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Are We Becoming More Moral or Less Moral?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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June 18, 2018 4:10 pm

Are We Becoming More Moral or Less Moral?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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June 18, 2018 4:10 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 06/18/18.


So did Jeff sessions misquote misapply the Scripture and morals better now that were in 2018 stock for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us today on the line of fire. This is Michael Brown your friendly smiling voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution for years as people listen on radio they tell me. Hey I can hear you smiling talk on radio now if you're watching our live stream on YouTube or Facebook you can see the smile that's there because of the joy I have in serving God and being on the radio for each of you. Here's number to call 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

Now I I may have time in the broadcast to get to some random questions Bible questions societal questions theology questions etc. I may have time so feel free to call in and how are faithful call screener today will will get you up on our screen. However, I got some questions for you and I like to put these out for you to respond to regular talk just a little bit about the controversy over the current immigration policies, but I don't want to get into a battle between was Pres. Obama good and president Trump bad was Pres. Obama bad and president Trump that I don't want to discuss it on those lines, there plenty of other radio programs around the country and whatever area you're listening in that are discussing these issues from a political viewpoint. I want to ask you from a biblical viewpoint. Do our laws need changing or do all laws need reinforcing or enforcing from a biblical viewpoint. Do our laws need changing our immigration laws or do they lead enforcing review combination of both 866-34-TRUTH another question for you is this, can you be truly conservative and want to redefine marriage or say that gender is fluid or be truly conservative and not believe that God exists. Can you truly be conservative if if believing the redefinition of marriage attenders, fluid or God doesn't exist any of the above. All of the above what you think. 866-34-TRUTH all right a blessed happy Father's Day. Yeah, after the fact but I couldn't wish it to you on Sunday because were not on the air on Sunday so all the dads out there, a blessed Father's Day to you and those of you who are struggling, alienation, and your families alone on the Father's Day, unable to be a father separated from your children. May God give grace. May God restore to the women who are listening that Sable had neither husband in my life. The kids need a father were in a difficult position. May God meet your needs and make God the father filling the gaps right now and help with other people until those right relationships are formed. All right, so I didn't write on this site. I must've written on the six or seven articles last week, I didn't write on this one but swirling controversy over Atty. Gen. Jeff sessions quoting from Romans 13 in justification of the administrations immigration policies. Now there are few sides to this number one there are accusations that children being separated from parents, which is the big issue now you've got questionable family coming in today have the right to be here. What's the status of the children so they are separated until the situation is resolved. Some civil I was happening under the Obama administration and a picture look like an abysmal picture in human treatment of refugees actually goes back to 2014 and the Obama administration's a president Trump is just getting blamed for some that's carryover from the Obama ministration. Other say no no no, there particular nuances of the way Trump is ministration is handling this, and that's causing the increase in the separation whatever is on not debating it it if if if Pres. Obama's policies were better present Trump's policies are better if they're both benefit both good. I'm not debating any of that right now that maybe what you want to talk about but it's not on my agenda for today all right. And you know that if I felt Pres. Obama did something well even though I was against the money was policies. I would commend him for that.

Although he was on a regular subject of the show here if you listen over the years and you know I have no problem saying I disagree with president Trump. In fact, let me say this guys grabbed clip number eight or or not clip but link number eight. I just just want to address this Monia. Trump was recently quoted her.

She had surgery.

She was out of the public eye for oil which is very happy to be out of the public eye for little while as I understand she's been a professional model for years is no trouble being in the public eye, but apparently busy behind the scenes she was recovering but she has made a statement, the daily wire reported on this first lady money Trump speaks out on order separations and she says she hates to see family separated and hopes for an immigration compromise.

Now I don't know her whole talk how much she said or or put out between whatever okay I just base abasing things on that one article so if there's more to it than that. We can fill in the blanks, but she's basically saying something that was taken as being critical of the current policies under her husband were saying that they needed change or addressing the humanitarian side of things will present Trump said we hate to see could separated from parents and he said that publicly, but coming from the humanitarian side and not the political side, I'm glad to see that and listen. I would have zero problem whatsoever with her getting up publicly and saying here. My husband and I have a difference if they did have a difference if she said I believe we need to make changes and and I'm trying to influence my husband to see it that way. I would think that's great. I would have no problem at listen to I can get on the radio and share something with you and then tell you know that Nancy disagrees with me on this. I've written this book, but she difference we have a different take on this which even though in terms of life-and-death major issues we are in the deep, fundamental, heart-to-heart harmony have been for many many years on on biblical and scriptural theological and moral issues. There plenty of other things we have different perspectives, even things in a fairly serious and and I think it's great that that can be expressed without being a threat. Those we didn't vote for Milani Trump to be president.

