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Who Are the Lost Tribes of Israel Today?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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July 5, 2018 5:10 pm

Who Are the Lost Tribes of Israel Today?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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July 5, 2018 5:10 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 07/05/18.

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So where are, who are the lost tribes of Israel started for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown hey friends, welcome to our early Jewish Thursday broadcast.

This is Michael Brown to play for you today. One of the most fascinating interview ever done here on the line of fire let us go to Jerusalem, all set things up here all right I I'm sitting here at the ring Jerusalem and just so happened that some of our folks ran into it a most fascinating gentlemen doing some extremely fascinating work and unify some things you never knew before.

Right Goshen a place Harry Rosenberg and Harry.

You have an online theological Institute.

That's great, but there's something else you do, which is absolutely fascinating practice for the theological research Institute, but on my free time. I've been actually studying the diaspora of the 10 northern tribes of Israel at where they went and who they may be today, so there is one traditional myth that the 10 lost tribes are just over some mystical river somewhere and will one day be rediscovered so that that we can dismiss and then there is the more common view to scattered and gone, gone to history and in your view, having looked at the silver deck and that which the reality right before so this to Chuck this two things here we have the actual literal descendents of these humans who went to exile we do have this mythical place that we call the somebody on river which we which what we've actually been taught is not the 10 tribes on the other side of it, but there's the descendents of Moses somewhere hidden today in the world who are studying the Torah as exactly as Moses had taught it without any confusion in their hiding and waiting for the final time to return so that we can leave for later on will discuss today the actual descendents of these 10 tribes and we knows around 722 before the common era of the Syrian kingdom exiled towards the Far East. These the 10 northern tribes of Israel that we know that some fled to the south. We know the references in the days of Hezekiah. When leaving the days of Josiah Jeremiah.

The third chapter. There's a call to repent in the north so we know that there are some Israelites that stayed in the north, which, but we also many were exile. What about the Samaritans who are they right.

It's interesting effect to look at the Scriptures we received during these waves of exiles, even to Dan exile, not all of the tribes were taken out of the land. Some of them were left in land is usually the higher the aristocrats were taken out of the wealthier people, but the poor people were left in the land so there's also swapping where they would bring the series would bring people from outside of Israel into Israel. So they are the Samaritans would appear to anyone as the people of Israel because they are practicing is like customs and traditions that have their own version of the Torah, so there must be descendents of someone who had let been left in the land. But as we see that you know the truth is very very difficult to passed down from generation to generation. As an unbroken telephone type again. There's a story in second Temple where they found the Torah and the template didn't have one for many years so we can expect that all these tribes around the world would have been preserving the same exact version of Torah compliance. But if anyone looks at the Samaritans they would clearly look like descendents of some type of Israelites who stayed in land whether people who were brought in and converted or pureblood Israelites and we knows there's the core of the descendents of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob physically but then throughout Israelite history. There are people marrying in becoming part of the larger people of Israel be at some of Michael Roos or Beard that the mixed multitude that came out of Egypt became part of the people of Israel.

So from your viewpoint. What would make someone a legitimate Israelite or Jew by the two different terminologies that are used today. So let's say will discuss places around the world will have 25 to 50 million people claim to be from tribes of Israel. Someone asked me why they Jewish and I say no because the term Jew actually comes from today in the Judean kingdom, the descendents of Jan kingdom who email from Ezra hi Mia coded the law. They wrote down that you know the 2000 years of a wrote on the law. The Mishnah so anyone who is one with 613 commandments. That is how you become a Jew to be one with 613 commandments and the oral interpretations has been passed down now.

Someone who is that from the house of Israel who got lost amongst the nations. The term would be Sarah Yisrael or the seed of Israel. Someone from the seed of Israel and every single day and in all of the Scriptures you see these two entities that the people of Judah and is Israelites and Jews every single day. When we pray we actually reference the unification we a before we do the silent prayer that Meda, we reference you who the beast rail Judah and Israel reuniting so these people who we find around the world. It is not necessarily Jews but the way we look at it. This is not necessarily about religion if you find a long-lost cousin after thousands of years wandering a you know or even let analogies out your cousin gets lost and you find them.

After 10 years he was in the desert. First question, not to be having times a day, praying, you're not asking that you say how your food you have water so right now were making this about a family operation religious one. So just just one more question on the religious and which is a curious one. There are groups, the Ethiopian Jews and what will go around the world and find out where you believe there legitimate descendents of the. The tribes of Israel, but they were not familiar with certain rabbinic customs.

So one view would be. That's because the rabbinic customs were later rabbinic, you would be know a lot of our traditions go away back to Moses at Mount Sinai have been passed on so these Ethiopian Jews need to become more genuine.

Another I grade below the traditions come later. These European Jews go back further, what, what's your take on how these things developed. I mean just growing up in America in a nonreligious home and then becoming religious later on in becoming a teacher in the conservative movement in their schools. I saw that in about one and half generations.

You could forget who you are and lose actually everything, so the fact that a tribe whose you know all the way the other side of the world somewhere in Africa remove from Israel who was left at a time prior to the customs is what is being written down actually because they're not practicing something that has zero bearing on me of what the people of Israel actually doing this. When the Scripture says to build the sukkah or to make them as this are all these commandments, you have to assume Moses had a specific way. He himself was doing it and have to assume he told his children are.

