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Dr. Brown Responds to Your Hot Button Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 24, 2018 4:21 pm

Dr. Brown Responds to Your Hot Button Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 24, 2018 4:21 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/24/18.

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Stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown we are doing a special edition of the line of fire. Today I'm on Facebook live right now and I'm going to be taking any questions. Want to ask me anything where I have any area of expertise will be doing that again special Q&A here and were taking again not phone calls today is will do our Friday broadcasts, but this is a special Q&A hot button questions controversial questions, difficult questions questions you don't know where else to go.

Questions you've always wanted to ask. I'll get to as many as I can. So here's what you do, don't call right. But if you're watching on Facebook live. Now I need you to post your questions there right posterior questions on Facebook live and that's where I will do my best to answer as many questions as possible.

Okay before I get into any there's a saying that one of my colleagues has in terms of ministry and he says go where you are celebrated, not where you are tolerated, go where you are celebrated not we were tolerant. In other words, there are places that really appreciate the ministry that you bring the places that really resonate with your message. There are groups that are really very much into what you have to say it makes more sense to pour yourself into those people vented to go to places where were people don't even like your message or agree with you out. I will go into hostile territory whenever possible to bring a message, follow me if I'm asked to have a debate I want a lot of people at that debate to disagree with me because I want to reach them. So I will go into into hostile territory where people differ with me all the time gladly. But I say that to say this. The vast majority of those of you who follow me on social media who listen to the broadcast to watch the broadcast read my books. You are folks with me and we share certain values together and certain things I say resonate with you. That's why you're watching this or listening to this rather than something else right now so I want to devote all of my energies to ministering to and helping to an end not take all my time say dealing with one or 2% that differ with me now.

I will reach them and I want to help if they have a valid question.

I want to answer that, but my focus is on ministering to those that are in our camp and in doing outreach to those who are on the outside.

Okay, let's see some questions here Branson ask in every believer pray in tongues is the gift available to all.

Number one, we know that Paul teaches in first Corinthians 14 that we should earnestly desire the gifts he tells us that we should not forbid speaking in tongues. This we should especially seek prophecy now. There's nothing written in the Bible. After that to countermand that expectation. There's nothing written in the Bible. After that passage, saying tongues are not for today. Prophecy is not for today. The last word we have is to earnestly seek these things that you forbid tongues especially seek prophecy so the question is, is tongues available to everyone and there would be to charismatic or Pentecostal perspectives on that one would say when you are filled with the spirit.

When you are baptized in the spirit which something subsequent to salvation is an active spiritual empowerment. You see something subsequent to salvation. In acts eight and acts 19 and then side-by-side the salvation next 10 and a baptism of the Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. Some would say every believer should seek the fullness of the spirit and with the fullness of the spirit, there is the language of the kingdom or the language of the spirit. Therefore, praying in tongues should be available to every single believer be one of you and then you say what about the end of first Corinthians 12 where Paul says do all speak in tongues to all prophesy the answer would then be that everyone can pray in tongues is turned in terms of your prayer language communing with goblet Paul speaks about speaking mysteries in the spirit to God or no human being understanding.

All right you pray for the interpretation that everyone can use that but only some have the gift of tongues, meaning delivering public messages in tongues, which are then followed by interpretation, which is then similar to prophecy that would be the one view, the other you would say no fullness of the spirit is for everyone, but tongues is not for everyone and what I would encourage you to do is say father I want everything you have for me so I can most adequately serve you and glorify you and help touch a dying world. And then whatever he gives you receive joyously for his honor and for his glory. I've held two historically the view that any believer full of the spirit can speak in tongues, but I certainly don't make that the sign of spirituality.

It is absolutely not a sign of salvation. Some of the most godly people I know on the planet don't speak in tongues honey others that I do know you speak in tongues. Okay, let's see here out where am I on the diecut issue. The immigration issue Emory II really appreciate the question. The question of immigration is a moral one is one that I have not focused on okay I brought other guests on the air to talk to me about it like Rev. Samuel Rodriguez and things like that. It's not been something that I focused on in terms of my own calling and burden. I do not believe that with the Democrats are presently doing in terms of hanging out over the head of a budget agreement is a right thing to do that you must except the dreamers, etc. in the of those with deferred the whole Adecco abbreviation that they must be accepted if we are going to move forward. What I believe is that we need a solution that combines compassion with law, meaning you must have lots of immigration you must have rules you must have conduct that people have to live by.

