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YouTube Gets Flack for Advertising Our Video

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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June 5, 2018 3:05 pm

YouTube Gets Flack for Advertising Our Video

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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Wow a big decision the Supreme Court today and some major news. There's an uproar against YouTube and were right in the middle of it is time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. What a joy with her to be back with you live in studio, which means audio which means video so hey, glad to be back and Friday we rely but we worked on location here in studio or audio only so so thrilled to be back in the studio welcome welcome to the broadcast 866-3487 84, the number remains the same as always to get into the show today all right little later in the broadcast were going to get into the Supreme Court decision a major ruling today 72 decision in favor of Jack Phillips masterpiece cakes the court recognizing that the Colorado state commission that ruled against him when he declined to design a cake for same-sex quote wedding that there was anti-religious animus. Yes, so were going to talk about that a very important decision, but first some other things of real interest going on. Many of you know that we put a lot of time and effort energy resources into the video. Can you begin Christian. It just came out last month of between Facebook and YouTube.

It's been viewed probably over hundred 80,000 times so far and for the first time ever was one of our videos. We were given funds to help us put in the best graphics we could and to advertise. We had some advertisement in a large budget but some money to advertise so we promoted it on Facebook. We boosted it on Facebook to get to more eyes. It's compassionate, it's biblically based in its it's very engaging and then for the first time ever we have about 1300 videos on YouTube at our YouTube channel for the first time ever we advertised on YouTube and that the goal again was to get more eyes to look at this. Just like if you write a book than the publisher will advertise in different places and work to get into bookstores and things like that will, in the very same way. We had some advertising funds again, not much. Maybe I'm a little over thousand dollars is something that we we put into YouTube. At some like that thousand 2000 was not much, and this was a way to get it out to more people. So if you use YouTube a lot. You'll see, for example, when you are your you're going to a channel to watch a video and then an ad pops up. It could be anything in it and then skip this agile click to skip after five seconds, so that's what was going to happen and then more people hopefully would see that the video and be drawn to it and something positive could come out of well. I started to notice is over. I was looking regularly to see what type of responses were getting and things like that. I started to notice that we were getting suddenly a wave of thumbs down ratings will maybe like 600 positive rating 60 negative ratings and now is like hundred hundred 5200, 250 negative ratings are thought what's going on here and then then I noticed that we start getting these comments that were being posted one of the world you doing, my challenges were for some good gay content.

I didn't ask for this.

I thought it must've been advertised in some of the places where people would agree with us to see it now went when we worked with Google/YouTube to set up the advertising that we just explained how this works.

You give them keywords or themes or things like that sort primary audience was conservative Christian audience and then you deal with the subject of what is the Bible say about homosexual practice. So here are the words that my team came up with for Google faith beliefs Bible Christian Christianity family, gay thought, homosexual marriage.

The last thing in our minds that regular target LGBT channels greatest a full swatch of coarse or trans channels is the last thing in our mind, will, then a friend of mine sends me this this a headline and this is a conservative Christian activist. He sends me this headline and and it's from LGBT Q nation and its is why is YouTube running anti-LGBT Q ads before videos well and in their we are featured. There's a bit lately got like a bad screen shot of me and then Leviticus. You shall not lie with a man as a male as with a woman. It is an abomination and beneath that, there is the copy summonsed channel 5 years. Postop emotional comparison FTM transgender female to male transgender. How in the world didn't end up there how the world this is somebody's transgender channel some of those women who chased episodes of a woman who has transitioned to be a man, a female to male transgender now by the name of Chase. Okay, here's a tweet that was sent out by someone called Jason Ahrens, Chase Ross hears that anti-gay add on your video.

I'll reply with a screenshot that shows it's on your video and then he says so.

YouTube will push religion and anti-gay policeman heaven for bid.

See my pot. If a kid gets helpful information about themselves. Oh, this was creating an uproar.

In other words, you go to this this individual's channel chases channel and then Chase is talking about emotional support for transgendered and so on in here and add comes up promoting our video. How does it end up there. I don't know someone just sent me a note.

Maybe I can I can find it here.

We don't have it to put a pot on the screen but someone just sent me a note that they were over on on our channel on asked Dr. Brown and before viewing. Can you begin Christian. They said the advertisement for this video is a gay man talking about testing for AIDS.

