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Answers to Your Jewish Questions; and the Priestly Blessing

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 26, 2018 4:51 pm

Answers to Your Jewish Questions; and the Priestly Blessing

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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April 26, 2018 4:51 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 04/26/18.

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It's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown looking friends to our early Jewish Thursday broadcast. We've got a great show plan for you today.

First, earlier in the week I solicited questions on twitter Jewish related questions to answer a number of them today. We got some really fascinating question since it was then the second half hour of today show. We are going to have an interview with Warren Marcus, fellow Jewish believer videographer extra dinar extraordinaire yeah okay you know what I mean. He's got a great new book on the priestly blessing from Numbers the sixth chapter. So we have talk with Warren about that second half-hour first half-hour right now I am going to some of these twitter questions so here's the first one from Kevin. Have you ever encountered someone who claims to be a Jewish Appian night.

He rejected all of Paul's writings. Oh yes absolutely so in the early church. We understand that at its foundations. It was all Jewish. All the first believers were Jewish and we know that there is a succession of Jewish leaders in Jerusalem that recalled bishops after Jacob James read about X 15.

He was ultimately martyred. There was a succession of Jewish leaders over Jerusalem and what we have recorded 15 of them, something like that. And we know from the writings of other church leaders even though they didn't understand it, that there were Jewish believers who continue to live as Jews for centuries. Okay, they did not accept the traditions of the rabbis they believed in Jesus the Messiah.

They believe that he was the divine son of God.

Virgin born they believe in the writings of Paul.

So they were thoroughly Orthodox believers and continue to live is just why not.

Jesus never said stop being a Jew in the Jesus never said you're not allowed to keep these things in and through the new covenant.

Many of these things are written on our hearts in a fresh and new way right so those were called the Nazarenes and they would be like messianic Jews today, so messianic Jews who believe all of the Orthodox foundations of the gospel that meet on Saturday instead of Sunday celebrate Passover instead of Easter Hanukkah instead of Christmas yet are thoroughly biblical believers that would be like most messianic Jews today. However, in the early church you had other groups of Jewish believers who apostatized they fell away from the faith they departed from some of the foundations summer called Corinthian's not quarantines but the Corinthians others recalled Appian knights, and among these different groups. There is a denial of the writings of Paul because he was considered to be anti-law or there was a denial of the deity of Jesus because that was considered to be Jewish so they rejected certain foundations of the faith and therefore review them as heretical. It's the same with some extremely Hebrew roots groups today that will reject the writings of Paul or reject other parts of the New Testament will deny the deity of Jesus the Messiah or that will say that it is mandatory for everyone to follow the law of Moses. The Sinai covenant. Otherwise, you're going to hell those would be extreme group. So yes there are those like that modern day Appian knights absolutely may not use that name, but yes, that's who they are and some do use that name right. Here's another question.

There is not a specific name abscessed FTT something in a number of are there good books resources debunking common Jewish conspiracy theories actually in my book, our hands are stained with blood, which came out in 1992 and by God's grace is been continuously and print. Ever since in that book I deal with a number of the myths. The myths that the Jews poisoned the wells during the black plague. The myth that the Jews stole communion elements to the torture, the literal body of Christ, as of the communion elements. The wafer actually became his body. The myth that Jews would slaughter Christian child and entrain his blood and use that to make Passover, unleavened bread, the myth of the wandering Jew that there was a Jew that rejected Jesus in his day is been consigned to never die, but wander from place to place to place to place. The myth of the protocols of the Elders of Zion that there is a secret cabal of 300 Jews waiting for the right moment to take over the entire world of those myths and other myths, I address in our hands are stained with blood that the whole book does not focus on that. The book focuses on persecution of the Jews in church history, and recovering of Jewish roots. It's a painful but important book to read. But yes, and it I do deal with the myth. Some of the contemporary myths as well. And then I give references to the book. So even though it only goes as far as the early 90s you'll find a ton of references to lots relevant literature of the so a lot of these conspiracy theories. The Jews control in the world are taking over the world controlling all the banks or the media. We touch on some of those as well.

Alright Gary I've heard it said that in Hebrew tradition, rabbis, teaching was called his yoke.

First of this. First, this is true if it's true, how would you say that Jesus teaching in Matthew 1128 to 30 connects with this yet.

