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I Woke Up One Day and the World Had Gone Crazy

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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March 6, 2018 4:31 pm

I Woke Up One Day and the World Had Gone Crazy

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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March 6, 2018 4:31 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 03/06/18.

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As the whole world gone totally crazy.

I mean, totally stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of Ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH paradigm is Dr. Michael Brown.

I mean, feeling just like everything's gone crazy around you that you suddenly realize how sick and needy. This world is yeah I know were aware of it all the time.

I know we feel it all the time on a certain level that you ever have just things happening around you one thing in particular I think I'm all my God will what happened did I wake up in some kind of nightmare somewhere this is Michael Brown your friendly voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution and you better believe we need a gospel based moral, cultural, and spiritual revolution to be given you some shocking examples of that today. For some it's going to add fuel to your fire.

For some it's just going to strengthen your resolve and conviction in a deeper way.

For some it's going to be eye opening. But what ever I say don't throw the towel don't think all hope is lost only to why the world's been messed up since Adam and Eve sinned the world's been messed up since the fall. I mean, how much more messed up you get, then our first parents sin against God of the perfect environment and then their first son, killing their second son. That's how it starts to.

The world has been messed up and got his head to judge us before and if not for the fact that he has withheld judgment and restraint from judging he would destroy the whole earth a long time ago and we know that Jesus came into the world not to condemn the world, because the rules really condemn, but that the world through him might be saved and came to seek and save the lost soap. We are here in the right place at the right time with the right message. About the only true God.

So this is what were made for at the same time we need to recognize the craziness of the world around us. The urgency of the hour and the destructive power of sin. Now then open up the phone lines not for your general Bible questions unless it relates specifically to what I'm talking about.

But if you have a Bible related question that relates to the topic. What were discussing today. That's fine, but otherwise the phone lines are open for this. Can you give me an example from your world from your life experience that has just hit should be between the eyes like all man. What is happened to this world. What it's going crazy.

Maybe some have those were your kids in school. Maybe your college student, and something on your own campus be something you've read the news recently are experienced firsthand. Give me a call with your best example of how this world has gone crazy. 8664 truth. Many of you read my book saving the sick America know the way to start the book off.

There's a man living in the suburbs with his family, wife and three kids suburbs of Pennsylvania. It's the early 1960s. He's coming home from work.

It's summer, the kids been out playing all day riding their bikes out with friends.

I think what they're nine 1315 ages around there for recall how I laid it out and he's coming home's family night merely played Monopoly game night last night. Tonight is TV night to go much leave it to beaver and things like that kids get step a little later in your exciting time and all that will he falls asleep while watching leave it to beaver and wakes up and it's today so you literally from from leave it to beaver to the secret diary of a call girl. You go from last see to the game of thrones and I go on and on with examples and then what's happening with his own kids today and his family and the shock of the wakes up signal man is just a nightmare will every so often because of the inundation of crazy stuff around around us every so often I have experience you like what what world we live in. You see, here's the problem in Ephesians 4 it speaks of it.

Romans one speaks of it is the hardening of the heart, and with the hardening of the heart comes increasing in sensitivity and because of that we become numb. We become dull things that would've shocked us a few years ago.

Don't shock us anymore look at any of you that that went the way of of addiction bad habits and things like that that ended up life control. You never expected to end up where you ended up but along the way you got numb and dull and dependent and addicted.

I went from smoking pot is a 14-year-old kid and not planning on doing anything beyond that to that 14 to shooting heroin at 15 and I sure if you told Elsie to go that route.

When I first smoked pot I would've said that's not possible. There's no way I will intersect with that world. I'm not the kind of person, but soon enough I was intersecting with the world and I was that kind of person.

It's the same way you might be entertained by something and and and some of Szell.

This leads to this not never happen. Then you end up being entertained by stuff that would've repulsed a while ago, but you get use to it.

So were in a situation today in the world in which the society around us is getting increasingly insane increasingly losing its bearings increasingly caught up with deception and because we are around it as it's happening gradually, gradually, gradually, that it happens more rapidly more rapidly more rapidly but but are our hearts have been hardened our consciences have become insensitive support what I want to do today is is awaken that conscience of fresh limit. Let me start with this example of the crazy world in which we live today. A Planned Parenthood affiliate in Kentucky tweeted this out a few days back.

