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The Difference Between Godly Discernment and Destructive Criticism

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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February 28, 2018 5:00 pm

The Difference Between Godly Discernment and Destructive Criticism

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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February 28, 2018 5:00 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 02/28/18.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

You know when God moves in revival is always controversy. How can we be godly dissenters versus destructive critics stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown cast today. We just had a technical issue getting started.

Sorry for that extended musical play here is the number to call 8663468663487884. We just need to restart our live feed here and I want to get into really important discussion with you today and that is this to focus on this major issue today very important question. What's the difference between godly discernment and destructive criticism.

What's the difference between embracing what God is doing while rejecting error versus rejecting what God is doing in the name of rejecting error and how can we avoid the pitfall of on the one hand, being so gullible. We accept everything, and on the other hand, being so critical that we reject everything. Here's the recall 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884. I haven't seen a recent wave of increased criticism and attack on the things of the spirit on revival on revival movements and it doesn't surprise me because many more people are praying for revival and praying for outpouring of the Spirit and assure initial study revival history going back to Scripture you will see with consistency with consistency that as God moves in revival.

Critics will come out and reject what God is doing now here's something to remember constructive criticism is wonderful destructive criticism is terrible. One brings life brings death and when we think back to biblical history. Let's go back to the book of numbers when 12 spies leaders of the tribes of Israel are sent out to take the land or to spy out the land. I should say in numbers 13 and 1410 of the 12 spies come back with a negative report saying we can't do it. 10 of them come back with a negative report saying we can't take the lender giants in the land the many of you study the Scriptures for many many years. Let me ask you, what are the names what are the names of any of the 10 who said we can't take the land who did not believe the promises of God, who were moved by what they saw with their own eyes and not by the truth of God's promises who named one of the 10 most of us can't name any of the 10 little all of them but they had a great influence on their generation, which ended up dying in the wilderness. Now, who were the two said we can take the line you will know that Joshua and Caleb always immediately Joshua and Caleb that tells me something let me ask you this, whose name do remember more. Let's say Jonathan Edwards or Charles Chauncey C.

Edwards we know premier theologian floss from the 1700s leader in the great awakening was Charles Johnson's chief critic, chief critic of the great awakening and and in fact I've read. I can confirm this, but I've read that at one point in time the Chauncey's books attacking the great awakening sold more than Edwards books defending the great awakening. Either way, you don't remember the name of Charles Chauncey About this Evan Roberts or Peter Price, Evan Roberts or Peter Price say remove Evan Roberts shareable survival 1904 1905 Peter Price told him he was a leading pastor, a well respected pastor in Wales at the time and when God began moving through Evan Roberts others. He called it a sham. A mockery of blasphemous travesty of the real thing that's an exact quote a sham a mockery of blasphemous travesty of the real thing. This was one of the great revivals in church history when the leading pastors of the day out right rejected. G. Campbell Morgan who was a great Bible expositor.

One of the leading Christian teachers of his day and in England he visited Wales and was blown away by what God was doing on the one hand, it seemed to be out of order in another sense he saw a divine order and an heat. Heat said it's almost like Goss and look what I can do. He was blown away by what God was doing in Wales.

Then he heard about the Azusa Street outpouring in the states. Any label that the last vomit of Satan. He was so right about Wales. He was so wrong about Azusa Street. Time magazine coming into the new millennium.

So 1999 put out a book with a team of scholars evaluating what were the most 100 important events of the last 6000 years. The last millennium okay. The most important events of the last thousand years the 100 most important events and how you treat just 100 is in a man on the moon. You've got vaccination for polio.

You've got world wars. You've got the invention of the printing press you've got it out the technology growing in this way that we've got significant people in high does come up with 100 hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds is will they come over the top hundred and in the high 60s it was Azusa Street and the modern Pentecostal outpouring considered to be one of the most significant events of the last thousand years, and in fact, more people have come into the kingdom have been born again will be with Jesus forever and ever. As a result of this modern Pentecostal outpouring that it any other movement in church history as a fact that in the numbers are undeniable, so how how do you avoid making these mistakes when the Pentecostal outpouring came to Germany in early 1900s, the Lutheran leaders came together evangelical church which is Lutheran Church in Germany, and they said not from above, but from below and is as I was recently asked to respond to one critics presentation a few years ago attacking the modern charismatic movement.

