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Resolving Apparent Contradictions in the Gospels

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 25, 2018 5:11 pm

Resolving Apparent Contradictions in the Gospels

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 25, 2018 5:11 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/25/18.

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It's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. We have a special guest on the line of fire today With Us Once before Thomas Got to Get Him Back on His Cola Dimitrov Is Coming Our Way from Bulgaria. Right Now He's the Author of a Book before in One Gospels, Jesus, and in This Book He Does What You Always Want Someone to Do When You're Reading the Gospels and It Looks like Your Accounts That Are Contradictory or Have These Lineup. Some Critics Say Look, the New Testament, Contradicting Itself, Especially about the Death of Jesus and the Resurrection of Jesus. Had We Take It Seriously and yet Sometimes We Try to Answer It. Our Answers Can Seem Artificial so the Coal Is Done a Great Job of Putting Things Together in a Way That's Neither Artificial nor Superficial. Hey Nicole, Welcome Back to the Broadcast.

Hey Dr. Brown Thank You for Having Me.

I'm a Huge Fan of Your Slow Thank You Sir.

Glad When This Together so Very Very Quickly.

For Those Just Encountering Your Work for the First Time. What Makes Your Work Different Than Some of the Previous Harmony of the Gospels That Have Been Done Well There Have Been Several Other Attempts That the Same Thing What Mine Is Different with Is That It Has the Words from the Four Gospels in the Bible without Losing One Single Words or Docs, or, or Any Punctuation.

So Basically This Is the Entire Text of the Floor in One of the Four Gospels, but without the Word for Word Repetitions, so This Is Basically the Main Difference Because It Contains Everything Okay so Let's Let's Break This down.

Let's Dive Right in to Give Maximum Content to Our Listeners and to Our Viewers. Let's Think First about the Death of Jesus, You Have the Controversy of When He Actually Had His Last Supper Was It in Conjunction with the Passover Was the Day before the Passover, Peter Denied Jesus Three Times. That Was It Six Times. I Mean How Do We Put These Together before We Get to the Resurrection. Let's Focus on This As As You Understood the Text and Wrestle with It and Not Just in a Just Got Pasted Together but with Good Scholarship behind What You're Doing Recount for Me the Key Things Having to Do with the Last Supper Death of Jesus, the Betrayal of Peter. How Do These Things Unfold As You Understand Will in Order to Make a Good Combination. You Have To Take All Available Sources.

Of Course, the One That I Have Mostly Used Is Matthew Henry's Popular Harmony of the Gospels, and There Is Also the Orthodox Bible Which Has a Chronological Chart. So These Are the Two Main, among Other Encyclopedia Standards, Bible's Endocrinologists Produced. So Basically They Help to Construct the Proper Chronology As Far As the Death of Jesus Course We Know That He Had the Last Supper with His Disciples. Then He Got Betrayed by Judas, and Then We See the Events Which Are Displayed When He Got Ceased in the Garden of Gethsemane and Then We See the Disciples Running Away. Then We See, of Course, the Scented Ring and the Trial, the Jesus Students Then Pilots during That Time We See Peter Denouncing Jesus the Coke Crowing Twice and Jesus Looking at Peter and It's Not Really That Hard to Construct a Chronology When You Have Multiple Sources, and When You When You Put the Gospels One Right Next to Another and Compose a Story by Looking Verse Four Verse from Each Gospel It's It's Easy Tool to Construct. It's like a Mathematical Joke. You Just Have To Search for These Words Which Connect Sentences. For Example, in Order to Construct a Chronology of Any Event, You Look for Synthesis Which Starts with after These Things or on the Next Day or When Jesus Said That He Did the Other and Things like That Which Help You When Looking at the Four Gospels to Construct the Proper Chronology, Etc., and Not That Hard.

It's Tiresome Work and It's A Lot Of Work but It's Not Difficult to Be Done in Just Takes Much Time Arts of Siliceous Press in on a Couple Things the Overall Narrative You Laid out. We All Agree Is Is Clear Enough. But Let's Say Specifically. Some Scholars Would Say There's a Discrepancy with John's Gospel Versus the Synoptics in Terms of the Timing of the Last Supper. That One Basically Has Jesus Eating It in a Preliminary Way before the Official Passover Meal of Say None of This Is on the First Night of Passover so Hot It Is When the Lambs Are Being Slaughtered. Is It How Does It Work out in Your View, I Don't See Any Discrepancy There Because the 4-In-1 Gospel of Jesus Does Not Theologically Work on DC Souci Just Combines the Gospel so That You Can See the Fuller Stories so When You See the Fuller Story You Can You Can See What Actually Happened, but You Can't Construct a Theological Answer to That Weather Was Right at the Pencil Work or before That Because It Is Just One of the Gospel Text See It's Not a Comment on the Gospels State Is the Gospel Text Itself Is Just Constructed the Logic of Art.

So Then How Is Your Putting These Texts Together. If I'm Reading Them.