If they choose not to over period of time.

If they choose not to go with the system or if they break the system coming in and they can't just be incorporated into the system and should there be a path for citizenship. Those who are worthy to be citizens. Yes. But listen, I am not dogmatic because I do not believe I have put adequate time into studying it, praying about it considering it is an important issue. It's just not one that I have focused on all. Let's just see here what I think about women teaching and pastoring manual. That question comes up a lot. Just go to my website as Dr. SK DR and just type in women or women pastors and you'll see the videos were. I've talked about that, even whole shows were we have discussed that. Okay, let's see, of joy, talk about the plural word Elohim in Genesis 11 is related to the Trinity in verse 26 let us make man in our image okay and then after that, Lord, I want to get to your question about open theism so joy Elohim is in intensive plural in Hebrew meaning that it is a plural of emphasis, a plural of Majesty in the Semitic languages you often use plural to speak of power of intensity of something multifaceted.

So for example Rocco Mayme which comes from the Hebrew word for womb rest him.

Rocco Mayme is an intensive plural. It means compassion upon the name face is an intensive plural will different parts of the face different components. That's one explanation for Elohim can mean God with a G by the way, this is not just in here you have this other ancient Semitic languages that, when speaking of a single deity in the speak of the deity in plural form to speak of Majesty or power. You can even speak of the Faro in plural form is my God's as you bow down before the Faro their ancient letters, correspondence work. That's how the Faro was address my God's plural because that's the intensive plural for deity. You even have. For example, a plural where it's dealing with an earthly owner of of an animal in ox knows his owner, units plural in Hebron, Isaiah 1 or Isaiah 19 God will hand you over to a cruel master recruit Lord.

The word for Lord is in the plural, but the adjective cruel is in the singular.

This amount one person so to speak of God as Elohim does not necessarily refer to Trinity. It's just a way of speaking of deity and power Majesty Elohim could also mean God's with a small Junior in some cases even angels, earthly judges, but it is in a harmony with God's complex unity or his tri-unity. But in and of itself, it does not speak of it. It's just the intensive plural used in the Semitic languages for power for Majesty for ownership. Don't you get to Genesis 126 thus said domicile Manning could retain let us make man, according to our likeness and in our in our image that you have a better potential argument for something Trinitarian different exclamations are it's the plural of deliberation. Let's do it, or the plural of Majesty royalty speaking roaster crew that this will happen.

Some states God consulting with the, the Angels and doing things together but many Christians would say look and slapped us Devon Genesis 1 you have in Genesis 3. The man is become like us.

Genesis 11. Let's go down and see Isaiah 6. Who will go for us but that is worth with reference to father-son spirit. Can you prove it know is in harmony with God's tri-unity. Yes, so that's Robert Leavitt against with much more depth, volume 2, of answering Jewish objections to Jesus or my real Maasai website. Real under theological objections.

Okay, so Lloyd asked what about open theism, open theism now II may not have time to fully get through this.

In this first segment, but we do my best. Open CSM is the view that the future remains open, because God only knows what can be predetermined, but since human choices are a matter of our free will, even though he knows everything. He will do every even though he knows the consequences of what he will do even though he can calculate a million billion trillion possibilities every split second he literally does not know what you are going to choose to do tomorrow and therefore it remains open and God is limited in his for knowledge. My good friend Dr. James White says if you're consisted of many and you'll be open theist. Of course I categorically differ with him some of your writing or listening to this James you can smile at each other over this but there's I do believe open theism is clearly contrary to the scriptural revelation of who God is usable where open theist get that idea from verses like Genesis 22, when God says to Abraham after his woman to sacrifice Isaac. Now I know that you really fear me or where God would say to Israel. Jeremiah 319, and other passages where he expressed hope and desire that Israel would do the right saying or wire really hope therefore I said this that you respond the right way or Jeremiah 36 work God tells Jeremiah bring this message. Perhaps people had to have these verses the idea that God doesn't know what's coming next. Does know the choices they make my category differ with that and on the other side that I strongly reject open theism is contrary to the revelation of God in Scripture error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us friends on a special radio broadcast. Today I am taking questions on our Facebook live stream so not taking calls today we been doing this periodically makes for good fun lively show. A lot of folks who can't: can post their questions here so I been answer the question about why reject open theism. The idea that God does not know choices that we will make that he does not know certain future events. Here's why reject it. The revelation of God in Scripture is one where he tells the prophet Isaiah.

