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When a Man Invades a Woman’s Locker Room

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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August 7, 2018 5:20 pm

When a Man Invades a Woman’s Locker Room

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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August 7, 2018 5:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 08/07/18.

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Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
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Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

Can you believe this, a man who identifies as a woman goes into the women's locker room of the planet fitness. When the woman complains she loses her membership. What stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire going 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends.

There's a reason we've taken the stance that we taken over the years. This is not something that we were looking for. This was not a fight that we were trying to start.

These are things that have literally come knocking at our doors. These are things that literally have come into our homes via social media and media. These are things that have actually happened in locker rooms and bathrooms and what we care about every individual on the planet. If you identify as gay or straight. If you identifies atheist or Christian.

If you are black or white. None of those things are issues we care about everyone we want to help everyone and we believe Jesus died for everyone at the same time. When aggressive, radical LGBT activism comes knocking at our door. We have to respond in literally when these are no longer just abstract issues but matters that affect your privacy and your your own safety or your own sense of privacy and safety. Now we must respond. So you may have heard this in the news. In fact, these kinds of things are hardly outrageous and abnormal these days, but a woman in a workout place the plaintiff that happens we planet fitness in locker room. A man comes in a biological male identifies his female what happened next is really beyond what you call it, beyond description. Beyond belief, but it's the world were living in today and in fact many circles on the get articles here this guest who will not identify fully would just call Mrs. H she's on with attorney Matt stay for she is being vilified as if she's the bad person. Remember, play the. The 911 call where where the man calls 911 on Mrs. H. So friends were not taking calls right now but I'm joined today by Mrs. H, herself, and there are many reasons for not giving hurtful identity and with Matt Stever. If I read his whole bio we be here for an extra hour, but he is the founder and chairman of Liberty Council. This is one of the most influential Christian legal organizations in the world today since an international nonprofit litigation education policy organization dedicated to advancing religious freedom, the sanctity of human life and the family. He's been involved in many major legal opinions and many major cases in this particular instance is so important that even other other attorneys. Liberty counselor could join us.

Matt himself wanted to give us his time to be with us today so Matt and Mrs. H. Welcome to the broadcast packet could be with you now. Mrs. H.

Before we get into specifics with you Matt. It is this is outrageous as this particular situation is is is something that shocks you or surprises you. Given the climate of America today and are important. Becoming more commonplace at that time, it is shocking because it just makes you shake your head. Not only does that intrude on personal privacy.

Certainly, but also on safety and the respect and dignity of women, but it really puts women at risk. To say that a man biological man can use the women's restroom because that man says that he identifies as a woman, or walk the think that he's a woman be treated as a woman or alternatively even if the man just wants to use the women's facility he can mean that he thinks he's a woman.

The bottom line is when you allow a biological man to go into the restroom to the locker rooms the changing rooms. The dressing rooms of women you are putting women at risk.

So it's becoming more commonplace, unfortunately, but it is still just a shot and let's also remember that were commonly told by transgender activists. This is not an issue, sexual orientation, meaning that a biological male who believes he's a woman is presumably still attracted to women. So you've got, regardless of how this person identifies some attracted to women who is a biological male and if that is not a threat to privacy and potential safety on the what is soaked. Mrs. H meet before we discuss what happened at this fitness center. Is there anything in your own background that would make you more sensitive to issues like this back to my wife actually called Rob I would be) I can get away back.

It was very traumatic for me in and out.

How long did that the trauma last, my lap and a good year I had posttraumatic stress, Reiner. I was running when he attacked me to matter what man I thought with ham handed out with quite a few cuts and bruises and lump in my head and we were talking poorly with talking start talking talking dog for talking helicopter very fanatic and Enoch. I think it away but I had to run for good year with basically had brownie in case you now and you long can I fail not line certain areas yeah and in the fact that you were able to get a little a lot of the traumas in the year. I'm sure you been told it's recessed because other people at the rest of their lives, or traumatized, but but this the reality in the memory of it you get over the trauma never goes away. Alright, so tell us what happened on this infamous day. Now I walk into the women's locker room and I would member there for about 18 months like that, but I walk in the car young man wearing a friend of Amira, and I wasn't sure are wrong in a locker room. I thought maybe he was an environment think you are no other women. It was just me and him and it took me a minute to recognize that the man in front of me and I had Jeremy eat here in the wrong walk around and he never answered me, and I noticed he had a bunch of makeup on the counter in front of him and would put not so he did not answer me so I went to the front, back, and I said there's a man in a lock around when I withhold lucky I as they want, and I think that he looked like a man doesn't matter. He identifies he is self reporting identity is the one like this that well. I can't go anywhere and change to keep my locker. Nathan what I need is going to have to wait. I waited an hour for him to come out you waited an hour back and yes, I waited an hour he weighed. He was an effort provided in our and when you went in there. I was dressed yet. I think talking.

