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Dr. Brown Answers All Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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February 2, 2018 4:30 pm

Dr. Brown Answers All Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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February 2, 2018 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 02/02/18.

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You've got questions, we've got answers. It's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown will thank you so much for joining us today on the line of fire. 866-34-TRUTH is Linda Colditz, 866-348-7884.

You've got questions, we've got answers any area of expertise, I have anything that's come up on the show that is fair game. Again, as I said many times you can ask my opinion on something which have no expertise but what's what's the use of that you would Susa be giving opinion when I have no weight behind it. So we do our best to comment on things we can be of help to you but phone lines wide open if it's appropriate for Christian radio will be glad to talk with you again, 866-348-7884. The earlier you call the better chance we have of getting to your calls, and Fridays were especially slam with because we appreciate your patience to get through our screeners are doing their best to get to as many people as possible right. That being said, before I go to the phones. Let me just mention that I am not going to have a lot to say about the release of the memo today. It's deftly big news, but others are covering it and others with more expertise in the eye. I am not trying to be your substitute for all the news or your commentator on everything happening in society.

It's theories that burden us, that we speak about theories where we have some insight that we focus on so if you go to the stream. There's a very helpful article by Liberty McCarter about the release of the memo posted that on Facebook as well. As always, Ben Shapiro daily wire has comments about breaking down key things about the memo, so there's good stuff out there. I don't have anything to add to it except my prayer that there's corruption in our government.

If there was a governmental effort to stop Pres. Trump from getting into office.

That's major. May that come to the light. I know all kinds of things are done by our government every day behind the scenes and were working in different countries and doing things that some of us would like in some of us would like if we knew all the details that that's a given. And there's also this covert with other things that are outright corrupt and if that's right within our own system, the more they comes to light, the better right we go straight to the phones starting with Zach in Westminster, Colorado. Welcome to the line of fire, a Dr. Brown thanks for taking my call. You bet I have a question you pastor and we were we were talking last Wednesday about something that your question about the Old Testament. Would that God hardened Pharaoh's heart and they were cute they were continued by that.

I tried to give more of an explanation, but I'd like your opinion and take on that but I will I will throw off myself.

Sure thing here just a short version of the answer.

The short version is that God is confirming someone in their sins or their unbelief as opposed to taking someone who's really crying out to God for help or mercy and then turning their hearts away. So for example in second Thessalonians. The second chapter it'll it says that God will send strong delusion on those who refused to believe the truth so this is God, further giving us over to our hardness to our sin to our rebellion. That's the first thing if you go with your youth group to asked Dr. Brown on YouTube so YouTube channel Esther Toronto just check our digital library instructor Brown the Lord.

I got about a 10 minute video on the hardening of Pharaoh's heart.

I just recorded a three-minute one yesterday that will air in the weeks ahead. But if you just type in Farrell or hardening of our hardened you'll find that and when I go through the text.

The first reference to any of this is Exodus 3 where God says, I know the king of Egypt will not let you go, so goes for saying he's gonna resist he will let you go then in the fourth chapter he says I will harden his heart. Then when you read through the actual account, you'll see that Farrell hardens his heart over and over again before the Lord now confirms him in a similar which you will be stubborn you want to be rebellious to give you over to your stubbornness and your rebellion. Not only so, but in addition to that, in addition to that the words that are used in Hebrew or progressive, the first for many to strengthen that the next one to make heavy in front of the third one to make heart so it's it's an ongoing process, and here's the last thought, it's often been pointed out that the same son so time at SU in the same sun that melts the clay over that melts the candle hardens the clay so God can harden the heart by reaching out with love to a person and the person resist the ever ever stop witnessing to someone because Rose the more you talk to them, the harder they're going to get the more resistant they're going to get so God can harden Pharaoh's heart by showing love to him and Pharaoh's responses and get away from it. So how God does is his business but he is confirming Pharaoh and his sinners hardens he is giving him over to his rebellion and say you want to resist that I will make you even more resistant.

