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Prime Minister Netanyahu Is in the States

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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March 8, 2018 4:50 pm

Prime Minister Netanyahu Is in the States

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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So is it time to scrap a two state solution for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown us on today's thoroughly Jewish Thursday broadcast here; three Jewish related questions 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 878-8410 review some of the modern history of Israel with you talk about the issue of a two state solution share some of the comments of Prime Minister Netanyahu in his recent speech at AIPAC this week and before I get into any of that.

Interestingly enough, pretty much upon arrival.

Prime Minister Netanyahu is is meeting with Pres. Trump reference that he was a Cyrus kind of figured out did promise to attend. I say that because he's heard from evangelicals could be there.

Some evangelicals were very close to him. But it's interesting if you remember, even the beginning of the primaries before the primaries. There were some prophetic words that were given that God was raising up Donald Trump to be the next president of the United States president number 45 in the United States and that he was a Trump a Cyrus like figure, of whom God says in Isaiah 45 that he's raising them up. Although you don't know me, that's racist to Cyrus and were my friends Lance while not actually read that passage in Trump's presence with the gathering of leaders in New York think it of the little happy to read these words. The trouble although you don't know me.

So in other words, there was the question was, he's being raised up as a man who didn't know the Lord. And yet, one who would accomplish some of God's purposes and obviously with Pres. Trump saying that the embassy will be relocated to Jerusalem the first president to finally do that after it's been on our books since the days of Bill Clinton that Ms. Clinton did not come at Bush didn't act Obama didn't act on it. Finally, Trump acted on it will all his flaws and failings. He's the kind of God is going to do things regardless of popular opinion and I see there are many that are pleas that he did. But, lo and behold, not only is he made the decision, but it's this may that the move is actually going to be made, not several years down the line but but that quickly, which is momentous and massive for many reasons. So there were people saying that Trump was going to be the next president. I didn't see it.

I didn't want to see it.

I didn't like him I didn't want to be our next president. I think there are other Republican candidates. Quite a few of them that I would've much rather seen as president rather than Donald Trump. But I pray that because I respected some of the people that had these words. As I said God or are you saying something are you going to do this note, you may not have voted for Trump and still believe God raised him up for purpose. You may believe every president or leader is raised up for purpose positive or negative. I said look, others were raised up. Farrell Nebuchadnezzar there raised up for judgment is is trumping raised up as a good thing bad thing. So II was a staunch opponent during the primaries, but when I saw these prophecies potentially unfolding as it was, how is it that Trump won the primaries and how how was it that he was elected really looked at it and said, could God be in this in ways beyond what I understand all the cautions all the concerns all the issues they remain the same and then even talk about him being God's chaos candidate was Jeb Bush who first referred to him as that in the Lance while not wrote a book about God's chaos candidate and the word chaos is been in the news a lot in the last week or two regarding Trump. In fact, in a gathering with with certain media leaders. It was kind of a roast.

He roasted them. He roasted himself. He reference.

I like chaos in the White House and the lives of those in the White House, but anyway, when now when Netanyahu Prime Minister Netanyahu says that that Trump is kind of a Cyrus figure get it. It gets my interest that that is quite striking that that actually happened.

866342 any Jewish related question you have. It's thoroughly Jewish Thursday. If your new listener, a new viewer. That's what we do on Thursdays. We focus on Israel and the Jewish people.

You might have a Hebrew related question.

A Judy is a related question Jewish tradition question about modern Israel fulfillment of prophecy. Messianic prophecy Jewish objections to Jesus.

Those are all fitting on a thoroughly Jewish Thursday, 8663 for 87884. Speaking of the embassy. Now it's been announced looking at world Israel news, check president wants countries embassy moved to Jerusalem expedited yeah so the check president recently elected to a second five-year term would like to speed up the process of moving his countries embassy to Jerusalem. This was reported all just today in Czech Republic.

I've read that the nation of Guatemala has said they'll be moving there embassy you expect others to follow as it will be fascinating to watch who makes the move and who doesn't.