There there is some level of truth to that, but it was more that people were called to take on the yoke of the Torah that was that the more prominent yoke that would be spoken up take on the yoke of the Torah, but because that yoke was now burdened down with many human traditions that made it very difficult to keep and observe Jesus contrasted that yoke with his yoke so it wasn't so much the yoke of a specific teacher below, there could be that nuance it was the yoke of the Torah which now became way down with the yoke of human tradition and that's where the contrast is, in fact, is what you'll notice if you'll see the end of Matthew 11 what is a go into where Jesus says come to me all you who labor and are heavy laden, I'll give you rest.

Take my yoke upon you, right much. My yoke it's just right. My burden is light, what, when he calls us to do that because immediately into Matthew the 12th chapter with is a dispute about the disciples gathering grain on the Sabbath and dispute by feeling the man on the Sabbath. So Jesus is here contrasting his yoke with the yoke of human tradition so it is when the yoke of the Torah was weighed down with the yoke of human tradition. That's the deeper contrast that he is bringing their alright drew as this effort.

Jewish people say that the traditional understanding of the Old Testament stories the Christians make the mistake of taking all the stories literally. Is there a correct Jewish understanding of how the Torah should be written okay first thing is, are you tired by the traditional Jew or liberal Jew, a liberal Jew just like a liberal Christian will not take the Bible literally a liberal Jew just like a liberal Christian will think that there are stories and illustrations. There is not really a flood in Noah's day. This is just a story or a parable to teach a certain lessons. And no, there were really 10 plagues on Egypt or Israel crossing the sea, but Israel's probably oppressed Egypt. God delivered them and in the story adds all types of other mythical elements to it to create a bigger narrative, etc. so liberals, Jews and Christians read the Bible like that.

A traditional Jew believes exactly what you believe that there was a literal flood in Noah's day that the children of Israel were literally enslaved in Egypt and were supernaturally delivered by God that that God worked a miracle when he killed Hezekiah and cause the that this the sundial to go backwards it that God did those things, however, he did them. Whatever the explanation is the many fascinating Jewish traditions about how God did things many fascinating ways were Orthodox Jewish scientists read the Scriptures, but there is a shared view in the liberality of Scripture.

Now that being said, that being said traditional Jew is much more apt to see different meanings in the text to find seven of the layers of meaning in inverses within the prerogative sentencing at an infinite number of verses and meanings so in that sense things can be read in a more fluid way and not as much of a literalist what you might make that contrast with the Contras the way it was presented was definitely overstated right Julia a do we know anything at all regarding the way the Psalm sounded melodically. Is it possible to hear any of them recited musically in a way that is true to the original art not for sure there are some scholars who have really studied this and who believe that they have an idea of musical notation.

I am not aware of how far the studies have gone and I don't know how much we can be sure of. We have knowledge of some of the instruments that were used in the ancient world. We have some knowledge from other ancient sources of different types of chance or melodies on some level, but to say that we know how the Psalm sounded if we do on not aware that we know how. Later accents come in and where their pauses and things like that we understand the beginning of Psalms offered to be musical notations. For example, meeting saying to the tune of this so we know that there are well-known choose to just like we can say sing this to the tune of amazing grace and people would know what it means. We understand that cell was most likely a musical notation over not sure that adjustment clause.

We simply don't know for sure.

