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Is It a Sin to Divide the Land?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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March 15, 2018 5:00 pm

Is It a Sin to Divide the Land?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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March 15, 2018 5:00 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 03/15/18.

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The land of Israel is a sin in God's sight to divide the land for the sake of peace for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH index 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

It is thoroughly Jewish Thursday will conference to the broadcast. This is your thoroughly Jewish host Michael Brown 866-34-TRUTH is the number to call. My question for you based on Scripture. Is it a sin to divide the land of Israel for the sake of peace. In other words, have a two state solution for the sake of peace is that sinful in God's sight was peace and justice that the higher calling.

Are we misinterpreting the verse that speaks about dividing the land one verse in particular the book of Joel will talk about that today. Also, if you have a Jewish related question of any kind related to the Hebrew Bible related to Judaism or Jewish tradition related to messianic prophecy Jewish background to the New Testament that all qualifies as Jewish -related relating to the modern state of Israel will even cover some ground relating to Islam as well. Although I can't guarantee I can answer Islamic questions as well as mud usually questions, but you're usually the questions were given a shot, 866-348-7884 that is the number to call before we look at the key text in the book of Joel and talk about this. Let's talk about the peace process on a larger level. Is there hope of a real and lasting peace in the Middle East before Yeshua returns before Jesus returns in my mind, the answer is no, and in my opinion and notice I'm saying that clearly in my mind, in my opinion, the answer is no because it seems that the Scriptures that speak of end time peace. First Thessalonians 5, for example what everyone is saying peace and safety. That's when sudden destruction comes. Or, see Ezekiel 38, 39, the people of Israel and Judah living in in unwalled cities, living safe and secure, and then a great invasion of war comes, it seems to me that if there is to be a piece, it will only be temporary now. I can't prove that decisively, because I can't give you a chronology of the exact moments in which reliving Anita, can you leverage, you can't say I can guarantee you that it's five years before Jesus returns or two minutes before Jesus returns or 300 years before he returns. We can debate that we can question that we can look at prophetic Scriptures, and although it's all laid out. Listen, I've heard that it was all laid out time and again and what we do know is everyone who set a date for the Lord's return thus far has been wrong. That much we know everyone who has set a date thus far for the Messiah's return has been wrong.

Unless they set it for a way out and most people said it within their lifetimes. It was rare that someone living in the year 2018 writes a book on why Jesus is coming in year 3011 right now.

It's why he's coming in 2000 2100 something that's near verse of that's within our lifetimes. Everyone was ready set a date that has passed has been wrong so maybe the be 100 years of peace before destruction comes may be all I know is we are called to pursue peace and we are called to pursue justice and the children of Israel even today would agree, even as a largely secular nation that it's a good ethic to love your neighbor as yourself in the majority of Israelis would rather live at peace with their Palestinian or Arab neighbors, then live in a constant state of war. They'd rather that there are some who are very militant, don't want to share the land always with Arabs, but the great majority of the people would gladly live side-by-side the peaceful way we should pursue justice with this injustice. Either way, if Israel is treating the Palestinians unjustly if the Palestinians are treated Israelis unjustly, whatever that the issues are the surrounding nations if they want to wipe out Israel. We need to address these issues, but certainly we should pursue peace look.

If I knew, for example, that a terrible famine was coming in 20 years and and it was going to devastate a particular country and there's nothing we could do to stop it. If there starving people in the country today.

I still want to feed them. I still want to help them so you're not going to throw out all peace negotiations and peace efforts because one day it's going to fall apart or the only piece is going to be a pseudo-piece which you want to do is not compromise ethics, integrity, not throw wisdom out the window not commit national suicide with a peace process with unreliable neighbors that you don't want to do, but we all should say yes we stand for peace and justice in the Middle East now.

How will that work itself out. What exactly does that mean so. There are several things going on Pres. Trump with a major move the embassy moving to Jerusalem in May.

That's the plan. I still remember that I believe it was on CNN.

