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Are the Palestinians Descended from the Canaanites?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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February 22, 2018 4:40 pm

Are the Palestinians Descended from the Canaanites?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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February 22, 2018 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 02/22/18.

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So is there any truth to the claim that today's Palestinians are descendents from the ancient Canaanites stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of Ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown. There is very fascinating history to the life of Prime Minister Netanyahu to scandals associated with him in the past. His marriage is in how their summative, a parallel with him and Donald Trump. Yeah I'll talk about that today on through the juice Thursday night and gossip column fashion, but the way think you'll find interesting when interact with a quote from Palestinian Authority Pres. Mahmoud Abbas once again raising the fictitious claim that today's Palestinians are descendents of the ancient Canaanites of the woods.

They are the original inhabitants of the land that exactly the kind of thing you want to take pride in. But even so, fictitious claim, we will talk about that, as well as a number of other things. It is thoroughly Jewish Thursday, which means the phones are open to your Jewish related questions. So what comes under the category a Hebrew question, a question about messianic prophecy Jewish background to the New Testament a question about Judaism, Jewish practice tradition Jewish objections to Jesus. Yeshua you might be a Jewish listener and you are not yet convinced that Jesus is the Messiah you're convinced that he's not and you like to interact with me phone lines all open. Also, if you have a question about modern Israel today would gladly speak with you. 86634 all right how many times has Donald Trump been married you'll know the answer.

That's three and it's been one of the issues of thrice married president supported by conservative evangelicals. How could that be a man known for his Playboy passed a narcissist businessman.

How could be supported by evangelical Christians.

This is something that's come up often in conversation and when I was posted on Chris Cuomo a couple of weeks back to debate the issue of conservative evangelical supporting Donald Trump of the things I was gonna say plainly was listen. He was, not for most of us our first candidate we had concerns about his past and the depth of his conservative stance, but in light of babies being slaughtered in the womb. We thought he do a better job than Hillary Clinton and Elijah Christians being slaughtered in the Middle East. We thought he do a better job than Hillary Clinton, and in light of our religious freedom. Freedom is being threatened. We thought he do a better job than Hillary Clinton knows we vote with our eyes wide open with various concerns, but in balance felt that he would do the better job on issues that were very important to us and we also felt that Hillary Clinton herself had her own history. That was corrupt in different ways and that was morally concerning what about Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu so highly regarded by evangelicals in America when he has spoken to Congress standing ovation after standing ovation looked at as a real hero and a man that speaks the truth and immovable man of conviction in these kinds of things, of course, for Americans effectively studied in America and he speaks English with an American accent makes him sound very much like one of us. Obviously this is a second language. In any case.

In any case, what he recently's first as you have another language that bespeaks it better than English.

Anyway, he was his first language fact is that premise. Netanyahu has also been married three times. Did you know that yeah and when he was much younger in his political career. Back in 1993. There were allegations of him having an affair while he went on public television, 1993 and confessed to apparently numerous affairs try to get the exact transcript. I haven't been able to find that. But he confessed to marital infidelity. So here you have a man now married three times with an unknown adulterous past. This is known. This is not disputed. This is public record that he confessed to.

And yet right wing conservatives voted for him in subsequent elections and very Orthodox Jews, for whom morality is very important and then marital fidelity is important.

They also voted for him so even though he's a very different man than Pres. Trump. Even though he is much more of a statesman, at least at this point in his career.

I don't know how much back that out within Israel. He remains a very controversial figure within Israel there is constant bickering. Here he is much more respected and loved in America than in Israel Israel everybody's terror that everybody Israel your docket have like a majority of the people behind you. It's just that you have the largest group among the minority epithets, the way it works out, and it is really ultimately vote for parties.for people in the party has to put together a majority government. So because you never get enough votes. You hundred 20 seats in the Knesset your you're not going to get 61 seats for your party so maybe you get 35 and that's that. The biggest group and maybe your competitor has 30 C got a scramble to get those other 26 seats and you have to compromise with some groups really don't want to elaborate coalition and that's just the way it works and and I've read years back when I was reading your stuff is really newspapers reading more things in Hebrew, etc. in modern Hebrew. I would read the most vicious attacks of assaults back and forth in a from Israelis attacking Israelis to this day it makes American politics look tame but it's interesting that despite premise of it in Yahoo's known moral failures confessed moral failures and the fact that his present wife of many years. Now is his third wife.

