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Rewriting the Bible to Suit a Social AgendaRewriting the Bible to Suit a Social Agenda

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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July 24, 2018 5:10 pm

Rewriting the Bible to Suit a Social AgendaRewriting the Bible to Suit a Social Agenda

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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July 24, 2018 5:10 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 07/23/18.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

So what happens when you don't like what the Bible says you rewrite it is time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown hey friends, welcome, welcome to the line of fire. This is Michael Brown. As you can see, this is not our normal studio on on the road in California getting ready for a major culture conference this week Monday Tuesday Wednesday I kick things off tonight and do a couple of day sessions. If you're anywhere near Azusa Pacific University in California. By all means join us of the great speakers each that great sessions during the day, you got a question for me 8663487884866342 snout. I'm gonna interact a little bit more with our friends on Facebook today normally is him watching our stream on watching the comments on YouTube and I'm not also watching the Facebook comments but today I am so give me some thumbs up show me some love. You can hear us loud and clear. Our team worked hard to get everything set up properly and here we are ready to come your way, live 866-34-TRUTH 784.

Now here's what I do. If you have a Bible related question for me today.

Give me a call if you can't call posted on the thread and I'll see if I can respond to some of them on the I will be responding on Facebook but give me a call if you can. Do you remember some years back Rob Bell was all over secular media Gen. Y because he wrote a book questioning the existence of hell if if you want to become the darling of the liberal media overnight which you need to do as a Christian leader essay I question whether this could be future punishment or help or around Easter question whether Jesus really died, arose from the dead around Christmas say we don't know if Jesus really existed, all you will become the darling of the liberal media over night and Newsweek are time a New York Times or Washington Post or some other publication will carry your story for sure well over the weekend as I was traveling to California yesterday on Sunday I got a bunch of folks tweeting me emailing me copying me. Have you seen this article.

It was written by Dr. Egon Dershowitz, a young biblical scholar, with whom I was not familiar and he had written an op-ed piece for the New York Times based on an earlier academic article. I subsequently looked at his academic article which is over 20 pages long and is a serious academic article in serious academic journal, but his op-ed piece in the New York Times condenses everything in his basic argument is that the original text of Leviticus so that that we have now is been changed and edited over a period of many centuries. Critical scholars would hold review like that that the original text of Leviticus per minute sex between men yet per minute sex between men with a couple of exceptions they could have sex with your own father. For example, with your father's brother with your uncle, but otherwise homosexual acts were originally permitted.

According to Leviticus and then centuries later, things will change in the prohibition against same-sex intercourse was added in Leviticus 1822 in the because chapter 20 verse 13 and you say what is the base that not I wrote an article in response eroded immediately.

Read his article wrote a response immediately sits on a bunch of different websites you can see it on our website Esther to Brown W concealment review normally read my articles Christian news rigorously appear so I have a short and sweet response to his short and sweet op-ed piece. This is not a lengthy academic response to his lengthy academic piece. However, his main arguments for this that in the ancient biblical world say during the time of Moses, that in the ancient laws. Same-sex practice was not prohibited. There is basically unheard of to prohibit men having sex with men and and so the original text of Leviticus 18 had no prohibitions against this right. That's where he starts. Then he says if you look at a couple of the verses.

Leviticus 18, seven in Leviticus 1814, you'll see that it doesn't seem to read as naturally in the Hebrew and when he reconstructs said he now determines that originally originally the text did not have a prohibition against same-sex intercourse, except in a couple of specific instances not Christopher Salem point out this is sheer fabrication. This is sheer 100% complete fabrication and in other words, there is not a stitch of actual textual evidence there is on a manuscript that says this dissemination text that says this on a fragment of a text that says it is 100% reconstruction is 100% based on his own imaginary reading of the text with literally 00OZERO0 textual report listing would be her support history would be what I'm doing detective work and I'm recovering things. Repeat.