And to see if there any tangible signs of blessing or smile or favor from the Lord. Because of this essay but what about the Palestinians doesn't God care about justice yes yes and really get to the reps to get to that, but the regular context. A little background right and then we'll get into some of Prime Minister Netanyahu's comments when the UN voted for the partition plan, that there would be a Palestine and Israel and this without you do not have a two state solution basically. So you have a little shifting of people's but basically there be two distinct states of Jewish leadership agreed to it. Our leadership did not and immediately seven surrounding Arab nations try to destroy fledgling Israel and this is not Israel, the IDF is, you know, today, and potential nuclear capabilities.

And all these other things. This was fledgling Israel right on the heels of the Holocaust, but there were Jews then said we will not do. What are our Jewish brothers and sisters did in Europe and basically didn't resist. We will resist. We will fight to the death and we are knocking to be wiped out.

They almost wiped us out in Europe were not going to be wiped out in our own homeland and certainly by God's grace not just by Israeli ingenuity. Israel survived, but as a result of that Jordan annexed part of Jerusalem and Jewish people could not get to some of the holiest places in Jerusalem to pray and do with they would normally do and there were synagogues and graveyards that were desecrated by the Jordanians at that time.

That was the situation facing from 47 up to 67 4748 up until 1967 when in a defensive war, Israel was surrounded by enemies again. Israel had high-level intelligence of a massive attack that was about to happen. There were some initial attacks and in the form of terrorist attacks in Israel said okay that's it were going for an Israel then basically wiped out the Egyptian Air Force before he could even take off Emmett's was completely outmanned out, gone out, armed, and yet through Intel and then again, I believe God's grace. They were able to defeat those who wanted to destroy them.

Remember when I talk about two people say let's work things out. We can, let's let's live together peacefully. We have our differences.

None of this is when group of people think of that we want to wipe you off the face of the earth.

We want to wipe you off this part of the world and get you up. Note no state at all. No Israel at all. That's with the battles for them so the famous Six-Day War 1967. Not only that, that Israel retakes some of this area. Jerusalem now united Jerusalem, but it now captures what's called the West Bank through Judea and Samaria, the West Bank of the Jordan. So now it captures that territory in war. That's how United States has the boundaries it does now. Some of the territory that we have, was taken in war are some of our southern territory so none of you have that but Israel now takes over Gaza Strip that had been under Egyptian control and not developed at all that that the Egyptians were not concerned with the well-being of the Palestinians by large right. Rather, let that be an ongoing wound to make Israel look bad and and and to make the Palestinians miserable.

The results of great unity between the Palestinians and the Egyptians and then the Sinai Peninsula is retakes that as well.

Now, Israel ultimately gives back the Sinai Peninsula.

It gives it back to Egypt a minute troops.

They are all kinds of the it gives it back to Egypt. That is part of what Israel did for peace land for peace. Israel done that before or right and and I want so little cartoon in Israeli newspaper and it was an American Indian Native American talking to an Israeli singer that land for peace thing didn't work too well for us all, tell me about so Israel ultimately under Prime Minister RL Sharon famous military leader of a bowl the bulldog an unstoppable force probably under US pressure, more than anything, he gives the Gaza Strip back over to the Palestinians and then they promptly elect Hamas as the leadership and and it's now worse for everybody. There, the living conditions are worse money that comes in is not siphon back to the people that needed most. A lot of it goes into the Hamas war effort. Building terror tunnels under Israel armaments and things like that and then some of the wealthy live very well sleep off of funds that you go to help the poor is a lot of corruption I once had a Palestinian tell me pastor was very upset with Israel disagree with my position but said oh yeah, the leader positively was there all corrupt.

Rocco is a Palestinian who was very much against my position.