They told their children and so on and so forth and and now today I see that there in so I'm a rabbi took rabbinical officer ordination so I could trace my rabbi rabbit rabbit all the way back to Moses and assume that the wayward building arts are maker TT leaving our tassels build their soup was actually an inheritance from Moses so so when you see that the Ethiopians at their is is nothing wrong with them. They went to the exile. They were that they play their role they were destined to go on the exile, but the what I do believe personally is that the core of rabbinic Judaism.

You know at what point can you make up such a complex religion.

This must've been taught from Ezra and Samia were from the high courts of Israel who inherited from the last generations. The prophets are useless deftly the discussion for another day.

But I appreciate your perspective on okay so let's go around the world now we know that the the 10 tribes scattered sold in a certain direction and then where did they get lost in history work. We recover them in history. So let let's trace it out and you give me some of the largest people groups that have some clear markers that tie them back into the children of Israel have assumed a very interesting at any point from talking too long. Just give me the sign in the recast question interrupt me so you have. Let's say the base of where the Assyrians would've sent Israelites.

It had they gone towards the Far East of Afghanistan and have the posturing people there who self identify as being from the children of Israel.

Another word for posturing.

They refer to themselves as Bonnie, Israel, the children of Israel. Now, this 25 million in Afghanistan is 15 million posture in Pakistan and five in India.

If you look at the customs and traditions.

There doing eight the circumcisions they are. You know they do live right marriage.

So if someone passes away without a child. The wife of Mary of the brother to keep the name alive. This is something only found was a law that she were four corner garments like the people of Israel would they do have a day they refer to us us us set us about the quotes about that and actually refer to every day of the week as we do is the first day from Saturday the second day from Saturdays they count the rounds are Saturday is the day and they been converted to Islam. Over time, but if you look at their own code which is called question Wally when it comes in conflict with the Koran exit go by the law of Moses and specific examples would be if the Muslims around the reading cam were celebrating camel they would say our code wouldn't allow eating, bliss from the laws of Moses from that from the prophet of Jacob are now before looking other people groups did they have any sense of solidarity with the modern nation of Israel and with the Jewish people as a whole to actually speak about one of the most one of the biggest topics of going to future political Israel is emerging as we speak like literally this week there's developments in this relationship. This started, let's say, for me it is been relationship with the posturing since Israel became a state. They sent people there to document that the written books about it.

When the first president Spence fee is written extensively on this so we knew about this moving trying to reach them organizations for you know 70 years of radio most when I was in yeshiva she was student reading about the 10 tribes reading about the names of the clans in Afghanistan.

The Roubaix need the Godey the actual reviews of the major claims the Yosef's are the children of Yosef if some allow the use of site who just won the Nobel Peace Prize recently less naming children to feel safe. Children of Joseph and she's a posturing. The first thing I did was I had reactivated my Facebook account is when you're in yeshiva you deactivate your Facebook account. This is very distracting to try to live life Torah study, I opened up my Facebook account that I started searching in the names of claims in Afghanistan and I started messaging people from their Eskimos attribute from the 10 tribes of Israel 100% of them had agreed and they said they are from the tribes of Israel hundred percent literally and I was asking people all over and so for the past 10 years that are not just myself with is been activist in this field who've been making a diplomatic relationship with Afghanistan pushing and teaching and educating its come to the point where the president's office, the president of Afghanistan is sent to his top advisers to work within the Jewish leaders to come to an understanding of how they could come together so that he once wants to speculate on the future of news. You'll see the newest diplomatic relationship will be the Israel Afghan relationship already and this is so mind blowing to most of you think of Afghanistan. Intel abandons fundamentally radical fundamentalism in all of this and in yet respect is an Israelite base in the midst of motion.

If you look at Iran today there actually pouring lots of capital and even Saudi Arabia. Even though they don't get along.

They both pour a lot of capital into Afghanistan to radicalize the posturing there. So we speak to the tribal elders in Afghanistan, which is very common. They say to us. We are worried we won't have a future of our people because of radical Islam which is taking our young kids from home and radicalizing them on these you know anti-Israel and anti-American ideas so it's it's a very tough and sensitive things and I were in touch with the president's office in Afghanistan and they're saying how Russia specifically IBM inside a ran a specifically configured rush of his meddling in presidential elections because he reran is actually helping finance and boost political opponents to the posturing. This is a few minority clans out there to have Iranian backed influence.

So this is that the seat of the of Afghanistan is in question right now in the and the future of this people claiming treatment tribes of Israel to now more than ever the Jewish people actually have to take this as is a cause upon themselves to do something about it in tonight words while discussing we could talk about what simple solutions would look like art and then if we go right in the heart of the Middle East. The Palestinians you think the Palestinians anti-Israel hating the Jewish people will come awesome and you know radical Palestinian Authority or whatever it is that's the general perception and and yet there is DNA evidence and more that a certain percentage of Palestinians are actually Israelites is going crazy. Also been fee the first president is one of the first presence also wrote extensively about the Palestinians and we've identified ongoing conservative annexes people have much higher numbers with a mark on the front radical numbers for say about 25% of the area businesses things a Palestinian let's it was calm, but they're all from different areas Arabic speaking people.

