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Variations of Replacement Theology; and It's Purim!

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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March 2, 2018 12:16 am

Variations of Replacement Theology; and It's Purim!

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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It's early Jewish Thursday and it is program on the Jewish calendar stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always. 866-34-TRUTH let's 866-34-TRUTH your exam is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to thoroughly Jewish Thursday, this is Michael Brown. It is program if you're not familiar with paren just read the book of Esther and that would give you the historical background and then over the centuries. This is been a time of special celebration in the Jewish community of perm plays people dressing up as various Characters and of course there is the hated Haman who wanted to exterminate the Jews.

Who becomes the prototype of all those through the ages who have risen up to exterminate the Jewish people and who themselves have been judged by God sometimes judged by their own nations get a Jewish -related question so Hebrew related question question about Jewish tradition. Question about messianic prophecy. If you have a Jewish related question give me a call 866-34-TRUTH it's 866-34-TRUTH 7884 question about Israel today, by all means give me a call.

I notice this comment was posted on Facebook old within the last couple of days and unless it violates our guidelines. I'm sorry on YouTube unless it violates our guidelines, we allow the comments to stand so doesn't matter if it's erroneous.

It doesn't mean if it's if it's erroneous in terms of speaking lies about a group of people in a destructive way. That's one thing but referencing something false or wrong about media for different whatever we just less and less. It's some type of of absolute character attack that's ugly or slanderous in a week. We let things stand. So this is one Jewish guys attacking a video where I respond to one rabbi who'd refused to debate me and he ends by saying this.

Dr. Brown I can bet with you that you speak no Hebrew, and do not read Hebrew and know nothing about vowels past, present and future tense.

In Hebrew, like I do not care about any translations you read, it is enough for me to see how you talked about the all marchesa me.

Isaiah 714 and you do not know what it means and is in Hebrew. How Maher ovulated to bang. He actually left out two letters in his quote there. Have a great day.

Without this the kind of thing that I would gladly respond to a forest path at the comments on social media and say buddy. You have an error in your own Hebrew you left out two letters from Isaiah 714. You tell me I can't read Hebrew, but this happens, day and night and you let the sub standing and let God separate truth from error, but the sad thing is you want to help people you want to inform them you want to educate them you want them to to grow in grace and knowledge of God are to be confronted with the truth.

And when people are just resistance when people are just mocking when people despise the truth when you give it to them what can you do you just pray 866-348-7884 is the number to call you don't also do if you post your question Jewish related question on our YouTube chatters were back up with our live feed. Now if you will poster Jewish related question I'll answer some of your YouTube chat questions as well a program comes from the word for lot.

The casting of lots and if, again, if you read through the book of Esther, you'll see the origin of the term. They are there other expressions that can be used in Hebrew for casting lots but that's what it does back to him in the book of Esther. Let me speak to this phenomenon from moment that Esther reminds us of the book of Esther is the one book in the Bible that does not have the word God in it does not have the word God. So your you're talking about a book in which God's activity is massive where God is clearly actively involved to save his Jewish people from destruction. Waking up the king with the dream having different types of intervention and things like that. There is no question what so ever what so ever that God is involved, but he's not explicitly mentioned by name in the book of Esther.

This is really really interesting because it often speaks of life as we live it. In other words, that in an Ongoing Way, God is working in God is involved, but he's normally not doing it any visible way is not doing it in a way that that anyone can see without faith that when you look at it through the eyes of faith.

You see God working and moving in all kinds of different ways and I will just mean that we talk ourselves into it while it rained today.

So God must've sent the rain and there's a miracle because it wouldn't of rain and I prayed for Raymo's room expecting rain today. Maybe it was a miracle, but there are plenty of things where God intervenes in ways it gets our attention. We recognize the hand of God. There is no question that God is involved, but it is not visible doesn't tell us in Hebrews 11 that by faith we understand that that the visible things were created by that which is on this invisible and that the heroes of faith removed by faith. They believed what God spoke they believe what they felt in their hearts was coming from God.