That's what actually happens. Pharaoh is reaping what he sows. With the help of God about the gradient really helpful. Excellent. You have your very welcome and again just go to the digital library asked Dr. Brown that are type in Farrell or harden and you see by the 10 minute video there as well.

Hebrew insights into the hardening of Pharaoh's heart. Again the semester to all right. Oh, we go to Boston, Massachusetts. Eric welcome to the line of fire. Hi Dr. Braun McMichael so I would argue remain aware of the translation of the Bible and are expected suited to be sensitive to Muslim and give you some of the issues that I thought with the translation I want to get your feedback on this.

So for example and for the view of using the traditional name for cute and Arabic values like Islamic Islamic word, which he thought that though they may try to minimize all references just from lecture to greater things that I think they try to minimize all references to Israel. Like in the Psalm instead of paying the God of Israel, they say like the God of the of the one who was worshiped by the children of Jacob and in Matthew chapter 2 verse 21. Angel comes to Joseph and take take Mary and and child and youth to the land of Israel for translating you for taking the land of Palestine and more severe issues built and something like son of God, the a the spiritual son of God, faintly, and when I talked with the father using a lot of Islamic terminology like man from a like awnings on the economic terms that are used to refer to God, then, and I think that's really problematic is equal verbatim from the Quran and from Islamic literature like Heidi for example in Psalm chapter 1 the exit for quotations on the Quran, which is pasted in their and. What you want. That is what can someone like me just an ordinary Christian who is really no really upset by these issues and I want do something. You know what I can do the so they yellow a few things.

First, I appreciate you bringing that to my attention zero always translation issues when you are translated into Arabic. We try to reach Muslims. For example, if if you do not translate Elohim with the law, then your average Muslim is knocking, and no really, who you're talking about the that you want this Muslim to know that the one that you call all the creator of the universe. This is the one the Bible is talking about. So normally that's the the name or the word that's used in translating that other subject. Insipid look that the all of the Corollas of the God of the Bible, but again for the Muslim world and they sell other just mean God so Deming that's debated to use that or not. That's a debate to this very moment the question of using the proper Arabic pronunciation of the name of Jesus versus Esau which comes into the carotid Arabic literature.

There is debate about exactly how it gets in there. There is one theory that Mohammed misunderstood some of his Jewish teachers. Those that he interacted with and because the Talmud sometimes makes reference to Jesus and calls him Esau us was, not to mention him by name when speaking against him. That's one theory, and Mohammed didn't understand the references, whatever. It's it's the wrong name but if you're talking to a Muslim.

That's true that when you say Esau they understand Jesus. I wrote five volumes on answering Jewish objections to Jesus and someone said to be what you write. Answering Jewish objections to Yeshua as a because Jews don't have objections to Yeshua they don't know who your shoe is. That's what were trying to tell them they objections to Jesus. We will start their those things would be more minor to me than a the downplaying of Israel. The resist God's word and they're going to have to come to grips with these realities that this is the God of Israel, even if they feel that Jewish people are evil or Israel's and evil occupy whatever these are historical realities and facts to refer to Jesus as the spiritual son of God. II understand what they're saying because the Quran explicitly says that that God has no sun and its state and in the carotid Trinity in the Trinity and Mohammed's mind was father-son and Mary so as if the father and Mary consorted together and produced the sun so understand what they're trying to say. But there given the process. Adding something in I would be more could even more concerned though with if you're saying things from Quran are being inserted or rather than emphasizing God's fatherhood, which is critically important something totally unknown to Islam that it uses other substitute sutures. I encourage you to do. I would encourage you to put together a list of the greatest issues you found document them right. Give me the details of the of the translation of the name of it, etc. and then email me you can do through Esther to This contact info. Send that to me via email.

I intern will get it into the hands of some of my friends who are on the front lines of most Muslim apologetics, and let's see if we can do something to address some of these issues here so this way.

He was an individual continue with me as an individual gets other people on the front lines that hopefully can make a difference. So when you have the time to do it. I received a lot of it a ready documented as best as you can. Just in the first paragraph outline the major areas.

