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My Intense and Excellent Interaction with Palestinian Christians

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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May 30, 2018 4:40 pm

My Intense and Excellent Interaction with Palestinian Christians

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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May 30, 2018 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 05/30/18.

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My new friend but actually it's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of the fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH index 866-34-TRUTH your exam is Dr. Michael Brown well one I actually think dollars outside of him. I got the last day for me here in Christ. Check conference, highly controversial conference. I had blasted past as being anti-Zionist anti-Israel to the point of even being anti-Semitic. I been here. I would say that my worst concerns in terms of one's promoted conference have been exceeded.

Things are worse in terms of what's being presented, and the information is being given to people and degree of of association with Palestinian nationalism and Palestinian leadership way beyond what I was hoping would be the case so the positions being a spouse.

You are far worse than I was expecting the people are far warmer than I was expecting. I was expecting to be greeted in a Christian way. I was expecting simple Christian interaction and an open Christian interaction with the local believers here. It is far more than that is far deeper. There has been real heartfelt exchange.

I had a great time with young people yesterday, ranging from 18 to mid 30s I would say the bulk may be being leading to late 20s on and I asked them please be honest with please speak candidly to me and I'll do the same with you and I sure when you speak to me you make your point time that I may push back, I may I may question what you're saying so I can clarify understand phenomena take what you're saying and she wanted him to take what you say and think about what you say and pray about, so I'm I had leaders come up to me and said did you feel welcome here by us. Yes, I don't like this.

I don't agree with this unconcerned about this but yes yes yes we've hugged it is been warm is been gracious considering the strong challenge that I wrote yesterday I had been embraced as warmly as I can ask to be embraced and they hear my heart for them as well and it's my daily production. When my blind spot surely what I'm missing help you to understand and and they are seamlessly or giving us things to think about as well.

That being said positions being a spouse.

The constant battering of any position that believes that God has for the Jewish people back to the land the disfigured way in which that is being presented recently deeply. So in short, the people are even warmer than I expected their positions or even worse than I expected and spaced on that that we are fellow shipping that we are interacting that were praying and by God's grace alone continued this. This is just the beginning.

Coming here to this conference.

Now before I taught you about some of the interaction and that I want to share with you an article that's been written for intense article written about my talk yesterday in response to the main conference leader yesterday to my talk before I get into that living layout of principle for you.

That's very important in doing good apologetics in dealing with conflict in general. I share this before but I think many of you will be hearing this for the first time so I have to very simple principles to very simple principles when it comes doing effective apologetics you build 100 on these, but these are the two foundation number one before you can answer the objection applied to the concern address the doctrine. Whatever it is that you're going to be replying to interacting with you have to rightly understand what's being said, I might say I believe in a and will save a lot of agreement be what I say BS in a many times that happens many times we misunderstand one of those arguments. Many times we misunderstand the emphasis the persons make the point you're trying to make and then we respond and then they respond that would dismiss Nietzsche when just reiterating our pet doctors repenting is a message I've seen accuracy Of social media or two people talking together and are you really cannot cannot be talking past each other not to each other right so we often do that we often do that when it comes to issues of disagreement, but sometimes what we do it innocently, you will reduce crime in response to select question. It's happened with me on the radio edit some of you heard it happen. You call in Dr. Brown. I've been really wondering about this passage of Scripture and I have a question and try to spritz with these other verses and I said God it great thank you you're very polite person so you don't say why I didn't finish the question. I think I've got a question infinity because you're so polite you just let me go on and speak and is one of those days right thinking out on and get a really full answer to take extra time with this call really full answer so I got on or five minutes. When you sit there and listen politely and then I'll say, thinking man, I really did a good job and request things up is that answer the question, and you still want not not see what I was really asking was this gosh I misunderstood the question sometimes we misunderstand when Jehovah's Witness believed order morbidly order Muslim beliefs or we misunderstand when gay activists saying we_me misunderstand what the Democratic candidate is single with Republican kind of insect or what our spouses say or how it works and we dismiss Nietzsche and because we don't rightly understand with your little thing.

We can't rightly respond to it. So simple. What a friend of mine suggested this many years ago. Simple way to avoid this is when you give me your objection or problem or issue Mike. I've got a take issue with this. I don't agree with your position. For this reason that I restate your position back to you and my words don't say words could get the word menu instead your people, but you understand right which you want to do if you want to give it back in your own work. Okay so you're saying that you feel that there is injustice torture because in the people on my side are blind to it because we've never lived in your shoes. Is that what you're saying yes okay good. Now I can respond and can I suggest husbands, wives, others and relationship brands. Okay, parents, children.