So there's not a lot of literature on it. There is some the presumption that things would sound more Middle Eastern what we think it was Middle Eastern today than or Western music. Yet, we can be fairly certain of that. But beyond that I don't know that we can really reconstruct how the songs were sung. Some may feel that way, but I'm not aware of anything definitive on it. Roman isn't messianic Judaism just evangelical Christianity, except with people who are ethnically Jewish know will. That's a fair question. In other words, we hold together the signatures evangelical Christians hold together to the authority and inspiration of the word of God to Jesus. Joshua being the only way to God to his atoning death and his resurrection to God's triune nature. We we hold to those fundamentals system identify the be is a mess and a few others identify me as a mess as an evangelical Christian in terms of those definitions. I am both but evangelical Christianity would follow a church calendar evangelical Christianity would speak of Jesus Christ versus Yeshua the Messiah evangelical Christianity might even have a different view of how we relate to the law we are not under the law's condemnation or under the laws assist or justification that since we have died to the law and live by the new way of the spirit of the new way of the spirit rights God's laws on our hearts. So we wrote we would relate to many of these things differently, but all part of one body and one family, but certainly it's not just a matter of being ethnically Jewish. It is a matter attachment to the Jewish people. It is a matter of recognizing the validity of the biblical calendar in an ongoing weight, not in a slavishly binding way within an ongoing beautiful way. So there are definitely differences in that respect, but we share the foundations of the faith, the same Savior the same view of God save the authority of Scripture. Faith combat hunger light back winter questions that were posed to me earlier this week on this early Thursday and don't forget now that a great interview with Lori Marcus about his book on recently but will be right here on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining me today. This is Michael Brown you're thoroughly Jewish host on this thoroughly Jewish Thursday normally on Thursdays. I'll catch up with usually lose all talk about Jewish controversy or give you Jewish and sign Scripture and then will take your calls with Jewish related questions today hundreds of different earlier in the week. I just posted on Twitter and told folks. If you have a Jewish related question posted for me and I'll answer them on the Thursday broadcast so that's what I'm doing today. That's why haven't been giving out the phone number and then a few minutes from now on. The bring on my friend Lori Marcus to talk about his book the priestly blessing. So we got a great thoroughly Jewish Thursday show for you okay and important announcement that I want to make as well that I think would be of blessing and help to you. Okay, James asked this question again on Twitter how can Jews as a group still be chosen. Despite collective lack of faith in Christ. This is a dilemma to me because the lack of faith seems to preclude chosen us. This argument seems to be one of the strong points of replacement theology and one I can't find the answer to okay number one, Paul definitively states what the Hebrew Scriptures who stated over and over and over again that God's gifts and calling our irrevocable that when God promised certain things to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Certain things he did in an unconditional way and promised that there would be a destiny for the people of Israel. So Paul says emphatically, in Romans 11 beginning verse 26 he tells us that on the heels of a massive influx of Gentiles into the kingdom and provoked by that all Israel will be saved as it is written, the Redeemer will come to sign and turn ungodliness from Jacob to start my future bet.

And Paul says this is a mystery. This is something as previously not been understood but is now revealed.

It's not talk about the remnant of Jewish believers in every generation in and this is how all Israel be said is a mystery about that there is anything climactic about rather this is the Redeemer coming to Zion to his people and for Zion for his people, and ultimately from Jerusalem. Redemption goes Paul is bringing together different verses from the Old Testament to make that point right you will turn ungodliness away from Jacob Gossage this is my covenant with them when I take away their sins, and then he says this right now. They may be enemies of the gospel motors they may be opposing you is your sharing your faith is Gentile Christians.

They may be enemies by they are chosen. They are loved because the fathers right they are still love because the father's basis for the gifts and calling of God are irrevocable, so Jeremiah 31 verses 31 to 34 talks about the new covenant. God will make with the house of Israel has reviewed and then in verse 35 to 37 says that no matter what they do with the children of Israel do as long as there is heaven and earth as long as there's a sun shining as well as his universe to explore. God will not cast his people away no matter what. So what's happened. We, as chosen people have been judged more severely. We have been chosen for a mission and purpose are we fulfilling that mission and purpose are we living up to it when were not running to God's judgment when we are going to his blessing over chosen. Nonetheless, a destiny were all chosen to salvation. It doesn't mean every generation of Jews is saved. Of course, that that was the case we would need to evangelize Paul's heart would not be breaking Jesus without a been weeping. We say whatever we go through everybody ultimately gets in no we understand right now. If you're a Jewish person and you do not embrace God's grace for Jesus the Messiah and say that you're good enough on your own gobble receive your own repentance your phone shortened or lost. You need the mercy of God. Only the repentance that comes from him will save and forgive you 100 years ago. If there is a Jewish person rejected the gospel of Jesus, that person is lost is almost bogus ridiculous things that people choose Miller, will covenant theology. The Jews can be saved by Jesus for the last 46+ years without hesitation ever.

I said the opposite of that. Always and only which is why I have often been hated by, missionaries, or rabbis, many lovely but think I'm wrong of this hate me but the fact is we say salvation only comes to him yet that doesn't affect the chosen us of the Jewish people still chosen was a San Amos 31 you only have I known being single. I chose not only have I known of all the nations on the earth therefore punishable the more of your iniquities, so to show cause why not choose someone else. So that's the reality that we have been chosen by God for purpose to make him known. The ends of the earth. Why, because of God's love for Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, not because of our goodness.

He tells us, the church failed is that as God cast us off.

