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Tackling the Jewish-Christian Controversies

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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July 12, 2018 4:40 pm

Tackling the Jewish-Christian Controversies

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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All whole lot to talk about today on thoroughly Jewish Thursday and phones are open for your Jewish questions stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH index 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

So last week on our thoroughly Jewish Thursday broadcast. I was in route to England and or just arrived in England and we played for you recording we had done in Jerusalem.

My interview with Rabbi Harry Rosenberg about the lost tribes of Israel.

It is getting a lot of attention on RS Dr. Brown YouTube channel and I want to talk to briefly about that today, as well as my interview with Pastor Andy Stanley from a week ago Monday. If you got questions.

If you've got some things you'd like to raise to me feedback about either of those interviews, questions, challenges give me a call 866-348-7884 also, any Jewish related question of any kind, be at Hebrew related to rabbinic tradition related to Israel today be related to you. She will be in the Messiah of Israel if it's a Jewish related question give me a call 8663 for eight 784 if you want to ask about Sabbath observance or dietary laws. We discussed the six many times will just refer you to our S Dr. Brown digital library otherwise. Phone lines are open once more. 866-348-7884.

The earlier you call in the program, the better chance I have of answering your question okay. So while we were in Jerusalem. I was back in our hotel. This was what the day after I had been detained by police after complaints from a counter missionary that was harassing me and I was back in the hotel and it was maybe two days after this, so now it's it's the end of Sabbath suit Saturday night I took a walk, praying, walking around Jerusalem and then so my team was out and met this gentleman, Harry Rosenberg, Orthodox Jewish rabbi who has some very interesting ideas in terms of world order and peace and stuff like that, which is totally a separate subject, one that the least of my concerns right now, but he has been studying for years the identity of different groups around the world that he believes could trace back to lost tribes of Israel or to Jewish people who under duress had to convert at least outwardly to Catholicism or Islam, and that of continually refusing and is it true that many Palestinians actually are Jews who under pressure converted to Islam in a good living as Muslims but actually have Jewish roots. So we had a fascinating discussion and during our discussion he brought up some things I had never heard before.

You know about Shinto religion function for religion in Japan and potential connection to lost tribes of Israel and give me more information about the posturing people in Afghanistan, and more information about different groups within Africa that would identify as having Israelite roots.

A lot of the stuff I've heard before much, I had not heard in this detail. Some was completely new to me so we did the interview to get information out now. Interestingly it's getting all kinds of backlash on the Esther to run YouTube channel.

On the one hand you have people saying see we been telling you this all along you have other saying I would choose white Jews like Brown, they're not really Jews at all. The synagogue of Satan. One man misspelled it is synagogue of sat but I didn't take time to correctives typo. Others of said yet the fact is all real Jews are black and Jesus was black and then every different position. In other saying no no no Jewish people today that we identifies dues. Those are the only ones really Jews these others are bogus, and I will Israelite all let's say it's fascinating. There is a lot to discuss. What is clear to me is that a we know that the Bible talks about the reunification of the tribes of Israel and Judah. At the end of the age, and it seems to me to be more than just a spiritual promise be window within those who identifies Jewish people today and have historically the ones that Hitler sought to wipe out the ones that God brought back to the land of Israel, that among us all 12 tribes are represented, the book of acts.

Paul talks about the 12 tribes serving God.

