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They're Trying to Shut Down My Campus Talk

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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February 13, 2018 4:30 pm

They're Trying to Shut Down My Campus Talk

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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February 13, 2018 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 02/13/18.

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One scheduled to speak on the church of homosexuality tonight at the University of North Carolina and the protesters are coming they want me there time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire. Now, like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown.

Well, this is an exciting day two minutes ago may be over by now.

A few minutes ago there was a protest taking place on the campus of Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina student body. I believe of over 18,000. There I was told there hundred 50 to 200 protesters upset with the administration for letting me and to spread my page and the didn't want the event to take place. Sponsors dropped out that were standing with the student organization rational Christie that invited me in and soon as the show is over. Today I'll be taking a drive about 2 Hour Dr. over there to the campus. I plan to speak to all that will come. I been reaching out to protesters online.

A fascinating interaction will talk about all that and more. Why the hatred why the intolerance towards us. We speak graciously we speak truthfully we speak reasonably. We speak rationally. In response, we get called every name under the sun as an branded as full of hate the gold. The goal in this event is not just to preach to the choir. The goal is to help believers on campus know how to speak the truth in love when it comes to the sensitive issues that affect so many people and the goal is to reach out to those who differ social to help those that are in the middle and wavering and not sure as well as to reach out to the protesters to those who are hostile and to overcome their hatred with love to overcome their misinformation with truth to can overcome their anger with patient so be praying for us.

We plan to do a live stream from the event on our Facebook page that's asked her to Brown a SK dear Brown on Facebook. Starting about 8 o'clock tonight Tuesday night with today's date February 13 Tuesday night 8 o'clock Eastern standard Time, so we plan to do a live feed of the actual event. If there's protesting going on before will do our best to interact with protesters before the event.

We hope they'll come to the event but I just want to talk to more about this today. The intolerance that hatred towards our position. I also want to say we told you we've warned you know if you have a question having to do with our moral stand today having to do with the laws when it comes to LGBT issues having to do with sharing the gospel with those who identify as gay or lesbian or transgender or you yourself identify as LGBT identifies an LGBT Christian and take issue with me, please call phone lines are open 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number to call you also read by latest article where I document some of the things going on but let me start right in and tell you that it's very rare that I'm invited to do events like this I would do them all the time is often the schedule permitted, but I'm hardly ever invited to do them. Why because it takes courage for a campus group to invite me and it takes courage for campus group to address these issues publicly. There's tremendous flack.

This tremendous pressure.

There's a concern that they'll lose their funding or the lose. The recognition will be able to use campus buildings this the concern that they will be tarred and feathered and branded his hate group themselves. There's a concern that the dialogue that they seek to have with those who differ will be destroyed by the controversy that swirls and sometimes it's just plain fear and intimidation and they're not willing to do these when my book a queer thing happened to America came out in 2011, 700 pages 1500 endnotes documented everything meticulously.

I put out a public offer to debate any qualified academic or LGBT leader on any subject covered in the book, so you specialize in whatever area you want to specialize on and I will gladly debated. If it's addressed in the book we went to different cities.

We reached out to Christian friends who worked with different campus ministries. Some young people some old people. They went to the campus ministries and it in. I remember it happened in New York. I member it happened in Georgia and remember it happening in New England in in the Massachusetts specifically that we were told no way impossible to do. It won't touch it. Similarly young person to talk to students is not even a chance. We even heard student ministries say if you try to bring this event on campus. We will shut it down. We will work against these were Christian groups on campus. Some said look we been building a bridge to the LGBT community. This would destroy we sit, you understand. I'm in a model things in a way that any breach you have is going to get stronger and you'll be able to speak the truth in love even more effectively. Could risk it couldn't risk what will happen is something negative standing on their campus or something like that wouldn't touch it.

This 2011 friends. The 2018 2011. Oh, and before that we had similar responses. Finally, in Florida, a Christian group has worked with other campuses on abortion issues and things like that and the Christian groups on campus ruling to work with them. When he came to this issue.

