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Evaluating the State of the Union

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 31, 2018 4:31 pm

Evaluating the State of the Union

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 31, 2018 4:31 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/31/18.

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So what would it sound like if God gave America the state of the union address stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by going 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Did you watch the state of the union last night. If you did, what were your thoughts. How did it leave you feeling afterwards very interesting to see polling of those who watch the state of the union. I got home from teaching night class last night sitting down to have some solid rusted union was on so I got to watch a good part of it and then read transcripts of other parts that I missed and we can some of the feedback. I didn't write anything immediately because I didn't feel the Lord gave me any special insight of the words everybody can comment and okay. I've had this opinion that opinion. I like this line which this was said that you know whatever, but if to say something I wanted to have substance so as I've been praying and thinking the question is been really rising in my own heart.

Would God say about the state of the union in America. Every president is going to be as optimistic and positive as they can stated union and in some some type of unifying note. Generally speaking, there are number specifics, we can talk about in the context of last night's address. But what would God say to us, would God say to America. What would God say to the church of America 866-34-TRUTH you're listening to the line of fire. This is Michael Brown. Thanks for joining us. 866-3487 84. Another question for you before we start to get into some specifics here overall over all how you feel about the state of America today. Are you optimistic or pessimistic pessimistic about the state of America. So when I say overall spiritually, economically, socially and politically overall. If you had to say. I feel optimistic, overall, or pessimistic overall where would your sentiments be. We did some polling about that will talk to about that in a moment as well. We can respond 866-348-7884.

Overall you feeling optimistic or pessimistic about the state of America. So were talking holistically, both spiritually and economically, both socially and politically and in all the other aspects of our society. Our world the world in which we live in here in America that you may just say will hey, I was have faith in God most optimistic or hey, when a sinful fall role of voice, pessimistic understand what specifically but America are you optimistic, pessimistic, second question, which in a certain sense, is related, but can be totally unrelated. How would you feel about the president's state of the union address 866-3433 will get to some calls.

Let me share my perspective and I'm I'm really looking for ways to articulate this I'm I'm looking to convey this in writing later today to put out as well so I'm fleshing this out with all of you now listening, watching on the air. I feel a certain sadness in my heart.

Although I was pleased with the president's speech and I thought it was a good positive speech and although you'll be interested to see the people that we polling on Twitter and Facebook where they're at in terms of their optimism or their pessimism as he could be interested to hear that but it in my own heart.

As I look at God's perspective on our nation. I feel a certain sadness. If God was giving the state of the union that he wouldn't be giving us a pep talk because that's not what God does in Scripture right is not a politician is not a presidencies he's he is God, so he would speak to us differently than any political leader would speak to us and and in that sense were not looking for a man to do upset looking for Donald Trump to do that. Overall I thought it was a very good speech, was pleased with it and the further discussion about that. However however here's here's what I felt as I been praying and thinking God what your heart about America, how you feel about America. There's something very very deep inside of me that's been burdening and and I was kind of surprised to process this in my own heart, but I feel a fundamental sadness of fundamental sadness in my heart for what I feel is from the Lord because of the depth of divisions in our midst, and because of our lack of love, one for another, that if I heard the Lord speaking with sadness to America today. Part of what I hear is this voice saying, but you don't love one another. You are so divided and this is limitless and I'm not talking about setting up some kind of artificial unity. I don't mean that in some superficial way that we do should be nicer to each other but but let me give you an interesting Jewish tradition. Judaism asked the question several hundred years after the destruction of the second Temple several hundred years after the time of Jesus. Judaism asked the question why was the first Temple destroyed in 586 BC by the Babylonians while they were horrific sins of the nation. There was idolatry there was injustice there was a morality you had that the sacrificing of children horrific things that one will how long was the XL 70 years, and for most of the time the temple was destroyed what was then the question is asked what about the second Temple because now by the time this is being asked in Jewish literature, the second Temple's been destroyed for several hundred years was a second Temple destroyed. Seeing that we didn't have idolatry is the way you had it during the first company didn't have the second Temple that was largely purged to the Axa and the immorality or injustice of the child sacrifice those kinds of things that seem to be greatly reduced or completely removed during the time the second Temple so that being the case summary completely loose over greatly reduced if the first Temple where you have these gross sins of idolatry, morality and justice child sacrifice in these horrific sins because of which the temple was destroyed for the better part of 70 years. Why now if most of those sins in the form that they existed before were not there during the second Temple time.