To this date Jacob James the chapter of first chapter begins with greetings to the 12 tribes scattered abroad so that would be the Jewish people scattered abroad, presumably Jewish believers gathered brought who made up representatives of the 12 tribes that seems clear to me. It also seems clear to me that some of those that were once part of Israel. 10 lost tribes have been lost, that they been completely destroyed and killed simulated beyond restoration and and that what we D ABCD 01234 that there are different groups of people who for many many centuries have preserved aspects of Jewish practice Jewish law Jewish tradition. Some of them have practices that vary with the practices of rabbinic Judaism, rabbinic Judaism say that's because your practices are defective and you forgotten many of the key things that that we passed on by tradition and they would rebut say no, your traditions come later. So all those things are being discussed but it does seem clear that there are different groups who have been providentially preserved by God, who somehow tie back to the lost tribes of Israel will be interesting to see how these things get sorted out at the end. Now, before go to your calls may also say this when we were talking about millions here. Millions there. My interview with Harry Rosenberg and if you missed it you can just go to our digital library and S. Dr. or just a YouTube channel. Just search for that lost tribes at Esther Karen SK DR Brown on YouTube, but let me just say this, I will always ask you how many people potentially are you talking about and and I was expecting a tens of millions and maybe 100 million or whatever the number it is.

It could be a billion people so I mean who knows.

Actually, God knows that these things will be sorted out in the days ahead. And there will be massive controversy over what it means to be a Jew and over the definition of Israel.

So just prepare for and prepare steady attack on those who are truly Jews being attacked as not being Jews at all. Watch for that 866-34-TRUTH and we go to the phones starting in podge are in Las Vegas. Welcome to want to fire. Luckily contract. I actually thought the discussion about Loctite something I welcome anything that the idea that you didn't write it may prevent a bunch of data in an attractive man that at Berkeley when what went went on to talk about what unfortunately inactive. But the growing categorized among Christian treatment and I met on a company that marriage to end the game. I doubt that Israel and he kind of went on to think of an outline or what their Israel Christian treatment claim of the plan for a Jewish New World order math.

Yeah, that he might not think you are anything about it might have that moment and it didn't get out it going to be at the thought that nation. I just wanted to get your thoughts about that.

You took it out sounded like it and think that if that out at shoring up Jewish power that he kind of taking a fusion and thanked me nation pleading poverty income to one world order it found it so you don't make we had we had two things going on. We had the question about identity of lost tribes of Israel. Controversial subject with different scholars and researchers weighing in with different viewpoints different historians anthropologist wing with different viewpoints you had that and then you had Rabbi Harry's own personal beliefs and viewpoints and how to better the world and how we can all play a role in the messianic age, etc. and some of those things came up right at the end and then my producer Matt went out to have a meal with him afterwards and Matt came back single. He's he's got a whole lot of really interesting to me way out ideas of beyond what we talked about so when things come up in that context.

When they came up that quickly. Just like our profound differences about who Yeshua is and things like that or views of Jewish mysticism.

I just pass those by for the most part and and I think it's in terms of looking at some of the comments coming and I haven't read all of them but looking at the comments that have come in. The main focus seems to be where we were putting it on the alleged identity of these various lost tribes or hidden Jews or things like that so she is definitely in that sense and a very fringe group very, very religious Jews don't think the same way that he does there. Their goal is not to take over this institution up rather to be faithful to Judaism and Torah observance and thereby bring light to the world and bring in the redemption and the messianic era so the other thing I would say is that I think his viewpoint is a bit more egalitarian than you might realize meaning that he's he's looking for humanity as a whole, triceps, of course, we profoundly differ over that, but I understand your fear protocols of the Elders of Zion 300 and could you send around the world, a cabal that I gonna rise up and take over the whole world and what he said could cut into it yet, but here here's the comfort for you and it's ironic what anti-Semites don't need any evidence because anti-Semitism is just based on lie after lie or exaggeration after exaggeration, but blessings to you and to your Israeli Jewish husband. Great question. And thank you for your interest.

866-34-TRUTH all right phone lines are jammed but keep calling you'll be able to get through as soon as a caller drops out what to get to as many calls as I can.

That's my main agenda to get to your calls.