Oh, the irony.

Yeah, I wonder if if any of it.

If you're watching, listening, if if you have access to tutor your phone or tablet computer go to the Esther to branch out on YouTube and look for can you be gay and Christian right to search for my name.

Can you begin Christian asked Dr. Brown and when you see the consider this video if an ad comes up if it's that had just grab it, freeze it, do a screenshot if you can write to stop it into a screenshot of I would love to see that in any case, things just start spreading wildly. Here's another story.

This is, let's see this one is pink news right pink so pink is based in England, YouTube under fire over homophobic adverts, potentially targeting LGBT youth, tubers, and of course as you go down in the article whose featured front and center when you scroll down you find there. We are once again with can you be gay and Christian. So suddenly our video is getting massively advertised, massively advertised by these gay websites and gay bloggers. Now of course they're ridiculing it there upset with it, but in any given we were never targeting their channels will try to intrude on on on them or were secretly get a message in were open and out here. It is here, so we are. Here's what we believe and and have added all right, but the fact that it got to people that we did and 10. I really look at the hand of God in all this because suddenly there's all this attention always reports about the video. To me that significant to me.

That was God's way of helping to promote because we put little advertising money into it, but we pray we pray for God to get the message out help, this it's it's quite a few websites, but I wake up this morning I get sent this link Forbes. Forbes magazine so YouTube is currently running anti-LGBT ads on creator content. Yes, Forbes is now talking about this and there's another video that was also involved in so I'll tell you about that as well and it ties in with the alliance defending freedom to just have a major Supreme Court victory labored.

Forbes now reporting on this so what did some of the LGBT YouTube channels have to say. Won't Chase put out a video and Chase was very upset with what happened Chase is asking the question, how can. How can anyone. How can anyone whatsoever, possibly objected to gay people being married supposes the 1800s or 1940 or something.

And Chase is baffled by the fact that YouTube would even allow us to advertise.

This is what Chase had to say.

I watched the video that plays before my video and I am appalled that you two anything that will take your money. If you have time at yes so Chase is appalled and shocked that you two would take money take money for our how could it happen that not to listen. I sympathize with Chase. When Chase expresses being upset that our video ad played on his channel. Okay, we want targeting that we can have the word trans in there and also I understand Stan incense about this. The fact it if it's accurate that gay guys are about need for AIDS testing occurs before our video, our channel and at what whatever whatever, but finally felt that what we were trying to invade their safe space. Okay, that was is not the intent but the idea that our video which is the most un-bigoted video you can imagine it's fair, it's honest, it's biblical.

It's loving that he's upset Chase. He/she upset that we would we would dare have is advertise that YouTube would have the gall to let us advertise hey don't don't push too hard on that Chase because pretty soon you will start coming off other people's freedoms to express things can come swinging back and ugly ways against all different sides and then Hank green with a video that's going viral.

Now Hank expressed his outrage over what was happening on his YouTube channel and this is what he had to say. The other videos from a guy who is preacher, probably something like that. He seems seems like preacher guy and he's basically saying that he has the ultimate take on what Christianity is and that Christianity is incompatible with homosexuality and you know this because he is right. You can tell of his mustache yet you can tell because of my mustache. People live in a bit of a bubble. Would you say and then another you to come with a million subscribers. Was it info overload.

This is what they had to say about our video is another anti-gay at conservative radio host Michael Brown where he had consists of two minutes of him ranting about how gay is that why the same timesharing quotes from the Bible yet friends we are in the center of attention on the front lines.

Jesus known as the Liberator yes on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us today and a lot of all right so let me just take a little bit bigger picture here of what's going on and why.

This is significant.

All right, of the Forbes article is is now a mainstream publication, not just on gay, lesbian website or a conservative Christian websites you just met a large secular platform here right Forbes.

