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Tackling the Tough Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 6, 2018 4:31 pm

Tackling the Tough Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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April 6, 2018 4:31 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 04/06/18.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

With your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

Yes it's it's one of my favorite moments of the week are Friday broadcast. You got questions, we've got answers bring them on 866-348-7884. Please be patient as your calling and we will get your calls as quickly as possible in the early recall in the better chance we have of getting to your call again 866-34-TRUTH 784 controversial questions, difficult questions, things have been troubling you things you heard, you may pertain to me since you may have heard in your you're wondering about it, by all means go ahead and ask all before we go to the phones to things quickly. My sister had she and her husband had their first grandson.

The second grandchild a few weeks back and when the baby was circumcised on the eighth day there were major problems. There was a cut that was too deep, major brute bleeding problems. The little baby was was was rushed into intensive care.

So I immediately put out a prayer call on Facebook and social media, and many, many people respond to my sister was really really removed and the family was really appreciative and that the little boy came through fine and I'm sure is that I can have a bad memory about it out. Well, she was so impressed by the power group prayer. She mailed me this morning and said there's there's a friend of little baby girl three weeks before delivery. They find that she has a serious heart defect there hoping that they don't have to take her out early.

But then she's given the open heart surgery. That's what they're saying I don't have the baby's name, but those are you faithful in prayer. Would you just lift this little one up that God would touch her and heal her and that would be for your glory and my sister encourage the mother to follow me on Facebook so obviously she believes that as we pray together.

God listens them and my sister respects my beliefs but she is not presently a believer in Jesus all the more. Is it meaningful so just if you can pray for the healing of this little baby girl we get prayer requests all the time. It's very rare that I share it on radio like that.

That's one thing. Second thing I am beginning to hear now from readers of play with holy for the book came out Tuesday the ready.

Nine reviews posted on Amazon and I'm hearing from other readers and its I'm glad but I'm sorry I'm so sorry to hear from people who've really been burned and hurt in Pentecostal or charismatic churches who had bad experiences who, because of bad experiences don't believe in the gifts, and power. The spirit anymore. I'm glad though that you're telling me as I'm reading, playing with holy fire.

It's bringing healing to me as a reading play with holy firearm I'm on now believing again as I'm reading the book of faith is rising in my heart so important book for all of you to take hold of and and I'm so sad that so many of had bad experiences.

I'm so glad for the truth, helping setting people free lifting, encouraging, and am so glad that so so many have been positively touched by the Holy Spirit, 866342 let us go to Marilyn Fernando, welcome to the line of fire roared through very well thank you question, I will born again through your credit by the church – which requires certain blood above the people that I will demonstratively here in Maryland. Contrary to their fluid with global awakening, not at all what you have any any thought that organization and also variable: Andrew Womack and did you like pretty amazing. I'm a Mike I will surely come not going all in the without research myself. I'll order your printable yet so so first thing is just generally speaking. Obviously, we can't give recommendations about one church or another church for many many reasons, but we can come on and on. Organizations and teachers. If if global awakening is associated with Randy Clark then unfamiliar with it. If it's not associated with Randy Clark.

I'm not familiar with it.

If associate was Randy Clark to have a real strong heart for the power of the spirit of for people to be saved and for physical healing, and in those many positive things. In fact, Randy wrote the forward to playing with holy fire because he too was concerned about many abuses that are out there is for Andrew Womack. There are areas where I would strongly agree with him and believe that his teaching on faith is very strong in helping the people getting the word and renew the hearts and minds with the word there other aspects of his teaching that to me are in the hyper grace area that I have differences with. So I recognize him as a brother. I appreciate the good that he does. But I I do have concerns about emphasis that I would call hyper grace of fire. You, I go there, get to know the people find out what's going on more of like any other church you never know. At first glance I meet some you know, at first glance, don't go, but I did I get to other people more find things out more and then check out the book, the reading and and see if it does have areas that we would call hyper grace. I got a lot of teaching on that on YouTube and then my book hyper grace. You can read as well and and find out more information. Only reference Andrew Womack a couple times and there, but he is strongly associated with which you call hyper grace message so there's a lot of good. That's liberating and helpful in and he probably said the same about my ministry lot of good. There is where he differs, and that's can happen with many but check it out.