There is zero support for this is number one, number two will be referred to as the Bible is the Bible as we have it not, as someone originally reconstructs it so this is only of interest with his writing is only of interest to someone who doesn't believe the Bible is we have is God's work follow notice if I tell you what Jesus did originally say that so where I get that from what I've that's my opinion. But what's written. The populace was written thereby will accept numbers you have to not accept the text we have in Scripture. So this is not of any value to someone who would say well I'm a gay conservative Christian and I believe in the authority of Scripture which is misinterpreting the Bible.

This would not be of of any interest whatsoever to someone like that because this person is duty-bound to accept Scripture as we have it.

That's the only Bible we have nonchalance reconstruction.

That's the second problem is third issue is that there is no evidence whatsoever within the text that Leviticus 1822 in Leviticus 2013 would strictly forbid homosexual practice that these are later intrusions that these don't belong with these somehow don't fit. You can't argue for that either. Look there. There are things that clearly gets squeezed in your reading something as I possibly change something here maybe would wear during a broadcast and a part of the audio cut out something had to be fit back in and we tried to fit in but it's not precise. You can hear and think Yossi would have or someone who's an expert can tell you that picture there was Photoshop editing.

There is no evidence of that kind of editing with these things are clear additions that do not fit not only so the whole idea that Leviticus as we have it now or the so-called holiness code as we have it now was edited many centuries later and does go back to Moses, even if I accepted that critical viewpoint right even even if I accepted that point of view and said that I actually believe that that there was a long editorial process which at which I don't by the way, but even if I did the holiness code with all the laws about incest and things like that that would be allegedly according to this critical scholars written very late in history. Another was the whole thing would've come from a later period, in which case there was that there was never a period of time when there was when there was a a a permission for same-sex activity. As for the ancient world.

The world of Egypt, the world of Babylon. The series that the Hittites, Amorites, the Canaanites did they have strong prohibitions against homosexual practice while here and there. There are some prohibitions but remember, the Bible tells you that the pagans committed these acts that the pagans were guilty of these accident they did these very things shouldn't be any surprise to us should be a surprise to us that the ancient world did not condemn these things widely when the Bible says this is what the people practice why the surprise you don't when I was at NYU through my doctoral work right about that time there was an Israeli scholars have national who made a major discovery replace code can tell it is rude and northern would've been northern Israel, and it was an inscription so on. On the actual threshold of the door.

The door posts. There was actually inscription what went when the Lord said write these things out on the doorpost that there was literally done and and from what can be told it was to Yahweh on and his Asherah to the God of Israel and his female consort. His female goddess and peopling now Can't be coded but now I can't be this impassable. I thought why not. The Bible tells us the Israelites and the Judeans were guilty of all kinds of idolatry. That's why God destroyed the northern tribes. That's why God destroyed the temple. That's why God sent this in to accelerate guilty of all kinds of adultery, especially in the north, so why shouldn't surprise us.

If pagans had pagan practices because of which they did not have laws against them. Israel was going against that culture, you know, someone pointed out that the Bible has always been countercultural is not just today such as today when we go against the spirit of the world in a grain of the world and in the mindset of the world. It's always been like this with Paul was dealing with in Corinth and called the Corinthians to holiness and calling amount of sexual morality and promiscuity, things are that what Paul was doing then is what Moses was doing centuries earlier and in what Jeremiah was doing what King Josiah was doing and and what other reformers and prophets and kings and leaders were doing when you decide purify the temple there was homosexual prostitution taking place there.

There was all types of idolatry taking place there. There were women weaving to assure their look.

Jeremiah is taking captive by the that the people of Judah and taken down to Egypt and when he rebukes them because they're worshiping false gods there in Egypt and he rebukes up. The temples destroyed your neck here in exile because years and they say no, no.