Campus after campus know no. Same deal. If you try to bring it on a campus will shut it out final University of Central Florida which is a school with about 16,006 zero 60,000 students that has it all its own police force on campus so big 60,000 students. No one would sponsor the event Republican group Democrat group Christian group LGBT group. No one would sponsor a professor at another university said all debate Dr. Brown on same-sex marriage should be legal. And remember, it was not legal in Florida at the time the people of Florida voted and said no we don't reject. We don't accept two men or two women coming together as marriage. So the law of the land was that it should not be legal. No one would sponsor even though a professor offered to debate me. Finally, a Christian professor on the campus said I will book a room for you in my name room.

I can book I will put the review I was told she almost lost her job for doing that. The week of the event that they call for a major conference call. Of course I was not invited to be part of 11 people on the call. The Christian leader the Christian group that had invited me from outside. She was part of that several vice president's from the University campus of 60,000 were involved LGBT leaders and the chief of the police force for the campus. I kid you not on a have a debate with another professor on the subject's 2011. Same-sex marriage should be legal. This is the uproar that was created all right so what happens is they agree it would be worse.

Publicity to cancel the event than to hold that they agree to hold that the folks bringing me and we were told we had to pay for four armed policeman to be there yet remarkable, absent remarkable. You can watch the debate at just go to ask Dr. and type in small a SM a W is in Eric's mother Prof. who debated me. I think you see it is a good and clear night for the truth to emerge and go forth and yes people were impacted who were there was 2011. Now people are leaving air go near the so the fact that rational Christian or one of the strongest Christian campus groups front-line apologists affected. They asked me to come in is major when they asked me to come and they asked me to do a talk starting with Christian mistreatment of homosexuality, where the churches got things wrong, then from there to speak the truth of the gospel. So our whole approach is coming in with humility, not confrontation, but of course we will be branded and attacked so we got a note yesterday. Here's what's happening.

And this is be distributed on social media and protests call for etc. and I got to share some of my twitter interaction with some of the protesters or their sympathizers today.

I mean it's it's as remarkable as remarkable could be in terms of speaking the truth in love and getting an aggressive, irrational hate filled response, but in their eyes on the hater in their eyes.

So I'm looking at this now on the appellation State University online publication and it says rally against this hate because hate happens here is is have you seen this flyer, there is a picture of me and it's announcing this and then on either side. It has these quotes. For example," so got my picture then." LGBT people are inherently unhappy, unhealthy, sexually immoral or rebellious to move.

Got more so I knew I never said I knew that was my quote but they got it" to where they got it from later then defends criminalizing homosexuality to prevent the spread of rate of HIV-AIDS went. When did I do that when we're please give me the documentation then Southern poverty Law Center officially label Sims a hate group and what SPLC is increasingly disqualified itself as a hate group itself action is blood on its hands.

Because of its various provocations against others when they listed me as one of the 30 new leaders of the radical right a few years back together with foreman grand Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, David Duke or or Molex of the Shabbat is former leader of the new Black Panthers Ike I consider the badge of honor, but I call them out for their lives and their misrepresentation, and if you go to that site and click on the article look for my name. I haven't been on their site for years, whether they were embarrassed whether they got found out for posting false information will they had no case to make against me. Whatever it is click. It's not even there. Same and even that once again is just trying to stir up hate against us and and as I scroll down the article. There's a remarkable quote here and let's just see it says every walker, a senior psychology major directive social sustainability and director of appellation social justice educators said that Brown's hate speech goes beyond the first amendment.

So for me to say that kid should have a mom and a dad, or that God designed us for heterosexually that's hate speech not covered by the First Amendment quote as a black queer and gender queer person really would be a disservice to myself and to my community to stand by silently as this man comes to campus and says very violent language radical tolerated.

