciples plan on going to die and rise from the dead and they couldn't understand what he was talking about. So a lot of things we shall see as they unfold. Craig Keener and I are working on a book together on what we don't believe in the pretrip rapture, will they outsource are our views about the end times in in that book. But if we look at the millennial kingdom as best as I understand the text of Zechariah 14 tells us that the survivors of the nations that attacked Jerusalem will enter into the millennial kingdom. This will be a time when Jesus will rule with a rod of iron, but it would be an extraordinarily glorious time. The most glorious time. The earth has ever seen where the. The knowledge of the glory of the Lord will will fill the earth as the waters cover the seas and will be a time of great peace and universal knowledge of God. People will still send their still be death.

It appears will be multiplication of of people human race during the time that it will be an unprecedented time of of glory, and we who would been redeemable rule and reign together with Jesus at the end of that time with rightly understanding the text Revelation 20 says that Satan will be loosed from the bottomless pit from a place of of captivity and he will lead a rebellion against the Lord say a rebellion I would invite anyone available to me, that's one of the purposes of the millennium to ultimately view human hearts are explained that this is very it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown yeah mother tapping, jumping, shouting, praising song, my dear missing two friends and worship leaders, this is Michael Brown. It is thoroughly Jewish Thursday so just getting back to what Deborah in West Bloomfield, Michigan, by the way how's the weather there called Millie and all that you have your are you still you're used to that. What we get snow I'm in North Carolina now.

Literally, the governor called for state of emergency yesterday because of a snow okay so here's the question why will some rebel or many rebel at the end of the millennial kingdom and and why would God have a time of of perfect peace on the earth and universal knowledge of God and glorious worship in the nation screaming to Jerusalem to learn his laws, and teaching. Why in in the wind, the world will that happen, and then have rebellion at the end.

This is what I understand a lot of people reject God because things are right in this world.

It's not fair.

If God is good.

Why is there so much suffering and on and on and I understand why people struggle with those things, or why is evil allowed to to exist without being punished if there was a truly good God wanted. He let this happen to my family and selling yeah yeah so that it during the millennium. Those questions will not exist during the millennium, God will rule perfectly over the world and in the world will be exposed to the goodness and beauty and holiness of God and still at the end of it will be those who rebel it it it it it ultimately vindicates the fact that the problem is human rebellion.

That's the issue.

Human sin human rebellion that separates us from God. So to me that's the one of the offshoots of the millennium.

Not only will God fulfill the promises he gave to Israel and be glorified in this world before we enter the eternal kingdom.

It will be this opportunity just like out of many of send in a perfect environment when there was no justification for war, Satan, sin, the perfect heavenly environment here.

Human beings as a race. Many will rebel and turn and this ultimately does with Psalm 51 says let God be true and every man proved a lawyer write your third question fell about the same thing happened got the millennium and now entering their lien from Apple in the relatively and we know that there got back about going door Israel back to their lien and I got to restart Israel back felt it, it means that God can restore individual line got it all right so that backslidden now that right so you're not going to have a glorious physical restoration of Israel without hearts being changed know it would it would be like taking someone is dying of cancer of their living in a smelly little apartment and are in a run down neighborhood and their dying of cancer.