Tribes and Israel decided further in the site is 25% of them self identify as being from the Jews went through forced conversions to Islam. Some of them we could trace from let's say 2000 something years ago when we see the Scripture saying they left the wind errors in the lands take care of the hills in the mountains. Some of them come from communities as far as 100 years ago were forced converted some of them have a boyfriend boyfriend jumping here for a moment, right and then we will resume this fast you about the lost tribes of Israel with Rabbi Harry Rosenberg cultural on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, welcome back friends to the line of fire. This is Michael Brown.

I hope you enjoy this interview with Rabbi Harry Rosenberg. He's an Orthodox Jewish rabbi, so we don't agree about a lot of things in the faith, and a lot of what he saying people.

Other scholars will differ with many will say this is absolutely accurate as we talk about who are where are the lost tribes of the house visuals go back to our interview now works pigment individuals who were speaking about communities in actual villages of Palestinians who have this identity crazy statistic before do that I'm a tell your story. I had ordered a couch to master my key and Israel and I had the Arab workers, delivering everyday Arabs and Jews interact peacefully in his will is really no issues. It's a lot of it typed up in certain areas. It's hot we'll get to it and that there my house building the counts and I say to my say. I heard that there is a percentage of Palestinians who come from or the Arabic speaking plans come for the people of Israel is a true system. Yes, I'm certainly on one of them. He was actually a Christian era, but he said on one of them, Mike. I am really Jewish and I said okay my little son was in the room and you hear me speak. He was usually speak about. He often he saw that actually someone agreed to in only was like I was shocking so they finish working. I said they would you guys like around the shots you know you work so hard to give you each shot of scotch are I having a good bottle and they'll suggestion with those with overshot support around the shots in the Palestinian Arab speaking workers were bent stick a shot and this this Arabic speaking man makes a blessing Jewish blessing in Hebrew Shockoe Brook Latasha McKenna Mel Tom chuckled a bit bro and he takes the shot and it knows obviously he was raised in a family that they're hiding and they know them Jewish roots is very prevalent. The crazy thing is you'll see a lot of the terrorism in Israel comes specifically from the villages that we never once Jewish. A good example of this would be a there was a shooting in the Sharon Mall in Tel Aviv that was here to allow people shot down and they said in the news and the gunman was from yacht village in the West Bank. Anyone could've gone to yachts on Wikipedia and seen that it was once an exclusive Jewish community, who is now exclusive and it's all the same family to marry within their clans and so the reason you think about what could be leading these Palestinians to who were once choose to be the ones were killing another the Jews so they say. Today they're not really accepted as Arabs pureblood Muslim Arabs. Actually, I think the term would be most RB Mike hidden Arabs there not to like like a converse. I would be called a word to a derogatory term would be Murano so there is a derogatory term for these Arabs and I believe what I've read from the writings was in 1941, is or became a state that somewhat petitions to be involved in the state to play a role as also descendents of Judah and the Jew, the Israelis absent having none of that. That was not discussion for them at the time so you have people with zero identity who had lived really bad lives and low quality of life and they're snapping there going so this is something that is good has to be looked into. It reminds me of of Turkey trying to join the European Union and being excluded and that it it starts to wave radical Islam.

It reacts in the other direction. It's it's almost a kind of a parallel thing excluded by one group and that you return get radicalized. All right, let's let's move out and and let's move into Africa about what you have there will for services to the two main places you see today to get back to Afghanistan for little bit but the main 22 main places and which I mean Afghans in the silk Road but in Africa the two largest tribes in the world today are one in Afghanistan. The Pashtun and one in Africa. You do have the Ethiopians you do have the lumber tribe in South Africa.

We know we had the Keohane gene though the call, though the priestly genetics the Y chromosome amongst them was 10% of them. We have different tribes all over but the largest is the Igbo tribe of Nigeria, numbering 40 million people who self identify as being from children of Israel to donate the circumcision out there and a lot of customs enough from Jewish weddings to Jewish morning that you only find amongst Mosaic law and they are going for their own political struggles.

Right now there's a there's a genocide on the 1960s, millions of them were killed.

Israel actually broke the blockade. But why the Igbo are most of the most fascinating is because they're actually returning now to Judaism. There is, I think 48 synagogues now in Nigeria were from the Igbo and that number is growing rapidly. The leader of the free Igbo movement, if you will Google's name is and then AMD on Monte.

He wears a tell eat the prayer shawl to his court appearances when he Lycos inferred enough treason trial.

His ring is tallied but the Igbo made up a significant percentage of the transatlantic slave trade.