But Let's Say for Example. Theoretically, This Is Not the Case Aright. Critics Would Say This Text Says Jesus Had the Meal with His Disciples on Monday. This Text Says They Had the Meal on Wednesday. So When You Read Them Side-By-Side Once Is Monday One Says Wednesday to Substitute Discrepancy You're Saying When You Put Them All Together in the Narrative. The Discrepancy Isn't There Yes Because I Haven't Encountered the Case Where One of the Gospel Says Monday and the Other Says Wednesday.

There Is No Such Case Actually Art but Is There Something That That's Why I Put It in Those Terms, Something That on the Jewish Calendar Would Be the Equivalent of Monday Versus Wednesday. Well I I Haven't Encountered Such Such a Problem with. So When You Combine Them When You Remove the Words That Are Work or Work the Same As When You Combine Them the Whole Story Fits Perfectly I Can't Say I Comps I Haven't Noticed Such a Discrepancy As You Say the Critics Are Saying concerning the Last Supper and by the Way It Was, As I'm Looking at Some of the Endorsements for for Your Book. Probably the Foremost Are Most Influential New Testament Scholar of This Era. NT Wright Said Every so Often As As Christians Good to Stand Back from the Four Gospels and Get a Sense of How the Whole Story Might Work Is a Continuous Narrative. The Code Dimitrov Has Done a Remarkable Service in Producing This Compilation of All Four Gospels That the Readers Can Feel the Full Impact of the Unique Explosive Story They Tell so You Have Certainly an Enlightened New Testament Scholar One That Does Not Just throughout All Criticism As If It's of the Devil, and He Sings It Is Serious Work Year. So What You're Saying Is When You Dig Deeper. Some of the Apparent Discrepancies Are That What up, What about Peter's Denial. I Remember Reading a Harmony of the Gospels That One Gentleman Put Together a Probably in the Early 80s in Which He Had Jesus Bracing on Two Different Occasions before the Caulk Crows Twice or 33 Times That You'll Deny Me Early before the Cockroach Will Deny Me Three Times That It Happened Two Different Times That the Six Denials in Hat Have You Piece That Together Now.

I Think That's When You Combine Them Word for Word You See That One of the Verses from One of the Gospels Includes Both the Same Verse from the Other Gospel Insist There Are Many Such Cases Where They Are Identical Scriptures and There Are Many Cases Where They Are Partially Identical, Which Means That One Verse Is Contained within Another.

But That Other Says Something Additional Also.

Solano the Gospel Says before the Coke Close, You Will Deny Me Three Times in the Other Would Say before the Proposed Twice so Obviously One of the Gospels Does Not Mention the Twice Part, but It Is Included in the Other.

So We When We Do the Mixture We Just See That It Was What Jesus Actually Said Was That the Cultural Quote Twice before Peter Denies Him Three Times Right.

So Then How Does It Unfold. Peter Denies Once the Cockroach What Which the Orders You Put Together Will the Picture When When the Slave Girl Went to Peter and Sarah Recognized Him. He First He Said That He Doesn't Know Him.

Then the Second Time She Confronted Him. If I Remember Correctly, and Then the Cruel Once and after That There Were Some Others Consult Peter There and They Started Wondering If It Was Not Him.

Then Another Guy Sold Who Sense Didn't I See You in the Garden and Then the Lady That Was the Slave Girl There Also Said Yes That Will Skim Then Peter Denied Again by Cussing and Swearing and Stuff like That and Then the Coke Group Twice.

The Second Time. That's When Jesus Looked at Him and Peter Saw What He Had Done and She Was so Interesting in That the Reason Friends That I'm Pressing These Details Is Because Kids Go to College, They'll Get a Religion Class. They'll Still Go There's a Famous New Testament Professor. The Study with That Professor at and Then Don't Know Start Pointing out Would Seem to Be Contradictions in the Gospels and the Next Thing These Kids What Is the Bible Really True, Is It Is Reliable and What Nicole Was Saying If If You If You'll Number One Dig Deeper and Number to Use a Little Common Sense That That You Can See How These Things Flow Together Very Natural Way, and It Was Fun in the Cola I Got Was Some Old Friends A Few Days Ago in New York. We Were Doing Some Footage to Update My Testimony Different Things and Going Back from before I Was Saved Was a Very, Very Memorable Things That Happen in Our Lifetimes and Sat with Me and Others Agreed, Recalling One Would Remember One Side of Another Remember the Other Side Sick.

Oh Yeah Forgot about. Are You Sure about This. Overall, We Reinforced the Accuracy of the Whole Story. So Yes, That's Exactly What Happens Here That's Excellent Pressing for Details. Because the More You Read It Simply Rose Okay Is Our Libel and That's Why the Early Editors Had No Problem Putting All This Together Recognizable Side-By-Side Funds Can't Come Right Back. The Book Is for Anyone Gospel Jesus, the Author: Charles Come Back Focus and on the Resurrection Accounts Folks Get the Book Will Be Enriched by Error on the Line of Fire with Your Host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your Voice Is More Cultural and Spiritual Revolution There Again Is Dr. Michael Brown. Okay, I Have Been Waiting to Do This for This Michael Brown Back to One of Fire, I Am in My Studio States Talking to Author Nicoli Dimitrov, Author of the Form One Gospel Jesus and He Is in His Home in Bulgaria and Were Talking about How When You Rightly Put All the Gospels Together As If One Person at Written All You See That A Lot Of the Apparent Contradictions Disappear. So the Color Prof. Bart Ehrman, One of the Best-Known Agnostics in the World Today and an Intellectual New Testament Scholar Will Have a Big Class at University of North Carolina, Where He Teaches and I Guess Raleigh-Durham Area. He'll Have a Big Class and Students Will Come in and and Immediately He'll Begin to Attempt to Debunk the Gospels, the Authority of Scripture and Is a Learned Man Is Memorized Much of the Greek New Testament Saw and Boy, How Can I Argue with Him What He Knows so Much and I Debated the Loss on the Problem of Suffering and He Shall Receive Very Passionate about the Things He Believes Doesn't Believe and Resurrect Amanda's Know Was No Way We Can Rest and We Can We Can Reconcile All the Resurrection Accounts.