He had on like a guy anymore, so he walked in there so the folks at the front desk knew exactly what was happening as they they answered you went when you raise this issue okay so after waiting roughly in an hour which you tell your of their work out right. You go back there you go you back to the front desk would have to go back into lock around. I went back okay and I said to him I only had about backend because the young employee of the holiday weekend.

Yeah. And all I think you can basically wipe down I'm out here waiting, and you been in here in our how long are you going to be. I don't feel comfortable changing with you in here and he never anchored me again didn't say a word that I have for fun and I would not want my firm thing here with really nothing against him might be. Doesn't belong in a woman talking in my opinion, though he did never answered me, and I went back out because the employee you think you better get out of here you can get in trouble why my netiquette and travel and you just can't say things like that. I can't walk out everything on camera they could see that very easily.

I wasn't in the second. Yeah, alright so so going to wrap you know enough for him to call 911 on me. I hear the stories I read the stories arrayed about the stories but to actually speak to you directly but still have to be utterly incredulous so so what will cover all the details in terms of how this ends up getting to Liberty Counsel, but met what was planet fitness with fitness center. What what in the world with a thinking to say that this guy who identifies his him as a woman can go into a woman's locker room. What we now know they've issued a public statement in the last couple of days is that anyone who identify with whatever gender can use whatever changing the filter they want to now that's not in any other policy when Mrs. H find the agreement to become a member 18 months before all this happened. Like any woman across the country when they sign up to be a member of planet fitness and they paid her feet.

There's nothing in there that that men can use the lock.

There's nothing in there that says you can use the locker room, changing room, restroom of the choice of your identifiable gender.

Whatever you identify to the contrary, they are assured that there are men's and women's changing facilities, and so we have a there's a case up in Michigan where the Michigan Supreme Court had identical fact pattern yeah this is not an isolated situation and the Michigan Supreme Court just recently ruled against planet fitness and indicate back down to the lower court saying that planet fitness likely violated the consumer protection act because they committed fraud had it made known to its women or in that case, the plaintiff there or in this case, Mrs. H, or anyone that men could use the changing facilities they would've made a different decision. I can tell you that Mrs. H would not have chosen to replace four fitness she was going to some other place that respect not only for privacy but most are safe yeah and and friends place for you. The clips that the 911 clip of the Okay, how can what world are we let what world are we living in friends that Mrs. H was guilty of sexually harassing a man a biological male who was in the women's locker room, contrary to written policy of planet fitness. When you sign for your membership and in there for an hour plus putting on makeup and I'm looking at an article assist meeting heterosexual woman got banned from the gym for insulting a trans woman she think she's the victim your time of the world where everything is turned upside down. Sue will be right back with attorney Matt Stever of Liberty Counsel and Mrs. H to hear the rest of the story and will play the actual call for you, stay right here and it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael and I read or eight I a work out here okay and your name sir.

Of course, that's it. That's a man on the phone this that little snippet has to be one of the most ridiculous crazy topsy-turvy calls and separate them into 911. A man in a woman's locker room was sexually harassed. The woman said that she's not comfortable with his presence there any call he calls 911.

I'm joined by Mrs. H.

The woman in question and that Stever of Liberty Counsel, by the way, to find out more about liberty. Counsel will give you info how to contact them. You yourself may be in need of legal help in one of these very issues may be something in your school in your place of business and they are there standing with you so Mrs. H what happens next because your membership ends up getting terminated, well, I went home. At that point I would push a cop. I went home and that Wednesday, Saturday, and I did not go to the gym on Friday and I did not go to the gym on Monday, which is outside my habit, I usually go every day.