They believe the word they received. They acted not based on site but on faith and because they live by faith. They then saw the results. If you believe you will see what when when the mockers speak to Jesus hanging on the cross come down from the cross, that we may see and believe the gospel, faith issue, believe in you see now God will work during the ministry of Jesus. God perform certain miracles to draw attention to him that he was the Messiah that he was the anointed one, and through this now people came and they heard and they believed and to this day, God powerfully backs the preaching of his word to demonstrate that Jesus is risen from the dead, and yet it is still an active faith to put our trust in him and as we put our trust in him. Then we see his hand at work. So in the book of Esther again.

The one book in the Bible that doesn't mention God by name.

There is pronounced in clear divine activity not only so there's the famous person in Esther four, where she say look, if I go stand before the king without him inviting my presence. I could die and Mordechai are because of her older cousin tells her listen if if you don't stand up now then deliverance will come from another place and that is often taken as a hidden reference to God another place meeting God himself will do it in a different way and whatever the origins of this term, that the word, the place is used as a name for God in Orthodox Judaism. He he is called Hallmark home the place in Orthodox Judaism just to YouTube, and I want to comment on.

There is an absolutely horrific miserably erroneous terribly ugly video by Pastor Stephen Anderson called marching to Zion at one point I would like to do a series of videos rebutting it, but there's so much error in it through so much that is ugly. There is so much that is terribly misunderstood through so much that even incites hatred for the Jewish people that would take a bunch of videos to demolish the lies there. I just mention it because it is referenced by a general, a gentleman Dylan named Alex Bell there on YouTube certain. Don't be misled by that garbage is the standard anti-Semitic nonsense.

Garbage always you mix in a little truth. That's the satanic way that's the way of the devil.

Pastor Stephen Anderson is not to be trusted is also a radical King James only preacher and is advocated.

Death penalty for homosexuals and other things. So we absolutely disassociate from his views and yes I know the videos been watched a lot of times that's the way it's gonna be with anti-Semitic lies will spread.

They will multiply and listen. If you think there's truth to that video then have the courage to call me and tell me what you think is right about pick up the phone and give me a call 866-348-7884 by all means, if you've watched it, or you're confused by you have questions give me a call. Bottom line is this, there have been attempts to wipe out the Jewish people in every generation.

This is something going on. This is Satan's work one way or another.

Now the most effective thing that the enemy is doing is assimilation. That extermination, but assimilation so that what you have happening consistently over and over and over again is Jews leaving any connection to the God of Israel leaving any connection to their Jewish past and completely assimilating into the restaurant.

I don't mean becoming followers of Jesus, Yeshua, and then giving themselves to reach the lost and the nations of being part of the larger body Messiah, the church must interrogation ottoman that I mean Jews simply losing connection with the God of Israel, completely assimilating into secular society so that their kids have no clue the third Jewish in the next generation completely lost to that's another effective way to separate them from their historic calling Adolf Hitler try to exterminate others and try to exterminate the Catholic Church Jews were were exiled banished from countries where they were baptized so we know in America in 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue was a traditional juvenile in 1492 all non-baptized Jews were expelled from Spain. That's not the only country where this happened. So these are things that are well-known in Jewish history and yet obvious railcar. The people of Israel live not because of our goodness, but because of God's purpose because of our holiness, but because of his holiness. Because of our faithfulness but because of his faithfulness because we have been called for the purpose pray with me that the lost sheep of the house of Israel would find their divine purpose in the Messiah Jesus Yeshua pray with me the lost sheep of the house of Israel would rise up and fulfill their destiny and be a light to the world and make the God of Israel, known and welcomed the Messiah back to Jerusalem. 866-34-TRUTH number to call a whole lot more to talk about today.

Coram on the Jewish calendar a bunch more things to cover with you. Don't go anywhere all got a couple of reminders. Some important announcements I want to share with you as well.