In Fact They They May Need to Question the Hot Dog and That's That's What A Lot Of People Feel You Go to an Atheist.

Yeah Guardian Website Neglected so I Want You to to Put Together for Us. As You Read It As You Understand It in Your Form One Gospel Book Give Us What Happened with the Resurrection of Matthew Mark Luke and John Telling Us the Story with One Voice. Let's Hear It. Well, This Is the Most Tough Part.

Indeed, the Whole Gospel Research Because There Really A Lot Of Factors Here and There Might Be Even Some That Are Not Included, and We Might Not Even Know. Ask the Gospel of John Says That Everything around Jesus Was Written the Books in the Entire World Will Not Contain. But with the Resurrection. Specifically, I Have a Basal Appendix Section in the Book to Explain Just How These Events Happen so I Would like to Quickly Just Go over Them yet so Early in the Morning Early Resurrection Morning Mary Magdalene Visits the Tool with Some Other Women. We See That in the Sum of the Gospels, and When They Enter in. They See That the Body of Jesus Is Not There Know When That Happens. Mary Magdalene Immediately Leaves the Other Ladies at the Tool and She Alone Runs to Tell Peter and Joan, While the Others Remained the Tomb and That's When the Other Ladies Encounter the Two Angels Mary Have Been with Them at the Time Because Otherwise She Will Blow What Happened to Jesus, but She Didn't Wish to Run Some Peter Enter Joan She Had No Idea What Happened, so Only the Other Ladies Experience the Two Angels Can Tell Them That Jesus Has Risen so They Too Are Supposed to Go and Tell the Disciples.

The Women Then Leave the Two and on Their Way to the Disciples They See Jesus Again. Mary Is Still Not with Them. Mary Has Run out to Tell Peter and John Strickland Being with Them Because She Would Know That Jesus Has Been Risen, but When She Went to Them. She Just Told Him They Took the Body of Our Lord and We Have No Idea Where This so When She Tells Peter and John. She We Know That of Course They Run to the Two Who Expects on Themselves When She Sees Jesus before She Recognized Him As Jesus. We Know That She Thought That This Was the Gardener. So in Any Event, Mary Couldn't Have Been with the Others at the Great Encountering the Angels Because She Had a Personal Encounter with Jesus Later. So When Other Women Leave the Tomb, Mary Magdalene Arrives with Peter and Joe. They Both See That the Tomb Is Empty and They Return Home While Mary Stays at the Tomb and That's When She Encounters Jesus Thinking That He Is the Is the the Gardener but Then She Sees Him.

And Then When She Sees Him.

That's When She Runs a Game to the Disciples and the Other Ladies Also around the Disciples and They All Tell Them That They Have Seen Jesus and That's When after That Jesus Himself Students in Front of Them and Reveals Himself to Them. Got It All Right. Obviously I'm Going through This in My Head As You're Doing It and I Would I Would Want to Look at Every Texting Presses Anywhere It'll.

Is This Being Forced or Anything like This, but Let's Let's Be Totally Honest and Straightforward.

Okay Yes, If We Weren't Convinced That the Word of God Was Reliable. We Wouldn't Do What Were Doing. This Is Not a Job Trying to Make My Yearly Output. All the Effort into Writing Absolutist to Sell a Million Books in a New York Times Bestseller.

Get Rich from It Introduces a Labor of Love, Out Of Love for the Work I Have Sometimes Answer the Question When Pressed in a Given Answer. I Thought You Know That Is a Satisfying Need to Dig Deeper. I Need a Better Answer and Then Doug Morris Okay There Is a Better Answer and I Produced It at Other Times I Discovered Something As If It Falls It Falls into Place Make Sense of. Let's Be Totally Honest. God Sees Arts.

Anyway, When You Were Doing This. Did You Have the Impression That You Were Trying to Make Puzzle Pieces Fit Where They Didn't Fit That You Were Trying to Wind This Whole Thing Together. It Couldn't Possibly Put Together or Was It the Opposite That You Started to Put These Together As It Falls into Place Naturally. What Was Your Experience with Was a Little Bit of Both, Depending on the Time I Worked on This Material for about 10 Years, Day in and Day out. While at First I Got This Idea Because I Am from a Former Communist Nation, Bulgaria. So Right after Communism Fell. I Was One of the People That Got Saved from the First Wave of Revival That He Bulgaria and When I Did This Somehow Supernaturally Came into My Mind. The First Time I Read the Four Gospels, I Saw That These Accounts Are Similar, yet There Are Little Bit of Differences Here and There so Somehow the Idea Came to Me without Even Knowing That There Have Been Other Attempts at the Same Thing, but the Idea Came to Me. I Wanted to Start with the Presupposition.

