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You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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March 30, 2018 4:21 pm

You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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March 30, 2018 4:21 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 03/30/18.

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It's Good Friday, but we are live on the water far you got questions. We got answers stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks much for joining us on today's broadcast, especially those of you that are on vacation today, or I should say have a holiday today for Good Friday and it's a different day for your neighbor, you're able to listen live when you normally can't, by all means give us a call.

Maybe that a question you wanted to ask but could never call in live 866-348-7884. Any subject under the sun that I can be of help in any subject whatsoever we have any expertise my joy to answer your questions today. Again, 86634. So Christians around the world today celebrating the crucifixion of Jesus. Jews around the world today starting at sunset celebrating the Passover. Originally this was one and the same celebration Jesus. Yeshua died for our sins and rose from the dead in the midst of the Passover celebration feast of unleavened bread, but over the centuries us got separated just as Judaism and Christianity got separated from me, we go back to the Jewish roots into the Jewish Messiah to get the full meaning of both 866-34-TRUTH without further ado straight to the phones we stored in Texas with Cody.

Welcome to the line of fire Tiger after dark room. Michael you are very welcome a different agreement. Note to do and open up our calls but my question is regarding John the Baptist's ministry, recognizing Jesus coming we know there there were cousin, but one is coming to you automatically when coming to John Fairfield I'm gonna take away from the world than later. In John 129 EA reiterates that he didn't know him before the spirit of the market and I'll warn you get your take on that right so see you have the account in Matthew three and in Luke three where Jesus is baptized and you have more details that than Mark gives you there and that's when he is recognized with John one leases behold the Lamb of God who takes with the sin of the world does that say in John that was before the water baptism is, is it to the contrary that people are coming to John as he is is is baptizing people so of obviously it's at this time. When Jesus is getting baptized that John recognizes him and that before that he didn't fully understand the scope of things. Obviously he was set apart.

He had his own preparation. Obviously his mother and and his aunts Miriam Mary had talked and understood certain things, but I think a lot of it only became clear as it began to unfold. Some I'm sending John one is this is all in conjunction with you she was water baptism and that's when John fully recognizes who he is and then of course later on when he's in prison and things have not unfolded the way he expected is recounted in Matthew 11 Luke seven. That's when John has his question.

Are you the one that was to cover should be look for another, but I think if you just look at a chronologically. John has his full understanding is revelation in conjunction with water baptism Ryan Maxwell led to believe that he would know a magnifier about what I spirit seminar market of.

However, in Matthew before that happened.

21. Do come from, you know I'm not worthy. It is usually about me and yet you companies are wondering how you at that idea without knowing how you have that idea was his cousin's cousin right so in other words, if it was it was his cousin. He had heard. As I said what was prophesied to his mother and father that he was gonna be the forerunner of the Messiah and that that that they understood that his his younger cousin was to be the Messiah but II don't think even knowing certain things that until they began to unfold that you fully understand what they mean so you could've heard it, but not fully heard, like Joseph and Mary and Joseph and Mary when they hear Simeon's prophecy in Luke two they they take the things to heart. They ponder them. I think they kept being shocked. You know what when Jesus is stays in Jerusalem during the Passover and they come looking for him and and they they said they get it, but they still don't get it and I think there's that on unfolding but but notice again right that it's in the context of the water baptism that he he sees them come down right so the next day John saw Jesus coming terms of years, the Lamb of God takes with us to the world directly quoted Psalm 129 but he certainly recognized who he was on some before that and again what moment does he see the spirit coming on him as a dove is is it justice is going under the waters is at the water know you could discuss that as well, but certainly he knew he was before number one and then number two it becomes even clearer to him at baptism but here's here's the real mystery. Cody to call the Lamb of God is to speak of suffering right. Did John have that understanding early if so, why was he discouraged and prisoner apparently discouraged when Jesus hadn't established the kingdom as quickly as he expected or manifested himself as Messiah and she said her mom he was doing all the messianic things but obviously was to set up his kingdom on the earth, so I think all through it. There's insight but because they didn't have the full picture.