Make sure you give us the name and details of the translation and then we'll get into the hands of others and see if we can be of some help here. Okay hundred 90 how much I really appreciate really serve to get on and I'll try to get your thoughtful excellent just real quickly out wearing. How did you come up with an interest in this in the first place. Most people would know much about Arabic translations of the Bible. A friend of mine are brought to my attention or Muslim belief and thought he was just i.e. very interested in you know ministering to Muslims than he thought. Because it is an obstacle it rather than as something that was helpful God, and he was just trying to raise attention actually the website you which is tribute, with you, and Bible Gateway yet. They actually have a translation on their website though he mean he will like an open letter to like you know you version God and move it yeah I could get ready time. Thank you, Eric. Look forward to hearing from you and bless you grace actively calls to our reservoir, Vincent was barred by the full moon. It only takes a moment to make time to be a very good learn more at 877-4411 fatherhood brought you by the US Department of Health and Human Services and the number hits the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown to the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown read my latest article about what God might say if he was giving the state of the union address Ticketmaster to Brown.orc for that. Also, we've got a new video that we put out asking the question that if God speaks to someone today states speaks to your heart, adopt this child.

This needy child is at adding to the Bible is that we talk about God continues to speak with the Bible is the Bible the one and only word of God.

You can see those on the website Esther to back to the phones we go all that start in St. Thomas, Pennsylvania, Michael, welcome to the line of fire.

Brother Gruden you.

Thank you. I recently got in a conversation after another, but we had gotten a conversation about-offering and we came to the empath where he said that he would just agree to disagree with me but out Jan to point out how it's not a mandate of a 10% minimum and he wasn't understanding the Old Testament sacrificial system with today giving out of a generous heart so out front freedom from that that that mind that, but he he didn't count here because one of you had anything else I could get to him to help them understand how we stand now in the New Testament, it is if you go to Esther to and type in ties or tithing.

You'll see there a number of teachings I've done describing it also what I write encourages this I will always argue about that in terms of his mandate in the New Testament it's it's that I mandate nothing with it. It's not I when not under the Sinai covenant. The question is, do the principles apply instantly to principles of sowing and reaping apply and then right if we look in the New Testament asking can we agree on this.

We are to give generously. We are to give sacrificially and we are to give systematically that's laid out New Testament in every example for scripting.

16. Paul telling the Corinthians to set aside funds for an offering at the beginning of every week so regular, this time doing he was going to help the poor believers in Jerusalem and then your many passages in the New Testament, courage and generosity in telling us that we reap what we sow. So say. Have we agree on that, then you can teach the principle of tithing from the Old Testament and apply into the New Testament understand that that the Gospels on the means to financial gain, and this is not you know this heavenly banking thing. If I give you a dollar get 100 back yet. The same principles certainly apply, and there is there's a great book by Pastor Robert Morris called the blessed life he be very strong about tithing today, but he does not preach prosperity preachers generosity does not believe in the prosperity gospel, but does preach a message of generosity that we take hold of that that it's more blessed to give than receive. And instead of thinking there's a 10% obligation, there'd be the excitement and the joint privilege of giving generously and sacrificially to the work of the gospel to help the poor and needy. Hey thank you Michael for that 86634 a YouTube comment Dr. Brownstein's be very ignorant of the fact that fake Jews do exist many power elites are actually masquerading as Jews, Jesus himself spoke of them.

None. I'm not unaware. I don't believe the myths and the nonsense. Jesus didn't speak of these people today who have Jewish lineage of Jewish heritage.