Get to know the people better and then examine it for the issue of hyper grace and if it seems to be a hyper emphasis on hyper grace, then if you're like me you wouldn't be at home if it was just as good strong emphasis on grace and God's love, but they teach holiness and they teach repentance and things like that will then maybe a place for you have to sort that out all right. Sure thing 866-34-TRUTH 87884 we go to Greensboro Lou, welcome to the line of fire. Regular currently talk with you.

I have a concern about pooh-poohing the first thing you during the offering. The offertory factor in the notes to their current morale by the call about blog about the May rate. Whatever so that Dr. go me might be wrong about the Becker commandment is there is in your church is there crucifix was Jesus hanging on the cross. Now just a cross to crawl back and require law and required her in the middle is expected by so yeah so that response to that know I would see that is a violation of the second commandment.

The second commandment which is forbidding the making of idols and bowing down to them so that you're actually making an image of something making an image of a manager making the image of an animal and you say this is our God, or this represents our God in your bowing down before a Jabal before the cross and to say Lord as we as we give to you. We are acknowledging you and bowing before you, that's certainly doesn't violate the second commandment. Okay, we will know what a jerk may bear crawl going like that but I hear what young other comparative very very that I was very good. The who. He passed the law crawl about yeah this little II don't to me. I'm not into doing that.

I don't want to be any possible question about who I'm bowing down to her what I'm bowing down to my bowing down to an image which of the Lord himself and I don't want to put special power in in in the physical thing you knows where it's being across the two around your neck, be it cross that's hanging on the wall of the building or standing etc. however, if that is this person's way of saying hey that cross reminds me of Jesus whenever I see the cross I bow down to Jesus, that's between that person and God is also now would see myself doing and I do understand that it could seem to some to be like superstitious and in a stretch of Adolphus of London see it that way I'll know it's an effort to sort it certainly not forbidden to do that if if if the power is this physical image of a cross and that's what I'm bowing down to that's misguided.

If the power is Jesus hung on the cross and died for my sins and rose from the dead. Whenever I see that see that the cross I'm reminded of it and I bow down to the Lord, then that would be fine. So I would not judge the person without knowing what's in their heart and if you know what's in their heart and it's different than you would do, but not in violation of Scripture. Hey that's that's between them and the Lord and on the flipside, our culture has so little reference for the cross has so little reference what Jesus did on the cross and keeps trying to fight against that physical image and people consider this is our way of pushing back but again I don't know what's in the mansard Lou thank you for asking cheerier concerns 86634 let's go to Fort Worth, Texas, EN, welcome to the line of fire and Michael Brown agreed figure on a beta. I do have a question about the raw I think of you videos that were really troubling to me and I don't like I'm slandering Emily I know you got a friend, but there are couple videos that really disturbed me. I get one in particular and to bring up the fear of mentioning a man by the name of Wigglesworth not I'm not familiar with them. I don't know who you yet what he was talking about how there was an incident where there was a small baby that with Vic and was going to die and that the parent kidnapped the baby from the hospital and took it. Wigglesworth and and in the middle of one of his services and that McNichols work. He said that that meant that the that's of a parent you really want the baby to be filled. And yet, that you really want to be healed because you are thinking through the baby against the wall and kicked it into the congregation and then all of a sudden the baby was healed and that Rob was praising him of the great man of faith and all that and I found it really disturbing and on.

I feel if you think that you put out kind of know that that kind of disturbing like that.

And again, I really do appreciate with you all the time thought not research.