They keep walking through it.

Learning more. That's why the disciples as much excuses told her everything.

Finally, they didn't get it until after he died and then rose from the dead.

Then they got it so great questions Cody. I appreciate them and have a blessed weekend, 866-34-TRUTH we go to Phoenix, Arizona Jamar, welcome to the line of fire.

Thank you Dr. Brown protect Mark all I have a question in regards to you through the creative and free night. How do we calculate that the goal where you can be great Friday night to Monday morning, and how to affect calculate three days and three nights. If I understand it correctly, you will be like Jonah and Eric create three not right so it's a common question that that's asked and it's one that is because many people to say will maybe.

Jesus was crucified on a Wednesday and then you have three days and three nights in the earth before he or in the grave before he rises from the dead silt a few answers to that.

There's obviously strong tradition that he was crucified on Friday. Otherwise it would be very easy to to bump up the, the date of his crucifixion say that to be on a Thursday or on Wednesday. We know that generally speaking in Jewish law and calculation that any part of the day counted as a day so you have the rest of the day Friday before nighttime when when after the death of Jesus is buried before the patent before the Sabbath that you have the full Sabbath and you have the beginning with Saturday night of the Sunday so you have parts of three days and three nights which would just be considered three days and for example when I travel on my calendar. I don't put the day that I'm traveling out. I put the day that I arrive and that's how I compute things got a three day trip. Nancy has it from the day I leave to the day I arrive even though I'm home for part of those she has. It is a five day trip so that can easily be done differently but you say how can it be three full days and three full nights if it was three full days and three full nights that he would've had to be crucified on Wednesday as opposed to a Friday to get the three full days and three full nights, others just say that is homiletical statement in the context of what happened to Jonah 3 days and nights. The same thing will happen to the Son of Man. Some would say that that three days and three nights is not in all the original Greek manuscripts and that's a later interpretation added in that he said just as Jonah was three days in the belly of the fish on it to be three days and in the heart of the earth meeting dead but it's either part of three days part of three nights or it's a Wednesday versus a Friday. It's discovered one of the two can't be both appreciative animated. I believe I have been a believer remote my adult life into something that you live, study, and I failed. But like Don are greater than three nights but we know he was going to this for three days and three nights. The Bible meant that Clarendon out of the death calculate that I printed yet so so again it's it's gonna be one of the other in terms of what we do with that. But what we know is that these things were so fixed the believers remembering that the the Davis crucifixion and and commemorating that and and celebrating the resurrection and even that's the overwhelming truth that can satisfy the wages of a totally other note of Jonah must've been one stubborn dude never think about that.

Everything that has stubborn Jonah must've been that he doesn't repent it.

That's the feeling you get right that what he truly repents. That's when God wrote delivers it, but that's one stubborn guide for reading it right that he's like an argument that project come over here in the fish's belly like a repent takes him that long to humble himself and cry out. If so, that's quite an interesting insight, 866-34-TRUTH. Let us go to Jerry Kia in Texas.

Welcome to the line of fire burning. Shabbat shalom and also on October on Micro Center for walk have a question about it.

Beat your careful like you did me because I know the Messiah that I after the order of the deck, not after the Levitical priest, but confusing to get from people that that individual temple at the Prince of Messiah, but it can't be because of the guilt.

40 fiber is that it offered back out. I'm just really confused about that of Dr. Bob, please elucidate that. Yeah sure think so first point is that nowhere does it mention the Messiah in the context of Ezekiel 40 to 48. It never mentions that the king of the messianic King. It does not call him the branch. It does not use other epithets that are associated with the Messiah so I don't believe that the Prince is the Messiah in Ezekiel 40 through 48. That's the first thing the second thing is there are there lots of questions about the nature of Ezekiel's temple. We see other prophetic words, telling us that the Messiah will build the temple like Zechariah the sixth chapter, Ezekiel 40 through 48 does not mention of the sign that context. In the in the original context was the return from Babylon that that would be the temple that would be built by the children of Israel, of course, the dimensions of the temple are different than the dimensions in the Torah of the tabernacle or the dimensions of Solomon's Temple, so the rabbis had a problem with that. How then could that be a temple that they're supposed to build and that it allegedly the problems can be rectified, but there a lot of questions with it doesn't say that it will be a future temple during the millennial kingdom. That's how it's normally understood but just as Hebrews tells us that the blood of bulls and goats in the Old Testament could never actually take away sin. It's the same with the blood of bulls and goats.