He knows the beginning from the end.

And in fact the challenge to the false gods and in Isaiah 40 through 48, is that they cannot accurately predict the future that the false gods cannot tell generationally in advance what is going to happen and how it's going to happen with God can name kings by name. He can name Cyrus by name. He can name Josias by name, long before the skins were born first Kings 13 for just sigh. Isaiah 44, 45 for Cyrus.

He can name them. He can identify them. Jesus can speak about things that are going to happen in the future profits give details why because God inhabits eternity Hebrew show came on Isaiah 50 7:15 PM hat inhabits eternity. So as I understand he sees the future as clearly as he sees the past because he transcends time now do.

The prophet sometimes express God's ardent desire. Yes.

Does it seem as if God did not know what was going to happen. At times, for example, in Genesis 22 when he says to Abraham.

Now I know that you really fear me. You could read the text like that but I first look at the text that reveal and describe the nature of God, even the vision that that John has revelation is seeing many things in future before they happen unfold because God is orchestrating this plan in the midst of the earth while people are making choices and doing different things.

Okay, so that being said how I understand these passages. Some speak of experiential knowledge, which is part of the Hebrew yard dog, not just to know but to experience. Now I see first-hand experience literature really from what I knew about you has now materialized through your actions or viscous remember WHO savoring regular promises, beginning in Genesis 12 that the binding of Isaac and is in Genesis 22 so God knew fully who he was. In Genesis 18 already said that he's got God's children after him. So God knew who Abraham was and what Abraham was going to do for sure. So I will explain these other verses where were God says III really sought after. I said this and come back to me. Jeremiah 3 and Jeremiah 4. If you have I Jeremiah commentary go to Jeremiah 319, and I have some reflections on open theism.

There, but the long and short of it is this just as Jesus came into our world and incarnated himself in our midst, and generally experience joy and sorrow, and surprise by taking on human nature, even though he's fully God. Every second of his existence. I understand that God can emotionally incarnated himself into what what I mean even though he knows what's going to happen tomorrow and he can tell us in detail. He experiences the joy and the pain.

I don't believe what some refer to as God's impossibility that there is no joy there is no sorrow that these are just different descriptions put on God by people to suit or or or God expressing himself and that was will understand. I believe that God in a perfect way experiences these things experiences genuine wrath experiences genuine delight that he generally experiences things we just do but but in an imperfect way so that God comes into a world even though he knows his He can experience it with us and and think of this, you can watch a movie you know exactly what's gonna happen. You soon. 100 times over, but there's still the tension that even though you know you can experience that I believe it's much how it is with God and us. Okay, let's just look here for some other questions answered they were what I say is the number one leadership issue within the church and how I move forward move this big and again all I can give you is my opinion based on my own life and the Lord as a leader. My relationship with many of the leaders through the body, but say in America.

I believe our greatest need is to more deeply encounter God for ourselves to more deeply experience God in our lives.

We can't give what we don't have it so easy to become professional in our ministry. It's so easy to lead out of wrote right of just gifts that God's given us but to really be encountering God in a deeper way.

The fear of the Lord would be deeper reality of God would be deeper.

The love for God, the love for a neighbor would be deeper. The burden of the Lord be more intense we be more and speak in ways that reflect his heart to me it's the number one issue that we have a fresh encounter with God ourselves as leaders. Okay Renée, what is it mean to fall from grace in Galatians.

Is it the same as backsliding. Okay to fall from grace in Galatians 5 is a form of backsliding for sure, but in context it is falling from the belief in grace in the position of grace into one, we put ourselves under justification by works. In other words, the Galatians and heard the gospel of grace.