It's just as simple as that. This is our campus very violent language. Okay, listen, I've spoken about these topics over and again endless radio broadcasts, endless articles, books, sermons, find one syllable of violent language or one syllable, a one-sided friends who invest in exposing the love of God tonight, praying, watch our live video file name the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown prayer. I'm not and I'm not in the least bit concerned about a protest in fact I'm glad that people are passionate enough to draw attention to the event and hopefully that will come on my my desire to asked for prayer is that people's lives would be touched tonight, that eyes would be opened. The truth would penetrate that Christians would be emboldened that hate would be exposed and and that is the purpose and that through that ultimately the gospel would go forth, 866-348-7884 be watching. We plan to be posting video that's relevant be at protest video or things going on at the campus. Be sure to to watch and then tonight again. 8 o'clock Eastern standard Time gobbling will be doing a live stream feed of the event of my talk. There is an African-American woman came out of homosexuality who be sharing her testimony. I believe some campus professors will be standing up and and speaking their solidarity will have a time of Q&A.

This will all be on our ask Dr. Brown ask ADR Brown Facebook page.

Beginning should be 8 o'clock tonight, Eastern standard Time now it's my style to try to interact with those who differ and and II actually posted today. Put yourself in in in the shoes of of the protesters. Think of how they view me what they know about me is the wise they've heard online in the exaggerated claims have been made in the misinformation it's been spread and when they do understand the accurately they are completely hostile to my views, so there looking at me is certainly thinking how can our campus have a monster like this come in. That's what they're thinking. Some try to reach out to those who feel that way. The results have been very interesting to say the least. Before share some of that interaction with you. Let's go to the phones 866-34-TRUTH Eric in Sequim, Washington walking to the line of fire.

Dr. Brown thanks for having me on a ventilator to speak with you today. Thank you. I wanted a you you have a an anointing of clarity that when you when you speak you know how the enemy likes to muddy the water. The Lord is really giving you an authority to on muddy water and I appreciate that. Thank you. By God's grace and yet he will do that. Thanks. Absolutely. Absolutely. I was wondering very quickly you think that there is an uptick in activism against the truth.

I was with you at the voice of truth conference a few years back at Mill Creek foursquare and we didn't see a lot of protest then and I wonder if there's just if there's something some obviously the enemies at work, but is there in emboldening ports out there all yet when you ask if I sense that I sense it's the way you sense rain during hurricane. You know right yet no question whatsoever. Of course there's been in emboldening you don't see it everywhere. There was a I've spoken to churches, even mega churches on these issues and is been no protest. I spoke at small churches and in their been protesters in front of the building campus is almost guaranteed to draw a protest. There is such volatility on the campuses there. Such resistance to conservative views, let alone Christian conservative views, let alone Christian conservative views when it comes to homosexuality. Transgender is him and things like that so absolutely this mineral emboldening and look same-sex marriage became the law of the land.

Our site quote lost it's all over.

Things are so prevalent in in the media viewpoint that we hold is so scorned and increasingly marginalized that yeah it's it's a mistake. How dare we challenge with the new status quo.

So what was the extreme fringe position. A generation ago has as become the establishment position today and wants it to anyone that tries to go against it, and I expect them with each step that we make. Where there is progress or light or truth. I expect the reaction to be more aggressive, more hysterical, just like with the pro-life movement. Notice the level of hysterical reaction over the top reaction violent, hateful reaction. The more that the pro-life movement makes progress here. We've lost on so many fronts, culturally and legally. When it comes to LGBT issues within a better job reaching out to people, which is important. That's good, but in other ways stuff we warned about for years. The people and believe us on now it's it's happening in front of their eyes. So, no question, emboldening no question growing anger and hostility and will do our best.

Again, to overcome the hatred and the anger with the love and truth of God absolutely all right be praying for us right Eric, I certainly will. Dr. Brown love you and appreciate your thank you so much.

God bless you, 866-3428. If you have a comment or question.