If there is a millennial temple. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends joining us on a 4866-34-TRUTH. By the way, on a normal Friday. Our phone lines are jammed beginning to and we appreciate your persistence in trying to get through will have some more open lines 2 days it's a different day for a lot of people a day with her schedules have changed on Good Friday, so feel free to call in, the sooner you call the better chance we have of getting to call 866-34-TRUTH so this is Jerry, trip and stir color Jerry Kia correct pronunciation, but just to finish up about Ezekiel's Temple. The idea of a future temple with blood sacrifices presents no problem for traditional Judaism which is looking forward to that all right, which does not believe that the death of the Messiah. Once role took the place of all the sacrifices as we do, but there are problems in the interpretation because the dimensions of Ezekiel's Temple are different than the dimensions of the tabernacle that God gave to Moses there for that presents difficulties for traditional Judaism for a historical exegete just looking at the text it presents problems because it seems to be something that was supposed to be done with the return from exile from Babylon. And yet there is no attempt to do anything like that it presents a problem for Christians who say that the blood of Jesus is all that we need. Therefore, future sacrifices would be redundant.

The only thing that would make sense would be just as the Old Testament sacrifices in and of themselves were not efficacious but drew their efficacy from what Jesus did on the cross and therefore look forward to that that future sacrifices of the millennial temple would not be efficacious in themselves but withdraw their efficacy. From what Jesus did and would look back to those back to the cross. This is one of the things RAM? Being yet future that a lot of things makes sense as they unfold, and they don't make full sense until we get closer until they fully unfold in that respect, we still know in part as Paul wrote first Corinthians 13 but thank you for the question, 866342. The I'm just looking at our YouTube chat and yet here and there. I will interact Rye guy on YouTube have might consider that Jonah may have been dead in the fish and then brought back to life.

No having consider that text.

Nowhere says that never says that he died and was resurrected was interesting point, but note that the text has Jonah cry out to God Jonah choose a prayer from Jonah in the belly of the fish and shed okay real Jews believe in Jesus that you outwardly but inwardly.

As long as you understand that a Jew is still a Jew in God's sight, even if that person does not believe in Jesus the New Testament still consistently cause a person or Jew because the person Israel, but says that there is an Israel within Israel. That is the remnant of those who believe in the Messiah within the nation of Israel, and there were Jews who were circumcised both outwardly and inwardly, and God is ultimately looking for the condition of the heart, not just ethnicity. We understand that 866343 go over to Tennessee Bob welcome to light a fire by Dr. Brown's apartment about an offering from experts all the way through Deuteronomy and when you look at all the standard thousands of animals that were struck by you. You actually I'm reading right here out of the Leviticus forces when anyone stands unintentionally, then you bring these offerings now what about people in sand intentionally do that was another sacrifice or was it all the same to know everything is outmigration so much better to live on an hour. What yet.

So first thing you did not have to bring a sacrifice every time you send it if that was the case all people would do all day is going.

Sacrifices and at the end of the month there be no more animals left sacrifice so the idea that every time you you send you how to make your way to Jerusalem and offer sacrifices is not the case. There there are many ways to deal with with sin. There was repentance that was always required that everything required a sacrifice. But there were different sacrifices for different occasions.