One commentator wasn't one of their regular guys but guess commentator making the statement we we played here and I just couldn't put my finger on it at all. All right, but I remember him saying that that everybody talks about moving the embassy everybody talks about the fact that Trump was actually planning to do. It was outrageous, so he's acted on it.

That's shocking enough that it's happening this quickly is even more shocking.

That's major now there are talks of Saudi's and others.

All consulting together with America to come up with a peace plan. What is that can look like. To what extent are the salaries and other Muslim nations really willing to work with Israel based on the philosophy the enemy of my enemy is my friend and Israel and the nations like Saudi Arabia, these Sunni Muslim nations.

They both have a common enemy, Iran saw a headline today. The leader of Saudi Arabia is like in the leader of Iran to Hitler, so there's no love lost between Sunni Muslims and Shieh Muslims and to this day the greatest number of people dying in in the Muslim wars are Muslims. Muslims killing Muslims is that the great majority of casualties. A will Israel be forced to make compromises doesn't want to make will or ended up being a divided Jerusalem with the Palestinian capital in East Jerusalem and so on it and then how it was actually positive through the American Embassy that these are all major questions but we should be praying is God's best Lord, your will be done for everyone involved. For the Israelis for the Arabs living there: cells Palestinians for the surrounding nations. Your best.

But this much I can say for sure that I plan to shout this out as loudly as I can at the Christ at the checkpoint conference in Bethlehem gobbling in late May, a conference that most of my mess into Jewish friends boycott a conference that my Christian friends boycott because they feel it is genuinely not a conference for for reconciliation and people are concerned Walt will Mike if you go there. That's going to be validating the conference. I'm going there to differ. I'm going there to protest some of their positions and to listen to them as well so that we can interact.

I want them to listen to me. Plan to listen to them. I believe God said to me with a message and that's why I'm going one thing I want to shout out to them.

As you will never have the fullness of God's blessing and you will never have the full sympathy of God's people until you embrace the fact that God himself has brought the Jewish people back to the land, whether they are good neighbors or bad neighbors. God brought them back to the land, whether it's making life better for you or worse for you. God brought them back to the land that does not sanction everything they do. That does not vindicate validate everything they do, but it does say that God Almighty is the one who scattered and only God can regather and that the kingdom one day when Jesus returns will be restored to Israel and the 12 apostles will seek sit on 12 thrones ruling over the 12 tribes of Israel text like acts one and Matthew 19 that I'm referencing here these things will happen and Jesus will return to a Jewish Jerusalem as we see from the end of Matthew 23 and Zechariah 12. These things are as sure as God is sure. So with certain you select your interpretation of stand on this interpretation of the things I'll tell you it's my opinion here.

I'm dogmatically on be wrong. Fine.

But I'm still you dogmatically. This is what I believe the Scriptures clearly teach how everything works out.

God knows our Jewish people saved outside of Jesus.

A short no need the blood of the Messiah, like everyone else and therefore we must labor to win Jewish people to the Lord like everyone else today but getting back to the question, what about the land what what about dividing the land for the sake of peace.

Let's take a look in control. Joel chapter 3 will reach you there Joel chapter 3 for behold, in those days. At that time when I restore the fortunes of Judah and Jerusalem. I will gather all the nations and take them to the Valley of Jehoshaphat, I will enter into judgment with them there because of my people by inheritance. Israel, the nations have scattered the Israelites in foreign countries and divided up my land. They cast lots for my people. They bartered a boy for a prostitute and sold a girl for wine to drink now. There couple of major takeaways here and I wrote an article he detailed log on this for publication that will come out as it later this year.

Yeah, later this year just in March no later this year on Israel and the land. It's the first time I really looked into this in depth in the question I was asked to address is the sin to divide the land of Israel. And when I really dove into things when I really looked at things this key text probably means that the nations were guilty of dividing up the land between themselves and other words that judgment was coming on them because they exiled the people of Israel and the people of Judah, and they divided up the land, meaning they divided it up for them selves and God was angry with them for doing that. That was part of their mistreating of his people as to whether it's a sin to divide the land itself other words, the sports for the Jewish people. This parts for the Arabs for the Palestinians and that's how you divided up if if that is what the text is saying if that is what the text is implying. It's certainly not direct the big thing that strikes me as I dove into the subject is God repeatedly calls the land my land my land my land so it is imperative that the nations of the world not act in a cavalier way when it comes to the one place on the planet.