No, because it's by grace so is calling on Israel is by grace and under the Sinai covenant memorabilia were blessed were disobedient were cursed and because we have not lived up to God's calling and plan for us and of often rejected the prophets we rejected the Messiah we cast off his laws. We have suffered much as the chosen people, but still chosen a witness nation, one way or the other in the earth and ultimately as God turns our hearts will believe and there'll be a great harvest of the great turning of Jewish hearts and lives at the end of the age and perhaps increasingly until that time, which would bring great revival and strength to the church every Paul alludes to that earlier in Romans 11 as well will bring great great blessing to the world that make sense to write so the churches that saved Jews and Gentiles are in an Old Testament time it was that the congregation the Clay seah that Colin Hebert was almost all Jews spanning Gentiles now through history.

It's been largely Gentiles with a remnant of Jews the end of the age.

The be a great influx of Jews. That's the Cuyahoga congregation. The church right the messianic body that is not displaced national Israel does purposes for national Israel. Those remain positive, added about that and he says in Romans nine thereto Jewish people so not not those who believe that the Jewish people so bears are promises. All right, let's see. Mike asked this, though I'm sorry William underlings question first, who were our those who said they were Jews but were not as the prophecy for today more more black people claiming to be Israelites of answer this question many times on the year since it was posted on Twitter, I'll answer it again right Revelation 2 and Revelation 3 Jesus bring words of comfort to his people in the midst of persecution and suffering.

He said he speaks of those who claim to be Jews and are not but are a synagogue of Satan, he will make them bow down at their feet. He spoke about real groups of people back in that day. That's the first thing is he talking about ethnic Jews who are resisting the gospel and therefore resisting God and going totally contrary to their calling as God's chosen people in this role, and therefore signatures which are not. It's like me telling some man is 6 foot five, 300 pound brute of a man your man your care for your wife, your character did you spend money on gambling trigger automatically as a man right. These were Jews there are living as Jews their freckles in the synagogue of Satan. That's one possibility all right and that would apply like the church claim to be the church which are not towards the people going to follow Jesus better. Being hypocrites right what about another possibility that it was people were Jews all they were imposters. They claim to be Jews, but they weren't there were false groups and cults. They claim to be Jews were not were persecuting the Christians persecuting God's people to be talking about that.

Who was that today well either its talk about ethnic Jews who oppose the gospel fiercely make it difficult the gospel to be preached. Dusting may be ethnic Jews become real Jews synagogue of Satan or soma different groups. Some like extreme Black Hebrew Israelites claim to be Jews but are not in a synagogue of Satan or some white supremacist group that claims to be the real Israel, or whatever it could be any group that fits that description. All right that is living contrary to God's purpose and neither is an ethic to making a false claim or is not a Jew at all, making a false claim.

Okay Mike how to Jewish people understand Daniel 925 it says the Messiah will be cut off. First, that Hebert does not say the Messiah just as Michelle so better translate an anointed one, as opposed to the Messiah and the she often occurs many times in the Old Testament, they can refer to kings of Israel because they were anointed, they can refer to the high priest because he was anointed getting a referral backing like Saul, it refers to a Cyrus in the book of Isaiah 44 and 45 is called Cosma. She often narcolepsy was chosen for purpose so traditional Jews don't read that a speak about the Messiah they read it. Speak about a particular leader that lived either in the days of Herod, or before, and they seek to anointed ones in that passage for more details or rebuttal in response to that because I believe the second figure in particular does speak about our Messiah, who is cut off, who suffers for sins. Go volume 3 of answering Jewish objections to Jesus. Volume 3 of answering Jewish objections to Jesus why get into that in depth, and then let's see Hunter given wide availability of history regarding change of the Sabbath in the Sunday shouldn't be reset switch back to Shabbat. That's a great question sir.

A great question. In other words, the Bible never changes the Sabbath to Sunday. Never does. Never does that. If you say will that's our tradition.

And when Jews were not required to observe the 70 Sabbath no issue with that. But just give me the scriptural foundations for the seventh day for the Sabbath being changed, so if you say will I feel I should do it on the seventh.

They will great God bless you. Just don't make it a binding thing and judge others by the summits, why not.

Early believers didn't. Why not great. God bless you group the joints with you to get on that awesome pit innocent. If you say boy I love to be trained by human Jewish ministry are about to be trained by you and in cultural cultural war. The culture wars and things like that.

