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Shocking Anti-Christian Legislation in California

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 4, 2018 4:21 pm

Shocking Anti-Christian Legislation in California

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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April 4, 2018 4:21 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 04/04/18.

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It's outrageous I'm in California basically wants to pass a bill that says you must stay gay stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience have resident of fire school of ministry getting to the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH. Jim is Dr. Michael Brown spends some of the alarm years we been warning for years been telling you what's coming for years. You said that those who came out of the closet want to put us in closet you said this is something that is going to affect churches across America.

A fundamental assault on the freedoms of religion and conscience in speech and many thought why you getting all involved with these issues while you focusing so much in LGBT things are there more important gospel issues recently so we give ourselves to the gospel day and night.

We seek to reach everyone with the message of Jesus to not we deal with all kinds of other issues all the time, but this is also something of tremendous importance friends listening across America and around the world. You need to Understand What Is Taking Pl. in California and the significance of this run the country. I have two special guests with me and Paul. She is a mom. She is a ministry leader. She is an author just a powerful testimony herself of coming out of lesbianism in bringing many others into freedom through the message of the gospel and met sharp senior counsel with alliance defending freedom when he directs the center for legislative advocacy so what to tell you what's happening.

But first, just this bit of introduction for some years now there has been a major attack on young people wanting help with unwanted same-sex attractions you got a 17-year-old boy. Maybe he was molested growing up. He's confused he feels attracted to the same sex, but he doesn't want to be his parents are standing with him. He wants to see a professional counselor. There are number of states now that have made that illegal yes illegal.

Now California is trying to make it illegal for anyone that wants to get professional help for unwanted same-sex attractions such as part of what is going on. So bring on the air now and Pollock and welcome great to have you with us today like Dr. Brown thank you and Matt sharp great to have you with us as well. Matt, thanks so much up Matt. Let's just lay out clearly exactly what's taking place. What kind of bill. This is what it means how far it's gone in California.

Her written report), adopted similar versions of the act here, but I've always been focused on telling white counselors and their that they can't provide therapy help people explore options when it comes to sexual orientation and gender identity, or individual to have unwanted attraction. They want to live with my biological back a few state can outlaw back for minor what's happening in California they hold another ball game. They are now declaring that a defective practice under state law, and nobody nobody can engage in it if there's any sort of financial transaction or anything like that but it was everything from you got account clerk and a 44-year-old woman go to the capital that I'm I'm finding myself being attracted to a female friend, but I happily married my husband and forget I want help coming over the overcoming death, that counselor must stay. I cannot help you, because the state of California, Alamo impact churches that have carpet that you could be a marriage conference for their upbringing.

Coupled in by giving them advice on overcoming it unwanted attractions or carpet dealing with gender identity. All of those would now be banned include book that church bookstore or Amazon for that matter, the filled book on helping people address gender identity confusion. All of those are now banned anybody that engages them at two of the fine print and costly damages and things like that. That is another level of really getting to the idea that you can now not call or provide any material help someone overcome the unwanted feelings and confusion over 60 were talking now and again friends massive attorney man is not a TV evangelist, giving some hyped up exaggerated message to draw the crouching of the stereotypical televangelist is exaggerating things massive attorney and the ADF I think is as brought more cases before the Supreme Court in just about any other major legal organization in years now so is my front line major attorneys that know what's going on.

Met your your your not giving a worst-case scenario that no one agrees with kind of the doomsday chicken Little disguise falling. It's all over that. This is what you just said is is actually either written or implied in this bill. Absolutely it up and in the year were already being effort to try and a poor idea even another take don't have to offer. For example, about a month ago in Michigan. Let later found out that a local for having a cop when they were talking about sexual orientation and gender identity, and especially poor. There being bombarded with all of the anti-legislators at the Atty. Gen. of the state of Michigan can open an investigation against the church simply holding a cop with a part prevent the biblical view on the California is now enshrining trying to enshrine that in law and open up ministry churches, colleges documented licensed counselors that want to help people with a variety of if you help when I walked in the course. All of that is now to be cleared unlawfully California and you have lived for many years in the world of ministering to people with unwanted same-sex attraction ministering to people with gender confusion, you see many people helped you know those that claim other horror stories and this is traumatic and negative, etc. and it is there is there any basis to the argument that number one people can't change. So this is deceptive and number two that professional counseling to help people is really harmful and should be outlawed well.