He has been a popular leader elected to be prime minister that out and then elected again so when his current tenure going on, so he remains prominent and check this out. I've also read that many Israelis look at adulterous affairs differently that the country being more liberal.

Generally speaking of the very religious and in the rest of the country be more liberal that many of look at things the way Europe looks at Bill Clinton looks. What's the big deal at affair. Everybody has affairs only to suffer for the Mets so a lot of Europeans look like, what will your Americans use a Puritanical and I've even read that in the Israeli army. Of course it's mandatory service.

Three. In the short ultra-Orthodox to study in yeshiva three years for men out of high school two years for women out of high school, so your you have a lot of immorality right there that's understood but then man up until what is it 50 have to serve one month in the reserves of their away from family, one month each year that they can be away from family and some of them are there. That's when they do what they want to do in and in other words, in that way it could be a more permissive society than America's liberal and immoral as we can be there still that that conservative pushback wants assistance. It's interesting that people ultimately said look we believe he's the best man for security look when we we believe he's the best man and fighting against terror and therefore vote for him and yeah he's he's got some questionable past marriage and infidelity and things like that but when comes to security we think is a good got like I was reading about Moshe Dayan, the legendary general famous in Israel. Even you've all seen him with that. The eyepatch and he was famously promiscuous. From all accounts from his daughter talk about it quite freely in the mother. The white just put up with it.

It is a hero Israel subsidy that was part of the heroism to lose fate is a womanizer seriously ill, believers looking at a religious duty time, other secular population looking at someone. One of the single right now there are scandals and charges I talked about it briefly last week, bribery, corruption charges that have come against the prime minister and some of compared it to the Robert Miller investigation that it's it's just an attempt to take somebody down and just as Democrats and leftists and and some Republicans want to take Pres. Trump down.

This is just an inside job to try to take Prime Minister Netanyahu down is gonna come to nothing. Recently someone in within the tongue on his own circle seems to have turned on him where this is going to go. I don't know but I bring up the past to say he has survived charges moral charges in the past. Infidelity then. Now, bribery, corruption with his own family with his wife with his kids how far does ago is there truth to it was really say we don't care.

He's the best leader we have to protect our safety. We shall see. 866342. I just pray for God's best for Prime Minister Netanyahu and for the nation use out of the how to pray, will pray that God your very best plan for Prime Minister Tahoe and for the short speaking of Israel. Don't forget February 1-10, 2019.

The school would be the third Israel tour that we've done up into Israel minister.

Many times this will only be the third tour that we done so not only we have a first-class tour guide three first through 10th. The score website S. Dr. and click the right of the homepage for more information, but recall your holy fire in the holy land. Not only will you have an awesome tour guide that we use every time one that's used by by top leaders when they go over there and famous American media people use or when they go over there then we have hurry up Scott bulk my dear friend and colleague that leads tourist Israel constantly hope be there with you all the time during the day, though be select sites were all be there and do some special teaching is on the tour guide. We got first customer got but then at night were you have special meetings with me every night really do something.

Get a Q&A session with me via prayer ministry time beginning some others really believe her cynical minister together be going somewhere wrong to speak be a go to do my radio show with me you'll have opportunities.

So what will get in ministry to you meals together, plus the full tour with your tour guide Scott during the day so tour guide and Scott during the day so sign up today for a first through 10th 2019. The revolver than true to her as if I did them as much as I was asked to I do them just about every month and the people that have gone with us have been so radically and dramatically transformed. It's been incredible and accommodations are great, great meals, great hotels, great tour, but the biggest thing is is to be there. It is so life-changing. And even though II knew and I've said this over again. I knew when we invited people to come the first time how impacted they be. I was still surprised by how impacted they were okay.