I felt very good about the interview with pastor Andy Stanley recognizing where he's coming from what his goals are and having interacted with him enough now. Understanding what he believes in terms the authority of Scripture and then deftly having some different approaches and and areas were will keep fellow shipping and and interacting about the Jewish people Israel and in the role of all this in God's plan and how it applies to the whole church. But the comments that I've seen on YouTube channel posted to the interview. There have been decidedly negative, suddenly negative. Of course those described office heretic. That's one thing, but I found it interesting. So I look to hear your feedback as well. 866-34-TRUTH will be right back don't go anywhere in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice aboard cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown and I thank you for my gentlemen, it is thoroughly Jewish Thursday, 866-34-TRUTH so this can sound on.

But I just started writing an article of the idea hit me driving up to the office today so right before radio and actually literally during this two minute break up in writing about what Christian leaders can learn from Donald Trump with Christian leaders could learn from Donald Trump huckster hum starting off with a list of what Christian leaders cannot learn from Pres. Trump saw that we pretty long list, but there are things that followers of Jesus, especially this could learn from the president so look for that article coming out soon. 866-34-TRUTH.

Let us go to Jake up in Battle Creek. Hang on Battle Creek. Where is Battle Creek what state take up the number Battle Creek, Michigan. All right, welcome to the line of fire. I recently discovered you on YouTube about two weeks ago on debating Dr. White and I've been trying to give much information about Christianity as possible, recurrently baptized in the body of Christ Bible described on your nonself string to soak up the gospel. One is a what I wanted to ask you about was in the video that you refer to when I Rabbi Gary there and I was curious if the genealogy of possible epidemiology of all humanity has kind of gathered from ethics ethics that extended from Ingram somehow were all be on the back Abraham and how would that play into the in-kind situation with genetic plaintiff and Micah Rabbi Gary Messiaen. Some of the some of the genetic now are shown a few different tribes in different people from all around the world are part of the Israeli nation yet so number one, genealogically, historically, the vast majority people do not to send from Abraham, and in particular from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. But from Abraham.

There are many millions to do and spiritually. All followers of Jesus all those who are born again in the Messiah you like me regardless of her ethnicity or a background. We are children of Abraham by faith. So in that sense he is the father of of hundreds of millions, billions, potentially, who are followers of Jesus, and who are children of Abraham by faith, but genealogically genetically historically no. There are many non-Abraham make peoples and Rabbi Harry would be the first to tell you that the vast majority of people on the earth don't go back to Abraham cannot be traced back to Abraham.

Even if one was believing his finger in the hundreds of millions or a billion, which which to me is way way way high and and and hard to support of the fact is these that would mean that that the other 6 1/2 billion are not children of Abraham or related to Israel.

So it's an interesting question sir, but actually no, historically, to even just reading Scripture can see all these people groups that were not part of Abraham and other people groups that are equally ancient civilizations in China and India that that are not related that that develop in other parts the world along with the time that the descendents of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are developing. So, certainly not, but to live Abraham by faith that becomes multiplied hundreds and hundreds of millions because of the work of Jesus the Messiah.

Hey Jacob, thanks for the call and welcome to the family of God, 866-34-TRUTH.

Let's go to Jake up in Kentucky walking to the line of fire. Hi Dr. McCracken, Eric yes I can get you radio turned down there. I got out on the card) all right, all right.

Well on your parents, and his laws are good with the call. Let's do it. Go ahead sir alright so I was reading a reader of ancient Mary and text by Michael D. Coogan and I was reading being met. Of course, and that and I saw something that looked very familiar in the Hebrew Bible to second Daniel 12, similar illustration is used where someone held a fake story to a guilty party guilty party condemns the person in the fake story in order that the person time to start thinking Downham, but by basically condemning himself in on an I was wondering what the per benefit. If you do believe that this is some sort of parallel and what the purpose of the parallel would be if it is a parallel yacht look at his opponents versus that's a great source Coogan's a great ancient near Eastern scholar and Old Testament scholar but no I would not look at that is a parable, any more than if a parent today uses a story like that to elicit a response from a child knows this just shows that this is something that that was not unknown or uncommon, but there are certain things that are so common, there are certain things that that are so culturally appropriate, or that work across cultures.