Anecdotal payment from the fight against for the bill but, amazingly, when one of them afterwards that will do with the counselor to give you that counsel you refute my question and ran away literally after the thing about your maybe you don't have the data so another fellow claimed to be coupled by Joe Nicholas the sperm didn't testify yesterday, but often does, and he turns out he is not.

You never even made a payment for counseling.

He wasn't even in the counseling role Jonah cliffy Senior passed away, but it's fun as active fellow that inherited. It's amazing that the anecdotal stories that may or may not be true, there being touted by some of the notebook. The one thing to just jump in Zürich countless people have gone for professional counseling dealing with various personality issues, or dealing with obesity or dealing with drunkenness resumes this and that and they say, I wasn't helped at all. It was a waste of money know what is going around trying to outlaw that is deceptive practices. Where is here where you have case after case after case of a people say I've been helped. I can help positively. This is been lifesaving for me that gets thrown out the window. I mean this this is a political witchhunt.

They really don't care that life event, change the fact that an event bothered at possible to leave behind sexuality. Research found that the answer that question peer-reviewed research and an affidavit positively with little to no harm. In fact, it didn't show any harm.

The research that was done by gentlemen who have very big in APA. Another man who has a permanent it president to go. Also, APA president, you said you not help hundred people who were dealing with unwanted same-sex attraction and completely pro-gay. I have no problem I have for gay rights, but I don't mind helping people in their own goals to leave sexuality and he's not hundreds of people over the rear though, and the Bible declares that first Corinthians 693-1111 particularly in that some of you were that you are why your think but you were justified in the name by the spirit of our God that statement is being called a fraud yeah and and and yeah and I and I know many people that have come out of homosexual practice and at all different levels, some have counseling or an encounter with Jesus or something supernatural. They literally gone from homosexual to heterosexual. I know others that have seen a great reduction in same-sex attraction to the point that there is a solid heterosexual relationship and others who said hey I've I abstain for the practice.

I'm still attracted, but I don't go that way in my life is blessed.

We've seen it all different levels but with your work where I mean ultimately were talking about churches, so Matt just back to you on this. Let's say your pastor in California you have a congregant and this is a tithing member of your church and for tithing members of the church. One of the benefits is that you get free pastoral counseling, you know, with a with a trained pastoral counselor. There's no fee for that is just part of being a member in the church so there is in essence a financial transaction and someone says you know I now that I'm following Jesus. I'm convicted by the word of God that I shouldn't be in same-sex relationships. I'm really not happy with it.

I really want to be in a heterosexual relationship and have children and and goes to the pastor and the pastor counsels that person that's theoretically that pastor could be breaking the law if this bill passes). After Ottawa we are not quite in an obviously we would been better after defendant, but all it takes is a couple of law like that where you get dragged into court and a very clear method detergent, you better stop doing that over to come after you paint the big hole diameter to back and and even in that joy. A lot of pastors like they hate.

There's a great book you can go and record bookstore. The local Christian bookstore that can help you out with that. That would also be bad coming of just denying people the ability to get the help that there one compelling adult if they can't make their own choices when it comes to I want to overcome some of the feelings that I want to live can fit in with what the Bible teaches my faith about the government overreach. Donna Mark went they feel that they can help people get what you convert, they would cement just out 45 seconds before our first break. You know of any other law that tells someone that you do not have the freedom of self-determination like this law nugget record and what were starting to think the mother pop up. In fact wonder What we can know walk unit.

Not quite as bad but at the same thing, compelling adult mechanic and not depicted in the new greed driving up the goat at the core of what many religions, the ability to attain to make your own company.

I listen friends we we are just getting started with my guest today. We've got more to talk about ultimate the phones.

If you get some questions little bit later in the show, 866-34-TRUTH. Time to wake up time to wake up your church is now in California that had been silent for years and are now speaking up is a realize this.

After some culture for this people is a people's lives were talking about will be right back in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown talking with Matt Sharp realized freedom and and hold you may have read some of her books books about freedom and life change be of senior on the air, restoring sexual identity hope for women who struggle with same-sex attraction.

One of Anne's books so Matt the billing California witnesses stand witness. It look like it's going and what can people do about her character for hearing yesterday.

I wanted her subcommittee and unfortunately play group, which is often the case in California there lack of boys standing up. I think I'd heard today. The next hearing is scheduled for 00 week from week from yesterday.

