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The Anti-Semitism of Mahmoud Abbas

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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May 3, 2018 4:41 pm

The Anti-Semitism of Mahmoud Abbas

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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May 3, 2018 4:41 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 05/03/18.

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Did you hear the comments of Palestinian Authority Pres. Mahmoud Abbas while used for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by going 866-34-TRUTH index 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

Thanks. Transfer joining us today on the line of fire. This is Michael Brown and it is thoroughly Jewish. Thursday I flew in from Dallas this morning. Spoke a couple days in Dallas made with this thing I said I got to see that the service rep spoke last night that were listening to yesterday's show, I flew back in from Dallas and I just been on the road a lot Toronto home for day then Dallas. This often happens on at the airport. I'm waiting for my luggage to come in and it's gonna flash on the screen where you just caught where the luggage is coming from and I thought okay where was where was I that member. I just flew out two hours earlier where was I was able to piece it together Dallas but it's good to be back home today.

Here's the number to call with you Jewish related questions, 8663487884866-34-TRUTH with any Jewish related questions you have and will take as many as possible. All right some major news in case you haven't heard this.

It's been widely reported on some media outlets and conspicuously absent on others. Palestinian Authority Pres. Mahmoud Abbas recently made a speech which was laden with conspiracy type theories against the Jews, or even anti-Semitic comments.remember that on the one hand, Mahmoud Abbas has worked together with Israel towards peace on a certain level. There is been participation for security. On the other level. Mahmoud Abbas is still a Palestinian leader who, in many ways is anti-Israel. Remember, he wrote his doctoral dissertation and Holocaust denial.

He did not deny that it happened at all, but believe that the number 6 million in various things like that were terribly exaggerated and you are not looking at a friend of Israel. In many many ways and he has been especially enraged since Pres. Trumka said we are moving our embassy to Jerusalem and according to reports, the new leader of Saudi Arabia of Mohammed bin Solomon known as MBS. He has basically said to the Palestinians, according to reports, except what is being offered to you by the United States by Israel work out an agreement, get it together because were not waiting for you was working to be trying to do its best in the region for Austin you your we are not just going to be your negotiators so much for the boss in this speech, there's an article on, the leader of the Palestinian Authority muck with the boss delivered conspiracy theory laden speech on Monday, claiming that the Holocaust was a result of quote the social behavior of the Jews as they acted in such a way that stirred up the ire of Germany and other Europeans. Hence, they were attacked again. His doctoral thesis deny the scope of the Holocaust.totally deny the Holocaust, but denied the scope of the Holocaust. Here you say well what did happen happen as a result of Jewish behavior. All right speak at the first session of the Palestinian national Council since 1998 in the West Bank city of Ramallah, Abbas delivered what he called quote a history lesson, claiming Israel. This is been his long-term position. As I understand it, Israel was established as a European quote colonial project and has quote nothing to do with Julius. Yeah that that this is just secular that this is just part of European colonialism to say what European colonialism got to do and I think will basically after World War I, the Middle East got divided up by European powers with the British mandate which had responsibility over what was called Palestine.

Historically, nations were made that didn't exist before you, you had these large swaths of land you have these tribal entities that existed but certain nations that are there today in the Middle East like look, look for the how far back to school awake or how far back does United Arab Emirates go or how far back to Saudi Arabia go with it is as distinct states. A lot of this comes of European colonialism. So the viewpoint is well. It's the same thing with Israel as opposed to say wait Jewish people for centuries have been saying next year in Jerusalem. The Jewish people have been longing and praying for a restoration to the land.

There is the position that is held to buy by Palestinian leaders and by radical Muslims that the temple mount was not actually the Temple Mount that there's no Jewish connection there. I mean it's it's a crazy rewriting of history but it is not uncommon to find list listen to a not listen. Let me be in Arabic.

If we were listening.