It was this word this sentence over and over. Some men have a uterus you this is a Planned Parenthood affiliate in Kentucky. Some men have a uterus and the tweet just repeats that let me see one to 345-6789 10 is a 10 times this this is not just insanity you so what are they even saying what they're saying is that there are biological women made by God with uterus so that they could have babies who now identify as men. Therefore, you could say some man have a uterus that the the twee was like what over 75,000 times and I just assumed that it got that much attention because of people like me and other conservatives that wrote about it and pointed out the insanity of I tweeted out that that long ago. Planned Parenthood lost its heart a minute and its inception.

It lost its heart. Now it's lost its mind but but one of my staff members started looking at the comments is that there are lots and lots and lots and lots of positive comments. Lots and lots and lots of of positive comments of people sagacity. Don't judge the what what some men have uterus that that's that's like on college campuses.

Now that that they want to have tampons in the men's room because some men menstruate listlessness men don't menstruate man don't have uterus user you say that there's no possibility of some of the biological chromosomal disorder that hasn't all I know there are people with biological chromosomal disorders and someone say who's born female and then as she grows up begins to develop male or the opposite were not talking about biological chromosomal abnormalities were timeout people's perceptions people simply believing a certain thing here unapproved to you that liens talk and liens speak SAG approved because I'd end. If I as a lion I believe I am a lion into the core of my being identifies a lion and are you listening to be speak right now am I roaring or am I speak the unspeakable that proves that some liens speak yet that is as ludicrous as ridiculous as idiotic as saying some men have a uterus got what kind of world are we living in friends what kind of society are we in that actually accepts that kind of stuff and believes that kind of stuff. I asked on Twitter for folks to to post some examples of of some of the most extreme and crazy things that that they've seen Kristin posted this. I've got one there is a company who makes pendant necklaces out of unused human embryos that were confronted about the fact that there literally making jewelry out of lives, but they remained adamant that they were not going to stop. This is the insanity of the world in which we live, let's go to Louisville Kentucky and welcome to the line of fire, current background, I'm going to talk every day to get your bringing after drinking.

You and I compassionate way back I never would get that. My daughter applicable would be going to Google transgender teenager and then see expect that in her mind for An FIR and and call them by their you know the name but they identify with that and and use that pronoun.

It's really important to her that the correct pronoun that they identify with you and I don't do it and I'm clean by her friends as being outside of being right back.

I hate kindly to her. Give her my company school back it genetically. She's a girl, and I am an outsider, normality to refer to her as she is not yet. And this isn't that extraordinary you know I'm I'm scheduled to speak Thursday, so today's at my grandkids to her grandkids that live here. Go to Christian school fine Christian school and I'm speaking to kids sixth grade through 12th grade on Thursday about sexual issues about homosexuality, about transgender issues, scheduled to speak about those things and and I know the bulk of the controversy can be with me a Christian school, but others there will be the same place your daughter said and they they won't have that understanding or it'll seem harsh to say what were saying and and yeah of course you would be compassionate you appreciate your daughter's heart you know these are friends. These appears, but that girl that is a girl and to call her a boy is not helping her and and not not paving the way for a better future for her. While I really appreciate waiting help me in my conversation with her. I'm not sure how much I've open drive, but it is keeping the conversation going good with get back to reality, acted at yeah and and and let me suggest this, go to my YouTube channel asked Dr. Brown is. Could your brain on YouTube and type in the word Dragon and then sit you'll see a video about the man who became a Dragon sit down and watch that daughter please do and then let us know. Give us a call or drop us a line.

What hurt.

Lots are the man who became a Dragon search for the word Dragon on the start around her plan and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I know it's a thing sinking. Obviously Jesus coming any minute.

It has to be rules going to crazy looking. I remember thinking like that in the early 1970 became faith and many through the centuries felt like that, the world's going crazy. It it's and Jesus is coming, and emit look this could be that were getting nearer to the end and everything is collapsing around us and normality is collapsing around us and to be clear on that same some kid who's 15 years old boy that generally believes he's a girl that this kid is the worst sinner full of the devil, known same with their confused and and the best thing to do is not to cater to their confusion, but through compassion to reach out to them to befriend them and to help them to get to the root of the confusion so that they can be whole at home in the bodies that God gave them, and for some that won't happen until they really come to know the Lord themselves. What I'm saying is that when perception becomes reality, then society around us gets completely on glue, 8663 for 87884. What have you seen that just because you say is is the world gone totally crazy all around us is a guess like you wake up one day and look at the world roaring in its strong berserk at the beginning of the example and this is an example of the left devouring itself the left devouring itself that its own ideology becomes destructive.