Yes, the Gospels Are True.

Yes, They Do Not Contradict Each Other. Yes, the Bible Is True. So I Started with That Idea and I Wanted Really to Prove That This Is so and Then When I Started Doing It Because It Really Took Years Everyday with Lots of Different Bibles Lots of Comment. There Is Lots of Reading Lots of Checkups and When I Started Doing That.

I Was Amazed That It Was Actually Much Easier Than I All That Some of Those Discrepancies, Seeming Discrepancies, Roots Have Me Work at Them.

I Saw That If You Combine I Just Had Four Different Gospels, Which I Chair Torque from the Bible and Had One Right Next to Another and I Will Look at Them Word for Word. According to the Chronology Sources That I Had Word For Word and I Will Just Strike Every Word Which Is the Same and Put One of the Words in My Gospel, Then Add Another and Another and Another and the Text with Really Full like Pieces of a Puzzle so Quickly and so Nice That I Really Enjoyed the Entire Process Because This Gave Me Incredible Comfort Is That It Could Be Even Used. I Have Done It in Bulgaria in Two It Could Be Even Used, and It Has Been Used Here As an Evangelical Evangelization to Host Usually Our Friends.

At Least That's What We Encountered Here in Bulgaria Because There Is Lots of Negative Press and Media against Protestant Christianity Here so If You Are Trying to Speak with the Nonbeliever and If You Want to Give Them the Bible Is a Gift. Or Let's Say the New Testament You Almost for a Fact Know That They Will Never Read Matthew Mark Luke and John, One Right after Another Because of All of These Repetitions, but Why Don't Read One Whole Composite Story Which Is Chronological of the Life of Jesus and See Everything in Place and It Fits so Logic That It's Just Amazing You and You Know That the Thing That I Love about This Is One of My Tackle Problems When I Would Get Objections from My Professors in College and Grad School When Interact with a Rabbi and They Raise Questions. Yes, Some of Them Are Frivolous, but Others I Think That's a Good Question. That's a Serious Question, We Deserve a Serious Answer to Dig and Ever You Feel the Weight of the Questions like, Well, That's It. That's a Heavy Question. I Really Have To Think about This, but the Thing That so Interesting Is When You Dig Deeper, Dig Deeper You Dig Deeper Because It Is God's Word, That What May Begin As a Precarious Exercise, like His MIR Find an Answer Is by Faith Can Be Challenged on I Would Do This Is a Newer Believer, the More You Dig the More Encouragement You Get Because It Is God's Word. In Fact, and It's Not Just All These Different People. All These Different Ideas and and Thrown Together in One Thing and Know We Hope It Works so Yes, It Is the Executive Thing Is That This Is Not the Logical Material That Is Just an Assistant Material to the Bible, Read Your Bibles. This Is Not a Substitute for the Bible but This Is Not Theology. This Is Not Systematic Theology. This Is Not Topical Discussion. This Is Nothing like That so I Don't Have To Put Anything down Just Have To Read and It Is Fully Referenced. You Can Put Your Finger Anywhere in the Book and in a Second.

You Can Know Where This Verse in Chapter Has Been Used and How Exactly Word For Word and There Is Not One Single Word Missing Article. I Just Got a Jump in Where, Out Of Time, but My Next Reading through the Gospels Can Include This Is Just Just Reading through the Way, Haven't Laid out in Your Book Again Many Years of Hard Work to Put This Together.

Take Advantage of It. Pastors, Bible Teachers, Those Hungry for the Word Again We Call It Dimitrov DI MITROV the Four and One Gospels of Jesus, You Verify Will See God's Word Is As Reliable As Always Thought It Was Brother God Bless You. Thanks for the Back of the Thank You Brightman Friends to Get to the Word Will Never Be Disappointed to Light a Fire with Your Host Dr. Michael Brown Line of Fire Now Going to 866-34-TRUTH Your Exam Is Dr. Michael Brown Dig into the Word Today on the Line of Fire. This Is a Special Broadcaster. I Won't Be Taking Calls Because Were You Dig in Deep, You Know, We Spent A Lot Of Time Answering Questions That Command Social Media Phone Calls. Some Shows Are Just and to and Calls That We Take so We Love to Do It That's That's for Ministry Name Asked Dr. Brown, Includes Everything We Do, but We Also like to Go Really Deep Sometimes and and and Dig into the Scriptures Together so I Wanted You That Not Not Let Me Explain This. You May Have Very Little Background I Want to Make It so That You Can Understand You May Be a Serious Student of the Word I Want to Make It so That Your Profit As Well. So That's My Goal Today and Chris Will Talk about Focus on One Particular Passage of Scripture for the Next Few Minutes in Matthew 27 Chapter and It's One That That Your Reading Music That I Don't Get It. It Seems like Matthew Mixed up a Quote Here That He Quotes Jeremiah but He Really Should've Been Quoting Zechariah and Then What He Quotes from Zechariah Does He Quoted Rightly in What Is He Say Jeremiah so Naturally the Counter Missionaries. The Rabbis and Jewish Teachers Who Believe That Matthew Is Not True Gospel That It's Not the Word of God, Believe That Jesus Is Not the Messiah, They Will Look at This Is a Perfect Example of How Unreliable Matthew Is and Here's the Way I Phrase the Objection in Volume 4 of Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus There. Five Volumes Total Volume 4 Focuses on Objections Based on the New Testament. And Here's the Way I Phrase the Jewish Objection. Matthew 27, Nine and 10 Is Totally Confused First Matthew Quotes Part of a Prophecy from Zechariah. Then He Says It Comes from Jeremiah and Then He Takes the Whole Thing Totally out of Context so What When I Really Got into Writing This When It Was Time in Writing This Portion of the Book to Really Dig in Deep, I Gotta Be Honest with Others Can Be Bringing up the Relevant Scripture Share My Screen but but I've Gotta Be Honest with You I Had One Night I Was Working on This Where I Couldn't Sleep at Night and I Got Hit.