The older children you interact in a certain level that it's really good to even do that say mom dual my understanding right you're upset with me because you perceive that that I dishonored you the other day the way I responded yeah that's fine upset all now I would never do that. I was trying to do this and it came up here now I see why you're upset and Monza all now okay now you see why I'm upset and and now I understand why you did that it I misunderstood it. You'd be amazed with husbands and wives rather than unforgiving nurses it works. It instead. Sarah coming in my heart again standing you're upset with me because you think this this this yes all okay I can see that so big principle is simple. Now, second principle, this is the heart. This is the costly one.

This is the difficult, you can adequately respond to the objection unless you feel the weight of the object, you can adequately respond to the objection in less you feel the weight of the object now, but explain I'm sitting here with Palestinian Christian. I have not lived in their shoes. I can't relate to what it's like to live in their shoes because I've never been in a similar position.

I can't relate to what it would feel like to be a slight. I can't relate to what it would feel like to be taken off and put in concentration camp.

I can't relate to what it would feel to to think that I'm trapped in the wrong body.

I can't relate to lots of things because it's completely outside my life experience so what I'm sought to do what I seriously engaged the subject is to do my best to get into the shoes of those identical you can only go so far because you still haven't lifted yourself, but you pray and you ask God for insight and then you listen and you digest and you take things in here. I've never lost a child right. Some of you have. I can think about what it would be like, I can imagine it. I collected the emotions play out if the child feel like another another letter will never be a mother. I don't know the miscarriage feels like I know what it feels like to find out I'm pregnant because I'm not a woman. I still what you can do though is to do your best to empathize you how you do that you listen to what the other person say you digested, you do your best to take it in you meditate on it to try to see the world through those eyes. And then you immerse yourself in other people saying the same thing. For example, I grew up in a traditional Jewish home, so I'm Jewish. I can relate to a lot of what it means to be Jewish. How it feels to be Jewish, but I can't fully relate to what it means to be traditional because I wasn't raised in a traditional Jewish home so I can't fully relate to spirituality from a Jewish perspective, I can partially but what I've done over the years is immersed myself sat and spent hours and hours and hours with devout rabbis dialogue interact and deadline – to see the spiritual search to see how God is related to how how one feels to be having a special calling and destiny as a Jewish person is a child of the of the nation of Israel and are not positive that I can articulate many Jewish positions in far greater depth than my own background and experience the same when it came to LGBT activists and God burden be about the issues resist the agenda for then he broke my heart for the people and he did that by five meet, sitting and listening, talking to people having meals and telling them tell me your story and then reading book after book and story story from their perspective, the poor and sometimes put a book down and get along on my health is not my heart and of course I can't relate to have much more okay. It's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown on the line of fire Michael Brown my land, doubling him back to the state on Thursday meeting with Julie Ruth leaders in the messianic movement on Friday.

Back home Saturday when I'm home from downtown Thursday night where I go to Italy. Some internal and try to get on the level sleep patterns back and states you can Italy and Israel are we both seven hours different from her love of East Coast time so we shall see removal of the speed of A sleeping at all times, but alert alive and ready for review and factually exciting.

A week from tonight. We launch our real Messiah outreach podcast or greater New York for the world but everyone, greater New York and here that blanketing New York City into New Jersey into it into Western Long Island. Yeah.

So in massive Jewish population base their that we could reach with the real Messiah broadcast goblin will be putting it on on live stream as well. Should be able to watch with this is in the educational for you if you got a Jewish friend, Felicity. Jewish listener, please, please be sure to catch the broadcast of your friends in New York right so simple apologetic principal simple principles for doing effective having effective interaction with others within the different number one. Make sure you rightly understand the issue.

The problem with being presented. Number two, you must feel the weight of the problem feel the weight of the issue before you can adequately address.

Let's say for example you have never suffered severe pain in your life, for whatever reason you never had a migraine. You you've never you've never had a kidney stone. You never given birth to a child you you've never heard of some severe injury. We are in agony you. You've never had cancer with the agony and bring never had any of that. Okay and and someone is date they can't function at work there. They've got a migraine headache and you will assist… No, let's pick a walker sent final horizontal work now is a sprinkling put your hand on the person's head explode. But you have no sensitivity could you've never experienced well let's say someone calls you sobbing your best friend you get a phone call. It's midnight you you you wake up and hear them sobbing on the phone and and and you will never leave never lost the love and you never had a tragedy caused you ever ever ever ever in their sobbing, their families, was killed in a car wreck. They somehow survived there killed in a car wreck and in their sobbing all alone you do and you say, praise the Lord. Romans 828 God works all things for the good.