The holiday weekend and I would hear, but I just felt closer I did not want to meet him in the locker room again like he didn't wait until Tuesday morning and call the manager with no manager duty the weekend and I didn't even have a chance before I could even call her. I got a termination note that I was terminated but judging that even talk to me lately.

What was the exact language. One thing they call it linking linking line linking their term for a got a wide variety of actions that come under that term lacking in one of them judging and they are no judgment, supposedly known okay and I'm going to lick lick spelunking up you get urban dictionary Matt it is ridiculous you look at locking policy. You can't drop away can't drop grunt and and if you do you get three warnings and then your membership would be terminated.

Three warnings so been there for the Piedmont.

She never had any warnings about anything she didn't judge she's just simply saying I can't use that woman's locker room with a man in there and understand places where you changed. It's just a curtain. You can't go in and shut the door and lock it.

You have a door going into it. But then, would you change, it's just individual.

Kurt and I want to call 911 call was that this person followed her out into the parking lot as late was making her way to the car and he's calling 91. Following her and then if she starts to run to get away from me starts to run after and having the background that she had with running from somebody you try to sexually assault her. Now man is running across the parking lot you can listen to the entire call this person Jordan rich does not sound distressed at all.

Now Jordan rich oh he had a panic attack that he was harassed and she yelled and you look at the 911 call it the complete nonsensical call it, it's someone who's harassing Mrs. H. And then she gets terminated from her membership so fitness violates its own policy. First, both of you in the morning about that using locker. Yeah. And then secondly it doesn't even say that you have one strike to strike the and finally three strikes you're out to just simply letter without any compensation yeah and that you know how long a bit on top of these issues dealing with them.

I'm still still stunned to hear this firsthand empty here a couple of realities. Jordan is a man who is emotionally confused. I'd love for him to get help. Yes, I am saying that because there's no the way these things happen and whatever hypersensitivity sees dealing with or not.

Mrs. H's fault and the other thing is that locker rooms, bathrooms have nothing to do with perception, you can perceive yourself to be a giraffe or a Martian or Napoleon Bonaparte or a female you could perceive is of me anything but a men's bathroom is made for men and women's bathroom for women in their separate locker rooms and dressing rooms not based on perception, but based on biology so no one was judging what is important fact.

Planet fitness has lumped Mrs. H is exactly what happened. So I end and the trumpet running from the sky with a 911.

This is can be on a recent Mrs. H what what happens. How do you get hold of liberty Counsel. I'm so glad you submit your head screwed on. After all this I would very barrier that I didn't know what to do right by now I'm going to send an email liberty, my right now.

I had not been terminated point with over the weekend before I went back and kidnapped immediately very much within our contacted me yet. You do have a case without added yeah and then getting terminated, added to its friends. You may need the help of liberty. Counsel you may have a case that they could turn something in your state or in the nation are just your life. and their great resources there to help you for your love, or religious freedom and care about the sanctity of human life and the family also a great organization to support so Matt where do things stand right now while we got a demand letter to planet fitness. I'll reinstate her membership. Although at this point time, it would be hard from our psychological standpoint want to go back there and what exactly sure exec that they have and more time so we had a competent call with, but then they come out with a public statement that says what. Apparently the Robert practices and that is that you can use the locker room facility of your identification, your self identification so that put them out in a public statement that is completely contrary to what is H every other country is sought, so we know now that this is the stomach across the nation. Every planet fitness and I would encourage everyone to go to their planet for and asked him point-blank is the policy written in this plan, one that allows a man to use the women's restroom. If that man says that he identify the and we know now that that apparently is there practice they are going to be in serious trouble.

Because that is consumer fraud. They have been fraudulently taking the money from their women. Client without protecting the privacy of personal security. I without letting them know what their actual policy and they know that in fact if they have warned these women across the country that men could use the locker room. I guarantee there's not can be very many women that join up for planet fitness anymore so they are in some serious problems and not just this morning fitness Leesburg Florida but it really is the stomach across the country and incredible and of the traces may be long-term but is this possible for class-action suit as a consumer fraud you know certainly that is the consideration we started planet fitness in Leesburg.

But no, the more we look at it it looks like it problem across the country and just so happened that the case came down right after this case in Florida broke so same identical fact that you change the names and the location of the state. Otherwise it's something socialism under vehicle had, please, please fail know that I was told by the manager that I am 61 will rent it, that it yeah youwere talking about how four things go some years back.