So there is a headline on pink news and in it it's announcing this this is over in the in UK University. There, and it announces University of Bristol, students vote to ban trans-phobic feminist speakers yet. They're going to ban trans-phobic feminist speakers so some feminist famous feminists have taken exception to men who identify as women and saying, look, they're not really women.

They are not biologically women they don't relate to what a woman relates to biologically they haven't live their lives as women and understood the issues that a woman faces just like when Clara magazine named Bruce Jenner woman of the year. A couple years back. There were women saying, also of a man can be a better woman than a woman.

Is that how it works well now some of these speakers. These some of them radical leftist feminists are being banned from campuses or having their speech is protested because they don't accept transgender identified women, a man who identifies as a woman. They don't accept that. Again, this is an example of the left devouring itself. This is part of the insanity of the culture in which we live today. Look when you have a breakdown of the most fundamental areas of society, not just marriage, not just family, not just parenting, not just the purpose of sex and sexuality, but that the fundamental questioning of male and female categories. You're living in a realm of spiritual and moral confusion on the very, very deep level. 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Anna in Charlotte. Welcome to the line of fire On Me More and More That I Get My Name on Molly Creditor Wanted Me Starting My Car without Getting Dirty from God Our Ground Only Mild and Probably I Don't Think I Can Find Any.

I like Hearing about That yet and I Have Now Held the Very Thing 30 Arts in the Early 30s and and You've Seen the Change Major Change in Your Lifetime. Later I Learned Long and It Yeah I Mean It's It to Me What It Is Is the Pervasive Nature of Pornography. The Constant Bombardment of Pictures and Images of Women Emesis for Decades Now As Sexual Objects the Same Society. On the One Hand That's Crying out and in the Women Sing Me to a Been Abused and Exposing the Harvey Weinstein's and These Others Is the Same Society That Continues to Put out Constance Exploitation Films Presents Women As Sexual Objects.

Every Kind of Airbrush Picture Me the Endless Bikini Pictures of Women in on the Front of His Health Magazines. This Fruit for Decades Now and Then the Massive Increase in Pornography and People Getting Exposed to the Younger and Younger Ages That That It's Just You're Going to Have an Epidemic You're Always Going to Have You Got Construction Workers at the Site and Some Pretty Lady Walks by and They Whistle and All That.

I Mean That's That's Been around Us. As Long As the Human Race Has Been around Your on Someone. You Are Correct That It Yeah Whether I Want You like the Car As I Drive, but the Bible I Don't like When Are They Are Created at Work, but Mostly I Would Have You Know You Know I Think Late It and I Started Valuable. Now That Limit. Let Me Say This That Anna and and Perhaps That This Will This Be Helpful.

Number One. Let's Recognize That with the Society That's Degenerating in Certain Ways Sexual That You May Have.

You Know Stats Going up and down with Kids Born Out Of Wedlock and Different Things like That over and over the Years in Different Stats Going up and down with Young People Having Sex or Waiting at Whatever Those Things in the Very Back and Forth over the Years so Question That There Is an Epidemic of Pornography and Then with That As Well. Some of the Violent Video Games Also Heavily Sexualize Women, so You're Going to Have Guys Getting More More Crass, More More Bold Boundaries Become Less Clear to Them Because of the Perversion of the Lives for Sure What I Think You Have To Do Is Is This Number One When You Find Your Identity in Jesus and Your around Believers, Healthy Believers, People Who Love the Lord Then You Realize First That in Jesus.

Of Course Were Equal in Jesus. Men Are Not High.

The Women Are Women Higher Than Men. It's True That Many Churches Will Have More Women Than Men and and Often Women Can Be More Prayerful and Spiritually. Martha Meant That the Snake Women Higher Than Men Are Men Lower Okay We Need Each Other Were Dependent on Each Other Were Equal in Jesus. There's No Caste System. There's No Class System Right so We Are One in the Messiah with Equal Access to God and Equal Ability to Fulfill or Collect.

We Need to Teach That and Emphasize That at the Same Time. It's Important. It's Very Important That We Recognize That Men Are Not Women Women and Not Men.

The Words That the Way to Find Equality in the Lord Is Not by Removing Distinctives and Forgetting That We Each Have Particular Roles and Men Have Certain Roles in Leadership That We May Not Have Been Women Have Certain Roles in Different Ministry Aspects That Men May Not Have What We Need to Do Is Celebrate Our Distinctives. Celebrate Maleness and Femaleness Celebrate Distinctives and Calling Celebrate That the Role That We Play in the Home and the Role That Men Play the Role That Women Play Celebrate That While We Recognize Our Deep Equality in Jesus That Self Is a Not so to Remove Differences and Distinctions and Calling in Gifting and Making but Rather to Celebrate Our Quality in the Lord and Then to Recognize Those Distinctives and That of Course One Thing You Know of an Award or a Minister Should Assume That C a Given Is Obviously When When a Woman Dresses in a Way That Is Going to Draw Essential Attention to Herself in or Goes to the Beach 90% Naked and Then a Surprise When Guys Make Comments or Walks around and in the Most Flirty, Sensual, Close, Possible to Draw Attention to Herself Sexually.