These are person understandable questions absolutists solicit. I on the responses on three levels of first since sharing the story. That's one. Secondly, the story itself. And thirdly, what I know Smith Wigglesworth so fully fully fully understand where that would cause great concern.

So I get a response to that on three levels. We come back since sharing the story story itself is with right will be right back over plan and it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown is that you EN in Fort Worth. First thing is for is knowing seated sitting. I have been friends were known each other and work together since 1984, as well as I've known him.

He's been very serious about living for God and a no compromise way he is been absolutely committed to winning the lost.

In particular, sharing the gospel with Jewish people and documenting the power of God so that people could recognize that the Holy Spirit is really moving. So on that level eval's receipted muscle Orion works closely with him in his organization, so I know him personally I know is personal integrity. I know is integrity with finances. I know his love of holiness is love the lost. I don't think I've ever met in my life, at least in America, a more zealous soul winner in a more fearless soul and then said so that much simple I can say that without equivocation does he have certain guests on a show that are out of my comfort zone. Absolute absolutely. But that's that's a whole different subject. He has his ministry.

I might let someone okay so as far as him sharing the story publicly.

Yes, I could see how they could seem very unwise. Whether the story is true or not. Just sharing it publicly.

You can encourage someone to do that and what's been embellished over the years. Wigglesworth lived 1859 to 1947. So what's been embellished of years they give parents kidnapping the baby. I heard the story years ago, but never heard that some kid how they kidnapping a kid they can.

They can say were taken arcade out of the hospital of but did I hear the same story reported by list of several that the baby had severe birth defects was even disfigured and and was dying and that Wigglesworth kick that baby into the audience and it landed in the parent Psalms 100% healed. Yes, I heard that story actually had share hearing it when I taught about Wigglesworth years ago I could fully understand since saying this is an amazing story. I want you to hear it, and in a childlike way being very excited about it and sharing it with everyone saying is this amazing, I could on the site what you can encourage parents take their baby or throw the baby against the wall so II wish in that context did not have been shared the way it was okay and I can understand how that could that could put a wrong thoughts about he said one of the story itself didn't actually happen. I don't know I wasn't there but I would ask the question regardless of what you think of the story if it did happen, who miraculously healed the baby that would be my question. Is the whole story made up an exaggeration envelope wasn't there is a whole story accurate was it embellished illegally throw the baby gets why never heard that part did actually kick the baby in that way.

I don't know the question would be if the baby was miraculously healed, who healed the baby that would be my question but I'm not there. I wasn't there. I can comment on that. As for Wigglesworth himself.

I find his sermons to be extraordinarily penetrating.

I find the writings of Wigglesworth that he did he write books just preached a knife.

I find his ministry to be one of the most challenging extraordinary ministries. What will will come to that hitting people in a second, but Wigglesworth had to start working as a young boy around six years old so she was semiliterate. His wife taught him to read and the only book he read his entire life was the Bible and he was famous for.

Never going 15 minutes in a private conversation about either pulling out his New Testament reading from it. According Scripture when he was asked how long does he pray he said I really pray more than a half-hour but I never go a half-hour without praying, so he was continually in prayer in the word and I have read lots of his stuff, his collection of sermons called ever-increasing faith is a great place to start.

I met with people that knew him and traveled with him because they were old now and they had known him towards the end of his life and the stories are mind-boggling. The way God used him and accounts of even the dead being raised and and his absolute passion for Jesus and passion for the lost absolutely extraordinary and exemplary. He had this theology that basically all sickness was from the devil and he lost a child. The sickness he had a deaf daughter who was a missionary in Africa and he himself suffered from kidney stones and wall preaching, healing and miracles to others. I was from what I read passed over a period of years over hundred 50 jagged kidney stones that he he saved in a in a in a little model as a remembrance reverie save them but bottom line is he he suffered in this world. He suffered sickness he he watched others sick in his own family. Yet he preach faith and healing without without holding back, but he believed that he had hit the devil. That was his viewpoint.