We come back I will go straight to the phones your Jewish related questions on this thoroughly Jewish Thursday, 866-348-7884 that is the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice immoral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown looking to the one a fiery 64. Truth is the number to call if you get a Jewish related question 866342. The number culverts go straight to the phones and continuing to talk about premise and can I let's go to Lisa in Des Moines, Iowa.

Welcome to the line of fire. I think my calling.

Thank you Lord are more forgiving of Internet Yahoo because he confessed once you combat anything that you know that what you did was wrong from being interested in overcoming about much of anything, and I think that where different by yeah it's definitely listen, we understand, is going to be a lot of swiping left right both sides going after each other and that's the skin that you were going to be partisan is no question about that, but I agree with you 100% that if Pres. Trump forthrightly said yes this happened now look there's an things he's denying right but but let's just say that he said yes I did that. I'm guilty of it. I'm ashamed of it.

I confessed to my wife years ago. I'm ashamed it's come out to the public but yes this is part of my past and sorry to say you shouldn't be surprised because I boasted about things like this in the past.

Now, I'm ashamed of them and as a nation. I appreciate your forgiveness and mercy that goes a Long Way, Americans are forgiving people and and even when you have some athlete that's really blown it does something really ugly when they're contrite about it when they when they asked for forgiveness. They they could get a tremendous amount of support liquid when Pres. Trump during the Hillary Clinton debate referenced some of that horrific tape and comments he made insula, proud of it just like I'm talking you haven't really done that stuff, but it's about proud of it.

That was a step in the right direction, but as an end in one speech member writing about sick. Maybe he's going the right direction and one speech. He said that he had spoken harshly about people and he regretted it and and I thought okay that's positive that's good. But now I've not seen that as a pattern that when he blows it he he did not acknowledges and asked for forgiveness and if he did that it would go a long way. It will make a lot easier for people to get behind them so so you're right and and listen with what many people have a hard time realizing is that this great strength and humbling yourself that it takes moral character to do that.

It takes moral strength to do that to say I was wrong.

I blew it. No excuses. Please forgive me. With God's help, I'm not gonna repeat that that that is a sign of strength, not weakness.

Many people think and I might do it yet one on the Bill Clinton rarely ever ever came clean with the various affairs and the full measure of what he did to those who accused him of raping things but yeah I I see no reason except this does not who he is. So we have to keep praying for him. I yet will thank you. As I agree with you Lisa, thanks for the call 86634 let us go to Lewis in Rockford, Illinois.

Welcome to the line of fire around oriole doing well. Thanks. I've been studying in the Greek and Hebrew are mom on them. A student in a seminary at ranking University and I have a question about the work telephone in the Greek and how it translated and you are there other places in the Hebrew that used the word that shallot and day just as day Sabbath day, week knowledge grant licensor to give me give me an example.

This way all all look at both Hebrew and Greek. At the same time that the reinstitution of of where you'd find say Saba Tonys and of course Greek did not have the show sound so shut your Hebrew became saw in Greek, so give an example of reverse where bones of the first public working in the New Testament was Matthew 28, one have the worst of it on twice a marijuana one-of-a-kind in on the Sabbath day right back in one on the first week got it exactly right. So here's Jewish but I'm just going to do and I'll go through the process right unfortunately don't have this on the screen for everyone to watch. That's watching but I'll I'll click on Saba tone in Greek. Okay and then I'll search for that and then that'll tell me all the various times it's oh almost 200 times the word occurs between the Septuagint and New Testament usage. Okay so the first the first time it occurs. Exodus 1623. Yeah, it's just as Sabbath. There, but basic basically. In short, resident concert got 200 references to go through here and over hundred 60 versus the check everyone but been in short, it's it it can be used. Obviously in in Matthew 28 and I'm just can scroll down there for a second and I was I was focusing more on Old Testament usage. So we just want to look at at New Testament for second Matthew 28th, one of and you say that it took. It says the end of the Sabbath began towards the first day of the week right right yes so as to that usage in Hebrew and how common it is. I I off the top of my head, I'm not thinking of when it would be used that way it can be used for a holy day in another part of the week.