The next few day when he people to stop. We really speak out on their let them know what it matters them churches to stand up contacting their legislators and endocrine great organizations that are leading the charge on the one of them is that the California family policy Council that it really been at the forefront of organizing and speaking out on death.

I would definitely encourage any one in California to reach out to my California family and it cut the how they can get involved in the battle so California family policy Council California pop help. Okay, I got everybody got that California If you live in California go there today.

Pastors, leaders, senior church members there. These folks are doing the hard work you can join with them and make your voices heard, we are warning you in advance and for years critics have mocked any efforts for change in terms of sexual desire romantic attraction and they called it, pray away the gay right now. I am sure you have some Christians that try to pray away the gay decide to try to pray when everything given you every migraine headache to try to pray them away or you go into whatever problem you're going through, but but I don't know anyone that that was their professional ministry approaches for quote pray way to guess that was that the mocking way to put your professional trains counselors therapist and sit with people at work through issues that get to the root of the problems that help them, psychiatrist, psychologist and pastors leaders. But it gets mocked as pray away the gay while I'm in this bill is basically like, you must stay gay and then you must stay gender confused and in things like that. Why in the world would people be so aggressive on this and I understand that if if someone had a bad experience themselves and of trying to change their romantic attractions and it didn't work in their frustrated and I think Juan much happier now just being a same-sex relationship, but why this assault on other people's freedoms was coming from true everything that is true that were not trying to prevent other people to write remain gator trying to prohibit our right you, sexuality and obedient faith or for any other reason that matter really matters not.

I think if personal conviction. Honestly, that if people can change that. There is, to bring up the moral issue and the health conviction of what should I have changed and that that kind of thing. The personal responsibility element. We can't do anything about that. You have to be convinced that your happily gay or you might look at change and you're looking attain up to you. You're an adult to make that decision and family should have the right to look at all the options on the table. Not one, but they're claiming that that is fraud that life change is brought. We know no other measure in any other field yeah yeah okay so what your percentage of that but we had quite good except percentages that are generally above they leaving alcoholism and we we don't we don't claim without the bad field that help people and simply because not everybody change in treating cancer with chemotherapy and chemotherapy. Everyone knows has destructive effects and the rest of the body or radiation. And yet the cancer is seen as is far worse and therefore is treated even if chemotherapy only helps a certain percentage of people and then you can go as you sit with counseling and get a look a hypnosis to stop smoking cigarettes you know what. Whatever the things are get you in touch with alien identities to help you deal with obsessive eating and all this stuff goes on and nobody bats an eyelash. But when you're talking okay so you were molested when you were 11 years old for three year. By your uncle and and after that you notice that that you were attracted to him to the same sex versus the opposite sex.

And that's been a point of real turmoil for you and you struggled with it for years and it violates religious convictions and you want to sit down with a trained professional to try to help get to the root of this and resolve these things illegal mean it's it's utterly absolute are outrageous and unmet back to on this. Is it legal now in California.

Let's say you got to lesbian moms they've got an eight-year-old girl.

The girl identifies as a boy, is it legal to bring that eight-year-old to a counselor in California and for the counselor to say okay we want you to send your girl the school dressed as a boy and then when you're girl gets to be about 10 or 11 put on hormone blockers to stop the onset of puberty and start to look toward sex change surgery is that legal in California.

Yeah and what bill does it make that the only legal option going forward. I was for any person of any age exactly yeah it really makes it motivate out one white, three and what traffic is there more more I coming out about that thing, especially for young children.

It 90% that experience any part of gender confusion. They grow out of it.

Yes, at the natural pop at the yet another thing I have five or six-year-old that mommy, daddy and Mike I'm a girl, but I think I'm a boy. The only thing the parent can do is find them. Help push them further down that road of confusion that no rejected biology directly. Boy conducted by the buyer at the well's rights. In other words, what were saying is something else I have someone from any age that a person a biological male's feels that there really a female and I'm not. I'm not minimizing the struggles the agony they've gone through anything not minimize nettle right that they feel their female. They are now going to be put on hormones for life. They are going to go through radical reconstructive surgery. They will never be a fully functioning female sample reproduce have chilled anything like that but but that that's perfectly fine. Someone else same person biological male struggling feels like their female would like to go to get counsel and help to help them live in harmony with their biological sex without hormones, without radical surgery and this law would say that is illegal you can have the hormones and the radical surgery, but you can have talk counsel to help you resolve gender confusion. That's what were talking about exactly right and what you brought up it would be very rational for part that you know what I'm dealing with gender confusion, but I'm hearing all of the stop and and I don't know that I want to go through surgery, hormone can I at least for options and maybe there's a way to find people living with my biological effect California that we don't care that you will want that we don't care that you're thinking that we know it better for you and were telling you back off limits and that the legal go down the path toward getting the hormones are great and and so awful that they would tell people that are really exploring death that you don't get the option for that anymore where to tell you what Beth yeah and and and if we think back was a lot of legislature the past and even the redefining of marriage by the Supreme Court in their extreme overreach.

