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Dr. Brown’s loving challenge to Palestinian Christians.

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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May 29, 2018 4:20 pm

Dr. Brown’s loving challenge to Palestinian Christians.

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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May 29, 2018 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 05/29/18.

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And messages of my life right here in Bethlehem anymore today start the line of fire, your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown Frank this is Michael Brown I'm coming your way from plan schedule here one more day after today heading back to the states early on Thursday to all of you who prayed for me on this trip from the intense family had slowed and placed in the news and the whole bit to this very intense, very pro-Palestinian conference room IMB one already voice of dissent in the midst of it.

Thank you for praying today's message we should have online very soon. By the time you're hearing my voice out. Maybe we'll be putting it up on our YouTube channel asked Dr. Brown as soon as we can. So if you subscribe there as soon as it's up you will know about it and we have a language posted elsewhere will let you know as soon as possible.

I not taking calls for massive recalls today of what I do because of the day we do have the best quality on my end. So it is weird for me but I don't that's okay since it is my show welcome welcome to the line of fire and Isaac my mommy Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 90 Bethlehem in Israel. In Judea, Samaria, or with the Palestinians would call the West Bank or the Palestinian territories so Christ at the checkpoint is a conference that in the past I have blasted as being anti-Zionist state to the point of even being anti-Semitic to the point that people come to the conference and leave all hostility towards Israel and hatred towards Israel and different friends of mine have been invited and spoken here was the first conference 2010. Perhaps they have a every two years and every conference they had a speaker, and represent the pro-Israel side is theologically and politically. Normally, theologically, and I was asked to come this year and speak and I would say all the speakers they had thus far. I was going to be the most controversial voice on the pro-Israel side, and perhaps the loudest voice in that respect now. I got a lot of support for common a lot of friends felt it was good. It was the Lord that I came there were many others who didn't want me here felt that my presence legitimized the conference that to be here was the sake of the conference was was okay and that people should 10 by event coming here to walk away with a very negative view of Israel that are skewed theology I respected those concerns and I felt it was the Lord's will that I came and I didn't interviewing Israel today magazine which is a messianic Jewish magazine, which I love and appreciate and one of my colleagues in Israel challenge me when they see different others in common.

They spoken was negative with me. I said what about a lot of voice by God's grace we got a reply from a social media, radio, TV, radio voice at this conference is bad and ugly.

I can shout that out from the rooftops and I was challenge the data challenge again and get my answers doesn't satisfy my interview when the interview was posted last month I read it. Oh, I sent Harry guidance and sound on the man I live that way I could do that.

I thought a lot with when it came out either.

Just the way it was excerpted quoted, or the way I spoke it was the best way some leaders. He rested about because the interview was posted for subscribers enablement for everybody yesterday so I was having great interactions of the positive Christian leaders one on one, then read the article is about that process.

Again, I don't, I apologize. I tweeted out an apology setting aside an arrogant and I said in the beginning of my talk and although my goal is not to sound humble in apologizing for Sally arrogant. I think people realize who I am where my heart really is all that to say this tremendous controversy about being here and speaking but I really felt it was the Lord that I did as I interact with people privately. I thought this is worse than I realized.

Because as much as I'm a realist.

I'm also very nave.

You just gonna believe the fasted and going and even though we had lifelong differences were gonna fellowship his brother is in and will countermand the fence said and take down the fence and bend the breach and augmented by my optimism is not in accordance with reality.

So I came in, knowing there was going to be great hostility to my physician great resistance to my position I was bringing a loving challenge Palestinian Christians and not tell you what I talked about it a moment, but we interact privately. I was very concerned. I thought thanks these guys and leaders from Europe and local leaders from Bethlehem and others.

I thought yeah that there is usually a realize there more radically pro-Palestinian realize their reading of Scripture is more different than mine that I realized it when I was talking to work and also all the time.

Christian leader from a liberty nausea saying you keep making this all Israel small salon saying no.