And Guys, and That Obviously She's Asking for, but When People Just Go about Their Business and Try to Be Modest and Ed Conduct Themselves You Know It and Get Harassed.

It's Ugly. It's Terrible and We Need to Draw Attention to and It's It's Critically Important for Us to to Train Are in the Church to Train Young Man to Honor Women into Steam Women to Appreciate Women and to Be Willing If You Get Married That Their Postures That They Lay down Their Life for Their Wife to Nurture and Strengthen and and Help Her and and As Opposed to on the Editors House Using Her Weight on Me Hand and Foot, and Do What I Want You to Do so. I Think Is We Just Excuse Me Doing Focus on That and Husband's a Good Examples for Their Sons and Wife's a Good Examples for Their Daughters and Remodel This in the Society That This Can Be a Place Where the Woman Comes in and She's around but You Believe She's Going to Get Respect She's Knocking to Be Treated Just like a Sexual Object or Some Second-Class Citizen. So Sorry That This Is Your Experience and May God Protect You and Surround You with Godly Friends As Well, but Thank You, Thank You for Highlighting This It's It's a Plague in Our Society Today, 866-34-TRUTH and Elicit No Woman, No Woman in Her Right Mind Is Asking to Be Raped.

No Woman in Her Right Mind Is Asking to Be Sexually Harassed Lesson Asking for. I Mean If Woman Is Dressed Sensually Presents Yourself like That She's Asking for Guys to Look at Her Sensually, but No Matter What the Sentiment of the Right to Violate Her Boundaries. No No No No No, I Will Be Right Back with Just Getting Started on File. The Line of Fire with Your Host Dr. Michael Brown Get into the Minor Fire Now by Calling 866-34-TRUTH Dear Again Is Dr. Michael Brown New Testament Makes Some Lies under the Power of the Evil One. Second Corinthians 4 for Paul Says That the God of This Age Go This World Has Blinded the Minds of Those That Don't Believe Course, Real.

Romans 323 All Have Sinned and Fall Short of God's Glory.

All That to Say When Living in a Very Messed up World and It's Always Been a Messed up World and and There's Never Been a Time in Human History since the Fall That the World Has Not Been Crazy and Messed up. That Being Said, There Are Times When You Just Wake up and Look at the World around You and Think It Has the Whole World Gone Crazy and It's Interesting I Think Was Last Year. Franklin Graham Was Asked Why He Spoke about Political and Social Issues More Than His Father Did More Than Billy Graham Did and He Said When My Father Was Going to School. They Read the Bible in School Is on a Public School Second School They Read the Bible in School Was It's a Different World in Which We Live in. What about Those Who Are Raised within This World. What about Those Who Are Raised in This Generation. How Does the World Look to Them. I'm Speaking for A Few Minutes with Liberty McCarter Liberty As a Staff Writer at Stream Org She's Got a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism from Patrick Henry and I Enjoy Reading Her Article. She's a Millennial She's a Clear Sinking Millennial. She Is Biblically Based, so She Understands Her Generation Firsthand and Understands God's Perspective through the Word Firsthand and Is Addressing Those Things with a Compromise Liberty. Thanks for Being with Us on the Broadcast Today, Having Me Dr. Grant Know Why I Know You've Been Talking Lately about Some of the Events Surrounding the Tragedy and and in Parkland the Shooting in Florida and We Can Get to That, but I Want to Look at Something Larger There Many Times. The Older Generation Doesn't Understand Why the Younger Generation so Worked up about Things and You Have This. This Happens the Regeneration of These Generation Gaps in and Things like That but This Generation Growing up Now Is Growing up in a Totally Different Environment with Areas of Sexuality, Homosexuality, Transgender Issues and Things like That Liberty from Her at an End, Inc., Decreasing Number of Millennial's Have What We Call a Biblical Worldview. How Old Are You and What Could You Say in Terms of the Worldview of of Your Peers.

