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Answering Your Hot-Button Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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May 11, 2018 4:40 pm

Answering Your Hot-Button Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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May 11, 2018 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 05/11/18.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

One ready. Are you ready you got questions, we've got answers to the stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH index 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. We are here for one of my favorite times of the week.

You've got questions, we've got answers. Michael Brown number to call 866-348-7884. That's 866-34-TRUTH any question of any kind whatsoever. If I can be of help to you if I can clarify something scripturally if you've heard something that you're not clear on if you've read something I've written or heard something I've said and have a question about it follows are open 866-348-7884. All topics are on the table. As always, I could be of help to you again if you want to discuss with me the origins of the earthworm.

Sorry MSR from God being the creator I just have not studied earthworms if you'd like to talk about favorite French recipes. Sorry I don't cook and I don't know French recipes. Well, there are things I can help you with, and that's where we encourage you to call. I wrote an article last night but before posting it interacted with pastor Andy Stanley about it he made some statements in a recent message is pastor Stanley is said to me that he puts together series of messages and in his series of messages that would be like equal to one message that a pastor would bring. In other words, that if you want to understand his point. Listen to the whole series. So sometimes within that series.

Something will be said that is very controversial and we've interacted before about some of those things and and in a friendly way. He knows I'm not hostile or anything like that so I took strong exception to something she had said in a recent message email to my article.

We went back and forth in discussion and he believes that in context. In context, that his words are clear and that he had I not that far apart. I feel that some things need to be clarified. So in a friendly way. Both loving the word loving the Lord and loving the lost. We put our differences out for others to see.

So I encourage you to read my article where I take issue with pastor Stanley's recent statements again. He and I are in interaction about this.

This is not another critic out to get him or blessed him. I appreciate very much that he's constantly speaking to unchurched people that is constantly think about reaching someone that's been turned off by what they heard in church or time turned off by what they know of man-made religion, or they struggle with the text of the Old Testament.

Here, there, he's trying to point them to Jesus. I appreciate that. But in the midst of it, feel things could be done with greater clarity and feel certain statements are downright dangerous. Hence, my addressing them right where you go to the phones momentarily, but again I encourage you to read the article and if I wrote to him and he said you know I agree with you. I should have said things differently under the correct them. Even though I took the time to write the article, even though many people been coming to me and saying when you can address the message, etc. I would not of published I have written articles and gotten them to the people with whom I different I was able to get into. Thank God. Pastor Stanley's responsive to me right so I was able to get this to him for dialogue. The article no pastor Stanley B should not unhitch ourselves from the Old Testament again. You can read on a website. As Dr. so if he's said to me you're right. While the way I said that came across their phenomena fix it. I would not have written the article might burn your gonna say something or do some one or do is is right is a burden right in the communicate with the person that I communicate behind the scenes and build you something that fixes the issue. Then you'll never know. You'll never know I had anything to do with it okay. Melissa comes out publicly as were talking about. That's my greater goal pastor sensible really not that far apart and and I encourage folks to listen to everything I said in context. What put that in the article said that he expressed my appreciation of resending it to him first and we continue to dialogue as friends right when I can't reach someone when I have no access to them.

Then if I feel something I need to write all right immediately and up a Post-it, though in a way that still as redemptive as I can make it right 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to John in Wakefield North Carolina.

Thank you for calling the line of fire, Whiteville, North Carolina. Okay okay now here's the question. Automotive ever heard of William H Sanford Junior he rolled the elephant Cobb Scriptures and who idea for the BL of how more than a direct object marker and reasoned that he served for food because the of its placement in the Bible and the course will what agrees with what being is ribeye T-ball. One of the euro most respected the rabbis of the Jewish faith. Cindy really your first century.Akiva thought of something more than just a direct object marker to like only 25% of the Scriptures. So again, how could be a marker for our direct object is only using certain placement, though with your idea and it yeah I 100% categorically rejected as bogus on scholarly and also a misuse of of Rabbi Akiva.