Other was a sacred convocation so you can have say during that and that's a big controversy within Passover that there's for firstfruits dedication of firstfruits is the first day after the Sabbath, does that mean the first day after Saturday right, which is always the Sabbath or the first day after a Sabbath within Passover, a holy convocation within Passover but just meaning any day of the week were first day of the week.

No not not to my knowledge, it's either going to be the seventh, a Sabbath or another holy convocation on a different day. They can also go by that name. So the what would lie behind Matthew 21 in that exact usage to be is not primarily the Old Testament usage. That being said, I will just double check because of look at it more in terms of the Hebrew Bible than Greek New Testament, and if there's anything else I discover in the next few minutes on terms so they haven't looked at all. All that you and your audience know okay dark around Carpenter yet. You're very welcome you and us certain things. I know right off the top of my head. Hopefully a lot of the things just need to check to double check make sure we miss something right 86634 check a time for one more call. Let's go to Miguel in Suffolk, Virginia. Welcome to the line of fire.

Look around you through law.

Thank you, but you got another seminary questionnaire.

Awesome. What seminary and what what seminary I go to Virginia Beach theological seminary in Virginia Beach. Okay great yeah Fido got the reading collection.

Think of them by going can eat Arnold talk about magic and importance of things pertaining to Angels and Demons during the period of time. First couple centuries of the church. So I'm trying I'm trying to get the Jewish year from a Jewish historian point of view. How influential were books like the book of Enoch or the wisdom of Solomon during the period of time. I thought Judaism.

Yet, for all very very influential note. No question you. Enoch was widely read and and widely revered and wall. These books ultimately were not included in the Hebrew canon of Scripture. They were absolutely influential, but more more broadly serves magic superstition. There was there was a lot of that there were incantations against demonic powers. There's a lot in Homewood religious literature early early rabbinic literature about demons and demonology. There was not a sense of you have Satan versus God in the state was just part of of the larger angelic kingdom, but he had his own domain of demons and things like that to this day, and very, very religious Jewish households of Hasidic ultra-Orthodox Jews. There is still a lot of superstition there. There still things have do with with magic in Kabbalah and you know evil eye and and stuff like that so things that we would look at is just folktales, superstition, etc. that has become part of some of the ultra-Orthodox Jewish, nor especially the mystical Jewish role. I remember visiting the city of Safar or soffit as it would be called in northern Israel which is kind of a headquarters for Jewish mysticism and we went into the the old shoe will lease to be that the synagogue, the jewel of of your safe car role who lived about 500 years ago and was famous for his compilation of law and that the synagogue was painted kind of like a blue-green type color fire member but we were told that was a good color to keep demons away.

So while he's the of the superstitions of persist and if if you'll just do a search for magic and superstition. In Judaism you'll find this quite a lot written about it and even though nothing touched monotheist notes is one God. The creator, but the reality of the spiritual realm in some mystical circles.

The use of the sacred name those kinds of things those deftly made their way into Judy's my I studied it extra some decades ago when I was looking at areas having to do with healing and then having to do with spiritual realm and the net into other things about science and superstition so that definitely deftly played a role in then the whole theology of Enoch and watches all and that's another area right back to you momentarily. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now going to 866-34-TRUTH your exam is Dr. Michael Brown related background to the New Testament. Messianic prophecy Jewish objections to Jesus Yeshua modern Israel conflict with Islam. Give me a call 8663. Foray 788 four.