Here's what happened. It's when we stopped when we stopped worshiping these other gods that's that's when things went bad for us. That is what we just turn to worship Yahweh alone and neglected these other gods. That's when they got mad at us and that's when they brought judgment. Yeah absolutely crazy absolutely insane. So why should it surprise is that the pagan world staying in Washington surprises that idol worshipers worshiped idols. Washington surprises that people with different standards of sexual morality committed different sexual accident have laws against some of the soul with all respect to Prof. E or Dr. E. Don Dershowitz's scholarship.

What he's written here is a complete and total fabrication based on zero substantial evidence it's it's as if I concocted something totally out of my own imagination and said well this is this is what I think you said so therefore this is what says all right you write back everything on Facebook going talk to move her cleansing and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown back in the line of fire.

66 yeah I am sorry that the didn't work all right 866-34-TRUTH 87884 if you have a Bible related question for me. Give me a call as we do on Fridays and were never able to get to all the calls on Fridays will review the questions we got answers.

If you have a Bible or theology related question. Go ahead and post it now. I just or call me with it a here's a question posted by Adam what answer would you give to Roman Catholic or Eastern Orthodox person as to why you are not a member of their respective church. I would tell them that I base my faith on Scripture first and foremost and when Scripture contradicts a later tradition after reject that later tradition when the tradition contradicts what's written I have to reject the tradition.

That's why am not a traditional Jew because I different with the traditions of rabbinic Judaism and I find those tradition sometimes contracts contradicts Scripture directly and I find that those traditions ultimately pull me away from the truth of Jesus the Messiah, so there may be some beautiful traditions of the Eastern Orthodox Church and some beautiful traditions of the Roman Catholic Church and there may be some beautiful interpretations, scriptural interpretations and theological insights. However however when I see those traditions claiming divine authority when I see those traditions use tobacco system that I differ with what I see those traditions, claiming to have a status similar to Scripture that I rejected.

So ensure our I am not Roman Catholic I'm not Eastern Orthodox because I see variations to the faith of Scripture in those denominations and are those branches of the of the church. I should say and when I have a conflict between Scripture and tradition.

I go with Scripture. So very simple in that respect.

I let's just look at some question of the Trinity versus oneness so one this Pentecostals rightly put a strong emphasis on the fact that God is one and one along that's positive that's true that's good that's right that there is one God and one God alone, but oneness doctrine fails to deal with aspects of God's nature. They clearly indicate that he has try you, and that he is complex in his unit universe like John XVII chapter is verse five were Jesus is speaking to his father and speaks of the glory that they enjoyed before the foundation of the world that flatly speaks of of father and son that plainly speaks of true and not one when Jesus is getting baptized in the spirit comes down upon him in the form of a job and the father speaks. This is my son, whom I love. You can't just say that those are different aspects of God are different modes of God that it simply doesn't work. The father sending the sun. The sun returning to the father and sending the spirit. It's it's not like a guy comes home from work and takes his uniform off so it at work. He was up working for the post office. Now he comes home and explain with his kids.

Now he's the daddy. Now he hugs his wife.

Now he's the husband know your your time. Other the husband sending the father who's going to get the postman great retirement. Three. And yet one so the Scriptures are clear.

There is one God and one God only if the Scriptures are also clear the father son and Spirit are all God and all distinct. Let's see okay Dena watch Dr. Whiteley said that you and he are going to do a dip bait with two homosexuals as I can be. Matthew vines correct. Yes, that's correct.

I still don't have confirmation.

This is supposed to happen it's in September in Florida, sponsored by theological seminary.

There are one man was very happy to debate us said he believes the authority of Scripture is changed his views on this and he was getting a colleague, but it still hasn't been absolutely confirmed, but it would be September 7 or eighth in Florida.

If it does happen. Let's see here are Carl, I've heard a popular speaker describe Adam as both male and female before Eve was taken from. What are your views on that yet.

There is certainly contained within him all of humanity.