One of the fundamental arguments is will and born this way. This is who I am. I can't change, so if people can change then that would violate that whole narrative and the whole day is the new black, or transgender is the new black that gets completely undermined and you think that's part of it that if there's an admission that people can really change that that whole narrative goes out the window unit. Interesting thing is the gay community that are not a lot you all buying back his argument within the gay community about what if there was a team think it if that pain could be eliminated any function of the gay community know that that's not necessarily true at all become just that it's just the propaganda method that being bullied by the younger generation. Without data it's been repeated so many times it simply is believed that the data itself.

I even APA had to backtrack. They they removed it from other materials. In 2009 and published. We don't know if someone is born gay or not and that was a shocking admission on their part, though honestly dictated as a backup. Genetically, at this point at all. There is no there is no affiant backing up that claim they knew that it would make a difference politically, and indeed it is a stick with the claimant on that effective I wanted to be a tragedy or using i.e. hearsay in order to pass all of the bill. These people in torment and struggle like that that are not at home with these desires. People living in tension with the religious beliefs and convictions, and in fact my producer sent me a clip from Perez Hilton gossip columnist but as gay, proud, gay activist if you could be and he's he's got an adopted son of or obviously son through other means. It's that's five years old and and he said that whatever son is he's going to embrace and know that's he loves his son however he identifies but if you have a choice. He would choose that is some would be heterosexual and homosexual bit because it's it's a lot easier and then you go on with all that you have the ability to reproduce naturally all these other things and yet the people of the whole society would be told, you must stay as you are. Regardless of your desire for self-determination regardless of your religious convictions or moral convictions or family preferences. It doesn't matter.

You don't have a choice friends. This is the time to act.

We been warning for years and years and years and this is massive go to California family award get involved if you live in California.

Call your friends have listen to this interview time to take the stand and that and so much for joining us today. Much of error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown and friends. Hey friends, welcome to the line of fire. We got some urgent business to talk to about today.

I am not running around like the skies falling, and it's the end of the world. I'm coming to with a sober warning, no hype, no exaggeration, we have been sounding the alarm for years we have been raising our voices. For years we have been telling you what's coming before it comes for years and many still don't get involved in many still sit on the sidelines and many still say what's the big deal what the big deal is very big and it's about to hit California like a tsunami from California could easily spread to other parts of America just California alone would be horrific enough moving the phones 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884. Any questions having to do with LGBT activists. Any questions having to do with same-sex attraction, romantic desires gender identity confusion. If you want to call me and say well I tried to change and change is impossible if you want to call me and say hey God delivered me out of these things on a change person. If you want some input dealing with a family member struggling with these issues were here to help me tell you what's going on. I've said for well over a decade coming out on 1314 years.

Those who came out of the closet fighting for what they felt was equality and freedom right they can live their lives the same as a heterosexual lives his or her life.

They can marry or be with whom they please without society, looking down on them. They can freely openly be who they are without legal restriction. In fact, wanting legal affirmation. Those who come out of the closet understand their motivations and what's behind it say this is who I am was born this way or this is expression. It's healthy for me.

Why should you tell me how to live those who came out of the closet want to put us in the closet. I said that repeatedly for well over a decade now when I first started saying it.

People mocked me and said no one's trying to put you in the closet.

No one try to put you in the closet. Then it changed some years back, and people began to say big it's like you belong in the cost, how far has it gone. I just read about the company bridal company and when they would not provide wedding attire and things like that for same-sex quote weddings. The harassment was such that they had to go out of business.