We voted for Donald Trump to be present. Those who voted for them with you or from not, he's our president, just as Pres. Obama was my president. Even I didn't vote for him.

I think it's great.

Personally to see that the first lady has expressed a difference to the extent she's differing with current policies or take a different stance and her husband. I think it's great. I think it's good I think it's perfectly fine and and I'm glad to see it. I think we need that the human side in the midst of the political disputes I think we we need a woman to weigh in and not say I'm speaking for Democrats, Republicans, I'm just speaking us as a mother and speaking is some of the cares about other people think that voice needs to be heard and and and if if there's any dissonance in the first couple find here let me ask you something all married couples listening to me or part of married couples. Your married one of you is listening to me. Do you and your spouse agree on every political issue to grant every economic issue G agree on everything happens in your church. You always have the exact same viewpoint when it comes to raising your kids or something like that. So I thought. I think it's perfectly fine and I was actually glad to see again whether she's actually expressing a difference in house with her husband were simply affirming that changes need to, no one likes the situation.

I was glad to see that of course for most of the secular liberal media unless they can play this into an attack on Donald Trump.

There like a highlight because it makes the Trump family look better. Okay so what Atty. Gen. Jeff sessions is addressing what's happening with current immigration policies. He quotes from Romans 13 M and this is been big big news.

And because so many been writing on it. Speaking like I just haven't addressed it yet myself.

Maybe I still will still be so Washington Post reports on this what Jeff sessions got wrong when quoting the Bible and the article says this a complete reading and understanding of Romans 13 in the Bible probably reveals more love and care for neighbors and immigrants than Atty. Gen.'s Jeff sessions would have us believe. On June 14 session spoken Fort Wayne, Indiana to a group that included law enforcement officers and others in the community's remarks directly address court religious leaders and church friends sessions use the words of the apostle Paul to justify current policies of separating children from parents as families seek to enter United States illegal entry into United States as a crime as it should be said persons who violate the law of our nation are subject to prosecution. I would cite for the apostle Paul is clear and was command in Romans 13 to obey the laws of the government because God has ordained them for the purpose of order right now, here's the quest was Atty. Gen. Jeff sessions saying that to enforce the laws sometime children are to be separated from parents when laws are being broken. This is going to happen and we have to live by law super nation rule out laws, there were not a nation at all. For a nation without borders without a nation at all, and scriptural reinforce the importance of submitting to the laws of the government was that his point or was he saying if the government says so, then you do it regardless of what hardship it entails. Regardless of what suffering it brings on regardless of what acts of of lacking compassion that that are produced you do with the government says no my hearing of it and again, maybe I'm hearing it sympathetically. Maybe I'm hearing it just okay. Jeff sessions is a Christian nanny serving the government.

Here's what he saying I simply heard him saying that local laws are broken, their consequences in the Bible itself reminds us as he speaking to religious leaders, and others of the importance of submitting to the laws of the land.

Someone else might see it will keep reading in Romans 13 it talks about love is the highest fulfillment of the commandments and that love does no harm to your neighbors who keep reading the passage and sue through the same either. I didn't take as saying whatever we do, and whatever consequences this has and whatever suffering. This brings about Soviet because we have to go by the law. I thought he was a look.

We have to have laws. People that break the laws are going to have negative consequences in the Bible tells us to obey the laws lent so there's a hubbub over that and is being misquoted.

Taken out of context used wrongly come back to that. On the other side 663487 file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown all right hey guys, welcome back. The line of fire. Six 633-8784 there's an article on the stream Vincent out to my team. So there I can have it to hit pull up handily for those watching the Washington Post hates the Bible if you're Christian it hates you to. This is Tom Gilson writing on June 16 and he talks about the Washington Post article titled Jeff sessions other favorite Bible stories and its response to sessions, use of Romans 13, 12's and supportive administration immigration policy and again I understand we can see an article moments ago that Romans 13 is been used to justify apartheid. It's been used to justify segregation. It's been used to justify slavery. It's been used to justify just about anything and and that's why a lot of people are shouting foul.