How How Much You Think Shifting Your View of Regeneration and 20.09 Qualified Millennial and Think You Know Looking at A Lot and I Might Hear That Corrupt and Faint and Maybe Have Left It or Tell Email in the Faith and We Kind of Grew at an I Think a Culture That It Is the Get Go to Church. It Really Focused on Trying to Make Church: and Not Merely an All the Time Focusing on Teaching the Care Got Bullet As We've Been Reminded at What the Patenting of the Grant.

That Is What a Powerful Anti-Nothing Special but Get a Complicated Attractant. I Think on Know They Went Back and Checked Culture Affected.

I Never Parents Generation Drifting Away from the Church As Well and so There's Really a Lack of Guidance That We Don't Have That Moral Cohesion That We Used To Have Indignation and There Are A Lot Of Questions Popping up That past Generations but It Really Have To Deal and Think A Lot Of That You Know and Morality That You've Been Talking about Today and Anything until without That Strong Note Foundation That He Didn't Believe in Our Upbringing or Maybe That Was Kind of Water down in Church for A Lot Of That and Her Friend to Navigate the Kids and I Think It's Very Important to Plan out That Millennial Half That Heart and I Think A Lot Of Them and They're Very Compassionate, Very Socially Minded As Our Special Guest Everything That without a Moral Compass Than It Easy to Get Leapt up in a Movement That Is Not Biblical and That If You Know Realizing What That You Said about That and Liberty. You Say Something That the so Critically Important and We Often Look.

It Will Millennial's Are There Some Letters That Will Who Raise the Millennial's Who Speak into Their Lives. You Know, There's the Old Saying There's No Such Thing As a Bad Student. Only Bad Teachers Exaggerated, but When the Whole Class Fails the Class to See the Teacher Did Something Wrong.

So When You See Something That Is Pandemic through Regeneration. You Have To Look at How That Generation Was Raised in an and How They Were Parented and What Was Put into Them. So It's a Shared Responsibility.

Let Let Me Get Your Take on Something Maybe You Could Help Us Understand This Guys Put up That the YouTube Video. This Is a Video That We Did Where Where I I Talk about Drag Queens Reading to Little Children Toddlers Two Years Old Three Years Old in Libraries. This Is Becoming an Increasing Fad or Drag Queens Are Doing This and Somebody Posted to the Video Right Talk about the Insanity of the Sinful Name Jesus. I'm a Devoted Christian.

I Read God's Word.

I See No Problem with the Drag Queen Reading to a Toddler When Did God Ever Say Someone in a Costume Is a Threat. I Think We Should Focus on Bigger Issues of the Lord Is My Shepherd and Pretty Sure That He Doesn't Want Me Giving Place to Ignorance and Hate Patience and Love Is the Shop I'm on Now Hearing That Is the Most Outrageous Things I Can Imagine a Drag Queen Reading to Toddlers Is Is off the Charts Insane and Here You Have Someone Saying I'm a Devoted Christian. I Read the Word and I'm into Patience and Love. Not into Ignorance and Hate, Could You Decipher This Coming Water with People Seeing and Thinking That Would Allow Them to Succumb Office with Some like That. I Think A Lot Of It Comes from the Way That Millennial Reign Fire Mark and You Know I'm Not Exactly Sure Where the Lot Became Friend but I Know That It Was the Flocking Arrangement.

It Became Very Cared for and Track All about You. You Can Be Whatever You Want to Be in Our Company Name and Again Came from a Complaint That It Went Very Mexican Celebrating the Individual and and That Is What We Were Raised When I Think You Know When You're Arrangement That Kind of Mentality Where It's All about You and You're the Next Important Thing in You Know Your Your Professional and You Are Professional That and You Know When That Kind of Year Just Outspoken. Then You and Start to Interpret the Bible You Think Well You Know If That Person Think That It Means That You and I Today Otherwise or You Know If This Person They Want to Live Their Life That Way Then and How Dare I Dictate Something out Because They're Following Their Green They're Doing What You Know It There That You Do, You Kind of Thing and That Barry Matched the Culture That We Were Raised in and Then Again If He Didn't Have Parents That Really and You Could Even Do Great in a Christian How Felt That If Your Parent Working out Very Clear and Your Church Community Was Not Very Clear about How There Are Biblical Standards and You Know Having Patient Then Left It Not Mean Accepting Something That God Said Then You Know Then You Are Can Easily Fall into That and You're Going to Connect the Truth of the Bible and and Interpret It to Get Think It Means Whatever Make People Happy and Then Wish That You Have Concepts like Your Truths and Your Reality. And When That Still Fueled by the Church Preaching the Gospel of Self-Esteem Rather Than the Church Changing the World. The Churches Bought into the World's Philosophy and and and Baptizes It in Christian Terms and You End up with This Kind of Insanity Someone Say I'm a Christian. Almost Any Problem with Someone in a Costume Reading to Toddler It Wants One Thing at the Cost. He Was like a Lion or a Bear.