So obviously that would be something that would would cause concern all right and that you came up, and yet abdominal cancer he punch in the stomach and their accounts of him doing that and the person being 100% healed afterwards. I heard from eyewitnesses and meetings that they knew the people involved were they were there when the ambulance brought the dying person and of cancer and Wigglesworth punch the person's ego drive the demon out, and then the person was miraculously healed. So that was his style, which obviously my negative find questionable and then you have abusive examples of it, say, with similar Todd Bentley today that that brought a lot of reproach understand that but I would put that aside and I would feast on the writings of Smith Wigglesworth and I would be challenged by his ministry, because as far as I can tell he was mightily and wonderfully used by God in and out talk about challenge man. He challenges you to the core to get with Jesus and to be intimate with God, and to turn away from sin and to yield your life as a living offering to God so that is my answer is honest and candid as I could be. I appreciate the call in as you see were not afraid to tackle things head on here on the broadcast 866-34-TRUTH.

Let's go to Eric in Boston. Welcome Sir to the line of fire. Hi Dr. Brown I think taking my call.

Planning in relation you think you might my question in relation to our Jewish beliefs about God in the first century. Or maybe a little earlier. I read and I've heard about people talk about to power, no reference work like Alan Galler, the mother works by Daniel Boyer and I would back Michael widely accepted a gift fear, I don't know what you call it identity something that you actually believed in the first century and will think that will be appropriate to post by but you did not. You also think that will be appropriate to bring up now if it was the widely accepted belief amongst youth would be appropriate to bring up and in it and serve anything contact someone who maybe doesn't leave the Trinity yes so so it's answer in reverse order. It's perfectly acceptable to bring up and and it's fine to have healthy discussion about this and but you want to do in this way, you know there's some Jewish traditions that seem to reflect the idea of two heavenly powers if you talk to a traditional Jew you talk to ultra-Orthodox rabbi will be familiar with the text but they will they will not accept that there was a widespread traditional Jewish belief in into heavenly powers. So the book should mention Alan Siegel and Daniel Boren or Margaret Barker others. This is been widely discussed and I think with marriage. I reference some of this in volume 2 of answering Jewish objections to Jesus. I get into some of this there and and discuss it. A Michael Heiser in his teaching about monotheism of the Trinity has gotten into this is what we come out of just independently to similar conclusions.

So I do think it's worthy of discussion. I do think there's something to it, but to traditional Jew in their mind they have been strict monotheists always only and they would have a different reading of these texts are Rabbi Akiva making reference to two thrones and did that apply to powers and in some of things like that. So let's just say that critical scholarship or liberal Jewish scholarship would be more open to look at these ideas Orthodox Jewish scholarship would be much more skeptical about them. You can watch the videos I've done on God's nature.

God's oneness and get Jewish traditions that would speak of his complex unity. You can watch those at our YouTube channel that's ask Dr. Brown as Kd or Brown a great question Eric so that the material is solid and scholarly but would not be widely embraced in most traditional Jewish circles 866-34-TRUTH of its go to Jared in Mississippi. Welcome to the line of fire Dr. Brown are you doing doing well thank you there and watching your videos and keeping up with you for a couple years now and I've grown a lot under under your personal theology question.

My question is about been a Christian for a little over 15 years now on school come from a godly evangelical family where you don't really need to. Many people that are that try to live their lives like that.

My question is how do I know you know that we have pure assurances is just pumping up the trust may be a logical Outlook going to different but public calculi different types of of a bump of reasoning is that we just jump in so I can answer just before the break in and appreciate your heart for the Lord. Jared my first and foremost assurance comes that I have trusted Jesus that I have put my trust in the Lord and I look to him and what he's done. Secondly, the spirit bears witness with my spirit that I'm a child of God, so I know that I know because of that inner witness certainly there is the that relationship that I have with God in a living way. It's not just abstract, there is a relationship with God. There's fellowship with God. There can be answers to prayer, or divine intervention in different ways and and then if you come from darkness to light, like I have. There's the evidence of a changed life, but my first basis for assurances.