So a lot of the Blacks that were taken to America on the slave ships actually had Igbo blood in them and we see no Abor self identifying as from the tribes of Israel. So if you look in America to see a lot of celebrities actually from African-American community claiming Hebrew roots reference would be a Marty Stottlemyre high-profile basketball player rapper Kendall Kumar who is you know that it out. I know maybe a billion new views on some of his stuff. He eased these are people who are influential and people look at them like maybe they're crazy. How do they have any ties to the tribes of Israel. All of a sudden we see the actual ships that brought America from the Exact Pl. in Africa was an Israelite hotbed, so this is going to be. Also an interesting piece of the puzzle. I'm I recently became friendly with a black messianic Jew and he was educating me on the black Hebrew Israelite movement. So I just knew that is some kind of cult that says the white man is the manifestation of Satan and that they are the original Israelites in an Jews like you and me. We are fake use, etc. and this felt that I have a lot of information or history, because I'm so much outside of the community.

So this fellow's historian, he's he's well educated in these areas, and he's going through the whole history where they came from Africa and and identifying as black shoes or black Israelites that he said that these then began to expand it to say all Blacks of the real Israelites and the whites are not silk but it started with folks that generally have this heritage, and he'll tell Melia this is how we pronounce this art in our community. We have this petition so and so you're you're saying then as far as you can tell, you can you can trace footsteps that they can say here's how we go from here to here is it simply a matter of will. Why else would people identify this. How do you figure it out little bit of both the means the Igbo tribe in Africa claims to be descendents of the Judeans who fled into Egypt at the time of the value of this was also around the time the destruction of the temple, there's a first amount limit members not the best of this verse it says they fled into Egypt and they stay there and they didn't come back to Israel.

They claim to be that the travelers of those communities. Now that one of the mysteries of the tribes are to get into only speak about the silk Road right now is are these the descendents of 100,000 Israelites or are they descendents of one Israelite and the answer is almost irrelevant because there is no way to really understand or fully know that at this point in time. So let's go back to the silk Road for 2nd to 3rd discusses this identity thing will go back to the African Americans because and in their hate for the white people, which I had a battle had a debate with someone who hated white people. He told me my grandparents enslaved his grandparents in and I owe money so my grandparent's are farmers in Europe so we have you know had to get on the same page but is not a trauma from the translates of slave trade and from what happened. It's all very fresh, so you have to live to be very diplomatic and sensitive about them.

I understand why they would hate a white man that makes total sense to me. As far as understanding about neurology in the brain. Let's say your backup silk Road right now within 100 or 200 years of the tribes of Israel. Going towards the far east. You have three main things get established within the same period of time. One is the Pashtun people next year. Buddhism was founded. We know the first two students of the Buddha were from the first to lay students. The Buddha were from Afghanistan from a region where the questions are. Today, all within the same years and then you have which becomes most interesting is the Shinto Empire forms. Shintoism today has a king. It's the oldest monarchy on planet Earth. It's a 2600-year-old line of kings, and they claim to him speak on behalf of the Shinto religion are 70 million people. The Shinto religion claims that they were once a chosen nation exiled from their homeland to reestablish the kingdom, and the islands of Japan. If you go to Japan today.

You as a tourist you can go to Mount Moriah in Japan where they have their holy temple.

Now we know Mount Moriah, and Israel is working.

Solomon's Temple was built so you go to Japan. It is a member I would they have their holy temple in their holy temple. There were three chambers in outer chamber where people celebrate an inner chamber with a doing animal sacrifices on dears and have inner chamber. The independent religion stores a golden archon for poles with big golden birds on it and keep three things in the ark just like this was one of Three things in their arc and now is comes interesting to busy speaker rabbinic Judaism and 10 tribe pre-rabbinic Judaism. All the priests in Japan, you Google it for yourself. It's called Yamaguchi why AMA BUS HI.

They all wear what would appear to be phylacteries on the forehead with four corner garments and they blow a shofar horn so you know you please juxtapose a picture of Rabbi with his phylacteries.

His tefillin next to a Japanese priest with his and you kinda looking the same thing into the Japanese alphabet also which people say it's a little more modern in recent is nothing like Chinese or Mandarin, but it action has Hebrew letters all throughout even the company Uniqlo famous Japanese brand is CI thinking of 67% of their logo is you Hebrew clear Hebrew letters. I know we know it in the Mishnah so written somewhere in little after 200 of the common error so traditions going back further than that. It it's time of the Jewish people in terms of their their color hot how we described right so Rabbi Yehuda Nancy wrote the Mishnah.

He was a direct descendent from the house of King David and he was in charge of the passing on the log generation now to have written down the oral law was forbidden for the Israelites.

It was oral meant to be taught father-son so that we are ready scattered around the whole world and if we don't preserve this were going to lose it so he chose to write it down. It was called the Mishnah in the Mishnah he you speak that skin afflictions that happen to people in times of the temple and when he speak about the color of the skin. He references and says that the children of Israel. Children of Israel were not white and they were not black.

They were box with. That's the word it was used. Perhaps like the color of the table were sitting at and you know you have to imagine he sang the children of Israel, and I think you speak about in past tense of who they were, at the time, ready that he was alive. You had great in a Roman conference became tourist dollars. Yeah you know a rabbit keep his father was a Condor Rybicki was one of the greatest sages. Every red uncle is Rich my enough Italian. These were masters of on the tour chain who were converts from Rome so obviously there was a genetic mixing that happen ready at that time you look at King Solomon, who married a thousand wives over that genetic mixing look like for their descendents wanted to grafting and become part of the whole picture you had King David who comes from Moabite blood who Freud another sodomite blood, and that when that relationship somehow from the no-load Slifer we don't. I don't know her genealogy to well so the people of Israel were total mix of all the nations of all the people and what defines us is not genetics or DNA.