So first let me explain the question but is a wonderful question and thank you for asking. It so clearly, sir.

So in the Hebrew language US article direct object marker. When you have a proper name.

When we do proper nouns or name or some like that or when you have something with the definite article the elicits poetry if it's narrative, then you have this direct object marker saying what follows is a direct object either has the or it is a proper name. This is in Hebrew to the state in Hebrew.

It's at. So the first letter of the alphabet in the last all of talk in Hebrew. It's at in Aramaic it's yacht was is it.

It's just a function in some of the Semitic languages all right so when I'm looking now for example, Genesis 1 in the beginning God created at direct object marker the heavens and the earth and then Genesis 14 and God saw at the light, that it was good. Genesis 17 and God made at the Ricky Wright also ignored it wonderful to know but but but but hang on anyone reading Hebrew or Aramaic just knows it's direct direct object marker.

Okay, that's the first thing and it and it occurs it occurs.

Just hang on from my count year over 7000 times now with Rabbi Akiva. He was notorious for reading meanings into every Hebrew letter into strokes of letters. How was written to the point that the Talmud says that Moses was taken in vision to one of Rabbi Akiva's classes and had no idea what Rabbi Akiva was about was talking about when he was explaining what Moses wrote so. This is known to every Hebrew speaker Hebrew scholar is just direct object marker and if you do make it work in one place, sir. You have to make it work in 7300 places where it has some mystical meaning which I can assure you it does it breaks down instantly.

Within seconds, it won't go back to more than one sure word that Elohim assume I am. How hot it probably is awful beat and poor and you and the earth, but instead important. The vav onto earth were in the your picture on the helicopter that you correct that's proper grammar.

That's proper grammar. That is the next word is that the it's the direct yeah of course I see this proper grammar to anyone that reads Hebrew fluently letting fluently within it within your first week of learning Hebrew understands there's nothing to it. It's only people who don't understand Hebrew, or who are going to import a bizarre mystical meaning into random verses that make anything out of it. I can assure you that this is 100% bogus.

Just I can assure you killed Aramaic with the direct object marker yacht which has nothing to do with divine name or beginning and end. It's it's your and toff right so it's it's with the template or the alphabet and the lesson of the alphabet's justice is submitted grammatical function that occurs narrative text nobody's not occur in poetry, so it's just one of these things to be thoroughly distort the lead. Give it three more seconds of your thought. That's three seconds, you could devote to something useful. And check every Hebrew grammar in the world every accepted Hebrew grammar in the world every accepted Hebrew lexicon in the world though all tell you the same thing but thank you sir for asking the question much appreciated. All right, let's go to Gary Indiana Malachi. Welcome to the line of fire around on created explain it for video Utica for advanced on sexuality is a really great video and I want to recommend that you and your team uploaded directly to Facebook and video you can share to Facebook which I have, but not a recognized that used to be when you shared YouTube videos that they would play directly in front of Facebook but now is no longer the case for sharing the link which you have to click on edit your highness as you externally to Facebook not placement but to answer the link yet as you will get up at I think that you might have a lot of interaction if you headed directly uploaded in Facebook where people could just play it directly in their fee would help Mallette Malachi, you are perfectly on target because our team sometime within the next 24 hours was doing that very thing. So first, thanks for the kind words and the interest we work harder on this video than any video we've we've done to date, but it's the first in a series of equally high quality call. Consider this so so first let's make sure when those were talking about.

If you go to my website now asked her to Cascade your brown. The Lord you see right on the homepage about us and consider this click on that and you can watch the video.

Can you be gay and Christian in six minutes in six minutes and I'll answer the questions it'll lay out the Scriptures it will deal with the principal objections and just six minutes. People say it's the best video we got over 1200 videos.