This I Think One of Three Times in My Life That I Got Hit like This, so 46 Years in the Lord. It's Really Almost Never, Never, Never, That I Get Hit with These Type of Weighty Things, but It Happened to Me This Particular Night Where I Got Hit with Every Intense Objection to the Fate That I Couldn't Sleep. It Was One Thing after Another after Another. You Know, the New Testament Misrepresents the Old Testament or Every Experience You've Had That You Thought Was Real of the Lord Wasn't Reordered. It Was This Tormenting Night. I Was Talking to a Friend about It. A Few Days Later the Friend Said All That's How I Live. I Thought You Serious You Go through That Level of Torment All the Time so I Know Some You Struggle A Lot but Somehow by God's Grace, Even Though I've Tackled Objections Had on Sadat.

I Want to Be Totally Honest in the Fall the Truth Wherever It Leads.

I Don't Go through All These Face Struggles All the Time and I'm Very Very Grateful to God. But When I Do I Face Them Head on the Few Times I've Really Been Hit below.

I Get Battles like Everybody Else in Tempted like Everybody Else Course, We All Do, but the Few Times I've Had These Really Intense Battles Just Made a Question like That's Troubling. All Ions Starts a Hard Multnomah Army That I Mean Life-And-Death Face Struggles One of Those Things I Face It Head on.

I Lead into I See God in Their Pursuit of Truth Wherever It Leads.

Because I Know You're a God of Truth I Would Pursue You and Your Truth, Wherever That Leads over the Years.

It Is Only Deepened My Faith and Deepen My Confidence and Deepen My Assurance and That's What Happened.

That Next Day It's Been Hours and Hours and Hours Digging into the Text and the More I Dug the More Excited I Was the More I Dug the More I Thought Oh, Matthew Was a Genius and He Was Inspired by This. Wow, and Even Translated Some Things from the Hebrew Himself into Greek, and Even Engage in Some Jewish Word Plays As Well so Let Me Read This to You from Matthew Chapter 27 and Again You'll Find My In-Depth Answer in Volume 4 of the Series so This Is Now after Judas Has Betrayed the Lord and They Given 30 Pieces of Silver Goes out, Hangs Himself in the Throes That the the Money Back His Guilt Ridden, but He Doesn't Get True Repentance Right Verse Nine, Then What Was Spoken by Jeremiah the Prophet Was Fulfilled.

They Took This 30 Silver Coins. The Price of the One Whose Price Is Been Set by the People of Israel and They Gave Them for the Potter's Field As the Lord Commanded Think All I Don't Get This.

That's a Prophecy from Zechariah 11 about the 30 Pieces of Silver.

The 30 Silver Coins and the Betrayal of the Shepherd and and How Does That Work and Was Jeremiah. So Here's One Answer I Heard This for Many Years That When You Were Woman Who Had Scrolls of Books That You Would Sometimes Have a Longer Book with the Shorter Book Right so You Might Have Had Jeremiah and with That Zechariah. Some of the Other Books or Jeremiah and the 12 Minor Prophets Are You Just Referred to It by the Scroll Name As a Whole without This Not Impossible, but I Don't See Any Strong Evidence for It Plus Jeremiah Itself Is the Longest Book in the Hebrew Bible in Terms of Words, so Long As Focus on the Genesis Longer Than Ezekiel and Psalms. I Know It Because of the Comintern, Jeremiah, That's One of the Things I Learned about so It's Longer Than in Those Books Is Unlikely That Your Noggin Append the Scroll to That and and Add That to It Especially When You Have the Correct Collection of Cubicle Try SR, Which Is the 12 the 12 Minor Prophets so That's an Unlikely Explanation Was That a Scribe Made an Error Somewhere That We Should Just Say Zechariah Could Be, but Haven't Jeremiah Get in There There There Is a Latin Principal of Textual Criticism Called Lecture Differ Chillier, Which Is the More Difficult Reading Is to Be Preferred Other Words, It's Unlikely That a Scribe Would Change Zechariah Jeremiah When It Seemed to Be Zechariah That Matthew Was Quoted. Why Would They Put Jeremiah There It's It's Unlikely but If Jeremiah Was the Original Reading. It's More Likely That They Preserve That Accurately of Because It's It's a Difficult Reading. Why Would They Have Done That. So I I Began to Dig into What Other Commentary Said I Had Other Books Written Just on the Subject and and What What I Discovered Became Clear to Me. And of Course Other Scholars to Discover This before Me, and I've Known Some of It I Just Had Never Gotten into It That Much Depth Was That Matthew Is Giving You a Hint Is Quoting a Passage Knowing That You Will Know It Is Primarily from Zechariah Watkins You Know That Your Jewish Person You're Familiar with the Scripture, but He Saying Jeremiah Because He's Referring You to Something Very Important in the Book of Jeremiah That Ties in with the Larger Theme Here of Matthew Chapter 27 Because We Have Earlier That Judas Goes to Her Room to the Elders and to the Chief Priests to Bring to to Bring the Money Back of His Betrayal Thing I've Said by Betraying Innocent Blood. I've Sinned by Betraying Innocent Blood. They Say What's That to Austin Is Hardhearted Towards Him.