God owns the whole world versus is it of Israel. He says my land, my inheritance that's will take away. Don't mess with right will be back six articles 66 of the Sterling file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor file now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome Thursday, this is Michael Brown you are listening to, watching the life I see how I watch while this is live right now live stream is losing on your radio or your app live stream. You can watch us on the S.

Dr. Brown YouTube channel asked Katie or Brown or you can watch on her ass. Dr. Brown asking your Brown Facebook page will we do live streams every day. So if that's easier for if you want to enjoy watching will be pull up Scripture verses sometimes will have the rent on the screen. Many times, or for playing a news clip you'll hear the audio on the radio but will play the video on the screen so and I get to wake our table at little show me little love your buddy that's watching are YouTube folks and Facebook. Just look at my extra screen over here sentence in a little icon love some MO. Geez, this way 866-34-TRUTH okay before I go to the phones.

February 1-10. So were were barely 11 months out now not even right clock is ticking. Join me for just my third ever Israel tour I go to Israel, often to minister. This is only the third tour that I'm doing so we don't do these.

That often join us. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, yet great hotels and great food in all okay that's great but why you going to sue the Lamb. If you've never seen it. We got a fabulous tour God, you'll be also with my dear friend and colleague Scott Faulk every day.

What a blessing to be with Scott. I will be at key sites adding extra teaching because the tour guide does the tort million times, but I could ever do it so I'll be doing key teaching key sites will be having meals together and every night will be doing things together. That's were recalling a holy fire in the holy land, so I'll be doing special teachings will be doing Q&A will be having some special ministry worship, preaching times a will be doing my radio show live you can participate with that.

So register today day. Get your deposit in today go to the website asked Dr. Brown a SKDR You see the batter right on the home page click there for more information. Right. Let's go to the phones will start in Manchester New Hampshire truly welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown how are you today I'm doing very well thank you for good. I question because the related and I'm hearing once again the doctrine being out that they weren't thinking that there for the first century Jews that they don't apply to us today that are popular all in one.

We need written. When people shouldn't feel so special that you are speaking to them directly through Scripture, not really for them. Number one, and then it comes in to dispensationalism so I take your answer off the air about what I'd like to. Israel is 90 errors with that view and also error of sensationalism are where that fall short in nature yet sure thing. Great question Julie, thank you so allow me now a minute to explain the question dispensationalism is also the belief system that holds three pretrip rapture. It really comes into definition in the 1800s. There is no evidence of it being taught. Before that, and then becomes popular with the Scofield reference Bible and then further popularized through books likely great planet Earth and in the left behind novel series.

It's called dispensationalism because it believes that there are distinct dispensations of how God has dealt with humanity through the ages.

So the first dispensation was the dispensation of innocence in the garden. Adam and Eve before they sin obviously a short dispensation, then the dispensation of conscience and again these are to me. Most of these arbitrary division so I do not personally hold to this right so then dispensationalism says, you then have the age of four. First, the age of innocence. Then after Adam and Eve sin the age of conscience.

Then once God gives instructions to know about government you have the age of human government then once God begins to give promises to Abraham, you have the age of promise and then you have the age of grace and then you have the age of the kingdom. I may have left one out along the way. But the key thing is the age of grace this age. Accordingly, dispensationalism is the church age, and it is separate from God's dealings with Israel. So look at it like this, God's dealing with Israel over here.

They have a big parenthesis and the church in the middle here and then you have got dealing with Israel again. If you have words in a parenthesis in the sentence. You can take them out and the meaning remains the same for the sentence. So, for example, I'll say this yesterday, I celebrated my anniversary with Nancy parentheses whom I met in 1974, as we have now been married for 42 years so in parentheses.