The best we were put out, but Malachi when the next 24 hours going to have it posted just on Facebook that people can watch just on Facebook and I'm really sharing it heavily there. So when we are in sync. Thank you Frank share the video.

Get out.

His mother and everybody sharing posted want to get that the said people file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown by the way Holly Pitlick wrote an article posted unchristian post taking issue with my article about the spelling.

The myths of, nor, and I hope to respond to that as soon as I have a few minutes to do so, and I appreciate the goal to reach clarity and communication but II asked Holly for this before a podcast interview a few weeks ago Rob was on another broadcast with Holly her co-author, Doug gave it on Lisa trousers pot Lisa Childers podcast talking about quote nor and I just ask and you just give me a list of the main distinctives characteristics specifically, concisely, and she said it's in our books get there while I did have access to the books at that moment I got them the Souza came out they were sent to me.

That's when I first looked at them a few years back. Anyway, so during the podcast interview I listen carefully waiting for the clear description never heard it.

That's my big issue definition that it's it's the misuse of terms. It's the wide usage. The critics say one thing and of his many another thing a lot of confusion and hysteria parts. The body over this process by issue, I'll gladly defend my belief in fivefold ministry or or other things relating to us that's done this, you have always there for decades held to those things.

But anyway so in the article Holly mentioned that not just in her book with Doug gave it Prof. David but also the podcast they give clear definition site.

I still haven't heard that that's the whole thing up.

I get find that clear definition I could interact with because certain critics mean this part of his being. This by the naked use this conspiratorial way inflict, separate myths from from from fact here so anyhow I tweeted Holly of this all open public to say please give me the pages in your book and the minutes in the podcast where you make everything really clear and in this way.

This way I can interact with it more directly, so that's the goal to bring clarity, 86634 let's go to Erin in Portland, Oregon. Welcome to the line of fire around. Thanks for taking my call. Sure thing by a I have a question for you. I was raised by a mostly non-Christian family. My dad is native throughout my opinion my mom was an extremely nominal Catholic and fell when I got born again about four years ago, God miraculously out they need from drug addiction and alcoholism in atheism and a lot about stuff and financially not been trying to lead my. The Lord, and one time where my dad said Nino is like I do feel like every time you're around that that your all you want is the the gnomic making another notch on the belt or something along those lines, and felt about lost her how to be faithful witness to my current hoping you could give me some advice.I can give you advice because I had similar things said to me, not those exact words sometimes were so zealous. Jesus is everything to us. He's changed her life so dramatically we want everyone to know, especially our loved ones and sometimes we feel a sense of urgency to communicate and because of that I know about you but I know for me I could be too pushy. One of my old friends knew me from decades back, said look the church in which we got saved. We were told that if people want to talk about apples, you talk about Jesus if they want to talk about oranges. You talk about Jesus and my friend said to me look. Sometimes people just want to talk about apples and the fact is what we need to do is just demonstrate real love have a normal relationship as much as we can be involved with everyday life. Be involved with family together be as in that sense normal as possible and and full of love and then when the right opportunity presents itself. That's when you press and more.

So, I believe most of the ministry. Erin is not in word but in prayer that most of our reaching our families is praying for them daily.

Praying for the Holy Spirit to convict them of sin to reveal to them the love of God to show them their need for a Savior, and then to pray for the right moment for open doors and then even if if something comes up and you get that negative reaction because sometimes the more the Holy Spirit dealing with some of the more negatively they're going to react. But when that happens you just say I only want what's best for you.

I say what I say because of love in Jesus, estrange me so dramatically I just want you to know him.

I'm sorry if I seem aggressive or too pushy and were family.

And that's never going to stop and just try to express love and that way but I encourage you to to spend more time praying for them, waiting for right opportunities and in this way they can see okay.

He hasn't just become some religious fanatic and and and is not Sparta. Some cult where he is to win a certain quota family members every month. That's that's still our son or brother or sister.

Whatever. Let them see that in and out of that your faith will be more attractive to them all right.