It's It's Horrific. What Took Place with What's. Matthew Told Me to Look at in Jeremiah. Some Say Jeremiah 32 Word Regards House and the Bio Field Thinks That the Distant Tie in the Buying and the Fuel They Are Drizzle about to Be Destroyed, I Don't Think so. Roger Jeremiah 18 the Potter Regards to the Potter and and He Sees the Lesson of the Potter God Saying Hey Just like This Pottery Is like the Wheezing, Look to Smash It Starts to Get I Can Do the Same Thing Is That It No I Don't Think That's It Either. I Think It's Jeremiah 19 I Want to Share Something with You Really Really Interesting.

Of One Jewish Journalist David Klinghoffer Orthodox Jew. He Says Mr. Reading Matthews Prophecies Section Fission about so Easy to Refute Them so Easy to Show That Jesus Is the Messiah so Obvious. Well, Matthew Is a Major Commentary on Matthew Three.

Full Detail Volumes by W.

D. Davies and Dale See Allison Look at What Davies and Allison Said about Matthew. This Is after Studying Matthew in Greek In-Depth for Years and Years and Years and Years and All the Related Literature.

Listen to This. Matthew Was Not above Scattering Items in His Greek Text, Whose Deeper Meaning Could Only Be Appreciated by Those with the Knowledge of Hebrew. Indeed, It Might Even Be That Matthew Found Authorial Delight in Hiding Quote Bonus Points for Those Willing and Able to Look a Little beneath the Gospel Surface Rather Than David Klinghoffer's Perspective, Part Perspective, Which I Understand It, Matthews Is Misquoting the Refute. It's like Shooting Fish in a Row. The Easiest Thing in the World.

These Scholars Have Devoted Decades of Their Lives to the Study of Matthew and the Related Early Literature Signal.

Matthew Hides Things You've Got to Dig a Little Deeper and Now You Understand What He Was Really Saying so on the One Hand Is Referring to.

Zechariah 11 Verses 11 through 13 Definitely Referring to That Text When You Read That You but He's Also Referring to Jeremiah 19 and That's the Text He Wants Us to Go to. So When It Is Our Hope, Hope You're with Me so Far.

I Hope You Understand the Problem.

That Will Give You the Solution. Zechariah 11 Beginning in Verse 11, so It Was a Know That Very Day and Then the Most Afflicted of the Flock Who Kept Faith with Me Knew That Was the Word of the Lord That I Said to Them, If It Seems Good to Pay Me My Wages, but Is Not Forget It, so They Wait out My Payment 30 Pieces of Silver, and the Lord Said to Me Throat to the Potter That Exorbitant Summit Which They Valued Me so I Took the 30 Pieces of Silver and Threw Them to the Potter at the Temple of Lord Will Clearly Matthew Sees This Happening in the Life of Jesus. Quite a Striking Passage, the Betrayal Money That Judas Got for Betraying the Shepherd Betraying Jesus.

And Remember That Method of Zechariah Also Tells Us in the 13th Chapter Smite the Shepherd and the Sheep Will Be Scattered This Betrayal. Money Is Thrown to the Temple and Ultimately the to to the Potter at the Temple Which Which Will Will Discuss That in a Moment. So It's Deathly Zechariah Is Quoting but It's Not Only Zechariah. Why This Is a Word about Betraying Innocent Blood.