The burnt offering was just a sacrifice of complete dedication. It was burnt up completely. The priest would need any of it. The, the worshiper wouldn't eat any of it you had offering cervical fellowship or peace offerings that are offered for other purposes, then you had the sacrifices that you're referencing it in Leviticus 4 for unintentional sins. So let's say for example that that you violated the law of of a clean and unclean, and then realized you had done it. You became aware then you would want to be purified and offer that sacrifice. But then if you see for example of in in Leviticus 5 it goes on with with this and then it begins to talk about some intentional sins right that if if you deceived your neighbor if you did other things like that so that's called the Schaum which is the guilt offering and those were offered for some intentional sins, and then once a year on the day of atonement sacrifices would be made for the entire nation of Israel for all the sins that they had committed so this was the time no matter what you had done matter how far you had fallen that this would be a time of kinds of their certain sins. If you go to them. Your put to death right but otherwise Leviticus 16.

If there is sin and rebellion that that is all confessed read through Leviticus 16's are in on the day of atonement. This would be the time for the people of Israel to humble themselves before God. This would be the time for the priest to offer up special offerings and sacrifices and perform certain rights and and lay hands on the animal that would be sent into the wilderness, symbolically carrying the guilt and rebellion of the children of Israel, and through participation in that you could be forgiven.

That being said, through the cross were offered forgiveness on a whole different level and acts 13 even says that through the cross we can be forgiven from things that we could not be forgiven of through the law of Moses. Hey Bob, thank you very much for your question and everybody listening before go back to the phones, no matter who you are, no matter what you've done. The matter how far you fall, no matter how great your guilt is then about how shameful your sins are.

You may just flipped on the radio not even know who I am. I'm here is a messenger I'm here is an ambassador to tell you Jesus pay for the sins when he died on the cross, the most ghastly dastardly ugly sins that you've committed things that you be ashamed of any other person knew God knew Jesus died for those sins paid for them in full and then rose from the dead as he was vindicated. If you turn to God and say God forgive me God wash me clean.

God give me a new heart. I'm guilty in your site. I deserve judgment I deserve death and hell, forgive me, cleanse me. I believe Jesus died for my sins. I believe he rose through that.

Have mercy on the God forgive me, cleanse me. He will give you a new heart. He will give you a new life for you can now live to do the will of God cry out to him. He's near to the broken hearted something that we should remember on the day Christians around the world especially remember the crucifixion of Jesus. 866-34-TRUTH we go to Jamison in Arizona. Welcome to light a fire by Dr. Brown lower called Martin. Every yes go answer it llama? Regards from 45 in the work Obama by promo God of everlasting and and and people of America, young women, eight, and we look at better by representative from form of beauty, my question was regarded as part of the word in Hebrew, Elohim, and of the place of the in the Bible where Elohim is no regular humans might judge our Arlington are limited.

You know you are gone all the wonder how do we distinguish Elohim and 45 and begin about it. Be giddy. Elohim are the amount of marble human being in this earth yet. Hey James, I'm getting used to your good keep requesting so so thanks thanks for another month of the first thing is, where it does apparently say in Exodus bring the person to the judges Elohim distal dispute as to what it means.

Judges are bring that person before God. But if it does mean judges it's plural and people right so Elohim would be referring to the highest authorities, but it's plural. Hence, to plural people here Elohim is being spoken of one person which would be totally different than speaking it of many people are several people to speak of one person.

Now you're speaking of that person with that majestic plural that Elohim carries.

What's also important is when you're just reading it in Hebrew Kisa follow him. Lalonde by Ed the throne of God is forever and ever. If you just read that sentence.

III did that to my first Hebrew teacher at the college. He was an Israeli. He was a rabbi and teaching at school as well, and I asked him to please translate that for many secure throne of God is forever never praises to the Almighty, and I said, but read the context he got red in the face when he did and and notice that immediately after that in the next verse you love righteousness and hate we could this therefore God so therefore Elohim your Elohim has anointed you with the oil of joy more than your companions. There's an immediate referenced Elohim as God again so it's totally natural in that context to read it as God. Some Jewish interpreters read. It is your throne is God, which is is not a clear statement of his try to say Elohim there issues and adjectival way, meaning your divine throne. But the most natural way of reading. It is your throne of God is forever and ever so here in an ancient is like theology would be speaking of the king in the most highly exalted terms that would almost be exaggerated. That would be exaggerated, but when applied to the Messiah are dead on an accurate soothsayer to an individual is very different than to say it to a group of people. Hence, Hebrews 1 absolute translates it correctly by singer throne of God.