There are courts basically seeking to bankrupt people who, in good conscience said I can't create a cake for same-sex quote wedding right can't do the floral design for same-sex quote wedding and everything I have, could potentially be taken from them. All this is happening on and on, over and over you. You have just read about a student on a Catholic campus getting ridiculed and reviled for standing for basic biblical moral values in Canada, a bill was passed last year. Bill let what's what was it the the gender theory acceptance just looking for the exact year. Bill C16 that you would be required by law, someone identifies a Bruce Jenner identifies as a woman you would be required by law to: Caitlin and to say she was referring to him. There could be legal penalty. Jordan Peterson, Dr. Drew Peterson psychology professor there. It said you do not write compelled speech into the legislation, the compelled speech you must say these words New York City can be fined up to 1/4 of $1 million for violating that this is been on the books for a few years now in New York City. So Bruce Jenner comes to work is Caitlin and you do not refer to him as Caitlin you be fined up to 20 $50,000 Bruce Jenner says I will use the ladies room so will that's that's for biological females you be five to $250,000. Okay, it gets worse, it gets worse. Several states now increasing number have passed outrageous bills making it illegal say that word out loud with me is illegal, making it illegal for a minor who has unwanted same-sex attraction or gendered gender identity confusion for that minor to get professional counseling to help them deal with unresolved same-sex attraction or unresolved gender identity confusion is illegal, so your 16-year-old girl you were raped by a male neighbor repeatedly between the ages of eight and nine without your parents knowing you were too terrified to tell them then as you got older he began to see that that you didn't really have an interest in being with men but but you felt safe with women even thought yourself physically and sexually attracted to women in your churchgoing young girl and you love the Lord your parents are standing with you and say mom… I am attracted to the same sex, like that I want.

I want to get counseling want to get help is illegal in a number of states. For example, New Jersey and one of the compelling testimonies that got the bill passed. New Jersey was based on complete fraud person made up a story as to what happened to them when they were child led to the ledge camp did not find any documentation that exists but the name of it and everything came straight out of a RuPaul movie accorded everything we know so in Washington DC and other states and districts have made it illegal for a minor okay how about this, your your 14-year-old boy and it without your 10-year-old boy and you felt like you really are girl and you like girly things more you feel like your girl trapped in a boy's body or something like that in and and you want to help you save mommy, daddy, I don't like this I want to be a boy. I mean, God made me a boy have male organs.

I want to be a boy and I love you dad one day, but I've got a girl could can we go to someone that they can help me know it's illegal illegal yeah okay but hang on. I am what if that 10-year-old boy is convinced she's a girl and and he wants to go to a doctor who will now put them on hormone blockers to stop the onset of puberty should limit really messing with this kid.

Biological right you going to now put him on hormone blockers until he gets into his ears and pubes.

This way stuck in the change more into a male and then maybe when he 16 starts really prep him for sex. Sex change surgery and similes 18th M-16 surgery. That's legal. This is insanity, friends, and this is been for years now in different parts of the country where it's going were California wants to take it is make it is illegal for adults for anyone anyone doesn't matter who you are your 50 years old. You're in the ministry you struggled for years with same-sex attraction, but you been loyal to your wife and raising your kids and and following the Lord right and you say like I just need some professional counseling. II just need to sit with someone that can really help get the root of why is it I'm attracted to the same sex. I don't like it.

I disagree with that. I know it's wrong and God suck you can't do. You couldn't go your pastor if there is any financial transaction of any kind.

If if you are giving to the church in part of the church membership was you get free counseling from the pastoral staff at the church they could accounts.

It would be illegal seven attorney telling us that that if the church had a book that would help you resolve unwanted same-sex attraction right there. Joe douses the desires and conflict for my book. Can you be gay and Christian or or and pulse book restoring sexual identity any of these books that the many books that are out in the church says here, we recommend this book and you go to the church bookstore, but that would be illegal. You still never pet it could well past friends and listen. Let me be blunt them to be candid.

The only reason the stuff is going as far as it is, is because most of the church is been silent. We don't want to hurt people's feelings. Listen when you tell someone if they don't believe in Jesus that there under God's judgment and will face hell in the future you think that might hurt their feelings. When I tell a Jewish person a religious Jew that you need Jesus to be safe when you tell a devout Muslim that your lost without Jesus do think that might hurt someone's feelings. What when you tell the. The drug addict and an porn addict that Jesus wants to set him free from his addictions as I climb into these men. I like this in your hurt like it there a lot of things you say that her people's feelings.

The fact of the matter is we can be incredibly compassionate to everyone struggling with same-sex attraction.