Why then is the second Temple been destroyed for hundreds of years now, we would say that hundreds of years now, but 2000 years going on. 2000 years euros and think of it like this, a judge sent someone to jail for murder, cold-blooded murder, all right. And in your you to be in prison for life and out someone else robs a bank. In this you get 10 life sentences. Think how can the work so what was the great sin of the second Temple, and of course from our perspective as followers of Jesus would say that simple was the rejection of Jesus the Messiah was the son of God came in these deciduous people you didn't realize you do recognize the time of your visitation so that would be big that that would be everything that we would say there's an interesting Jewish tradition that says the second Temple was destroyed because of the Hebrew see nothing which is baseless hatred. No I say correct baseless hatred towards the Messiah would take a sin of that magnitude could Temple be destroyed this long, but there's a Jewish tradition that there is baseless hatred among different friends, clans, families, and it ends up in the outcome of spreading it anyway. It seems so small when Jewish literature describes but but what it's saying is that baseless hatred in this type of division between friends and brothers and families is is worse than than all these other sense. Not now. Again, this is just a Jewish tradition and and I'm sending Jewish tradition missed the big party or which is namely, the Messiah, however the point that baseless hatred. The point that division is so ugly in God's sight is something that we really need to consider that. Let's just talk within the body within the church are, let's just talk within the church. Let's recognize how much emphasis God's word puts on loving one another for us as believers, how often it addresses loving one another lovingly dose each level of the from pure heart fervently. I posted some verses from first Peter about that last week when when doing shows for God TV recording 21 shows prefixes for God TV last week with through the sermon on the Mount 99 weeks nine shows and then went to first Peter in five shows one chapter each week and I was just struck again by how much Peter speaks about love one another love one another love one. How much Jesus prayed for our unity so not only is a tremendous lack of love in the body, but the amount of lack of love in the society and the amount of division in the society is something that grieves the heart of God and Abraham Lincoln warned us that a nation divided according to the words of Jesus cannot stand and I I feel if God was speaking to us at the state of the union that would sadness. I could hear him say, but you have so little love for one another. Let me just give you a quick example right. I will get some your calls and I've got some clips to play for.

You want to look at some online responses to the stated union last night a taken for polling data but okay I will complain close, but not gonna want to give you some of this other information when it comes to loving one another. Let's say that you are strong conservative. Let's say that your strong support of Pres. Trumper, you would've voted for the Republican candidates in your kind of in anyone but Hillary person and and when you see her face on TV get annoyed when you hear a voice you get annoyed. Do you love her.

Do you love her. Yes, I absolutely voted against her. My main vote was a vote against Hillary Clinton was for Donald Trump but probably against Billy Clinton and I noticeably good Trumper do it. I can vote for me, more enthusiastically, but no question it was a vote against a liquid and I been watching the Grammys, though she read from the anti-Trumper for Michael fire and fury and people panned that, etc. in any coaches are getting blasted and attacked, and so on. Okay, I believe many of her stances are very wrong. Ugly in God's sight, but do you love her.

Do you pray for her with love or did you just figure out she did some bad happens to him that Tonya candidly. What about those of you that oppose Pres. Trump and that you just second by him and you claim to be followers of Jesus to love him to pray for him with love. Do do we practice loving our enemies. What if God was ultimately judging us in America by one thing. Do you love one another. How then would we score, how would we turn out in God's sight. All right, much more calm, just getting started 866-34-TRUTH, we come back. I want to take you into some polls I'm doing right now on Facebook and Twitter calls as well. 866-34-TRUTH number by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown back friends to the line of fire.

Let me take you over to Facebook and twitter. I been doing polls.

There and asking folks. Overall, how you feel about the state of America. So what's your sense about the state of war union holistically, lyrically, spiritually, socially, economically, so over on Facebook. We've got old 900 something votes so for 65% say their feeling optimistic 35% say their feeling pessimistic and here's my question.

Overall for spiritual condition for economic conditions or social condition. Are you optimistic or pessimistic about the state of America so so for almost over with over 900 votes.

There 65% optimistic to 35% pessimistic to basically to 21 almost 221, which is an interesting number in terms of people's attitude how they feel.