I will be right back where live the questions we've got answers. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown Christians around the world celebrating as I call on a Friday phone lines are open 866-34-TRUTH.

It is this is Michael Brown. Welcome welcome to the broadcast I got saved in a tiny Pentecostal church that really had very few traditions in harmony with a lot of the church world, Catholicism, orthodoxy, things like that, because of which we didn't celebrate Friday Good Friday. Any differently than any of the Sunday was no different than any other week, Easter Sunday was a special Sunday with a special presentation just be more people that would show up at the service that takes more people went to church services, but some is asking our YouTube so sorry on Facebook a manual Christians acknowledge Good Friday like having some do some don't. And some church traditions, Protestant as well as Catholic yes Good Friday especially recognized to remember the death of Jesus, and other circles not. I remember of the founding pastor of the church I got saved preaching on a Friday. We had services many days a week so Friday was just another service, Russ. I remember him saying I can call this Good Friday because every Fridays been good since I been saved so I would say many Christians do specially recognize the day but it's not universal to the church.

All right let us go to the phones, 866-3423 go to New Orleans how welcome to the line of fire.

Hello Dr. Brown how are you doing very well thank you good quality you for many years.

Almost every burial become our and also might be on the boat when you try to be open like that. I got a call office multicolor one. One quick question before you mail the question your drummer are you on any of the music you plan to show no now I've got to get on some yeah I guy got to get some guys to record me in studio doing something with them so we can we can officially say featuring Dr. Michael account on drums. Yeah, you know, we have a band called big black Bible blues band that we recorded would love to have your drum awesome words so you guys are based in New Orleans.

Yeah, big black Bible. If you Google that you could hear the really good but my question is that all right, I'll check it out and I will take you up on that offer one day gobbling, you will bring it on your part will have you this to be hard to resist that would be part of you might like a wild crazy hippie of the drug you, got bill of the Holy Ghost electing anyone radically very similar, but I question if I really study a lot of your… I am just looking at our strain. We have here that, but she just pulled up your Facebook page so as you're talking on I'm looking at your big black Bible blues band Facebook page. I could go ahead must consider what your what booger bear the "holy Roman woman and argued I reviewed Robert don't have one right you would be great if you like, oh yeah, I played all Almighty God, we regret. But here's the question I heard you debate Dr. Gary DeMar yet about theology. Three. Then I went to start looking up NP right about the film of delicate and I like NT Wright gave an amazing point by point the marks of Israel and help out even though the marks of the people of God which would basically be the church that really liturgically but I probably don't agree with all that, but what I'm saying is profitable to believe folk fulfillment theology that the church is not best superseded with the church is grafted in, fully and completely. We hope we are just that outward working of court certified vision of our you know we have the land which you haven't been later euro that the bold boat, but is it possible to believe that there is also God's pension and prophetic fulfillment of them. In 1948 to fulfill that spectacular little Israel is possible to believe both of God. Some I'm I'm holding in my hand senior an article I don't know 2030 pages long that I'm finishing now for scholarly volume that is refuting different aspects of replacement theology; fulfillment theology inclusion theology supersession is him and in the article I'm dealing with some of these very specific issues so number one, it does does tell me at the other prominent name for Israel in the Old Testament Israel or Ocracoke, you clearly are not on the go, that the Old Testament right that Israel is what's the other prominent name. It's Israel or Moses and Jacob okay is the church. I recall the new Jacob ever no particular.

But Jacob was also continually used as the name right through all the prophecy works okay. All right for Andrew and if you if you looking in, for example in in Romans the 11th chapter right where home is a distinction between Israel and the Gentile believers.

He also says this, Romans chapter 11.