It's going to be all right, but even if every word you said was ultimately true, that's not what they need to hear that but maybe you are so extremely insensitive that's that's in bed had been yeah that's horrific events of the let's just say so insensitive that you understand the words you spoke are not the right words that that moment say where are you where are you, my way, my way.

One talk on the phone as I go tell him what happened. I love you. I'm praying I love you.

You make that I wouldn't get through this and you just go there. You hold a person arms and cried together and it may be weeks or months between 2020 help that situation. So here I am with housekeeping Christians III met with young people yesterday and one of them said to me, listen with you want us to renounce Palestinian terrorism but remember one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter and he begins to give history of different thing.

Explained different conflicts like there was a woman suicide bomber. He said you mentioned the situation and he said of what Chino Terrace was what is what happened during conflict is really responded the home where she was everything to accurate but her fiancé was killed and her parents were coach was left with nothing and this was this was just her expression and anything if they had no if they had better weapons and if they had fighter planes expose views that would involve themselves occupancy or Israel's engagements to your calling you the old self-defense it. These people are just lost everything and went on to look a friend of mine was shot in the neck by Israeli sniper. He said they lady and he broke the curfew would like to get pregnant got shot in the neck and he said these are things that happen he went on and I said to him do you think there is a syllable. He said there aside from specific names detailed that I have been aware for years. Do you think there's anything you said I wasn't aware if you think I could have made the case for why the tires blew herself up and she was really terrorist after all and and this was her only way of fighting back against the evil of Israel and that I couldn't stand up and make your case. You don't think I thought about all of these issues for a long period of time and energy okay will if you have that being said, that being said, I am here to present would God be with you present is clearly forcefully and lovingly as I can on the one hand and on the other hand, to listen as intensively as I can to hear as intensively as I can to drink and what they're saying one person after another after another.

I don't think I'm hearing anything new. I was aware of restrictions that these Palestinians live under.

I was, I was aware of issues that they face. I've gotten a few more details and seven year but I'm think there's anything new that that of her. I heard about the situation come from going back going there and being in the middle of it was enlightening, eye-opening to be there physically to see with your eyes but to say it was new. No, but I wanted Twinkie and everything I can. I want to be impacted everywhere. I want feel your frustration. I want to feel their indignation.

I want to feel their concern, I want to feel their sense of being abandoned. I want to feel what it's like to be in her shoes even though I understand I can't fully live in this all right and again you can only listen and absorb them and pray that having done that then I do my best to understand people with Israel. Satan what would Israel say in terms of both. One of these restrict are you trying to hurt the people I come across the people what what your excuse for this was the reason for this newfound a better way and then having absorbed what I can for both positions that I do my best to advocate for what's right and and and look I am 100% sure scripturally and historically, the God brought our people back to the land.

This is not some random event in his pocket and a nonsense as a Calvinist, believing that everything that happened happened by the will of God and the other was Barack Obama was elected by the will of God. Donald Trump was led by the will of God sets of pins was his and he does the same with democracy so of the Jewish people back in the land God brought them back in the land of nothingness, a Calvinist, all right. I'm saying that believing that scripturally to be the case based on Scripture and my understanding that of God's kindness and his anger.

No one could gather that listening Israel has the right to do anything unjust at this noon.

Israel has the right to repress a single Palestinian that listening Israel has the right to to put hardships on people restrict travel, that he might say wall.

They don't want to do that, but it's because of Terrace leadership rates because of of Islamic leadership is because of lack of cooperation.

For example, Palestinian leaders here were talking about issues supported short and that Israel gets a certain quote in the settlements. The concert quota but they get less when they live now. I've heard that repeatedly heard that some years I was reading a detailed response by an Israeli leader saying or someone who had researched it and and was getting the information and say Israel has designated X amount of money that is been given to the Palestinian Authority with the digging of additional wells.

People and instead the money gets spent on other things, or misuse or ends up in in some rich leaders matching some now I don't know the truth about this. I had to look into.

However, I feel for my Palestinian Christian friends that they feel deprived and they feel forsaken.