There was a man who identified as woman named Calin who is in an a in a spa and excuse me who's in the sauna and ate a college that he was attending identify this as woman then: he was there stark naked and some young ladies of high schoolers that share the the pool there for their facilities. When into the to the sauna and here's a guy naked and and they were the ones were guilty that they were the ones who did something wrong because they have a policy for identifies woman you could. You can use the sauna naked were not exaggerating when not making these things up friends, so also Matt, just a minute before the break societies been turned upside down. The equal rights of a tiny fee which shouldn't be rights at all because it's it's a misnomer here have now tromped the rights of the rest of society.

What we do well heart Roderick. We have to realize what's going on and what that the root of this at the root of it is ultimately the abolition of gender what's at the root of that is the evolution of God who created us in his image and created OSHA's male and female complementary genders and this literally turns objective reality on that there is no more objective reality of men can be women of our not even that if you could be neither. You be the specter about neither male or female main that is total collapse of our social structure, and I think we need to not only understand what going on house is freedom, but also take some steps to push back because this just violates the average person, and and certainly it violate the rights of people is if you can just stay with us one more moment when he gets real quick break with attorney Matt Stabler from liberty. Counsel and Mrs. H who herself is a victim of harassment go anywhere light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown line of fire now by calling 8663 here again is Dr. Michael Brown for all those just tuning in them just joining us now I have two special guests and I want to give you a quick recap. Mrs. H is a survivor of a violent rape attempt years ago while jogging.

She was attacked fought for her life ran away successfully experienced postman express. After that, quite understandably, she was in a planet fitness recently and she went into change to get ready to work out if she does daily and there was a man in the locker room putting makeup on and she asked him how long he was going to be made clear that she wasn't comfortable changing the presence of a man and he didn't answer her. She went and spoke with the front desk. They said all he identifies as woman he can go in there, she waited roughly an hour went back and quickly. How are you going to be ugly waiting an hour doesn't respond.

She goes back out, they tell you better get out of here.

He's upset paraphrasing and it ends up he calls the police on her claims that she sexually harassed him planet fitness then terminates Mrs. H is membership is nothing missing. There's nothing extra that happened right terminates her membership and she is now been banned from 66 planet fitness is.

She had the summer to bind to contact Liberty Counsel, which is now taking this case to court because what you saw when you saw you contracted planet fitness is there are changing areas for men and for women it doesn't tell you that those who identify as the opposite of what they are, can use either facility so Mrs. H and Matt Stabler. Thanks so much for staying on extra with me up just somehow lost Mrs. H if we could just reconnect please. That would be great. Matt right before the break you were talking about ways were we need to push back and for years it seems that we been on the defensive with one outrageous case after another and then we just keep trying to teach biblical principles for families and do what's right.

What we do at this point do we just concede that society is losing its corporate mind just throwing the towel. We just keep trying to get water out of a sinking boat what's what's your counsel to us well providing corporate mind and common you don't ever give up the battle look at the Scriptures old and New Testament that you constantly have against all God's people remain faithful and that's what God is asking us to do and to shine the light of truth understand that the issues that were dealing with this area were talking about many people who are broke. So on the one hand, we have to realize that there individuals created in the the other hand, we have to realize that there is an agenda to the trapeze and into a status of brokenness and we can't allow that to happen on our watch, and certainly not our religious liberties to be entrenched in our free exercise of religion opportunities just liberty in general to be wiped away.

You know, take the example of Moses, yet the superpower of the planet Egypt. They went and sought to kill all the baby boys two years old and under, they wanted to wipe out the boys and guess what ultimately happened God orchestrated a plan against all odds that one boy the future leader to let his people go and make that statement in front of Pharaoh the most powerful person on the planet was actually being raised in Pharaoh's own household without Pharaoh realized how could you write that script but God write scripts like that, then God is writing the script right now. What you need is a need people who are willing to make it different and make a a light in darkness and to stand for truth against false or and so I would say to people don't get discouraged because this is a historic moment, not just in America but around the world around the world, the same issues are being battled all over the planet, not just here, and in some places that's worse than here, and in some places that they're looking at United States determine which way they're going so stay involved find it what's going on but never, ever, ever give up and don't ever be discouraged. Isaiah said to King Hezekiah when he was faced by the been superpower of the planet, the king of Assyria do not be afraid of the word. You have heard yet. I pray and God ultimately intervened against all odds that he will do that again.