We were going what's going on or over on Twitter interesting the results here were even higher. Same question exactly but overall the twitter feed move got over thousand votes so far was over 75% when three quarters saying that they were feeling optimistic. More optimistic than pessimistic. Now here is something interesting responses to the president's speech last night. Responses to the state of the union. This is really interesting to look at Drudge Report saying CBS News says 75% of the people have a favorable response to the president's speech.

Let's take a look. CNN CNN opposed the results of a poll and said Trump gets the least positive reaction in at least 20 years.

All right, so there question about how you feel your you confident trumps absolutes to carry out his duties as president, 42% said very confident. 15% said, somewhat confident, not confident 43% and overall for the see the pole. They looked at CNN 48% of speech watches have quote very positive reaction there.

Here's what's fascinating is what's fascinating. These numbers are way way way way way lower than other numbers, way, way, way lower in one after another after another. These common way lower, which would mean the people responded to the CN employment from my reading of it must be so influenced by CNN's constant negativity that those are the ones responding just like the people know what if I asked for calls here. It's mainly the people listen regularly to the radio sure got a call in Oregon respond to polls or people follow me on Facebook and twitter so when a claim is a scientific discovery responses, but since putting the sounds of its scientific pole and yet that number is radically different here is your something interesting and very telling Fox News has a story about students reacting to the speech later this college students reacting negatively to trumps state of the union before it even happens. All right, so again, no surprise here. I have no question that if it was Barack Obama about the delivery speech and you are talking diskettes of conservative activists that they have a negative reaction before it starts in let's say it only goes one way of dissing this is how biased we can be. This is how were you know, we see at this particular way and no matter what you say.

It reminds me of what he says I can influence it reminds me of after I did the debate one time with my friend Rabbi shrewdly about Jesus being the Messiah. New York City that afterwards a Jewish woman came up to me and asked me a question and as I answer, she asked me the question and then as I began to speak to her.

She district her head back and forth not an ice I said and I listen to this homelessness when you're ready, saying that you have the keypad study that if you're actually listening. Stop with the back-and-forth they are but that's our people are see you come in with preconceived ideas that look at this bright parts of conservative website, they are saying. The results are very different and their data's is 75% same same as CBS 75% approve of trumps state of the union address so CNN does their pole they come up with much lower numbers here Breitbart others have polls with the numbers are much, much higher, and then look at this Washington Post right Washington Post has some responses to the the speech and talk about different ones weighing and so they graded right trumps state of the union address was an 8.5 write a scale of 1 to 10 president trumps first editing address was an 8.5.

We all know when conditions are right in the teleprompters functioning Trump can do pretty well.

The questions with his words really mean anything. So let's just scroll down this article little but I want to read some of it to you at stylistically, Trump was well Trump writes not much of an inspirational speaker, not the best with the Teleprompter but it's you get the real guy you get him genuinely and it was interesting to me with what's interesting about all this is what I've been feeling in my heart about God saying to us, you don't you don't love one another. You don't love one another when one of the big thing that's been highlighted is one president trumps that unemployment among black Americans is at an all-time low and it did not get a positive response from Democrats, its docket standing ovation.

It did not get claps that that that that raises questions about are you more partisan you care about others or are you more partisan your politics. I think of for a serious question for all of us. I let's set let's go to the phones, 8663 for we start with Monte in Granger, Iowa. Walking to the line of fire. There are you doing doing very well thank you sir. What what you are after first warrior.

Well, God's perspective on the state of the union.

What were your thoughts on that while I have been brought up Abraham Lincoln because the two think I've been studying right now my biblical devotion by me and Jeremiah.

Yeah. And of course I'm breaking Carl Samberg book on Abraham Lincoln reports the house divided, that you made comment about is deathly true and the thing about parsley power. We've never had partisan politics. I got to do is study it bring you be that right, of course, the spiritual aspect of thing. If you study Caremark or in a world of hurt. And of course Erica might not be in the minor prophet story. Same thing. I mean, when we have a Senate vote down the abortion issue just couple of days ago. The stories are far from having our spiritual state the way it should be at that judgment. Judgment has to come yeah I don't I don't see a way around it.

I honestly and for many years, haven't and and I honestly believe that many of the problems in America today are the result of divine judgment either allowing us to reap what we sow. On the one handling or withdrawing his hand of grace and other ways but the look we just having general and a culture of death. More and more and more. Certainly that sowing and reaping because of abortion is not just just that alone and then other things you look at all the stuff that's happening with the women coming forward with me to you. We've had such a hyper sexualized culture that you have guys to sing and then do whatever they want to do because women are sexual objects of the reaping of what we so so many ways. We are a nation currently under judgment.