We spent yesterday's broadcast talking about what made the Graham special and the significant ways that God used him in oak scalding as well with their own testimony and story and I did this, not just to honor his memory but also to encourage us to follow his example. Both of integrity, as well as giving himself to reach the lost. There were controversies, of course, that surrounded him. Remember when he stood against segregation when he literally with his own hands, took down barriers that had been erected to separate Blacks from whites in the 50s those were controversial acts. It was not just you got up and said, everyone needs to believe in Jesus. He he took action against what he believed was ugly, social injustice and of course it was ugly, social injustice and completely unacceptable among those they claim to be Christians. So those were controversies he was involved in them and then also there were tapes released from conversation he had with Richard Nixon, which would have given the impression that he was in some way anti-Semitic and that he spoke against Jewish people. So there are Jewish articles today saying how how should we look at him. How should we think of him and there's an article in the Jewish week times of Israel and it says okay okay lets you see who wrote this article year. Gerald Selzer.

He says like I I would've wish for less vitriolic words room Graham in his private conversations that should not blind us choose to his constructive words which benefited all religions, including my own pieces. Let's recon the process + Rev. Graham's faith was absolute but not imperialistic. In 1995, for example, he refused to join a nationwide campaign of a Southern Baptist Church to aggressively convert Jews and Muslims explaining I have never targeted Muslims. I've negative never targeted Jews, while Jesus was his exclusive personal path to salvation, rim Rev. Graham admitted not knowing who God would save and who not what would be foolish of me to speculate on who will be there in heaven who won't. I believe the love of God is absolutely ridiculous everybody regardless of what label they have is an evangelist, but not a fundamentalist but in any case, he goes on to to to have a a more gracious approach yes Billy Graham did preach salvation through the cross and calling people to believe in Jesus, but he did it in a way that did not put off all of his critics, all that to say that even though there were statements he made that cause controversy. People look to the overall statement of his life and tenor of his life, and those who knew him could then accuse him of being an anti-Semite, 866-34-TRUTH with your Jewish related questions last week or so earlier this week mark for the boss.

Palestinian Authority Pres. Mahmoud Abbas reiterated the claim that the Jews have no claim on Israel today is only the Palestinians would have a claim. After all, they are the descendents of the ancient Canaanites and therefore they have been in the land for millennia and they are the rightful inhabitants of the land and the Jews or the usurpers in my book 60 questions Christians escrow Jewish beliefs and practices. I tackled that idea. I tackled that idea that Palestinians are descendents of the Canaanites, so let me put that to rest the break it down for you in some detail and also on getting me a big surprise.

Oh yeah who might some of the Palestinians be descended from. You are in for a surprise. Okay, so the question I ask this question number 34 and 60 questions Christians as collectors. Please practices of the Palestinians, descendents of the ancient Canaanites and NIC to begin with, historically speaking reminder there's no such thing as a Palestinian people. So it's true that there been Arabs living in the land of Palestine for centuries Israel's copastor by the Romans courses. No second century A.D. and it's true that some of these families have lived in Palestine without interruption for many generations but no time before 1967 did these Arabs even identify themselves as Palestinians noted they seek to achieve any type of statehood.

There, there was no Palestinian nationalism and no attempt to develop the territory as a homeland for these Arabs. In 1936 when the Palestine orchestra was formed.

It was a Jewish orchestra parts of just to put that out to start so where the concept of a Palestinian people come from and they can could trace their lineage back to the Canaanites, Mitchell Bard and is very simple book on understanding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict says this prior to the partition plants in 1948, prior to partition Palestine Arabs did not view themselves as having a separate identity when the first Congress of Muslim Christian associations met in Jerusalem in February 1919 to choose Palestinian representatives for the Paris peace conference the following resolution was adopted. Quote we consider Palestine as part of Arab Syria as it is never been separated permitted. Any time we are connected with it by national, religious, linguistic, natural, economic, and geographical bonds in 1937, a local Arab leader on Audi B of the huggy told the Peel commission, which ultimately suggested the partition of Palestine quote. There is no such country as Palestine. Palestine is a term that the scientists invented. There is no Palestine in the Bible. Our country was for centuries part of Syria. So our ROM in the Bible, Damascus, Syria. Our ROM this Damascus been the capital of Iran/Syria. This has ancient history.