You just need people willing to make a difference in stand yeah it's the nature of light to shine so that's that's what we do we shine in the dark. It is more clearly that we shine before we just go back to Mrs. H want you to hear this clip is very reminiscent of a clipper a man is calling calling 911 and saying that he's been sexually harassed and you can sell semantic going to be a woman. Here's a man who identifies as woman: he says that he's now lesbian still attracted to women of the words he's he's in a sauna, naked one high school students come in to use the sauna that share the pool there with a with a college listen to what quote cold rain. I'm sorry Francis.

Francis is the name you listen to what Francis has to say. This is not 1959 Alabama we don't call the police for drinking from the raw water from Matt just quickly, but you can't. Can this be compared to color issue segregation those things now not a dog, man, you are born with your color.

Get up and that you don't choose.

You cannot change that in this particular case, you have the prime craziness going on because this is a man who identifies as a woman, but Philip sexually attracted to women so that they ran sexual lesbian. You can't even make this stuff up another work.

This is a man who wants to identifies woman to his locker facility, but is attractive to women. That is some of the non-that is happening with what were seen around the country. Yeah, nothing, nothing less than that. So so Mrs. H just want to go back to fruit for last word here obviously the whole thing is traumatic and even if I was fitness open the door again if you want to go back there. It's distasteful.

But how can we pray for you right now because now it now court case all these things. Nothing going away soon and by the way, if your name was known you would be bombarded with the most ugly vile attacks post email stuff since your house day and night. I'm sure you know what would we come your way. How can we pray for you just it to come out of this thing whole thing on not. I really feel like we need a copy through my fighter about the nation and by when I'm going to get her fingers on the lack of protection for women. I think that something that is honorable and not something that we should be doing is winning.

Women need to draw line at the back door. I think they need yeah. And could you speak to others who might be reluctant to to get engage sinking well you know it's just me and don't don't we don't. We need to stand and focus a lot of people weaker than you that that that wouldn't stand and just would run away and cowering it you knew the three checks a liberty counsel speak about that until the mother is in an and and and fathers in terms of taking a stand. We don't put your hand in rehabbing them come out and put back right liability to going to a bathroom without having to be fearful or anxious. So many different things going on today. If the matter of you know I you you going to let them live so that we don't have any right to want somebody told me the other day I may be brought up a good point think that it is right to the female locker room were allocated but found my right and it right there with his light began yeah exactly.

And you know it's happening now in sports a high school sports we have boys who identifies girls, no winning races and some of the girls now that that you know that so they don't make it into the top three or four and maybe that they don't qualify for scholarship in the school, etc., and in one of the young lady sentences is if the rights of the majority being overthrown because because the concerns of a tiny minority.

So a lot of folks praying for you Mrs. H. Stand strong and and be wonderful if God touches Jordan's heart defines wholeness as well, and that keep up the great work you do not. I know it can be wearying and you're such a voice of courage and strength and clarity.

So keep up the great work you Mrs. H were standing with you.

Thank you so much. All right you II just want to respond to to a question that I see red on my YouTube screen from Jed Thomas Weisbrod obsessed with this is you that you think anybody in their right mind think that this the kind of stuff you wake up in the morning think I think I want to talk about a man going into women's locker room only. I think I want to write about another issue of of trance sanity all yeah I think I want to talk about the latest issue of extreme LGBT activism friends I would be thrilled to never ever ever for the rest of my life have to do a radio show on this have to write an article on this have to do an interview on this have to write a book on this I would be thrilled beyond words and I gladly joyfully spend years reaching out to those who identifies LGBT and sharing the love God with it and making sure that they are not excluded from the gospel. This is like why obsessed with this. Why obsessed with this fire in California obsessed with that doing other things. Did you got a burning fire that's consumer and the thousand houses you gotta deal with this one so consumed about euros after 9/11 one is concerned about terrorism well because we have terrorists trying to destroy lives, Titanic, why are you so concerned about that iceberg because the icebergs in the sink the ship it's raining friends. It's pouring rain and we are taking our umbrellas out. It's pouring rain and were thinking okay, how do we deal with the rain. Am I likening a transgender activist to a 9/11 terrorist. No MI likening a gay activist to wildfire, destroying homes in California no got that. I know you misquote me anyway friends but that's okay, someone happens all the time. But that's fine.