When we come back right here on the line of fire over and it's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown in the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thing that I want to address today were in the midst of Purim festival. And if you're not familiar with it, read the book of Esther for the historical origins. Now I want to reply to some questions that are been coming in on our YouTube feed. I normally don't do that will will have our team looking at the. The chat and letting me know about things that are important, but today I'm glancing over if you're watching not just listening on radio podcast. But if you're watching on YouTube or Facebook and you see glancing over them looking at our screen so you get some of you two questions as well. But calling 866-34-TRUTH 7884. I've often address the issue of what's called replacement theology or super secessionism. The idea that the church has replaced Israel and the purposes and promises of God, or that the church has superseded Israel know when I have a friendly dialogue with Dr. Gary tomorrow about this he said look at the word ecclesia just means congregation assembly and it was used for the assembly of Israel in the Old Testament and for all believers in the New Testament, so there's no such thing as replacement theology wealth and I appreciate the point he was making the larger issue is this.

If when your theology is all said and done, you have a viewpoint whereby there are no national promises that remain for the Jewish people. It is replacement theology you have taken promises that were explicitly given to the people to the nation say the promise of of the land which God reiterates in Psalm 105 was a promise made to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob long before there was a Sinai covenant. Paul tells us in Galatians 3 that the law which is 400 years after the promise cannot annul the promise that. So the promise that God would give the land to the descendents of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The physical descendents of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, which you can identifies the ones who were scattered the ones would judge the will to bring all of the world once again brought back right and DNA test would largely confirm ultimate origins and where we come from, but aside from aside from that it's easy enough to trace history of scattered here scattered their literature written there and then regathered here regarding their it's easy enough to trace these things back but bottom line is this, if you end up with a theology that says that those promises that were given to physical – was promises about rebuilding of Jerusalem. Prayer is the truths that will be the praise of all the earth in Isaiah 62 that that now means the church that means something spiritual that mean something heavenly. It is replacement theology, and it is to be rejected. Question was asked on YouTube when when Paul is so emphatically clear that the end of Romans the 11th chapter that that even though Jewish people. For now may be enemies of the gospel. Their love for the sake of the fathers for the gifts and calling of God are revocable and that's why Paul promises that the will be a national turning with the return of the Messiah and that all Israel will be saved. Speaking about, not just the remnant, certainly not speak about Gentile believers there whom he refers to Ellsworth, Gentiles and references the fullness of the Gentiles. Speaking of those who are now hardened that they will turn at the end of the age, what, how, how can replacement theologians be so secure in their position on Paul so blatantly clear, this mystery may I understand the arguments I tried to go that way many years ago but couldn't successfully because of the clear testimony of Scripture and the clear action of God in history.

Along with that. Some say no, no, we are into fulfillment theology, not replacement but fulfillment so all the promises of God are yes and amen in Jesus there all fulfilled in Jesus and come to Boston Globe to fulfill and therefore all the promises that God gave Israel find fulfillment in Jesus the epitome of Israel, the one who accomplishes the goals of the nation of Israel so Jews in Jesus received the promises the Jews outside of Jesus do not will. Same end result. I agree with much of that and of course Jesus Yeshua fulfills the destiny and purpose of visit. Of course I agree with that. Absolutely. And yes Jews outside of Jesus are lost of a Jewish person dies rejecting Jesus the Messiah. That person is like anyone else that dies rejecting Jesus the Messiah lost and under the judgment of God. There is one way of salvation for Jew and Gentile alike, and that's through the blood Messiah. That's through his death and resurrection. It's that simple.

If you could be righteous by keeping the law than the Messiah would not have died right so very plainly very clearly no dispute here that we need to share the gospel with everyone, to the Jew first. Also to the Gentile.

There's no salvation outside of Jesus the Messiah.