Who would've been among the ones that Hitler wiped out and that the devil has been seeking to wipe out who can trace back country after country where we have been scattered where we lived in that ultimately through DNA in many cases back to the Middle East and origins note on a minimal, fake Jews and I'm afraid you did Jesus say that there are those who claim to be Jews and I guess I'm interested over and over. I can address it again, but it is a typical anti-Semitic libel either that all these power elites are Jews that produced control group are to their fake Jews all anti-Semitic because I'm quite aware of the evidence and believe it anymore than I believe in in the illuminati in a war, or the latest conspiracy of who secretly running the world or the latest Elvis Presley site unaware the stuff I don't believe in is nonsense, 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Waterloo Iowa rich welcome to the modifier. Robert, my question is in Galatians work contract works of the flesh and the fruit of the spirit yet so I can see the evil side of us coming from us and coming from her son to make sure I understand. But the fruit of the spirit actually the nature of God manifesting in our life, or is it us. That's being loving, kind and patient knows it's the Holy Spirit through us that we are born again by the spirit we are re-created in the image of God. So we are changed. People but we are changed by the spirit plummets very plain that it's the flesh versus the spirit in Galatians the fifth chapter 2 beginning in verse 17 with the works of the flesh set up through verse 24 through the spirit and then walking in the spirit crucified the flesh is very clear just like Romans eight there's a contrast between the flesh and the spirit so this is the Holy Spirit working through us but is not separate from us in the words of the Holy Spirit independent of us manifesting love and joy and peace and kindness and gentleness and self-control, etc. rather it's the Holy Spirit working in us as redeemed people as born-again people who've had their nature changed the Holy Spirit working in us and through us produces these things so if it was exterior to us, that would be perfect in every way, just the work of the Spirit. It's through us and therefore not a total perfect love or perfect joy, but is much as we can experience that in this world so it is the spirit working through us, but he is the initiator of it is the fruit of the spirit are not going by great guy that helped 866-34-TRUTH. Let us go to Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Feel welcome to the modifier darker going to be our hero. Thank you for my questionnaires with vendors working on today.

British volume of memos. How much time should believers be spending pouring into these documents.

I mean, it seems like I could go to 500 hundred five Facebook stuff all the time with this for mapping what is it you're one of the Christian's responsibility to be doing or if obviously you know the Bible talks about making sure that we are praying for leaders, we need to stay informed to be that the work you know above reproach and how we think about these things, so I'm just curious if you could talk to how much time you find them. I was out look like so yeah so again I give you my opinion. My opinion is we would do far better to spend that time praying God bring the truth to light.expose corruption.your kingdom come to Washington DC you will be done in DC as it is in heaven.

I think if we pray for these things more than try to analyze the documents we would be far better served. That's the first thing the second thing is go to reliable websites for commentary from experts. So I mentioned at the outset of the broadcast.

This is not an area of expertise or focus for me although it's obviously momentous thing that's happening.

Either way, whatever comes out of it so I mentioned liberty.

McCarter readily immediately wrote about it on the screen and Shapiro on daily wire. So if you find some reliable websites that reflect your ideology and viewpoint that you know and I can becoming this from a wildly skewed view get there be informed.

Just you know what's happening. But for me to pour through the documents a case of the memo itself.

A few pages and all the related stuff and to dig. I think it be for most of us a waste of time not limit contrast that I have spent a tremendous amount of time studying issue say having to do with homosexuality having to do with his homosexuality in the and immutable.

Why, because these are major lies that are being put forth to the culture and the lies that are that are helping people stay in bondage and confusion. Because of that, because of that II want to do my best to be informed to help people find the truth in this case it's not something where it's it's can affect someone's moral choice on a daily basis. It's not going to affect personal decisions they make. As far as their own conduct. So let those responsible for getting the truth. I get the truth out. Let's pray that God would flush out corruption river is Republican and Democrat. Other places, whether it's systemic, and institutions reverence let it be flushed out let the chips fall where they may let the truth come to light. Lord, your kingdom come, your will be done on in Washington DC as it is in heaven. That to me would be a more fruitful investigation, and those who really are called to look at these things and it's part of their job to understand and inform others. Let them give it give the time to put the vast majority of us.

I think we just get caught up in the swirl and at the end of the day it will really help advance the gospel deepen our moral cultural influence stand for truth, righteousness that's that's just my my take on answer regular micro variable all right. You are very welcome 86634 okay just have a minute before the break, so I don't want to interrupt a call will start with our calls as soon as we come back on the other side of the break.