They understood that they are saved exclusively by God's grace that salvation is a gift from God that there is no possible way in a billion lifetimes. We could earn God's favor or save ourselves or do anything to become truly righteous in his sight is a gift entirely of his grace based on the blog of the cross and it is received. We truly put our faith in him to forgive us and cleanse us. That is our repentance.

Forgive me, cleanse me. I want to live a new life for life pleasing to you.

A life pleasing in your sight, and it's all by grace. She's the only one that gets praise and glory for the Galatians were wrongly taught by others who infiltrated their meds, but you must be circumcised and obey the law of Moses in order to be saved, so it taking on that position where salvation became a matter of human works in human effort.

They had fallen from grace.

So they fell from grace at least in their theological understanding because they no longer realize that they were justified by grace through faith, not by works.

That's 12 they fell from grace in terms of their lifestyle that they were now living in such a way that they were trying to earn God's favor or salvation or work their way to some state of perfection and certainly in terms of walking out the relationship with God. At that point they had fallen from grace were not enjoying the fellowship of the spirit. Also, yes, it was absolutely a form of backsliding. Maybe not the kind of backsliding re-go back into drinking or drugs are sleeping around, but certainly another type of backsliding.

A manual question about the ark of the covenant and at the unwanted address patriotic nationalism among of many people think the ark of the covenant is hidden under the destroyed temperatures than others think it's in Ethiopia. Okay, we know that when the Jewish people went into exile in Babylon in 586 in the temple was sacked in the holy items of the temple taken into captivity that when the Jewish people came back they did not come back with the ark.

They did not come back with the ark of the covenant and and Jeremiah prophesied that the day would come that people wouldn't even speak of it anymore would be missed because the presence of God would be there in a unique way. So he prophesied that this was going to happen that that the ark would be taken into captivity, but that the day would come when it wouldn't be missed. So in the days of the temple in Jesus day, for example, there was no ark of the covenant there in Malachi's day, there was no ark of the covenant.

There where is it.

I've read traditions that it's in Ethiopia and it's watch day and night. By this particular Orthodox Christian group, I read that is a truth to it. I assume Israeli antiquities religious Jews would be all over the South. The case, but I have read that I've read that it's hidden other places, but all I know is that it is lost to us as a people where it is. I would honestly say only God knows for sure unless somebody's got somewhere, but to my knowledge I don't put any stock in the story I read them with interest, but I put no stock in them. Okay Anthony my take on patriotic nationalism is a political paradigm shift in the political mate domain and what does the Bible teach okay. I may not be answering this exactly because II can't say I know exactly what you mean by patriotic nationalism. As I understand it, there is a healthy patriotism will be love our country, we support our country. We know a strong America is good for the rest of the world and as patriots we are nationalists and that since we want to see what is good and healthy for America and when we again believe that America's well-being positively impacts the world around us. So in that sense, patriotic nationalism can be healthy as long as not idolatrous mother is our ultimate allegiance to the kingdom of God, not to America. America is still of the world. Whatever good stellar percentage of Christians has instilled all of the world and and therefore not a covenant nation raised up by God, as Israel was. Even though there are many divine promises we have, etc. so we cannot mix or confuse patriotism with the kingdom of God.

The unhealthy aspects could be a hyper nationalism which now treats others poorly. If they do not fit into a particular American class of the majority class or the white class or whatever it is that's very unhealthy and dangerous and a hyper nationalism that puts on that test your spirituality by how devoted you are to the red white and blue now is a good citizen. I want to be voting for country and stand for what's best for a country but as a good citizen of the kingdom of God. But America does wrong, I'm to be a vocal critic to speak out.

I'm gonna mourn for a nation of the essay were in sin, render judgment need to repent so it's good to to be nationalistic in a healthy way that you want what's best for the country and your loyal to the country and you appreciate the good of the country the same time there's a hyper nationalism which can become racist or xenophobic.