Hamas is not just borrow my view it's always this result is result and he saw how the Israelis died in the recent conflict in comparative Hamas shot Terrace shop of the shop is not a bad thing as a Jewish blood friends of the fair immigration to your house right five people break into your house and you're able to should kill them all before they kill your family members, knives, and regular people often tell them they got your family.God knows where the soldiers died defending the board terribly sorry silly Palestinian activists. I'm terrorist. I'm sorry that they were themselves by attacking the border driver crosses over kill Jews. So as we talk is sometimes is a difference between Hamas and Israel want one of the batches of seriously saving on semi difference between the British government and then I was going to another Palestinian leader and he brought out Palestinian Christians that they deeply signed with with the Israeli position when he spoke of derogatory terms is that this is not right right and then last night was the opening night in one of the leaders said to me don't judge the conference by the opening night. But you know why I use automatic Palestinian nationalist conference city of the national anthem the Palestinian government leaders blasting away the criticism of of Pres. Trump to the land described people today was Palestinian with a P in Christian but this policy I was.

I was shocked and one of the Christian leaders was so happy that churches were joining the BDS movement boycott, divestment, sanctions on the attack on Israel as a nation was shot.

Nonetheless, I have been absolutely welcomed as a brother. I have been walking with hugs. I have been welcome and after my talk after my talk, I was hugged by people who thanked me for I I had people so thank you thank you for praying.

I people coming up to me thanking me for the courage to get up and say what I said I had local Palestinians coming up to me and say they agreed with me and I said some very strange thing. I have other saying that this is the first step. This is the first that this honest face-to-face communication only get into the message I brought in a moment, but let me address something larger. First is it's not just the conflict here, but this reminded me of something very profound when relationships break down so that they give you an analogy right I'm a slave owner. Okay and I and and you I make you sleep in cages at night. That's how little I think you're my slaves.

I made sleep in Katie's button once a month. I let you sleep in a nice bag to say hey I realize you review your slave, your human and give you a really nice illegal to and I think none of the other slaveowners that look at how generous and magnanimous.

I am generally feeling tenuous slaves you think your monster because he let us out at night once a month to sleep in bed was a nice meal instead like the dog truly you think you're some great person your monster and perceptions are different marital counseling. When the marriage is completely breaking down and bend a husband and wife that have been together for 30 years, and these and everything he says she takes what she says he takes one line. There there like ships crossing in the night and your interest in the accounts of the home so the longer I'm taught with one of the Palestinian leaders may be the key man was a conference we spent probably around 1/4 private conversation yesterday was is very intense, honest, very tense. The more we talked the light started to go on and by the way, I'm not trying to paint me positive and negative or him positively negative. I need analogy of slaves labeler to give something drastically right right right people and totally perceptions. I'm not saying he's the slaveowner. Honestly, I'm not. I'm not even one look bad by listening were equally right and were equally wrong. God knows right list would say that the more we talked, the clearer it was to me that when he thinks he's bending backwards and going overboard to understand my position and to bring me and to represent my permission to me it feels like a complete slamming of my position and complete the saving appliances and to have went when I tried to extend grace and open up the door for dialogue feels like I'm slamming him and shutting the door in his face. It was just fascinating. The longer we talked, the more I realize how deeply different our perceptions were in our experiences were and even our reading and understanding of Scripture. What is it mean why you pray, you got a crate, you better pray you got a great disease are spiritual strongholds so that had existed for centuries.

Only prayer can break the walls and then you got to humble yourself and praise be deleted because showing my blind spot, show me what I'm missing chili when I'm not seeing children. My experience the same time I pray for them have eyes to see the heart response. These are massive strongholds that I delivered the one of the most controversial messages of my entire life and I was well see as far as I know, I was slowly thank you, thank you for praying we come back and take you into that message love a challenge.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown today on the liner.

I hate why not join the league next year for a lifetime.

Yeah holy buyer in the holy land. First through now is the time to register@your down payment because it can be here before you know it that's one and then to we don't take like 10 buses or five buses or something like that. So we get to a certain point were full so now is the time to sign up so you get full benefit of the great tour of Israel.

This wonderful tour miserably great toward God with my calling Scott Bowlby every step of the way your key points) with a strategic as the tour guides on the wall of your apostolic sandwich iconic HTTP places your baptism in the river Jordan.