God made a Dom in Genesis 1. So, Adam/mankind. God made a Dom male and female right male and female he created them. And yet, it's just a Dom and then God takes out of a Dom out of him. His side of his rib and makes the woman so there were components of male and female within them, but you did. He was both male and female is a misnomer or some of the ancient rabbinic questions. You know what was. See both simultaneously zero social back to back. Here's a man this way. A woman this way. No, there is certainly no evidence that he was a normal functioning male who had within him the seeds of the female as well that are then separated and made into female. Let's see here okay got so how do I get the questions that I missing here okay that I'm going to have to figure out okay so somebody's gonna tell me on my lifestream that I normally don't get to look at how I see the questions that are been posted that her older questions, 86634. Truth is I was trying to slog a little more centered here of 866-34-TRUTH 784 the number to call that, let me say a few things to about Bible questions and Bible controversies number one there are many many questions that we do have NS as to limit the scholarly biblical work.

I'm aware of many of the questions textual issues and and and what is what is the exact reading here, but overall nothing that affects our faith is challenged.

In other words, the things that God requires of us how we are to live that's laid out plainly that there are no textual questions were for the texts in this verse is this it would change everything that's one thing here's another thing when it comes to what we believe about God all the fundamentals are clearly laid out. There is no ambiguity there.

So the places where we have questions note. For example, and as I worked hard on my Job commentary and translating the book of Job.

Those those kinds of things of their there are ambiguities in various texts there been ambiguities in various verses, but nothing that affects the overall message of the overall flow of the book and then some of the challenge of it is also some of the mystery of the book that you have to dig and search and all this we come to God with dependents, we come to God.

St. help me give me insight open my eyes give me understanding, let me grab another Facebook question and I'm to go to the phones.

Let's see Terrence you agree with the parallels that the sages may consider the one who was pierced and Zechariah 12 is referred to as the son of Joseph.

Obviously there is some sympathy disagreement over this issue, but okay so Zechariah 12 in rabbinic literature in the tome of the tractate supercar says the text for HEB twilight to ship the car there looked to me whom they pierced the soft do all of in the morning over him that there are two different interpretations given in the Talmud today and the Talmud. Often, as dozens of interpretations of verses and laws and customs and things like that so one is that people are weeping at the end of the age there there weeping when they stand before God and they see the evil inclination. Judaism says this is good information and evil information that every human being struggles with this is part of you that's pulling on you to do good in party reporting on you to do evil that that it's the evil inclination that it's being spoken of that was slain at the end of the age and people will we over this insane. This is so small and get Me ballet ice, insomuch that Anna D. The other view is that speaking of the death of Messiah sent Joseph that at the end of the age there will be two messianic figures Messiah sent Joseph court rabbinic tradition who will fight the wars of the Lord successfully and finally died in the last great which case you will be raised from the dead by Messiah son of David who will finish the work and establish God's kingdom purposes and in the world rebuild the Temple in regard of the exiles establish peace on the earth and bring all the Jewish people into obedience to the written Torah and to rabbinic tradition that's according to traditional Judaism. There is one medieval scholar Moshe offset who actually interprets the death of Messiah sent a Joseph there as bringing atonement to Israel, to my knowledge, he's the only one that interprets it in an atoning way so I would say it's it's obviously wrong to look at a separate messianic figure, but it's a step in the right direction to see the prophecy as unfolding in messianic times.

It's a step in the right direction to see Israel's pain in morning over the death of this messianic figure and with this one medieval rabbi of a preacher, and an commentary on Scripture. Yes, it's even a step closer to recognize that the death of this messianic figure had atoning power which you just need to do now is is connected the dots.

It recognizes that a separate messianic figure. It's the one and only messianic figure Jesus is sure, the Messiah, 86634 right Taylor Andrew stay right there and I'm going to get to your question as soon as we come back on the other side of the break and friends. One thing I'm always seeking to do is bring a wake-up call to the church and preach wake-up call.

In my own life and this week special resource offer. You can find on our website.