Abbas also alleged that the Holocaust which one 6 million Jews were murdered by Nazi Germany and its allies was caused by quote Jewish social behavior charging interest and financial matters. Yeah that you have to understand the force of this. Why is it that there are so many Jews involved with banking and so many Jews of prominence in world finances while on the one hand there is a certain blessing and calling on the Jewish people for leadership and and for positive change in the world and we get it right when we get right. It's wonderful we get it wrong it's disastrous okay Karl Marx, for example Jewish heritage, long line of rabbis on both sides of the family since that so you have him being the father of communism, but another reason that Jews are so prominent in the world finance is that Jews were deprived of many jobs through history that is Catholic Church dominated certain areas as there is other anti-Semitism Jews were not allowed to just work at any job they wanted. Even Martin Luther and in it it in his writings against the Jews concerning the Jews and their lies, even even Martin Luther spoke against Jews having certain jobs lit and basically living in ghettos and reduced to the worst worst jobs of there were times when the main jobs that Jews could get were in the field of moneylending so you would lend money and then you would charge interest, which now makes you all the more. I hated for it. So what Abbas is doing is stirring up an old anti-Semitic libel that the Jews control the money and their unethical and their unscrupulous or their overcharging interest or whatever it is, as a result of which people are angry towards the Jews and therefore want to kill them. Yet this is terrific stuff.

Remember, he found fertile soil for these remarks you would understand that the great bulk of the people it would be in sympathy to these types of remarks now United States has reacted properly to that looking at a report on world is real US slams Abbas's anti-Semitic rant as new low in his his Arabic name Abu Mazen according to ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, Abu Mazen has reached a new low in attributing the cause of massacres of Jewish people over the years to their quote social behavior relating to interest and banks. He sits all those who think Israel is the reason that we don't have peace, think again. Then Jason Greenblatt was president from special representative for international negotiations stated in the tweet that Abbas's remarks quote must be unconditionally condemned by all. They are very unfortunate, very distressing skews me and terribly disheartening. Adding that code piece cannot be built on this kind of foundation. Good for Jason Greenblatt's remarks were posted in Arabic as well. And one more item that I want to go to your Jewish related calls which is a good place to go for reporting on Israel

This is the committee for accuracy in Middle East reporting in America. New York Times. This is May 2 what today's May 3 updated New York Times continues media blackout on Abbas grants. So on Wednesday evening, shortly after the publication of this original article. Two full days. If the Abbas speech, the New York Times published the story and an editorial on the comments but otherwise it waited two days comments made on Monday and you're what, seven hours ahead. River Abbas was bringing the remarks of you have plenty of time Monday to write about Monday Monday night Tuesday Tuesday night Wednesday Wednesday afternoon. They don't.

According to this do anything until Wednesday evening so it's just interesting.

The most prominent American newspaper conferences passed on the story. New York Times normally so vigilant in its coverage of the average Arab-Israeli conflict, which even jumped on the gossip column story focused on the recording of Sarah Netanyahu, the wife of his really premised in the tongue losing her temper didn't see this late example of vile rhetoric by the Palestinian president is worth sharing with readers. It has been documented over the years. New York Times BBC other major American media outlets would be very biased in their coverage very biased in their coverage. They will, for example, report things in such a way we've documented this as well, citing some documentation done by others that if Israelis engage in a violent conflict with Palestinians. Let's say there's a protest in Gaza and I didn't monitor this in the recent protests they are with with Gazan civilians and combatants being killed, but for example they would do this. The recent conflict in Gaza, Israeli soldiers killed seven unarmed Palestinians. It would be something that the Israelis are aggressively doing this and its active active verbs.

Israelis, soldiers kill Palestinians if Israelis were attacked by Palestinian terrorists right and then let's say the terrorist was killed as well but say the Palestinian terrorists killed four Israelis and in the Palestinian Karis was killed it would say five Palestinians and Israelis killed in scuffle you don't know who did what, or bomb blast kills four Israelis, all the bomb.