This goes all the way back in the Arabs living in Palestine consider themselves to be part of larger Syria right are you L of Mary pointed out that the estimated population of Muslims, Christians and Jews in Palestine grew from 205,050 and 54 to just 275,000 year 1800 there Christians living there, Arabs living there. Jews living where was the cry of Palestine as our homeland among the worldwide are population didn't exist.

At what point in time to the Arab population begin to rise dramatically was when Jews began to return to the land in larger numbers, especially after 1880 which time the bulk of the more than 400,000 Arabs living in Palestine were themselves relatively recent immigrants.

In other words, the great bulk of those who identify as Palestinians today are more recent inhabitants of the land, even if some of the been there for 100+ years. That is not 3000 years is not 4000 years. It is not 2000 years is a 1000 year. The vast majority came in later is Jews began to develop the land more Arabs than began to come in. We had to the mid-20th century, Michael Comey points out that in 1948, just before the British withdrawal from Palestine began 9% of the land was owned by Jews 3% by Arab citizens live in the land.

17% was abandon Arab land and the remaining 71% was crown or state law vested in the mandatory British government. Subsequently, the state of Israel seemingly had more Arabs living that you didn't have the land largely owned by Arabs at that time right so the population of Judea, Samaria called West Bank and Gaza was only 450,000 in 1967 today. It's what over 3 1/2 million silver people settle we go all the way all the way back. No, most of this is much more recent. The great rapid growth is much more recent. So the question then comes down to what about the Canaanites can release some may be a remnant, trace their ancestry back to the Canaanites, while the fact is, there's no national or ethnic group. They can trace itself back to the ancient Canaanites. Since these nations really wiped out became totally assimilated into the surrounding nations millennia ago or they became part of the people of Israel there either subjugated and become part of the people dislike the Gibeonites or they were wiped out, or they fled to foreign lands. They were pushed out to violence and assimilated into all those populations so there's no such thing as the ancient Canaanites continuing in a distinct way through the centuries that they're gone again. The either assimilated into the people of Israel or they assimilated into the surrounding nations or they were wiped out. There is no Canaanites identity to go back to the sink exhibit ancient Philistines who inhabited five cities and would now be Gaza Strip that they were either completely wiped out as a people couple thousand years ago or they similar men others. Either they were exterminated or they assimilated, among others, but they have no ongoing history.

There is no ongoing Philistine history or Canaanite history comes to an end many hundreds even thousands of years ago so the other thing that's worth pointing out is this and here's the big big surprise now to go to phones.

866-34-TRUTH here's the big surprise is possible that some Palestinians today actually go back to being ancient Jews ancient Israel said what.

Yet there is some DNA evidence pointing in a direction along with certain customs and practices that look I've only studied this a little. I've studied it with some solid authors or journalists or reports.

In other words it's it's not National Enquirer tabloid kind of stuff but I've only studied it a little but this is the theory that there were Jews that remained in the land of book became Palestine, after the destruction of the second Temple. Even after Jews were banished from Jerusalem in the second century they still remained in the land. After several more centuries there was the Muslim conquest. So now you're talking the seventh century of this era and during the Muslim conquest, a number of these Jews converted to Islam and continued living in the land but still preserve some of their Jewish identity. This is the theory and there's the argument that some Palestinians or maybe a good percentage of them are actually ancient Jews who converted to Islam and they were the very small remnant that stayed in the land but some of them continue to secretly practice certain Jewish customs and those customs are still practiced today in certain Palestinian circles. That is the theory that is delay evidence that with your calls on Thursday through Thursday.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker, and Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown first half hour of the broadcast of those that destroy me at the bottom of the armistice. Ask about the use of Saba tone, which is the Greek equivalent of people shop atone and how it's used in the New Testament that some guy at times it means Sabbath. Sometimes it means first day of the week and that is it ever use like that in the Hebrew Bible can just mean day what I was when I was looking at the Matthew 21 just trying to glance down and then I started looking at other verses was I looked again so Lewis danced request it. It never just means they New Testament coming week so Shabbat can mean the Sabbath or communion or shop atone and Greeks of Saba tone can mean the.