Everyone struggles gender identity confusion, compassionate, kind I have met so many people that have told me that my compassionate, kind voice on these issues has helped them. Many of come out of homosexual practice gender identity confusion. We hear from them on a regular basis I meet them when I go out speak you can be full of love and compassion. At the same time say this is outrageous. Bill no one's telling you that if you're same-sex attracted and you're happily in a relationship you This between you and God you go to a gay church and and and you have blessing on your relationship and the gate passes between you and God. Of course you're deceived. Of course you're an error. Of course, the past is doing the wrong thing, but they're free to do it. Their free practice that if there are three men that say why we want to be a throttle were committed to each other about making this up. There are people threesomes and stuff like that and if three men three women we we want to be recognized as a throttle in God's sight in the state law doesn't allow it, but God sees that love is love it church was the blessedness between them and God is to manage women want to shack up in the same house and share part that's all between them and God.

If someone says hey I'm very happy that I had sex change surgery.

That's between you and God.

No one stopping you from doing it. How in the world.

Can you try to stop people from from going ahead with change in their own lives. When we get this notion that you must stay gay you must be gender identity, confused.

You cannot seek change. It is utterly outrageous.

I want to urge every single one listening and viewing. If you live in California spread the word. The soul broadcast shortly after the show was over, will be right on our YouTube channel asked Dr. Brown a SK dear Brown, you can listen to the previous half hour. My interviews with Ann Paul and Matt Sharp laying things out. If you have friends in California, contact them, tell them to watch send this to every pastor and believer that you know send the link for this broadcast it's urgent, I'll be writing more about this is will he be able to assure the article and to make a difference.

Go to California policy.

Excuse me California California they're doing the heavy listing the heavy lifting that they need your help. Your support get involved. It's not too late to make the difference. The French been warning you, it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown delete every decision I make for my thought is what I think is best for his future. I don't want to do anything that could potentially hurt him. That was Paris Hilton famous gossip columnist and and as out and proud gay man as you fine if you remember some years back with the Miss America pageant. He asked Ms. California a question about same-sex quote marriage and she answered you, fumbled through the answer little bit but answer this a Christian should answers of an odd picture in terms of the wealth of mental that announced this side issue, but she answered in a Christian way, not not the most powerful answer, but she stood her ground in a difficult moment and that basically cost her the negative vote than from Paris Hilton whatever other aftermath that cost are being Miss America so Paris Hilton is certainly not shy about his gayness or about gay activists, but I want you to your something absently shocking that he said listen to this quote if my son turns out to be gay or if he's already gay and not able to articulate that is only five, I will love my son uncut. Additionally and support him if my son is transgender. I will love him and support him unconditionally.

However, if I had my preference.

I would prefer my son to be heterosexual because that easier as a gay man I met ashamed of being gay, but I can go back in time and when I was 18 be given a choice. You can choose to be gay and be gay or you can choose to be heterosexual and be heterosexual. I would've chosen then to be heterosexual remarkable remarkable admission even in today's climate, saying it would be easy to be heterosexual. It's a choice that he would have made if he could have made if and not only so the idea of being able to naturally reproduce a child with the person that you love something that cannot be done with a gay couple on that same gay couples love each other. I'm saying that the person that they love the most in a relationship with their homosexual is the person they cannot reproduce a child with and now bring someone into the world. That is the reflection of the two of them come together as one think they can't do that by nature, by design, like a barren heterosexual couple. By design in nature.

They should be able to reproduce. But there's an aberration there, I'm talking about. By design in nature. These two cannot reproduce so add that in as well. I remember talking to a gay man on plane one day and just chatting and so that his job and diversity, Bank of America, etc. and and and I asked him if you push a button and and be straight. Would you and he said that I especially as I think the other way so you are happy, totally happy being gaywill be can't connect children the sadness. Sadness now all the more you select cruise people can change. They would if they could. I'm not saying it's easy and I know many of tried unsuccessfully. But here's here's what's remarkable number one Paris Hilton's openness, which I appreciate and numbered to that in the context of this larger quote he storm out in the Senate is sung to dance class or something like that why they want to do it because that could maybe contribute to being gay. In other words, is not just that you're born this way. That environment can contribute to these things and yet if the legislation passes in California what it would mean is you don't have a choice in the matter. You're 18 and you say I don't want to be gay. Can I get help and no you can't, but it is deceptive medical practice it would be like like a doctor charging $1000 for a pill to cure cancer or Dr. charging $1000 for pill to instantly remove obesity or whatever and it's not true that's the real medical fraud and try to argue this with its it is so utterly bogus look. A few years ago there to APA's American psychiatric Association, American psychological Association, the former put together a task force to look into whether attempts to change orientation more harmful. Everyone on the task force was either openly gay and gay activists, or an ally.