He asked me to respond publicly so I've been doing that and in the midst of it. I reference what God did in the Brownsville revival. So now people are showing footage of me from the Brownsville Robinson things Chammas Marshall submit. It's a shame to me that people recognize with the spirits to it hurts me that they're scorning something very sacred that literally touch several million people around the world.

I can introduce you to countless thousands of people who to this day were transformed by what God did, there came to repentance of sin got born again turn from complacency to holiness, devoted their lives to preaching and teaching the word and on and on the with good fruit that the Holy Spirit bears out of the preaching of the word and the exultation of Jesus. The fruit is undeniable worldwide, but what's grievous is just like the critics of old they are doing the critics of today are doing the same thing. They're looking at the small amount of chaff, which is what Charles Chauncey did. He looked at the chaff and miss the massive harvest of week and sadly that's what many are doing to this day it grieves me for them but also makes me wonder is God ready to move by his spirit again. Bottom line is this. When God begins to pour out his Spirit. There's always going to be controversy go back to ask the second chapter the Spirit is poured out several people began to speak in the language as well. Several things happen.

First, the spirit comes with the son of a Russian violent wind why not come quiet can't what why come with such intensity force.

The spirit came with the sound of a blowing violent wind filled all the house of their city and then they saw what looked like tongues of fire sitting on top of each of their heads.

If I said to you show me this in the Bible itself is sitting there right of the Bible we have is the Old Testament, the Hebrew Scriptures and use of the tongues of fire social Mitchell me that showing the chapter and verse for that word said that was going to happen. The interview could use allows different Jesus healing the secular light bill putting taking dirt and spitting on turning into Miami using saliva and healing. That's with the magicians did. I can't be gosh only will it happen where Moses did that you can see how people could raise their objections couldn't shoot right if if everything that happened first and be written the ball before happily could never happen because good nap in the first time because it was written during my fourth anyway so we test everything by Scripture. But we have to test rightly the Bible. This is a test by whether someone uses spittle and healing. The Bible is is a test by by whether this solicits tongues of fire and to this day when I pray for people to be touched by the spirit fresh touch of the spirit are immersed in the spirit office a fire fire print for the fire. The spirits muscle video be doing that years ago because he was younger. I pray like that to this day with joy, with joy, father, touch them afresh. Jesus spoke of John that the Mercer spoke of the baptism of the Spirit fire tongues of fire or touch them with the fire. The fire purity five. Holiness refines further fire touch us apart like that to this day gladly joyfully before the Lord, but here's here's a major, major point. I will make the Holy Spirit is poured out unusual things happen. Yes, unusual things happen.

People are speaking new languages. All of this is going on and and check this out some of the people in the crowd. These are all devout Jews. Some of the people in the crowd say this, we hear them speaking the praises of God in our own language. Yes, and others.

What happens to the others. Others say that drunk. They've had too much new wine into a meat that the spirit is not the author of confusion.

He doesn't tell you to prophesy. It's gonna rain tomorrow until meter prophesies I can arrange tomorrow's not the author of confusion. But when the Holy Spirit moves and is poured out inevitably, there's controversy things happen that are different things happen that are intense it's happened in every revival studied history and it happens Scripture. How do we avoid ungodly destructive criticism and instead embrace struck godly concern. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown after yesterday's half I went back and looked at Facebook normally not able to do that but I went back and looked at the Facebook feed. And so one fellow kept challenging me this week we had Jeremiah Johnson on talk about receiving prophetic words and he kept saying within the book of Revelation.

If you add to the Bible, you're under a curse of corsets, and into the book of Revelation, but amen if you add words to the Bible, younger curse. I affirm that what this gentleman missed and I saw it because it kept coming up over and over the same post ever got questions or give me a call 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884. I'm unable to respond to questions on Facebook and YouTube for the most part I don't see them okay.