Asked her to escape DR is designed to do just that. Disturb your heart of a book that I wrote how saved all that rock your world 1990 is God's that it get out okay we will be right back more of your Bible. Questions file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by going 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown and I know seven as he was serving a missions team in Italy. So there for I don't normally see my my Facebook feed is on doing the show but were on the road as you can see, though this is not some imaginary background backdrop that we have here. This is my hotel in California. We got a great audio and video set up here so great to be with you.

I've open the phone's Gary, my man Gary nice to see online 866-34-TRUTH 7884 all the time people email me text me my can be seen this Dr. remedy seen this what about this. There's always something new. There's always something weird. There's always something strange someone deviating from Scripture someone claiming the Bible said something that no one's ever seen before and on and on and on it goes. So this is always and look I study with all liberal professors Orthodox Jewish professors or secular professors know it's none of them believed what I believe this is all through college or through a Masters or thrive. So I was const exposed to different views and of course, in constant dialogue with people in different religions and ink with cults and then with different parts of the body, so I'm quite aware of controversy, and use illicitly after 46 years in the Lord.

It leaves me absolutely confident the authority of Scripture absolutely confident that God's word is been reliably preserved, absolutely confident that we are on the side of truth, and that this is truth we can live for an truth. We can die for, so don't be moved. Don't be moved by the children discover that listless. There has been no major archaeological study of any kind to undermine Scripture.

There have been many archaeological finds of great import to corroborate Scripture but nothing is been discovered that clearly disproves something in the Bible and if were going to be intellectually honest.

We have to throw Scripture know nothing to the state. There something to raise questions are how does this align with this or that, but friends been been in this for 46 years and having studied with top scholars and professors that differ with me. I want to reassure you that God's Word, the Bible is absolutely trustworthy. In fact, forgo the phones with your Bible related questions today is escalation for everything tomorrow. You have a greater interview with some guests and immigration were time on moral cultural issues all the time. But everything comes back to Scripture, Scripture, Scripture, Scripture, that's the foundation that's the basis for everything we say, do, and believe right, but to say this video number three are considered this series is about to come out any day this week we will have it out, who separated the church from its Jewish roots. All this can be an eye-opener.

We have prepared video for which ask our modern translations of the Bible reliable, but we need funding to produce it to do the high-level graphics and to get it out if you want to stand with us if you want to help us in that project this is. This cost thousands of dollars to do properly and we we do it at a reduced budget compared to many. But if you want to help us get out video number for the considered this series go to our website.

Asked Dr. escape DR and click on donate and then just designate what you want to give for or make sure that you enclose a note to us. Consider it all right. Let us without further ado, the phones, 866-34-TRUTH in practice to asked her to this/S Dr. this/you can donate their and you can see our first two videos which are pretty video number three on any day this week will be ready video number four ready as soon as you help us get it up and ready. I we go over to California Andrew hey, where in California are you out of Dr. okay great what your questions are all pertinent only reliable question that all modern have been altered and changed away. Yeah so okay. It's unfortunate that anyone in the year 2018 is being told.

It's one thing if soliciting James and finds it beautiful.

I read it cover to cover five times the first couple years of the Savior probably memorize 4000 versus out of it. How however that that being said no, that is 100% false on every level, or if you want some good books on that. Just check out search for King James version and then DA Carson so highly respected New Testament scholar Donald Carson, DA Carson or my friend and colleague James, like Dr. James White. The King James only controversy search for usernames DA Carson James White putting King James and you will get detailed information regarding this idea a few things of interest.