This Is a Word about the Coming Destruction of Jerusalem. This Is a Word about Betrayal. This Is a Word about Complicity of Chief Priests and Elders and Matthew Wants Us to See That Justice Jeremiah Prophesied Right before the Destruction of the First Temple Because of Sinning against Innocent Blood. Because of the Complicity of the Priests and the Elders Because of the Slaughter of the Innocent, Just As God Judged Jerusalem in His Day. Jesus Is Telling Us. As It Happened in Jeremiah's Day It's Going to Happen Now, and Matthew Wants Us to Feel the Full Weight of His Hands. Rather Than Saying Zechariah Was the Obvious Exist As Jeremiah Said, Because There Is Jeremiah's Message Tied in Zechariah's Fee Side on the Line of Fire with Your Host Dr. Michael Brown Voice Aboard Cultural and Spiritual Revolution. Here Again Is Dr. Michael Brown. We Are Continuing to Dig into Matthew 27 Is Quotation from Zechariah 11, Which He Says Is Jeremiah Why Because the Readers Are Immediately Get a Recognize Zechariah Say Why Is He Saying Jeremiah I Believe That He Wants His Readers to Go to Jeremiah Chapter 19 Jeremiah Chapter 19 and Let's Take a Look at What's Written There. The Lord Told Jeremiah Go and Buy a Clay Jar from a Potter so Here We Have the Association with Potter in Jeremiah 19 and Potters Field in Matthew 27 Justin Connection Potter Right Potter Potters Field Take with You Some of the Leaders of the People in Some of the Leaders of the Priests Know Who Does Judas Go to to Throw Back the 30 Pieces of Silver. He's Received. He Goes Back to the Temple to Whom the Chief Priests and the Elders Here. Jeremiah's Told Take the Chief Priests and Elders with You or Priests and Leaders of the Elders of the People with You Go out to the Part of the Huron Valley Which Is near the Entrance of the Potsherd Gave and Asked Her What I Tell You Say Listen to What the Lord Says, You Kings of Judah and Citizens of Jerusalem, the Lord God of Israel Who Rules over You over All Says I Will Bring a Disaster on This Place That Will Make the Ears of Everyone Who Hears about It Rain Matthews Telling You This Was Going to Happen to Jerusalem Because the Betrayal of Innocent Blood. I Will Do so Because These People Have Rejected Me, and Have Defiled This Place They Have Offered Sacrifices in It to Other Gods, Which Neither They nor Their Ancestors nor the Kings of Judah Knew Anything about Their Fill That with the Blood of Innocent Children.

Jerusalem Was Filled with the Blood of Innocent Children Because of Baby Sacrifice in Jeremiah's Day Because of Which at and from before the Manassas Day Because of Which God Is Going to Bring Frightful Destruction on Jerusalem, so Also It Is in the Days of Jesus and Indictment concerning the Chief Priests and the Elders of the People Why the Shedding of Innocent Blood. The Betrayal of the Messiah for 30 Pieces of Silver.

So Matthew Was Putting Together Zechariah's Word and Jeremiah's Word They Have Built Places Here for Worship for the God Ball so They Could Sacrifice Their Children's Burnt Offerings to Him in the Fire Such Sacrifices Is Something I Never Commanded Them to Make Their Something I Never Told Him to Do.

Indeed, Such a Thing Never Even Entered My Mind so I the Lord Say the Time Will Soon Come the People Lower Call Displays Tough It or the Hingham Valley. They Will Call This Place the Valley of Slaughter and Here It Goes on with God's Plans of Destruction. Judah and Jerusalem to Number One. Matthew Is Primarily Quoting from Zechariah. But with Reference Also to This Passage in Jeremiah and Just like When Mark Quotes from Isaiah and Malachi. He Just Cites Isaiah the Malachi Follows I Believe Is Quoting Jeremiah As the One He Wants You to Seek out and Study and Understand Your Jeremiah 19 Most Likely, and Specifically Zechariah, but He Just Quotes the One Wants You to Look at Both Parallel Again. Chief Priests and Elders Complicit in the Shedding of Innocent Blood. This Brings Judgment on Jerusalem Right Everybody with Me Support This Wave If You're with Me. Okay, Now Let's Go Back to Zechariah Chapter 11 Zechariah Chapter 11 and and There's a Reason I Decided to Get into Something in This Depth on the Radio. Many Times Readers That the Place for That so Will Do Special Teaching Other Settings and Then of Course We Got Full-Length Classes in DVD Series and Audio Series and and and and All of My Books 30+ Books That We've Written so and, in Point of Fact There There Is a There Is a of a Place to Dig Deep and There's a Place Were We Give You A Lot Of Truth, A Lot Of Information, but We Can Dig As Deep Because Were Not on the Same Place. Like for Example If I Just Walked into Your Class. You Know in Advance Math Classes at It at Your College and and All I Have a Zero Elementary Algebra Meant Galilee, Right, and If You Take All the Time to Explain It to Me When You Can Teach the Student so We Would Try to Minister in a Way on Radio in Our Public Preaching and Teaching Is Where the River Anybody Is Interested, They Can Dive in, but I Want to Go Deeper Today to Encourage You to Dig Deeper Want to Go Deeper to Say Hey. The Deeper You Dig the More Good You Can Find Neither Subsidy. I Lost My Faith When Eyes and I Started Digging I Lost My Faith Will Perhaps Even Dig Deep Enough, and Perhaps You Dug without the Lord, Meaning That I Say, I Want to Follow Your Truth Wherever It Leads Exclusively As a Faith Presupposition.

Yes, There Is. God Is Not to Prove Himself to Me Every Day Is Not to Reveal Himself to Mary Will Need a Sign from Heaven Every Day to Know He's God, and Is True. But As I'm Looking in the Word Okay. Judaism Has Its Objections to the New Testament, Does That Mean That If I If I See Judaism Is True That I Reject the New Testament, but If There Was Clearly a New Test Was False. Judaism Was Drift.