So I've lived for 46+ years and that's why rejected by so many in the Jewish community. That being said got a stomach promises that hold for the nation as a whole, that he would scatter us in his anger and he would regather us in his mercy he has done that he would sprinkle clean water on us. Back in the land he is doing that, that there will be a national turning at the end of the age.

He will do that once you take passages like Zechariah 12 to physical literal Israel and civil know that has another exclamation or another fulfillment. Now it is a form of replacement theology as you can call it replacement theology and call fulfillment theology can call it whatever else it is all the same.

The neurosis of this is this theological error in church history that open wide the door to anti-Semitism and persecution of the Jewish people.

There are people who hold to these theologies today who are not anti-Semitic than on of an anti-Semitic bone in their body but they are convinced by Scripture that all of these promises now applied to the body of Christ as a whole or to anyone. In Jesus, and the longer Israel as a nation. And that's with her convinced of him just tell you that historically historically it is the doctrine of replacement theology that open wide the doors of anti-Semitism and Jew hatred in the church, which is a principal reason the Jews don't turn to Jesus because the church did such a good job of pushing them away through the centuries, 86634 let's go to Lloyd in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Welcome to the line of fire fight sums funny with that connection will have to check on that. But let's go to Lewis in Richmond, Virginia. Welcome to the line of fire died on the law. Thank you had a question about you put on our dear marker December I've been current study and they better today than I was just wondering once you get there considered a messianic view do they start laying more toward the Bears on a been there were surveyor to the whole of the data. Because either way. Actually Lewis there many messianic Jews who come to faith in the church like I did write so you come to faith in the church setting, and Sunday is a day when everyone gathers to worship and that becomes kind of a Sabbath rest day you don't do normal work than etc. so there there are many that do that and have them through the ages. The problem is that the New Testament never gives a command to make Sunday the new Sabbath. The New Testament never says Sunday now replaces Saturday or that the Sabbath is moved from the seven states of that today standards the first day of the week and meant many messianic Jews that we don't God gave our people the 10 Commandments and in the 10 Commandments was to honor the Sabbath, which was that the seventh day of the week. Six days later, the seventh day you rest and it was established at creation and why should we change it so there are some messianic Jews that are in churches, but Saturday. Still, the Sabbath, they worship on Sunday but but Saturday is the Sabbath day and there plenty of others that are in messianic congregations that set apart the seventh day as the Sabbath, not a legalistic way, but saying God still calls us to set apart one day and seven and was the seventh day that he rested on.

This gives us solidarity with the rest were Jewish community. This keeps us in the lifecycle of the rest were Jewish community and shows them that you can be Jewish and follow Jesus. At the same time and if you read the New Testament. You'll see pretty clearly that that's how the first disciples lived that the first disciples were Jewish continue to live as Jews. They may have worshiped the Lord celebrated his resurrection.

On Sunday morning or Sunday evening after work, but certainly the Sabbath day, the day of rest was still the seventh day for them and many messianic Jews followed, but there is a mile in my own life, Lewis.