I trust the Lord within with that he gives affirmation in my own heart, that I am a child of God. The spirit will bear witness with our spirit gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by going to 866-34-TRUTH your exam is Dr. Michael Brown will thank you so much joining us today on a Friday broadcast. You got questions, we've got answers 866-34-TRUTH 7884 that is the number two call.

Remember you can watch a live video feed on RS Dr. Brown YouTube channel, or ask Dr. Brown Facebook page as Kd or Brown. If you have the ask Dr. Brown android app for your cell phone you can watch it right there on your cell phone with one click. Some people love myths and fables. Some people love myths and fables, and when you expose the myths and fables. They denounce you, yet you have burst their bubble you have spoiled their party so because we expose the myth that the Hebrew letters maintain a pictographic meaning and something again that any any student of the Hebrew language understands and knows any any solid student of the Hebrew language understands and knows that the words mean what they mean that the letters are simply consonants and vowels are right that they that they do not have a pictographic meaning they haven't for millennia, so because we have a whole video expose of you haven't watched it go to Esther to Just type in Palio, meaning the old Hebrew script.

Pay PAL EO so just so one person took exception answered. Ron U. And from this man's teaching and all who associate with him and agree with him, so that would mean run from all of you as well.

Welcome welcome to the broadcast all right to the phones.

We will start in Raleigh, North Carolina Loretta, thanks for holding and welcome to the line of fire. Good afternoon Dr. Brown thank you for taking my call.

Question about my marriage, my husband and I are born again Christian] pain. We got married three years ago and I moved from one state to the state with him and I cannot… I have issues on anyone. I know they have been there for him, but I come from a different type that I found a church here in Raleigh that is very similar to what I with the cup and pair my other state for 20 years so I know I am.

I am wrong biblically for not attending the church with him. Even now he Me. I can go to the other church but he would wish that I would go to Start well yeah so severe as yours. Not sure just what I suggest.

Obviously, you need to put your your marriage. First, in terms of harmony, that is your husband and you relocated to be together with him and because so much of our lives can be involved with our local fellowship. It's not just attending services but other activities circles of friends and things like that that it's hard to be united fully when you're in two different spiritual worlds.

In that regard. In involvement in two different communities and things like that.

But what what I encourage you to do is this, if possible.

If there was a way for you to be involved in his church that didn't violate your conscience. In other words, if it's a matter of preference that you say okay I will be my preference. Aside and join him there. But since he's not against that. I still want to, supplemented by may be going to another service in this church. I feel more fed their then maybe something like that's the least you have a similar circle of church friends and church activities. You can be involved in together.

If it so if it's about of preference. I'd encourage you for the sake of unity in your marriage to the your preference down within supplement that church with things that edify you and build you up if it's a matter of conviction that it violates your convictions to be part of that church, then obviously you have to ask your husband to please understand that but you just can't go there and conscience before God that makes sense). I know I hurt Scripture or mine, and I've heard that word not accurate and I actually did open up the burden showed that whatever they had is not true and I don't feel comfortable going here after you now and you know the other thing you gimme gimme an aggressive example of the very worst thing you further this and it concerns you the most private Malachi thing that really bothered my typing is code and how people look down on you board having on a lady having black.

Okay so I got it all clear. Yes it still solicit if it's a again what I would do is every day. Pray together. If you can, as a father. We want your best for for our marriage and where your children and whatever you want for us. We will whether it's daily or weekly that you're always praying together in a harmonious way that you're seeking to to build your your spiritual lives together all right and and that that's a big emphasis and that you're trying to do ministry together with you Whatever you can do to build spiritual unity do that and because your husband says if if you don't feel at home there. That's fine then obviously certain set-asides that what you can feel out of place or you feel like you have to do this be judge all the time so I I can understand that but do whatever you do can to cultivate spiritual unity and then just pray that the Lord will give you a voice solution because ideally, you should be in the same place, but right now I can understand this tension. So that's what handle it but really do your best to put the emphasis on unity and see maybe the Lord will change his heart. Maybe will be another church.