Just looking over at our YouTube feed your there. There always questions about her people quote born that way or you warning gay are you born transgender and and lots of questions come up in scientific discussions and theological discussions and moral discussions. If you have a question we'll see if we can take some from our YouTube feed as well. They got a phone number 866-34-TRUTH but were were limiting calls and discussion to the issues at hand. But let me say couple things very simply to help with this. There is no reputable scientific evidence that anyone is quote born gay. In other words, warning to be same-sex attracted so that the way they are genetically programmed as soon as they reach a certain age they will be same-sex attracted there is no reputable scientific evidence for this and the best way to prove that is to go to the most liberal pro-gay psychology, psychiatry websites that are out there and see what they have to say themselves and interestingly interestingly what you'll find is is this if you go to the two APA's the American psychiatric Association, American psychological Association which are ultraliberal which are dominated by gay activists in these areas, which when they set up a task force to review certain things will set up exclusively with gay activists and their allies and allow no other voices on it.

They say we don't know exactly what causes homosexual desires is what they say the same-sex attracted they say they don't know and it could be partly biological, partly environmental and other words nature and nurture that the what you're born with what happens in the womb and what happens is you grow up and experience you have. They say we are not sure it could be a complex mix of these things if there was a stitch of evidence that they could say point strongly in the direction they would just say the people born this way. It's genetic, but there is no reputable scientific evidence excessive doubt what if there were more that mean well what if there is scientific evidence for an obesity gene. There are scientists who believe that that there is an obesity gene if you were diagnosed with an obesity gene would you join a fat pride movement and join the fat pride parade or would you work with the doctor say what can I have to work harder have to be more diligent with exercise. Relate how I work on this because I know obesity is an harmful is harmful. In other words, you wouldn't change your view on obesity. You think I got a strike against me are ready. There are scientists to believe there such a thing as a violent gene was.

I mean, does that mean that that the guy who beats up a gay person can say why does have a violent gene God for that one. A monstrous thought.

There are scientists who believe they discovered a ruthless gene.

Others who believe they discovered in adultery gene you check that one out guys right is commit adultery go home. Tell your wife.

This really is not me. It was as my jeans made me do so even if there was a homosexual gene or a complex of genes that that cause someone to be homosexual even if that was the case, it wouldn't make it morally right in and of itself, which are great where there's a pedophilia gene I'm not comparing raping a boy was with two adult men in a consensual relationship.

I'm simply saying what if there was a gene that many scientists now think that pedophilia is is genetic somehow what is it means you now prove the behavior.

No of course not. So we do not make any moral judgment based on quote on that one. But the best sciences.

No one is quote Warren gay the best reputable science. At most, there may be factors that predispose someone to homosexuality numbers this person in this environment is more likely to develop same-sex attraction than this person, but as it's often been said predisposition is not predestination correlation is not causation.

These are very, very important distinctions to make from a theological viewpoint, it would affect nothing because we recognize every human being is born in a broken condition.

Every human being is born in sin and needs a Savior we recognize that and therefore the solution for all sin is you must be born again.

The good news is, Jesus died for every sin exactly the same heterosexual sin homosexual sin exactly the same. He shed the same blood and to everyone. He says you must deny yourself, take up the cross and follow me. There is freedom in Jesus. There is new life in Jesus.

He reached out to the tax collectors and and and the prostitutes but did he affirm them in their corrupt tax collecting note that he affirm them in their prostitution, though he reached out to them where they were. He was inclusive rather than affirming them.

He did not practice affirmation inclusion. But transformational inclusion. He reached out to people where they were and then through his grace transform them and gave them brand new life right we come back to take more he calls him to take you into some of this remarkable Twitter exchange I've had in the last 24 hours there right there ever been exposed to light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Michael friends about two hours from now driving up my sister diligent driving out the direction North Carolina Appalachian State University campus of 18,000+ students what I've seen online where I'll be giving a talk with the church and the homosexual community timeout with the church is done wrong. Renouncing the Fred Phelps God hates fags type rhetoric talk about our real calling is to speak the truth in love, that we do a disservice. We don't reach out with compassion and understanding certificate sensitivity. We do the service will speak the truth of a protest event.