But acknowledge the corruption of the leadership of descendents to say that the Palestinians don't have the best advocates fighting for the and if their leadership when they were just considered Arabs living in the in the land there right if their leaders in the 30s had accepted a solution or two state solution that was offered orphan 1947. They had the face of the Middle East would look different. This is what we need to understand the conflict goes deeper so it's been some years now that there's talk about a two state solution right so that the West Bank right Judea and Samaria. These are historically parts of Israel historical value importance to the Jewish people right now 650,000 Jews living there that that would become Palestinian state with Gaza Strip included with that house at work and in you know of course you got house in a state that would be on either side of Israel with very narrow boundaries, but it is, is that the way it would work out. What if there is Hamas leadership of the hole with Israel tolerate that, you know, setting up a terrorist state next door so there is this DEBATE about that. The solution theoretically would be okay. We leave we give the land back to you right didn't work in Gaza did it we leave, we give the land back to you and that we live peacefully side-by-side. Many are saying that cannot work that Wilma work rather, we need a one state solution. Explain more when we come back 86634 that is thoroughly Jewish Thursday. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown will.

This is Michael Brown. Here's the call 86 634-8784 a few minutes I want to give you an update on my talk today at the chapel for the Christian school were two of her grandkids go and this was for sixth-graders to 12th graders talk about sexuality and LGBT issues yet so out of it when great. From what the kids are telling me will sleep but I give you report on that in a few minutes when he read something to you from Carolyn Glick in her book the Israeli solution where she argues for one state solution right will read a couple paragraphs to. She says in July 2000 at the Camp David peace Summit the Palestinians rejected peace and stated only two months later, in late September they began a massive terror offensive against Israel.

Early assaults in this campaign were carried out almost exclusively by US and EU training Palestinian security forces.

October 12, 2002 IDF reservists who got lost and accidentally entered Ramallah were taken to a Palestinian police station there.

They were lynched literally torn apart by a mob abetted by Palestinian security services between September 27 and October 30 12 Israelis were murdered in six deadly attacks scores more were wounded as the Palestinian Authority organized in abetted stoning firebomb and shooting attacks through Judea and Samaria and Gaza. The next month saw the first two suicide bombings.

The method that was to become the killing means of choice and the Palestinian terror war in November 20 Palestinian security forces in Gaza current at a roadside bombing of Israeli school bus, killing two adults and maiming maiming nine others, including five children and she says this between September 2000 and the end of 2009 Palestinians killed some 1200 Israelis and terror attacks more than 8100 Israelis were wounded during the period over 70% of the Israeli casualties were civilians.

Proportion volume of attacks in America with the 48,000 Americans dead 32,000 civilians in 324,000 wounded since 2000.

The Palestinians have carried out an average of 10 attacks per day. These attacks from the gaunt gamut from rockthrowing to stabbings to shootings to suicide bombings to missile launches the two state formula is based on the proposition that the root cause of the Palestinian conflict is Israel's unwillingness to surrender sufficient lands to the Palestinians rather than the Palestinians rejection of Israel's right to exist in their continued commitment to its destruction.

Accordingly, United States and the rest of the international community.

Maintaining allegiance to the two state solution have blamed Israel for the Palestinians aggression so what she's saying is listen to state solution is not the solution because it's been offered and in return, there was Palestinian aggression that are plenty Palestinians that want to live in peace than a terrorist than aggressors.

There's a tiny population percentage of the population that's Christian Palestinian Christian is overwhelmingly Muslim, but many people to swallow in peace and they feel that their territories occupied that they are under an occupier, namely Israel that their mistreated that they have to go through checkpoints to get through work and security, and that there's a security fence and even wallet points dividing them from family and friends and things like that. Yes, there are definite hardships and problems, but the issue is, what is the solution you can endlessly get with the chicken and the egg will this one started on will this once this you hit me first, no, no, you call the first know you did you could get into that list with the present reality.

The present reality is this here here's here's another article from United with, Palestinians increase payments to terrorists in 2018 x 56,000,000 right so that that now raises the amount of $403 million. According to this report that will be paid to terrorists and their families.

In 2018 you say what you mean she is running. If you blow yourself up in the suicide bombing in Israel. You are considered a martyr by the Palestinian Authority and your family will get a stipend for life. You lets say that you stab someone in Israel your Palestinian 18-year-old and you go on a rampage and you stab for people and you are subdued by the police and now you are arrested and imprisoned. What you'll get a salary for the Palestinian Authority pay to your family and according to this report.