The bomb just went off four Israelis killed by gunshot. It didn't tell you who did the shooting. And these are the kinds of things that when the headline support side-by-side. Sometimes they by day, week by week you think wow that is feeding into a biased narrative. Let the truth be told, Israel has its warts and blemishes.

No doubt friends of Israel will tell Israel we stand against you. Here we don't believe this was right.

We need you to change your Israel is faulty. Like every other nation but let's get the story out accurately right we come back straight to your Jewish related file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown friends line of fire. 3487 84 through Jewish related questions. There is a comment on YouTube saying why defendant Jews in Israel they are antichrist will hears God's perspective. First, I'm speaking the truth, I'm defending speaking the truth when Israel is maligned and libel under the speak the truth to set the record straight readily agree with this really policies will say so and you will know that I've said endlessly for 46+ years the Jewish people about Jesus are as lost as anyone else. Jewish people need Jesus to be saved and to the extent the Jewish people reject Jesus as the son of God will then so your and make them therefore, antichrist, and everyone who rejects Jesus the son of God makes them antichrist, and we all seek to reach all of them with the gospel. The same white. But here's the perspective that is essential that you take hold of and Paul found it important enough that he took a major section of Romans now three whole chapters in Romans to emphasize that first. The promises that God gave still belong to the nation. Romans ninth for their Israelite speaking of loss Jewish people for whom his heart breaks their Israelites and to them belonged not belong to past tense but present tense up to them belong the adoption of the glory, the covenants. The covenants are still or the giving of the law, the temple service and the promises they still belong to the Jewish people. The God who scattered Israel is the God who has regathered Israel and this is Paul's heart is his explaining of the future. Turning of the Jewish people that Will Take Pl. in Romans chapter 11 verse 28 regarding the gospel.

They are enemies for your advantage. But regarding election.

They are loved because of the patriarchs for the gifts and calling of God are irrevocable, God's gracious gifts and calling our revocable so God still has his hand on the Jewish people in a unique way. We have suffered much as the chosen people.

We have been scattered around the world. We have been hated an outcast.

We have been divinely disciplined. Satan has sought to wipe us out. Others have hated us that God has preserved us God alone has restored us all right and the promises that God gave her based on his grace not only sold but the professing church has often been part of the that the sin against the Jewish people. Part of the persecution of the Jewish people. Hence, Christians of all should show genuine love to the Jewish people and when it comes to God, bringing the Jewish people back. We support what God does, don't we were to be supportive and with the flesh does or with devils that we support what God does resume of the code of reek of the Jewish people is easily demonstrated scripturally. That's one point.

Second point is, it's a great way for us to undo the history of anti-Semitism in the church, which goes way back in church history. This caused much of Jewish suffering and should much Jewish blood. The Christian love for Israel helps to undo that and then thirdly it's also a just and right thing to stand with Israel in the middle east against those that want to slaughter Israel. 866-34-TRUTH all right. We will start in Des Moines, Iowa Daniel, welcome to the line of fire. Thank you. A new book out called the downfall by Robert Carr Newquay you are and you create unity that he he break. He says that temple, Temple and Ortho Eric temple burned out the city of David based on the Old Testament Scriptures have youth anointing about okay. I haven't read his book. I don't know him personally, nor as I followed his research but he is friends with some of my friends who think very highly of him that this is much as I can say about the man, because I've never looked at his work carefully. Therefore, I cannot make any extensive comments about that.

That would give him justice. That being said, although I understand him to be a very serious student of these things and although he has undoubtedly put more years of effort and attention into studying these things than I have. According to everything I know that's incorrect. According to everything I know from Jewish historians and Jewish archaeologists and others Christian archaeologist working in the land through the decades. According to everything I know the Temple Mount is where the temple used to be the co-tell the Western Wall of the skull, the whale whaling was part of the larger temple complexes and part of Herod's Temple there. You know these outside walls etc. so, according to everything I know chores that I've been on listening to tour guides who go through these things meticulously ongoing artifacts that are being discovered, according to everything I know that position is not correct not let me say this. If Bob Carnegie was on the air he have answers for all those things but I'm not convinced based on what I've seen from others. So it's an interesting theory. Some would say the third temple could be built elsewhere. You don't have to deal with the question of the dome of the rocket on ox Hamas, which are currently there.