Maybe God is calling the fire school of ministry. Check it out online fire – fire –

We do not have a specialized Jewish studies program. However, we do have a specialized mentoring program in the second year with our new leadership is all specialized areas that I specialize in the mentoring program is being hit in the second got a bill for right back with more markets definable about the school fire – school gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by going to 866-34-TRUTH your exam is Dr. Michael Brown today with Warren. Marcus Warren is an old friend Jewish believer teacher of the word and videographer Park salon's. He's recently written a book, the priestly prayer of blessing the ancient secret of the only prayer in the Bible, written by God himself.

In other words, literally God saying you say these words and as he's been teaching on this in this opening up with the Hebrew Scriptures say the effects have been dramatic warrant welcome to the modified great heavy on today good to be here with you Mike that while you been a lifetime student.

The word you been a teacher of the word.

What is it that suddenly open up to you sometime ago, as you began to study the priestly prayer of blessing, numbers chapter 6 will identical be my friend Rick Amato was an evangelist and he was in Israel in Jerusalem at the K where the there was a discovery of this ancient pendant light Gabriel Buckeye and the Jewish archaeologists and he was touched because they began praying this prayer in Hebrew over him, which I have read many times and I had spoken over me and ensure a lot of even Gentiles have in their churches.

And that's the one in number six with the Lord bless you and keep you Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you. Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.

Beautiful prayer he was weeping anything Warren. The name of God is, it's the presence of the father that's been that's that's a little comment never experienced anything like this in my life before and I'm going okay and you know and and I know it first with crystalline amenities. That is the only prayer in the entire Bible that God himself wrote, and I will what you talking about, and so I opened up the Bible read it and I it's a beautiful prayer as we have in our Bibles but it didn't do for me what it did for Rick and I'm Jewish and I'm getting gentle and getting jealous does this gentles make me jealous to kind of have this experience that I that he had in us and God. Why is it that he's experiencing this and I haven't and that's when I started really trying to dig in and took me on a journey to start digging into understand better some of the reasons why and so it became a point where I got to the point where I actually began to experience God in a more supernatural way through this prayer and the one of the reasons I think is as I read it at first. Will it says when this prairie Moses couldn't prayer that had to be prayed by the high priest over the children of Israel every day for 40 years in the wilderness. This happened and what I read what happened to the children of Israel, that they received supernatural provision supernatural water from the rock that they would speak to their their flocks increased their children.

There was no doing of predators that would touched her animals. This it was not one weaker people among them, and even their shoes and clothes never wore out with 40 years and I'm saying wow that is incredible. So what was it that was happening and it says in the verse after we read in Numbers 625 2425 we read then says when this is said by the high priest. In essence, over the children of Israel. I will be placing my name upon them, and I will bless them. So I said what is that mean name and you know this. As I looked up in the Hebrew Shem weekly Orthodox Jews in public will not even say Anna normally which means Lord, they will say the name and how Shem means literally the person of the holy character of the power and authority of that person who is the one true God, and I'm going while what is this really mean so tightly that they receive that mean let's face it, they had no knowledge of who God of Israel. One other that other than it was trip.

It was oral words been passed down to him, they didn't yet have. Scripture was being written it out in the wilderness, so they had this understanding, they were the children of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, whose name was changed. Israel but the God of Israel.

The first evidence they really had an encounter was when Moses came back and had them brought and said to Farrell, set my people. Three. God's people free and they saw templates being placed upon their enemy. They slowly walk through a wall of water that was being held up and then with Craig came crashing over the children of the DAD Egyptians and their chariots so they were frightened of this God that they really didn't have an understanding in a personal way in an intimate way of this, God was, and I believe this was God's greatest burden of grace for them to begin to experience some kind of relationship with the father with God of Israel in an intimate way that he was a God that love them and wanted to be like a father to them. One you mentioned the discovery of a pendant with this prayer inscribed on it.

How ancient was that discovery and 97 I was when it was better but it is 400 years older than the Dead Sea Scrolls is what many scholars say it's the oldest intact Bible Scripture in evidence today it's it's in the museum in Israel. These pendants and it's so, so I that got me to. I said why would God preserve this particular piece of Scripture. If it wasn't meant for us today in some way to apply to us. Even those of us that are in the new covenant is there a way that we can have a supply to us.

One of the things I saw was that it had to be prayed over the children of Israel, not by Moses but by a high priest, the high priest because he was the only one the high priest that had a once a year relationship where he would go into the holy of holies into the Shekinah glory to meet with the one true God. He was the only intermediary in that sense between God and man.