You both feel more at home in a little workout.

Hey, thank you for the call is real life. These real-life issues I do appreciate it. Yeah a question from Gordon on YouTube can explain drinking poison Mark 1618 yeah so the longer ending of Mark, the one you'll find in our Bibles but either in brackets or just with a note saying that one of the signs as follows believes that if they drink any deadly thing, it won't hurt them all right. And this was this was not a matter of a test that you go around testing it I'm in a drink poison. No course of the word screw don't test the Lord but rather is of the matter of someone trying to poison you or is maybe you're out preaching the gospel in some rural area and drink something that would be deadly.

This would just be supernatural protection of just like taking up snakes. It was never met with that to be with the snake handlers do these obscure Pentecostal groups were they they handle snakes, or they get bit by snakes to prove their faith in and out of of watched accounts of people dying from the state by the in-line agony and because the family will give them venom.

Kaczynski believed God.

What a tragic loss of life. What what an absolute waste but we we know Paul from simplex 28 is bitten by a serpent bitten by a snake and and they think is going to die and he doesn't die right in and eight than it first thing he's a murderer. Now they want to worship him is like none of that's the supernatural protection so that's what it's about. Now I know of a case of this with.

I love the person personally but a Palestinian Muslim came to faith in Jesus and because of that. His father was going to kill him. So inviting them over for a meal and poisoned him, and when the sun was perfectly fine after the poison the father got saved, so these things do happen 86634 let's go to Gary in Salt Lake City. Welcome to the line of fire by Dr. Brown got a question for you that very breakable poppy depending on who you're talking and it is also debatable with various all the predestination and election you know and depending on the Lord elected the lack her first before the foundation yeah your okay and others say no with corporate and there are all elected.

The whole purpose of the Messiah here yeah just just jump jumping only because we didn't hold shows on this and and I want to give you as much information as I can. You're absolutely right is one of the most debated subject, so does God choose before creating the world who's gonna save so he chooses you you you you you just because of his grace.

Nothing in us does C4 know who will believe and he chooses those who will believe does he choose that he will have a people in Jesus and how the that the people come to be in Jesus, is another question.

These things are strongly debated so the B-1 viewing in Arminian circles.

One view in Calvinist circles, Lutherans of a little different angle. It etc. okay, first let me encourage you to go to asked Dr. KSK DR and just type in the search engine. Just type in predestination. You can hear whole shows I've done on it. You can watch debates of done with Dr. James White. That's what I really recommend watch my debate on predestination election and the will of God with Dr. White's you can hear a strong Calvinist present his view clearly you can hear me present my view clearly and then you can do your best to sort things out all right so go to asked Dr. everyone interested in this type. In predestination with the search and then the best thing even better than shows rep talked about it is to watch the debate is free. We can watch us both present our viewpoints and lay out Scripture but Gary. Let me give a few principles we can all agree that God is at work and that he has a plan all right we can all agree that before God created the universe. He had a plan and he has an outcome in mind think we can all agree on that.

We can all agree that the great outcome is that he will have a people who will love him and follow him and glorify him and enjoy him forever. And I think we can all agree that the Bible calls us to respond to the gospel. A Calvinist would say God calls us to respond to the gospel, but he moves on us to respond, etc. but we all agree that we have to make a choice and that when we speak to people that they are confronted with the choice so I would say this. Let God take care of his business and what he's doing behind the scenes and let us, let us give ourselves to prayer and preaching the gospel and reaching out to all as he's called us to do and let us passionately see people turn to the Lord and turn away from sin and receive mercy and not rent God is behind the scenes. Let God be God.

Let us give ourselves to the commission and call people respond to the gospel. Hopefully agree on that.