The amount is now over $400 million. The president tromped directly and forthrightly address those issues and told Mahmoud Abbas that there's knocking to be a piece solution while you are funding terrorists and from all the quotes I read Mark with the boss basically not to his face, but subsequently take a hike man really keep doing this we keep doing this. There are some of the most horrific brutal terrorists in modern history. Palestinian terrorists know it. Israel's Devonshire wrong okay I'm not I'm not whitewashing Israel, making Israel sent me here I am saying that that Israel wants peace in a different way than the Palestinians to but here's the point. Some of the very worst of the terrorists. I admit it's bad enough to just targeted a 20-year-old kid in the IDF just because he's a soldier sees a soldier to kill that kid, but it's even worse when you get a target.

Say a family with little children, toddlers, infants and slaughter them. Some of the very worst terrorists the very worst terrorists in history. Those who slaughtered Israeli children and women. Men innocent civilians. They are praised and lauded and lionized by the president authority. There are schools named after them. There are squares and streets named after them. They are considered martyrs.

There's no way to states for states 10 states that you're going to have peace with that kind of mentality, nor has the appellant historically has the authority of Hamas proven trustworthy to do what's in the best interest of their people. Which is why when Arabs of Palestinians living in Israel have been polled.

The vast majority of them even if they have gripes and issues with Israel. They want to stay there.

They do not want to be under Palestinian Authority and Hamas 866-34-TRUTH a minute go to the phones of the entry interact with some comments if you post a comment on YouTube, a Jewish related comment or question. I'll try to interact with some of your questions on YouTube as well, but let's go to Fernando and Laurel, Maryland. Welcome to the line of fire will look hard through very well thank you will to question one more on Oracle were to do you know how the wood and ordered people back in the first century used to dress like reveler movie coming out and about in fairly regular expert on the truck yet will set up some movies can be more accurate than others. We we don't have absolute details will we know everything for sure, but for sure the average religious Jew in the first century did not wear a religious head covering other words what you see now with the skullcap, the yarmulke, a key part in Hebrew that was not something that was done at that time you wouldn't see a Jewish man wearing what we would call a tallied Qatar on today which is something that's worn under the shirt and then at the end of it. It has white fringes.

That's a later adaptation, you would've seen for sure the men with their robes and then with fringes that the purple blue fringes on the end of the rope. She would've seen that you may have had folks that were head covering, because it was just part of what you did in the day but it was not done in a religious way that that comes many centuries later and and I think you know some movies like the passion of the Christ made efforts to to be more accurate in terms of how things would be another Broughton specialist I was. They focus more on the language than anything else of, but even so we we don't know in an absolute detail in every way certain things we do know that are anachronistic.

Those were taken stiff today and and and putting it back as if it was the case that art second question are your quick partner: when are your children up in the in the club 11… At that moment like Reno or carbon no. But I know that all Israel will be like offer so do we know what the point is like driving him, but instead have been prevented exact times and more exactly so so here is, here's the two potential scenarios right one is Jewish people coming to repentance, crying out for mercy. Looking to the one whom they pierced. Calling out blessed is he who comes in the name. The Lord knows we welcome you back King Messiah so they turn in faith as believers become part of the larger body Messiah quote church Jew and Gentile, and when he appears, they which would include people like me right Jewish believers along with Gentiles. We are all caught up together to meet the Lord in the air right and we dissent together.

That's one potential scenario and I don't feel we could be totally dogmatic because these things are your future. Another scenario is that he appears to the Jewish people been crying out in repentance right. He appears in answer to their cry for help.

Believers are ready so people like me you were caught up to meet him and then as we descend to earth together. The Jewish people. Welcome back there Messiah so they have not been resurrected. The rest of the body. The accuracy of the church, the messianic congregation and they are now the lead nation going into the millennial kingdom.

Either way, it seems that Israel is the lead nation entering the millennial kingdom as we understand of your future thousand year reign of the Messiah on the earth at that understanding is right.