I don't see them sometimes.

Afterwards a look and see them or or my team will grab something and put it up for bid. Otherwise, if you have a question you need to call in. I'm not avoiding you. You need to call in with questions and plus sometimes be hundreds thousands of common subs. You can't responsible all of them in the context of an hour or even five hours that being said, that being said, I just want to address this question quickly about prophecy and words to that you are not adding to the Bible.

The Scripture standalone but we know that in the early church. There was prophecy. It was not part of the New Testament and we know after the death of the apostles that prophecy and gifts continued for centuries that if you're not aware of this. Just read church history. I want to share a few quotes with you okay wisher a few quotes with you. This is from the early second century, Justin Martyr certainly one of the most famous of the church early church fathers.

He said this for the prophetical gifts remain with us even to the present time. This is Justin Martyr, and now it is possible to see among us women and men who possess gifts of the spirit of God. He also said for numberless demoniac throughout the whole world and in your city and in art, yet your city. Many of our Christian men exercising them in the name of Jesus Christ have healed and do he'll rendering helpless and driving the possessing devils out of the origin talked about the rain rain like poured out of the divine gifts and he talked about the vestiges and traces continue to manifest themselves in the churches he said, and they're still preserved among Christians traces of the Holy Spirit which appeared in the form of a dove. They expel evil spirits and perform any cures and foresee certain events according to the will of the logos.

How about Irenaeus, who was known as the Bishop of Lyons in in Gaul, France or Lyons, disciple of Polycarp and then thereby indirectly of John, so he live roughly 130 to 2020 talk about is born 100 years after the death and resurrection of Jesus.

He said it is impossible to number the gifts which the church throughout the world has received from God in the name of Jesus Christ. There those who are in truth, his disciples receiving grace for him doing his name perform miracles so as to promote the welfare of other men, according to the gift which each one has received from him for some do certainly and truly drive out devils so that those who have been thus cleansed from evil spirits frequently both believe and join themselves to the church. Others have foreknowledge of things to come. They see visions, and other prophetic expressions of the still heal the sick by laying their hands upon them, and they are made whole. Yeah. Moreover, as I've said, the dead have even been raised up and remained among us for many years. In like manner we do also hear many brethren in the church who possess prophetic gifts and who through the Spirit speak with all kinds of tongues and bring to light for the general benefit the hidden things of men and declare the mysteries of God. I could quote from from leaders like Hillary 300 to 368… I could quote from others like like Augustine who initially said that he didn't believe in the gifts of healing being for his day you talking with over 350 years after the time of Jesus even believe the gifts of healing for his dental within two years they recorded 70 miracles at which point he reevaluated this position. I'm basing what I believe on the word and the word of God which no one can countermand tells us to earnestly seek to prophesy.

It tells us that and it tells us not to despise prophecies and not to put out the spirit it is not adding to the Bible. The Bible alone is God's authoritative word God breathed for all people all time authoritative word and doctrine and faith and practice, and are subject but God continues to speak.

He spoke many things that are not part of the Bible in Old Testament history spoke many things during New Testament church times that are not part of the Bible. He continues to speak today and it's not part of the Bible to understand that is to fundamentally misunderstand the purpose of the Scripture and the ongoing gifts of the spirit that the liquid limit. Let me go through some past history with you for a moment went when God comes in revival as you study God visiting in the Scriptures as you study revival history as as you participate in outpourings of the spirit and lifetime you see common characteristics of what is the manifest presence of God that that's the first thing God coming in a distinct and unique way which then leads to deep conviction of sin, which then produces deep repentance radical conversion returning the backsliders liberty enjoy refreshing and renewal doctrinal restoration reformation even social change.

These are the things that come out of revival movements and with them will be criticism and controversy.

I've often said that you can have controversy without revival, but you can have revival without controversy.

Limitless share a few quotes with you if you want more on this. Just get my book of holy fire. Time for holy fire or revival answer book I get into a lot of these issues here, but just some quotes are right Jesus when he's being dedicated by Simeon issue is a baby and in Luke the second chapter.