There's a hyper nationalism which can be idolatrous and that I would certainly speak yes okay we come back on and take more of your questions on Facebook live and friends to stand with us to help us to enable us to do what were doing to do these broadcast these videos. Please take a minute going online when it has to ask ADR Brown donation of any size light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown line of fire now by going to 866-34-TRUTH your exam is Dr. Michael Brown special edition of the line of fire because we are now able to do live video feeds on Facebook on YouTube as we do a radio broadcast some shows instead of taking calls is not all of you are listening to the show on radio and you may not be having immediate access podcasts so this is a way worse search on Facebook you can interact with us and many of you at work. You're listening, you can somehow you can listen, but you can call so here's what you can post your question. It doesn't matter how controversial it is because it's appropriate that I can answer on Christian radio. Go ahead and post your questions at our Facebook page.

Right now, which is ask Dr. Brown if you're watching this fee. Okay, let's just see here let me go down to Raymond what you think of those Christian testimonies from folks who had a near-death experience where they visited Helen seen Christians there were there because of unrepentant sin was so that leads to death and sin that doesn't lead to death of thanks for the kind note.

Larger programs bless you.

Okay two separate questions. What I make of testimonies of people with near-death experiences.

We know that there are some physiological explanations for some of the experiences numbered something was released in the body that give someone a certain fantasy impression. And certainly we've all read about it where you got some wicket sinful. Personally, I was going to this beautiful place and I just felt so much love love your unrepentant loss center. Sorry were going so. Certainly many of these have to be just dismissed outright were taken with a grain of salt. On the other hand, there are experiences that are been documented that people of had that of even cause some skeptics to become believers in a God or in at least a human consciousness, the soul beyond the physical know. For example, here's someone during surgery and they recount afterwards.

Yeah that was crazy you know I saw you scrambling at one point things out.

Breathing is not breathing out what you mean you're out though I was watching from the top of the room. What gathers is one machine you could fill in with what look like, well, it had these things on it and returning it this way.

It's like that was a heart like the whatever or someone saying it out to the family afterwards that they would know they thought I was gonna die in euro sitting in the waiting room and you were crying and it will cannot guess that you sauce yeah what we wearing and they did give the details or someone saying you know I always been operated on. I had this outer body experience, and I saw the top top top roof of this at the hospital all the sneakers that were Landis must've thrown how they got them up there.

They went and checked and they were there and then people had experiences like like a call you my Nickie Robinson, if you see them you can see half his face badly burned one of his hands in a badly burned and missing fingers and and he was a loss center got a plane crash near the private planner believe it was plane crash and and woke up basically in a hell and horrific payment. God told him I give you one more chance to repent and he cried out for mercy and and next thing he was in his body in intense pain because the burns of so do people have these experiences that are real. I believe in some cases, yes. And what I really believe it. What is what I see the person was impacted by it shaken by what they describe winds up with Scripture. So I take each case as it is I will just throw out the baby with the bathwater automatically if you violate Scripture and throw it out if it's in harmony with the larger picture of Scripture and seems to have an impact on this verse is like that. I listened with interest. As for Christians being in hell former Christians. I do believe it's possible to forfeit one salvation I do believe that the sin that leads to ultimate spiritual death is the persistent habitual sin of rejecting the Lordship of Jesus and refusing to repent every one of us struggles among another. Every one of us fall short in one way or another, every one of us when held up to God's perfection is is sinning on a daily basis. Even our best. They were not even conscious of love him adequately. We love our neighbor as ourselves.

With all the wrong thought we didn't pray with a focus route every day we fall short every day. Our heart is gonna want to please you want to serve your live for you. Emily blow it miss God for forgiveness and help to go in the right direction. But what if God forbid you say I want God I don't want Jesus is Lord, I want to go do my own thing. I don't want to so I don't I don't want to be with God but God will not just kick you out of his house and in signaling. My son, if you want to stay in the house and are struggling but he won't force you to stay so the refusal to repent, bow the knee to Jesus is the ultimate sin in my understanding, that is a sin that will damn someone to hell. So am I securing the Lord told 24 seven. Never swatted at all.