I think there are about six people and when I checked maybe five were openly gay/gay activist and then the sex was straight but a Galli alright so the whole thing was completely slanted. There were plenty of people with fine qualifications that met all the stringent standards of the APA professional qualifications. They could've been on the task force. When they ask could you put at least one of us on the task force no.

So this would be like appointing Al Gore and members of Greenpeace to decide whether man-made climate change is real, that that's what it would be like it would be like appointing all activist from black lives matter to determine whether the police are unfairly treating Blacks.

It would be like having David Duke and former members of the Ku Klux Klan determine whether Blacks were equal to whatever whatever whatever ugly thing you want to come up with whatever scenario and whatever right or wrong or good or bit where it just slipped around your waist and in those issues okay but my point. What myth similar ugly but my point is, it would your point.

The panel it's gonna come to the conclusion that you want alright it would be like putting 10 of us leaders together who all believe in the infallibility and authority of Scripture to discuss the question, does the Bible say anything to us about how we should live. When you know the answer before we go in the room. You know the answer. And yet, the task force. After going through the research with all of the built-in bias that was there, could not definitively say that same set that counseling for unwanted same-sex attraction caused harm they could improve benefit they could improve harm. Now the newspaper headlines are shows it's hard but that's this action research this in depth. I lay it all out in detail in a queer thing happened to America, there is a feminine lesbian activist Lisa diamond notice I did not say born again Christian. Notice I did not say conservative Republican notice I did not say former homosexual I said a lesbian famine in activist Lisa diamond and she is campaigning loud and clear nicely campaigning at me trying to get a message out in academic peer review articles and YouTube talks popular media through books to say it is a myth. This whole mess that you're born gay and you can change it's a myth. So you have increasing legislation state after state after state after state after state increasing legislation claiming that you're born this way. You can't change and minors can't get counseling often goes through California adults get can't can't get professional counsel for help and the flipside, all the evidence is going in the opposite direction friend you're talking about an all-out assault on freedom of religion, speech and conscience we've been telling you for years, we've been telling you for years. What are you going to do now, don't get angry, tricky neighbor again. Every struggle of their life right yet again, every love your neighbor love you neighbor as yourself. Be a great neighbor be compassionate, be kind of a kid that comes out as gay.

Show that could your unconditional love to hate.

We we hold plainly to these things with the Bible teaches.

And what's best for your your son or daughter love you Rosa love you were here for you.

There was argument that noticing it's easy to get a four-year-old boy this convinced she's a girl and struggling, no one says that's easy to walk through that except no again. Aside from even divine intervention that the vast majority of those kids who are identifying as gender identified gender confused. Therefore will not be doing so at 14 or 15 and there's a reason California right now. That one article that I read said the 27% of kids surveyed were gender confused what suddenly just change from half a percent or 1% to 27. Is it that's what's happening to the constant bombardment through the media and social media in schools that people getting confused what you ask a little boy you want to marinate when you get old. I want to marry my mommy. They don't understand things that needs a little boy you like playing with girly things must sometimes it all.

Maybe you're really a girl trapped in the boys what you start messing with these innocent little minds friends. This is serious business. Go to California please. Here's what you can do is this simple. Your friend, California pastor, leader, get the word out just share this video this audio if you listen if you watch just share with us and again in moments and moments we will be live. This will rely doubt this will be posted on our Esther Gibran YouTube channel is.

Could your brown just share it with others.

Get the word out go to California get educated. I'm glad to see influential Bethel church in California and Redding normally wouldn't be speaking out about these things, but they recognize the urgency of this are actually three bills and they they put out statements of sure other churches have mega churches, small churches want to bring attention to some up alarming upcoming legislation in the state of California and they go on with the implications of that friends. It's that serious. Off we acted, 10, 15 years ago we wouldn't be where we are today. But this is where we are. It's not too late to act. Take a stand friends do what's right and pray like church, started with our slumbering.

Darwin will be back with you Thursday

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