It would be in the way of the temple being built, but with all respect to him, and without having examined his work. Personally, I don't accept that premise and I'm not aware of any major scholarly question that's moving in that direction. A well thank you very much. Sure thing Daniel appreciate you asking 866-34-TRUTH and we go to Cindy and Mason, Texas. Welcome to modifier Dr. Brown my question. What I like God love you are and they are a loving heart like that where all that persecution comes from them. In the event it Christian and not love Vicki. I'm with it when I'm with you on that, obviously, is a Jewish people. We disobeyed and we suffer judgment because of us.

Because of that and Jerusalem was destroyed for rejection of the Messiah, so no argument about that.

At the same time guess much of the persecution against us, which of the hatred against this is because God has chosen us and therefore has a special place in his heart he loves every human being the same in terms of wanting us to be saved and Jesus died for everyone the same.

And yet in terms of God's purposes there something special with regard to Israel. Okay, ask your question even barking. Born Sheila though. Why, why change it to achieve that and said we call him Sheila. We are going him that knowing knowing change the it's that you should do it in English is Jesus. You have a problem with me being a Michael Michael in Hebrews Nephi L okay with me like a right that we don't have the sound in English and in the way it's been passed through so here.

Here's the progression so issue in Hebrew becomes the Asus in Greek and we know that even even before the time of Jesus. If you were reading the Hebrew Scriptures translated into Greek, but so you had what's called the Septuagint so so your reading the books of Ezra and Nehemiah and you see the name Yeshua okay which it which occurs about 30 times in the in the Old Testament. It's the same name for the high priest or hoe.

She was so issue is short for Yehoshua like Mike is short for Michael. All right, so you have issue about 30 times. If you were reading it translated into Greek. It would be Jesus because Greek did not have a show sound so don't get it become just like Saul shall rule in Hebrew or Solomon Shlomo in Hebrew, so anything with the Shah. When he came into Greek became so social old became Saul, and Shlomo became sealed with with an S Excel among right so Yeshua is Yeshua in Greek is the Asus the Asus via Latin German. Whichever way it goes into English comes out is Jesus because anybody with a Y at the beginning of their name in Hebrew is a J in English, so Josiah's Yoshi is his Josiah's English. Jeremiah your my Yahoo in Hebrew is Jeremiah in English so the why comes a J right "a" goes from issue at that Jesus just changes in the "eh". Then the SH becomes S this is just an end issue originally had an lien which you would be able to pronounce you straw very difficult to pronounce so that doesn't exist in Greek as as subnets pronounce so comes into English. This way, so this is the right way to pronounce an English now. You're perfectly free disable. I love to refer to him as Yeshua. I just feel special that I feel a special connection to to my Jewish Savior great but just understand we don't say Moshe we say Moses we don't say Ellie Yahoo we say Elijah, we don't see Johan on we say John we read on. So, so I will. We don't say Jacob we see Jacob so we don't say yes, we say Isaac, so why should we just pronounce Jesus name with the original Hebrew. When we pronounce others differently so that being said Cindy in many messianic congregations.

It's common to see Yeshua instead of Jesus as a reminder that were talked about the Jewish Messiah. And that's great. I'm all for II will often speak in terms of your shoe as I'm preaching or is in and praying sometimes relate to him as Yeshua.

But since were speaking English.

This is the proper English pronunciation if you go to my website.


Dr. ASKDR type in Yeshua and you'll see articles and or videos that explain how we got this name in lights perfectly appropriate to say Jesus and it is not related to Zeus. Some people have bizarrely praise God for sending Yeshua. Jesus is world safe important announcement we come back, stay right there by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown for joining us on thoroughly Jewish others that you know is I'm getting ready for the show to start. We count on accurate. My years of sitting here with a smile of always excited looking forward to being on the air with all of you just coming back from Dallas-Fort Worth rebroadcast the last couple of days and it was great to meet some of our regular listeners and viewers at different meetings that service or preach last night, so thanks for making the effort to come out see me face-to-face. Thanks for others reaching out and before I go to your calls.