Simeon prophesies over Mrs. this child is destined to cause the falling and rising of many in Israel and to be assigned that will be spoken against assigned that will be spoken against.

Okay, so that the thoughts of many hearts will be revealed, and the sword will pierce your own soul to Jesus comes into the world and immediately there is division because of that there are those who recognize him as the son of God of the Messiah, and others who reject him as being full of demons and imprints of demons himself. This is characteristic of God, visiting, look at this Arthur Wallace respected British teacher in his classic book in the day of my power. He said if we find a revival that is not spoken against. We had better look again to ensure that it is a revival now here's the challenge revival itself divine visitation itself brings controversy why God's convicting people sin. They may cry out whale and scream and Jonathan Edwards that it's perfectly logical to expect people to do that others may shout for joy.

Others may leap Enron and celebration that they been feel like the lame man walk into the temple, leaping and jumping and praising God or David leaping and spinning and celebrating as the ark is returned to Jerusalem with and his wife McCall despises him bothering them as a kid. After that there's a spiritual lesson to be learned right so there is a a negative criticism that says you can request as out of Warner wears its perfect divine order. It's a right response just like a baby crying a child but you would comes out of the womb with its Crockett as a healthy child. Sometimes people are overcome. It's happening revival left revival people swooning and collapsing in a John Wesley and George Whitfield talked about it and it would feel didn't like it how you criticize Wesley. I don't think this is God. That is, he's preaching people start collapsing people start shaking people start crying out and he tried to just deal with it lady Huntington one of his chief sponsor said Jim will let them cry out there doing more good than your preaching, Whitfield was the greatest preacher of his generation, so, so this happens I have no doubt that people mocking modern revival movements would've mock the great awakening.

What would've mock the second great awakening would've mock the Welsh revival would've mock the Hebrides revival will block out point. It's taking place in other places of whites not their style over there use to it's it's it's different than what they have learned to expect here.

This is early criticism of all attainment of Brian Edwards's book on revival's, is this when God moved among a group of Christians in madrasa 1940, the church is at first were supportive until they realized the man of God, the man God was using was boxing so they the minutes top ministers conference came to decision within the union ministers conference have met and passed a resolution. Never again to make any place available to this Punjabi preacher. Our objection is that he is not an ordained minister and therefore had no right to baptize anyone, so he wasn't ordained in their circles, even though the hand of God was on him. He wasn't ordained in their circles because of which they said well you can even though Dodgers and we rejected we rejected how often have we done that you remember there were disciples that were driving out demons, but they weren't part of Jesus immediate group. There were driving achievements in Jesus name so your Peter and John.

Was it Mark neither want to shut the guy down Hayes that one of us. Jesus said no one can drive out demons in my name known to work a miracle in my name and the next minute speak evil of me. In other words that he says if not for your against me. If you're with me or with me this have to be in our particular group or denominational camp or it doesn't have to be. What were use to. This happens consistently. The challenges how you recognize that how you recognize that God might be moving in ways that are different than what you are use to.

On the one hand, but then on the other hand, you don't just accept every new say because it's not wealth new and different, must be God if it's new and different that we just accept it if it's very different.

It has to be go wool by someone based on what nothing is good just because it's new and different, but nothing is necessarily wrong just because it's new and different everything ultimately must be evaluated by number one. The preached message what's being taught and preached house a lot of the scripture that's being produced. How this is my number with an error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thing that we should be labeling Michael Brown the adjective that we should use for Michael Brown is the dangerous Michael Brown phase of welcome to the line of fire. This is yours truly dangerous. Dr. Brown, by God's grace dangerous to the devil dangerous to kingdom of darkness dangerous to religious complacency dangerous to the status quo of dead tradition, by the grace of God being used by God. It should be your prayer that God would use you to make difference that you should be dangerous to the kingdom of darkness, 866-34-TRUTH number to call the look on a daily basis, sometimes by the hour, sometimes by the minute I get attacked from different groups I might get attacked by radical Muslims. I may get attacked by angry atheists.

I may get attacked by angry traditional Jews. I may get attacked by others within the body and it's it's pretty much by the hour, sometimes by the minute and some of the things that come in.