Thank you Dr. Browning breaking my parents and your prayer if you think of them all right hate Lord bring that's remembrance to pray for Arun's parents for them to come to know you father bring them to remember. Say thank you Arun for the call which appreciated 866-34-TRUTH about my old friend from high school was reminded we saw each other for the first time in many many years. A few months back. He said look Mike you when you can walk in the hallway in high school.

Some people saw you walk to the other direction is true of plenty others sat and talked with me and and some came to the Lord as many came to hear the gospel, but about 40 people for my school the first year came with me to a church service to hear the gospel and some of them got wonderfully saved in the same to the state of sure others I could have had more impact if I had more compassion, more wisdom right back to the phones we start in Springfield, Illinois Patrick, welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Browning is wonderful to talk with you. I've been following your ministry for a long time are you and Dr. James White and Brinkman. My question today I spent a lot of time looking at debates and and and and looking at like Calvinism and Arminianism and I guess from what I know from the Scripture that I've seen, I would consider myself a gallon at that. I don't know how many points I would agree with or not, but basically my question is, is, rather than following debates or following are doctrines of men poor thoughts and ideas. A man I was want to know what advice would you have as far looking into the word because I want to know what God says I don't want to just follow what else is IRI. Why want to know what the Lord says in, you know I've had a lot of pressure and anxiety over not just the light after show me I have to look at the King James Bible. I only in these other Bibles are corrupted so and from the sound.

I am guessing they mean well, but from the sound of it it it. So much of the flight. The devils almost using that as a discouragement for me to look at the word yeah yeah let me jump in first just distance yourself from the King James only people it's not good for your soul there. They are wrong factually, they are wrong. Historically there wrong, linguistically, there wrong Shirley on a factual level people of the King James great more powerfully is not a problem you need to distance yourself from. They're not helping you do not speaking truth to, nor are they ministering grace to your spirit is divisive is erroneous and and no wonder it's grievous to separate yourself and that they don't. Don't be part of the church that preaches that. Don't be an ongoing fellowship not damning them to hell. You simply saying what you try to put on the is not helpful and Dr. White has is demolished. There their arguments in the past. King James only he's done that in writing. I'd gladly do it seven days a week of people challenge me on that… This is one of the King James Bible through, over and over as a new believer, memorized thousands of verses out of it.

Still have appreciation for, but here's what I encourage you to do. Don't feel pressure that you have to figure out where you stand on Calvinism. Arminianism don't feel pressure that's that. You have to know exactly where you stand on every church controversy which you want to do is build a relationship with God. Just like you're building a relationship with someone that you're going to marry you want to get to know the Lord better spend quality time with him so that means reading the word devotional. He first father speak to me through your word open my heart open my mind to receive this. This is instruction for life. This is telling me how to live.

This is telling me who God is and how I can live a life that's pleasing to him lay those foundations first and then over period of time as you do, and then spend quality time talking to the Lord in prayer interacting. I recommend reading the Bible in an interactive way. If you have the opportunity get on your knees with the Bible as you reading the verses talk to the Lord about Laura not understand that Lord that verse that sounds like you to give me insight.

Just keep reading and talk to the old Lord that really convicts me. Help me to help me to act on that.

That's really convicting and so so you grow you interact with the Lord and then it may be that a year later you hear Dr. White and I debating on Calvinism and you hear his position to think yet.

That's what I believe he articulates what I believe in other words, let it be that just organically as you're studying the Scriptures and building a relationship with the Lord that you then draw conclusions about different things are. No, I agree with Dr. Brown on that point. Let that be secondary as opposed to primarily watch the debates. For some it's very helpful, but for others it can be a distraction and read the Bible and the translation that you find helpful that that the English is clear you and you understand there are many excellent version today. Nothing said I got news about an upcoming debate come back. May the Lord give you strength to grow in him by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown Meyer Brown delighted to be with you got questions, we've got answers a rear Friday right now with a full minute to open so it's a perfect time to call with your questions.