Just reminder that we announced yesterday with my colleague Scott Fulk. This is only the third time in my lifetime with all my trips is Rosalie the third time, now that I'm scheduled to leave the tour February 1-10, 2019 and again was good be unique about this Scott Fulk will be out with the group every day as he is amazing presence or terrific tour guide will be leading the way every day. I'll be with you at key sites on the Taurus and teaching ministry and then every night. We have meals together and then every night a minute you either Q&A session or will have worship and I'll preach the word will have some of the special ministry you be able to come and do radio with me. So it's going to be the best of both worlds. As we call the holy fire in the homeland find a more go to Esther to brown dog or just click on the Israel Vatican with all right.

I'm eager to call. Stay right there on file. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown friends part of today's broadcast. If you weren't a part of it. I just sit here we have solid radio, no actually have stacks of email questions that comes in recommend Facebook questions and you two questions pretty questions we could be answering them endlessly but were here to take your calls, 866-34-TRUTH that is number to call.

Without further ado were going right to the phones and will start in Cincinnati Ohio D. Wayne, welcome to the modifier.

Thank you. I really appreciate you. Michael really admire you for your broadcast volume. So I I admire you and appreciate your insight. Thank you sir. Much appreciated.

Well, what I called about a ton of a complicated situation. I'll be brief, pastor also pastor and last five years things have been turned upside down to see God's hand in my personal life is changed my career and just done some wonderful things and so really I see God's hand.

There in the past five years.

Also loosing a lot of issues in the church I was raised in a very very strict Pentecostal movement for the West Wing: the style yeah and kind of come away from some of that. I still hold to what the Scriptures say, but there are things that I kind of have I feel a little bit different than before. So I've got a lot of the pack. You, but I've also had some issues with in family that is really really pushed me to the lament and at this point I feel almost no drive yet even though I feel the spirit of the Lord move our services and God has used me in the gifts at times yet I still feel no drive yet I and I I told the Lord the other day you gave me a choice and you told me your blessing. I will probably leave the ministry right because I'm tired of the politics of the ministry understood and your big question is that you don't want to do something else on calling you to do so.

You don't want to just try to make it happen. On the other hand, you don't want to be a wimp and quit just as you go through hard times. So here here's what I'd encourage you to do it and let me just give a command from a different angle for second okay Leonard Ravenhill said to me one time that sanctification is a process of crisis and gradual growth that his exact words. In other words, something goes on in your life that is so critical, so life-and-death urgent that you have to get hold of God are you knocking to make it and then out that often brings a dramatic change in the sum of besetting sin and you can't live within that you've gotta have a breakthrough right you cry out to God with all your might and and then when the breakthrough comes.

It really changes you have an addiction is broken or something and then gradual gradual day by day, you become more and more like Jesus day by day and then maybe 20 years later, in the crisis and I often find the same thing in life and ministry doing that that we will be just try to grow please the Lord. Honor him. Bear fruit. But then we go through a stage where things just aren't right were just the drivers of their the passion is in their division, isn't there and these are often some of the most important times in our lives the most difficult. But the most important and I say that from personal experience that I would encourage you to do right now is make the entire focus of your prayer life. God, I just want your will for my life and it could be that he's going to change you and call you and to a whole different sphere of ministry.

It could be he's he's going to meet you where you are and suddenly you're going to see God move in ways that that you hardly even dreamed of. But if you will just say God, I've got to breakthrough I can't live like this and you take care of your ministerial responsibilities for family responsibility to do what you have to do but pray and fast and cry out because of the lack of drive because of the questions because of the. The discouragement with the politics and also because of some changes in your view sick. I don't care I don't care what happens okay with people think okay with the consequences. I have to please you and honor you and be faithful to you if you'll do that. I've been done that sometimes it's been over the course of a year or more, where I've just been desperate for breakthrough and and and it keeps coming up because I know something's not right.

Sometimes it's just a matter of weeks or months, but if you'll do that consistently and let her cry come up and then if you feel prompted fast and give yourself to the safe if if you'll do that. I believe you will have a major breakthrough which way goes that'll be life defining, but you will have a major breakthrough if you seek him earnestly set make sense to you. Arianna probably advice I would give some yeah exactly exactly yes it solicited yet again. I'm talking from personal experience and those times it a good look at it like a rubber band being pulled back. My constant illustration for usufruct audits of getting further away Lord that everything is is not right. It's a snap and he knows we go all the way back you would we think this far back Paul this as far as we know he knows we can.