The Sabbath itself or it could refer to a week. That's the again the seven part of it.

So the seventh day, or a period of seven days, so it's the first day of the week Saba tone, there would be week. Not day in Hebrew however shop atone would just be referring to the Sabbath celebration, a holy Sabbath set apart Sabbath and that could be for Shabbat as well that he could be a success at special consecrated time called a holy day of rest, that would be a Shabbat Sabbath or eschews most of the time the seventh, a Sabbath that part we'd said accurately, but I didn't respond to the question by canopy day in the New Testament as I understand it, it's week not day. In some cases all right. The first is that one the world to tell you about Lewis. Lewis got it and it was his question right to the phones we go to Thomasville, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire.

Dr. Brown quick question for you preaching Sunday all lawful the ark came to fulfill the law not to abolish the we look at the ball now vision the moral, ceremonial and civil war.

The Old Testament you have looked at the wall in that same threefold vision or just something we just be looking back.

After the cross out yes it's it's a convenient way of looking at it and it has a lot of truth to it, but no and Old Testament, you would not have perceived it as rigidly and a traditional Jew. To this day even though they can see those distinctions, they would not perceive it like that to them.

Torah is much more holistic not notice first in Matthew 517 that Jesus says, I didn't come to abolish the Law or or the prophets, and then he goes on some of the law after that.

So she's there time of the Hebrew Scriptures as a whole that he can come to abolish but to fulfill that the point towards him. But Christians subsequently looking at the law and say okay you have the moral law. So don't commit adultery. You have the ceremonial law, like blood sacrifices and then you have the civic law in terms of conduct. You know, Bill will build a parapet on your roof. Your house does responses some of this in falloff and let's just basic things you go to the judges when you have disputes about these various things and it's useful to break this down at the categories because we could say as far as fulfilling the Torah that all of the moral laws Jesus takes to a deeper level to a higher standard. Then we could also say is first the ceremonial laws he brings them some fulfillment by dying on the cross becoming our great high priest, and forgive your sins. Through his blood and purifying us and then we could say the specific laws we get wisdom from us to how they apply, but that they were specially given to Israel as a theocracy, so that's a good way that we can break it down by way of explanation, but if you were say just reading through Leviticus 19 Leviticus 20 you'll find that they can go back and forth in the can have a moral law, and indicative Sabbath the case of the also seem ceremonial or civic, and then the results all intertwined and was looked at in a much more holistic way.

And that's why I think we we need to will be break it down break it down in a way that is an holistic. This is how he fulfills it.

Nodes have the different strands and show how he brings them to their fullest and highest meaning and and and. For example, the calendar that's another part right so the bigger calendar of the this spring fees he fulfilled with his death and resurrection. The giving of the spirit in the fall feasts hold will fulfill with his return. So, those remain to be filled. It's part of what Yeshua said in Matthew five that, until heaven and earth pass away, not that even the smallest letter will pass until everything's fulfills of the two entails their right this run.

Everything is refilled until heaven and pass away heavily, especially some has been fulfilled. Ready and some remains to be fulfilled when we correct grade level in the ceremonial are derived from the moral order that not accurate know you could make the argument that everything is derived from the moral there are Jewish traditions that say all 613 commandments are contained within the 10 Commandments and can be derived from them so you you could you could presented in terms of the inner core right you know, certainly living a moral life was more important to God than bringing a blood sacrifice. But because we don't live perfectly moralizing because of guilt and substitution and atonement.