866-348-7884 before we go to the phones just want to draw your attention to a debate I'm scheduled to have June 22. So just what five weeks from now with Dr. theater Zechariah. This art topic have the New Testament charismatic gifts ceased. Now Dr. Zechariah.

This is a strong Calvinist and is so staunchly Calvinistic that he does not believe I'm saved because I am not a Gordian Calvinist person charismatic on top of it.

Nonetheless, that is not the subject of our debate, nor will we be debating or miracles happening today or have miracles happen, church history debate will be what the Scripture say I'm expecting this to be a good serious academic debate.

Dr. Zechariah.

This is a PhD in New Testament Greek. My PhD is in near Eastern languages so that the Hebrew language family. I believe it's going to be a great interaction and if you're anywhere nearby. By all means, there is a charge for the organizers in order to put this on cover expenses or charge you for the event that it's a modest charge space if you come with your family. So it's gonna be right outside of Nashville Tennessee.

If you're watching we put the link up. We've also got it on my itinerary Esther Gibran ask ADR and yes there should be a live stream on video for those who can't. But if you can be there all the better.

It's great to be there in person. Plus, this can be Q&A at the end and you might be able to ask a question to me or to suck Dr. Zechariah. It's really really looking forward to this. And of course I consider these men involved with the debate brothers despite our differences, let's go to Boston Tricia walking to the line of fire Brown for you bet about the Bible that studying the Bible for 21 years at every area got to get the background is a great guy, Hebrew, Greek Bible iPad that Greek study by ball and I am looking for something a little bit more accurate.

Yeah okay so it is.

There are a couple of interlinear Bibles. If you look at the name John sale hammer John sale hammer you'll you'll find, for example, an interlinear Hebrew that he's done and if you just look for in a Zondervan interlinear Hebrew and Greek that the translation being used.

I don't know how many different ones there are. Maybe that's when you have maybe it's based on NIV I'm not sure you can get a an addition of the new Jewish publication Society version. The new JPS version, also known as the ton which is that hubris in the Old Testament you can get not interlinear but side-by-side so this is a great Hebrew transaction by Jewish scholars there, but that they're not followers of Jesus of their perspective will be different. That's a side-by-side one beautifully produced. Here's the Hebrew here is English or just something else I'd recommend that that you find really helpful. Search online for NET Bible and ET Bible. All right, when you do that is a new English translation, with tens of thousands of explanatory study and translation notes and it's available free online. So when you when you're looking at Seelig universe, like my, they translated like that. You'll see there's a translator's note and the explained hubris is this commentator say this back and forth. Yes, so I'm just looking on my screen here Matthew one and here on on the left is the the English translation, and then on the right is it's breaking it down. It has translator notes and things like that. It's explaining why they said with a safe, here's the Greek and and here's with the manuscript evidence and things like that so it is super super helpful. It's tons of excellent scholarly work and it's all their free online so you just search for and ET. It's doing the translation and ET Bible you'll find that to be a very helpful resource. Okay, great. You you are very very welcome 86634 let us go to Jonathan in Detroit walking to the line of fire. Talk to you. I'm awful today and appreciate your clear up the NAR stock, but I did have a question like on her latest article and it have to do with apostles and church government on so I'm charismatic, the awful at a church government often and now I personally only elder is a having positional authority, but I was wondering if you could help me out. Clarify apostles and prophets, and how it relates positional authority church yet, so let's make sure everyone understands what were talking about the first question is whether apostles and prophets today.

Many would say no, they don't exist there with the 12 apostles.

They had scriptural authority they had seen Jesus. There were different and to talk apostles today is to confuse people or to make people think that their people with that kind of authority around today, but I do believe as you do based on Ephesians 4 and of the New Testament teachings that there are apostles and prophets today, Holly Parikh, and Doug gave it might say what their apostolic and prophetic gifts.