I believe it's over by now is taking place on the campus today people are being told that I bring hateful, violent rhetoric that is not protected under the first amendment all yeah all kinds of crazy stuff" being put on my lips when I challenge folks about it that a respond. No, but can't wait to get their prey for grace and favor that the truth will go out and there are there other campus ministries that are upset in this ancient doneness to rational Christianity, which is said of the patient have done this because this creates discord. So number one it. We can avoid one of the greatest issues of the day affecting people that we love will avoid it for fear of conflict that Harry can help anybody you just back away from cut conflicting issues on campus. It was during the days of slavery and that's can create confusion.

Or, you know that during these days of abortion, you just on the dressings because their controversial wife on the college campus and you can allow people to attack your right to free speech and bully you really say about we don't want to. So discord but were not sowing discord by speaking the truth in love. It's those who are attacking though those who are trying to shut it down. Those who are who are falsely representing us those of the one sowing discord you let them dictate choices that you make an most of all, this event that's can be film this is an event that hopefully will be well attended, we are to speak the truth in love will reach out with compassion rear smash a lot of negative stereotypes and and were praying that will do with God's anointing on us. So how can that be wrong. How can that be bad 866-34-TRUTH a little of the phones in one moment, but I tweeted this out. Please pray for an open door.

I'm scheduled to speak to monitor Twitter this out last night tomorrow night and blue North Carolina Appalachian State University on the church and homosexuality. But there's pressure on the campus to cancel the event along with protest plan spreading false info about me to let's do this again on the concern about safety or anything like that just want to make sure the event goes on, that this gets shut down and that we get to speak to people so someone name Dylan posted this you travel to Peru discouraging the nations lawmakers from normalizing homosexuality. I am normal Dr. any real doctor will tell you homosexuality is normal. So I responded, did you actually hear my speech. Did you read the text here. The opening lines of my text improve when not here to demonize those who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, were not here to incite hatred when I hear the call for homosexual men and women to be prosecuted by law.

This about opening words and allegedly I'm spreading hate Dylan.

Not my system until another Dylan then tweeted soon enough, there's a knock at your door and government agents are taking your son use your very own child and putting them in the new environment. We can live as Jane and Gary's upset with so I I responded sooner you think it's a good thing that this can happen in Canada you agree with this. I surely don't.

Please join me in speaking against it. Then he said you said activists use LGBT Q youth suicide victims as pawns in a larger political agenda really. I responded yes indeed they go to my face. You know my radio show my hardest to prevent LGBT suicides, not use them to threaten people who are coming to decisions about marriage and family.

How is that right. He then tweeted you're not welcome your misleading students of her fragile community. I believe this probably his first week you need to be stopped were not lying about you. Everything you said is a Google search away. There are videos, your hate is not welcome to a place I gay man pays tuition expected protest and I responded.

I have a message of hope and healing for her fragile community and I welcome each of you to join me at the event and to raise your objections. You will only your love and truth for me. Please introduce yourself tomorrow night and then I told him listen search for quotes that have been put on my lips. I never said them said them here to give you one example okay give you one example but the the social media. The protest will not against me.

The appellation online newspaper has a quote from me right.

Here's a picture be with a flyer and here's a quote quote LGBT people. LGBT brackets are inherently unhealthy unhealthy sexual or moral or rebellious to the will of God night and you those were my words he said yeah, but you've written thousands of pages on these issues and spoken So that I know those are not my words unrecognizable quotes, not mine. A million miles away.