People love to do and then every night you get every night reviewing some of the teaching will have worship preaching become when I do my radio show. So it's really a special special time together go to my website aspect Brown not Ward and click on Israel inside love to see you there okay so tomorrow God willing I do a mini debate with Dr. Munter Isaac report hundred 50 page doctoral dissertation on the theology of the land and basically it is a classic representation of of replacement theology in its most extreme forms and you were reanimated made about that and then we have take questions from the audience and interact so really look forward to that. But today was my day to talk 25 minutes and asked her to basically give a biblical case with Zionism or pastries will have the land and I said no that's cells on my heart so I can see but anything so I I brought a threefold message, a loving challenge by Palestinian Christian friends and went.

When I got up I felt tremendously burdened what I was praying before the message. I really felt the burden of the Lord and great love Palestinian Christians and bear in mind that blasted the conference before Christ, and I spoke very strongly against it. Today, very, very strongly against it and raise my concerns for the world to hear McGinnis since we have the video the message doctors follow up on time of the hotel were your last.

People using the Internet so I don't know how soon will be able to get online but certainly by the end of the week and before then great, if you subscribe for you to tell aspect Brown SKU around then you'll notice is posted about, but this is my time to bring the message as I prayed I felt three things that I want to bring Brent did not want to bring in an angry, challenging way to success is a very strong as much by way of appeal. My job and began to speak about my love for the Palestinian Christians. I almost broke down. I got choked up and thankfully many of them felt my heart and hurt my heart and I incentive my notes for the presentation beforehand and they were very concerned about how things will become cross and then afterward some of the ones who very concerned came up and thanked me afterwards and said it was very different than the respecting of God. She can hear the heart you know and remember the emails and texts in social media that you can hear the heart that is fully but I threefold challenge with this. I would love Christians in the West to be able to stand with, I would love for Christians in the West stand with them if they're mistreated by his room.

If they get the short end of the stick.

If their suffering under their Islamic government. I want Christians in the West to stand with and show the solidarity.

Here's the problem we as evangelical believers in the West, by and large, believe that God was the Jewish people back to recognize God's hand. We also stand with Christians all around the world are being persecuted by radical Islam. We have a great heart as Christians in the West from persecuted Christians in the Middle East we decry the genocide of Christians in the Middle East and and yet there's not a feeling of great solidarity with Palestinian Christians, we don't even think of them. That why because many times they are so associated with the Palestinian cause that we think of them as one was that Islamic government.

That's one problem. The second problem is many of them hold to radical replacement theology and say that God is number of Jewish people back to the land and that is not given them that serious, and then a conference like this where there was bashing of evangelical Christian scientists.

There was bashing the president Trump and the last thing I did not mention is that of popular visibility popular and why: does the new territories.

He is not popular.

There yeah but there was so much that did not seem to be about Jesus. To me it seemed to be about politics, but to say this is all in Christ at the checkpoint work. So I said what I would love to help you but I can't help you ladies relate to other threat was a demand said I practically can't help before. For example, if you are locked in your room key and you have a lot from the inside and try half of the agreement for the by your door at some point and I wanted to get the food right. If I say you want go visit your mom free tickets for so here preaching his boss taxi play whatever cure is for this on my will and I can't help you with your mom where she lives near so subsequent to know who so that was my appeal. Let me help you three things number one to publicly express your disagreement with the Palestinian Authority on top, loss comes to their support in celebration of their you have to do it of otherwise than on their last night there was praying and after apprenticing the Palestinian national assets first on my life ever heard it in person was uncomfortable because it was declaring a Palestinian state, and it was also declaring things with a strong push back against Israel, and that was very comfortable standing was in a sit down and be dishonoring in that way, but that in the Palestinian leaders coming up positive Christians bashing Christian scientists and then talk about on the other with the catastrophe that finally visualizing for giggle at the catastrophe and it was just of April Palestinian event. I will not know, and then get him Christian leaders time our blood president Mark with the Boston. I will not know that that they distance themselves from the government. Celebration of terror I would know that all the conference I can virtually guarantee I was the only one publicly talking about the massive misuse of funds. The Palestinians are always the only one publicly getting up and talk about Thomas using hundreds of millions of dollars rather than care for their people instead of the entire child's to kill a kid that was rampant.

I was the only one that and will be no limit conference to get up and talk about how when Tara slaughters Israeli children and women administered civilian school named after them celebrating his margin and and and big bonuses up in suicide bomb, but there there. The family now gets a pension for life.