That's different than apostles and prophets of its were some of the debate is some of its semantic sum of its very real mom trying to do is put past the push past the critical hysteria and get into the solid conversation that that Holly and Doug. What I have on this so let's now say okay let's say there are people that are apostles and prophets of it.

In my view at a W toaster was a 20th-century prophet. There was a pastor and Leonard Ravenhill was David Wilkerson was in an impressive electric Colson or Frank Francis Schaeffer, I said was prophetic voices to the church and even with a message to the world as well. In the 20th century and and then leaders that are apostolic leaders. I would see someone, for example, like my friend, a soup Ottoman India, from whom I've mentioned is planted over 7000 churches in tribal regions and pioneered new works in ministries and other countries and is best known for preaching the gospel and did have Jesus appear to him with when he was saved. I look at him as a model apostolic leader so that the and again.

Ephesians 4 so Messiah himself gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the pastors and teachers, to equip his people for works of service that the body Messiah may be built up until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the son of God and become mature, attend to the whole measure of the fullness of Messiah Emma Malloy benefits etc. so we haven't reached that that goal yet. Therefore, I believe there still are apostles, prophets, avenges pastors and teachers in the body today. So what about a local church.

Does a local church have an apostle. This local church about profit where they fit a local church government where they fit larger church government. In my view.

Let's say you have someone like a soup autumn who started as a pastor.

He started a church planter as a pastor.

He was an apostolic man leaving that ministry within the fruiting proof of that was the many works that he has birthed and now he oversees a ministry and a movement of of churches in that regard. So when he was within the local church.

He still had that apostolic calling. It may not have been as fully developed when he starts a new work in in Germany say reaching the homeless, reaching the addicts and things like that is.

He's done very effectively for four years now.

He's function apostolic even though people may look at him as a pastor, so practically speaking on the local church level. You have elders get deacons and the pastor. I would see as the lead elder what I so functionally you don't need to have an apostle over every church submarket not know, of course not. However, it could well be that the person leading the church as a pastor they're calling is really more of a profit and at a certain point, they need to raise shepherds up or it could be that they are really gifted evangelists and yet they are called pastor, because that's her terminology. In that case they really need to raise up shepherds that can nurture and teach the flock otherwise is evangelists leaving the ministry they they may not sufficiently disciple and and develop people so I believe that in local churches. You can have people with apostolic and prophetic gifting but they're gonna function more in the context of elders within the local congregation. So where apostles fit on a broader level will just like you have a denominational head.

The head of the Assemblies of God or or that the head of the Southern Baptist convention so I see apostolic leaders doing things similarly but it's it's perhaps more organic, it's more church movements being birthed organically and naturally as as my friend Dr. Joe Matera said on their couple weeks ago that the way a lot of denominations are today. They started as apostolic organic movements and then developed into something that was more hierarchical and more structural hence denominational movements. We still have great value and benefit. I had some people years ago started to bash the Assemblies of God us to tell you what to do with the Assemblies of God around the world and come back and bash so I'm amount of the opponent of denominations. I just don't see it always as organic as God might have intended.

So did that clarify or confuse, I clarify so you see awful. Having a inlet group of their calling has led them to clamp or establish work that I was in the local church. It's not the one that is functioning as the shepherd of the local church we know as the pastor. So if that person even if but let's just say they soup autumn today took over a church right.

He stopped traveling and he took over local church he be known as as as pastor. That's how people look him even though he's an apostle functioning, he's functioning in the role of the pastor but what I would say is you then see the fruit of that ministry.

The church would begin to multiply. The church would begin to birth things the church would begin to develop in different ways so apostolic ministry is normally going to be more broad than the local church and and cut across more lines than the local church, but no as clear as I can say it.

I don't believe that in every local church. You need to have the office of the apostle and the office of the prophet. I do think citywide that it's important to have the full expression of fivefold ministry so that you know who are the apostolic leaders.