Grab a holy fear of the Lord. Absolutely healthy one quite. Let's look for some more questions or at Kelly reveling in the post-tribulation rapture is that Kelly you'll be glad to know Kelly that I think it's late next year. The Prof. Craig Keener no maybe spring of next year. Prof. Craig Keener and I have a book you to come out with chosen books not afraid of the antichrist.

Why we believe in a post-trip know why we don't believe in a preacher rapture is what we disagreed on the title. Not afraid of the antichrist. Why we don't believe in a preacher rapture. It will be equally divided between Prof. Keener and me will be about 225 pages it's honoring to those who feel differently honoring to those who differ with us on the subject is not a bashing or insulting marking but we tell her own story how we were saved in pretrip churches, how we ended up abandoning that position based in our study of Scripture and then I'll go through a brief history of dispensational is the pretrip rapture view all the good Old Testament examples to see today support pretrip or post-trip or not either or both. Also look at the key New Testament vocabulary that used to describe the second coming, Craig, Tobia, you take that walk is somewhere focused on key Greek vocabulary. He will look at all the key passages that allegedly teacher pretrip rapture and then lay out the New Testament evidence for a poster rapture that when I say post-trip that means could be a seven year distinct.

At the end of which Jesus return to some of them discounted on a figure and be able serve as day one.

One of the tribulation people S&Ls are securing tribulation.

If people can ask a question now them were nowhere near in that tribulation and obviously not just another day starts to certainly know it's getting close were getting closer and closer and closer. But I also believe in a poster rapture, meaning that the tribulation and the sense is the entire church age.

Jesus says in John 1633 in this world you will have tribulation.

So whether there is a distinct seven year. At the end of that.

Jesus returns or just list the tribulation, that we have been believers in a fallen hostile world. I do not believe Kraken I do not believe in a pretrip rapture again. That book will be coming out. God willing, maybe spring of next year, but it's not a book meant to attack other believers that differ some of the finest Christians I know the world or pretrip rapture Christians, but I have not been Craig is not been for many decades of let's see here. Okay Nancy, what a strong believer with a calling stumbles an area of the heart is there still the promise of heaven others. Was this person ever say that ties in with question we just asked listen.

Your name is not written in the book of life in pencil saved lost saved lost the race back and let's wait.

Let's give her a day to see if she's really holy enough them will write her name in there though. Salvation is a gift of God's grace can we recheck that gift the same as we received it as a gift can we reject it as a gift. I believe we can. Others would say if you reject it as a gift. You are never to say of us and say what you receive this gift. You can never reject it, no matter how you live.

I differ with those views the first few Calvinist perseverance of the saints. I don't find dangerous at all, meaning Calvinist would say if you are living in willful unrepentant sin. Either you were never saved or you need to repent. Get right with God is if you die in that sentence evidence you never say I think I can take reassurance from us is a dangerous what is dangerous is to say once you pray the prayer no matter how you live.

No matter what happens in life, no matter how God was sinful. Your you can lose your salvation. That view in my view, is a dangerous view. Contrary to Scripture. In any case is so strong leader sin in your heart you just you asked God to forgive you the same blood that saves use the same blood that cleanses you on a daily basis for someone seven right what it was it say there that that if we have a four root resave believers, we have fellowship with one another.

Right in the blood of Jesus, God's son cleanses us from all sin that's present continuous grief that is ongoing cleansing, ongoing forgiveness, ongoing washing as I walk in this role, the first alumni which is to believers and signoff the cult of the same cyber grace Teachers get into that in depth in my book. Hyper grace note, that's not it at all. Rather, this is for believers if we in ongoing we confess our sins, that he and ongoing way is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

There's this for the once and for all. Forgiveness of salvation, the ongoing forgiveness that we receive in relationship as believers of okay this is from Mark Caridad, how do we know the community since it does not include those in heaven any Scripture basis for being too saints. The body on earth okay. I don't know exactly how you're using the term communion of saints, but when we talk about communion and Greek the word coin in the fellowship, communion that is only with the Lord so choose. For example in second printing's 1314 speaks of the love of God and the grace of the Lord Jesus, and the communion of the spirits we have communion coin in the with the Lord that we have quite an ear communion with one another on the earth.