I'm sure is only one to address these things help you must distance yourself from this publicly, and you can because of your Islamic government. Then let us help you get the word out and in other words, make a distinction somewhere because Christians in the West are not understand positive Christians a will is treating us rightly when we don't hear their voice announces terror you say well don't think the Council forms a mindset that does not vary here in the past, say, Louis Farrakhan will be called a black Muslim leader will you denounce this latest act of Islamic harassment.

He says I renounce Islamic terrorism. Terrorism and Christian terrors forever suicide bombing the Middle East divorces Ashley announces that I announce all violence Palestinian violence Israeli violence know that's not what you do that, that's not what you do with when God forbid we have a situation where a fanatical Christian shoots and kills an abortion on was a happy baby every 20 years, 20 years, two men, but but how Veronica happens 15 years.

We get off.

As Christian leaders announce it. This is wrong. This is simple this is indisputable. This is contrary to her Christian ethic program with this is sitting on site. We are pro-life. Therefore, we don't murder we say we renounce that violence and Islamic terrorism saying that contacts remember the guy was killing me know because this is murder. We say.. So if these leaders cannot make the statement: then let them meet with us in private and say you're under the rule of the Palestinian Authority. We are under the thumb of Islamic leaders. As much as we would like to say or we cannot because the situation we find itself in which case okay we understand that we can now share that with others, but the degree of connectivity between the Palestinian cause of the Houston government and the acceptance of even the historical narratives that are always usual right to the moment. Or there are massive massive walls between us must come down before they can be adjusted understand because that was now a government celebration of hair will be right back from Bethlehem the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire down by going to 866-34-TRUTH your exam is Dr. Michael Brown will light a fire, Michael Brown here in Bethlehem America. I am in the Bethlehem city which Jesus knew.

She will was born great joy today. I've had a speaking of the Christ of the checkpoint conference in Bethlehem/bait Jala and yeah maybe one of the most controversial messages I've given my entire life but one that was warmly received did and I did it with fear and trembling before the Lord, not try to be some hotshot or bigshot or big man rather was the on my face before God and that attitude that I stood up speech is several hundred believers, may be 100+ may be more being a local Palestinian Christian the night before and stayed for the national anthem and celebrated their local government that spoke of their beloved president Mark with the boss and now is going to get up publicly speak against the government and call the Christians to separate themselves from the government when it celebrated terrorism when it names schools after terrorists when it funds the families of terrorists and on and on. And yet I was openly and warmly received with the request that I come back and continue to have face-to-face dialogue and speak and I have several meetings set up privately dinner with young people in one-on-one with others, which I I'm really really pleased to do and excited to do because unless we sit and talk face-to-face. Just like a married couple that the families fallen apart. You try to get the husband and wife in the same room at some point in less you do that in less you say okay, I'm praying that God will show me my blind spots.

I'm praying that God will help me to see what I'm missing and I'm praying that God will show you your blind spot so it's it's two ways this we do that will never bridge the gap and some things I understand we will fix until the Lord returns, but whenever we can fix we got to with God to strive for unity. That is, after all the hard of God. So I made a threefold appeal in my talk today and tomorrow we debate replacement theology today was my one time to bring a 25 minute message and I said that if I am to help Owen by the way I quoted this versus that of here as a friend on enemy. Here's the email and that invited me. We want to challenge and be challenged in other words, we are inviting you because we disagree everyone should present your point of view articulate with your homework.

That's why they invited me so I came in openly spoke of my disappointment with things I've heard. I openly spoke of my disagreement with positions they were taking.

I openly lovingly rebuke them for for pointing people to Torahs that end up with Jew hatred. Hatred of Israel, but I did it with love and thankfully they felt the love is real.

It was real it was real and I quoted from Proverbs 27, six faithful are the wounds of a friend profuse of the kisses of an enemy. And then I read it in Hebrew them on the Pete sale Haven out of Road Dakota so they then we put it up in Arabic to us if you don't mind my poor ivory pronunciation in red in Arabic community when he had drew from the public fashion to an idea could lead to a duly signed I got close enough to get some flaws for them but I said look I'm here with an open heart. As I told folks over dinner last night. I'm here with an open heart and open mind and an open mouth so that was the whole posture and I sit three for three things you must do if if I am to bring you solidarity.