You feel bad for the people, but I mean it's crazy here is just from the last few days lets this to see here.

And by the way these just once I happen to spot everyone I sponsor to be a thousand attacks that that I don't see all right of for example of this one asked Dr. Brown, you look like a creep dude. Is it sweet when there is another I am the face of misleading people in the name of Christianity and using my religious influence to promote nationalism instead of teaching tolerance here is another. Of course those of the radical left and LGBT activists the commitment all the time of his knowing I preach the lawless gospel of the lawless one because I don't teach that everyone is commanded to submit to the Sinai covenant a crazy another video from crazy Michael Brown.

How about this one a heretic. You are a heretic, needing to repent.

I'm divisive. Be wary my theological doctrine is very tricky for second you think is correct but then no obits to see your arm an Arminian heretic because I'm not a Calvinist. I'm a heretic, but this one you may deceive Sonia maybe deceive yourself you haven't deceived near many of the Christians, though I wonder if you were born, Michael Brown, or if you change your name at some point from Phineas Taylor Barnum, the second PT Barnum. The second is nothing in there about this. I've struck gold. Dr. Brown has to be one of the dumbest people I've ever heard.

This is from someone on the radical left. I may not be a true Christian why because II don't think Bill Johnson is of the devil and on save. Therefore, I may not be a true Christian obits to see here about this when you're not even save you not understand the Bible because God's not in you and have a this this is after this is post in response to a video of my 90 minutes long on what the Bible says about healing with massive amount of Scripture being used. Of course, nerd joke. You don't even talk of the Bible you don't use any verses and you don't understand anything from the Bible and an articles visit. This is all day all night and I feel bad for the people attacking. Try to get this picture right a few years ago Nancy and I were invited to go on a cruise to Alaska.

The crystal be paid for, but I had to speak. It was a mess in a Jewish cruise and fundraising to help needy believers in Israel, things like that so I go on the cruise I be one of the speakers but we get the cruise for free and it was him. It was incredible.

It was amazing when a beach people you know sorry goals not to go and hang out all the beaches and go swimming and stuff like that go to Alaska and and we went up. You're just a member. One point the cruise ship near glacier was amazing and then we paid for an excursion will retaken by helicopter out into this. This disclosure and in it was it was phenomenal.

We went on a little dog sledding saying and it was less breathtaking.

It was one of the most breathtaking on spine experiences of our lives and picture this, just imagine you're there at the glacier and and someone is texting Arnold glaciers glaciers don't exist or a liar you're not there in Alaska you're making it up your line how you feel you do?

All or we really hear maybe the glacier is a hologram. They were not really in Alaska. They were not really being pulled by a dogsled as I will you say or what you see these poor souls.

These poor people so I've been involved in bona fide outpourings and revived a bit involved that I've seen God move mightily and when people that's not God or the click click for. That's not got. I feel bad for them the same way I feel bad for saying you're not Alaska you're never in Alaska.

You never saw glacier. There are no glaciers. That's how I feel. I feel bad for them the same way, but the difference here is that these are life critical issues because when the Holy Spirit is poured out. We don't want to miss what God is doing and get historically soft when God most people miss. So how do we navigate between godly discernment on the one hand, godly discernment on the one hand, and destructive negative criticism. On the other hand, how do we navigate be between them right so leave your principal acts chapter 17.

The Marines acts chapter 17.

What happens there member the account call comes. He's in Thessalonica.

There is some troublemaking Jews that stir up opposition he has to leave the city gets to to Berea and that the Jews there were more noble spirit than the Thessalonian Jews, for they they heard Paul glad they welcomed his words and then study the Scriptures to see if they were really so this is very very big distinction between godly discernment and destructive criticism. The godly people praying for revival, praying for our phone, praying for God to move in that they pray for the Messiah to come.

You come with a report and God's moving in our city.

We've seen an outpouring when young people there flocking the church services they're getting right with God. Recent drug addicts get saved every night. It's amazing is your first response.

Praise God that's wonderful to hear. But that means you're more.