YouTube is currently running anti-LGBT ads on creator content, so by creator content. What that means is that we are creators. We have a YouTube channel. We are creating new material right Chase Hank these others that we just cited LGBT Q activists, advocates, allies, they are creators. They have their own channels all right and the issue is if people come in to watch my video or Hank's video or someone else's video. What kind of ads, now let's say you were going to ask Dr. Brown on YouTube and you you going to watch my debates with my friend Dr. James wife regional watch report from what happened in Israel last week or you're going to be viewing the line of fire broadcast for the day and then some inappropriate add pops up. I mean something with pornography annuity. Well of course everybody shocked. Now I don't think that can happen based on on guidelines and YouTube requirements and things like that. The news as example we also subtly outrageous. If something came up on my channel and it was someone mocking Jesus and the most harsh and vile terms will be rightly be upset so I understand why these other individuals are upset okay and it was not our intent to upset them on Tim's get the video out and I'm glad. Of course, that more more people are seeing. It will be drawn to it and someone posted so I watch the two minute answers two minutes out of a six minute video woman said that at opposite same-sex attracted the just based on the treatment she wants. She's now starting to think that since extraction is wrong. We should go beyond that to find out God's plan for life. That would be wonderful and look the title.

Can you be gay and Christian. I was just promoting that is is potentially going to get it through algorithms of things. However, they do it is potentially going to get it on to some LGBT channels. I do understand how that would happen in any case, what happened previously run the same time as ours. Think right ahead of Horus was the alliance defense. The lines defending freedom which is the largest conservative Christian coalition of attorneys in the world which just won a major case the Supreme Court today that they had a video tell the story Burnell Stutzman she's a grandmother in her 70s, a florist did business with Galesburg community for years, and again lesbian employees over the years, and one of her friends gay guy came in and said that he was good be marrying his partner and wanted. They wanted her to do the floral arrangement.

She took him by the hand.

This was the hardest thing she ever did and said I can't do that. His first season order. She's gonna be doing this is an artist and it's against her religious beliefs and an she declined and then proceeded to ask if who's walking on the island was that it been friends for years. What ends up offenses taken.

She's taken to court and there's the crashing verdict against her and even the attempted not only bankrupt or business, but take her home and and any money in the Bam is just crazy out for the things gone was similar thing happened to Jack Phillips with masterpiece cakes. And that's the case we'll talk about in a moment is what happens.

Supreme Court so there is an outcry that the alliance defending freedom had appeared on some of these channels and then our ad appeared now in the gay reports and different things.

More tension is been focused on our ad being out there and in their showing the video and all of that, but these other stories it's mentioning the Burnell Stutzman ad that ran and are at and it was Megan Hills who wrote the story here. She said I cover the boom of new media, especially in the YouTube realm and will try to get a comment to her. She says in her article sufficiently beginning of pride month. However, celebrations that YouTube could be lukewarm at best. The video streaming platform which has long been a haven for independent LGBT Q plus creators has recently been accused by users and channels of running advertisements by anti-LGBT Q plus brands against creator content so look what I learned and what is fascinating that night that I didn't know before, is that many of these LGBT Q plus channels have also gotten flak from YouTube that there content is considered controversial if they have the word gay or transgender. It's considered controversial and the videos get flagged or the videos get the monetized the exact same thing that's happened to me. The fact that we we do know, though, across the board. With Google, YouTube, Facebook, twitter, even IRS bring in some totally different that conservative Christian groups have been unfairly targeted. That's clear. There's no doubt about that but interestingly as you two tries to work out what's appropriate.

It's not appropriate and try to have a level playing field for for all, which is what you're claiming to do that folks that that have LGBT Q content or experiencing something similar to what we've gone through that we had web 1.900 of our videos D monetized that one once fell swoop, and something continues to be strange where all the time we have to request reviews we have to request a month actually watch the broadcast and review it and asked if certain reviews within seven days for them to do it but I'm talking about.

Dr. Brown answered your questions flagged not appropriate for all viewers. What are you talking about report for Mr. flagged the latest news flagged.

Dr. Brown talks about the Bible, flagged we have to request a written manual review. So were still getting target way, way, way, way more than is appropriate and it's been well documented. Seriously documented to the point that that the issues have been raised before Congress that conservative groups are unfairly targeted but interesting to hear that there is also some similar treatment undergone by others that are as far left is as we are conservative and biblical or is activist for LGBT Q issues as we are for Jesus issues but bottom line is this. We produce the video is the first in a series called consider this if you see that the fabulous Prager you videos which are so excellent that most of us have have learned so much from that are convenient and handy in an interesting and with Nobel Prize winners and professors in different woman people presenting their positions will we felt like this to a series that's more narrowly evangelical that has a messianic Jewish focus that has a conservative Christian focus is more Bible based let's let's do videos because previews do a great job with their doing, but let's do these raters. We got some funding to the first three so far so video number one is out.