This was part of what was required so you know you might you might do it in terms of circles. You know, here's the innermost circle hears next circle coming out of that and here's the next circle coming out of that anything that helps people realize it's one law that God gave and has different layers and applications to it and to the extent that you can get insight without forcing it as to how everything flows out of the moral law should look Paul reduces everything to the love commandment and and Ernst says that if we love one another.

We will commit adultery will murder it so he saying all the moral laws will be fulfilled. If you follow that and then traditional Judaism has a discussion. It's a fascinating discussion as to their 613 commandments within this one reduced it to this amount. This will reduce into this and mica reduced it to three and Micah 68 noted to do justly and walk humbly before God into units it to love mercy right that he reduces it to three what is God require of you and then it says Habakkuk reduced to one of the just will live by faith. This is an Tolbert and rabbinic literature. So you know that there is these are all questions that I think you can have a lively discussion with an and open up it away without again you never want for something you want or you want to ride it as long as it can be written in that respect, but short. You could you could make that argument.

I'm I'm not saying I've ever tried to, but I'm saying there are Jewish traditions that say all the 613 commandments are derived from the tent so see what you can do okay. Figure your input. You bet, sure thing. All right not come at a time for calls this a couple things right. Shall I start a fresh new controversy. Yes, I I will. We are often told by those who say that all of the Torah commandments are binding on believers today that were under the Sinai covenant is much as were able to keep it because Jesus did in abolishing filled in and we are to follow his example etc. and they will select you success if you let me keep my commandments, and many would say no know that this means the commitments that I teach what I say so.

The word commandments and to lay in Greek myths fought in Hebrew is used in different ways.

In the New Testament if you're reading Matthew Mark and Luke.

It's primarily used in terms of the 10 Commandments, the commandments that God gave Mount Sinai.

It's primarily use. You know the commandments resurrection will you know the commandments in John's Gospel, the word ancillary commandments. There just look up everyone is used in terms of the teaching of Jesus himself. Yeshua's own commandments as if you're reading a red letter Bible to read the letter commandments. And that's hardly first John uses it, and revelation use this while those who keep the commandments of God speaking of the commandments that Jesus himself gave but studying John looking John and see if you can follow my point. Just look up every time commandment occurs, there are commands and see if you will understand my vantage point there and I just I start with the text. I do my best to be inductive so I I start reading it. I look at verse after verse after verse also using concordances. Look at verse after verse after verse and then circuit what is the data saying and do my best to be inductive as I study no one is gonna be perfect. We all have certain presuppositions but because the pre-got my eyes shimmer missing something. Show me where I am wrong and keep studying Scripture to grow and learn. All right friends have you preordered playing with holy fire yet yup comes out April 3 a wake-up call to the charismatic Pentecostal Church. Of course you can order on Amazon e-book form of this is audible book this time, or get the paper back. But if you like to get a collectors edition something special from us. It special for me to because I get to sign these you can preorder at our website.* escape your you see a banner maybe for second end of the comes up on the page. You can preorder there and what we do we get the first printing so however many preorders we get with. It's the first hundred or 200 or 300. Whatever it is we number them right so you may get your say I got number 31.

I got number six I got number hundred eight so their number and then assign them to you with the Scripture. So it special for me. We had a big stack of books we pray over them and I get to sign them for you is special for you and that is almost a borrower that is your buckets number.

It's not really good with the first edition and also it's whether you can help us and support our ministry. So go ahead and preorder and and we can trust me friends we go for we tell the truth. We talk about abuses openly family but in the context of this that God is doing an amazing thing around the earth that in the last century, more people have come to faith in any other time in world history. And it is primarily through the charismatic Pentecostal outpouring. This happened worldwide, but with the rapid growth of the lots of abuses and we have often not get it done a good job of self policing. So I tell it like it is in this book and then charismatic leaders were lining up to endorse it wanted to put their name and behind Glenview. Are they back with you tomorrow. You've got questions regarding the

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