In this way, all this will be say this is written, the liberator will come from side. He will turn away godlessness from Jacob so Jacob, there's always specifically the Jewish people. The lineal descendents of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is never, and I believe this is right ready tackle exact none of fully understood. So what what NT Wright does because he absolutely excludes modern Israel from being a fulfillment of prophecy as does Gary do more and and as do other fulfillment fields and start importing them left and right in this article that I'm writing so if you are consistent with their theology. No, you cannot hope to both, however, if you're consistent with what I believe this is a New Testament theology. Of course you can say that Gentile believers become children of Abraham by faith so that Jews who believe in Gentiles believe we are both children of Abraham by faith that many of the characteristics are the same that that the people of God are now a holy priesthood, to God and things like that and or even the spiritual circumcision and saw there many parallels. However, the what what is clear now is that the spiritual promises have been expanded right for everyone.

Where is the natural promises for. For example, the land does remain the same. Those were never changed, so we have now expanded the family that that the whole church now inherits the whole world right and that the whole universe is out in the sign that we are heirs of all things, absolutely 100%. At the same time the promises does remain so if you follow through fully on the logic of NT Wright carries a more than you have to see either or but I believe they go beyond Scripture with all respect to the brilliance of NT Wright is a New Testament scholar and Gary DeMar is a solid biblical thinker. However, what's interesting is that there are some fulfillment.

The theologians DeMar is open to the possibility of some others were Gary Burge open to the possibility that there will be a future conversion of the Jewish people of future turning of the Jewish people to the Messiah but that means that national promises remain in its national promises remain then then fulfillment theology is wrong to fulfillment theology says all the promises to Israel are fulfilled in Jesus. There is no longer any purpose to ethnic Israel that no longer exists in terms of having purposes in God. 1948 returns.

Israel has nothing to do with biblical prophecy, but Jewish people in Jesus have the same benefits everyone else will. Amen to that were only say through Jesus. Jew and Gentile must come through Jesus.

However, the idea that the national promises no longer remain is just another manifestation of replacement theology with all of its dangerous errors. So if you hold with biblically how yes you can do both.

If you hold to it consistently with fulfillment, theology know you can't because fulfillment theology goes beyond which Scripture says right stand stand touch with us about your album alright man.

God bless you how. Thank you for the call 866-34-TRUTHs of its good Minnesota Indian drama want to fire hello I love your show.

I love what you do what my question is about war, and the front now I have a very) who to both me and him on his plate like a brother to me as a compass bonded group. We are both Christians and are talking about or and that that it's not really justified in the modern day biblically and I would.

I told him I shown them like in the Old Testament. How there is more in the Old Testament and I thought about how Jesus told the disciples to use towards. There is 11 first on the list of attitudes towards an extent that the not, not sure where that is but it's the essence of the limited respond Gideons and it's a generally fair question.

We know that the early Christians did not participate in in the Roman army. Obviously, if there asked it to carrier the equipment of Roman soldier from the carrier to answer Jesus taught Matthew five it's with this if anyone compels you, goes into his Roman soldier, considerate, equipment for 4 mile ceric due to but we understand that they themselves did not get involved in Roman war. At the same time. Romans 13 to me is the strong passage, Luke 22 is what you referring to, but having two swords. I don't believe Jesus was talking about going to war there. I'm sure he was now talking like on the war. I don't believe he was on talk about self-defense. I believe he was talking ironically to the disciples they look on her be numbered with the transgressors. Isaiah 53 they're going to think I'm some kind of terrible center so you need some sort, Sarah. We got to assist in the fight. I was just talking metaphorically here. Okay he was, not obviously about to lead a rebellion against Rome with with 11 men and two swords obviously and I don't believe he was given counsel about self-defense there but Romans 13 says this about the government, which is established by God. Right. So be at the Roman government be at the American government that the government does not bear the sword in vain or the governor does not bear the sword in vain. So this is enforcing the law through physical means.

This is enforcing the law by force and in that same spirit.

Let's say you had some some anarchy as violent anarchists trying to rise up against the government and overthrow it and enslave everyone, then the right thing for the government to do would be to put that down by force.