Can you be gain Christian video number two is almost done which which addresses the question of new conservatives and can you be an atheist conservative war Bruce Jenner heard Caitlin Jenner's is a conservative Republican. Your how does that work it so so it's it's really an interesting one. That one should be out very very soon and and then and then the one after that, that were about to record who separated the church from his Jewish roots if if you want to connect with us go to ask Dr. a.s. K. DR and click on the consider this matter would love to get many more of these out in your funding would really help to go to ask Dr. Click on consider this right and and you'll see the banner that oak that'll come across the screen, click on that to stand with us or just go to ask Dr. this. And right now we just have the one video up. Can you begin Christian, but eventually if you just go there will have all the different consider this videos up and then will all be on our YouTube channel will suffice it to say, we are thrilled with the attention the videos getting Christians believers are being edified.

Since it's the best video we've ever done subsidence the best concise treatment of the subject. They've ever seen. So we really put a lot of prayer and effort hard work. Our team coming together. Our video team a graphics company working with us donors helping us get it done and now it's gotten the thing that only God can do. It's gotten right in the thick of things where people are watching it that we wouldn't have gotten to, and they're talking about on the economy by advertising on those channels I mean by all these reports from Forbes to LGBT Q nations are all these others so that's what we put the video out so that people would watch it and learn the truth about what Scripture says now here's another way you could partner with me.

Pray that God would use the video to open hearts. Pray that seeking people would be drawn to it that they find hope that they'd understand, hate, don't put same-sex attraction in some special category were fallen race human race. All of us with flaws. All of us with weaknesses.

All of us with since to deal with. That's why we need a Redeemer and rather than studying the Scriptures through the lens of our sexual desires and romantic attractions instead we should examine our sexual desires romantic attractions through the lens of the Scripture. That's that's what we emphasize in this video if you struggle in these areas. Find your identity in Jesus, don't.

Don't put gate in front of her quiver on the gay Christian McQueen Krishna don't don't put that in front why want to be honest about things. What is everyone ago going to put out there in struggle, gossiping Christian arm of adulterous Christian malign Christian I'm a greedy Christian you put that first or are I struggle with this and then that that's no no, put the emphasis on being in Jesus put the emphasis on being a son and daughter of God. Let's let's not make the sexual desires romantic attractions the big thing. Let's make relationship with the Lord.

The big thing right we come back to return to this Supreme Court decision and then take a broader look at what's happening in America today in terms of moral shifts much more to come today, 15 for and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown decision is coming down month.

It was expected and perhaps there is thought that there be a five ruling in favor of Jack Phillips masterpiece cakes who was penalized in Colorado when he declined, designing a cake awaiting cake for a same-sex couple found guilty reliance.

Defending freedom stood with him for this case it was heard before the Supreme Court and the Supreme Court voted, ruled in favor of Jack Phillips and against the color estate commissioned by Boeing 722 with Larry Kagan and Stephen Breyer joining the four-story conservative justices plus Anthony Kennedy was the swing vote Anthony Kennedy writing the majority opinion, this is Michael Brown and you have tuned into the line of fire summary like their father were watching and not just listening you're back in studio so thrilled to be here with you back from an extraordinary trip in Israel than Dave ministry in Baltimore and then finally back home within the next this coming weekend ministry in Italy so never a dull moment if you like to get in discussion 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884 but let me just grab some stuff about this case here. Hang on God. It somewhere okay. Hannah's got a lot of papers here. Okay so satirical that the ruling was very positive. The fact that it was a 72, decision is what gets memorialized. The negative was that the justices that joined in Kagan and Briar joined the and in a very narrow way. Now that the. The decision is being reported as a narrow victory which on the one hand is very misleading because a 7 to 2 vote is a tremendous vote on an issue this divisive in our culture today. It's a tremendous vote, but the ruling itself was a very narrow ruling.

It did not address the larger question of what happens when LGBT Q quote rights are in conflict with freedoms of speech, religion and conscience of the recessive quote rights is because I don't believe that I have the quote right to walk into any bakery or any florist or any any creator T-shirt designer and I have the quote right to have them make something for me in specific harmony with my religion or conviction. For example, if there was a a T-shirt company owned by gay activists say a gay couple and I went in there and said hey were redoing an outreach at the next Gay pride event and when we want to design these T-shirts that says Jesus has a better way than gay they should be able to decline the business at the same time. It's really offensive to us will be marching in that event, that's a big data us that that's personally offensive. We can't do it.