So now you can bring them into a beautiful house while they die of cancer of this note, there's a reason for a beautiful physical restoration. If there is that it restoration from the inside so in my analogy is a reason to put them in a nice house. If you haven't healed the cancer so ultimately the greatest promises that God's given to Israel is that he'll bring us into the new covenant that he'll remember our sins no more. That will put his tour raw his teaching in our hearts and remind slip. We will just obey him and and not like the Sinai covenant written in stone that we broken disobeyed the new covenant written on our hearts. That's the greatest thing that God would doing with that comes physical restoration and blessing. So what I understand Scripture the promise is not that every Jew who ever lived in history will be saved. Absolutely not and not that at the end of the age guaranteed every single Jew on the planet will be saved. But what does seem clear is that there will be a national turning just like Jews as a people do not believe that Jesus is the Messiah today and the more religious yours, a Jew, the less inclined, you'd be to follow him, that it will be the exact opposite of the end of the age that there will be a national turning of the Jewish people that we don't know what remnant will remain the it seems to be great upheaval over the whole earth, including in Israel. This will be a time of suffering and persecution over the whole earth, including in Israel, but that there will be national turning II see Paul writing about Romans 11 icy Zechariah prophesying about it in Zechariah 12 in Jeremiah prophesied about in Jeremiah 31 and other passages that going the same direction so it does not mean that any Jew who lived in history is somehow automatically save no-no Jewish people are lost just like Gentiles are lost employs out Romans to that judgment will come first to the Jewish people. First, to the Jewish people and then to Gentiles. Just like the gospel goes first to the Jewish people and then to Gentiles, but at the end of the age. I fervently believe I truly believe that there will be a national turning and that we will see mass salvation of Jewish people and will be one of the most glorious things etc. happened in the history of the world history of God's people on the earth. Hey Deborah, thanks for your questions and your enthusiasm. Be blessed and stay warm.

866-34-TRUTH. All right, let's just see here okay so it looks like it looks like this error that I pointed out about Palestine being used in section headings in the NASB will be corrected with the next update in 2019 out that this is not directly from the NASB publishers. I talked about this in the first half hour. You can read more about it in my article in the in the that's just been published today about why a Bible translation would use the word Palestine, but okay Yep got it so apparently the sources okay and in any case yet it's it's really fixed so glad to know that and I will I will certainly append that to the article, 86634.

Truth is the number to call. Just let's go back for moment to Palestinians let's go back for a moment to what happens with the Palestinian Authority and one of the great issues that I have with Christians in Bethlehem of the Christ at the checkpoint conference is I do not hear them renouncing this evil but basically much the Palestinian world. If you are a terrorist and you kill Israelis you become a hero. If you are killed in the process you in our Shahid. You are our holy martyr and the Palestinian Authority has paid the the their families that have lost so you lost your son you lost your your husband, your father of the families of the terrorist murderers would get a stipend for many years in faith will be better off than some of just working her regular job if if you are in prison for terrorist activities against Israel, then your family will get a supplement from Palestinian Authority and this is something that Pres. Trump is the tall, muscular boss, you keep doing that regular withholding from what why we can give you money, knowing that out of money we give, you can take it to pay and reward the families of terrorists who slaughtered Israeli children, women and men in cold blood and and why celebrate these people.

Why name kindergartens after the my name's business parks after them. Some and it's got a Facebook page of the five tough movements Bethlehem branch January 11, 2018 a bosses font talk glorifies terrorist murderer of nine members of Terra group on its Facebook page with photo showing the terrorists behind crossed rifles yet terrorist murder of nine is celebrated they are, they are all Shahid's they are martyrs. They are holy witnesses and you are talking about people that carried out horrific acts. One of them. Salah Karloff PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat's deputy RFID's deputy. One of the founders of fun talking head of the terror organization Black September he plant a taxi plan included the murder of 11 Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics Pro the most infamous of all 97 to the murder of two American diplomats are down 1973 is coming soon that is assessed to the forefront of bodyguard was sent by the Albany doll organization arrival postinfection. It was here is a terrorist himself was killed by other rival terrorists and he's being celebrated today as as a great example in martyr by the Palestinian Authority by the afar toss the Bethlehem branch. Just this month, so I am asking Palestinian Christians, would you raise your voice and renounce this. Will you devote time at the Christ is the checkpoint conference in May 2 renouncing this evil of glorifying terrorists and mass murderers of Israelis and if not, how can you give any credence to the idea of Christ at the checkpoint does not Jesus care about these things is not the blood of the slain cry out for justice instead of justice celebrate the memory of the murderers, that's wrong that's wrong is one with an invitation to speak at the conference by God's grace. I do hope and pray that you will have listening ears will renounce what is wrong and will stand together with me for justice for Israel does want to Palestinians. I will stand with back with you tomorrow.

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