Let me ask you this because because order, turn Jeremiah intimately familiar with the book when you reassign past.

Yet yes sir, I got your autographed copy awesome awesome okay wonderful so as you're reading Jeremiah do you ever have times were you kinda shaking on the inside work with which you like that earlier on I think it was telegram that used to say that if… Judges Benny apologized to make them right, and I think you kinda went through the list earlier work doing wrong and I know what you did get wrong during its lifetime. And of course that's what Jeremiah I mean in all work doing the same thing. I mean God is a God that is sovereign and if appropriate I will map is the only saving grace, that we have right we are his children and he is yelled because of that I have. I guess I'll stay fight okay thanks well will be taking care of now that mean judgment, possibly yes it scared the terminology you beat out of me. Yeah, you use your listing Monte's is that when we went when we consider how much is been given to us and then instantly salute them with it that that's concerning an interview interesting to me is there so many millions of believers in America and often were so complacent often were so caught up with this world. I was teaching a class on on revival to our first and second year students last night, a fire school of ministry and as I was as I was teaching them and talk about these things.

I was struck again by how far the American churches from a revived mentality. How much how at home. We are in this world and how little we think of eternity so so Monte listener. We need to wrestle with these things. Thank you sir for for calling in and that be a question if Jeremiah was alive today, bring us a mess approach. It will be peaceable. That's a difference. Jeremiah was an old covenant prophet in the new covenant prophet right. Read the words of Jesus in Revelation 2 and three to the churches in Asia minor. What if it was just Jesus speaking to the church of America we say I'm convinced of the core of my being a large part of the message would be a call to wake up and repent and return to her first love.

If we did that America could be shaken.

Thanks her for weighing in a will gets more calls one. It turns out we can play those clips for you. So one play couple excerpts from the speech and ask you this, we doing well with right of matter about America. What's good about America, you know, when Jesus spoke to the seven churches in Asia minor, with the exception of Leo the sea of whom he said nothing positive he found something positive to say about each one would God say to us that is positive. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown realizing that she was desperately wanting someone to 80 how to spell God towing a teller that you will do it because you can begin so that was the voice of a police officer who was featured by Pres. Trump in less than stated the Union address, and I searched the transcript for the word God and I believe it was used four times by the president and he emphasize, our motto is in God we trust, and any he referred to this account. Here is one of the noble things being done by Americans. This is some very positive it's been done in the state of the union address is where individuals can be highlighted and, of course, Pres. Trump was careful to highlight folks from multiethnic backgrounds. There were two African-American couples there at least a couple of his one or two Hispanics at least that were that were mentioned in and others just to say part of part of our culture. Part of our family here part of those people struggling and having hard times, those who are doing amazing things just are bring us together so obviously present supposed to do that but it did strike me when he spoke about this particular account how freely he talked about God speaking to this verse listen to how the president described it last night and that moment Brian said he felt God speak to him. You will do it because you can. He heard those words.

He took out a picture of his wife and therefore kids.

Anyone home to tell his wife Rebecca in an instant. She agreed to adopt the whole X named their new daughter. Hope Ryan and Rebecca, you embody the goodness of our nation. Thank you yet quite extraordinary thing not just that there's a policeman is a woman that you heroin and no hope for her for her baby and an amazing situation where police officer feels God say to you, you take care that the you care for the baby, so that's that's big enough but for the president to freely refer to God speak he felt God said those words to him, hate okay you get into thing play out, but I did get into this for second. Here's a recall 866-34-TRUTH give you couple questions.

What what do you feel about the state of our union. Overall, are you optimistic or pessimistic. Overall, spiritually, economically, politically overall, the state of America how you feel.

Are you optimistic or pessimistic, 86634 to another question.

If God was going to speak of the things were doing well.