He's changing us and disciplining us and teaching us and leading us and then when the breakthrough comes. It's less than a thank you sir are much appreciated. 866342. We go to CJ in Columbus Ohio. Thank you for calling the line of fire by hello Dr. Brown hello I I pay under better question about properly understanding our Hebrews chapter 12, and in light of the cross, wondered how are believers to properly recognize Dr. you would not maybe sharing how you would encourage a believer who shot maybe struggle with a worry or fear of fellowship with God being broken. Yes yes okay so let's let's start with the second concern or issue over the years I've become very sensitive to the fact that many believers struggle with assurance. They struggle with the love of God in their own lives. I remember the early 1990s. Talk to David Wilkerson and I I said to brother Dave. I never ever feel condemned. I am always confident of the love of God, the goodness of God's will. Most people aren't like that.

There was always remember that when you preach and that's so important to recognize that yeah a lot of people they love the Lord and because they love him. They feel like they're falling short. You'll come on if we if we every day measured ourselves to be love God perfectly and love our neighbor perfectly with all feel totally condemned day and night.

Either that or we be self-righteous in our deception so it is crucial that we have a deep foundation of knowing that we know that we know that were loved by the father that were accepted because of what Jesus did, not because of our great works or efforts out what when I see our grandkids.

They bring joy to my life.

I can't wait to spend time with them, not based on their latest behavior or what they got in their report cards in school or another my grandkids.

I did, I delight in them. All the mortars or father delight in us. You can't just mentally convince yourself of that. It has to be with the help of the Holy Spirit. So I would encourage you to ask God to give me that deep assurance that I'm yours that I'm your child.

It it it says in in Proverbs 3 which is then quoted in Hebrews 12 about discipline that that he disciplines us, even as the son in whom he delights. It's Hebrews 3 issues we Proverbs 3 Hebrews 12 follows the Greek translation there was a little different, but the Hebrew says that he disciplines us even a father as a father in the sun, in the whom he delights the son in whom he delights, which is really quite mind-boggling. So discipline is a sign of the love of God when when God chassis and I don't believe it's by sending cancer on us or bite by getting us into car wrecks or things like that you can work through anything this world. I believe there other ways that the father disciplines us and his love.

If we can learn plants assign the love of God. That's because God cares about me. That's because God's involved in my life that's that's because I'm precious in his sight and he doesn't want me to go straight. That's why he's lovingly correcting me and rebuking me when I'm on the wrong path can become life-giving and even though we feel bad that we deserve the discipline. It's good because we we know it's life-giving. We know that he's invested himself in us, and again I would. I would encourage you to meditate on key passages in Scripture Romans eight would be a very important one begin in Galatians 4 that God is put within us the spirit of his son, through which we cry out, Abba, father, if you'll do that or the river your try to minister to. In this way and that the loved by God that security is there, then you welcome his discipline because it's the discipline for our lasting good soulmate. May the Lord give grace in that area all right. You're very welcome. CJ 866342 right next up is right now I'll tell you what finally we had like all men so far they not by design ladies I've just answer the calls in the order they came in.

All right, so we go to St. Louis, Missouri, LeeAnn, welcome to the line of fire, that my current (married and I'm wanting to have a male friend boy arm. His life would not remarry and I share the child with her current husband, trying to come out at non-company, and come together on time alone with other fat either terrible flatbed at the end Not interested in a romantic relationship? Nine. How got married and came together. Let no one separate. I never considered it my business in the bed, pressurant friendship. Ask about what really happened to be that it was because he was unfaithful or because it was a note about the glory and should I consider that I'm spending time with them and help-nine with the all right St. thank you for wanting to prove that first Can I give you some unsolicited advice. First, okay. All right. If this guy is like most other men all right and he is now single and he spending time with you and maybe you're having a meal together reset alone. I taking so you mean something like that point and that he's a terrible sort he's interested in you and every time you get with him you are encouraging that interest. So if you definitely have no romantic interest. I do not think that he just wants to be your friend and I were I would not be sitting around having meals with someone hanging out on a regular basis with someone who is definitely I can almost guarantee it. Okay… Different than every man I know than his spending time with you is because he is interested in you and us so that the first thing if you definitely are not looking to have a long-term relationship is the reason that the French SS first get to your other very important question inside the Expo line of fire with your host activist and author internationals leader and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown as friends for joining us on 1486 truth. Okay, so back to Leanne and in St. Louis, Missouri will be the big question that you asked is scripturally or their grounds for remarriage after divorce. I've addressed this many times on the air.