I'm sure you could find cultures all around the world 100% unrelated to ancient Israel, where they have similar examples like this were someone tells a fake story to elicit a certain responsive condemnation, which then condemns the one giving that answer and again I think of that his parents doing that with children. I think her son and my father did with me as a child where it's kind of a reverse scenario, but he was trying to illustrate something to get me to wake up to something and told the story that made him look bad which is not true is trying to wake me up to something. So when he was a child, etc. so any anyway you know it's it's at to have parallels where there is some clear literary borrowing unit.

You need a whole lot more points in common than this. So if someone just references say this is similar to this you that's all it is and again you could find probably going to Buddhist literature going to Islamic literature going to Hindu literature going to folklore from American Indians in you'll probably find similar parallels there, if that makes sense to assist at a broad-based thing that could happen in any any kind of culture I think it cleared all whole lot up great awesome Jack, but by the way, there is something that the Jewish scholar Samuel Sandel wrote about decades ago. The Jewish scholar reform to scholar Cole parallel a mania where everything becomes a parallel and you have to be careful with that.

You know sometimes will have in the New Testament studies rose. While this parallels, a saying in the Babylonian Talmud.

Yet that's true, but that saying is from a sage who lived 400 years after Jesus in another country somewhat senses of the parallel or we got all these ancient near Eastern parallels. Yes, the Bible talks about silver and gold, and without number, and this talks about or about measuring this text does not solely go without measure, that something this bank a lot of money that I had a lot of money so true parallels are striking and fascinating and very interesting and while one of the Bible use the exact same language as you find this interesting myth odds to set the record straight.

The signal wasn't ball Bale who triumphed over Leviathan on it was Yahweh who triumphed over the powers of chaos. So the real parallels are fasted. Hey, thank you for the literary question 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to CJ and Boise Idaho welcomes the line of fire around problems are usually. On a situation of things to the state of Israel been very up to American Jewish politics.

Most my life and I there seems to be a distinct trend that a lot of people would say are done. For example, Rabbi Mark Kahana would refer to Israel as a junkie to money and Congressman Ron Paul would very often claim that you wanted America to stop funding Israel for purposes of Israel own protection to make the decision and now in 2017. I'm seeing the other rumors from this really the new live in Bonaire and a lot of other guys right saying that Israel is in a position now to where the US can actually dictate whether or not they're going to split up Jerusalem, so they want actually put it into the lessons on the old city thing with guilt for leaving internationalizing possibly you, and very possibly the Vatican and the elf you others been adjusted but it seems like a very legitimate problem now that now. Maybe Israel actually is having that money held over that and I don't want to know if you think that might have anything to do with any sort of oncoming development authorities and timing of pathology or state one announcing story like do anything after dinner.

One thing 62,000 eighteenths far as I know the 2017 civil without head on that I that's a trust may have to ask myself many times what what date month even year is but but anyway number one course resume Kahana represented an extreme view even within Israel. He was ultimately assassinated and Ron Paul. This would be part of his larger libertarian views and an noninvolvement certain ways with with international affairs.

That being said, there's no question that for many years, America has been able to put Israel under pressure. Many believe that that we would not Israel would not have withdrawn from Gaza is not for American pressure, one is really friends told me decades ago. He said American pretty much sit down say this is the way it's going to be in Israel only has so much say in it now on, on the one hand, America, for the most part is been a very good ally of Israel and even more so now with Pres. Trump on the other hand, how much is Israel being dictated to by America. That's a fair question. How will that tie and within times in my view it has more to do with the fate of America than the fate of his reloads and if America gets on the wrong side of God's plans for Israel that's going to hurt America more than Israel.