If I am to get you the solidarity of Christians in the West number one, you gotta openly express your disagreements with the Palestinian Authority and father talking Thomas. Otherwise, the feeling is that your harmony with them never to you got abandon any form of replacement theology which the bulk of the people there hold to quite passionately. Three. You gotta generally put Jesus at the center of the conflict demonstrated in a heart of love Israeli people. I will leave this conference with a deep sense of love for Palestinian Christians and a desire to help them in any way if they are mistreated by the Israeli government and certainly my heart goes out to them being a tiny tiny minority under Islamic rule. My great concern and I've seen it for years now this. People come to these conferences and they leave with animosity towards Israel, they leave with hatred of Israel, they leave with bad attitudes towards Israel and I address that in the conference today doubt the main speaker organizer of the conference is Rev. Dr. Munter, Isaac.

He is a Palestinian pastor. He has a PhD from Oxford University and he and I met yesterday at some length and talk very candidly and I've I've met with people. I said you have to make a commitment to be you tell me the truth to my face.

I set out to see certain things believers were not supposed to say is certainly specific commit to me you're not gonna worry about if I offended, will you commit to me if you offend me and they said yes I said and can I say the same to they said yes.

So that's been my position laying on the 10th. Don't worry about hurting my feelings.

Don't worry about offending me. Tell me how you feel and I'll do the same.

Dr. Isaac said he speaks after me by the fifth, take the sand between probably the two major replacement theologians there. Dr. Gary Berg and and myself so I had to get a kick out of that.

But I he was after me immediately after any said, would it be okay if he takes the first 10 minutes to respond to my three points.

My three requests and assist your conference whatever you want to do so.

He did that. I told him afterwards. I thought it was wrong. I thought it was the wrong thing to do and nobody else has and there was every speaker gets up and speaks and I said I'm the one guy in the whole conference bringing a contrary voice on this level and you had to be immediately rebutted so I told him afterwards.

I thought that was a mistake, that he did that but otherwise, I felt I was warmly received and his rebuttal only gave me deeper concerns. In other words, the way he responded to my points gave me deeper concerns that I had before having deeply another even deeper.

Nonetheless, he publicly said he really hopes to come back any really hopes we can continue the dialogue. So for me to come and bring a very strong message. I had critics there. I had I had one critic guy. Great rates with tremendous insight about Israel tremendous insight, the church, Israel, and he wrote another article and article openly critical of me before coming in afterwards came up to thank me and and wanted me to know that he gave a standing ovation and that he was gonna write a real positive article. So all that to say, the fact that Palestinian Christians thanked me and a number of them came up intimately agreed with and that overwhelmingly. This is please come back please come back, speaking, and I have to get God's vibrancy with the future hold and yet a critic on the messianic Jew recited then think I should go thanked me that to me is tremendous success and I know there's a lot of prayer everyone of you that prayed. Thank you and keep praying because to most to be intense as well is doing a lot more interaction. I expect to be intense and I went on a tour of an amateur to have wrong and they wanted to show me the worst of what the Israeli occupation is done in a hardship is brought on the local Palestinians and so my team went to this hotel, the walled off hotel it's put together by this very popular contemporary artist and there is graffiti in all this and so this is the hotel with the worst view faces the wall directly exit been a boon to the local economy, and I got up and said that wall as their Savior's lives even debate whether it's working or not but I'm telling you, the murder rate went down since the wall was up that wall was put up to save Jewish lives you should be glad even if it inconveniences you should be glad the Jewish lives being safe.

That's why one up and go off lightly but I said, look at that hotel, it put it in the neck and find this up.

Let me look for a moment see if I can pull this up, there is is a little plaque in Hebrew and Arabic and in English and let me see if this is it. No that's not it guessable people signing and they are absolutely angry with Israel Israel to get doing all this.

Okay, this is one of the most biased statements I have ever read about Israel in my life. Okay you are you ready it's it's called and uprooted people in 1948 Israel declared statehood causing an immediate armed conflict with neighboring Arab Arab country so Israel declaring statehood cause the problem and then it specifically claims that Israel is guilty of ethnic cleansing, athletic cleansing drive time you look at the clock here them even read the whole statement to the 1948 Israel declared statehood causing immediate armed conflict with neighboring Arab countries during the hostilities, Israel's military forcibly remove 60% of their population from their land. This event became known by Palestinians as the next block is that catastrophe is widely considered an act of ethnic cleansing. Today, many former residents remain in limbo.