You can also check on our website Esther to in the digital library to search for King James version of because we did some whole shows about it. Talk about strengths and weaknesses number one the King James translators were trying to do it took to provide a translation that would use the best manuscripts available in the best English they could to be contemporary. They had no dream or thought of this is the authoritative thing forever. In fact, when you read their preface transcends preference you get the idea that if there were alive today, they would be doing a brand-new translation and if there alive 30 years ago they be doing a brand-new translation of their life 100 years from now role here they be doing a brand-new translation that's first second thing we have better manuscript evidence that we have text that are much, much older. So, here and there with his controversy about verse about which later was the right letter here that we have more manuscript evidence, especially for the Hebrew Bible than we ever have. So God has providentially given us more that gets us closer than we've ever been to the original text that that's another thing absurd thing is that we understand the language is better. We have more and more documents from the ancient world that help us understand ancient Hebrew that help us understand ancient Greek and therefore we we have better understanding of the words. So first, the King James translators were eager to have a contemporary version and they would be the first to do it today.

That's 12 we have better manuscript evidence than we ever had. Three. We have better knowledge of the Hebrew and Greek that we ever so of course, by all means we should utilize what we have and and improve our translations of the Bible.

There's 1/4 thing, which is that the English language has changed dramatically. So in certain ways. The King James today would be misunderstood. I'll give you a classic example. Second Timothy 215 study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that he does not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

If I quoted correctly for memory from the King James cc our study to show thyself approved so that means I should be studying the Bible to show myself approved as a man of God as a servant to work. Of course we should be. Of course we should be.

In addition, we should be rightly handling our undivided, rightly handling the word of God but but that being said the word study. There is simply old English and it means do your best. Strive to do your best. Hence, first Thessalonians forward to study, to be quiet this evening. Read books about how to be quiet but strive to live a quiet and peaceful life so you wouldn't know that the word study has changed you think are just adjusting study except again we should send the word, but second Timothy 215 rightly translations a strive to do your best. Anyway, that's just one example out of many, many, many in the King James road speeding majesty does have translation errors. There are things that could be done differently and better in many translations, even with the top committee and decades of work that after decades of work you notice here's an error here for something needs to be improved here for something that they could be better here so it is 100% of all gas bowl guests with the King James only as the authorized English and therefore should be followed.

Hey thank you sir for the question of when a standard many times people hold to this. Do not hold to it based on scholarship the whole truth based on dogma and it becomes a spiritual stronghold. So pray that the truth will penetrate again if you prefer the King James Tuesday.

God bless you. All right. And if you say what I believe New Testament textual traditions that it follows of the best will and find and read the new King James Ariza modern English version. We would also follow the same textual traditions great by all means do that but the idea that the King James is the authorized of the divinely given version or the most fanatical adherence actually say this, they actually say that if you can show that the King James has an error from the Hebrew or the Greek, then the errors in the Hebrew and Greek text. That's how bizarre this gets a thank you sir for the question, 866-34-TRUTH. Let me get to some of the other questions here of solar which translation is best today. There is no one translation there is no one translation. Every translation of strengths and weaknesses, so the ESV is is kind of in between the NIV and the NASB, it seeks to be careful and literal and yet to read well there places though that I think it's a little stiff could be little better this ESV takes a new route at different places and and often renders things a little differently and were used to seeing. And I like that a lot within here and there.

I think deviates a bit. Does need to.

The NET is meticulous to to really try to dig out the meaning of the Hebrew and Greek and and has tens of thousands of explanatory notes for that. However, it doesn't really read that well of the NIV that the old NIV the 84 MAV. I like the way that better than the newer one, but it deftly had errors. The older NIV in some places work to smooth out the English. It missed some of the original of the tree of life version is one that I participated in an and that I really like because it's has insured for Jesus and his Miriam for Mary and were appropriate to raw for law a but if you're not interested in something that recover some of the Jewish feel and even some of the unique style translation there of, than you want something different of the young and those are those servants of the major the ISV is really nice in many ways also comes at things from some different angles and and has something unique in the New Testament which is if there is poetry. It tries to render it poetically like that the skull the Carmen Christie this is the song of Christ of the Messiah in Philippians.