So even though it seems as if Israel is heavily dependent on America turned around and say that if America mistreats Israel goes wrong with Israel that America will come out on the short end of the stick rather than his least that's my view thank you sir for great question. Much appreciated will be right back. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown Michael Brown thanks for joining us here is the recall is we focus on your Kolstad 866-348-7884. That's 866-34-TRUTH for truth. My interviewee call Monday with pastor Andy Stanley was at his suggestion coming on the show with me to clarify comments he had made regarding quote unhitching from the Old Testament and as we talked he agreed it would have been better to say things differently.

He agreed that the point he was seeking to make was simply that, just as the first century Jewish believers in Jesus had certain misconceptions certain tradition certain ideas that God in the way of their receiving the message of Jesus, Yeshua, which was a message not just for the Jewish people, but for all people that we too sometimes have to get rid of misconceptions wrong ideas.

Traditional thinking that is contrary to the word of God and the purpose of God. That being said, we deftly had different approaches different perspectives on certain things pastor Stanley contacted me afterwards that he watch the interview. Fanfare felt good about it.

If you have questions or comments about it. If you like what he said and think you clarified.

If the more water system money for you if you like what he said phones are open but any Jewish related question at all, 866-348-7884 let us go straight to the phones to Todd in Cedar Grove, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire like Dr. Brown got a quick narrative to be a bit unusual but concerning the naming of children and eight Israel noted from one of the parallel between the account of the birth of obey at who would the Lanza group. Compare that to the birth of John the Baptist. Anything that the family may hamper faith to have a quite a bit of influence about the naming of the child at what reading into Scripture and others call to find out if what I'm about understanding the is correct around this understanding.

Yes, so sourcing is usually met through the Bible you're talking about a period of of a couple thousand years see from from Abraham to Jesus. So you go back to know what you go back to Adam your you're talking thousands of years before that. So you're telling a long history in which lots of customs change.

Some stayed the same. Some change so there was no specific rule and and human nature being what it is you can know that in certain contexts. These were really family decisions are in some of the weight went to the father or the weight went to the mother or there is the tradition that you had to name every other generation, a certain way. Regeneration a certain way, and on some homes assist the custom of your junior than your kid is the third and the one after. Is the fourth and you keep going every time you have a boy to carry on the name in the line of it. It among Talmudic rabbis. There is a tradition that you wouldn't name your son after the father but you could do it after the grandfather so that would be every other generation. The name would repeat, but otherwise, sir.

I don't believe there were specific guidelines that were followed or any particular custom that was the custom through the Bible that this was how a child was named you're just talking too long a period of time so so to look at, say someone born before the year 1000 that that would be David's ancestral bed that were talking about that would be before the year 1000 and then someone born a thousand years later. And to think that there was the same custom prevailing that would be unlikely. Possible, but unlikely. Right 866-34-TRUTH appreciate the question of its go to Massachusetts John, welcome to the line of fire by Dr. Brown who who claimed that some American Indians dissented from the lost tribes of Israel are the characters say that air from the private is a car right and then Mormons have tried to argue in that direction as well. And then there are alleged Hebrew inscriptions that were found that go back hundreds of years in America. How is that the case to my knowledge DNA studies have rebutted this and this is been a blow to some Mormons infected because some Mormons to actually leave the Mormon church when they realize that factually historically these things were not true. As for some of the Hebrew inscriptions, some of them have found are alleged to be forgeries that someone wrote something inside of the cave. Try to make it look ancient and then sometime later court discovered it as proofs so look there. Lots of things are possible. It's possible that there was travel to America long before Columbus and that that ties in with the Native Americans.

That's how they they got to this continent and did they use Hebrew, there is just no evidence of that. To my knowledge, so while the question is, are there scattered remnants of lost tribes of his around the world will be fine them in surprising places.

Yes, that seems to be the case whether those whose Jewish identity was hidden for various reasons in your customs preserved among the descendents yes that seems to be the case, but to my knowledge there is no evidence that the Native Americans American Indians are actually lost tribes of Israel. This one, and to the alleged Hebrew inscriptions from what I can tell her either later or forgeries, and therefore not to be traced back to alleged tribes coming out and some try to put it way way way back because the scripting use would put it back over 2000 years.