There are now many Palestinians outside the Palestinian terror. There are more postings outside the Palestinian territories, then within them.

That's not Israel's fault and Israel did not engage in active ethnic cleansing and in point of fact, in point of fact, at the in 1948 there were 200,000 Arabs now identifies Palestinians who decided to stay in the new state of Israel, about 600,000 left why they leave primarily because they were fleeing war because the war the five surrounding Arab countries that declared hostilities against Israel and the Palestinian leaders that Muslim leaders told their people leave Palestine now I can and cannot distinguish between a Jew and an Arab leave now and then, once we drive the Jews into the sea come back your homes, your problems, well that didn't happen. That's not Israel's fault. What happened to the 200,000 state they are now 1,500,000 people. That's not ethnic cleansing friends 1,500,000 people, or 20% of the population they are 10% of the parliament. They have a seat on the Supreme Court there in every aspect of Israeli society and are not required to serve in the Army. Although they're welcome to in the Army will defend them with their own blood, but they're not required to serve, I publicly got up and said your your conference encourages folks to go on a tour and to go to that hotel and to get all kinds of propaganda and hatred of his friends there and left feeling hatred towards Israel that tell propagandistic it is and that is not putting said I said this openly, publicly yet I was warmly received by May 8.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice aboard cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown have one last thing to the good side statement God character Israel, God's part for Houston and Chris. And I said I'm here is a friend of Israel and I'm here is a friend of Palestinian Christians can you'd be both. The answer is yes, yes, you can if you stand for justice. If you stand for what's right, you can and I should look, you've got to repudiate replacement theology.

Otherwise, you know you have a heart for God's doing. If I want to get people to stand with you and you reject the validity of Israel today and people know the core of their being, God brought the Jewish people back to land only God can do that as he scared us in our wrath known as the power to regather us. God regather us.

God did it so that if you reject that it can be very hard Christians in the West, it should be solidarity with when you're perceived to be in solidarity with your Islamic and Israel government wanted to do when you believe that the modest individuals to fill the prophecy nobly God has national promises that remain for Israel. Yikes. I really solidarity so when I made that appeal in the conference and pointed to God's promises for Israel and urge the recognition of that there was an immediate rebuttal in the name of replacement theology that that Jesus has replaced Israel as the center of God's plan will Jesus was always the center of God's plan and Jesus as part of Israel separate thing. Jesus is part of Israel.

In point of fact that the whole mission of Israel finds its fulfillment in Jesus the Messiah is ludicrous to say that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah calms and cancels promises to cancel a promise to zero. He confirms the promises Israel so I did my best to urge this on the people and I'm praying that hearts and minds revealed. I'm praying that attitudes would change praying for that but there's a really important principle in terms of will he reach out and you know me I am bold.

I went to the point. I'm direct by God's grace that I have been given backbone it's it's a gift from God that I have standing controversial areas and and and not back down. In fact, what would push a normal person back pushes me forward. That's just God's calling grace on my life. It seems very natural for me to respond. These ways under pressure. You know what I'm saying is I have to set up my courage up to some of know if it's just the grace of God is like you do things I think. How can you possibly do. I can never do that best discuss grace at work in us, but a principle we can all live by this harsh word stirs up strife.

A soft answer turns away anger. The harsh word stirs up strife for dollars 51.

I spoke many things today that were very direct and very strong and very confrontational and very challenging, and in the natural very offensive and I have people hugging me afterwards about people that should have been offended, thanking me, asking me to continue the dialogue that can only be because of the grace of God expressed in the ability Proverbs 2515 tells us that a soft answer breaks the bone. What I'm saying is you can speak the truth in love. Sometimes you want to be so loving and nice and not offend anyone about we get them talking for half-hour document that would beat around the bush and no thank you go to the doctor now while you know and I really hope for your future My Savior.

Not in the test, regular or positive County Proctor that will, we don't need all that lazy little suite we need the truth within sometimes become of the truth and smash people overhead there is no way they could possibly receive the way we deliver. It is so harsh and so confrontational. There's no way they can receive it.

How about speaking the truth in love with the same principle to God laid on my heart. Dealing with LGBT activists was the same thing here speak the truth in love, reach out and resist resist the agenda you differ with it. Reach out to the people. That's what I sought to do but I did with the help of your prayers. Now I want to speak to from the heart for a moment here everything I believe and feel has only been intensified and deepened on the strip.