Let's see if it's really so what messages are being preached and what's happening in these people's loss.

That's a great report member so thrilled to hear that we been praying for revival, is it really so that's very different that all yet rush you are all yet another revival. Oh yeah, great.

I believe that he will find fault with it. So I found his friends.

I have watched it for many many years.

I want you to get to that little literally by the day in front of my house.

I'll give you amount 10 of testimonies of people's lives change in the revival. Considering we live in the days of Evan Roberts. Thank you for 1905. So Evan Roberts and then you've got. You've got your price, a leading pastor of the day as the Holy Spirit's report out one of the great historic revivals of the century of all time right that that you have Peter Price leading pastor the day calling a Schama mockery, a blasphemous travesty of the real thing or its 1874 1875, and DL Moody's ministry with Iris Sankey in England and ministers are passing out pamphlets. In fact we just look for the exact quote there there passing out pamphlets 1874 1875 as beds, as Moody is ministering in England and Scotland and and Sankey is his Sankey is his song leader, these are ministers putting out these pamphlets kindly reflections on the present religious movement part one questionable procedure part two probable evil results. Probable evil results and and looking back, people said that was one of the greatest most far-reaching spiritual events of the century in England and yet there were ministers opposing so many peoples it will ribbing Berea okay with not being Marin at all. So I give you a stack of testimonies of lives changed give you a stack of messages preached this so you can hear the gospel is being preached right stack of people's lives change is how I mean change.

I mean, they continually convert, and they become disciples, I mean they go from being backslidden to be on fire. I mean they go from being complacent compromise to being devoted that's that's what I mean, that's what I'm referring to. I'm talk about radical dramatic change in their lives. Now they love the word in their living godly lives, and they have a burden to reach the lost okay and and this is that the ongoing seem of their lives and the Jesus of Scripture is exalted in their lives. That is the work of the spirit.

Okay, that is the work of the spirit. The flesh can't do it. The devil can't do it. That is the work of the spirit and that's how Jonathan Edwards said you have to measure it so I I've done this for years are Abdullah to this day.

Here is massive evidence of lives change through this particular outpouring of the Spirit right was Berea into wow that's awesome to hear okay let me look into this, I'd love for it to be true because we been praying for revival. We been praying for visitation or in Paul's day we been longing for the Messiah to come. You say he's come.

We would love for that to be true. Now let's examine it.

That's the Berea and attitude that's the attitude of godly discernment. The attitude of destructive criticism is on a final bad testimony on a final negative test. This I'm watching critics do it this very day.

In the days of the Browns revival. There was one outspoken critic.

He claimed to be a revival historian.

He himself was Pentecostal.

He'd never been to any of the meetings, but he got some bad reports for meetings so I would write to him as a brother and say here let me help you in your say where's the preaching of repentance. While Steve Hill you're referencing Linda Ravenhill you're referencing David Wilkerson will Steve L and I were very close to Leonard Ravenhill, David Wilkerson okay and then you know these men well and and serve with them and ministered for them. Can we we know them and David Wilkerson's into himself is given me counsel in the midst revival in terms of how to stay on course and see the maximum fruit in terms of what God is doing. Leonard Ravenhill would send out all my books that I'd written on revival before Brownsville came right and and so this guy's a lawyer. We need to Ravenhill's the horses of this is what this revivals about is repentance based not rejected because I got this bad report here at SRI look, here are stacks and stacks and stacks and stacks and stacks of testimonies of people who repent of their sins and their following Jesus is on fire for God summer, six months old, summer year-old summer two years old.