This is not right here and I'll come back to Tom Gilson's article in a moment, but Karlan's was asked to appear on Sunday on NBC news to discuss this use of Scripture and in he said actually was embarrassing to see it used in that way because it can be misusing as it hey it is what it is. It says what it says obey the law and that's that. He said, but look or make a case using Scripture for immigration policy will find a lot more about compassion and things like that. I think you did a fair job of discussing that and and saying there's a right way to use the Scripture than it was even ashy politicians you Scriptures that you living by the cautions about it so I understand the larger question of immigration policy cannot be solved by courting Romans 13 and say you have to obey the laws of the land. Again, you will use that Nazi Germany we have to go along with the Nazis and and work together for the extermination of Jews and others. Are you going to do that is is that the way to handle it so obviously the verse can be misused.

But it is therefore reason and it does tell us your the Christians of the Roman Empire submitted to Roman law and less that law told them to disobey God. So if the law tells you to disobey the written word or your conscience or the voice of the spiritual life, then you cannot do that because you're not disobeying God.

So the principal is not that believers rub bell but that believers submit to the highest authority that's that's always with the law says right so believers submit to the highest authority and when the lower authority tells us to disobey the higher authority we say with all respect to the lower authority. I'm sorry but I have to obey God have to obey the higher authority.

Look at a kid in the house right and let's say it's a 10-year-old boy and his 14-year-old sister right and his sister says you have to do this and you have to finish your homework and do this aces but mommy said I don't have to do my homework now I can do it when she comes home while then the sister calls mommy and mommy says that's right. That's what I said see below the 14-year-old told him one saying he's going to obey his mom, and of course typical cable try to take whichever one works better for him, but you understand my principal here right if if you are a private in the Army and a and a sergeant gives you an order and then a general comes in and gives you another order you obey the general so were not rebels were law-abiding people and to the extent Jeff sessions is saying yes we must be a nation of laws and the Bible tells us that in their consequences for breaking laws. That's true.

Look, if if a man commits a terrible crime because of what she's gotta go to jail and be separated from his wife and kids.

That's terrible but that's a consequence of his actions. If we have some problem in our law that's causing kids to get separated from parents unnecessarily or if if we hold to a certain strictness and don't mix any compassion, humanitarian concern with them were going to have problems, but let's not.

Let's not miss the larger issue. Yes, the issue of what are the best immigration policies. How do we enforce our current laws. How do we improve our current laws were change need to come with.

We need a border wall. Those are all other questions, but let us do our best to be compassionate and wise at the same time, let us do our best to look out for our nation's best interest in our security. On the one hand and on the other hand, to really be a place where genuine refugees can build a new life in our country and these are all things that people far more equipped than I have to address but with this. Also there is a visceral reaction against the use of Scripture. So Tom Gilson says this, someone used the Bible and this woman writing the article, which was your here we got pulled off Alexander Petry. She slashed it to pieces so scroll down to review right satire to distorted to work. She brought with it with her article all the divisive angry invective she could muster.

Not to mention her ignorance or take on Solomon Daniel, Jesus and the rest is unbelievably distorted. Satire ought to have at least some connection with reality. This is non-which means it could only work is satire for those who know nothing at all for the rest of us its ignorance, not irony anger not humor but straight understand her point anyway.

Best I can tell she said that when you use the Bible, you're bound to blow the message.

Whatever sessions start Romans 13 one means you must be wrong, since other passages can be taken so only two that's my best shot at what I think she was getting it and then little further down the article the end he speaks of the hatred we must prepare for. Look at what Tom Gilson writes on the stream. This is hatred. This is hate prominently published eight Washington Post endorsed hate Christians, this is what were facing more and more these days we have got to gear up for it with got to be alert so we can recognize and callout this kind of thing for what it is we've got to be spiritually ready so we can respond in love, we better be intellectually prepared so we can return truthfully see lies and distortions like Alexander Petry so that's what I will focus on from home all right and in this to me this to me is is the big big thing right just like there's one verse that everybody knows in the Bible and it's a snippet of reverse and it's taken out of context to mean something other than Jesus intended. It's the verse everybody quotes is not judge not Jesus said don't job while you judging how can you judge me meaning. How can you say that anything I'm doing is wrong.