They feel misunderstood, abandoned by evangelicals in the West. I feel that weight and this I talked to the young people yesterday Simpson looked at your hearing us, but generally listener listener generally hearing that you're not absorbing sinus and I'm trying I'm doing my best and on processing but keep coming at me and this is giving us things to think about them considerably less dependent and an insatiable not respond and you one of them said look at all stages help you if you do this if you notice on site is let's say I have a copy and there's a great job but they have a policy, no beards, no beards, so I'm telling him get his job and only shave your beard if your fibula can get to the job that's I'm saying. I'm saying if you are perceived a certain way I can help is much as I'd like to help children states, my radio show gender perspective. I'll give you a platform that the heartbeat you have to jump through many who do not agree with me not to do anything just give me on my shelf, show your perspective even if I differ with you all that you get your perspective out, but if others are to affirm what you're saying or recognize the validity of what you're saying you have to understand certain ways how to cross this kind of interaction I was learning to humble ourselves. Listen, I'll do my best. Only God, his heart and not the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire by calling 860 Jim is Dr. Michael Brown line of fire Michael Brown, right outside Bethlehem little bit later today. I'm scheduled to have a mini debate with documenter Isaac on the subject of replacement theology and that will be followed by extensive Q&A from the audience and then we repeat that so gullible and not get an update on that on tomorrow's broadcast of the early Jewish Thursday and that's also a travel day for me so hopefully be able to get everything done. Get on the plane get back to the states and then Friday it interesting that this whole trip in Israel. I fly back to be with some dear friends. Messianic Jewish leaders from Israel and different nations so so let me dive into a very important article about my presentation yesterday in response to your fines very eye-opening to talk about the controversial Christ at the checkpoint conference again coming into this conference.

I knew I would be the lone voice advocating my position. That's why I was asked to come, having been here. I see all the more reason that it was that I was here. That being said, I think the most important ways to move forward again to be behind closed doors with sitting and talking face to face, but I want I want to share with you an article that Dexter Manzo wrote he has excellent articles on camera dog or is a website devoted to exposing and accuracy in the media.

Mr. boarding. It may deal with textbooks that miss report on Israel. It made deal with how the New York Times reported on something gave a misleading impression.

It's an important website abuse for years really appreciated Dexter's articles and when he saw I was scheduled to speak.

He wrote a critical article about me and why was mistaken why it's been a mistake for the messianic Jews to come and speak here and I really love what he does feel his work is very important, very sharp, very clear and because of that I thought it listless to see what happens after after my talk, so I want to share this with you and it's called Michael Brown exposes double standard and Christ at checkpoint OB posted a link to it on the Esther to Brown Facebook page and print it out as well. That was a very intense article this morning upfront is every two years. The ritual is repeated, the organizers of the Christ of the checkpoint conference, the so-called peacemaking conference held every even-numbered year of the Orient house until a big dollop invite a messianic Jew to defend Israel before an audience of evangelical Christians, some of whom will come to the West Bank to hear and relate stories of Jews behaving badly and then use the story's defeat and unwholesome bitterness toward Israel. Unfortunately agree with that assessment in terms of what happens to people, he said imitation is given by conference organizers for the Bethlehem Bible college and evangelical college with a Jala to demonstrate that they're willing to listen to people disagree with them.

It's not as if the organizers really want to hear or acknowledge what he has to say. But instead hope to deploy the messianic use of crop to lend credibility to their antiscience narrative now that spec dismissed Dexter's perspective and the perspective of many critics of the conference. I believe it's genuinely important to them to bring in an opposing perspective that that is an ethic of value that they have that they want to be sure that they bring in opposing perspective and I'll often say they've not seen this done say it is sinus conference that it is the pro-Israel conference that you bring in some of the opposite specter to give their point of view.

I appreciate that I honored that I don't feel like I have been used as a prop to lend credibility to the narrative. However, I absolutely understand how it can appear like that to others right from interacting. Honestly with this article by Dexter whose work I deeply appreciate the sense an obvious set up but it messianic to who desperately wants to be taken seriously as a believer in Jesus as a Jew who loves Israel says yes he knows full well of the speaks of the conference will do everything they can to counteract defense of Israel. But the inviting concludes that if you says he agrees to speak know most if if he doesn't agree to speak.