This much is clear.

If he was unfaithful if he was the cause of the divorce or just felt him incompatible with my wife and I will start over sought obviously he has no basis to remarry. And in that case, a relationship with him would be adulterous now. The other question is, what if his wife used to know the Lord. His ex-wife turned away from the Lord committed adultery left him divorced him to see have the right to remarry. Much of church history would say no, as long as the spouse is still living he can divorce, but not remarry. Many others would say no, based on Jewish teaching in the first century and in the New Testament and the right interpretation of the Scriptures. If he is the victim of unfaithfulness and divorce he can remarry. That's the kind of thing that people have to be sure of 100% sure before they proceed. So let's just say at some point that you you got interested in him I would. I would make sure number one that I found out the details of the marriage and opposite people to have their own spin on it that hopefully can you can get the heart of it that's one and then two if in fact his wife was the one that committed adultery or divorced him left him and he was in that since the victim of her unfaithfulness. Then you have to study the Scripture for yourself, to come to a determination does that then give the right for remarriage.

It's a decision you're making. You have to be sure before the Lord. Okay, okay, you're welcome and thanks for allowing me to give some unsolicited advice.


All right. 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Jim in Richmond, Virginia. Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown I doing very well thank you. I'd like to know, I recently attended a church and like during the worship there was a man who was standing by the bike, but by the altar and the a couple people would come up and they would talk with about something you know that like a prophecy or something like that. It was very disruptive during the worship there, standing in front of you and all that.

I was just wondering about that.

Yes of this is that this is a very common practice in Pentecostal and charismatic churches that that want to honor the Scriptures about judging prophecy that first Thessalonians 5. Pulses don't despise prophecies.

Test everything. Hold to that which is good, and don't quench the spirit told of the spirits fire and then enforcement since 14 two or three prophets should speak and the others should weigh carefully what's being said so in the church I got saved. It was not common to prophetic words but every so often someone would speak in tongues and then after that the pack normally the pastor or someone else would give an interpretation and and that was that in the small assembly at sexual what if you have a thousand people little more difficult to do that with your 500 people in 10 people feel they have a word difficult to do it. So in a setting like this, and it's none of us would consider disruptive because were used to it. During the worship service. I could see how it would feel different and disruptive to space if you were right next to it but but normally someone would come up and they would they would say I feel the Lord's spoken this to me. I feel the Lord's like this on my heart and then the leader that's up there would say hey you know that we really, I affirm that, but it's not for now. I think that's to something the Lord saying you were.

Yes, we sense the Lord is saying the same thing. Let's let's have you speak that message. Now this way. There's a certain order with it and that's the philosophy behind it is being tested first and then if confirmed, it's being shared with the congregation would go up and say like this is something that they heard or read about during the week that would come up and say I think the Lord speaking to me to tell you people this you know it just seemed like the same people and the say I can classify it as a Pentecostal or charismatic church. If these things are always things are happening these things are happening, then it would be called Pentecostal cosmetic because we believe in them today and I would expect it's everybody you'd expect, especially the same few people that are gifted to do this in, but you may be reading the word during the weekend and so they drove worship a theme comes together in this prophetic word given in this jumpsuit was very Scripture godly on the heart of the gunship at the look at how Paul explains what a meeting should look like, okay, this is what what Paul describes in here. This is a house meeting, but maybe there 30 people there. Okay what you have to do them brothers and sisters first residence 1426. When you come together each one has a song has a lesson as a revelation has a tongue has an interpretation.