So either coming to faith immediately before he appears and caught up to meet him in the air or recognizing him as the one in high altitude when he appears in welcome back on here I will be like error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown local welcome friends to thoroughly Jewish Thursday 866-34-TRUTH is the number to call with your Jewish related questions not here's an interesting question for you and and I'm about to give an update on how things went at the chapel service for our grandkids Christian school today often confused.

Update on that in a moment when the taking to some of Prime Minister Netanyahu's recent speech here in the states, but the question when Jesus appears when Jesus returns. Is it too late to repent. Then, will let's think of a couple things. Zechariah 1210. Speaking of the inhabitants of Judah intrusive will be the picture of the Jewish people as a whole says this and they will look to me whom they pierced and will mourn for him as one mourns over the death of her firstborn son right now, in Revelation 17 it says he's coming in the clouds, and every eye will see him, and also those who pierced him right so you get the pierced language borrowed from Zechariah 1210 and all kindreds of the earth will only show the earth will mourn for him that we normally take intrusive born as an whale like all know it's too late, it's over were judged but we also know that he's going to destroy the wicked when he returns is going to burn them up with the fire his breath and Zechariah 14 tells that that the survivors of the nations that attacked Jerusalem will enter now into the millennial kingdom. So could it be that when he returns. This is the morning of repentance and these are the ones who will now answer the millennial kingdom. Could that be that this is the repentance and morning of Israel and the repentance and morning of the survivors of those who attacked Jerusalem is that possible. Certainly the connection between Zechariah 1210. In Revelation 17 is undeniable, and in Revelation 17 you could debate whether it means judgment or repentance, or combination of both. In Zechariah 1210.

It's clearly repentance turning back to the Messiah, 86634 to a question on YouTube in the garden that God blew the breath of life into Adam and then he placed the tree of life. The gardens are two definitions of life. The one is just life, breathing life, like we all have, but were gonna die one day. Write the other is the tree of life eternal life significant of the soul.

Yes, a different life in that regard, but one is temporal, the other is eternal that make sense 866-3478 84 I want to go into premise. Netanyahu's speech at AIPAC. He spends a lot of time talking about Israel's accomplishments. When you go to Israel if you join us on our tour. Join us. Join us February 1-10 next year so it's it's 11 months out. Now, you seriously want to plan now and and because spaces always limit on these. The sooner you sign up, the better helps us to plan as well. So on the website asked her to Brown SKU or you see it right on the homepage sign up there and when you do remember this is not just going to be an awesome tour with a great tour God and my friend Scott full with you and then I'll be joining on special locations, but each night will be doing something alright so I may be answering your questions. We may we may pray and minister have some time in worship read come with me to do my radio show so it's it's unique. That's were calling it holy fire in the holy land.

It's not just the day tour, but special things at night as well. For all those who want to participate, but when you go Israel you'll you'll often hear boasting about the accomplishments because it's it is amazing and you know that Israel, a member here years ago exports to lips to Holland and ghetto manufactures military equipment for Germany having just things it would seem so unlikely in in in the history of the world in recent history.

Also, premise, an attorney now talks about some of the accomplishments of things like this but but then he says this thesis so the good news is very good and it's getting better. The bad news and that's the bad news is that bad things are getting worse and they're very bad when I talk about that we have to deal with this challenge and I'm thinking specifically what do we do about Iran the force behind so much of what is bad is this radical tyranny in Tehran. Five a message for you today. It's very simple. One we must stop Iran. We will stop Iran when I last spoke here. I warned tried to warn the world about a nuclear deal that was a threat to the survival of Israel. The security of the region. The peace of the world. I warned that Iran's regime had repeatedly lied to the international community that it could not be trusted.

I warned that the deal gives Iran a clear path towards developing a nuclear arsenal little more than a decade and I warned that by removing Iran sanctions. Iran's regime would not become more moderate and peaceful, but more extreme and belligerent, much more dangerous. And ladies and gentlemen, that's exactly what has happened here is what Iran is doing today. Darkness is descending on a region. Iran is building an aggressive Empire, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Gaza, Yemen. More to come now Ron is seeking to build permanent military bases in Syria seeking to create a land bridge from TARDIS from Toronto, TARDIS of the Mediterranean. In addition to moving its arm its Air Force, its navy to Syria to be able attack Israel from closer hand, it's also seeking to develop to build precision guided missile factories in Syria and Lebanon against Israel and premise to the tendinosis.