So, to the best my knowledge, the answer is no, I am open focus surprises. Don't say I'm not dogmatic and send this couldn't happen here.

This could happen there. Just like the whole British Israelites theory. These these are myths. These are things that get twisted that get exaggerated that become followed and cultlike ways that it simply be rejected right thank you for the question 866-34-TRUTH eight 784. As always, you're able to get through in the hole.

That's the best way we have of getting to your questions.

Four months have been jammed a couple lines open up now so it's a great time to call if you'd like to try to get in a we go to carry in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Welcome to the line of fire doing very well. Great thanks or artwork little or or how artwork will born out of network. No no no that's that's ancient history and yeah it's look some claim that there do reparations for all the years of slavery there and things like that but know your you're dealing with ancient Egypt and ancient Israel and in the scattering of the Jewish people around the world and then the restoration of the modern state of Israel in in the 1948 soul with with that know this is never modern state of Israel has citizenship, there wouldn't of been the concept of dual citizenship in the ancient world the way we have it today.

You didn't need passports to get across borders and and things like that. Also know it is very interesting question in light of immigration issues today. But this but certainly not an end until a peace treaty was was signed with with with Egypt.

There was hostility. You know, Nasser wanted to destroy Israel and was a real enemy of of Israel and then almost a God of course signed a peace treaty with Israel and there you can have your tourism exchange and things back and forth like that and working together but by and large there's a lot of hostility towards the Jewish people and towards Israel and Egypt all I have seen some video clips of songs you know to be like an Egyptian rap song attacking Israel or really ugly ways or TV series that plants ancient anti-Semitic libels lies about the Jewish people being watched widely in Egyptian TV. There is even. There's even one.

This is there is an Egyptian actor and he's appearing on the show where they tricked him to say that this is actually is really sponsored show, etc. and that is being set up and he actually it's violent enemies furious and he hits PI minutes is wild and after contact on the whole thing was just a joke. The whole thing was just a joke. So while there are some within Egypt that have good relations with Israel and while there are believers in Egypt that work with believers in Israel overall, Israel being part of the larger Muslim Arab world is still hostile to Israel a thank you for the question, 866-34-TRUTH.

Let's go to Steve and Charlotte. Welcome to the line of fire. If you are in turn might be brought let me know what I have to. I'm not familiar with the rodeo on the she wrote a book called Yahweh our headcount.

Let's let me get that the title of the book is Yahweh is why HWH edit all current Dell JO DEW L on the ON the ODP and I hang on just just looking at here. Yahweh exists volume 1 Journal on stock, Scripture mass or truth literature or history.

So this is a woman and list to see who published this okay. A manual academic right, social, biblical, historical research specialists authored five books and the book has 67 reviews okay.

The deal is. It would appear to be a a serious book and let me just look to see here on the cover with markers, not the that make sure they spell the.

The Hebrew properly is looking there.

I don't know anything about it on the lithium but the author on a low anything about the book but tell you what, let's look at the table of contents you have.

Have you read it, nor the I just found out about 30 minutes from a pastor who I follow very concerned because didn't invite only three of the teaching that Christian will follow Monica any fitted sheet on local non-Christian local Christian radio because the person you will Christian radio" finger and he said it's also interesting, but I look into it. Steve, this is the first I've heard of it. When you look into it and then I give you response a rightness be fair to her and the book.

Let me look into it. I give you response. Thank you.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 664 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown by transfer modifier 86634878 for the recall hate every Wednesday night.

We are doing a Jewish outreach show that blankets New York City it's once a week. It's Wednesday from 9 to 10 and 9 to 955 Eastern standard Time, and we also do a live stream. Now this is different than are thoroughly Jewish. There's that word just digging into issues about Jesus being the Messiah and every week were opening up the weekly Torah portion looking for messianic insights into the Torah portions we do and then specifically taking calls that have to do with Jesus being the Messiah messianic prophecy and, as were all more more. We trust you will get calls from Jewish listeners and York religious Jews and others were doing a live stream on Facebook and on YouTube so Wednesday nights 9 to 10. You don't want to miss it if you like surgeries. There is that your love.