Questions interact with some YouTube comments just want to remind you I'm really really psyched about this one week from today. Yes, one week from today.

So starting next Thursday night.

It will be the first of our monthly online leadership forums.

We've never done this before the subject to sign a foreign register, but right when I can have hundreds and hundreds of people it's going to be a smaller intimate group and obviously will each be one-on-one with me in that respect. And these are things for leaders and leaders in the making. Otherwise, you're all welcome to register for this a time in the world as long as you coordinate the time properly to be with us and then after I give a presentation with our interactive leadership form. I'm thinking to take key questions that you're asking in an interaction.

This is for you there so many people that that want to spend time with me. I lie love spending time with folks pouring into them. I love sitting around with leaders with students answering questions like our whole ministry is ask Dr. Brown. We have life talk radio so that you can call and ask questions. We can interact and have our differences and things like that so sign up if you haven't, tell your friends that are in leadership or leadership training which are pastors and others know about it. It's can be really, really special time of the first week when we talk about is that God knows how to get your message out.

Gonna set up remote you got something your heart. You believe you're called by God to open certain doors what's right what's wrong to to do. We gonna talk about that and on to give you some stories from own life and scriptural examples that I think will really encourage you, so be sure to go to ask Dr. right on the homepage look for the banner about our leadership form right.

Do you have a Jewish related question what talk about Israel in the news in a moment, but if you have a Jewish related question. Phone lines are open 866-348-7884 and let's see here.

Lead us go to will start will start in Texas and giving Texas or French or Kia.

Welcome to the line of fire. Hello… I don't do very well thank you Dr. God wanted. You know a lot about Billy grateful for your work and what you do you really help me out on a lot about you a lot will question all the best with your YouTube video debate with the update on the fact it I really want to thank you for all the work you've done. We are truly blessed be edified by y'all. Thank you sir and I'm glad to hear that that Dr. got my my my question for you that I love Natalie and I don't really understand it fully, but the lively day that he believed that only Jews that are in truth right now is….You try out all of five to leave due to if I am a baby, bake it, but although the northern kingdom.

He said that decking in all of the current back to Jerusalem that Sherlock with no of course not with what happened was that with the destruction of northern Israel and the exiling of many of the Israelites in 722 721 BC the Assyrians that many fled to the south and and we we have examples. You know with, for example with Hezekiah and and people coming down from the South to take refuge in Judah or to worship in a pure way. There and then we have. For example, in Josiah's day that there that they are sent emissaries up into the North because you still had Israelites living there. Others others.

There was intermarrying with with pagans and and that would be the origin of the Samaritans, the Samaritans claimed to be the original Israelites, but in point of fact what happened was you had a merging of many from the north or's least thousands and thousands from the north coming to the south and becoming merged with the Jewish people as a whole.

That's why Paul can reference when he's giving his defense in one of his defenses and ask he can reference the 12 tribes of Israel, who continue to serve God night and day. That's why James Jacob writes to the 12 tribes who were scattered abroad so yes, predominantly, you have the tribe of Judah and Benjamin in interspersed with that Levi as well because there are many Levites were still part of the people sets three tribes right there.

Then you had others from the north that came down to the South that have been part of the Jewish people ever sense and others that have been exiled around the world, or part of those 12 tribes of a good part of the 10 northern tribes were scattered and many have been lost to history, but you have remnants of those tribes that are part of the Jewish people as a whole and therefore living in Israel to this day. And that's that's really fairly common knowledge in terms of the Constitution of the Jewish people, which is again why Paul can reference the 12 tribes is supposed to say.

Well, the Tanner just gone. We only have two left.