I I'd say that's that's perfectly fine perfectly fine for them to decline that business. All right if if if you were a racist, a white racist and you went into a a bakery that was owned by an African-American family is a family business passed down and you said hey you know, we think the KKK got a bad rap in our city and and and were having a big celebration and we want cakes baked. It's a long live the KKK well that that that African-American family absolutely has the right to say sorry when I can do that for you that violates our beliefs okay so it that the sword cuts in many different directions. That's personally insulting to us BRE so in the same way. In the same way and knows I've used all kinds of different examples in the same way if if you went to to a Jewish owned bakery and said hey we we're just doing a fundraiser for Hamas because we think Hamas is doing a great job in the Middle East will support them yelling and it's going to have a down with Israel you know Hamas is great. There were these T-shirts and of course the Jewish owned companies would decline the business.

Sorry, that's a violation of of of our convictions and an insult to who we are and Oneonta from a thousand different directions.

All right, so of course it's perfectly appropriate for Jack Phillips to say you can buy any cake you want any cake you want, you can buy all right, but I'm not going to design a K-12 masterpiece cakes here these folks look at is like a work of art and design a cake for you in direct violation of my religious beliefs of what what happened was that the the Colorado civil rights commission that I called color estate commission earlier.

The color civil rights commission ruled against Phillips and Justice Anthony Kennedy, who was the swing vote. The vote that went in favor of redefining marriage didn't write the majority opinion, he wrote the majority opinion here, and he said the commission's hostility towards religion toward Jack Phillips beliefs the commission's hostility was inconsistent with the First Amendment guarantee that our laws be applied in a manner that is neutral toward religion right now. The ruling could have gone further, the ruling could have made clear that when there is a conflict between our First Amendment rights and LGBT activism, or the perceived rights of another group and it violates our first event rights that you always side with the First Amendment rights could've made a broader statement, but it did. Nonetheless, it sends a loud message though. I just spoke with a friend of mine with the alliance defending freedom and he was getting into more details. I've not yet read any of the quotes from the other dissenting or agreeing opinions but just to score such apparently ripped apart the the opinion of Elena Kagan in a grieving position that was very, very narrow in focus and and and really excoriated her for that. As I was told.

So gross.

It's living up to expectations is a little skill we but but here in person while right peers of the will and friends. This is just some the pushback we told you in becoming didn't have we told you this coming pushback, how far to go, but LGBT activism over places hand and even people will be moderate, sympathetic, affirming, and they are those that are not asking for this, nor the great majority of them asking for 50-year-old boy to be able to use the locker room and shower stall with her 15-year-old daughter and and play on the sports teams together. Yeah I mean tolerance did not ask for that. So here's something utterly remarkable and I wrote about you can you can read my article and screamed outward about this case since we heard it got an article immediately. The Supreme Court pushes back against the rising tide of antireligious animus but but yet he or some shock 2015 2015.

Justice Alito and in a scathing dissenting opinion to the redefinition of marriage. He was one of several who were scathing dissenting opinions. She warned about what was coming and he specifically said this. I assume that those who cling to old beliefs be able to whisper their thoughts of the recesses of their homes. But if they repeat those views in public they will risk being labeled as bigots and treated as such by governments, employers and schools a site that in my article so I was looking for Alito's dissenting opinion so I could quote in my article when I was writing a few hours ago and I spotted this remarkable article in the LA Times. I mean remarkable not shortsighted, virtually blind at a meeting, the, the author of the article Robinette Carrion takes Alito to task mocks Alito for being so stupid as to think that such a situation.

Whatever happened, what was happening all around us for years are ready in 2011 in a queer thing happened to America or have a whole chapter of the attack on our freedoms through LGBT activism, even there I said you need books longer than my book which is 700 pages in 1500 hundreds to document what's been happening. It's been happening much more since then. In the book. Upon book, upon book so so the headline in a bizarre dissent, Justice Alito predicts gaze might seek revenge on straights. What like any group that feels it's been oppressed and pushed down what rises up is often the pushback against the bucket which group it's been okay.