I've I've never felt that Sunday was the Sabbath that that the church of the authority to change from the seventh day to the to the eighth day never believe that personally, but for much of my life have been in church settings were Sunday was set apart and and that was our day of of corporate worship and in the day when you didn't do normal work and I been in messianic congregations and that was my lifestyle to worship on Saturday but to me personally. I still see when I'm not out ministering in speaking with time off and doing on the weekend, then yes for me Saturday's remains the Sabbath. I don't believe God ever officially changed it to Sunday at the same time he never commanded the whole church. You must keep the seventh day Sabbath. Hence the church developing a tradition of setting apart Sunday is the day of worship and celebration of the resurrection of Jesus. Ultimately, even the Romans 14 may not have been initially addressing the issue of the Sabbath. I believe it does apply that every believer must work this out between them and God and not judge others for having different to say thank you sir for the question 866-34-TRUTH bow you to question about so wanted to learn Hebrew getting of Zondervan. Grandma ear this in great books, introduction to biblical Hebrew and now they have CDs and things like that are DVD seek and you can learn and and have someone help you with reading things like that yes there there plenty of good introductory grammars of this not one in particular I recommend but there are lots of ways to learn Hebrew these days online. Other ways but if you're interested in the language of the Bible you want to learn biblical learning to speak modern Hebrew might help you tremendously with biblical effect on file in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown that you sick and you that it is thoroughly social program 866-34-TRUTH you know that the twists and turns in Jewish histories, Jewish history that the attempt to annihilate the Jews of Europe by Adolf Hitler and his cronies wiping out two thirds of European Jews out of the ashes of the Holocaust is built. The modern state of Israel than Israel being so threatened by surrounding nations that seven nations seven armies wanted to wipe out Israel in its inception in 1947, 1948 Israel needing to dig deep into resources and learn how to infiltrate other countries and get secret information that it ends up leaving because of this, the fight for survival to the most solid and and and the these other intelligence agencies that Israel has that have been so far above others.

It was out of the need to survive in any get out of it at of what looks like the end comes a new beginning.

This is the way it is with Jewish history, 86634. Truth is the number to call me to go to the phones in a moment I'm just looking at a number of comments from a gentleman named Alex on YouTube. I don't only look at those so you really need to call the show that your posting. One thing after another typical call anti-Semitic libels. Typical anti-Semitic misunderstandings.

Again, if you got them from the horrific marching to sign video note. No surprise there. But that, let me just note a few of these in that you asked. For example, a John 844 where Jesus is to so Jews in your of your father the devil set apply to all Jews who don't believe it applies to all human beings outside of Jesus was not the Jews second Corinthians 4 for the God of this world has blinded the minds of those who don't believe. First John 519 were of God, little children, and the whole world lies under the power of the evil one.

We were by nature children of wrath. Ephesians 2 why, why single out religious Jews that their followers that will know if you're outside of Jesus. Your under the power of the evil one know the idea that that Christians acting in Christian ways. Joe drove Jewish people are from the Gospels. It was the got God hardened them. This is been a hard thing and there's been human sin.

This been human sin here, someone that sooner rejected the gospel and and may be God's given them over to their sin and then I treat them in a Christlike way. I add to that, there is miserable responsibility is another questionable are always a hard against Christ reading the Tommy which blasphemes that lesson you could talk to ultra-Orthodox Jews around the world that learned home study Talmud day and night 1015 hrs. a day and you asked them what they know about Jesus or if they've ever had a lesson about Jesus probably never haven't heard a teaching about him is completely out of sight out of mind and there are hanging in several million words there are a handful of very negative ugly references to Jesus in the tongue. Okay, they are completely immaterial to the overall life of simvastatin, and and a good friend of mine is a counter missionary Rabbi has responded to some things. I sent it to to make clear, we put out a video making clear this ease how old he is now leaving us may be fiftyish or something like that. Her late 40s or something is, it is whole life and in ultra-Orthodox circles and rabbinic circles when he never heard a teaching about Jesus is that it's completely out of sight out of mind so so many ridiculous misconceptions and and went when when Paul writes in Galatians 3 that the promise of the seed that the seed was Christ. He also knows that the Hebrew word seed Sarah is only used in the singular. If it's referring to physical seeds like planting seeds so you have singular and plural.

Otherwise you never use the plural, just like the word offsprings threes offsprings no offspring offspring's collective pond was collected. He was making a polemical point, the fulfillment comes the Messiah, but he is emphatic he is clear he is definite that God gave promises to the nation that remain. You have to take it up with Paul is not my view. That's why the Jewish people remained to this day. That's why, although we been scattered. We have been regathered by God book I've put out something very simple for years now. I put 11 in an academic debates are put on radio put out social media put out writing but on video not to.

Not one coherent biblically-based response have ever received to this so thrown out again that I'm to go to the phones we know that when God blesses no one can curse when he curses no one can bless when he opens the door.