Interestingly, there are studies being done in their rabbis. It's their homework to go all around the world and to look for remnants of the of the 10 northern tribes.

And to think some of them made their way into Africa or some of them made their way into other parts of Asia and intermarried there so that they look through the African or they look through the Chinese of the early Indian and are they authentically related to the 10 tribes and is Jewish myth about the 10 tribes being living in a mythical region beyond the mythical River that purchase myth, but in short, if if you just just read through of, for example, first and second Kings first and second Chronicles will seek some from the north coming to the South. If you read through Jeremiah. Even the third chapter. There's an appeal to his Israelites in the north to come to the south and remember that God constantly refers to Jacob and Israel when he's referring to his people and speaking to them. Send the book of Jeremiah, he cosseting first it was Jacob and Israel, not just Judah. In other words, in other words, the whole point is that God is speaking to the nation as a whole and not just the southern tribes because that those people still existed in some existed as part of the kingdom of Judah.

Okay okay thank you very much… Really it out great.

Thank you Dr. Brown will my joy. Thank you sir, 866-348-7884 we go to Grand Rapids, Michigan. Chris, thanks for: the line of fire. Hi Dr. Brown I am trying to figure out what to think.

There is between you and replacement theologian Phil, you'll notice, direction to my questions and hopefully you can answer the behavior from will only ethnic saved you be in the promised land or will it be inhabited also by ethnic name Gentile and if it's both as ethnic saved you and ethnically Gentile. Isn't that pretty much saying that the church won't have it, if yeah how is that different than so-called replacement theology and also final question related are the land promises for eternity only for without fear. Okay, so let's let's try to break the seven specific questions replacement theologians supersession.

This would fundamentally say the promises that God gave to Israel as a nation in the Old Testament no longer apply to the Jewish people as a nation so there Jewish people can be saved like anyone else. But if God gave land promises to the Jewish people in the Old Testament that those would not apply to today either they're just spiritualized or Jesus has become the land. This Dr. Gary Burge would argue or another way of looking at is now it's just spiritualized it's inhabiting or inheriting the whole world and it's for all believers. Sorry. What has apportionment so that I categorically different with I believe that the Jewish people have been promised the land as an inheritance under the Sinai covenant.

There were conditions with it, but otherwise, as Paul writes in Galatians 317 the promise which is under 30 years before the law is not nullified by the, the, the law, so I do believe that today God is restore the Jewish people back to the land and in part there's still more to come in and they're still Jewish unbelief online. It was never God's intent just for the Jewish people to live there alone. There were others that live there, but it's not a matter of who saved living in other words there. There can be other people living in the land with the Jewish people is not exclusively there's. There were always others with them. As far as in the future.

The millennial kingdom.

If we accept a thousand or millennial reign. I understand that the the promised land will be that of the Jewish people that the nations that attacked Jerusalem and and the survivors of those nations will enter the millennial kingdom that the church will be ruling and reigning with Jesus over what's happening on earth and at the end of the thousand years moving to new heavens and new earth, in which case I don't see that there's a specific promised land.

So my understanding is the promises to Israel would last through the millennial kingdom and after that it's a new heavens and a new earth. Okay mom if I promise I made up to it may be a kind of got a question but if the if the land promises are eternal and you're sitting there only 4000 years. How do you reconcile the Old Testament promises that these things are eternal with the belief that it only fit within the same way along can simply mean that the most distant point.

For example, the slave that would say to his master and want to leave after six years I want to stay on he would certainly alarm in Heber forever, which would which would mean for the rest of his life, or until the Jubilee year and there are plenty of other things that, for example, the sacrificial system forever. That was through the generations until it reaches its fulfillment in Jesus. So basically as long as we have this system of earth as we know it. The promises would apply some 105 sisters for thousand generations its forever but will be moving to new heaven and new earth, it seems everything's different. There, there's, it's a different world. It's a different universe and at that point these things seem quicker to be irrelevant. From what I can understand though the difference between you and replacement theology is that in your opinion, replacement theology draws out the land promises but you believe that a thousand years. It will be a Jew as a child in the thousand year kingdom whether the sensei Gentiles does is really say are our really raining together with Jesus.