We are part of a holy body a holy car irrigation in Eckley Sierra and assembly of believers that are in this world and in the heavenly realm and we are all one body, but as far as communion any sense of active communion. You may be, is the word and phrase totally differently, but our communion is only with those in this world and with the Lord. We don't have communion with Communion with a believer that died 10 years ago will have to wait to work together face-to-face to do that.

Let's see it's hard let's just scroll down a little bit and let's look at a few more questions. Let's keep going here and okay… There a difference between baptism of the Spirit baptism of fire is at the same thing.

I understand to be one of the same thing that the baptism in the Spirit is a baptism in fire. Matthew 311 John the Mercer speaks of Jesus and says he will immerse you in the Holy Spirit and fire. What happens at Pentecost in acts. The second chapter, verses one through four. They are filled with the spirit they receive the gift of the Holy Spirit speak in tongues and and how the tongues appear, tongues of fire God's spirit is often associated with fire in the Old Testament that the visible manifestation of the spirit a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. Though I understand the baptism of the Spirit to be a baptism of fire baptism.

Haitian success is fighting baptism, passion, baptism of Solomon see that all the harmony of that is an firefight take one more quick break in the back with more of your questions. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us on the lawn for hate charges make a request. Everything that we do consciously try to figure out how to do more things and make them available for free constant want to write a book. Obviously there many many hours, sometimes months, sometimes years involve writing a book and you work with the publishers of the finished product that people get to buy. That's great, were glad for that as well enter some materials classes that we have to charge for and things like that were happy to do that. Everything is is worth its cost.

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Okay Matthew yeah Matthew met you in the morning buddy, I know your do you find the argument for the Islamic them on all modesty as the biblical answer. Chris compelling. So the idea that in some Islamic eschatology there is this final imam or the hidden Imam and he is the Redeemer figure is not to be confused with Esau, Jesus, who is the Messiah in Islam. But is this final Redeemer figure and some it's possible but it's also possible that it is something that's been planted in the religion either by God or the devil where everyone look at it that when the Antichrist is revealed that Muslims will be able embrace because they see him as that that how are others going to embrace the whole world is not Islamic. How are others going to embrace why we Jews embrace and why with ACS embrace mode. Others embrace and so it may be the key for Muslims to embrace him. But it but I don't see this a key for the whole world would have to transcend that identity. Bob, what are my thoughts on praying for healing versus rebuking the spirit of a certain disease.

So what's our guideline for ministering to the sick, the Bible, aside from doctors and medical care, which I believe the Scriptures also support that the question of how do we minister to the sick question. For example, if we look in Jacob James V chapter it says the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well so the person it's bedridden to get it raised up right so so some of seriously ill call for the elders in a handsomely anointed with all the name of the Lord and the prayer offered in faith will heal the sick make the sick person well so there were told to anoint with oil and pray aright in acts three.

What is Peter due. He says to the man lame from birth.

I will have silver and gold. What I have. I give you get up and walk just makes a proclamation in the 14th chapter of Paul is ministering. There's a man and enlist Ruth crippled Paul perceives he has faith in says stand up to your feet. In acts eight as Philip is ministering many paralytic serial. Many demons leave people and often there's a connection between demons and disease. So Matthew 12, when the demon leaves the man was mute death. Now he can hear now, you can speak and a demon is is driven out of a boy and ask if Susan and Mark nine which is also paralyzed parallel than Luke nine, Matthew 17 the demon is driven out of the boy has seizures that would look like epileptic seizures to us right and he's healed from that point on, so we must be led and are praying in Luke the 13th chapter Jesus makes pronunciation makes a proclamation that this woman is loose from infirmity. Were Satan bound her for 18 years. Right, and that he lays his hands on it when he touches her. She straightens up, so he speaks that he lays hands on her soul. If you just want a default asked God to heal.

In Jesus name lay hands on someone or not to bizarrely answer them and ask God to heal.

In Jesus name. Even doing that believe that through the laying on of hands healing life as being in part, you may feel led to just make proclamation right you may just be led to to say you were healed in Jesus name. Don't say those words was the real is not the owner. Try try this try this out and tried out you best be led by the Spirit on the Lord and be sensitive to the person or ministering to write just make a proclamation thinking about see what happens.