How can you question my choice of sexual partners. How can you chart question my choice of romantic relationships. How can you question how I live my life. How can you question any moral decisions I make of any kind, because Jesus says don't judge. That's what we fear day and night and of course that's not what he was saying the same Jesus made judgments constantly. The same Jesus called us to beware of false prophets and enter make moral judgments. He called us in John 724 not to judge by your outward appearance but to make righteous judgments. If there were no judgments we were making the world be in total chaos there be no such thing as right or wrong, you couldn't have courts operating you couldn't go to a store and buy something and pay because someone could just change the price and you have no reason to tell in the case and it's stretching it. Of course, and stretching it. That's the point.

Once you take away any boundaries here morality you have, not on the time of physical boundaries of trauma moral boundaries when Jesus said judge not he meant, don't judge superficially.

Don't judge who hypocritically and don't condemn but then make careful and right judgment. Take out the beam from your eye so that you can then take out the speck from the other persons I and and throughout Scripture we we have so John seven there's a dispute about Sabbath and what is Jesus saying verse 24.

Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment. Jesus is telling his listeners judge with right judgment and I've often just run through first Corinthians over judge not judge what what were the judge, etc. judge ourselves judge those in the church, not those outside what is that mean bottom line is one of the most frustrating things will most difficult things to see is injustice. Is it not that we ever watch some movie or some TV show and and and the bad guy gets away with things or the bad gal gets away with things and it's because our house now that's all right, everybody constricting the get away with this for time and you like to think I get this right thing to fix this is not right in your reading some dramatic book and in and and and and that the one deceiving aligned that they where they can't be white because justice and righteous judgment are good things. So watch what's coming. Are you ready Tom Gilson talks about it.

I want to reinforce this friends watch what's coming when any of us quote Scripture about moral or cultural issues will be told you're being just like Jeff sessions you just taken the Bible in the context of selective sessions.

Did you try to justify your prejudices, your political views or logotype will be quote Scripture about anything to get tied to Donald Trump. Watch and see. In fact, that's what I may write about in terms of what's coming next. So the current debate. Let's have it in and let it not be Democrat Republican will talk about human beings were talking about refugees retarding my families were talking about some that are legitimate, some that are not some the legal some that are illegal, some that are in difficult situations so that are making things difficult for America.

Some people at absolute should not be in our country and others that should so let's do our best to transcend political differences. Let's do our best. As believers to to input in ways that are both compassionate and truthful and wise and for the good of our country and for the good of those we can help. Let's agree on that but I'm just telling watch what's coming is ongoing attack on the bottom number and it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown to line up by 866 number call, you will open the phone for general questions. If I have a chance to get to them but have a question for you.

Have a simple question for you today again. Happy Father's Day yesterday and all the dads just tuning in, I hope you had a good Father's Day. If not, I hope that this week will make up for it all right folks watching my new video was mean to be conservative.

They are coming back to me and saying, luck luck it's 2018 because I raise the question. Can you be a true conservative. If you believe in the redefinition of marriage.

Can you be a true conservative. If you say the gender is fluid. Can you be true conservative. If you don't believe that there's a God that exists and therefore that we do not have inalienable rights to the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. A minute if there is no God, then there are no inalienable rights, that human beings have, because no one gave them to us the creation you might you might agree that everyone should be able to do XYZ but the Inanna the idea that of inalienable rights comes from the concept of a creator who granted those to us was fully understood by our founders. So people respond there or when they're watching can you be gay and Christian are our other new video that's been swirling with controversy by God's grace since it got out getting a lot of people. We couldn't got to otherwise first 2018 man is not 1948 were 19 Tanner 1800's of Bible days 2018. So here's my question for are we more moral today than we were 10 years ago. 50 years ago hundred years ago 200 years ago thousand years ago 3000 years ago. If you go back 3000 years.

It's the time of the King David roughly stripped the place for you back 4000 years.

That's the time of Abraham, roughly you back 2600 years.