That's why the caveats and the qualifiers am I saying that LGBT activism is knocking on our door 24 seven and we need to respond yes yes yes yes I'm not obsessed with this issue is just day and night. These things are coming our way. Day and night. We are bombarded with these things day and night people's rights are being infringe their privacy is being taken and there are kids being influence with all kinds of ideologies that we find wrong and destructive. There's a push to get this normalizing churches obsessed with issue obsessed with finding truth speaking truth living truth challenged. I will speak up over it. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends. It was in 2004 that God laid on my heart that I needed to get involved with the issue of gay, lesbian, activism, transgender was not as prominent as that at that point, and I'm sure this before but but when I questioned the Lord on this. Why me, why me. I mean you've you've got so many fine leaders. You've got national Christian leadership got people who focused on family issues and people who focused on marriages. Susan people are focused on gender and sexuality issues. None of those things. My background or specialty.

Why me, I realized and understood that this was the great issue that was confronting the church. This was going to be the great issue confronting the society and how we respond. It was going to be of critical importance therefore is a right of all hands on deck, including me with a PhD not in psychiatry or psychology with a PhD not engender sexuality with a PhD not in marriage or family studies with a PhD and near Eastern languages me that coming out of homosexuality, or some other area of sexual brokenness mean not having a burden to reach out to this particular group of people in society. Why me because everybody was needed or at least a certain group of people were needed and because God has burglary about gospel based moral and cultural revolution. This being a central issue, God laid on my heart to get involved with the word reach out and resist reach out to the people with compassion resist the agenda with courage so you're listening now identifies trance, you think you have not, you have no undersea don't know my friend, you don't know so call Dr. you don't know you're mad at me, you're mad at me correct.

I do not know what it is like to wake up feel like I'm trapped in the wrong, but I can imagine the trauma of try to think okay to feel at the house I forgot to imagine that because I don't know right but let me ask you this, Dr. who's never had cancer help a patient with cancer is that possible, are not another question, counselor who is never been raped. Help a rape victim for possible can someone who's there been drug addicted help drug addicts and the answer to all those questions of his. Yes, of course, if that person is gifted in their area has real compassion yes of course any point of fact, many people you reach in ministry to help. We have not express what they've experienced what I can tell you friend is that God did not put you in the wrong body and if there's a problem it's not fixing the body. Oh, you may have a handicap. You may be intersects with a genuine biological or chromosomal handicap and abnormality just like someone who is blind or deaf, or has some other abnormality writers, and with it, with a six finger and the others don't function properly. Whatever it is I'll talk about someone who is biologically whole. Your biological mail your biological female.

If there is a sense of tension and turmoil and something is not right and it's torment you for years. Again, I can't relate to the torment and I don't claim to relate to what I do claim as I take your torment seriously and it burdens me and I pray for you right that I can tell you what I'm saying is this the solution is not to change the body will that's that's what were told today your dignified with dendrite just for you diagnosed with gender dysphoria and therefore the solution is 16 surgery. If you're old enough and hormones for life.

I understand. But that's not the solution. The solution is that we find out why your brain is not identifying properly. This ideal wire exhibit female brain and them in a male body. There's no evidence of that. There is no evidence were a child where there's been lifelong studies from babyhood up analyzing brains to confirm there such a thing as a transgender brain as much as the fact that our brains there's plasticity. So if a man is costly focused on the idea being a woman being a woman being woman Adobe adjustments the person's brain. Those things we understand what we want to do is help people from the inside out, and I personally know former trench and I know them and their whole today there's hope. Their whole.

They have been changed go to sex change for stories of people who had 16 surgery and lamented it afterwards and then find out there about those who were formally transgender who no longer identify such yes they exist. I'm telling you the truth, sex change, or help for families number four help for is another website in the shape whose father decided he had to tell his daughter nine years old that he was actually a woman in a man's body, soul, friends were involved because we have to be involved.