Now I can say some 20 years old because the people of been the Lord that long, and the critic with a yellow somebody came there they said they saw demons run a building or somebody was shaking the fall and they knew it wasn't because it will await you listen to one person I know who this person is into one negative story and you throw out 100 positive stories and effect you go searching for the negative story that is destructive criticism friends that is not the rent. That'll miss the move of God. Every single time I sense again God is ready to do something fresh in our midst on not predicting him long before I sense something coming here. Sure enough, God begins to move. Critics will be there right on time to say why it's not God will focus on the chaff will focus on the massive it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown and his friends through hosts dangerous. Dr. Michael Brown dangerous to the kingdom of darkness dangerous to the devil by God's grace useful in the Lord's hand me that the gods testimony of you may that be God's testimony of me. John five. Jesus heals a man is been crippled for 38 years heals on the Sabbath that he tells him, take up your mat and walk the religious leaders see the man what are they say who told you to carry your mat. Why don't they say he'll praise God glory got you what happened to you meant by the leash and carry on the Sabbath, but your heel, your look at this. Let's picture there is a guy a homeless guy in the streets and it's summertime it is not a shirt on and he's blind.

He's blind and is homeless is destitute right and you are moved by compassion you pray for him and he's healed.

His eyes are opened and he's healed and he comes running into the church building to draw on your way to church service, jumping and shouting as I am a hero and everybody knows it is a pass disk on the street.

I mean, I can see is a homemade is the first impulse can be got you got Patricia on then you have a shirt on your first impulse can be purely praise God's America pilot get get sure Flicka does America praise God. This is this is how we can see whether you are embracing what God is doing in rejoicing, or whether your bigger thing is, what is this filing my tradition that that's out of my comfort zone. You think it was normal to be leaping and jumping in the temple, like the lame man was and ask the third chapter think I was considered proper decorum know people be outraged over this is the temple of a holy place of God that leaping gently spinning heel. He's been healed by my God is been lame all his life.

This is to the glory of God.

I think quite sure God was thrilled to see him leaping and jumping and praising God I miss absolutely sure that it's a positive in Scripture. What about John nine.

Jesus heals a blind man in a different way than expected righty. He takes dirty spit sonnet he puts it on the guys eyes. This is go wash in the pool of Siloam and is he does is heal what that broke with Jewish tradition. This is written down a couple centuries later but we believe that it was current then and that's what Jesus did what he did that number 122 needs right so to take this dirt and turn it into mud by spitting on it that would be considered work on the Sabbath and then to apply it. That's like mud was used medicinally so that's working to apply medicine on the Sabbath and it's a nonemergency situation right so the question is why did Jesus do that to see if people would recognize ascents on the Sabbath when he choose to do on the Sabbath. It was to challenge the dead traditions to see if people would welcome what God is doing.

You have a Meridian attitude when you are excited to hear God is moving and people are coming to the faith, even if it's outside your denomination or outside your group.

In this it is. Let's have another strange fire conference with Pastor MacArthur. If in the midst of it got started touching people mightily and they start getting radically converted some of said look, this is the gospel message. This is what we need to be majoring on and someone preaches it and mixing people start crying out and repenting of their sin and falling on their knees and weeping again born again, I'll rejoice because Jesus is touching people if I don't like or agree with the larger theme of the conference that I would say would be extreme. It was as the last one was ill and so the same way with your first reaction should people say dollars on the emotional will at first, it should be. Could it be that cause really moving. Could it be that cause really working now look if I hurt Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons in the reclaiming all these things I say will either people getting generally saved and leaving the Jehovah's Witnesses and the Mormons are its counterfeit right as we know that, but if you just differ with someone in a party or denomination. They're not Southern Baptist or they're not presbyterian and not Assembly of God. They're not Lutheran, and your first reflexes to be critical or they're not charismatic or they are charismatic.

There's a really good chance that when God moves you be so fixed on the things you used to and the things that are part of your own experience that you you'll fail to see what God is doing. Again, this is happened in the history of revival. James robe asked this in the 1700s. Can you find your hearts to be like those Jews who prayed along for the coming of the Messiah, and when he came, rejected and crucified him because he came not in the way their prejudices led them to look for him and I was reading this quote in the larger context of this book only found in online couldn't get a physical copy of it where he's talking about these revival movements that Were Taking Pl., Scotland etc. and any saved you want. You rejected the spirits working. We want to tone down the influences of the spirits too much for you wasn't crying out shouting people falling or shaking. Often people are overcome by God's presence when I have to jump up and run around the building. He's been battling addiction for years and he got set free. When he went to testify about how you got set free.