No one can shut it when he shuts the door. No one can open.

We know these things.

We know that when he scatters no one can regather when he regathered no one can scatter.

These are principles that we see based in Deuteronomy and elsewhere in the Scriptures so very simple question for you. If God in his wrath destroy the temple which we know he did, and scattered the Jewish people around the world who regathered us, how is it there are more than 6 million Jews living in Israel today who regathered us so people just it. Also they overpowered God they overpowered God's will. While Satan else. Satan is now stronger than God if he scattered us in his wrath, the only way were back is because he regathered us is very simple and and for those that are very strong in your belief in the sovereignty of God, and you have to say the goddess sovereignly raced up the nation again and by the way, I'm not a dispensation. I believe a pretrip rapture right Prof. Craig Keener and I are just finishing our book now which comes out next year on the yes and comes out next year on not afraid of the antichrist. Why we don't leave a pretrip rapture amended to some essentialist right that lesson I can take you back to the Puritans who are expecting the regathering of Israel and the salvation of Israel.

They were dispensation us.

I can take you to Charles Spurgeon. I can take you to Bishop JC Riley, the great Christian leaders in the 1800s, and Robert Murray McShane and Horatius Bowen are with their tremendous vision and burden for the salvation of the Jewish people and the regathering of the Jewish people.

Bishop Ryle said that again these.

These are it'll Calvinist preachers and leaders and Presbyterian pastors and Baptist pastors and leaders and luminaries and great thinkers and theologians. Bishop Ryle said his interest in Scripture.

The Jews will be regathered back to the land and unbelief. First, and then will come to faith is nothing to do with dispensational beliefs right to me is this being scriptural, plain and simple.

866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Chase in Lusby, Maryland thanks her for calling line of fire around doing well. I know about this whole thing with the marking. 9 MB characters evenhanded and with all of it. All that yet horrific anti-Semitic videos filled with dangerous misinformation and rhetoric.

You absolutely yet yeah yeah I yeah it very fattening. I wanted to ask you a question or you can know how the conspiracy theory against the Jewish people came came in the first or do you know how it became like yeah I thought a few things.

Number one.

Satan go back read Ezra Nehemiah, and Esther you'll see Satan is behind this lie that Jerusalem is always a city rebellion that the Jewish people can't be trusted.

The fact also that Jewish people live differently. They live by God's laws and therefore differently than the nations that made them suspect, but the same devil behind Farrell is the same devil behind Adolf Hitler was the same devil behind Haman going to wipe out Jewish people wanted to wipe out that the sons of Israel, etc. that's one thing.

Second thing is, historically, as the Jewish people to live differently than others and the nations that always makes you suspect if something's different. You know where is that coming out there for a suspect to you that's that's another factor and then in in modern times in the last century. Plus there is the notorious protocols of the Elders of Zion. This we know the origins of Russian secret police put this together a document alleging that there was a cabal of 300 Jewish leaders waiting secretly waiting for the right moment to take over the whole world and then bring the whole world into obedience to the Hindu god Vishnu. I could not about the Vishnu Park so the protocols were widely circulate all their real.

And much of the Muslim world are still believed as is. Make sure you can go to book vendor 07 books in the streets of New York City, and those will sellout all the time. So that's how a lot of allies were disseminated in modern times. Also just look into the protocols of the Elders of Zion and you see but it's it's a known forgery, 86634256 forgery arguments alleged truthful document which was originally done by Russian secret policeman of the origins of it 866-34-TRUTH further back to the phones. Let me draw your attention to some recent comments by Louis Farrakhan and Nation of Islam, a black Muslim leader for many many years and Louis Farrakhan has recently said that Inouye attacks white man again, and he attacks Jews again. So this rhetoric has been ongoing by Louis Farrakhan for decades. He almost died of cancer several years ago. This life is been preserved. Perhaps his life is been preserved because God is still giving him room to repent is the last year or before that he made some references to Jesus in a way that would've spoken of familiarity.