It's Tom and Jeremiah just to give you context for things like 2000 years August 2000 Jesus and the apostles worry more moral than in the world right America remember 50 years ago hundred 200 years ago. I'm in the case could be made that the idea of slavery is utterly abhorrent to us as Americans today and yet much of America embraced it.

There was always a battle in it over in America and our founding fathers were divided over it, but much of America embraced it.

Much of the written the British Empire embraced it and forced it. What about segregation something that previous generation thought was fire right even had Christian schools that were segregated.

Now we look at that with other apartments since deafly some progress that we've made in that regard. On the M1 of what about, say, opportunities for women you think it was right that there was a time when women couldn't vote in America feel good about that or that a woman working the same job as a man whose understood she would not get equal pay them at sender's perfect equality in all situations normally send that many women are exactly the same and that there should not be differences in in what men and women do certain professions. Women to men of the Manson professions menu better than women there for the good be hired more in certain areas so long and will and women that are that are having children and raising a family can have responsibilities in the home that he can go beyond with that. The husband's responsibilities are. We understand those things.

I'm not looking for everything to be perfectly even that everybody does the same thing but to the extent this woman in this matter are doing the same job pushing the same button program in the same computer making the same phone calls doing it with the same level of excellence offices be paid the same thing so we made progress in women's equality, and I'm sure there are other things we could look at and say yeah were doing better now than before for sure, but does anyone think that morality in 2018 over all is better than morality 50 or hundred or thousand years ago and is there nothing to the ancient paths you know someone posted in response to my questions about this on Twitter and Facebook and they said look moral laws are like natural laws they don't change the words murder is always wrong, just like the law of gravity doesn't change from one generation to the next. It is because of the way God created the universe and and from a scientific viewpoint because of various factors, so the same thing with moral laws so the argument would be that slavery was always wrong but at certain points. It was more accepted than others are considered more necessary than others, although it always should've been rejected as wrong. So what about when God legislated for Israel. It was never the ideal, but most of it was indentured servitude. Most of it was was not in any way comparable. Really, all of it in any way comparable to say the afferent that the heart of the African slave trade.

You really can't compare the two. But Jesus said about divorce that God gave laws about that because the hardness of our it's not because it was the best, not because it was ideal because it was necessary because of human sin in this way at least you have a legal out with in certain cases for divorce was otherwise would make things worse. So let's look overall and asked the questions or morals today, better than in 2018 or the morals of the 20th and 21st century better than the morals of the 15th century are going back a thousand years 2000 and 3000 or 4000 so sing that abortion.

How about that but abortion there's a website number of number of and it gives you a summary of how many abortions have been performed in America and worldwide. So not only do we have our monstrous figures in America of what over 55 million abortion since 1973.

Remember much of the society thinks is good saying much. The society says it's a justifiable thing but we've had worldwide since 1980. According to this almost 1.5 billion abortions in other words, about 1/5 of the world's population and let's put that back up on the screen for second. I just want to do something for dramatic effect. I'm just gonna read according to this screen. I'm going to read numbers so this is all one 1,498,603,141, 42, 33, 44, 46, 47, 48, 49, 51, 52, okay. So that's the count worldwide this year, according to this ticker 18,825,500 5051 5354 okay County like that, and since I loaded the page which was a little while back 670.682, 83 worldwide today 71,679 8182 83 okay so that's how rapidly abortions are taking place worldwide. Can we possibly say when you think of this carnage went when you look at this carnage, can you possibly say that we are more moral today than we were in previous generations just just that one just that one area the carnage of abortion, the terrible loss of human life, the amount of abortions that are purely convenience meet the percentage of those abortions that are related to rape and incest. The percentage of those abortions that are related to a woman in poverty with her children are ready on the edge of starvation. The can. She can't bring another child into the world insert difficult, painful agonizing decisions, condemning a woman for her for having an abortion. The case obviously it's wrong. It's sinful, it should not have happened but she's in a position I can ever related to being in there been there right but but a tremendous amount of abortions. The vast majority simply as not good for us to have a kid or just birth control. How many abortions is your average Russian woman or Ukrainian woman had. I mean these staggeringly high numbers, nonexistence, birth control birth control, to just just that one area just that one area here that let some mistake of thing.

The pornography from it.

If we want to. Since 2018.