It's the line of fire with your host activist and author internationals leader and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown best friends for questions, we've got answers.

Be sure to visit Esther to check out my latest articles just in article out today on why do we name name sometimes and not other times other articles commenting on things going on in the society around us some radical legislation in California. Everybody needs to be aware of to check out our latest videos and articles and asked Dr. we go to Patricia in Florida. Welcome to the line of fire by Dr. Brown calling I would like know why did God create people knowing that certain people it's it's the ultimate question in terms of God's goodness and justice so do you believe that it was good for God to create the human race at all, or do you think none of us should have ever existed and shouldn't be here ironically out okay of frogs reason so much suffering so much pain right. But basically, why is it that the whole human race is not exterminated itself. Why haven't we all committed suicide and and and did everything I don't know maybe because we want to live rightly be hit right okay so the risk. I'm glad I'm here. I'm, I'm glad God created me. I'm glad that I've had the okay since question number one in the vast majority of people there. Glad they're here, the ones they will they terminate their existence.

So the second thing is if if right now I could perform surgery on you so you'll never have another bad day. Sad day hurting day but you are unable to make choices. I just preprogram you always be happy about your you are completely unable to make any choice of any kind would you go for that or would you say I'd rather have the right to self-determination. I rather have the right right St. right so fundamentally that's the answer to entire question God new in creating the universe in creating human race that there would be suffering and pain and that there would be people who would reject him and deserve judgment. Hell is there for judgment.

Hell is there is as a right judgment for sin and rebellion. His goal was to have a people who would be with him forever and ever and and how is ultimately a sign of his justice and judgment.

But in order for there to be a creation for the creation to be having a choice a true choice then we have to be able to choose and that their consequences and and everyone I know that they don't want some kind of lobotomy and in on some brain operation the takes with the ability to choose and and one with the Lord forever. We've made our choice. We want to be with him and now we can enjoy that forever, but basically, in short, if there's going to be if they're going to be human beings created with the choice love is not coerced, then God had to give us these choices and through these choices we grow through these choices, we learn the difference between right and wrong. Through these choices. Now we can we can become someone that we never were before. Through the suffering through the pain through the difficulty.

All this can be redeemed and those who reject God's love and mercy will suffer his his fair and righteous judgment, and in that sense, all apprentices will yeah I got.

I find it that God would then people who reject and hide only find that I have a hard time finding more new people that you created the people that would end up there. I guess it went fairly yes. Also, if I was a Calvinist. I would say that's the way it is and you have to accept it and gobble forever show his glory by punishing the wicked this out my viewpoint in terms of God predestined them. I don't believe he predestined anyone to have been in anyone to hell, meaning that before he created that he said okay your and you're out and it's just fixed by my sovereign decree on the believe that. So the only ones that are there are those who choose to reject God's love ones that are there are those that refuse heaven.

So again, if you symbol God let let God only create the ones that he knew in advance because he certainly knew in advance what was going to happen right before he created, he could he could foresee because he inhabits eternity. He knew who would be saved would be possible that only create disabled that you no longer have a world with free choice. You now know you even you have now is it's change the whole equation and then if you eliminate all those that are wicked right so so that out now, you change the equation of what happens to those that that believe because they're in a different environment and world and stuff so you had to have the situation where people can freely choose and and that's that's the only way it can be worked out. Now the question is, is it right that there is hell forever and ever and ever. Or is there is an end to punishment that that people can debate that part of it, but God will act with perfect justice. And again it is only by creating universe where there is free will, where people could choose only by doing that, that ultimately we end up where we are today where people love him and know him forever. May I encourage you to watch a debate I did with Prof. Biederman famous New Testament scholar, and even more famous agnostic aggressive agnostic it.