The second type of normal speed on Israel's behalf of the conference so that the validation let me bring my voice and let my voice be heard. At least there's one voice if their 20 voices saying yes and one voice, and since no releases one voice say no. If the 20 voices saying no among voices. Yes, Lisa set one voice of yes that's why many would come in for me when I'm asked to bring my disagreements openly. Then of course to be challenged and to challenge dorsal view that so exorcist during his talk Jewish believer in Jesus acknowledges that the Palestinians are suffering, laments the suffering that offers an apology of Israel's efforts to defend itself. Most notably, the security barrier security guard in the checkpoint. Everyone applauds his sincerity for a few moments express sympathy for the Israel as rent by the time the conference is over, the messages presence of the Christ checkpoint conference has been forgotten or worse used to remind evangelicals in attendance that Israel is the sovereign state allergic Jesus message implicit in the talk is that if only more Jews in Israel accepted Jesus as their Messiah.

I think I've stayed the conflict between the Israel between Israel and the Palestinians would've ended years ago. So this is Dexter's concern and a lot of my messianic Jewish friends I should say a lot. Only few have spoken at this. They have come under criticism from other messianic Jews, especially this and there messianic Jewish believers who were very critical of me coming and urged me not to of most said hey you do what you feel is right to do some said Mike we think it's wonderful.

You're going and some said don't go, don't do so III did not want to dishonor my brothers or make a level I know that on and my friends that whites are glad they went live interactive three by messianic Jewish colleagues who have gone and they were all glad they went for long term.

It was good of you said no it didn't do any good thing they didn't do any good. They were the token voice there and serve no purpose so that was Dexter's concern that was supposed to happen with me. Once this that's not how it happened during this year's Christ checkpoint not by a longshot. Instead of defending Israel's efforts to defend itself alleviated that Michael Brown conservative radio host and usually when Jesus went on the offensive. Brown spoke at the conference on May 29, 2018 began by describing his problems with the conference quote.

I've really been grieved by things I heard from leaders in private comparing Israel to Hamas vilifying Palestinian Christians rub a different perspective Christ checkpoint encouraging tours of the blatantly propagandistic Waldorf Hotel which distorts the past and the present excuses Israel of ethnic cleansing. Brown said Brandon stopped there. The challenge Palestinian Christians, especially the folks who organize crested the checkpoint conference to quote openly express disagreements with the Palestinian Authority font, and Hamas. Otherwise, the feeling is that you are in harmony with my quote. Dexter writes his religion.

It was a legitimate challenge because as in years past the first line of this year's conference, which continues until Friday was dedicated to Palestinian Christian saying nice things about the Palestinian Authority leadership, allowing the Palestinian Authority to attack Israel this year. One Christian from outside the region. Bishop Efron Kundera, Secretary-General of the world.

Evangelical lines: with Abbas, a man of peace. In this plan. High praise for men complained about Jews desecrating the Temple Mount, with their filthy feet. Two years ago Dexter writes Brown didn't just try see ATC organizers for their apparent submission to the PA Housing Authority. He called on conference organizers to condemn the tendency of Palestinian leaders to celebrate the murder of Israelis in terror attacks may display. After recounting the details surrounding the matter the murder of the Vogel family in 2011 Rabbi Yaakov: neighbor who went to the house with her 12-year-old daughter returned from a youth event to find assorted family. Vogel wanted website that her two-year-old brother was quote lying next to his bleeding parents, shaking them with his hands and try to get him to wake up while crying beside the house was shocking.

Brown said and and I posted pictures I put up pictures of the faces blurted out the horrific horrific massacre in cold blood family little baby a little child laying next to the father I met on the bed does exist horrific bloodshed. I did this because Israel insert voice so dehumanized and displease evil Israelis and soldiers of checkpoint the terrible things they do to us that I felt was very important. Palestinians who have suffered you have hardship we do have difficulty whose point is is important to me is upset.

Listen for hours and will continue to listen and interact do my best understand their situations important to me. I want people to remember. Hey there is another side to the suffering without forgiveness is not this not an accident. This is not an accident. This is not Israel bombing Hamas in Gaza and and there's there's a civilian kill, Israel hates women happen. This is intentional slaughter so today I said the families of the murders on Java. One of the chemo walk received regular payments from the PA as part of their pension.