It's Another Thing Is a Man Parading Her Masquerading As a Woman in Exaggerated Form Liberty You Mentioned Your Generation Looking for It for Justice and Equality of Us Thinking A Few Days Ago Grown up As a Kid in the 60s Early 70s We Were All about Peace and Love, and of Course We Went about It the Wrong Way and It Became the Whole Sex, Drugs, Rock 'n' Roll, Eastern Religion, Deception, This Generation Is All about Justice and Equality Have Any Entrance Which We Have To Say Hey That's Positive That's Great That You're Going about It the Wrong Way. How Do You Reach Your Generation, How Do You Convey These Things to Them in a Way That You Can Be Absolutely Unbending. The Dogmatic Scripturally and yet Speak to Them in a Way That That Hits That Touches That Button Scratches That Itch about the Need for Justice and Equality. Thinking Christian and Not Right. Millennial Their Desire for Now. I Have Worked in Faculty Know We We Deal with Things and You Know One Decade Kind of People Telling When a Human Fed.

There A Lot Of Coming to the Forefront in Our Culture and Providing That You Need to Be Dealt with Canadian Inequality That You Have Not Been Addressed in a Passive Content of This Writing It off As Know That You Know Millennial Social Justice Where Whatever I Think the Church Can Really Say Hank. Maybe There Are Some Point There May Be. There Really Is a Problem and You Can Thank While the Millennial Are Going about It the Wrong Way. They're Not. And You Have To Rely That Guy Devonte Denton and That When A Lot Of Culture It for Doing It, Not Just That They Didn't Need for Further Destruction and Further Hurt and Pain and and Know the Way That the Church and Christian Millennial Can Reacted to Come Forward and Say Hank Unit Problem That You're Drafting. I Agree That It's Very Important, but You God and the God of Judgment.

We Get the Creator Objectives and in Different How We're Going to Approach It and That That How You Know Were Going to Correct Think Maybe That Were Wrong and the Pastor Plate Agreement up in the past That Were Going to Stick to It God That Because I Know That Is the Ultimate Jet That Dealt You Can Approach It with Thank You Note, You Find Common Ground That You Don't Have To Give up. Anyway, You Know to Be True Based on the Bible Yeah and I Appreciate You Reiterating That the Church Is Right off Millennial's I Was in China Some Years Ago the Delegation That Travels with Franklin Graham to Meet with Chinese Leaders and There Was a Younger Guy There Pastor's Church Was Growing Rapidly Was, Shocked That He Was Part of the Entourage and so I Spent Time with Him Talking about the Younger Generation and He Said You First Affirmed the Things That Are Right in Terms of the Bird. Don't Just Write the Whole Thing off See That There Are Things That That Are Sensitive to and Then from There Get Them to the Truth of the Gospel a Liberty.

We've Got a Minute before the Break, but If You Could Just Say a Word to Pastors and Parents Would You Tell about Raising Their Kids Today Are Very Firm and Am Teaching the Bible and and Really Focus on That.

Betty Found That Christian Household Where and Family Pray Together and Read the Bible Together Really Focus on That and I'll All the Time Does There They Can't Do That and at Keeping the Faith, and I Would Thinking. I Don't Know like You Have To Drive It up or Make It Call the Gospel and Appearing in and of Itself and Downplay It Millennial and Younger Kids Are so Hungry for That. We Don't Want Anything Cool or Flashy That We Think That out. The Turkish of Pandering Test Given by Gospel and They Committed to That and and in the End I Think A Lot Of People in the Anatomy Attracted That Awesome Great Words.

Liberty Got Have You Back to Continue the Discussion You Said I Gotta Read with This Young Lady Essay Go to Stream the Lord Every Week Cutting Edge Because She's Addressing the Gun Control Issue. The Perspective Students. Look for Liberty Bacardi. Thanks so Much for Joining Us It's the Line of Fire with Your Host Activist and Author Internationals and Dr. Michael Brown and Voice of More Cultural and Spiritual Revolution Get into the Line of Fire Now by Calling 6643 Here Again Is Dr. Michael Brown Edit Their Time. This Eating out. Some Men Have a Uterus, Repeating It 10 Times As If Repeating Something Nonsensical Makes It so Then You Go from There. The Universities That That of and Certain Feminist Speakers Because the Transferral Because the Feminist Essay Will These Men That Identifies Where Are Really Women. It Is Clear There Is Contention That the Women's March to Transit the Menu Identifies Women to Be Part of the Women's Market.