I say we met in 1974. You can take that out same sense that we celebrate our anniversary of been married for 42 years, so a dispensations reading of Scripture says that we have this church age that which is the parenthetical age and then when God takes the church out. He begins dealing with Israel once again. Of course it breaks down in many levels.

God has one body, one family, which is save Jews and save Gentiles, the Eckley Sia the congregation. The church that Jesus is building is one new man in him save Jews and save Gentiles. That's one thing and that is the culmination of what he's doing. Ephesians 3 is so that the whole world and the spiritual world can see the wisdom of God and what he brings together in this Eckley Sia and we know that relief comes for his persecuted people for his persecuted Eckley Sia when Jesus returns, not in a secret rapture but in a public demonstration of power coming in flaming fire taking vengeance on those who don't know God as we see plainly laid out in second Thessalonians. The first chapter right.

He will bring rest and relief to us whose us right that's Paul writing to Gentile believers. He's going to bring rest and belief to Gentile believers to his church went when Jesus comes in flaming fire, a public event not a secret rapture of the dispensational reading of Scripture means that the 70 weeks of Daniel which seem to be consecutive. 490 years of week 707, that it's actually the first 483 years.

The first 69 weeks of consecutive events now without any hint of the text you have a gap of a 2000 years, or maybe even longer. So there are many many many problems with this freshly thinking about it because Craig Keener I Prof. Craig Keener basely finishing up a book. Now the come out next year on why we don't believe in the pretrip rapture and we do explain the dispensational mode of thinking. At the same time recognizing that there find dispensational his brothers and sisters in the world today that there find coworkers. We have their dispensations we don't divide over this, but we differ with this viewpoint strongly now dispensational is used to teach that the sermon on the Mount was not for the church. The sermon on the Mount was the Constitution for the kingdom of God and that the Jewish people rejected that and therefore it is held up that you can learn from it, but it's not for the church. Rather, it is will be the Constitution of the millennial kingdom.

Jesus returns that's that's bogus is completely bogus.

How I know it's bogus. It's also being taught today in the hyper grace And Julie if you get my book hyper grace I get into several whole chapter that smashes this very dangerous serious and ugly error that the words of Jesus really for first century Jews and apply to us today. How can I smash that and debunk that Matthew 24, 35 Jesus says that heaven and earth will pass away his words will never pass away. John 1426 when the Holy Spirit comes, he'll remind us to remind the apostles right of the things that Jesus previously taught why it was just for that Jewish audience that was there. Not only so Matthew 2819 and the great commission.

2819 29, 20 instructs the believers extracts the apostles to teach the new converts right to make disciples of nations teaching them to observe everything Jesus has commanded them.

The Greek is past everything I've previously commanded you, so we have a mandate there to teach that to everyone. Okay, that Jesus is giving us the great commission mandate to take his words and teach them to everyone.

Not only so, but in John 1517 Jesus says in speaking of that, he is the branch that he is the vine and we are the branches that he says this. If you abide in me, you branches of vitamin E and my words of abide in you, you can ask what you will and it will be given to you and not only so, the words of Jesus are quoted in the book of acts asked the 20th. Chuck is more blessed to give than to receive. In the words of Jesus speaking to seven interrogation summation my Revelation 2 and three that's Jesus continuing to speak. It is absolutely, utterly bogus, ridiculous wrong serious error to say that the words that Jesus taught are not for believers, sitting there certain things were.

He's addressing a specific first century Jewish dispute and speaking into that we are not have to make application according but Matthew five was at Fort then his disciples came to him and he sat down and taught them saying these are the words of Jesus for his followers with a say in John 663. The words I speak to. They are spirits and they are life and what is it also say in John one verses 14 and 18 that he came full of grace and truth. This is the revelation of God's grace. This is not something that is just world for the Jewish agent Sylvia Nono. This is the revelation of God's grace that is for all of God's people today. These are treasures God has given us. Jesus is not only died for sins and risen from the dead by his given us the treasures of his words.