Now if were all believers being persecuted for the gospel.

What we flee to another city. We go as lambs to the slaughter for being persecuted for the gospel. The goal is not to build up armaments and then to find out where our persecutors are in and blow them up and take them out through suicide bomb obviously in that sense we go as lambs and when it comes to personal retaliation. We always turn the other cheek. But as far as the government carry out righteous acts to protect the citizens. Yes, war can be justified if the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown hey I am. I am really excited friends.

Tuesday playing with holy fire comes out a wake-up call to the charismatic Pentecostal church I have found that some of the leaders who reviewed the book and then wrote endorsements for film of the same thing. I read it the same day you sent it to me. I read it in one sitting. And I'd I just had a tremendous ease in writing the book painful stuff, but I felt so much the Lord wanted me to address these things, but in a fully redemptive way so you throw the book at our website or go to Amazon or review order online estrogen local bookstore comes out on Tuesday so go ahead and order it now, but here's my request to once you've read the book, please post a review on Amazon. If you are blessed by the book of it helped you post a review. There may be some critics of the charismatic movement. Just because I am charismatic and positive they will take the the opportunity to bash the entire charismatic church and me in their post thereby post a nasty review not based on the content of the book is much as an attack against the entire charismatic Pentecostal movement so will Estrada offset false reviews are negative reviews with truthful reviews and we just ask you had to be honest if the book blessed to share that with others. So when it launches on Tuesday we can really help get the word out, 86634 so we go to California Chris, welcome to the line of fire by Dr. Brown.

Happy Easter. Thank you sir I got a question you posted a video and I get about a week ago regarding your calling celebration of Christ's resurrection. Your Easter or no relating it more closely. Passover is not not even 90 to the terminology, sir, but the.

The whole question of how we got separation between Passover and Easter wearers – should be celebrating the death and resurrection of the Messiah within the context of the Passover yet, so I wasn't so much getting into the terminology of Easter using that name or not, but go ahead gotcha okay Gotto so I've had discussion with very different people.

You know regarding know why. Awkward translated you know at Easter and at one point and I still have the King James yet, and every other place in the New Testament always track translated Passover right and I I am. I'm a Lehman and I know Mike my study time is limited because I got seven kids full-time job and know that I really want to know us and Marta, but I know at the same time you know there's a lot of other people to do this. That is a full-time ministry and I a lot of times I don't have no right responses you in educated responses that I'd like to have, but you know thinking about some of the things you talk about intellect related to Martin Luther and how Martin Luther out against the Jews and persecuted you and you don't get just the question arose of the separation like you're talking about of the celebration of Messiah's birth or at least defend that one passage.

You know how how Easter came to be and why there is that separation wondering whether I I don't know enough about William Tyndale know who translated the word you know at Easter. I don't know enough about his life to know what his views were toward you right. I don't know.

I know this is a limit limit limits try to jump in and an answer that I just been scrolling down to get the Tyndale translation and in yes he does say after Easter spell little different and in Tyndale there in acts chapter 12 for and of course the King James has that the new King James corrects it to Passover because the heat, the Greek Tosca Sapolsky just going back to Pesach and in Hebrew is is else were always translated Passover at as far as William Tyndale and the Jews of their been asked the question as to where he stood. He is certainly not famous for anti-Semitism, but as far as I know have the same spirit of the age and there is a quote from William Tyndale about the Sabbath that that he says you can you can have it. We are lords over the Sabbath.

We can change it into Monday or any other days we see needle can make it every 10th holy day, only if we see cause why he said there was native there was neither was there any cause to change it from the Saturday then to put difference between us and the Jews and thus we should become servants unto the day after their superstition. Neither needed. We any holy day at all if the people might be taught without it. So I would say his attitude towards the Jewish people was typical of people in church of his day, but that being said, I don't believe that Easter was put there either by Tyndale or the King James translators to make a separation between Easter and Passover. I believe that was the intent of it whatsoever. The argument is that chronologically it was speaking of something slightly different and therefore should be translated Passover. It breaks down. There is zero justification for there is no going when I read the King James defenders of it. There is zero. Good argument. It should be translated Passover and the subject, but I don't believe there was a motivation to try to change it to something different. It was just a different way of expressing it for chronological purposes so short and sweet. I don't think that either Tyndale or the King James translators had a wrong motivation in saying Easter. It was just what you would call anachronistic.