In fact, it is reported that PA payments to families of terrorists and prisoners. Roughly 10% of the PA budget and I made this plea will you join me today and renouncing Dexter as our rights. He also described in how Israelis respond to the deaths of civilians at the hands of their government one 2002, Israeli forces killed so flush a holiday who, according to one source of direct solvent attacks that killed 474 people and wounded 2649 to July 1 of July 2000 jobs make the short what happened was when Israel took him out when they dropped a bomb in the house where he was. That bomb also killed his wife, his daughters assistant +10 other civilians, including seven children. Young is less than one-year-old hundred 50 people were wounded when Apple was Israeli intelligence relied on bad information.

As a result, it would civilians were killed or wounded since Elam started and and as I stated reported this got out.

There were national protest, Israel appeared in the rebellion of Air Force pilots who been involved in previous bombing missions the nation rose up to protest the shedding of innocent Palestinian but even in the process of killing a mass murderer.

I so I called on the Palestinians to follow the example set by the Israelis and hold their leaders accountable. The least you could do us and as followers of Jesus to stand with me and announced their governments celebration of Paris.

I understand of challenges as a Christian minority in a Muslim society but somehow your voices of dissent must be heard was my plea that was my appeal join with me in making a public statement is otherwise the way you celebrate the government.

The leadership and sing the praises of the possible American evangelicals are really sympathetic associated with the murders off thousands my appeal. They were here is the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown regarding equivalent of fire Michael Brown you're really bored moral you frontline of ministry year in Israel today eight dollars right outside of Bethlehem and a Palestinian Christian conference women's is really devoted to attacking bashing criticizing Christian Zionism and calling on Christians to stand with Palestinian Christians in the midst of their suffering, and a conference that I have absolutely, categorically, deeply differed with talk after talk and position after position and just as deeply sought to listen to those I differ with and understand their perspective and stand with them as brothers in the midst of our differences so in a conference I get a message three points accident.

If I'm to help you effectively need to separate yourself from the murderous policies and celebration of terrorism and Protestant authority on Moscato number one number two you got abandon all forms of replacement theology number three guy really put Jesus in the center and cultivate love Jewish people in the midst of your differences with with Israel and I said I'll help you live). But to be effective.

You people need to know you don't stand with your government, and these with an end in eternity recognize God's hand on his and they need to know that you really generally have had love because as I expressed both widow here that through through the conferenced overall. So is not conditioned to send it in this way I can help you. But of course you have to come to your own conclusions and working things through so Dexter exile for a camera forgot I posted link to the article on Facebook and on Twitter. She wrote up a response after I spoke he wasn't happy with my company thought of this can be used in ambulatory messianic Jew, etc. he ended up being very very pleased with what happened and how it happened and after I spoke than the conference organizer with her. Isaac always I was sandwiched between the Yardbirds. One of the top New Testament scholar and a very very strong replacement theologian so obviously brother in the Lord with whom I have deep daughter differences and and then they need in after me with driving and he asked for permission to respond to me after I spoke take first 10 minutes of his presentation responsibly. After I spoke and a sincere compliment whatever you want to do. I like to live with his conference afterwards. I told him on. I do like the way it happened. The north. It was a bad idea and I don't believe it helped his cause to do. Thereafter, on the one and only speaker in the entire conference is going to bring these views. In this way and and rather than respond to the appeal in a positive way he ran estimates I was going to do act. He basically dismissed what I had to say so I didn't feel like it would good or played out well in that regard.

So Dexter wrote an article about so Dexter then says yes. He says it. It was a powerful speech. In addition, challenging CTC organizes to confront Palestinian violence Brown acid to condemn replacement theology to put Jesus at the center of the conflict and to demonstrate this act of expressing love is really people. This is a tough challenge because Brown declared present checkpoints for the known for sin against Israel and sin against Hamas.