The second chapter or in first Timothy the third chapter. Great is the mystery of godliness that those seem to be early hams or fragments of hands or or poetic sayings that they may been put to music. So the translator even those I can get the Greek exactly you can't do it. Poetic form renders it very interestingly, our friends will be right back. It's the line of fire with your host activist and author internationals leader and theologian Dr. Michael Brown spiritual revolution get into the light of ironbound by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown is try to do this under rapid answer some of your questions that have been posted on our life on Facebook. Okay, so we are broadcasting from California and we should be doing a live feed up and asked to speak on the theme of saving a sick America tonight in a major culture conference being held in Susa Pacific University put together my praise capital and usually doing a live stream so be looking for it tonight old, 10, 11 o'clock at night Eastern standard Time. Okay let me look at some of the questions you posted here and okay Estefani why do people say God was drunk once and no clue. Never heard it complete nonsense.

Why would anyone even say that in response complete nonsense. Let's see here. What is the Bible to translate the leaves into is believing in most translations. John 316, 524 often interpret as reaching salvation by reaching a point of belief into belief and once saved always saved you so the Greek is ongoing. Whoever believes but it's it's not necessarily arguing there in John 316 that that I think it's making a statement. There about you have to persevere in your faith in order to be saved as a true believer will persevere in faith, and of some of this not persevere in faith are outside the kingdom. We we agree on that and and I do understand how it could be taken as once saved always saved, if you just believe one time right of but in English we would normally say whoever is believing, or whoever continues to believe in spaces and you put your trust in the assumption is that you will put your trust in him and keep your trust in him the wrong deduction is that you put your trust in him and then once you've done that, you're free to live however you want your still in great question because the Greek is ongoing and and therefore cannot be used to support a once saved always saved viewpoint. All right, let's keep going here will see okay William I had someone tell me all medications are connected to witchcraft based on the Greek word from Akia which is used in the New Testament to refer to witchcraft, not a list with within the Bible it talks about like the balm of Gilead in the end of the eighth chapter of Jeremiah an end and we know that certain things were used medicinally. Oil and wine were used medicinally poured into wounds and and various things like that. So that is utter nonsense to say all medications or witchcraft or listen the fact that a particular word over period of centuries in other languages and cultures switches to mean something else is utterly irrelevant as I've often said the English word nice inspector French word for idiot was approved better word switches in over culture trade can check it mean anything over period of time so complete and utter nonsense where where people can all right let's see here. Yeah Ozzie wake up church by going to missions trip to poor Third World country. Yeah, absolutely to be life-changing. Been overseas 160 times in many to go to India every year for 25 straight years absolutely so my thoughts on Jonathan Wallace rapture listen reference to review the majority the book of Revelation was ready for Philip and his provincial prophecy of what is at the comp I find a lot of Jonathan's teaching on the subject's really problematic. I find is predators and really problematic.

I find his mocking rejection of Israel problematic over a few years back. I invited him to dialogue with me on the radio to have a debate on it and he declined either so I II do not hold to pretrip raptures. You know, Prof. Creek and I have a book coming out in March called, not afraid of the antichrist. What we don't leave the preacher rapture can preorder on Amazon now when it's ready to come out. You get the lowest available price for the security list. You can read the blurb about it on Amazon not afraid of the antichrist cleaner and brown, but the. The arguments for predators and the arguments of things already being fulfilled in history that especially of new heavens and new earth, in various things like that and that's summative. Some extreme predators hold that there were ready in the new heavens and the new earth at its this is stuff that I find that is wrong but actually dangerous. Let's see encounters their purpose behind when the commercials, especially so that we don't control my feet the same fee that you're getting from the studio, allowing you to hear me is is the fee that that keeps coming right and and sometimes if we switch it so we can control the volume, either just it is where this by during the commercials.

You can always turn it down your computer or your cell phone yeah girl you're allowed to do that.