We should take and every single one of them a tape all utterly shocked and appalled to find out that people were using him to say the words of Jesus. Don't apply to whoever gets the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown is my great privilege to spend this time together with you. If you have a Jewish related question for me Jewish related question of any kind. Hebrew related messianic prophecy related related to Israel today Jewish background to the New Testament if your Jewish listener and you don't believe that Jesus issue.

It is our Messiah by Romans give me a call 866-348-7884 women read some scriptures to you regarding how God looks at the land of Israel.

Now please understand he does not show favoritism. All human beings must come the same way the way of the cross, a Jewish person does not have an in inroad to God and a Gentile is cast out, though God's love is for all redemption. Salvation is for all, but just as he calls different individuals to different places of service receive a call one person to be a custodian and another person to be the President of the United States.

He may call one person to be single and another person to be the mother of eight. There are many different callings. He may call one person to labor in prayer privately and another person to speak publicly. He has different places of service for us. The same with the nations and Israel place a particular role in this plan, as does the land of Israel.

So the question is, is it wrong for nations for Israel Palestinian negotiators to sit down together and talk about dividing up the land is a sin certain Joel 32 Ritz is the nations divided up the land.

The sin there is the they divided it between themselves. That's clearly what is being spoken against dividing the land up between themselves kicking Israel out and dividing the land up at the listen to these verses. Jeremiah 27 I brought you into a plentiful land to enjoy its fruit since good things, but you came in you defiled Mylan to speak in Israel and my heritage.

You made an abomination. Jeremiah 1618. He speaks of my land and my inheritance is Ezekiel 36 five I've spoken in my hot jealousy against the rest of the nations against a leader who gave my land to themselves as a possession with wholehearted joy. Ezekiel 3816 you will come up against my people Israel like a cloud covering the land in the latter days, I will bring you against my land, that the nations may know me when through you agog I vindicate my holiness before their eyes, as if 1425 I will break the Assyrian in my land, and on my mountains, trample him underfoot. Joel 16 for nations come up against my land powerful beyond number. Its teeth are lion's teeth and it has the fangs of a lioness. So what what we get from its Leviticus 25, 23, the land shall not be sold in perpetuity for the land is mine. You are strangers and sojourners with me. What we need to bear in mind is this you don't play games with God's land like it's any other part of the world, there must be a certain respect and recognition. I don't expect the nations of the world to have that understanding. I will expect save Saudi Arabia to have that understanding or Jordan to have that understanding or leaders in the Palestinian Authority to have them understand Ike I don't expect that but what I do expect is that Christians praying for the land believers in Jesus who are involved to have influence in government.

I expect them to recognize that because it is biblical truth so handle with care. Got that 86634. Let's go back to the phones and will go to Woodstock, Georgia Eric, welcome to the line of fire and Dr. Brown. Court thank you sir. Thank you Greg you are you just wanted to make a quick, and then have a great question. I totally spat upon that scripture in Joel three concerning the replica nations dividing outbursts all goes.

Essentially that's what they're doing, especially when it comes Palestinian Authority in the Gaza Strip and they haven't listed in their charter that they want to drive all of God's covenant people.

The Jewish people out of the land and you don't blood in the Mediterranean it to kill themselves. Emanations are helping, so I entered through the Scripture. The mage is really gives a log burning call from the Lord you my land alone or I will be what you sir okay but but my question really quick note for short time. As far as the division of the land during the millennial reign of the style what your thoughts are met because I'm initiative confusion for me at all but gone up and meditate on this for couple days but God specifically told Abraham to give this land to your descendents from the river Euphrates to the Nile River into the great sea the Mediterranean that when you read in Ezekiel about the division of the land that God gives multiple tribes that are restored back to the land. It didn't seem to quite cover that range. So I was wondering if you could probably just don't own the rate don't don't be too hard on yourself. Don't rate yourself he said should be clear and simple and it's it's not totally no listen, that's the way it is with future prophecy that is not unfolded through certain things to me that are clear as day that I'm dogmatic about that. I feel strongly about and others that I have questions about look in Ezekiel 40 through 48. There's a new temple right and of course the immediate application of that was Ezekiel was to show the plans to the exiles in in Babylon, the Jewish exiles in Babylon, and they would be a shame when they sought knowing here we are in exile.