We said no question that we are lacking in love one for another. I've no question that our deep divisions hurt the heart of the Lord within the church and and beyond. No question about that in my own mind, but what are we doing well here are some individual examples that the president highlighted as well. As calling us to share in the pain of others in the country they're going through difficult, painful times, but if God was speaking to us but what were doing well and by the way, feel free to post on YouTube if you watch your Facebook if you feel there are some things we are doing well. Doing right that the church is doing right that God would commend us for or that the 866-34-TRUTH but I'm going to meddle with something here for a minute because I can just like this police officer felt God said to do it because you can, so this might radio show so I can to all of my friends. My secessionist friends. You listen regularly you might be a critic you might love the broadcast.

We listen regularly we don't share my views that the gifts of the spirit, prophecy, tongues, healing or normative today right but were brothers and sisters in the Lord.

Despite those differences, some of you say, but if God still speaking today that adds to the canon of Scripture we say no he's not giving us further doctrinal information that we have to believe or for the truths about the gospel that are not found in the Bible that we have to believe or some universal commandment for everyone in the church you all have to keep this relived by this we know what we don't believe that we believe God speaking in many different ways, dreams and visions and through his prophetic voice and this would be a perfect example. So with how does this mess with your theology.

If God speaks to this man. Yet you can do it you can take this child and you do it. Take this child said, adding to the Bible. It is not adding to the canon of Scripture is not adding in terms of revelatory information so we talk about God speaking. This is the type of stuff were talking about is is it that troubling to you and please don't hear anything derogatory or condescending and in my question. I don't mean it like that I'm a make an honest appeal is it that troubling to you that this this would be this would be a situation where God couldn't speak will why not it. If Jesus sheep hear his voice in an ongoing way.

According to Scripture if in the last days these days in which we live. It says your sisters were prophesying the dreams and visions etc. those kinds of things can happen if those were led by the Spirit are children of God. Why couldn't be that the Holy Spirit would lead someone to do this and that they could actually hear God's voice is that that's so outlandish to you, so outlandish, so again, what are we doing well what are we doing right just scrolling through some YouTube comments okay just bunches of other things here that don't tie in directly since take a look at what's up there… Let's some go to the phones and again if if God was giving us a state of the union address.

I believe one of the major things he would say to the nation as a whole is you have so little love for each other. I I tweeted out last night that it if you go to the state of the union and pout and not stand up another port to stay home with doesn't look good that not I know it's going both ways. I'm sure it's going both ways.

I'm sure Republicans have done at the Democrat presidents and Democratic presence of the Republican presence or least I assume it's going both ways. But it doesn't make you look good if you show up there for the state of the union okay may be required to base this after their it is show up there and have, sour face, and the president says something like unemployment among black Americans is the lowest it's ever been there. Guam, because if you don't agree with the statistic or you you feel that it makes the present good. He's take credit for, so he doesn't deserve perfect, it doesn't make you look good in a friend said to me that this they should stay home.

We should send them all.

In other words, if you can stand and clap for fellow Americans doing well then why should we vote for you fair question and comment on YouTube am optimistic of the state because God is using president trumpet all men to fulfill his will. If you believe God is at work in the midst of it doing positive things that would make you optimistic of it. Yeah, of course.

So on the hearing God as long as people peoples hearing God's go get Scripture on the mind of course scriptures that everything is tested by Scripture. Of course hundred percent Scripture is the only the word of God the one and only word of God W but the scouts will speak lead that was course certain 866-34-TRUTH up.

Let's go to the phones will start with Andre in Greensboro. Welcome to the line of fire. I hate go ahead yet. I am therefore an actual limo. Immigrate to you about great Ukraine, and not appreciate my family. I really think that that finally and may be the in a three and probably the one before.

What I remember from Soviet Union and at this moment, the United States, that the president really poor people and and he proclaimed the world of God a front of the all of the public with figure yesterday and I Andre how how how old you will use her.

I'm a 3838 and how long you been in America thousand three okay so so you lived into your into 20s in Ukraine and then the restaurant time here so I just really really quick.

I really, really quickly. What should haven't come from Ukraine to America. What should Americans appreciate about our country you come from Ukraine.

You see a lot of things.