Got real excited. I think the Lord's pleased with that. I know listen you'll just disrupt the service to do whatever.

But when someone is being touched by God.

God is the one who orders the service you know what Paul says is an orderly service in first with his 14 decently and in order read read first with his 14 road. Paul says this was a tongue this misinterpretation. This mess a prophecy. This was word of knowledge.

This must song.

That's what Paul describes his divine order is that the way it happens in your service moon here have about this Jonathan Edwards, Jonathan Edwards. There is a general tendency to on the side of prejudice suspicion and unbelief and this attitude is nowhere countenanced in the New Testament this is Jonathan Edwards where there is doubt that there be a patient waiting upon God until the true character of the work is manifest for the tree will be known by its fruit.

Little take heed, if we indulge in hasty criticism, we may be speaking against the Holy Spirit. If we oppose we may even be found to be fighting against God, I'm sorry, that's that is skews me a great quote from Arthur Wallace is a started reading it, I realize, let me get to the the Jonathan Edwards quote. Let's just see here I get there in second Oya during a an outpouring in the early 1760s in Wales. The British believers were critical, general Rowlands was one of the leaders of the Welsh revival and said you English blame us the Welsh and speak against us essay jumpers jumpers because they jumped up and down, but we the Welsh of something also to let you consume most not just the Savior, sleepers, sleepers, ill, and I would do I get Nama can do this a bit facetious here, but play loudly for second I get online and confinement cameras are going through church services or to send someone out you're not charismatic churches over there and take pictures of everyone. Closing her eyes and falling asleep during the sermon, and this is that's the fruit of your church. That's a result, your preaching, that's just like focusing on someone shaking a crown think that's what it's all about. No, that doesn't show you that doesn't prove anything. Either way and ask for the Holy Spirit was poured out the whole house with her the place for their meeting shock right. That is it surprising that people might shaking the presence of God.

While the Bible calls us to self-control that is moral self-control that is control over the flesh that saying no to sin doesn't mean that when God shaking Mount Sinai that you can stand there without shaking doesn't mean that when the Holy Spirit comes a deep conviction that you're not weeping and wailing and crying out old, let me just fine this year. Let's see. Okay, now that's not it. That's not it.

Darek John Wesley quote after I finished preaching and was earnestly inviting all sinners to enter into the holiest by this new living way. Many of those with her began to call upon God.

The strong cries and tears. Some sign down. Having no strength remaining in them.

Others trembled and quite exceedingly so more torn with a kind of convulsive motion. Every part of their bodies often so violently that sometimes four or five persons cannot hold one of this is John Wesley sitting up with Whitfield. I've seen many hysterical many up with the fix, but in most respects. None of them like these.

I immediately prayed that God would not allow those who are weak to be offended. However, one woman was greatly offended, being sure that that those so affected could stop the shaking if they wished. No one could persuade her to the contrary, she got only three or 4 yards.

When she also dropped down and is violent in agony as the rest 26 people had been so affected most of them were filled with peace and joy during the prayers, which were made for them and on and on it goes. And let me see if I can just find this Jonathan Edwards quote for you. This is happened consistently when God poured out his spirit and pours out his spirit. The thing is, you do not want to major on what's unusual you want to major on lifting up Jesus calling people to repent and discipling people in the worst that's which were a major on. However, you also recognize that as these things take place, that it is just something that happens very, very normally very very regularly and I'm just looking for this Edwards quote if I can find it before done here it it is it is just natural that when God moves in intensity and in power that people will do things that are out of the ordinary, which you do is you don't major on that.

If it happens it happens if it gets attention it gets attention, but then you major on the preaching of the word on calling people to repentance and sending them out to reach the lost and discipling them in the word and then welcome the Holy Spirit.

I'm telling you friends if you do that you can have godly discernment because you see some things are demonic and some things are just the flesh. If you don't do that easily do is read it go the way of just following all the extreme things or you go the way of rejecting everything Jonathan Edwards said that people are suspicious of what they have not experienced. Don't reject something just because it's a different experience. See if there are principles that support scripturally see how God's move

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