We were supposed to be back in the land, building this temple but rabbinic scholars looking at this many centuries ago realized that the dimensions of Ezekiel's temple don't line up with the dimensions of Solomon's Temple or going back to the original dimensions that were given for the tabernacle that Moses built so the Talmud states that there was there was one rabbi spent many many many many nights up there working through the night burning that the midnight oil right the midnight handle and and ended up he reconciled everything he reconciled the data, but his records are lost.

In other words, we don't know exactly how everything plays out through traditional Jew. They have no problem of the future vision with Israel in the center and the word of the Lord, going out from Jerusalem to the nations, of all the nations, referencing Israel and the God of Israel and a future temple with future sacrifices that works perfectly fine with their views. The problem is the text doesn't line up perfectly.

There are still questions that remain. Because the dimensions are different and in their mind. The tour is eternal and the torrid is knocking to change. So when you're looking at it trying to work out the exact promises agog of Abraham and will it work out exactly like this or would be slightly different. The millennial kingdom and other civil why do we need a template. All we know in Revelation 22 that the Lamb of God himself. God and the Lamb that is the temple God himself is the temple in the midst of the new Jerusalem. So what do you need an earthly temple, and certainly why you need sacrifices and things like that so to me there are questions that remain. When you get to the end of Isaiah Isaiah chapter 65 and 66 it talks about a new heaven and a new earth, but then it describes the millennial kingdom and and someone dying in 100 will be considered just a child. What is I can ignore any death in the new heaven and the new earth and yet another picture there of the millennial kingdom is described as new heavens, North and France.

Daily chin is greater. Isaiah commentary for the 1800 seat.

He said the prophet is putting these two things together.

You know the thousand year reign of the Messiah and the new heavens and the new earth. Even second Peter three which talks about hastening that day, the day that when the Lord returns that that we are praying for our holy living can speed up it it says there that when he comes that that the universe basis can be burned up with fire everything to be renovated, which most of us put at the end of the millennial kingdom. So all that to say Eric. There are there are legitimate questions, and I don't have it all worked out. What is clear to me that there's no pretrip rapture. With this clear to me is that the Jewish people been restored back to the land by God. What is clear to me is that Jesus will return to a Jewish Jerusalem. What is clear to me is that the wicked attacking Jerusalem will be destroyed but not the whole earth will be destroyed. The wicked will be destroyed will be much repentance among the nations and among the Jewish people. I do believe the be a glorious thousand year reign of the Messiah on the earth that was largely held to from what we can tell by the followers of Jesus in the first few centuries of this error as well. Beyond that, how everything works out every detail I have questions that remain. And it's one of those things that once you get the full picture where appears to be a contradiction now will not be a contradiction vent so keep studying learning looking at it I'm going back to Ezekiel 40 through 48. A fresh praying and asking God for insight on it to see things I might be missing, but we may not get full life until we get closer to these events unfold in a thank you sir and as I was talking to a biblical scholar about this the other day over meal he said look we we got the first coming wrong your meaning in history of Jewish people.

We didn't understand that correctly. But once Jesus opens up the Scriptures and we see, it's like how could anyone not see it. In fact, many, many Christians tell me they have no idea how religious Jews. Rabbis cannot see Jesus and they will test how they cannot clearly see that you she was the Messiah utterly baffles them and it's wonderful that so clear to them. It's wonderful that their faith is so strong. I just find it interesting that their faith is so strong see it so clearly they can't even see how we Jewish people person can have any problem or the objection was that clear. And yet the disciples themselves did not understand that Jesus had to die and it's once he died and rose and open their eyes. He's then they went back to the Scriptures and there it is this it was manufactured, no, no, no, there is crystal clear, undeniable, absolutely laid out advance, but laid out advance in such a way that it was not evident before it happened and one reason is the wisdom of God list.

We try to make things happen.

Lest we try to create something less we try to bring to pass the will of God.