I will not let that happen. We will not let that happen. We must stop Iran we will stop Iran now just which have to understand Israel feels everything like an X essential threat. Following it… It's not just a matter of this could hurt our economy.

This is going to set us back a little bit some of our trade relations with other nations. This is just gonna make our security a little tougher to make sure we can protect everyone know know it's it's this. If we don't defeat our enemies, our enemies will destroy us.

They will wipe Israel off the map. Now there are plenty of moderate Muslims and that is not their heart. There are moderate Palestinians and that is not their heart.

There are moderates and some of the surrounding nations, and that is not their heart but they are not the ones threatening Israel here lately paint a picture like this for you live in a neighborhood and when your family last lived there. There are people that tried to kill every member of your family have for your family was killed. The other half wounded and escaped. Now many years later. So the descendents of the family you've moved back into that same neighborhood and some of the descendents of the old enemies live there right and you've got say 20 families in the neighborhood, and 10 of them want to kill you all five of them are undecided. Five of them like you. You feel secure in that with that equation. Even the same all well okay because it's not every body and five are moderate fiber undecided so it's got no all you need is those that in fact all you need is to have them that will wipe you out and destroy you with others being passive so Israel especially being rebuilt out of the ashes of the Holocaust.

Especially with terror attacks with intifada's, especially with Hamas remaining hostel in the Palestinian Authority and Hamas wanted to have a joint government is all those things are going on.

You are in a situation where Israel continues to be an existential's fighting an X essential threat fighting for its very survival. Now you say yeah but but on their reading about terror attacks every day.

That's because they're thwarted. That's because there stopped that. That's because Israel is effectively stopping thousands of terror attacks every year before they happen or in the early stages. Otherwise, all you'd read all day would be bloodbath bloodbath bloodbath bloodbath you see it but don't you care about the Palestinians.

I do, I do not believe that their best hope is the current Palestinian leadership either. There needs to be new Palestinian leadership raised up that will have a heart of reconciliation and peace and that will sit down like almost her.Menachem Begin did what an unlikely couple sat down and hash certain things out and worked out a peace plan. It's far from perfect, because of imperfect people that actually did that deal with Sadat visiting is run. It is crazy this course assassinated for it. Not not that long after paid with his life for 40 did hardliners took him out, but either you need that kind of leadership or or you need Israel to just say one state. We take over everything and everybody gets treated fairly.

Everybody's legal citizen area and you vote and you do what you want to do, etc. and, theoretically, as long as there is a Jewish majority then you could do that.

Otherwise, it will quickly become a Palestinian state where Jews are not welcome. These are some of the challenges and do. I personally believe that there will be a lasting peace before Jesus comes.

Note do I think there may be temporary peace. Sure sure and in first Thessalonians 5 when everyone sing peace and safety, so the sudden destruction comes or the or the vision in Ezekiel 38 and 39 with golden my golden Israel dwelling and unwalled villages saw a picture of Israel drawing securely. Everything seems fine with the final invasion comes that could well happen before understanding those prophecies correctly but do I see lasting peace outside of Jesus the Messiah. No, not the Middle East temporary peace and you try to do what you can, yes, absolutely.

Do I believe in physical rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem path from Western Australia. Yes, I expected. I expected because it appears to me that a number of passages presume that there will be 1/3 temple before Jesus returns. Second Thessalonians 2 talks about that the lawless when the Antichrist setting himself up in the temple of God as God. This is that speaking spiritually of within that the church, the temple of God, or is it talking literally literally would be the most likely first reference I see Matthew 24. Perhaps you can find it mostly not even marketing. But Luke 21 that part of the passage deals with the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. and the rest deals with a future destruction of Jerusalem. I see other passages that point in that direction so not dogmatic about it but I do expect that there will be 1/3 temple built in my own view is post-tribulation will in terms of size.