It's the Jewish people that turned when he when he returns that will have the promised land for my understand it. Thanks for the question. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome to going to find us through the Thursday want one more note on Chris's call the land promises are very prominent in Scripture. There is so note from Prof. Gerald McDermott by my counting more than 1000 times in the Tanakh. The land Ehret's of Israel is either stated or implied, of the 250 times the covenant great is mentioned in 70% of those instances, 177 times. Covenant is either directly or indirectly connected to the land of Israel, of the 74 times. The Greek appears of the tour. 73% of those times 54 include the gift of the land, either explicitly or implicitly. Prof. John Woolford said in a broad program of prophecy relating to Israel few factors are more important than the promise to Abraham of the perpetual possession of the land is not only constantly reiterated prophecies relating to the hope of Israel, but is an integral part of the call to Abraham which begins the program now some would argue this that the Jewish people were specifically promised the land of Israel with believers inhabit or inherit the whole earth. Alright, so Israel this is your portion. Believers get the rest of the earth.

That's one way of reading it.

Another way of saying it is this that the big question this is debatable Jewish salvation.

The Jewish people turning to Jesus the Messiah. Romans the 11th chapter right and I just inhabit a chance to to get into this with the with the good question. The Crist had asked art so do we believe that the Jewish people begin to cry out a roof for Bob Schama than I blessed the suit comes in the name of the Lord there smitten with conviction and and in Zechariah 1210 he beat to a live should the Carlin and the look to me and they pierced there smitten with conviction and they cry out and Messiah comes and they're caught up with the rest of the ecclesia.

The rest of the believers Jewish and Catholic are caught up together with the Lord return or is it that he as he appearances the Jewish people cry out, and as he appears okay.

They look to him and or save them and then enter the millennial kingdom is the lead nation but but still as a people on this earth.

The ends of the millennium as a lead nation and fulfill their purpose of not teaching the other nations about the God of Israel wears those that were previously saved Jew and Gentile believers together we rule and reign with Jesus. So we are seated with him in the heavenly places and in some way assisting a really raining on the earth. These are many questions that remain with the millennium.

My big issue is this. And by the way, some are dogmatic about it. Feel sure the Scriptures are clear on it, but but my my big issue is this that God gave promises to the Jewish people that remain for them as Jewish people.

A Jewish person without Jesus is lost. Jesus issue is the only Savior for Jew and Gentile alike.

That's why we reach Jewish people with the gospel and reach out to Jewish people.

Dan Knight absolutely at the same time we understand the promises have been given that God would keep us and preserve us as a people that he would scatter us that he would regather us and at the end of the eighth European national turning and no promises to the church this place that the coming of the Messiah into the world does not cancel God's promises to Israel. It confirms God's promises to Israel so hope that's helpful for you, Chris terms of laying that out all right 866-34-TRUTH, don't forget were going Israel. It's gonna combine the best of two worlds, it's gonna combine a fabulous tour that will stay with you for the rest your life and impact.

You change your perspective and enrich you and it will also combine teaching I'll be doing at certain sites and nightly meetings will worship together route while do Q&A with you where you go on to do radio with me select time so it's gonna be a really really special, calling it holy fire in the holy land, but sign up now we we have limited space as you have a busted fills me up limited space so sign up today.

The tour is in February, which is is coming quicker than you realize. Holy from the holder. It's on the website asked Dr. and escape your you'll find it right there. One of the banners on the homepage. All right, we go to Dan in Fairbanks Alaska. Welcome to the line of fire by Dr. Brown a real honor. I know you're going to get there into the debate in order to talk with her about that. My question is why they need spreading of the theology are more and more Christian. Country do not get along with their care initially. So again, wondering if you just just want to take on the second restatement second again friends many people. It holds replacement theology don't like that term but it has been used historically and it is descriptive replacement theology or supersession is that the church has superseded Israel and God's purposes, or that the church has replaced Israel and God's purposes. Dr. Gary DeMar said he didn't like the term and went when we did the debate, dialogue, and said look the Clay Seo that's with the Old Testament Israel was call. They were the congregation of God. Now all believers are part of the Clay see it's not replacement its expansion but in the end if the promises that once given to Israel are now applied to the church to only believers in Jesus and they no longer part of nation's right then that is replacement that is it.