And then I realized that you should run Jesus is our high priest that he didn't go in once a year on the day of atonement on Yom Kippur ease their 24 hours a day seven days a week in the holy of holies in heaven.

And I as I read in Luke 24. It appears that Yeshua it says he led them out past Bethany this is talking about the when the ascension was about to happen.

He says stay in Jerusalem for the promise of the father is talking about the father and the relationship with the father course is taught about Pentecost stay in Jerusalem, but then he says he lifted up both hands and he blessed them that we know what he said. Blessings. It was most likely in Hebrew when he blessed the bread and wine. It was most likely Brooklyn and mail him a miracle of you have the blessing what blessing does. Let's put it this way. He was no longer just Messiah. He had become the high priest of the new covenant when he died and rose again. He was ready to ascend to his new position which would be seated at the right hand of the father, as our high priest dug up both hands, just like both hands would be lifted up by the high priest and he said a blessing. It was long enough that this blessing took place that he was ascending actually ascending as he was saying the blessing we see these great paintings in the Middle Ages were Jesus as to hands up and they don't know how to position the hand. The key is, I believe he was saying this prayer over them… After he said it, they began rejoicing and going to the temple and praising God was God.

God the father.

They begin praising and worshiping God until the day of Pentecost. And you know what's what's so interesting with this and obviously we don't know the details of exactly what happened as he ascended, but it's interesting raises hands. He blesses them in a prayer specific prayer.

The display of his own heart or prayer specific prayer blessed. It's a fascinating question to ask, but it's interesting. To this day in the synagogue. This prayer is recited by those of priestly descent. And let's say you are uncertain. Let's say you are not a traditional Junior become traditional essay. I'm not sure if I priestly descent. I heard that I might then you have to step out when this is happening either your part of the congregation receiving or your part of the priestly class blessing, but not sure.

You have to step out with SS Pacific. They get. And then there's these later Jewish traditions.

It's not in the Bible has a priest have to hold their fingers and and Leonard Nimoy growing up in the synagogue of of Star Trek fame, mistress of Mr. Spock.

Growing up in the synagogue actually remembered the way the, the, the priest with positioner handset and that became his special greeting. Some of that that there is little limit on the side, but the limitless customer yeah let's let's break this out.

We got about three minutes before break, so the opening words of a wreck.

The car than I've each Maratha mate. Yahweh bless you and keep you.

So unpack that for us.

Well it's interesting because the word Maroc is it. It has implications to Neil.

It's used in certain Scriptures with a chamomile's before you to make himself available to give you the things he's bearing on his back was a picture of the father kneeling down now. People get freaked out by this. This is, it's like God spoke to me and said if you don't get this warn you not to get the rest of the father is making himself available, the one true God of Israel is make himself available to his son and daughter with his arms outstretched, warning them to come to him and this is also exemplified in Jesus when he knelt before the disciples he was.

It was Barack he was washing their feet and Peter got very indignant. You can't do that rather wash your feet know if you let me do this on the part of the father is like kneeling in front wanting to desiring to minister to you wanting to impart things to you for your benefit and keep you is an incredible word because the TPU implies a divine a branch it's it's it's it's like he's putting his arms around you and it's like thorny arms, a hedge of protection just like the Israelites would build a wall made out of stone and they would put thorns outward to keep the predators out and I believe that this is like an indication that he wants to put a divine embrace around us, and indent the brace embraced Psalm 91 is activated when we read Psalm 91 it says that were in the presence of the Lord when we come into the secret place of the most I and we have that fellowship with the father. It's like heat enemy cannot enter it out.

There can be things happening to the right and left of us, but they cannot touch us the whole thing is about becoming intimate and experiencing the one true God of Israel experiencing Yeshua his son experiencing the Holy Spirit in an intimate way and limber in that presence.

That's where we see miracles happen.

Deliverance happen salvation and will of the things we so need in our lives and now are what we come back in the side of the break. I want to talk about what you've seen. As you taught about this and read the Scripture and prayed it in public you church services and things like that. It in France as your listeners are watching. You might think God kneeling before thought this put that aside and ask about the cross.

What what about the expression of God's love reaching out to us through the cross and Jesus's words of washing his disciples feet. I mean, there is this incredible expression of God's love reaching out the book by Warren Marcus. The priestly prayer of blessing and one remarkably.