This can happen, but I've said for what almost 15 years now that those who come out of the closet want to put us in the closet enough to be a prophet to see that her know that in your 2015. The sop in the LA times is mocking that reality of Carrion wrote you might've thought that today's landmark Supreme Court decision speak of 2015 Bridgeville versus Hodges.

You might've thought that today's landmark Supreme Court decision represented the end of discrimination against gays want to marry, but according to one dissenting justice the decision instead represents a threat to another group of citizens who might they be yes.

People who oppose gay marriage. He writes an incredibly Vince. It's incredible to me that he were it's incredible to me that a journalist thought it was incredible. I I I will get. I will get it ready for the LA Times and other places you your savvy, you know it's going on your you know the news you know what's happening all around you, and be like me writing in the 1960s. I can't believe that anyone thinks is any remnants of segregation left. I am to be that bizarre rights incredibly Justice Samuel Alito, Frederick, that it won't be safe to not gay marriage anymore. Yeah exactly and Justice Alito was hardly being prophetic and saying that the handwriting wasn't just on the wall. It was shouting at us so the Supreme Court today took a big step. Although a narrow step in the right direction of big but narrow step in the right direction.

Now here's what we need to do this is not the time to attack those through LGBT. This is not the time to get angry at how this happened. How this get to court right. This is the time to speak up all the more boldly, loudly, clearly, to hold to your convictions to say I look at what the consequences are on the speak and do what's right, someone number two. Continue to pray for the revival of the church and the turning of the hearts of our nation.

You see what we come back and focus on some disturbing stats in terms of how America is turning in the wrong direction and then reach out with love to LGBT friends and neighbors because they can to take this a slap in their face and an owner. What does this mean what's coming next.

What hey we have our differences are deep differences based on Bible and our view of family life in various things like that. That being said, were citizens of the same country on your neighbor girl my neighbor and I for one, am called to love my neighbor and I intend to if the line of fire with your host activist author internationals leader and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Alright, so let me tell you what it's to the irony of the Supreme Court decision today lines defending freedom is highly respected by many members of Congress. It is world respected for its conservative Christian advocacy has major players across the board. Even on the liberal side that recognize the work that the due and yet, the SPLC, the Southern poverty Law Center, which has become really the. The worst hate group in America because of the role that it used to play a positive role on the negative role. It often plays that they job the ADF ostomy freedom, extremist hate group so there all these reports about this extremist hate groups ADF which one wins yet another case in the Supreme Court and the SPLC continues to disqualify itself from being taken seriously now, check this out on Twitter. I just saw a link on what's trending this is a a a a twitter handle what's trending with 742 Betsy 742,000 followers and what's trending is us. We are trending several LGBT content creators are upset with YouTube. After seeing anti-LGBT ads appear before their videos yeah and there is a link to can you be gay and Christian and then the question shrewdly reserves being considered. Spinach friends.

Hello, we told you that this is where it's going that to just talk about what the Bible says is going to be labeled hate speech. But the good news is it's getting her video out to a much much larger audience and it's happening now. The very same days of the Supreme Court decision comes forth and and ADF, they had one of their videos that play before some gay channels on it again when you advertise case you missed this early. As we discussed it we we had a couple thousand dollars to put into advertising. Kenny began Christian on YouTube and somehow it ended up being advertised on LGBT channels and echo people very offended and and so on and so forth. There was an ad from the ADF that was talk about the case of a florist panel Stutzman her situation and and that got people to so now this is the big news anywhere ADF. This alleged extremist very group wins yet another case in the supreme court now here's here's the bigger issue is the bigger gallop just released a poll of sorts. May 11 I just saw today but it's the mail of I should say I just looked at it in more depth today account May 11. Americans hold record liberal views on most moral issues the scout right May 11. Americans hold record liberal views on most moral issues, Gallup poll May 3-7 indicated that 91% of Americans find birth-control morally okay that there was a time and that was tremendously controversial in our country.

Now here's what I want to point out what you look at the chart. If you're if you want you can look at the start of Osama take you through it over the radio so it breaks down.

Where were at record highs 73% of Americans think divorce is is okay morally okay 69% say sex between unmarried man and woman is more okay 65% say gambling is morally okay 63% representing a new high Citic air Lisman relations are okay 62% said having a baby outside of marriage. It's now morally okay, 58% say the death penalty is okay, that's a historic low. Dr. assisted suicide 57%.