How can you lecture is about homosexuals 2018 IV Telus polyamory as well as 2018. How you hold to the stems Bronze Age standards you hold to this God you believe in the how can you hold to the extent well only more moral today than in the days before there was access to pornography that we noticed in Prague throughout for for for ages Pompeii University Pompeii destroyed with volcano right so that in his pornography there. I never once visited the smart friends. This is shocking. That stuff that was that was there but but here's a website fight the new and it asked the question, what's the average age of someone's first exposure to porn.

The article says the truth is nobody knows exactly how old most kids are when they're first exposed to porn some sources say it's 11 years old, while others say kids as young as eight are encountering porn.

We had a guest on our show that really specializes in these issues and she says the average age that was closer to eight on the 11th outrageous enough 11 is mind-boggling enough ages even beyond comprehension. So there was a time when porn was hard to find there was a time before there were porn magazines that we've covered up in stores okay. There was a time when there with their work porn magazines going around that there was a time when when a porn film was something very hard to find. Now everything is ubiquitous. Anyone with a cell phone connects us all kinds of stuff that previous generations barely even imagine including little kids look parents.

Many of you know your kids are sharper with Internet and cell phone social media than you are so it will anyone in their right mind anyone in their right mind tell me that it's more moral.

It's better that kids are being exposed to porn at younger and younger ages since our argument was 2018, Mike's 2018. How could you dare try to hold up these old standards are the times the old standards are the good standards. The old standards that extends old standards. Proven test. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown you it's interesting friends. Many of you from a biblical perspective. Think of course, is getting worse course were less moral today than we were in the past because the Bible says we can get worse at the end. Others actually believe that the Bible says the gospel spread through the whole world and the whole world will become Christian. My view is that in the. The final generation will see the greatest harvest in world history, and will see the greatest destructive acts of Satan world history will see parallel extremes God moving greatly. Satan moving greatly. Many people coming to faith wickedness pulling others away.

See this a time of parallel extremes at the end but many of you listens like guilt course. Of course, things are getting worse. No surprise there. Let's recognize in certain ways. Things have gotten better and length of life.

You know, compared to 100 or 200 500 years ago was is better. The various improvements that we have another things with the improvements it it says not brought about godliness is brought about negative aspects as well and and if you think about moral improvement.

Some of the most monstrous dictators who were widely supported by many in their countries lived in the 20th century and were responsible for more blood being shed than in any other century before or since. At this point so let's let's not buy into this was 2018 argument all pictures. Another issue and because let's grab number six year CS Lewis wrote about this. He called it chronological snobbery, chronological snobbery, and there is an article April 24, 2012 gospel coalition, chronological snobbery, and the spirit of our age and what Lewis meant by chronological snobbery was the idea that whatever comes later is better that if if this is the opinion today that it must be the best opinion not in certain ways its true that say medical knowledge today compared to 200 years ago was vastly night date night and day better. But it doesn't mean that all medical practices today are better than previous ones. There may be more common sense medicine in the pastor nutrition based medicine in the past, but certainly if you look at technology. If you look at scientific breakthroughs medical breakthroughs in some of those things. Of course it's night and day better than when people are just putting two sticks together start a fire and that's the best they knew how to do so.

There have been many improvements in many ways, but from a moral viewpoint from a theological viewpoint.

It is chronological snobbery to think that just because this is the current opinion. It must therefore be the best opinion because it's the current opinion. It must be the true or the right opinion because this is the current morality, it must be the best :-) no no no no, certainly not.

Let me throw a few things out for okay let's talk about respect for elders in previous generations in much of the world today. Elders are held in the highest esteem and it's not just because they've earned it by living long lives by raising families by working jobs by being faithful in society, etc. it's not just that it's also that it is assumed that they are wiser. The Hebrew word for elder is so arcane and it relates to the Hebrew word for beard which is the Saucon all right so the elders were literally older people and there is a verse it's it's a rhyming little saying in Hebrew, a charity, ferret, save, gray hair is a crown of glory. But Derek's duck caught too much safe it is found in the way of righteousness is gray hair in itself doesn't mean anything but gray hair.

Someone who is lived a righteous life for many years. That is a crown of glory, the respect that we have for elders.

In today's society versus past generations dressing think that's better.