Of Course I Would Measure Deceive Myself or Do Something Convenient with You Concluded That There Was No Gobble That Would Be Utterly Traumatic. That Would Be Absolutely Traumatic like I Can Relate to That Possibility, but If That's Where the Indisputable Evidence Led Right Is There Is No Possible Way That the Bible Could Be True When You Have To Accept That but My Experience Has Always Been the Opposite, That When I Was Sincere and Dug Deep Enough and Said God II Want to Honor You, but I like to Stick My Head in the Sand That Doesn't Honor You As an Audio If I Turn off My Brain but I Wonder Why No One so Limited.

I Need Your Help. That Was Help Me to See. It's Not like I Don't Rationalize Noun or Make It All Fit All Know There Is. That's the Point.

It Comes Alive. You See It You See What's behind. So Let's Take a Look Now and Zechariah Chapter 11. Okay, Zechariah Chapter 11 and Here We Go. I'm Going to Read Now I Just Read from the NET.

The New English Translation, but Let's Read It Instead. Verse 13 and A Few Other Versions Became.

James Says Cast It onto the Pot or a Goodly Price. It I Was Surprised at Them but You Can James Throw It to the Potter and CSP's Road to the Potter You Find That Pretty Universally Right and the the Hebrew, There Is a Goats Air Your Air Which Would Mean Potter Someone That That Forms, Shapes, Things, There Is a Hebrew Word Oats Are, Which Is Treasury, and There Some Ancient Traditions That Would Give You the Idea That That There Was a Different Word Use. They Are Ritually or Matthew Perhaps Is Saying There Is a Play on Words. But What's Clear to Me That Matthew Understood the Hebrew and Based on His Understanding of the Hebrew Then Made Application of the Passage in His Own Day We See for Example That Matthew Does That in the Eighth Chapter Matthew Eight Verse 16 Says When Evening Came, They Brought Sick to Him and He and the Sick Realty Drove out the Spirits with a Word and Healed the Sick. Verse 817 Says This Was to Fulfill Was Written, the Prophet Isaiah That Himself or Sicknesses and Carried Our Paints. Let's Literally What the Hebrew Says of Hank Oleander Who Now Saw Marco Binns Follow Shirley's Bore Our Sicknesses and Carried Our Paints, but the Greek Translation That Matthew Would've Had It That Day Spiritualized Adjusted to Sins and and and and Not to Physical Pain Is an Aramaic Tradition That Matthew Would Be Familiar with That Also.

Of These Are Ancient Jewish Interpretive Traditions Did Not Understand Literal Sickness.

Matthew Says No It Is Literal Sickness and Disease Not Only Spiritual Sickness and Disease but Also Literal Sickness and Disease so Just Bring You a Little Bit More from Volume 4, so I Asked the Question What about the Potter's Field. Let's First Deal with the Issue of the Potter NIV Zechariah 1113 Reads the Lord Said to Me, Throw It to the Part of the Handsome Price at Which They Price Me the New Jewish Publication Society Version Reads the Lord Said to Me, Deposited in the Treasury As If It Was Hebrew Oats Are Treasury Revenue Goats Air Potter and They Say That That the Meaning of Some of the Words Including Treasury Is Uncertain. So Again, or Hebrew Traditions Are Hebrew Bible Masoretic Text with Tradition Says Hi Goats, Air, the Potter and Here You Have Another Translation Respected Jewish Translation. It Says Doesn't Mean How Oats Are the Treasury and That's How Medieval Jewish Interpreters Read It.

The Treasury, so What Is Matthew Understand Aditi Site, the Septuagint.

How Does the Septuagint Read a Septuagint Reads It As Furnace As If It Was Throw It to the This Miter the That the One or the the Smell.

There Are Those That Would Not This Minor Other Will You Smell's Rights, Throw It to Him in the Furnace Nono Matthew Doesn't Follow That a Dizzy Follow the Tradition That's Found in the Aramaic, the Targum No Doesn't Follow That If It Was Known to Me Doesn't Follow What He Does Is He Translates Directly from the Hebrew Is Really Simple Mouth.

He Understands It to Mean Potter but Just under Says Ms. Rhodes of the Potter It's to the Potter's Wheel to the Potter for Use in the Potters Field That's All He Does Is Give You That Explanation, but It's Interesting That Matthew Doesn't Follow the Other Ancient Jewish Traditions That Were Known This Day Because in His Mind Is Now the Hebrew Said He Gave You Exactly What the He Reset with the Added Explanation That It Was Cast to the Potter for the Potters Field That's Simple. So When We Open up and Again We Get into It Systematically In-Depth and in Volume 4 of My Series. We Open Our Peers Will Be Fine. Matthew Was Looking at the Hebrew Text Matthew Understood It Was Looking at Zechariah 11 and Assumed His Readers Would Recognize That and Also Wanted to Quote from Jeremiah 19 to Say That This Is a Time of Fierce Judgment, Have Internalized As Credible As I Back You Called Your Questions

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