It is truth. We are a nation bound by a truth all right got to jump back in and were given continue this interview. On the other side of the break look. Some say the lost tribes of Israel lost you have a tiny little remnant that came down and merged with Judah, so the Jewish people today have all the different tribes among them words large, the remnant but all the lost tribes among the mother say they just lost a history of the sea know they can be found and identified as prophetic passages about the beautification Israel at the end of the eighth so many shelves. What unfolds with this is really fascinating will be like that gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, a French welcome to our thoroughly Jewish Thursday broadcast here on the line of fire. This is Michael Brown and today you're playing for you in interview that I did with Orthodox Jewish rabbi Harry Rosenberg in Jerusalem in May.

He is been searching for the lost tribes of the house of Israel for many years and believes they can be found in different communities all around the world begin to jump back into the interview.

Now you can watch all of it on our YouTube channel. Whenever you have the opportunity so you can't then people scattered around the world. There's there's a lot of different ethnicity, but ultimately to be preserved. There has to be some marrying in.

If everyone just married out, assimilated, give up the traditions they basically lost to history, and if these different groups have preserved either an identity. It says we are descendents of the children of Israel, or certain customs, maybe even tribes that practice customs and don't know why. And then, the light goes on. So I've heard about this a lot. Oddly enough from Gentile Christians Hispanics attending messianic Jewish congregations and they just they love the Jewish traditions and and it seems it seems very real to them. It doesn't seem like someone putting on something foreign, but rather putting on something native to them and then many claim that they are the children of on the seams of force converts and things like that, or that their families always preserve certain customs, traditions didn't know why. So let's look at that the larger Hispanic world and then it said Spain, Portugal, Latin America, what were you looking at there in terms of numbers of potential children of Israel. Firstly, the government of Israel had been working about a year on studying this to release an official report which just about a month and after Moscow was released.

So if the Hebrew copies on the Internet. I have a copy of an English one, we could actually read their whole understanding on the subject with a speak about in other forced conversions and who and who and where they go with the government to do about it so they see from a governmental level for ministry diaspora so must be something very real for them to put resources and scholars onto this I'm actually friends with live on a seam in South America.

Some of them actually say you tell me to have dreams of being strung up on a board in their pool. Our limbs stretched in men with hoods and the holding fire towards it that that people have these dreams and I did a lot of studying.

Also in his writing recent proof to prove there is some type of inheritance of trauma we can get through genetics from ancestors, and we can get to another time, but when looking at this community were seeing people with specific last names who are doing specific customs like hiding candles very common hiding candles Friday afternoon when a Jew enters, but they like the Shabbat candles.

These individuals are putting candles under a basket in the corner the house and lighting them and they don't have a clue why. And that you know they're they're not eating pig at the at the local committee barbecues. All of a sudden, I have the Internet there started to say hey wait a minute. The Jewish people like candles that same time we donate. They only pay in late that there was in a position where we know we came from Spain, around the same time where the people flee and also in the make sense to them and then we say okay. Who are these people who see the not individuals.

They are descendents of family clans from specific towns and villages and after.

In Spain they keep the same last name so you have a lot of the.

The Mendoza's the Gonzales is the cargoes of these.

These are names elected from the New York Yankees us.

Sébastien means Sabbath keeper.

These are names that will say are typically the descendents of the honor seam so someone says I'm a descendent on a seam is will actually look into what your last name was developed from your marriage documents from the grandparents always either from the village of Jews in your now part of maybe 14 to 20 something million person population conservatively and this could be because of people who've intermarried or just got lost could be 70 or so million people either the father Prime Minister Benjamin, the 10 young famous historian as his massive 1500 page work in the Inquisition and DP argued that Inquisition really starts as a church trying to purge out Jewishness that some of these force converts maintain Jewishness in and the Inquisition was trying to purge that out. So let us people look at is just an inner Christian issuer of one group of Christians persecuting another group of Christians, but is there a deeper Jewish connection behind the Inquisition. I mean, that's a good question. I mean, it is that you know I didn't read that work your referencing but the items it is a Kabbalistic viewpoint that we have on this as well. There is that the purpose of the egg is the purpose of the exile and the purpose why is Whitehead's travel around the world. There was a mission that were fulfilling so there's a certain point where there has to be a movement where we have to catalyst to say you've done what you had to leave you the golden era Spain is happened you've extracted whatever has happened. They go on the next leg of the journey.

It's always like a sick joke of it you know is God things to show courtesy of the Spanish position of the Holocaust and from these things, you know, growth comes out, you have the state of Israel was born after the Holocaust was really going on at the time of all this destruction and death that there is the next evolution so I would speak about. I can go in deeper.

If you want about the Kabbalistic undertake on what what the Inquisition about what was happening is that you that's a conversation for the data admitted in the mystical explanations and of course from the New Testament perspective is no resurrection without crucifixion.