Return what about pre-wrath. I respect those who study the issue in more depth that I have.

I don't see it personally, but I respect the view will be right back.

It's the line of fire with your host activist author internationals leader and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown high level this is. I got text of the string. I think this is it you want to share it on the air.

Robert asked the televangelist to pray for his hearing.

After three minutes of violent shaking and trying to push them over backwards. The preacher asked how is your hearing. Robert replied I don't know doesn't take place until Tuesday at the courthouse all different kind of hearing right quick update all of you that pray thank you, thank you for praying. So I speak constantly. You know I speak around the world speak to large settings.

Mega churches, small settings, TV settings, radio settings, all kinds of settings, debates, hostile environments, campuses, but I was really really feeling the weight of the talk today every more than some major debate just like one when I used to be doing a home Bible study with our daughters and their young teens and things like that II have more trepidation over that going to speak to 50,000 people. Anyway, anyway, with what happened was I I spoke at chapel service today. Local Christian school grade school, where two of our grandkids go one is in eighth graders and 11th grade and I was speaking at the chapel service. This is for 6 to 12 graders, so quite a range right so it sixth-graders up to 12 graders on sexuality and addressing gay and lesbian, transgender issues, so I really prayed, how do I do this in a way that's first can be age-appropriate for everyone that's that's not can it be something that your parents a single wire. He took my sixth-grader about this and yet that would be relevant for everyone and like to be as clear as day and I just felt to go with the idea of divine design. How did God designed us have the designers in okay can you play baseball game using a football instead.

Can you text with your elbow. Can you draw with your nose. Of course the middle school is like now we can tweak it Dexter aerobics saw it anyway and explain how God designed men for women and women from Mandan help only male-female union can result in the next generation and an uniqueness of the mom and the dad and and then that that you do what you feel doesn't determine reality and and it went on with that got into finding identity in Jesus, not in sexual attraction, a romantic desire and then talked about perception versus real interest transgender issues. Of course, with compassion and try to reach out to everyone to consider struggling so like a great report from for my grandkids were told to ask around and talk to hundreds is that my normal audience up at the special PowerPoint presentation in I teach whole classes.

I may not of taught note. Dozens of hours in the class without notes or PowerPoint or anything so hard for this. I wanted pictures of illustrations and videos, but according to our oldest granddaughter. 17 she said she never saw the kids that engaged then I got a text from from our our eighth grader whose 14 and let me see with he had to say here. He said they just want to say.

Awesome job and everyone's talk about how good it was so that some that's good to eat dinner with trepidation. Just want to make sure our ministry rightly to the skin. So thank you for praying. I did this a comment from William on YouTube referencing Romans 229 and saying anyone who believes in the gospel of Jesus Christ is a Jew and release of the gospel of Jesus Christ is a Jew. Romans 229 that William not I understand where you're coming from that you're saying that person is a Jew in God's sight is a spiritual Jew but I would differ with your conclusion. So let's let's take a look in Romans the second chapter. Paul is talking about the universality of sin, both Jew and Gentile are under sin and he is challenging the Jewish view of superiority. So he's talking about Simmons not circumcise physically and obeys the law to a Gentile right will condemn the Jew, who, even though you have the written code and circumcision are lawbreaker. This is this a person is not a Jew who is one only outwardly there circumcision really outward and physical person is a Jew who is one inwardly circumcision the circumcision of the heart by the Spirit, not by the written code. Such a person's praise is not from other people, but from God. Now many translations like the NIV from which a reading here inserts in the Greek the words only, and merely reread verse 28 a person is a Jew who was one of only outwardly, nor circumcision merely outward and physical. No person is a Jew who is one inwardly circumcision the circumcision of the heart by the Spirit, not by the written code right now the way, William, and some are interpreting that a Gentile and uncircumcised, Gentile, or someone simply Gentile who obeys God's laws, who believes the truth whose circumcise in the heart that that person is a Jew in God's sight.