What should Americans appreciate about the country that maybe they don't appreciate her below. I meet a lot of people by work where I working I do. The instruction everything will, meet the homeowner level people and they say things board at the ridiculous or something is knowledgeably we cannot do much or like you know something we need freedom article of the health of the people we have in America we have much freedom to fly a lot of going on and that I'm fine. Something about the back you know we thing for the bath. We cannot even say thank you likely yesterday enough. I want to say Democrat, but a lot of people was just sitting there and not saving or comprehend or pay enough good and it really reverent with regret and held for the public it would. It was positive it not something making up its number yet so against them number the bear to Russia or Ukraine. You can say wherever you want it not does not affect people okay thing the president can say anything you want but it's not true what we hear yesterday through you and you can't you cannot fight against the you cannot you honestly with all my empathy to the president from something empathy as a part okay on the older man but I'm I'm loud with you doing and I really pray for that this man, Jan, I'm praying for for his work is been done and I hope that will be with him rest of the market peak and continue what you doing yeah and and and let me just let me see this woman thing entrée which is you more than most could talk about America being a let this opportunity really is so much more. Guerrillas will overflow some blemishes. It really is a place where you have such a different house talking folks in Ukraine Soviet Soviet Union over the weekend about the American metallic can do. We can do it which is really not what's ingrained deeply into asylums and Communists along, he just going over to Facebook a comment from Mark Democrats were visibly defeated. Bitter was actually surprised that they decided to show the weakness is much as they did. It did not help the cause of your Democrat. You have to say this, this didn't help your cause with respond like that okay will come right back to your calls. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown, let let's learn from the Lord hear from the wisdom of when when Paul wrote to the Corinthians, or spending a whole book correct them. He starts off praising them for the good and and he does that anywhere he has to bring correction to raise an issue except for the Galatians were he just lays right into them with rebuke, but of course there's this promise for restoration call frustration, but everyone else. He starts with what they're doing well what they're doing. That's good.

That's commendable and then goes to correction and Jesus in the book of Revelation with the seven churches in Asia minor.

All except the lay of the see of the last one he speaks for four 4/6. Here's what you doing well, but here are serious issues, repent or else and then the other two gestures were you doing well and and just encourage them to to stay strong this evening call to repent so 57 repent or else but but for those five, he first speaks of what's good so just ask the question what's America doing right so posted on Twitter. What were sending out supporting lots of missionaries we continue the that we are we are praying.

So think it's healthy friends, and in any relationship in any conflict situation with your America look at the church. Look at the nation to to sit down and think of all the good that's happening all the positive the things were doing right.

The things were getting ready right since Pres. Trump what she getting right. What's he doing right what's the church in America getting right doing resignation. What's good about our nation put that on one side and then on the other side okay what is in the presence doing wrong what's nation to along with the church tomorrow and and you know it made you one way or the other in terms of how you ultimately evaluated Bosch bottom line and will give you a healthier perspective. That's why Philippians 4 were told to cast all of our budget to comfortable revolver concerns and and pray that we are to do it with thanksgiving. Don't be anxious about anything but in everything with prayer and supplication with thanks giving.

Make your requests known to God let us go to Jamison in Charlotte. What's on your heart to hire Dr. Brown but her have me on what what your senator about your in order for God. I am, I have briefly learned how to find that I've been trying to help people you understand what Scripture says about that over the last year or so and ultimately my money compound. Isaiah 58 Matthew 25. Cheap goat meeting the Hungary given them during given them close and give them our shelter, even if it's as simple as buying a and Isaiah 58. This was the same thing that that's what God called fast young you feed the hungry, and you give them drink you give him close artifact James to not talk about faith without deeds, and how you talk about feeding the hungry and give them drink and shelter and whatnot so if anybody is out there no one to hear God talk the same way that the police officers. I would just encourage them to look at that particular that practically and will start believing that God wants author note out to area and and ultimately the way out what I have learned while knowing the historical account of Todd is a how-to book, ultimate how-to book is an interested in just a jumping Jamison kiss kiss.

I don't want this to be lost.

Isaiah 58 is a 58 God rebukes the people they seem so spiritually since a prayer for the ill and their fasting at all, and in alchemy at rewarding us. God says if you want to facet that matter to me. The more your fasting care for the poor and the needy and the hurting and that we can be so spiritual but are we helping those in real need.

This is something that's dear to the heart of God, and interestingly, this is something that even the world thinks were supposed be doing that the church is supposed be doing so if you see God I don't know what to do. Look Isaiah 58.

Look at Matthew 25 3140 6A. Jamison, thank you for weighing in. We go over to Woodstock, Georgia Eric walking to the line of Fire Rd., Gartner Brahman good to hear your voice or thank you's are good through quick wanted to say that I really believe Graham correct them absolutely convinced Margaret God is raised up, Pres. to help shift things spiritually and politically in our nation and no you not our Savior. And obviously the Lord Jesus the Messiah.