Once may have had with the Lord my God grant them repentance before it is too late. 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Bernice in Orange County, California. Welcome to the line of fire around at about being adamant about everything.

Many after after data and affect. Back on anything at different people that came back to the land and one of them lethargic. I think expect to find that uncle Amidala cutting up. I think that the fact the SEC have the same name but but no, there you have no indication that it's the identical time. Or that Mordechai was one of those who who did come back that's that's certainly not part of the narrative now. It's interesting that you have the same name but you can have the same name and it's not the same person.

So the question is, is the time.

Exactly the same.

That's the question number one, and then question number two is in a regular Mordechai coming back and civil despair and Ezra yesterday apparently not the thank you for asking. Much appreciated.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown, now's the time to make plans February of next year is to be here before you, and March March 2018.

Donald Trump is announced he's running again in 2020.


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I've been asked to come in and bring a view that's can be different than most of the other speakers I want to bring a challenge to the Palestinian Christians. There is can be pretty intense environment is a long walk in love and speak the truth in a compromise way so primitive praying, if you want to help with expenses involved in that: Israel and then aside from that, a special Jewish outreach shall be involved in the discover website Esther to Brown.

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Lastly, lastly, remember you can still preorder assigned numbered copy of playing with holy fire wake-up call to the charismatic Pentecostal church we got a great response ready advance response for this book is real interest in it. I pull no punches. It's full of encouragement truth, but I pull no punches and you want to get this book out to as many people as you can so you can still get collectors edition it is signed is number the Scripture verse for you have the joy of signing at you. You get the special books it helps in our ministry work as well and find out about that on my website so all it asked her to SK DR let's go to Ian in Fort Worth, Texas. Thanks for calling the line of fire and Dr. Brown real quick before my question on the comment that you made on reform and I do believe that is coming back there landed a film in Bible prophecy, and something that I've always found inconsistent among what I've noticed a lot of Presbyterians that you know that they don't believe that.

But you at bed. You know that you may at least acknowledge that known God's sovereignty and it rang right back. That would make an event like a wild appointment. Why did God sovereignly do something that is the exact opposite of what you would expect them to do. If in fact Israel is a nation, the learner has significance in the sight of God.

Yet I think that's a fair point and look for me.

I look back to some of the great Presbyterian leaders that inspired my own life.

I mentioned the number of them in than the Puritans from I've learned so much and so many of them have tremendous artificial Samuel Rutherford who Spurgeon is writing. Spurgeon deeply prized is among the most spiritual writings in existence. According to the Rutherford heat he would he would put off going to heaven and being with Jesus if he could be here to see the Jewish people, and Jesus the Messiah reconciled so much he loved Israel and the Jewish people but yeah great Esther questions are.

My question was agreeably acquired by that Bible predict vector land, but I've heard interpretation of Isaiah 1111 at bed that will gather them up back in time one people from people save about and talking about the first time was in Egypt back in time one of the Babylonian captivity and bring them back and then the other, or the first of Babylonian captivity, and then the second of what happened there right right we we do know their other passages. For example, such such as Jeremiah 16 where it says that with the regathering that's going to happen in the future.

Initially speak of the Babylonian exile. That is to be so great that you'll you'll forget about the return from Egypt right that the difference there is that this the scattering. It speaks of from all around the world was great in the Babylonian exile so the Babylonian exile only fulfills these types of passages in part of an and here in that day there should be rid of Jesse verse 10 Justin is a banner to the people for the Gentiles.