I know I say and how I say it so that the other day someone posted a really good quote for me about revival on my Facebook page was get all kinds. A good response and I are lookouts on a never said that some my words as "great quote and what happened was someone mistakenly took it from a book right contribute some chapters to the book and thought I was responsible for every word in the book and didn't realize this was written by the editor of the book, so we have corrected publicly had. There is a great bonus about is the mind so all the more. It's a lousy quote I know that the words are not mine.

So I search for those words. People are inherently unhealthy unhealthy section rebellious to love God and I found on this website called truth wins out, which is one of the most hostile websites to the idea that people can change that. There such a thing as ex-gays innovate that some of the core easiest articles about me a few years ago we handed out with the Benton brothers and others in the greater Charlotte, North Carolina area about 2000 bottles of water, which God loves use of the Gay pride event. God is a better way. Jesus loves you we we handed out bottles of water and reached out to people love that I was called an anti-gay monster trying to provoke a violent physical confrontation with the gay community and this is how this is how out in left field the website truth wins out could be will in any case truth wins out years ago had an article attacking me with one woman named Kathy was a God appointed her to oppose me as saying this is what Brown believes and she says those words puts them in my mouth. The majorities which is that the majority of LGBT people are inherently unhappy, unhealthy section will rebellious the will of God, and said that I said that those are what so then the people during their poor research.

Take what someone else says. I said put in quotes and put it there for everyone to see his big headlines. That's level of deceit we deal with. Nonetheless, no problem. I get lied about all the time I get misrepresented all the time. It's rare that I don't see online on a given day. Blatant lies about my views and misrepresentations of my positions or exaggerated statements that in the remake, sometimes an hour doesn't go by. This is all par for the course to me am encouraged because this means were taking steps in the right direction. This means rational Christie campus group has done the right thing and and for all of you who have kids and campuses. Find out if there's a rational Christie there other fine campus groups as well, but encourage them.

If you find a rational Christie group encourage them to be bold to take stands were many others are not. 8663 for all right let us head over to the phones will start in New Jersey with tests welcome to the line of fire around a guy can okay I have a really good friend got on you. At I belong ministry and name of David R and a live delegate he would 14 as a transgender gay woman, and he went delivered and now he and he met Gina and Annie traveling the country, you know, given his testimony about having a cavity with Billy delivered from the transgender environment from the homosexuality, apparently, and father had committed it with that before he was born, though Every objection that immediately entered his life and cracked it as an action of one thing the male attention you now. He even talked about how he would go to truckstop and things like that. Waiting for dirty old man or any man that just give him attention and tests.

He was recently included in an email list that was going on and sent some of us historian testimony sought. I've seen the name in recent days and here's was enchanting. Obviously his stories his story another words that doesn't mean it's anyone else's story. That's his own story, but everyone I've talked to every single woman that exception. Everyone is come out of homosexual practice. Men and women without exception, every single one of them could trace their attractions back the things that it happened earlier in their lives trace that currently yeah SON on the can of unlucky to put that on anyone else any person I meet is an individual with their own life and experiences story, but everyone I've talked to again his David northeaster is one bit. Everyone I've talked to in there.

There are many they've all told me yet I goes back to this goes like this. I met a woman, former lesbian married to each reformer gay man a few months ago and in it for the North Dakota and she told me that when she saw as a as a girl when she saw in the actor father committing adultery with another woman. She turned against men. She said no question that that that's what happened in her life so people like David need to pray for them because they come under a lot of pressure and attacking candidate has a monitor or a map of their from character like a lot of Christian character don't want him to come and give him money because they're afraid of the fan yeah it's it's their race. Offending people and how ashamed he currently can't week and David can't love people that we have to level delay and that included some time. You know the truth will offend people in our yeah and an anomaly that says listen, what about all the people like David that needs your message of hope when I speak on these things.