The Vatican leaders the evangelists past real future in a citywide 78. Thank you very much for the question with Holly Doug critics as well. Let's all move towards clarity the good of the bond. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown. We have been getting sponsors to our video. Can you be gay and Christian be put more time and effort energy, finances, and using a resource for you. I'm just looking at some of the comments here. It's definitely the best ever from anyone. This is greatness.

Best video ever got with Dr. Brown and his team well done. Dr. Brown very slick presentation. Love the graphics and the truth of the message. Hope to see a lot more of consider this another. I was gay.

Jesus saved a year ago. I'm no longer a another. This is a fantastic video. Another great job on consider this video. Another is a pastor dealing with the subject your video give the most complete information on the subject of indebted over and Christian posted the voices we wrote an article leading to this video.

It's the most popular thing on the site right now.

So if you haven't watched it take six minutes, you'll love it and then share it shared that that's the teamwork will do the hard work. The years of study in the years of preparation to boil down to six minutes like that and and and will put together the resources to produce something like that and then you share it. Pastor's take six minutes. Share it with your congregation.

If it's impossible in the context of your service that then send the link out to everybody posted Facebook, Instagram, Twitter right so go to asked Dr. Brown the legacy right on the homepage. The consider this banner click on that and share the video. Can you be gay and Christian and we've just recorded a second video and starting to work on the graphics that got 1/3 one planned out in the consider this series, and a whole lot more that were thinking of doing let's go to Winston-Salem, North Carolina Scott, welcome to the line of fire background. The other guy go to Colorado and back. Talk about apostles and prophets.

Yeah let's call the outside.

In order to pay for definitive limited and mark the ending marketing yeah you taste cooler than the analyst makes the what we're accounted for God Else here idea. I know that for their ransom. I finally got down to Raven.

You commit yeah okay I will let loose slow got it all right so so. Mark the 16th chapter. It's called the longer ending of Mark. Let's put aside the debate about it being that there were the original in your bar or part of Scripture. Let's just put that aside for the moment and say okay let's except that it is Scripture for the sake of this answering this question okay and my own view is that is that the original any of Mark, but it is something that God gave us from an a from an early apostolic author as the ending of Mark and and we should accept it as such. However, I notice a lot of debate about that. But let's put that the beta site for those who believe it is Scripture so these signs will follow them. Who believe) believes and is baptized will be saved lives not believe will be condemned.

So this is now for all believers. These signs will accompany those who believe not just the apostles, not just the prophets.

Those who believe Jesus is in my name they will drive out demons so this should be part of our ministry to the state. Nowhere does it say that this. That we stop driving out demons. They will speak in new tongues politics explicit on this risk with his 14th don't forbid it. They will pick up snakes with their hands with a drink of the poison will not hurt them at all.

They will place their hands on sick people and they will get well now there is a terribly dangerous literally deadly abuse of this passage in so-called snake handling churches I've never been to want to really anywhere near one that I'm aware of. It is a fringe fringe fringe fringe Pentecostal movement. It exists that namely you show your faith by handling poisonous snakes and if he had bitten you, you can't. You can't get the antivenom in your gonna die an agonizing death. It's all a matter of faith know no Scripture says don't test the Lord the same with protesting your faith bite by drinking poison. No, no, you don't test your faith by doing that anymore than you. You test your healing powers by Tessa getting sick and the laying hands on yourself not obviously not so pick up snakes.