He alone is our Savior and that being said, he has the authority and the privilege of the right of the sovereign king. The regular any leader he wants to push for this prerogative thinking the purposes of any country, especially a country that has his people and their cry out to him and trust him for a change so and I terms of the optimism just real quick arm to stop in the pickup time on what Pres. Trump did in December 6 Wednesday, December 6 last year was a very prophetic act yes and on the natural. It seems like you just simply get all acting upon the law that was passed more than 20 years ago but spiritually I believe those are unit here that was a prophetic act where the Lord is setting up Israel for revival.

Setting up America great blessing and setting up the nations that want to come against Israel.

Llamas believe that Emily got stating that so that we should still reject the use of mercy and grace are so slow to come against Israel and God will break them hard and then reveal his glory. But are not limited know the digit.

I do appreciate that Sir and for those that don't will assist. I only mention his wrists were talking with the relocating of the embassy Senate will be relocating or embassy to Jerusalem and I was at a joint event.

I mentioned yesterday, but Monday night with Jewish leaders and with Christian leaders in the present Trump did this was was very, very important.

Very very big to them Herrick thank you for calling. Listen up, which I met America throughout the state of America. God's perspective on Iver free e-book only give you a free e-book absolute free, no strings attached are free e-book on five ways to pray for America how to pray for America is how I get just go to the website and give us your your email address, name, email address, that's it.

So will then get you the information for the free book also when you get on our E list every single week. Will let you know about special resources we made available and at the end of every week will send you a link that says okay here are new articles for the week and new video.

So if you miss anything you have all the info in one email every week give you the highlights of the latest articles, latest videos and we've got a great resource this week. Also called minds on fire message I preached and I was, shocked by the unreal response. I mean, people just really got into the message it's it's about how God wants to anoint our minds of the gods gift sets.

He wants to anoint our mind. So that's all of the website asked Dr. Brown's O'Rourke, A.


K. G. R. Brown dog org go there make sure you get a free book. Okay get the free book how to pray for America and then check out some of the resources there as well 866-34-TRUTH that's going to Des Moines, Iowa Frank, welcome to the line of fire. Dark brown. I'm optimistic about long-term that offers and I thank you for the different conservative president. Crew God, but the police officer God spoke to them would be a little more will receive because I think there's still a lot of lingering never crop out there. I read your article about it on rhythmic news you challenge to the beat beat beat every propagating crowded and barely suggested it advanced to me there lingering resentment is because there they have bought the Ben unit reconstructionist replacement theology and I think that actually have Brent didn't know I actually and be candid with you.

I appreciate what you say but I deftly don't think that's the issue.

Most of the trumpets that I'm aware of have nothing to do with the Dominion this type of mentality and also the center cruise didn't but what I think it is is just they they had issues with who he was as a man and they didn't trust him and they thought he be destructive and negative and so every time he does something that they differ with. That's for the confirmation for them. But just like I've ever peel the folksong on both sides. So I wrote an honest challenge for the never chompers you can read it on the website asked Dr. to say okay look look at the good that he's done, specially polite, you can't look at the goodies done. Then I challenged others who make Donald Trump or Misty to save your figures if he can do no wrong. Why can't you praise him for the good and differ with the bad. What can you do that thank you sir for weighing in the system. Time will go to Ammon Kentucky dive right in, because time is short. I will call Dr. McConnell about topic that I'm here and fed back 30 years back here experience in his opinion, but different for the public now social media. All of the way the general population happening look though rancor at that that the history of America and if you read back through the early date. It was spirited debate Jeff.

I think Obama came to blows on the it or the bearded that were lucky enough great matter, arcing, and bring them were strong about them and they matter as a thank you for weighing in with that and it is interesting, Mitch McConnell, who is not a favorite of many conservatives said Trump's first year was the best one for conservative since been the Senate and it is interesting yet.

We've we've had some very intense political debates and raucous to start discussion at you by giving to the days were founding fathers, some of the some of the political campaigns it got pretty brutal. Now social media makes it even more brutal because everybody joins in any case, listen step back and ask yourself what are we doing right, rejoicing that we doing wrong grieve over that and let's go to God's and father have been used to make a difference tomorrow thoroughly Jewish Thursday will be here waiting for you

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