But if you ever talk with people that seem to have two completely contradictory stories and get them a room together and then when they talk together.

It's like all this is how it fits at source 11 time processing. Hey, I will look for some YouTube questions. If you have a Jewish related question for me on YouTube.

I may answer some come back if the line of fire with your host activist and author international speed and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown about no such thing as a Palestinian.

They have no language, no cultural history other than what they created.

That's something that I've often emphasizes well I want to give another side to that on the one hand it is true that there was no such thing as a Palestinian state through history. There was no such thing as a Palestinian consciousness through history. There was no such thing as a Palestinian patriotism through history.

There was no Palestinian flag. There was no Palestinian currency. There is no Palestinian empire or any such thing, rather there were Arabs living in the land of what used to be Israel, and in the Romans renamed to Palestine. They were living there. They were living under various rule.

They were living in. Once the rise of Islam to place. There were living under Ottoman Turkish rule.

There were living under Christian rule at different times with battles of the Crusades and things like that but they were considered to be part of greater Syria or Syria being ancient in and having it's its own history. Children of greater Syria and you didn't have statehood that a lot of the nations that exist today work were brought into existence in the 20th century there just been various tribal affiliations.

You didn't have Saudi Arabia and in terms of a distinct country is as much as a kingdom with tribal affiliation Yemen.

These different things. Some of these nations carved out in new ways, but the fact is you did have people living there for centuries. You had people that did consider it their homeland, and there has been disruption for many of them with the rise of the modern state of Israel with the seven surrounding Muslim Arab nations same were going to drive the Jews into the sea. The war that cause the exiling of's maybe 600,000 of the Arabs who were living there. And of course some of them had to flee because there was war. Some of them were and were now in conflict with their Jewish neighbors, but if not for the surrounding nations declaring war there could've been a two state solution in 1947, 1948. That's a fact. All right, so on the one hand, there is no Palestinian history and as said many times that the Palestinian orchestra. What 80, 90 years ago, as consisting all of Jews in the Palestine post is now the Jerusalem Post is a Jewish publication so Jews had more of a Palestinian identity than the Arabs did one former Muslim made the statement that before the Six-Day War. He was a Jordanian 1967 and after the Six-Day War.

He was a Palestinian so there was now a concerted effort to say we are a Palestinian people and that much is false. That is not the faucet on the flipside, are there those that lived in the land for generations. That said, this is our homeland who felt dispossessed by the Jewish people.

Yes, that's true. So there is there is the human element which we need to take seriously and have compassion in the midst of that. And then there is the historical fabrication civil why do you refer to Palestinians and don't you say Arabs because this is a way that they are self identifying and to the extent that they have a history whether it's for two generations or for 10 generations of living in the land before the Jewish people received their stated it's a fair identification. It's misleading. On the one hand, because it gives the idea that there is this historic Palestinian people and they were looking for statehood know is not true that Heather were people living there in the land of Palestine to say that was our homeland and we were pushed out because of war and we want to go back so there is that part of the narrative which is true.

So from the humanity viewpoint. We always want to bear that in mind is the modern state of Israel. The reconstituted Israel of the Bible, according to God's promise to bring them back to their land. Yes, but not fully.

What I mean. Number one. As I stated over and again if God scattered the Jewish people in judgment.

We do not have the power to regather ourselves when he blesses no one can curse many curses. No one can bless when he smites them.

We can feel when he feels no one can smite when he opens the door. No one can close it when he closes the door.

No one can open it when he scatters in his wrath. No one can regather British mandate can't regather the United Nations can't regather American Russia can't regather this matter who tries to Jewish people have the power regather themselves. The nations can't regather if God scatters in his wrath, and now we have a modern nation of Israel with more than 6 million Jews living there. How did that happen. God did it, use it, but they haven't repented. As a nation. Look at the precedent in Ezekiel 36. Even though we are in sin and exile. God brought us out of Babylon.

Why because we were righteous because we were good. No, because his own name was being blasphemed.