That's a historic high medical testing on animals, 51% low pornography. 36% high. This is record-breaking.

This is the high suburban and and polygamy. Polygamy. Polygamy is now at 17% 17% now II hate to say I told you so.

And I've been telling you, so I really hate really hate to because I want you to know that we faithfully been talking about this and I wrote about it. I documented it carefully and outlets to be gay revolution. Now we have further proof when people say all Americans just getting more tolerant and that's why we accept same-sex marriages and things like that. That's what we embrace these things though were not getting more tolerant, were getting less more role.

Yeah, there's definitely more tolerance in terms of better treatment of individuals who identify as LGBT. And America's safer for those who identify as LGBT and beyond than it has been before and although I absolutely stand against the embracing of LGBT activism.

I absolutely stand for caring for every individual and making every individual understand your created in God's image and that Jesus died for you and if you're my neighbor to love you as my neighbor. That being said, that being said, the reason we are embracing same-sex quote marriage is not because we are tolerant, it's because we are less moral. Now look what of the media push for years with the media push for years, same-sex relations by me before Will and Grace, and Ellen degenerates coming out and there's been a steady flow of themes and and images. In comic books being cartoons be it.

You know mutant is a code word for gay and in the X-Men movies and cartoons it. And all this stuff right there. There has been very creative efforts. Some things notice platelike broke back Mountain type stuff the romance between two men and all these other things but one where another bum bought up about up about sitcoms were the gay couple is the great couple and the Christians are the bigots, etc. and Hollywood media have very successfully push these things and in the education system as well. In an otherwise big business pushing stuff and come out celebrating Gabe and you can't say anything against it and Anna will what what is the media been pushing talking about more in recent years, polygamy, polygamy, so what is big love, my five wives.

Other major TV series table series like this and sister wives right so I I've been this one is so recent that I've been trying so gallop you just go back a few years and your like it 7% of Americans say that polygamy is morally acceptable, then few years back is like 12% 14 now it's 17% here were not pornography pornography 36% of Americans think it's morally okay boy I see the next article on writing 36% of Americans said the pornography is morally okay wow and in which the percentage sex between unmarried man and woman, 69% morally okay divorce will okay though there are certainly times when divorce is morally right and morally necessary and listening to do is is hurt or trash or insult or or discourage victims of divorce make you think that you did something wrong when you were a victim and divorce was the morally right choice in the situation or your victim of it, but the vast majority of divorces in America or are not morally right. The vast majority are simply a discarding of the of the set sanctity of our marital vows test with her about and yet 73% of Americans think divorce is morally okay this listen to me let me make this clear as I can live without this radical shift away from biblical morals. Without this radical shift away from traditional family values. We would not be seeing the embrace of homosexual excess which also means that if America has an awakening starting in the church because I lay the blame primarily at the feet of the church that we did not function properly.

Salt and light that if we had been shining our lights properly and if you want so hypocritical for reaching out better with the love of God in the fullness of the spirit that America would look very different that if we were more courageous to speak the truth in love, that if we didn't back down and do it was politically corrected and financially corrected according to the pundits and what the church growth experts say in of your friends that are integers growth in their the godly people and speak a little brother here for a moment, allowing okay if we didn't wimp out in so many ways. If we didn't she try to save our lives. Rather than honor the Lord America would look very different so I put the blame in our feet. In particular, leaders as a leader said that being said, if we can really turn to God and was really praying craft awakening and we can start to stand up and do what's right and then reach out to those who don't know the Lord and one of your 105 your tender family confronted, they turn to the Lord.

They get wonderfully born again we can see America turn. That's why Road saving the sick America felt God laid on my heart write a book on the fall and rise of America, the rise and fall we all talk about the fall of the fall and rise so look in the natural everything setting in the wrong direction. But my eyes are not based on the natural miser based on looking to the Lord and what's impossible with people as possible with God hate tomorrow and have the studio with me. Daniel Calandra Daniels, a graduate of our ministry school in Pensacola. She has literally led millions of people to the Lord in Africa is a powerful evangelist and were going to be talking about evangelism talk about the power of God's History and talk about fire school of medicine settled Miss Margaret to say thank you so much for praying for me during the momentous trip I had

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