I've had experiences on some occasions where I felt led ministry overseas at the end of the meeting to pronounce the blessing. It's ahead. Allow me to pray this over euro debit in Hebrew that within this translation anymore.

I also see things happen. Now this is something of value right that the other side of the break again.

Warren Marcus, the priestly prayer of blessing.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us today is my great joy.

Your friend Warren. Marcus Jewish believer Paul Yeshua.

Many, many years of working at the many video projects with Jewish people and for other Christian ministry, and he's got a book out now which folks are really being blessed by the priestly prayer of blessing along Marcus Warren when I was recently doing a shoot with you. You were telling me over lunch with just amazement what you're saying happen. Now if we had ours.

You tell Southworth stories, but really have minutes and I want to get back to the content of the prayer but just to meet one anecdote of of what's happened when you've gone into a church try to make everyone that you choose to tell me about the learn Hebrew or whatever you just ministering in a church setting with mainly Gentile believers about this priestly prayer blessing from number six give an example of what you see most of the Presbyterian Church very liberal Presbyterian Church and you know do not subpoena in Israel you hear him teaching this thing about the prayer of a PowerPoint and teacher thing they said you gotta be done by 830. As the Pittsburgh Steelers are to be taken off and they'll just walk out on you so unsettled here in Pennsylvania. Your yacht on the outskirts of Pittsburgh got its and so there I was, and and so II was a good way.

At 825. III got into the prayer. I broke down in the amplified q. week to English so it's it's the fullness of the meaning from the Hebrew which were missing. The Bible and then after that I played a a version of it being sung by Paul Wilbur which I have with music and all and that's people could get that free on the website that I put up and what happened is as I played it.

It's something about the Hebrew Mike. I don't understand it but that's when it's kind like the and importation of some sort came upon them of the presence. I could feel it.

But then I'm watching these people were gonna looking at me believe and alter goals at this particular church with one was looking at his watch the whole time was talking well but but it's only finished it was totally signed. People were weeping.

People were shaking.

You know I was like I was overwhelmed with the response. What to do this is that it's 830. I promised her pastorate be done at 830 so you can get to see the Pittsburgh Steelers and is one dedicate looking at his watch got up as is I don't give a D about the Steelers they can go to H as far as I'm concerned example of words announced over to the left with they were subject to get out of there till 1030. They just wanted to know more and more and more.

They were so hungry. To this day I get close and the pastor saying it was most amazing thing that I spent people that have been healed. That continue to pray the prayer and friends who are dear gospel singers. They were getting jobs they were getting harassed by people spreading bad rumors about them that sleep insomnia.

All of those things have been healed are so busy now. They said at one point they stopped praying the prayer and they saw things started to manifest again that were negative and then also the start praying. Not that it's not about the prayer. It just helps you focus on the person of the father the son and the Holy Spirit in a way where he shows up because he's trying to make himself known to us and I believe there is something special about this prayer like in my own life even as I've seen in my own life and understanding of the father where I had a great relationship with Jesus to be born again experience I had the critical relationship with the Holy Spirit, you know. At a deeper relationship with the father was like I had kind of relegated myself into a spiritual orphanage.

I didn't realize this but it's also were in a fatherless generation of a lot of the church, we don't realize we could approach the father. He's on the present is also he's up there being worship 24 hours a day as we read in Revelation by the Angels and by you don't bite bite bite will bad stuff that goes on there but the key is he's on the present he could come and visit us to. And we forget about he's her father. We were born again we were adopted not by Jesus or the Holy Spirit were adopted by the father to be his spiritual sons and daughters and I believe he wants to know was he wants us to know him in a more intimate way and it's been very hard for some people to experience the father, but I believe this is almost like a gig. A prayer of grace that the father gave in this kind of like the born-again praying a little prayer to become born again. It's like a way of the father, somehow making himself known through this prayer in a tangible way. And now I read scriptures I read you know Jesus grew in in in in stature and such on God and man was that mean God and man skull start because disabled Jesus to be God. It's the father read and Revelation 21 it says will be no need of the light because God and the Lamb will be the light thereof of the temple.

What we know. The Lamb isn't Yeshua who is God, it's the father. So when we don't understand that when it says God many times you say means the father and reading about Jesus being only begotten son. When you begin to understand that it begins to unfold to you.