Similar going to have wrong see how the Jewish settlement their settlers how to disrupt the whole city of news to I wonder what to better understand the history of better understand the. The whole situation of how the settlers are there.

What happened in the heart of the city. I I know the longer-term history of the city and the terrible massacre against the Jews. In 1929 was also there. There is a horrific massacre, a Jewish doctor massacring Muslims in a mosque at the same city.

What was that 25 years ago so I know I should know the exact date of the mass with articled ghosting. By the point of fact, I need to extend more details of why things happen though they have but bottom line, I don't think Israel's perfect of the everything Israel does is perfect of the everything Israel does is right, but I do know that that Israel does have a heart for justice and I do know that a lot of the suffering of the Palestinians is brought on by the corrupt leadership know that as well. But, but please hear my heart everything that I felt that I believe theologically, experientially, has only been intensified by the other words whose right is wrong is only been intensified by the nothings changed except my heart of love has deepened, but I want to say that I went as an ambassador I went as an ambassador for the messianic Jewish movement, even though many messianic Jews want to go. I was an ambassador for the cause of the gospel. I was an ambassador of as an ambassador for you who listen to me readme who watch me to pray for me to bring the message God's fashioned me to do this, friends, here we are the streets of Jerusalem a few days ago in the midst of sharing the gospel with ultra-Orthodox Jews and the Jesus they know is not the issue of truth, the issue of the Bible, the Jesus and there was a missile never live so the one there cursing and spitting on the ground cursing as a hospice shalom that we believe in him God for bid.

Heaven forbid that we should believe in him that that that sublimation reject the one they were cursing and spitting at assimilation project God's called me to bring the real issue with the real Messiah to the truth of them called and anointed to do it and he's also called me to go into difficult areas is a bridge builder. As a peacemaker, not a troublemaker.

As we done here so here's policy we are launching our real Messiah broadcast in in a week to week from tomorrow. We launch the real Messiah broadcast. I can't believe it's coming this quickly. It's getting every Wednesday night, 9 to 10 in the evening on WMC eight are great station in New York City that blankets New York is is a Christian station. It is, but it has a lot of Jewish listeners ever get to get word out every way know every way we know how and that the stages that were not as widely as possible to let people know were on the air now.

We have been on we been off the air.

New York for a while. We had many Jewish versus what we were on, but now for the first time ever. Every week is Jewish outreach. It's not to talk so much about the Jewish roots of the Christian faith is not to talk about contemporary music Israel like we do on a thoroughly Jewish, there is a broadcaster like will do this week on Thursday or Thursday is exclusively for Jewish outreach unusual prayer and I need your support. Why okay, nothings going to happen without the Holy Spirit working when I'm with these religious Jews here in Jerusalem a bit with him in New York earlier in the year it's underscored to me nothings going to happen without the Holy Spirit open hearts and minds.

I give the world's greatest arguments. I can give the most amazing presentations of history and of Scripture. The history of the world if I could do that have course I can't do that if I could do that. Ever anything like this and not nestles in that same not a soul. The Holy Spirit has to open hearts and minds. I covet your prayers, but I need your support also may tell you what God has supplied every dime for the broadcast meaning to pay for the airtime and actually to pay for our team that's evolve the broadcast is we have a team engineering show doing different things as were able to do a live stream on YouTube and and Facebook. It's a team effort.

So the number of people that are paid to do that, but all of every dime of that has been paid in advance.

We've never had this happen before. For one whole year, but we must pour lots of money into fully developing a real Messiah website. It's it's it's got a ton on it's great but it's like 10% of what needs to be for everything with you and we've got to get it out fully in Hebrew because we have one of my key books. The real kosher Jesus translated into Hebrew very soon and we have the money for the we have the money for that. Yes, and in its electricity with the campaign to get out to Israelis right but we must improve what we have.

We must and we need to bring on more staff to help with Jewish acquirers. Will you stand with me today. We are on the front friends were on the front lines as much as any person you'll meet in the world. Will you stay with me in prayer and support go to my website right now and start to Click on donate gift one time a month to help us to help bring in an amazing harvest. The lost sheep of the house of Israel are coming

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