Invariably there folks, drew the big smile and say hey I'm ex-gay. I came out of homosexual rose, lesbian, and they say thank you for taking a stand. Thank you for doing such love, they feel left all alone, they feel outcast, what about all the families you got family members struggle with homosexuality with gender identity confusion. What is the church say we have an answer. We have hope. Or we just bearing things because the two controversial that's not love that is not love. All right, what gets us more calls about a few more comments some more while we exchange a solution with staging. It's the line of fire with your host activist author internationals leader and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the light of ironbound by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown and friends we talk to your voice is run the front lines in tonight.

Appalachian State University Boone, North Carolina. I'm scheduled to give a talk about the church six rally with the church is got things wrong in its treatment of those who identify as LGBT.

How we can speak the truth and love of there was a protest that took place earlier today, one of the campus ministry sent us a picture of some of the folks that are there and were posting these if you want your lifestream on Facebook or YouTube.

You can wants some of the protests going on. A small crowd there holding up signs different people getting up and speaking so this took place just old little over an hour ago, hour and 1/2 ago and send slogans things like that. I'm really hoping that folks will come out tonight and hear the truth spoken love and you were gonna differ, gonna differ, but we really do our best to reach out 866-34-TRUTH by the way, there may even be some financial needs incurred by the sponsor. The event they the campus group that that put this together had Christian sponsors drop out because of controversy. Hopefully others have jumped in, but will let you know if any needs were incurred along the way so I I I posted I tweeted out to folks. Hey let let's get in the shoes of the protesters they've heard that things about me. They think I'm some kind of monster right. They think I'm some kind of monster and let hopefully they'll come out and find it for themselves.

So one fellow's on Twitter Spates Cadet Seth said I've googled him. I know he's a monster.

Keep this man off our campus so I wrote back Seth. What is so full of hate and intolerance. Please be specific in letting others know why you conclude llama monster okay also is okay to have Christian speakers on campus who believe with the Bible says look forward to your responses he will back I'm trying prevent the spread of hate and discrimination.

Also your publications leave you to believe you have a toxic message being considered a member of a hate group by the SPLC doesn't help. I respond thanks Seth, thanks for writing back by all means you should come out tonight. Hear the truth, truth, and liberally toxic to those who refuse truth and love regarding SPLC there actually the proven hate group. More here and I give a link we could read more about this. He responds you actually sound like a cult leader yeah that's what happened at that. That's his response to what I wrote with links to look into things from so is it remarkable I take time to interact with you, I answer questions you response everything I say with more insults and on the cult leader. I do hope you have the courage to see the truth and be open and honest with your self and then another gentleman a writes to me, Griffin, you're a monster because you're a homophobe that disguises your hatred and intolerance is loving religion. When people point that out. You say it's because they're full of hatred and intolerance as a good refresher love God and love people and I believe the Bible is true. How does that make me hateful homophobe. You seem to be the one full of hatred and intolerance. Please sir put some facts on the table. Truth the Texan lies the respect, not a sir concerned with the false Christian idea of not concerned with the false Christian I give up. You believe in the right of same-sex couples to marry, to believe that being gay is a problem that needs to be solved using the transmitter actually meant for questions. I would actually reject God's love and called false that your call is for marriage God's assignment for women and women for men. I ferment and I know many ex-gays who found new life in Jesus, except that in your biology not your perceptions. Determine your sex what he writes back laughing out loud. So yes you are homophobe and you provided all the facts right here you reject the rights and realities of LGBT people to people.

He goes on and on up leaving God and so we go back and forth and then he begins respond, the more interact with them. Also you Maj. Dinges is that illegal for you to come on campus and speak, but I believe it's moral but it isn't illegal, but I believe it's morally wrong of the school to allow some lame old demo to spread outdated hateful ideas in the campus, especially because I imagine the prophet some weight dork.

So he calls me Dumbo Dinges dork. Then all were distinctly goes on with some other crazy names are never going door. This is what I get for seeking to have intelligent, rational, loving interaction with some of my care physician a young person he identifies as transgender peers.