Where as the person was a physical Jew but does not believe in Jesus does not have the heart circumcise does not obey the law of that person is not a Jew in God's sight. Note there are some problems with it when it is mentioned believing in Jesus there mentions obeying the law is first, as mentioned believing in Jesus mentions obeying the law, being circumcise in the heart.

But if you go to Romans chapter 3 verse one and then read through the rest of Romans, you'll see that every single time. Paul speaks of a Jew. In Romans he speak of a physical Jew start Romans 116. I'm not ashamed of the gospel is the power of God's salvation for everyone who believes. First for the Jew than for the Greek for the Gentile.

Yes, so he's making a distinction between Jew and Gentile. There and then if you go to chapter 3, verse one. Romans chapter 3 verse one Paul asked the question what advantage there is there than in being a Jew, what's the advantage of circumcisions as much in every way because the oracles of God were committed to them and then he references Jews Jews Jews to hear those watching us on the screen and read it again than what advantage has the Jew started physical Jew was a value circumcision physical circumcision much in every way. To begin with, the Jews were entrusted with the oracles of God. When you get down Jerome's 11th chapter you will see that Paul writes to Gentile believers in Jesus and says John, running to Gentiles. I want you to provoke Israel and I'm writing to Gentiles of the apostate as I'm writing to you Gentiles is a common Jews so what's his point here is point is between two Jews. Based on this principle that circumcision is not just of the flesh but it's of the heart and a Gentile who obeys the law and is not circumcise will condemn a Jew who doesn't obey the law and is circumcise based on that principle. He now is illustrating and and saying right and and again in Romans 11 I'm speaking to Gentiles. Romans 1113 and as much and is on the positive Gentiles, I magnify my ministry so he's calling them Gentiles. There, what's his point in Romans two.

This point is this between two Jews, who's the real Jew and caught sight. The one who was only circumcised outwardly, or the one who was circumcised inwardly as well.

So a man is not a Jew.

All will be if you circumcised outwardly right or if he is born Jewish know it is also inward circumcision and inward obedience. That's what God is looking for. Let me read it again is translated the NIV, and many other translations for no one is a Jew who was merely this is the ESV no one is a Jew who is merely one outwardly, nor circumcision outward and physical, but a Jew is one inwardly and circumcision is matter of the heart by the Spirit, not by the letter. His praise is not from man but from God. So it is a mistake. It is a mistake to say that anyone who believes in Jesus is a Jew is not with the text says nor did Paul even mentioned believing in Jesus there in Romans two, rather circumcision outward circumcision alone is not going to get her right relationship with God and having the status of a Jew is just bring more judgment. After all, was Paul say just a few verses earlier. Was he saying just a few verses earlier in Romans the second chapter. That judgment will come first to the Jew judgment comes first of Jew who was he talking about circumcised yet didn't physically sends us to do what is much has been entrusted to them. So what you want to do if you want to rightly understand something. Look at just get out a concordance and try to do in Greek.

If you can… Look up Jew Jewish Jews in the book of Romans and you see every single reference to a metaphysical Jew so Romans two 2029. How do we interpret it between two Jews who is the real Jew. Yet there is no Jew or Greek God site. The point Paul is making is we have a new covenant with Messiah. Okay, so William do you use the ladies bathroom. Can you have a baby if there's no Jew or Gentile, is also a male or female.

Is that what Paul means what is give instructions to husband's instructions to wives.

Was he doing all right if there's no male or female wisely instruct the husbands warmly wants another way was he telling the men to lift up holy hands in prayer, learning to dress modestly, what was he doing that if there's no male or female in go-ahead use the ladies bathroom. Go ahead, give birth to a baby as well know he saying that we are equal in status that absolutely we are equal in status. We are one in the Messiah. There is no cast system. There is no class system. There the Jews that hide in the Gentile or the man than the woman. No, no, we are equal, but we have our distinctions and we have each something unique to bring to the body right. Remember, sign up for Israel tour today. If you're looking at it, praying, take a look take a jump join us, you'll never be the same will never regret it, website asked Dr. Brown a SK DR check out the Israel tour today. February 1 10 through next year

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