The cecum is resting place shall be glorious. Will this all happens way after the Babylonian exile right it shall come to pass in that day. So these are the days of the messianic era. These are the days in which the Gentiles are looking to the Messiah so it can't be referring to Babylonian XO it shall come to pass. The day that the Lord shall set his hand again the second time to recover the remnant of his people who were left from a Syrian teacher from Patras and Chris from LR machine are from Vermont and from the islands of the sea so that full scattering had not happened, islands of the sea in all these distant coastlands that had that happened in the Babylonian XO so it is either referring to Babylonian exile and the future or if it's Egypt in the Babylonian exile is the beginning of the world. Exile and there's this. Is this massive exile, which is continued through the centuries, because there is never a full regathering for Babylon. Only partial. So the full regathering is still something we are watching happened and then will come to his conclusion when the Messiah returns otherwise the passages are exaggerated by the prophets because the Jewish people were not that scattered at the time of the Babylonian exile, but they have been that scattered through history and therefore to be the only legitimate view is that there is still the regathering that is future look at the promises.

For example, in Ezekiel 36 and asked with these fulfilled with the return of the Jews from Babylon know they want. Therefore, that promise remains to be fulfilled. Thank you sir. Great question. 866-34-TRUTH we go to Michael in Los Angeles walking to the line of fire thank you note from my call. I I just when I you can hear me yes or a year in the thank you Julie when the applicant was where I live but can you tell me at house and Beatty activity what you think about a gain in income part. Again, the Jewish today and all you all if you would compare that… Day and the first date with you Sunday eating when in government so Taylor engage in data everything that teaching and taking care of by the Christian and the community genera that aren't so yes, thank you, little one. We don't know exactly what meet we cannot say for sure what first century Jewish practice was among the apostles in the first Jewish followers of the Messiah.

We know certain things you know that there were, there is travel restrictions Kazakhs one mentions a Sabbath day's journey. We know that there is not normal work that was done we know that there was gathering in the synagogues, but we know that there are differences in the different Jewish groups and then many of the traditions we have come later suite. We don't know exactly there's dispute in insula Dead Sea scroll documents about different aspects of Sabbath law, but that was pre-presuppose was that they were not working that it was a sacred day for the Lord that the travel was limited and that there was attendance in synagogue were prayers at the temple so that much we do know and and that would be self-evident, either with the apostles going to the synagogue on the Sabbath and there there obviously welcomed his fellow Jews and we know Peter going to the temple time of prayer. This is the daily thing so there was a Jewish lifestyle that they still lived by as Jews living in the community. Now it appears that by the end of the first century you have evidence of believers gathering either early Sunday morning for Sunday was a workday early Sunday morning or Sunday after work to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus asked 20 is debated, it is is referring to Saturday night or Sunday night depends if it's a Jewish calendar versus Roman calendar right but we don't know a lot about this it's it's several centuries before the church makes some statement about changing the Sabbath to Sunday. Nobody's thinking in those terms.

Okay. Either it was just understood the seventh day Sabbath is given to Israel or Christians will enter in and and and enter into that rest, you know, the fulfillment being found in Jesus on a daily basis etc. but there is no notion that Sunday had become the Sabbath in the early church right this is centuries before this happens. So all we can tell the best evidence that we have is that by the end of the first century there were some believers gathering to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus before or after work on Sunday but is not the day of rest day of rest, the Sabbath again. No normal work limited travel prayers in synagogue when the temple these would be the normal activities beyond that. We can only speculate is exactly how they live.

But we Todd sorry can't get your question today and and other questions so we can get to everyone, but was Lucifer and Ark Angel I know of nothing that explicitly says that in the text that we would look to for the most information would be Ezekiel 28 and Isaiah 14, but he was certainly highly prominent when when he was hello Ben Shahar, shining one son of gone, which in Latin becomes Luke affair light bearer, which then gets used as a title for Satan hey friends, may I ask you to pray for the salvation of the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Whatever your own theological viewpoint about the end times and various theological questions having to do with the Jewish people. I hope you recognize with me that Jewish people need Jesus like everyone else. Pray that their eyes and hearts would be open to show and pray for me and our team that will effectively be able to reach many Jewish people with the good news the Messiah. Thanks for joining us today

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