The Gazan Christian had that in my notes I ran out of time and couldn't fully express that point, but that is in the PowerPoint they have and is in the loads that will be in the paper that they will publish. After a conference) spokesperson living documentary Isaac to the challenge was coming. Even a copy Brown speak for was given and should have been able to provide an irenic and substantial response. That's what I was expecting, and that's why I said sure, go ahead and response are positive conference, Dexter writes, instead he reacted with shocking disdain for the issues Brown raised saying he and his colleagues were both tired of having to deal with the questions and issues Brown raised his talk." They seem to place all the blame on us the oppressed. Isaac went on to say that he too could talk about the suffering and revise community and cultural pictures of the victims of Israeli violence, but that he didn't want to get into a competition about himself more. We also declare the radical Jewish groups, politicians celebrate with how students are killed, as if there were equivalent insight and Palestinian Israeli society when there is a loss and Housing Authority one television station regularly demonized using the Palestinian Authority entertaining government regular offer because of insight on the Temple Mount demonization of the other permeates Palestinian society in ways it simply does not in Israel. Instead of confronting the problem of excitement and celebration of murder by both the Palestinian Authority, Hamas use anti-Semitism as a unified political agenda. Isaac trying to change the subject or ESOP as they would be in Arabic. Both the real question we should be asking his followers of Christ is what drives people to do these five things. This is the real question should be asked the question should be asked is how we work together to address the systems and structures of injustice and oppression that create violent actions of some Palestinian how we as followers of Christ compliment humbleness deal with the causes and ideologies that exclude and demonize dogs and a jump in here and say hey timeout. One thing I'm trying to do show solidarity. One thing I'm trying to do is is is said let's work together to address injustice.

Rev. is but but hang on, that the demonization of the Jews was your long before the modern state of Israel.

Look through chronic literature, Islamic literature in the history of anti-Semitism outside of his law Dexter is Isaac also complained about a double standard used judge Palestinian violence wise every Israeli violence.

Self-defense was a revoked Palestinian violence. Terrorism arrived in evangelical Christians that supported the one a rocket support award along condemn and criticize the positive people for violent acts or groups among the office of the Christ of the checkpoints previously condemned all forms of violence resisted people are not listening. Isaac, like many other CTC speakers has repeatedly and regularly condemned Christian Zionists find is a conference over the past decade, simply can be bothered to repeat these previous combinations of Palestinian violence in his response. Isaac missed an opportunity to send a message to Israelis and Jews throughout the world and gas is still positive. Christians understand how frightening it is for them to see Palestinian leaders lauded and reward the killers of Israeli women and children instead of acknowledging the obligation of his fellow Christians to speak truth to power in Houston society, not just condemn Israel. Isaac spoke in vague terms about systems and structures that cause people to engage in acts of terror as if the concept of sin, which the speakers use often condemn Israel could not be used to assess Palestinian behavior parenting Isaac swirl its theological combination for Israel sociological explanations for the Palestinian Brown's direct trauma challenge Palestinian Christians highlighted the struggling double standard and some Michael rounded Christians throughout the world. Great service by highlighting the inability of Palestinian Christians speak truth to power in Palestinian society. Hopefully conference organizers will take Brown's message, the heart in the days ahead.

That's my whole as well. Again, it's disconcerting to be asked to bring a message then to bring the message and then to be told I'm tired of hearing the same things over and over and over and over.

That's that's disconcerting if I'm being asked to comment bring a particular position. It's disconcerting, then say were tired of hearing this position.

Nonetheless, I know that my words did not fall on deaf ears, and I will personally continue to challenge Dr. Isaac about his response active site. They asked me to come and challenge them, and I will continue to challenge the and my last day here by God's grace, I will challenge and I've challenge them in writing while here and I will challenge them in writing. Once I leave and I will ask them to continue to challenge me to continue to call me to account to continue to challenge me.

If they feel I'm being this fair. I miss fair I'm being unfair. I'm misrepresenting them in some way. I will ask them to continue to challenge me where I have a blind spot where I am insensitive keep challenging me and on the keep challenging you and the let's both get on our faces before God, and let's both ask God father, help us to have your heart help us to have your heart for Israel. Help us to have your heart for the Palestinian help us to have your heart for the Muslim world for the Jewish world, help us to have your heart for every people group in the world. Dogra we have blind spots. We have misconceptions we have wrong preconceptions help us help us. I was interacting some years ago with a black pastor and I've got some dear friends bosom buddies that are black pastor's, one of whom jokes with me that you know we just bust had a different mother or different father can look for different there is over that since Joe because we share so much in common and but I I don't have lots and lots and lots of friends who are black pastor's okay I have more friends were white, past so I was talking to this black pastor and and he had reacted to something and negatively. He got things wrong and apologize later years ago this I got apologize for the right apologize yesterday is left is most recent time I apologize rights is very characteristic so he and apologist Buddy challenge me easily. I'm sure all your best friends. But note you have heard I heard that over and over. You just are being insensitive. You'll get it and in this case, he was wrong, but I take the challenge. I think knowledge is I don't live in your world you live in my world.

So let's commit speak the truth to one another in love. Let's do it with peers. Let's do it with passion with compassion and let's take those words back to God I miss that back with you tomorrow

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