Supersession is observed: inclusion theology some coffee filled theology same same difference.

Okay, back to my court coming from figure 3 different. There are darker underside through the yellow movement.

I only know one of Miller, one of the other diggers or fellowship that started the monster that the fight for our redemption rights.

Ali would say right. It's cosmic cosmic child abuse of subsidy substitution at home and so he and I and I debated that and egotistically as to say when I get okay so number one this tremendous controversy will be going to the conference of the Christ at the checkpoint for those that want to find out why am going to in my open appeal my open appeal to the conference organizers go to asked Dr. and search for checkpoint for the digital library Esther to search for checkpoint. I'm explaining why I'm going. It is a strongly pro-Palestinian and that since anti-Israel conference.

I have Israeli friends that boycott the conference because they say it is not a conference of reconciliation at all. It is Israel bashing is based on replacement theology and hostility to Jewish people and the land and just highlighting Palestinian suffering as if it's only evil Israel. I have met Christian friends that went over excited to meet the leaders at Bethlehem Bible College who host Christ at the checkpoint and they have been upset this that I went to work with Palestinians and found tremendous hostility. Israel I could work with than so there are messianic Jews not happy with me going and they say you're going legitimizes it. I have been asked with the most grace. You can imagine by the conference organizers to come as a dissenting voice. All right I am going as a dissenting voice, and I will shout out my dissent and protest for the world to hear and see at the same time doing my best to listen to what they have to say a we have been presented with a platform to speak to the hundreds of people that will be there and the thousands that are going to be watching and other formats around the world online.

So I have a platform to speak to people that differ and I want to make it as plain as I can and I'm openly calling on them to renounce the wrong theology and the wrong attitudes towards Israel without whitewashing Israel or denying that Israel is guilty of sin is as well so that's number one.

And and folks that have trusted me over the years.

Trust me on this. All right, I felt the Lord wanted me to go. It's the end of May. Please, please be praying with us. They will have my PowerPoint weeks in advance about to send it to them. You know exactly what I have to say, and they've given me carte blanche. They give me carte blanche to address radical Islam at the conference and I have a lot to say and love. But speaking the truth now why the resurgence in replacement theology will one it's been held through much of the church that the very triumphalism of which Paul warns in Romans 11 that's been held to for much of church history where where Paul told the Gentile believers in Rome don't post against the branches. If you do you forget your support the Ruth route supports you. So that very arrogance based on ignorance, not understanding that the hardening of Israel was only in part, that God's love for the nation remained in the gobble turn his people and restore his people that led to the idea that God is finished with Israel, so there's been an arrogance in church history that has been returned to that's one thing a second thing is that with the restoration of the Jewish people to the land.

It destroyed a lot of replacement theology because it was clear God was not finished with Israel.

However, that is become old hat. Israel's been here 70 years now.

The old hostile attitudes are rising the best case understanding is people see the centrality of Jesus. Everything fulfilled in Jesus. See emphasis on Israel.

Going backwards, and it's just a poor reading of Scripture, but one that wants to exalt Jesus and there's no malice and no anti-Semitism and no hostility in it at all, but you have both of them shall run into both Christ at the checkpoint.

Please pray for the wisdom anointing of God on their hate go to my website. Asked Dr. and click on the consider this matter.

Many are calling this our best video ever. It's the first in our consider this theory and you began Christian to be doing one on the church separating from his Jewish roots go there now asked Dr. Click on the consider this banner share the video widely. We want this to go viral

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