The term is inappropriate. It did not exist at that time and therefore should not have been used, to translate the word Passover.

So Easter in that sense is not found in the New Testament the death and resurrection of Jesus surely or 866-34-TRUTH I would go to Florida. James, welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown, Michael sure thing.

I had a question for you. What is your understanding of Christian who have developed a relationship with God. And maybe they start on our course on the people of the devil Christian growth following God with all their heart by the devil. So how does that happen is so number one. None of us are exempt from being attacked by Satan or demons and were told in Ephesians 6 to put on the whole armor of God so we can stand against Satan and his wiles were told in first Peter five that we should resist him, steadfast in the faith and be sober and vigilant vigilant because of his attacks and we know that he tempted Jesus, therefore he will try to tempt us.

So in that sense there is a battle that's being fought. And we need to be vigilant. We don't want to open the door.

We don't want to play games.

Can we be oppressed. There are seasons when we come under unusual attack. There are seasons of real warfare of Paul in Ephesians 6 speaks of the day of evil when the day of evil comes, you will be able to stand and Paul talks about times when when he was discouraged and was encouraged by the coming of Titus and was were human beings we can come under attack. We can go through difficult seasons and can can a Christian be oppressed will yeah in that there can be oppressive attacks. However, in my understanding, we have to open the door to the enemy somewhere if we really come under serious attack. Where were fighting for our lives that and I don't mean a physical attack is much as I mean, a spiritual attack. People get sick for different reasons, but if if you are in kind of a life and death struggle to keep your head above water with some sin. Somewhere along the line you must've open the door.

If this is something Prasanna just be a one time attack, but if this is going on a regular basis then I would understand that were playing games with sin that were opening the door to the flesh circular. Let's say I just think like a much little porn every so often, or I can I can get a little drunk every so often I might find myself enslaved in a battle even though I'm free in Jesus. I've listen to lies and allowed my mind to become enslaved to those lies can a Christian be demon possessed in the sense that that Christian is now under another Lord or another master know why I don't understand how that could be. I I have met Christians with deliverance ministries reteach on this that so you better believe a Christian can be demon possessed in leasing demons driven out of Christians in my mind that Christian is to really oppressed and needs to be set free, that they are not possessed by demons is is there a big difference between the two it in my mind there is in terms of actual practice.

It could be debatable, but in shorts or if will walk in harmony with the Lord and walk in the light that we have and enjoy the liberty that we have.

We may go through seasons of attack and oppression, but we will never come onto that onslaught where it feels like were going under and there's no way out or we find ourselves bound and cannot get set free.

That can only happen to a believer if we open the door to the enemy and listen to lies.

That being said the same gospel truths apply if you will cry out to God, he will set us free if we will call on friends with us to say, look, I'm crying out to God. I've repented I'm asking for mercy, but I need to be set free. I feel that this is bigger than meet together in Jesus name we can see liberty come to the captives and friends wish I was able to get two more phone calls out Joe in Arizona if you've not read my book hyper grace.

I have lots of quotes from Joseph Prince. There many areas right agreement. Here is rest strongly disagree that if you search for both of our names or just go to my website. Asked Dr. and type in Prince in the search engine you'll see an article that we put out basically together in areas where we do agree, and areas were re-sound the alarm and have warning.

Then you can read the areas right disagree and hyper grace and LNS did Jesus go to hell to suffer for us though. He descended into the netherworld to declare his victory over death and sin and the devil suffered and died on the cross and said it is finished, descended to the netherworld. There his victory. It's a victory that will celebrate many on Sunday.

Jesus is risen, count on bank on its trip

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