I Wednesday night will Messiah broadcast last night in the weekly Torah portion, we became to the end of numbers and talked about the atoning power of the death of the high priest so 866-34-TRUTH them to call today, but to watch the show from last night in the previous weeks.

It's archived on her Esther to run YouTube channel. You can watch it on the digital library on asked Dr. Brown dog worked so Steve from Charlotte ask about Journal on start there plenty of folks you've written a lot and spoken a lot that I don't know it's a big world out there. So the fact that I don't know her work is no slight on her.

She may have no idea who I am supposed light on me so just looking at her website. It's interesting that books that she's talking about reading through some books from Michael Farris is the head of the alliance defending freedom organization with which we work closely according 10 booms. The hiding place so just interesting books that are listed there. But again, I'll, I'll look into this, Yahweh exists book so I can give you an intelligent, informed answer.

We go to Birmingham, Alabama. He's welcome to the line of fire.

I am doing really well.

Thank you. Okay, so if you have a quick question about collation for 14, but I'll give you the background. What brought my question to Give you can contact and by the way measure as you're doing that. Of course I'm unfamiliar with the passage but I just got sent to me Craig Keener's recent commentary that came out on Galatians so as you are sharing that with me.

I'm going to turn to his commentary as well.

So go ahead back to you here okay so my question, built with a been reading about one while theology and Gentile the fillet we should follow all Torah currently up to the best we can have the MA at the boat when my family bought I think the verses. Galatians 314 where the Peter and Paul confrontation happened yet and I think Paul specifically tells Peter you know you live like it Gentile and not like it you in the context of him eating with Gentile think that, though, is that Peter Paul thing the Peter you know you're eating nonkosher. When you're reading for the Gentiles in your in your actually living like it in town.

You're not calling for any more or is there some other way to view that are wondering what what are you getting at another. So let's break things down first.

Paul rebukes Peter and in what what was happening with the Galatians. The Galatians were Gentile believers were being put under pressure to observe the Torah of Moses and were told that in order to be justified. They had to observe the tone of Moses not one more people within of this is for justification. This is not for justification but this is for obedience unless I wholeheartedly differ with the one more camp that says that all Christians today should seek to live by the dictates of the Sinai covenant forgiven by the blood of the cross but yet Christian, all Christians should observe the dietary laws. The biblical holidays and if they don't. Somehow disobedience is not a perfect obedience like I wholeheartedly recheck that for many many reasons. Let's break this down. We know that Paul circumcised Timothy acts 16 and there was uncertainty Jewish mother Gentile father was Jewish or not there is always a still debate with usual and Paul to remove any doubt had him circumcised, but he refused to allow Titus to be circumcised because Titus was a Gentile, and there is no reason for them to be circumcised. Circumcision was offered Gentiles was for Jews. That alone should tell you the one law idea is bogus justice that alone. Now I know their answers from the one more people and some of them have brilliant theological insights and many other areas. But when it comes to this site, I strongly categorically disagree so that's why Paul writes in verse 27 if you say circumcised. Don't become uncircumcised if you stayed uncircumcised will become circumcised so that's telling you again. Plainly, Jews don't become Gentiles, Gentiles don't become Jews dislike Mendel become women.

Women don't become meant, but when Paul was there in Galatia. There is such pressure to be Jewish and to conform that even Peter got caught up with her and and yet Paul rebukes him and says this to him. Let's see, I'll read it from the NET but when I saw that there were not behaving consistently with the truth of the gospel. I said to safest in front of all of them K5 and Hebrew. If you although you are a Jew would like a Gentile and do not live like a Jew.