We debated the issue of does the Bible provide an adequate answer to the problem of suffering go to asked Dr. and just type in Urman EHRMAN type that in and you'll watch our debate where we talk about these very kinds of issues and I think you'll find it helpful. One last thing. All of us who know the Lord know how incredibly patient is how incredibly loving his how he doesn't treat us as our sins deserve how long-suffering he is. That's the God who will one day sense people help. He's not a crazed tyrant out of his mind. He is a perfectly good and righteous God, full of love. What he does will be based on love and truth and justice altogether.

Hey, thank you for the call very important question for sure, 86634 let's go to Daniel in Arizona.

Welcome to the modifier about Poonam Hogg not get her Greensburg bearlike frog relation 15 and I probably won't get back on them from becoming like they people say that if you incrementally increase in temperature. You can fall apart a lot of the ole people are not aware of the creeping liquor losing their having likes to think or mentally, to becoming the patch with reality getting more more deluded for little and then it don't even know what to do and will fight against God. But they're not gonna try researching the info that actually happened and I couldn't really find it that actually dug out of the frog. Hey listen I I love the fact that you're asking questions why the unclean spirits like frogs. What was it say that you know that Duncan spirits Revelation 16 and and you know they look like frogs but I don't believe that there was any notion in the minds of people. Then at that time of this whole thing over frog in boiling water and and again that's debated, you know, some claim is not true, but the ideas with the frog in your regular temperature water and little by little by little by little heated up and and because it would be a cold-blooded creature, though it responds by the time it's too hot it's too late.

And so the images will use all the time but I don't. To my knowledge, that was absolutely not in the mind of John in writing Revelation or would've been an image that people would've thought of.

Rather, it was just a depiction of how these unclean spirits looked and it is interesting in light I had blasted for not condemning a guest who talked about a a a sneaky squid spirit with adjustment metaphorically.

Anyway, this, that and I said, who knows of demon can appear like I guess what I don't know us and weird to me but I don't know or hear demons look like frogs so whatever. So I'm not defending sneaky squid thing simply saying you hear demons.

These unclean spirits look like frogs and why frogs one on something else that can be debated, so if there's a definitive answer to that but thank you sir I II like the fight you're trying to figure out why it's just the Bible doesn't tell us why there like into that. But let me say this, you have like in Exodus the frogs invading the land of either that's a horrific thing in heaps and heaps of frogs and frogs on its horrific thing and that could be where some of the imagery comes from all right drive time for another call. Let's go to Ryan in Illinois. Thanks for calling the line of fire their background here? Mark Young interested in getting your perspective on validity and try to educate myself on debate over the longer ending and scholarship account so far is more persuasive again. The longer ending red Daniel Wallace is very persuasive, yes. And even if you don't believe the longer and bring it and Eric, I believe that the longer ending our time elsewhere in Scripture my credit. Are you aware of anyone who writes persuasively favor of the longer ending and you think. Saying that there's a buyer encryption scholarship against the longer ending because it contained idea that are earmarked of the charismatic right degree questions rhino case number one, the most persuasive writer for the longer ending of Mark being valid. So Mark 16 verses nine through 20. Being valid is Steenburgen so you RG ON BU RG ON your find his writings online then whole books on that he would be the most persuasive voice for the answer.

The one that Daniel Wallace would enter Acworth and Daniel Wallace being the world's top New Testament textual scholars, it's clear that Mark 16. Eight is not the final ending of Mark. That's not the way the gospel originally and that seems clear, but nine through 20 seems to not be the original ending of Mark. The grammar changes immediately. The subject changes and the vocabulary is different than the rest of Mark's gospel. I believe it is an early ending for whatever reason God providentially does did not preserve these thus far for us the original ending we have this ending. I believe that these these are the words of Jesus. In other words, even though I don't think the original ending of Mark. I do believe these are the words of Jesus, I consider the principal supply with a debate about it goes back well before the Pentecostal movement so I don't think that's a big reason for the bus, but it could be it could be some also the proceeds of the ancient Syriac does have it. The question is what is dated, so that Daniel Wallace Steenburgen. Check them out

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