I would gladly never touch this topic again, except for helping to develop compassion to reach those who identify as LGBT.

I'd be thrilled not to read another article my book. Trust me, I've enough issues on consume with that I want to write on a talk about on radio and focus on day and night and and going into the earth and share the gospel with in about so all right 11 last thing I want to cover today. I would an article yesterday conservative speech be banned yet little play on words there and just say look, there was taking down of Alex Jones in force over the weekend, Facebook, YouTube, you are playing to a conspiratorial theory ever. He's the master conspiratorial theorists there is that there been a fan of enforced some of the stuff of Paul Joseph Watson is been very cutting and exposing liberal agenda and I'm sure to spend some good stuff on enforcement. I'm not a fan of enforced about a fan of Alex Jones. Personally, okay. You may love Alex Jones and enforcement of never been into that right but you I was feeding. The conspiratorial is very went when you have the Internet giants take somebody down basing the same day or the within a day or two. How that just coincidence that happened, but I wrote an article safer here on enforcement give an example from here and here and here and here and here and here and here. I just just tell you what's happening out there and we been subject to it. We right here have been subject to it. If you're watching on YouTube watching on Facebook. We have been subject to or from Facebook and YouTube discriminatory treatment because of our stands, meaning meaning that you can have some website bashing Jesus bashing the Bible bashing the Christian faith and and then some was offended because you have a book dealing with homosexual issues they get your page shut down it goes out of a line in the book that violates any community guidelines your page shut down this other stuff is not to remain it's been documented that that test is made in Israel, where they released headlines on an anti-Israel site and an anti-Palestinian site one Hebrew, one in Arabic they release them at the same time on Facebook and the one in Hebrew, attacking Palestinians got shut down violation.

All this and the one in Arabic attacking Israel that was fine.

This been documented over and over and over. Let's take a look at Drudge Report's Drudge Report has been all over this and and Drudge all mandate. They've got one thing after another of and and on the left.

So these are second to the to the central headline socials clamp down on insult meaning social networks clamp down on enforced Instagram bands Tommy Robbins why Instagram bands Tommy Robinson, the guy just got out of prison wrongly imprisoned in in in in England for exposing Islam.

I will agree with everything Tom Robinson's done, but this guy got wrong wrongly jailed Instagram bands him Facebook blocked Republican candidates at asked to change rules for journalists, twitter suspends libertarian accounts of the next Senate Dems circulating plans for government takeover Internet survival of our democracy depends on banning sites.

White House secretly meets big tech luck look on the conspiratorial. If we simply understand a few things that the Internet giants Google YouTube Facebook twitter Instagram have looked Instagram as much but say all those up to this point are founded by Ron by owned by people who are very liberal, very liberal and in Amazon and and they rely on the SPLC.

One of the most bigoted organizations on the planet. Seven Tommy Law Center, which is to do great work exposing groups like neo-Nazis and white supremacists and things like that and now they list on Bob. I was put on their list of 30 leaders of the new radical right along with David Duke form a grand Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan and Molex is a Shabazz former head of of that. The black that the new Black Panthers they send neo-Nazis. That is why, because import anti-gay are now anti-LGBT document Carson was on their hate list American family Association allies defending freedom.

They are listed as hate groups by the SPLC and Amazon has relied on on them so you you got you got so the Austrian freedom they've not been allowed to use it a charitable thing on on Amazon whereby you designate. Hey I want this percentage of my of my purchase words 20%, but I wanted to go to this organization. They said no to those defending freedom is your hatred. What that's for thinking of just one major case may prefer the Supreme Court most respected Christian attorneys, legal organizations in the world. So you have that they have liberal advertisers added in, and friends.

This is a crackdown on our freedoms. You say, but these are private companies. They can do they want to do. First, they virtually control the Internet.

I second, their policy claims that they have standards that apply to all, so they are not living up to their own policies not paranoid God will cause his message to get out and truth will triumph only another but you better be forewarned, you better be forewarned, fine.

You don't like it force great fun. I'm running to enforce either, but this is the tip of the iceberg. Trust me, it is the tip of the iceberg and it's been documented for years that corporate America is big in bed with all this to very liberal wife have outstanding with us. If you appreciate our voice would you pray for me. Pray for a team stand with us. Your donations help us do what were doing.

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