I'm just messing with it but you go ahead and do that briefly discuss a group trip to Israel, yes. Yes is still still room not a lottery but still room for every 1st to 10th getting your deposit now absolutely do it so we go to all of the standard key sites you are from Asad and did see in the South to keep parts in Galilee in the north and and then all of the key parts of Jerusalem. Every day you like your stunned or overwhelmed and then I'm very key places to do teaching during the day in a && fire from heaven Mount caramel do we teaching their work or baptisms of the river during which people really are moved by. I'll be there for those in and Scott folded our tour guide. They're all through the day and then at night so call me holy fry the whole event will be doing special meetings.

I'll be doing teachings will be doing Q&A will have special worship times preaching so will be meetings at night you get to do radio with me. Of those that want to come along to radio with me so will do something special in the day that amazing life-changing tour that alone so if that was it and I was even there is actually worth it to go but then I'll be there for key teaching and then every night by the opportunity to do something together. Let's see here just scrolling down for some more questions. Hey, shalom from Faith Church hungry, please your pastor Chandra my warmest regards and greetings and tell him it would be great to see him again.

The church one of these days so that I count you along with Derek Prince and NT Wright to be my mentors in Christ my go to sources for interpretation of Scripture.

Hey Philip it's it's an honor to be included with those two men.

What I did note those when it comes to Israel and views about Israel today or God's promises for Israel. Stay with Dr. Prince and me.

I respectfully would differ with NT Wright. All of his brilliance when it comes to Israel K. Let's see here. Keep going down for some more questions. Yet NASB as far as the modern translation is excellent, and in many many ways, but I find it a little stiff.

In other words by so trying to convey, say, Greek phraseology and tenses and things like that. It doesn't read that well and the same for the Hebrew that that you want is liturgy cabinet, but the Hebrew has power and majesty to it that that often doesn't come across in the NASB, if you are the entry I did last week with Donna Greenberg about the TLV hurdle which is quite an ambitious goal, but her goal for was that it would be as as reverent as the King James is readable as the NIV is accurate is the NASB that's what we we saw as as translators. Let's see here your bride of the King James was good for Paul to go for us why that was the NIV considered heretical.

Some call with the nearly inspired version will that came some from the King James only, and any deviation for the King James that became popular. They got very upset with that's one thing another another thing is that, for example, let let's say you have a verse that will talk about the blood of Jesus with the blood of the son and and then another place you don't have and people to have the NIV. The stupid lie when no the better explanations and in some places in some places it was added in, in a phrase that translators are's or scribe succeeds in copping manuscripts are more likely to add and then take away so sometimes you may have had it added because the phrases from rephrasing you added something in there is the rendering of verse 70 with homosexuality. First Corinthians 6 that some felt softened the meaning and and therefore was heretical again that's that's morbid translation each like I don't think the NIV translates.

I am sure that they didn't do the best job of risk within 69.

The original builder NIV they could've done better on that. In fact, let's just sit the current NIV translation so the current NIV for first Corinthians 69 has changed things and improved on it so that what it says is as I just look for here. Neither the sexually immoral nor dollars.

An adult his new met nor men who have sex with men of the same thing. I believe as the ESV has many practice homosexuality, the NASB, effeminate, nor homesick trust for homosexuals but effeminate could be essentially misunderstood as in the King James of the CSP anyone practicing homosexuality that does convey things more accurately, I'd see if I grab a few more of your questions here.

The occurrence of the passion version that's not translation okay is not translation. That's a paraphrase. Don't use it as your primary Bible just like you should use the message as your primary Bible or the living Bible is your primary Bible also paraphrases and that there there places were Brian Simmons, Dr. Simmons, is that a beautiful job of really grabbing literally the passion of the text and conveying the beauty and the power of it and that's that's wonderful, that's excellent, but other times it you're getting his view of things put in his fishlike song of Solomon something like that so use it in a secondary way. After reading the Bible, then go to that to see okay how is he understands how the same way message) is a really important to you tomorrow on immigration and health logic don't want to miss one of the more lively the gun watching for live stream on Facebook tonight's meeting in California

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