We know what happened with Paul and asked 28 that a viper bit him and everyone thought, he's gonna die must be sick on a murder. He escaped justice but is not escaping the ultimate justice. They shook the shook the snake off and I thought we must be something to God or something is just a believer. So those things do happen are protesters like that from friends and in via and picking up snakes also can have a symbolic meaning of Luke 1019 we have power over serpents and scorpions, and with the could be referring to spiritual authority over demonic power and not even literal but it is applied literally so if if I was bitten by a snake somewhere as a believer. My first thought would be art. I can pick up snakes. You know that that that, of course, of course, and avoid them. Of course, and avoid them. Trust me, I've got no interest in going there poisonous snakes. NFIB had a hospital nearby me, I'd be heading straight over there okay but at the same time I do I be praying for deliverance based on the hope with a diverse drinking deadly poison job Nolting instance I will personally but a Palestinian Muslim came to faith born-again shares the gospel with his parents the fall. This is what we need to have us a dinner and talk about this and and the father poisonous, his son, when the sun has no clue of the drinks the poison goes on talking real father… It was gone. The father ends up getting saved.

So those things do happen are they things we are to test know God forbid, no, no, no, a million times over and is not a scriptural hint that we should do this to prove that we are believers. I thank you sir for the question and remember God's gifts are practical as well. In France it if you want understand more about what we believe about apostles, prophets, things like that go to my website Esther to escape your brother or click on the digital library click on digital library and while you're there to search for the word apostle and UC teachers were given a set. The biggest thing for me is to be functional and practical. In other words, if if someone is gifted as an evangelist. Let's recognize the calling to win the lost and to equip the body to win the lost. Instead of trying to make that person to something they're not.

If someone is a prophetic calling on their advisor and that's how God is enable them to see things in the they bring a certain message of repentance and wake-up call that certain revelations was sleeping church to to wake often, and other things like that. God works through them. Then when we recognize that we showcase not just for the person on this a calling anointing on the now how does it work with the rest of the body. You still need that pastoral leadership you still need to be submitted to local leadership those things to function the same as it work itself out, but only when you're on a website. If we been a blessing to you may are encouraging now is a wonderful time to soul one time gift into the ministry. Just click on donate.

We have thousands of free resources waiting for you thousands of free resources, not hundreds of thousands painstakingly put together for your benefit, but we can only do this with your help and were about to launch a weekly outreach show on New York radio God is provided funds for airtime, but we have many other expenses leading up to the launch and ongoing once we flaunt so now is a great time to sow into a soup.

We been a blessing. Maybe even listen to show daily for five years and you just assume it's all pay for its paid for through people's generosity, and trust me, we have to stretch believe God.

We can we counsel would you stand with us today and and help relieve some pressure and then enable us to do what we doing even more effectively Esther to brotherly click on donate and we go to Calgary, Alberta, Canada down welcome to the line of fire Dr. Braun are your doing well thank you Dr. Brody?

First, all I want.

Thank you for being a boy also bitter.

Many boys are you nobody oysters are very few fathers and I believe that your voice right now for reason and bring some correction but well deserved. A well needed.

I work with you in the late 90s and did some work with you at a conference. My question is about to first Peter 319 and and I have seen the charismatic Kyle award at a cost. My mind avoid and completely twist that this does not believe that the concept of what Peter is getting at what the book of Judith getting out when it comes to the BBs angels that fell.

I would like to your perspective on whether or not you believe that you spirit that Jesus went and preached to Augustine fallen Angels that the book of Enoch, the watchers would you would you think that they are the same entity that it is addressed just jumping only for seven minutes and were off the air and thanked the client thank you for the kind words stent number one yeah number one first Peter chapter 3, it does not say that Jesus went and evangelized. It is not the word for preaching the good news in Greek. It is really that he he went and preached meaning he made the declaration of this the complete Jewish Bible says he made a proclamation of the NIV says may proclamation so I could well be the fallen angels of Genesis 6 would then be the watchers of the book of Enoch, so a potential yes to your question there. It seems that Sue is talk about those who send in those days there were Came in darkness.

Jesus comes and makes declaration it is finished. I have one is not a second chance document altar call is finished. I destroyed the power of death back is been broken your faintness forever sealed my friend have a blessed weekend happy Mother's Day in advance

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