It's in Your Grandson What What in the World Is Happening in Our World.

Let Me Give You Another Example of Totally Different Totally Different Subject Totally Different Subject, but but in Chicago Where There Is Lots and Lots of Gun Violence and Strict Gun Control Laws There Write Lots and Lots of Gun Violence. I'm Reading an Article the Other Day for A Few Days Back.

There Is No Proposed Task Force Aiming to Curb Shootings at Funerals. There's so Much Gang Violence in Chicago That There There Proposing a Task Force I'm Not Condemning the People There God Those of Some Will Raise Some of Them Were Raised with Two Strikes against Them to Distort All Kinds of Rough Conditions. These People Leave the Gospel Rightly These Gang Members.

These Kids That Are Growing up Need the Gospel. But What Kind the World As It Were, in America, Not Some War-Torn Nation. The Rebel Group Shooting Each Other at Funerals. But in America You Need a Task Force in One of Our Major Cities to Look into Curbing Shooting at Funerals Right Something Totally Different. Again, Just As One of These Days You Wake up You Look at Everything around You Think It Has the World Gone Totally off Its Rocker about This, This, There Are Now People Speaking out Here Is an Award-Winning Comedian Reported by the Telegraph UK. She Is Accusing Cancer Research of Quote Fat Shaming for Launching a Campaign against Obesity. This This Comedian Sophie Hagan Herself from the Picture She Looks to Be Little Heavy. She Is Accusing Cancer Research of Fact, Shaming, Because That They Want. Of the Dangers of Obesity Is I Think Okay What's I Got to Do with the Chicago Shoes Nothing.

Nothing, Nothing, Just Examples of Some News Items That Came My Way in the Same Day and I Was Thinking What What Is Happening in the World around Us Right but I Can Go Back to the Fat Shaming Thing and Tie It into What I Was Talking to Liberty about A Few Moments Ago in in Terms of Its Fine for Drag Queen to Read to Toddlers and That's What's Wrong with the Costume and Exercise Patience and Love It and Don't Judge and Then What's Even Call the Phenomenon Helicopter Parents so Called Because the Costly Hovering over Their Children and Have To Protect Them from Any Negative Outcome of Any Kind. See What You Have.

You Have Situations in School Now Where Kids Have Competition, but It Dear They They Play a Sport but Then at the End They Don't Keep the Score. Why Because Every Body Has To Win Because No One Can Lose Where Every Day You Have To Get Sent Home with Some Type of Affirmation. Otherwise Your Kids Not Okay Look, I'm All for Affirming II Doubt That You Could Find a Parent Raise Their Kids. That Was Much More Affirming Than I Was in and Nancy Is What She Hands out Her Praise Very, Very Carefully As There Was Some Work That Was Being Done in Her House the Other Day and I Asked How It Went and She Said the Guys Did a Fantastic Job and I Was Fat. I Don't Hear Those Words Often Were Fantastic. That's Incredible.

You Don't She Tell the Girls the Truth. She's a Loving, Devoted Mom, but She Was Not Want to Just Flatter Them All Day and You Know but I Was, I Constantly Tell Them, Especially Were in a Beautiful Arena Wonderful They Were and All of That and You Know Nancy Woods. She Is Very Truthful with Them and Where Was That the Rock Foundation of Our Household. But She Was.

Not One for Just Throwing out Platitudes and II Could Babies Do It Too Much of the Could Almost Get Cheap so I'm Oh I'm All for Affirmation.

But We Need a Little Realism. Is It Too Much, As We Need a Little Realism. We Need the Reality That Not Everybody Wins. We Need the Reality That People Go through Tough Times, Because We Need the Reality That Life Is Not Fair. These Are Realities, but No You. You Can Even Have a Campaign to Help People with Compassion, with Support to Help People Get Better Shape Because You Don't Want Them to Die Prematurely of Heart Disease, or Develop Other Diseases That Could Be Present Preventable or or or Wither Away from from Complications of Type II Diabetes.

We Could Be Reversed through Dietary Change in Exercise You and You Love People Want to Help. No You Can't Do That Because It's Fat Shaming yet You Can.