You have a whole understanding that we are incredibly connected. I call it the great threefold cord cannot be broken.

It's that understand the Elohim of God being the triune nature of God.

It's the perfect of God is someone with one another. You know, with one another.

I think of John 17 when Yeshua is clearly unity. Chapter knew she was, as I am one with you father and you were one in the my prayer is that they might become one in us, and what is that mean another words flowing in the person of the father son and Holy Spirit, along with one another and when we have that incredible relationship that were missing in the church today for many were Jews or Gentiles were missing this incredible thing that's open to us. I believe that that's what this revelation this end time.

Revelation I believe of the meaning of this prayer for us is God the father is rehearsing this showing up to us in a powerful way. Because let's face it, when he comes back again the issue is not coming along. The father is coming with them and is going to be the greatest family reunion ever in history when we are not just going to be spiritual sons and daughters, but we will be physical as well will be like Jesus and will be standing there in the presence of the father you want when you mentioned the Bible says God's only talk about the father and Jesus teaches us to pray to the father even though there are examples of credit directed to Jesus the norm is praying to the father because God wants us to be rightly oriented. In that way that we relate to him as the father. The source of all things and be done with whom we enjoy that childlike intimacy that that intimacy you have with the with apparent and were adopted with Jesus we become joint heirs so that God treats us like a son like a daughter like you treats to submit it's it's all remarkable to comprehend. We always we are servants of the Lord forever.

And yet he treats us sons and daughters and in the prayer you mentioned earlier, it says so you will put my name on the people of Israel so that we understand on the one hand, the significance of name. It's not just the word but it's it's representing the person that speaks of that person's power, authority, etc. that's what you say in Isaiah 30, the name of the Lord comes or Jesus setting up major name known or asked for by what power name did what was this man healed but the idea of putting the name of of Yahweh or however the name was originally pronounced.

What's the significance of that is. Is it just the person is there something about what the name reveals wise, it's a significant. I believe there's an importation just like will receive an impartation when we come to relationship with Yeshua we receive his righteousness. We have been made the righteousness of God the father in and through Messiah Jesus did for us on the cross isn't it. It's an impartation of imputing of that righteousness. I believe when we hang out with the Holy Spirit, we begin to commune with those bridges. They Holy Spirit any replenishment any healing he imparts healing to us. It's not that were doing these incredible works are working something up. It's just his nature to give and I believe that the father were missing in this prayer.

It kind of read it kind of tells us what the father wants to impart to us. This is all of the portions of the prayer or him making himself known to us in imparting something of himself to us in the last part is were left with shalom peace, which means completeness and wholeness is not just the absence of work. It means everything we might need healing provision. All these things he wants to give to us, but it comes at a relationship with him and I think in Matthew when is talking about.

Yeshua gives us discourse.

He says what you worrying about what you eat. Your heavenly Father feeds the birds in the area where you worrying about the clothes you wear because does any array the fields with beautiful lilies far better clothing than Solomon had. Then he says, seeking first the kingdom, and all his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.

So we have a lot of books about the kingdom of God. But the key is we forget the verse went before. He said don't seek those things, like the Gentiles to where the heathens to your father knows what you need before you ask, so therefore then seek the kingdom and his righteousness and all these things will be added. Another words, when we begin to come into the presence of the father begins to give us people already knows when a child comes in any any hurt himself playing the father already knows he doesn't have to explain what happened to him. He knows he's hurting, and he puts his arms around and pick some up and comforts the child and were missing that I think were missing that aspect of the father right advance of just jumping in here is of speaking with Warren, Marcus his new book the priestly prayer of blessing number six give a replica of the Live Nation wreck of the Lord bless you and keep you. The answer other than a part of the neck of the Lord causes face to shine upon you and be gracious to you. You saw that I part of the lack of the assembly because of the Lord lift his countenance upon you and grant you his shalom Warren you have interested us in this and went our appetite about getting into this 30 seconds are readers of the book getting impacted the same way as when you teach it person exactly getting tremendous testimonies from all over the world.

Now they're seeing on different programs have been on and also in the books themselves and getting incredible response, so we are praising God that it's all about him. It's nothing I did. I just I just took notes.

Yeah. Really. So again friends.

Number six read the prayer that was to be prayed over Israel by the high priest on a daily basis. Family loved ones and read and ask God for that blessing in your life again repressing my guess one Marcus eight Loretta time. Thanks for joining us for

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