So it's it's often this verse where Yeshua says it was a grain of the wheat falls in the ground and dies, remains alone so it is part of our history. Out of the ashes of of the Holocaust and the horrors of that the modern state of Israel's birth it's it's all beyond belief not known could script this what you're saying is also beyond belief known could script and and yet the more you look at this more evidence there is an end yet, but I just want to throw one thing I would. I would also argue with could be for another time that a lot of these messianic principles like you just said would actually be rooted in the cabal itself such a discussion for another day. Yeah. Okay. So yeah that that would be to me like Mike is messy and not sick about is messianic, with some principles like even the concept of a suffering Messiah seam. It says in turn off my hold on the casino he's blunted because of our sins, he suffering because of our sins. That's on the terrace if I told you this concept over this the suffering because of our sins concert though say that's Christian that's messed everything out in your own Scriptures onto and off we just have to understand what our Savior said about it to become future conversation about that you absolutely committed to me the only reason that that the New Testament saying certain things is because this thoroughly grounded in and talk it became his new religion than we should have followed will will talk about the Council of Nicaea and other other things in the future. They put out say one thing my work with the lost tribes of Israel, has almost nothing to do with religion or conversion this to words never come into my plan right now for next steps for this interesting event very interesting for sure and I'm I'm listening and just filtering everything we each have our lens through which we hear and filter right before ask a big scriptural question in the book of Ezekiel and the two sticks coming together, and all of that, the question of of descendents of Israel or those who identify as Jews in India, China, you mention Shinto religion in Japan. What will you feel confident in terms of same. These are people that legitimately self identify or have roots that are legitimately Israelite or Jewish in China and India rights you have never been a Menasha, will you have two committees in India have the West Coast and East Coast on the West Coast of India. You'll have descendents of the Spanish Inquisition who are Jewish communities not saying that from the tribes of Israel.

Yet fame famous or wealthy Jewish, and was at the Sassoon family were became very wealthy Indian Jews and they can they claim to have been from the 1400s who fled Spain nether all over the west coast of India is committees that call themselves banana frame of the been Israel there down the East Coast south of China on the Mi's rim. Many poor border near Bangladesh you have what's called the name and should the children of Menasha who claim to be from the original exile from Afghanistan who traveled we can actually trace the roots of the 10 tribes over and under the Himalayan mountains. This would've been the community that went under the Himalayan mountains, and if settled there. They come from the cookie and Chin Chin lung clans.

Let's say there's about eight or 10 or so.

Maybe thousand of them who are Jewish and converting and becoming the same if the tribes of Israel as it is a few hundred thousand of them from that same family clan whose messianic Christian is not self identifying and let's say there could be a million within that of humility within the genetic pool of that specific type of people and their out there right now they put the flag of Israel on the ground and they say were aware of their own Israel Army there an outpost of Israel to start to see happen in villages all around the world. Now, if you go to the north over the over them. Lances of path electricity and Kirk extend the crickets.

People claim to be from Menasha also me know. Menasha lived as 1/2 of the data should have a tribe in one region and the other type somewhere else now and am encouraged and they have their own religion called the epic of mama's which is all about monarchs, the son of Jacob. That's their religion.

The religion of of the critics people is all about. Menasha is living in your China nomadic people so literally when you go from next Afghanistan. You can actually see. That's the descendents of his whites and cashmere Kashmiris who claim to be from these people with they say, even though they say in a not that I believe the Jesus narrative. They say Jesus came there to preach them. Also casino the book of Matthew.

It does say Jesus went to find the 10 tribes of Israel and went to find the lost sheep of Israel, so out there. They speak about that and if you go over the Himalayas and under the Himalayan's will see all these different communities you have places in China will have like the Chi fang Jews. They're not descendents of the 10 tribes.

Those are Jewish people who had fled there with the last maybe few hundred years may be longer to set up a Jewish community based on Jewish law, so that the whole entire region is populated with the scattering's of Israel. So interestingly, when you when you take Jesus saying, for example, in an in Luke that he came to seek and save the lost.

And then in Matthew 10 he says I'm sent only to the the lost tribes of Israel.

You actually take lost tribes not just meaning spiritually lost but physically lost what two things. One is just state my position again that I'm not a Jewish rabbi, so I believe you know just to leave my version, but that's not the relevant process in the Talmud that the purpose of the tribes going into the exile was to come back with converts so according to your interpretation of what a Luke would be saying would be yeah this is for both these are for the actual scattered Israelites and to bring back all the of the lost souls on planet Earth were really the descendents of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and Abraham himself and Noah and the children of Adam should be a holistic unification, which is what the messianic era really is is when there's a global family that gets formed around the truths of Israel yet and no mistaking of your position on that.

So I appreciate reiterating that.

Okay so we know from Scripture that there are there are tribes scattered that there may people killed by the Assyrians and by the Babylonians. We know that our people were scattered in different parts of the world and and then until recently, a lot of the history is not known where people were scattered.