So we need to pray for these people of the ISO standard to be open, their blind spiritually, but I was blind but no shooting heroin 1971 I was like's ocean heroin. I was bonkers.

I know the Lord 866-34-TRUTH escorted phones in Raleigh, North Carolina David Wilkinson want to fire Dr. Brown.

I don't want to say I don't think you're a monster, but I'm just curious. I understand your religious view on it and that is the traditional view, but I don't not understand why new hose from a legal standpoint were not a Christian country so and there are some Christian churches that don't see it the way you do. So why same-sex marriage wrong from a legal standpoint yes social safety David for being so respectful and gracious and in your question, I know these are very sensitive issues that affect many individuals. So number one. The only reason the government gets involved in marriage is because marriage provides benefits to society and therefore society conveys benefits of marriage.

One of the benefits that they bring a man and woman together, who can biologically by nature reproduce and then join that child to the mother and father so they can be raised at home so we need children for the next generation which can only happen with a male or female, even a gay couple us to bring in someone else to have a child that's one thing.

And then secondly, it is the only situation that provides a natural environment for the child to be raised by mother and father which is been proven to be the best social environment for the child and therefore the best social environment for the nation.

So the only reason.

Marriage the government gets involved in marriage is to convey benefits on something that helps society when you bring together two men or two women, they guarantee that any children they bring into the world will be separated from either their mother and father. I feel feel it's wrong. That's cruel. That's not the best interest of the child, and by nature, they can't reproduce so there there violating the very purpose of marriage and in that regard as well if they will have a loving relationship. Thus, between them and God. If they wanted drier contracts to deliver by their religious right is imposing very violently by trying to legislate on Bible public: why I tell you what I tell you about the Bible. There's a difficult Bible to read that I give you social reasons you gave social reasons are just absolutely making her current. Not every marriage produced to not even straight marriage always produces children and you're saying that people cannot to consenting adults can't legally get married because conservative Christians and other groups oppose that from a religious standpoint, but limit us to discuss on the problem or should have any problem with polygamy. I personally don't. I personally from a religious standpoint. Do but I would I would say that they should have a legal right to do so because there are adults okay see you been consistent there. I appreciate that.

What about so any relationship formed three-man North ruffled three women or two adult brothers or two adult sisters that they shut down. While just legally) on your heart is not not legal for all American were, in fact, because that is harmful and proving that that that is harmful to tears when her brother's house and harmful to adult brothers. They can have a child so they can decamp in the genetic defects there there consenting adults in these cases of come up. That's not just abstract. What I am discouraged and legally what's the objection house at harmful to adult brothers, consensual adults. I idea I mean meant mentally not rhino but you don't want to say that because you will accept me saying that about two to that's I feel the two men in general. The way you feel about two brothers so it's not you got a net around it.

Now come down to when it comes to law we are being pro-life. I understand that your you don't want an unborn child to be murder. You know, and we don't have laws against drinking. We have laws against drinking and driving because he could hurt somebody.

But there's a lot of religious people that say drinking is wrong. Why, I mean opposite rights also to answer your question because drinking and driving affects others with someone doesn't think is a drink in their home that's between them. If you write that letter right right right so so the same the same way.

Once you redefine marriage. Now those views are taught as normal and in schools with tens of millions of Christians attending and were told we can opt out of that. Now we have a situation where thousands of children are being brought into an environment whereby definition will be separated from either their mother or father for for for tabs for life in the to me that's a cruel and wrong thing that affects others and by nature to manage. Women cannot bring children into the world for the next generation wears it. It is a defect for straight couple but but listen, David. I'm I'm literally at out of time. Otherwise, we would talk more of. I would love to refer you to discussion.

I did about this if you go to my website Esther to asked Katie or and just type in inward to search type in small I SM a W SMA dumps more you see a debate I did about this. This is David. I respect you as a fellow human being.

I honor you as someone Jesus die whatever differences we have. Let's have them in a civil way.

Thank you sir very much

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