Fat Shame Someone Just like You Can Shame Them for Being Jewish Are Showing Them for Beer and Whitish in the for Being Black in Shame. So I Pray We Could Be Derogatory and Nasty and Negative and Hurtful to People on Time I Come Alongside of Someone Said Hey Can We Help You. Can We Work with You to Help You with Your Diet and Lifestyle All That's Fat Shaming What You Say What You Say Friends Part of the Crazy World in Which We Live Today. Here's an Article Robin Abbott Carrion Writing about the Oscars, the LA Times in the Ladies Room at the Oscars. A Transgender Moment Signals a Cultural Shift with the Picture There of Sam Britton. I Did Know Sam Was Reprinted until Just a Couple of Days Ago When I Saw Go for Me Campaign by Sam Asking for Gender Fluid Heels Wanted to Have Some Really Nice Stilettos and Hear This Woman Robin Assange on Sunday Night the Restroom at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood.

I Was Wash My Hands When Someone Crimson a Crimson Ball Gown Swept past Me Towards the Stalls.

There Was Something about This Person's Energy That Was Different Than That of Other Women Were Milling around Redoing Her Lips to China with the Awesome Show, It's Because It's Not a Woman. It's a Man Who Identifies As a Woman, or Gender Fluid Called Gender Fluid.

LGBT Q Activist Said May Be of Very Nice Person. In Many Ways.

Sam May Be Very Happy about His Life Right Now. But the Reason That He Had a Different Feel Than the Other Women in the Bathroom Is Because He's Not a Woman but a Figure Say That I Am Heavily Trance Phobic 8634 Truth of the a and of Course Use the Right Preferred Pronoun Must Do That You Say It Will Be Sensitive to People I Do.

I Absolutely Do Wrestle with These Things I Weep over People That Struggle of What the Streets of Cities like New York at Night You Might See More Gay Couples on the Streets or Bore People Dressing Your Cross-Dressing or Identifying As Transgender or Various Variations between What the Streets and Got on the Want to Hurt Anyone. I Want to Help People I Know in Their Perspective. You're Just Living Their Lives out Friends. The World Is Going Crazy Reticence Losing Its Sense of Reality, 866-34-TRUTH and in the Way That Enough Time to to Get to Your Call Now but the Question Where Are Things Going.

That's It.

That's the Big Question Sir. That's the Big Question If If There Is Not a Course Corrective.

In Other Words, If We Don't Wake up to the Reality of What's Happening in the World around Us. If We Don't Wake up to the Insanity of Disputing the Existence of Male and Female Categories As Distinctive and Recognizing That There Were Two Genders, Not 200 or 2000. If We Don't Wake up to the Recognition of the Role of the Mother and the Role of the Father. If We Don't Wake up to the Reality That Truth Is Not What Ever I Proceed Perceive It to Be That There Is No Such Thing As My Truth. Your Truth, Meaning That Doesn't Change the Truth If It's Raining outside Right Now.

When I Came up to My Office. It Was 41° and Raining All My Truth Might Be at 70° and Sunny. But That Is Not Truth in My Reality May Be That I'm 18 Years Old and and of Viking but That's Not Reality. So There Is No Such Thing Absolutely Is My Truth, My Reality, There Is Reality There Is Truth Is the Famous Saying of of a Former Congressman Every Once in Title to Their Own Opinions Not Entitled to Your Own Facts, Friends, the World Is Going Crazy Ramos Is Been Going Crazy since Adam and He Fell and I Don't Know How Crazy or It's Going to Get How Much Crazy It's Gonna Get before the Lord Returns, Whether That's in Two Years or 20 Years or 50 Years. Whatever God Knows This Much I Know We Have the Answer with the Gospel. Let Us Not Swim with the Current. Let Us Not Go with the Tide.

Let Us Be People Who Obey the Lord Who Speak God's Truth to a Confused World Speaking and I Love Speaking without Compromise. You Need a Gospel Based Moral and Cultural Revolution.

Let the Work Start with You. Let the World Start with Me and Reminder If You Find Yourself Confused Struggling in Upheaval Great Verse from the Psalms, the Lord Is near to All Who Call upon Him in Truth. Truth Remains the Reality Jesus As I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life. He Says I Came into the World to Bear Witness to the Truth. We Have the Truth of the Gospel, Don't Hesitate, Don't Hold Back. Speak the Truth with the People Understand or Not Speak the Truth and Friends If You Appreciate Us Speaking the Truth Go to Website Today As Start to Brown the Lord Help Us to Get the Message out to More Rachel's Valuable Talk about Money A Lot like Everyone Else Website Now*around the DSK TR Brown Double-Click Donate and Help Us to Spread the Truth around

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