We know that some state in the north and still maintain their identity and see in the days of Hezekiah right after the destruction of the North came to worship in the South or the days of Josiah so hundred 50 or so years later they're still calling on them to repent and reaching out and so many then became part of the kingdom of Judah and we just be known as part of the larger Jewish people.

So we think of Jews today in all my that's all we know, the descendents of the whole 12 tribes their endeavors. Jews today to be searching for 2 million people, but you are in your research this that you independently. This is look at the research.

Many others have done what is what is your guesstimate conservative guesstimate of the descendents of the children of Israel that are identifiable outside of the Jewish people today worldwide right so what is when the ministry of diaspora just releases report actually made tears like circles of how identifiable is this community just between the posh doing in Afghanistan and the Igbo Nigeria we doing with about 100 million people.

Like we said in Japan you have the Shinto kingdom, which is 70 million people over there. We can't say that all 70 million people are descendents of Israelites. We can certainly say whoever founded that kingdom certainly was an Israelite, all right friends just have to jump in here and take a break and come back with a resume this with Rabbi Harry Rosenberg. I'm not enforcing says legalism says I am saying that I've heard a lot of this stuff from others and now he's bringing detailed to it. Fascinating. Worth looking as we felt one more segments they like the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown all right friends, this is Michael Bramwell the 31st Thursday let's finish off this interview with Rabbi Harry Rosenberg about the lost tribes of Israel. I will look at Joseph and Esther theory, which is what is the common denominator between the stories of Joseph and the story of Esther Emporium is they were both thus flung to a foreign land and both somehow rose to power became enormous both second-in-command second in power in the story perm. She was offered up to half the kingdom that we have to assume that the tour the Tanakh is teaching something here, the people of his organs scattered around the world and they can become influential in and rise to power and to breed and change systems and they can influence the region around the Mets can be an axiom of the exile, annexing the truth so you could Japan. I don't know if it was one curious businessman who took a ship over the other side made occult hands formed in a religion and became influential in that see another the Shinto people that wouldn't that would so I can't say that the 70 million people are Jews of the tribes visit what I could say is that we could have enough people here to make a global family were talking about, you know, half a billion people. 2 billion people who have the sum if you look at the other in even Papa New Guinea.

We get letters from out there the tribes out there. They were letter to us once and they said I were sitting on lots of gold on this mountain and were waiting for the Jewish people.

We want we want to help bring it is wrong to business only with his rebels were from the tribes of Israel. I thought you negative the Nigerian Prince scam email. I thought the notices so conveniently of all this gold actually looked into the vetting process that we do in our social network will remap out the tribes where she looked into where they came from, we saw that there is actually a lot of gold there. They're sending us pictures of them do Israelite worship are actually doing putting time into being. So we saw that that this is phenomena that will happen.

So I'm still been conservative.

If you look at Islam, Christianity, and Judy Judy direct the relevant numbers wise, but numbers wise thing that aliens of people were speaking about the revelation Moses had that billions of people on planet Earth. So if there ever does arise a geopolitical situation which would resemble a global kingdom of Israel, a messianic time. You have billions of people noticing that that's that's really where were looking at right now and and obviously if you just look at children of Abraham that the three monotheistic faiths identifying in that regard. Interestingly, I've been around the world preaching the gospel. Maybe hundred 60 trips overseas and it was really striking to my first time in India to go 93 the first of 25 trips there to going to a tribal region. These were Christians not done claiming any Israelite dissent born-again Christians that pray daily for Israel and celebrate the biblical calendar and in writing to people in Africa with similar stories. So these are Christians who, rather than being anti-Semites rather than rejecting Jewish roots felt deeply connected and in fact often find that in tribal areas that there's a much greater connection. They can make with the Hebrew Scriptures that Westerners can't make so that that's that's a spiritual dimension of connection you're coming in now with lineal dimensions and other things like that so okay so we we get back to Ezekiel and and when the profits will talk about through their unification and the regathering and you you you pray for that daily is a traditional Jew, so it seems to be even the anatomic conversion religion at all.

Right now there seems to be something of the two sticks coming back together of great spiritual importance and and also a geographic regathering regard brings us back from every scout.

Assume we have the remnant that's been regathered from all over representing people from all over the world, but as you read the Scriptures as a religious Jew and now you have all this other data of what can happen. What is your your view your your script of it right for sure this is where it gets interesting as well is a great verse. I also don't know the source, but says I will gather upon those that have already been gathered is to be a regathering on it on the top of an initial gathering and we do speak about these two staffs is these great notifications so we have to actually come up with a practical solution for this, because you'll speak to a lot of people and it's all wow and really cool until what are you doing about it are now what. And this is where were going to take the Scriptures and kind of this. A vision for what the future look like and make it very practical with real steps that we could take cannot say what were doing about it because I think everyone should have their own idea of what they should be doing better. We should all trying to get the world peace is what were trying we've been systematically mapping out these regions around the world on our database digital map on the eye tribes social network is Afghanistan's Africa and part of it on the speak about now is getting you some New Age terminologies all try to for any viewers out there try to be very clear of what I'm speaking about.

Let's see now, there's a lot of communities in Africa were claimed to be from lost tribes of Israel.