You I get blasted constantly, especially the candy began Christian video which attracted so much attention all by the way, thank you for all of you the photo with thumbs up the thumbs up again prevailing is more more believers are watching and commenting and we haven't had the latest wave of people referred by LGBT videos attacking hours, so thanks for responding though and saying hey there, to make this a matter thumbs down, thumbs up and try to make this video look bad. Thank you for those who weighed in and devoted. If you haven't watched your videos are our two new animated videos in the consider this series can began Christian and what does it mean to be a true conservative was meant to be conservative. Just go to Esther to this and they're both there. The next one which is in the process of being animated now asked the question who cut off the church from its Jewish roots, but I'm blessed. Some-year-old Manuel Oldman new old man doing old man didn't open your most is your mustache so II put out a questionnaire today so let me ask you this if I was a really cool slick looking young guy. And trust me I feel younger than probably most young people out there. I mean it from the bottom my heart out. Just me mentally coming physically in an attitude lien mentally and and everything else so if I was a really slick looking cool guy young guy, you know, maybe 17 years old with a super slick you to present your presentation. I was the coolest guy and I was in the exact same words about the Bible and homosexual practice so everybody would love it. Then, that the LGBT community would stand up and applaud it now exit with a bigoted kitties with a bigoted young man can't believe some of that young so big it's okay is all your old as of old was bad.

Remember friends that's not a good development society where the elders and the elderly are despised by others, and in which society has a right and righteous foundation. It respects elders and and it learns from elders because there is experience there in wisdom there that has been attain soap chronological snobbery the way a friend described it was the uncritical acceptance of the intellectual climate common to our own age and the assumption that whatever has gone out of date is on that account, discredit it all right.

Lewis says he hears you to find out what's wrong with this approach, you must find out why it went out of date. Was it ever refuted and if so by home where and how conclusive or did it nearly died away as fascist, with the latter. This tells us nothing about screws or false, from seeing this one passes to the realization that her own age is also a. And certainly has like all. Since uncharacteristic illusions their likeliest to lurk in those widespread assumptions, which are so ingrained in the age that no one dares to attack or feels it necessary to defend them. We are products of our age.

And what we think is right or moral or good or better may simply be what we were raised with dislike those raised with apartheid of those rates was segregation those racist slavery, those raised with other some unequal but some other unequal and oppressive situation in which they were the heads.

The Masters they may have thought this is perfectly right so we can have massive blind spots, which means we have the eternal Word of God, and values laid out not just for Israel to keep them separate from the nations right like don't eat certain foods that was given to truly keep them separate from the nations may have had health benefits to primarily was given to them to keep them separate from the nations and to teach them certain principles of separation don't wear garments with mixed fabrics that was not based on eternal and internal holiness issues, but rather, this was again teaching of separation don't so two different kinds of seed in your field. This is not a universal law for all people. God never tells all nations to do this New Testament does reinforce that but there other things that are fundamental like don't murder and don't steal. Don't break covenant these things are universal for all people, so also God's ordaining of marriage is male-female only that universal for people the old and New Testament make that clear's auto care for its 2018 or 2098 or 2500. If we live that long on the earth. Here, that that's not the issue, we must look back and have other ways to determine what is moral. What is not what is good and what is right you Scripture. We look at societal benefit societal loss of evaluate these things together for believers.

Ultimately we have to rightly interpret Scripture start there in terms of our own lives. Hey one. The thing to tell you I did a little count. I looked at the main links that I was sent where videos LGBT videos on YouTube attacked our video candy began Christian. I look for the main ones that I was sent and some of them played little clip from our video some reference it per picture up there you see it all. Display extensive clips and just the ones that I found and headed up the views there.

It's too and 1/2 million views.

This would be basically in a two week period. Not even two weeks of thick red on a two week period. 2 1/2 million views of our video on other other websites. Other YouTube channels attacking us not even to mention all the websites writing articles about it.

So on so forth just YouTube videos attacking our video with clips of it has exposed the two at least two halfling people's 2,457,000 when I checked it the other day and it's keeps going up from there. So all that say God's getting it out. God is getting the message out to people that we couldn't got to anyway me the Holy Spirit touch them the Holy Spirit. Work on those whose hearts are sensitive in our struggle may remember we all remember God is not an arbitrary dictator just throwing laws on us to make allies miserable. His ways are ways of life path has my ex-wife back to God and to father how can we live in a way is best right back with you

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