But all these things be done for the strengthening of the church. So our way of doing things where we would just have everyone saying and then one message from the pulpit. It's wonderful and their scriptural basis for that as well. But a New Testament correlational service might have looked more like what Paul just described. So maybe you go to someone's house and are 20 people there and said let's just start with a time of worship in this… I have a song and they break out the song and leading the song and then another one speaks in tongues and someone else interprets and another one says the Lord gave me the since I want to Sharon and you see have an elder leader overseeing it. But the Holy Spirit moves through many different people, what we consider weird and strange and unusual today would be very much a New Testament church service as outlined by Paul first residence 14 so those who want to do things according the New Testament order. All right, let's have tongues, interpretation, prophecy, different when sharing insight from the Lord different messages and songs. Let's do it like that as well. I thank you sir. Calling 866-34-TRUTH of its go to Keisha in Manhattan.

Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown how are you I'm blessed thank you God bless you acquire and you are That a nightmare yes yeah I will liken all right why did Satan wonder why he wanted the body amount. Yes, so there are ancient traditions about this, but we can only speculate.

Another was why I can't give you a 100% guaranteed answer, but this much we know God himself buried Moses right back rent and the reason was that if his burial location was known to Israel. They probably would've made some kind of shrine or try to worship him or something like that. So taking proper care of the body of Moses was very important and it could well be that that Satan. Satan wanted to get involved in and perhaps use this in some idolatrous way or for his purposes, so it was actually a pretty important issue in terms what happened to the body of Moses. So that's the best we can surmise from it is not accenting yeah yeah good bad guy sure thing on my background up there. God bless you. I don't you love the joy in her voice.

Thank you Keisha. I do have time for one more call. I try, let's go to parents in how you pronounce where you are in Washington, Wenatchee, Washington, Wenatchee. All right, so time is really short if you could dive right in that be great, great, Ezekiel 18.

Dr. Brown amended – and with the Jewish man and of course the Scripture comes up to you to give a quick basically. Ezekiel 18 verse 20 through 23 at the Gaffney at how the other end of the right and no you got it exactly okay so I will give you the short short answer, but in volume 2 of answering Jewish objections to Jesus. I treated at more length if you go to Esther Esther to and click on Jewish taking a real Maasai website go through theological objections and you'll find a written answer on this. In the video answer right so Esther to Click on Jewish then go to objections and then you find theological objections and you find this in short, this is nothing to do with atonement or forgiveness. This has to do with do the people die for sitting now or it to the sons get punished. That's the issue being addressed there. So, for example, it starts off by saying that that old saying you have that the sons of the falsity and sour grapes the children's teachers that I just got back a happening on the roads past generation.

Send this generation goes into exile know God saying the solutions will die and if you turn your ways run then you won't die and you will be called righteous.

Now you say okay but it doesn't mention blood atonement or anything like that. Absolutely. So does that mean that that once the temple was rebuilt, that you could say ham righteous by my deeds.

I don't need blood atonement course and just mention Sabbath observance their primary source right that mean you can say or not to observe the Sabbath, so it's not addressing the larger issue of blood atonement and forgiveness, not addressing that at all.

It's addressing the question of who lives and who dies and it's saying again that the next generation won't be punished for the sins of this generation.

Right now God saying to punish the people who send the soul who sins will die, and then again ask your friend if this is a teaching that is saying that you can just be righteous by your deeds. Does that mean that you don't need the day of atonement. This essay question that we don't need them tongue because it doesn't mention it there. It doesn't say a word about that that do not need to ask God for forgiveness because is not mentioned why because that's not the subject.

Eventually, by the way, this is same thing. New Testament teaches that you need to prove repentance by your deeds, that proper conduct is essential if you want to please God and that you can't disable and justified by faith and live like the devil. There needs to be a demonstrable change of life which is evidence of that. In any case Esther to Click on Jewish delivery objections find further teaching on this as well. All right, folks have an awesome weekend. Look forward to great great Monday

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