How can you try to force the Gentiles to live like Jews.

So again Gentiles are not called to live like Jews if if someone says much as I find it beautiful or gobble Stephen the dieter was recent roughly free to keep them in your freedom observe the biblical calendar, but you are not obligated to, or required to, or call two nor is it a matter of perfect obedience. So what was Peter guilty of one view would be just just like it says that he was, he was not living like a Jew. He was eating with Gentiles and therefore eating nonkosher food because of which Paul rebuked of us are now in the Judaizers, those try to put these Galatians under pressure to live a certain way. All now you're living differently. All I can eat with the Gentiles. Now, so your hypocrite and that's what he publicly rebuked him. That's one way of reading it and and that would further confirm that no Gentiles in a call to live like Jews and there is liberty for all and the Messiah. There the reading that some would give to say no normal Peter always lived like a Jew. What what Paul meant was this, and for example the complete Jewish Bible, the Stern translation puts like this.

I said to K5 right in front of everyone. If you are a Jew, live like a Goya, not like a Jew while you force the go I am to live like Jews and David Stern in his commentary understands it to mean that this was more internal Jewish rhetoric.

Of course Peter kept the dietary laws. We know he did through acts. The 10th chapter of course he kept the dietary laws, but he was breaking with certain traditions even to sit with Gentiles for meal. So some of the ultra religious Jewish traditions he was breaking from that study, try to explain it. I don't I don't really like that it's possible, but I don't really like that with all respect to Dr. Stern. I read more, but since we pretty pretty simple, say look these situations were sitting with Gentiles and if that required table fellowship where you ate foods that would normally be acceptable for a Jew, you are doing it for the sake of the gospel in table fellowship now you try to pressure Gentiles to live like Jews because these other guys are here with the religious traditions of and and Paul rebukes them for that. Let me just say this, I will resist any pressure that's put on Gentiles to live like Jews. I will always resist that the having set it there are many, many Gentiles in the Seneca allegations that only make up the bulk of messianic congregations elicits a heavily Jewish area or say in Israel and they joyfully participate in the Jewish calendar and the joyfully participated various cycles of Jewish life and they find great meaning in it and they say why should we take on church traditions when we have we have typical laws.

Great wonderful of that's in your heart to do joyfully before the Lord, without covert coercion, wonderful but if there's pressure to do it and and and and you're not perfectly well pleasing the Lord if you don't do these things that I will push against and say that's not from above that's earthly pressure are what I can't for the question prepared. Yes sir and and for those that just need the simple answer. There a lot of related issues that Heath is raising and I want to address the larger issues and not simply the one specific question.

All right, thank you for the call with that rat. It's all not quite at a time here when I quit and listen friends we have some great projects in the works for reaching out in Israel some things that can be really really effective.

We are putting a lot of time and energy into developing more videos for Jewish outreach, especially to the religious. We are going to the Jew first and also to the Gentiles. You know Dan Knight were addressing cultural issues day and night work going to the nations, raising ups and out labors to the nations contending for revival in the church in America but bring the gospel to the Jewish people first, would you help us do that which you stand with us today. We don't talk about money a lot which her gift right in the middle of this hot summer would be a tremendous encouragement to many would help us reach many Jewish people. How good is that thinking eternity.

We stand together before the Lord meeting Jewish person that got say through your prayers. Meeting Jewish person that got say through your generosity.

That's the greatest reward I can possibly think of.

Along with bringing pleasure and joy to the heart of God. So, so few give to support Jewish ministry.

So if you're on the front lines of it stand with us. Partner with us if we been a blessing to you spiritually pulses than you can be a blessing in the naturally writes in Romans 15 so stammer this girl website right now. Asked Dr. Brown ask ADR ask Dr. click on donate to be a monthly supporter or one-time gift to write to us PO Box 5546, Concord, NC 28027. That's PO Box 56, Concorde 28027 for those joining in the leadership form tonight a few hours from now

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