That's why so the same way God has brought the Jewish people back to and not because of our goodness, but because of his goodness, not because of our resolve with because of his resolve. This is his hand out of the ashes of the Holocaust. He regather us, so it is absolutely part of what God has spoken of them even see the firstfruits that so much of the land that was part of. If you go with us to Israel next February to see it with your eyes so much of the land that was that was barren. That was undeveloped, which was the great majority of the land is is thriving and convergent in an producing multiple harvests every year and the nations coming to help Jewish people return to Lynette's fulfillment of prophecy, but there is more to happen. Still, and there is a miraculous element and I don't believe that we will see the complete fulfillment of the promise to regather the Jewish people until the Messiah comes that that there will still be Jews scattered in different parts role. As I understand the text and the finality of the regather will take place as he returns once he returns. As I understand the Scriptures, 866-34-TRUTH.

Let's see here right my understand is that Orthodox Judaism is similar to other workspace faiths.

The emphasis is on obeying laws to be righteous in God's sight.

Christianity recognizes the promisee of Jesus Christ others truth to that. But let's not exaggerate.

On the one hand, Judaism is a religion of long commandments. Judaism does believe that this world can be sanctified by the keeping of commandments that we can be sanctified by the keeping of commandments that every commandment we keep brings us closer to holiness that these are God's commandments, reflecting the perfection of God. So yes, it is commandments-based for sure in a traditional Jew from the moment he gets up in the morning similarly goes to sleep at night is constantly thinking of what he can do to please God and how he can please him by keeping these commandments and when it comes to Yom Kippur, the day of atonement. Traditional Jew believes that his deeds are weighed in the balance that if his good deeds outweigh his bad deeds that helps his name will be written in the book of life for another year. That's true. On the other hand, a Jewish person prays for mercy every day, a Jewish person understands that he only lives that she only lives by the grace and mercy of God, a Jewish person understands that on their very best day they still fall short of God's perfection and holiness. So Judaism does have a lot to say about mercy, about grace, but certainly not in the fullness of the way that we have through the gospel. So when we read in John 117, that the law was given by Moses, grace and truth came by Jesus the Messiah doesn't mean there was no grace and no truth in Moses there is it mean there's no law in Jesus the Messiah. But there is certainly a contrast. It shouldn't be a but the Greek does not have, but it's better have a; the law the teaching of God was given by Moses; grace and truth came by Jesus the Messiah. So God is doing something even greater than he did before. Even more wonderful. It's not totally foreign to Judaism, but certainly Judaism does not put that emphasis on grace to the degree that we have through the new covenant, and of course I say, as laid out in the Hebrew Scriptures of let's see do I think that the Sanhedrin wants the Temple Mount. Let's see tweets about the topic and it's possible that there may be a deal in place radar. I don't see many many tweets that come so sorry. Wish I could see everything but but don't see it through. I think the Sanhedrin wants it enough to to divide the land if I really understand the question. Do I think the Sanhedrin so Jewish leadership wants the third Temple bill enough that it would work out some kind of arrangement to divide the land if that's the question that when there's no real functioning Sanhedrin that is making decisions for Israel at this point right there were different groupings there.

There, there have been assemblies of of leading rabbis coming together as a modern Sanhedrin, but there is no governing body.

As such, that is, making decisions, that's one thing.

And secondly, is there a deal in place a II simply don't know. All I know is this effort.

Speculation about the third Temple and people focusing on it, raising all kinds of questions for decades now and I have not seen any change in the status quo on the ground right now. I do not know how it could work out that the dome of the rock.

Alexa Moss will be destroyed so that 1/3 Temple everything needed could be built. Joel Richardson suggest an Islamic antichrist to board is an arrangement with the Jewish people to build the temple and that's how they embrace them as a world leader hates as good a theory as any.

But I simply don't know how these things will unfold. Hey, we've got a great Jewish resource offer for you week this week that'll really bless you some of our most important Jewish resources put together a great discount package. Find out more at my website asked Dr. Brown the Lord ask ADR Brown the Lord share today's broadcast friend spread the word together making a difference

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