That's that's cool the person or ministering to its dishonoring to the Lord all you may feel led to rebuke demonic power. And although I don't major on ministry to the sick. I prayed for thousands of people over the years and sometimes a mascot to heal and sometimes I just spoke a word and and some sometimes just leave get out speaking to the sickness and/or spirit behind it and have seen miraculous healing take place again. It's not something I focused on the major part of my ministry, but I did study it in great depth for years in terms of what Scripture says about this Linda how do you know if you have false assurance of traverse or assurance of salvation. It is really rough that some people are tormented by this and the struggle for years. So even though that's never been my case I have compassion on those who struggle. And I don't want to give a trite little answer that'll work for some and not work for those struggling so number one you must trust the goodness of God. You must trust the goodness of God regardless of what you feel if he has given promises whoever calls on the name of the Lord to be safe if you believe in your heart that if you confess Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God is raising from the say. If you truly crowd.

God save me. I recognize him a sinner. I recognize I'm guilty.

I deserve judgment.

God save me God have mercy on me. God cleansed me God wash but I believe Jesus died for my sins. I believe he rose from that and I put my entire trust in you Lord to wash me to cleansing.

If you do that, he has promised you that you will be safe. So, first determine I'm gonna trust God that look if you can't trust God of gods untrustworthy the words are true, there is no salvation all things meth right so number one.

Put your trust in God look to the cross.

Did Jesus pay for your sins there. Yes look to the cross is the source of your insurance assurance and then we can Matthew seven universe seven down to verse 11 where Jesus says if you being evil, know how to give biggest your children so much more about that heavy fog of the Holy Spirit gives good things to those who ask him if you say God save me God wash me God forgive me almost serve you want to be your child is not to say okay I will give me a lifetime of deception only can you torment know you will do that second thing is asking for the witness of the spiritual life God because your spirit to bear witness with my spirit. Give me that sense of knowing. Then, sir, look for areas of change in your life.

So if you truly put your trust in the Lord and you said I don't know if this witness I have is a real witness first Truscott believe God. Okay, he promised it except if he's good where not he is and then the prayers we see life change know is true. I used unwisely, the Bible, not not alarming.

The Bible and I used to talk to before Jesus, I want to tell them this is such a foul temper and and laughed about it now. I am a really want to change that. That's evidence of the spirit working in your life so do your best receive that as encouragement. Okay Johnna send Matthew 10 Jesus sends out the 12 disciples to preach what is given instructions. He seemed to speak prophetically about what will happen to them after his ascension basis of that sounds weird for sure the essay you will not of gone to the cities of Israel before the Son of Man comes, was named by this see in Matthew 10 behaviors 22 you be hated of all nations for my namesake so it's not just that first mission but going out and then 2324 25 where he says those things verse we just quoted and entered the world to treat you the way you treated me etc. so if I was a predator rest or partial credit risk, I would say he's referring to the destruction of the Temple in your seven that's what he means by the coming of the Son of Man's you want to finish going through the cities of Israel on your mission here before the Son of Man comes in that coming happen in the year 70 when the temple was destroyed. I don't believe that I don't believe that that's what Jesus was saying, and here's what we do know and and by the way, I have no problem with the idea the Lord coming in judgment that that is not the second coming. That is not the New Testament second coming. I categorically rejected the predator's view, and I strongly reject the partial pressure is for you as well. Although the partial predators. She was on is troubling is the full credit. Examining those those terms mean story about a good story about but right now in Israel. The mission continues right now. Believers continue sharing the gospel in Israel and I believe you have the exact same situation that were still gonna be going about our work. Still having people to reach with and Israel.

When Jesus returns and that of course is a time of great national outpouring in repentance, but our mission will still be ongoing. I see it as as it happened, then and is gonna happen at the end. So even if you want to take a partial application and say well it referred to the Lord coming in judgment inaudibly. That's the final application literally, we will not have finished going through the cities of Israel before Jesus returns our friends were at a time. I hope you have enjoyed the special Q&A edition online. If I remember stem of any size gorgeous makes a great difference together asked dark brown like ongoing

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