So social media there posting about it there sharing the stuff on Facebook and that Jews are actually donating to these communities to bring them a tollroad to build in the synagogue there petitions the Jewish people and the Jewish people are waking up in a single, these are lost tribes.

We have to help them.

So what were doing is where at work creating this whole system of who everyone is where they are created vetting process to make sure the real and were actually going to work on scaling Israel. What is that mean to bring Israel to these areas nephew the been a Menasha, as we mentioned India. They put the flag of Israel on the ground that on Israel Army that the Council of Israel.

They become Israel. Outside is once in a conversation with someone, he said. Oh these last Jews in this community.

In China we should bring them back and someone else allowed to bring them back. That's good real estate for Israel. Israel should be global. It shouldn't be a only GAL only in this little area. So what were doing is which I have a land up north farm were building and off grid sustainable battery pack. Let's call it where were going to be producing on electricity pumping her own water from the ground filter that water run vertically in the air, using modern technologies and literally producing reality out of thin air, using Israeli technology we are going to be scaling this type of technology to these communities around the world to usher in what we would call the great decentralization where nations stop becoming part of fictitious lines that were drawn with corrupt governments and start being a transparent governance system that could be run by into an intellectual property coming forth from Israel.

Now were to be doing this whole thing on the block chain which is a modern term for the most transparent non-ownerless way to record data. If anyone knows of the big point is that it's a crazy thing but it's real.

It has its value in its on the boxing meeting every sale transaction that ever happened with bitcoin could always be recorded so every community that we put on this map are ineligible to future Israelites network has their own digital wallet where we are issuing tokens than digital tokens that we've created that we hope when they have a value to them with when you play monopoly start of the game with cash, but in the meanwhile, these digital wallet you can be able to take donations from the Jewish people to help. Like crowdfunding says that crowdfunding the scaling of Israel where we can actually train and deploy soldiers from IDF who can learn the systems and now go to these regions in Nigeria one day maybe be able to go to Afghanistan actually put his communities on the Israelite grid so places that are living in poverty, or even places in America right now is communities forming all around the Ozarks in different regions Christians to make this decentralization based on technology so it's it sounds may be out there. It sounds, but it's actually really practical step towards taking away power from people who are promoting war and war culture and being able to enter a place where this power, numbers, and this can be an Israelite voice that's going to steer the world towards world peace notes, it's interesting. Singapore has a special relationship with Israel when they were founded as a nation, the IDF basically train their military and and so there's a certain indebtedness in connection but you're talking about something Anna.

The deeper cooperative level.

But seeing is part of the mission of Israel to bring the knowledge of the one true God to the world and and and thereby replace it with this Messiah come in with all this right. What is the whole thing is like what were doing actually is what the prophecies were speaking about. So I don't have to preach the prophecies I just have to do what they were talking about and then people come to see that the prophecies were true. So I want to actually fulfill the prophecies not just talk about that they will one day be fulfilled that we've limit the messianic era is really interesting thing we teach that the practical difference. The main practical difference between pre-and post-messianic era is that after the messianic era after the Messiah arrived, the yoke of the nations full of our shoulders we become the more burden of the nations which in my modern-day millennial terms would be a decentralization will be decentralized from his governments, which goes back to my my records that we do believe that there will be one man or 2 to 2 messiahs from the house of Joseph NASA. David, who usher in this period and activate everyone to be messiahs. This is what we teach in Judaism. These are real humans of flesh and blood. We teach that there is a soul in heaven called the theater that comes down descends upon the skin every generation as a candidate for the Messiah. We teach and they they get activated in the future to actually play that role. Now we say we can't legally declare Amanda Messiah on sure you notice you to be rabbis, and unless he does three things is to build the temple in Jerusalem unites tribes of Israel and bring world peace. When one man does those three things, then he can legally be declared the Messiah and were waiting for where we think were in that. That's geopolitical. Director gone as if folks want to follow what you're doing obviously lots of Christians interest in the subject, which was the best way for them to connect with you but we do, we just launched a free online course on this topic, together with former NBA player who is a for a spoken Israelites. We have celebrity guest on Mike on the course you could watch videos of me and him talk about this.

It's lost just lost tribes not education nothing else to be there with a bit lost tribes education. The course is free unless any college credit sunk me $300 for the college credits on Instagram personally is Rabbi Harry a makefile post on biblical things, and anyone can email me from the course website to find out more amazing and enlightening put a lot of things together have heard from others for gave further confirmation for another day will will debate cabal in Jesus. I would love to exactly have a lot of unique content that I think I can offer to this to make some kind of middle ground where we can all move forward without the need to speak about this until his world peace.

All right wonderful friends. Thanks so much for joining us.

I think you've got admit this is one of the most fascinating interviews we've ever done here on the line of fire.

So by all means watch the entire interview with Rabbi Rosenberg. He mentioned an online course, you can take for free to find out more. Check all this out search this out comes your own conclusions. I believe there are things that he's onto that could be really accurate.

There are others that are speculative. The large numbers that he's talking about why it's wild but I think there's a lot more to this story that we know everything is if you're a believer in God's visualizing is very good friends explore, learn, and back with you tomorrow

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