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Dr. Brown Speaks with Jonathan Cahn About the Return of the Gods

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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September 7, 2022 8:19 pm

Dr. Brown Speaks with Jonathan Cahn About the Return of the Gods

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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September 7, 2022 8:19 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 09/07/22.


The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network I'm going to speak with Jonathan Kahn about his brand-new book return of the gods for the light a fire with your host scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more savvy and spiritual clarity 866-34-TRUTH to get him a lot of wire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us for your Michael Brown delighted to be with you. I will not be taking calls today because of got my guest Jonathan calm with us for the entire hour his new book just came out the return of the gods are ready a bestseller and Jonathan will be doing wall-to-wall interviews but he'll always contact me a few months before those books is about to come out so we can schedule a full hour for all of you, right about the time of the books release so as always Jonathan. It is wonderful to have you with us. Thanks much for joining us on the line of fire like silk before we dig into the contents of this book.

I just want to share something with you. I will sometimes listen to audible books of my own books when they come out just to kind of give me a different feel and refresh my mind and I decided some months back for the first time to listen to the harbinger on audio at a certain point I didn't want to listen because it was too disturbing to read and hear about judgment and then I had the identical feeling. A few months later listening to the book of Ezekiel.

It was it was too disturbing, but I knew it was true. I knew the subject of judgment, divine judgment was true. Jonathan how, in writing the return of the gods affect you is as you are learning these things, and seeing these things. How did it affect you. You are one and you know.

I'm blown away by it like a euro, first want to be blown away by what, what, them on something, my heart and then I see the obit.

Bennett leapt a bit, but that I preload real and he also sold the one part of it is I'm amazed really, made by the Lord in a euro and on the other hand, it is you know it. It is a chilling part of it. There's a scary aspect of it on video and there was almost a reluctant you know you don't because I was a ward open for this is heavy and bitter and I knew this goes out you know there's gonna be also repercussions as well as going back because it's getting all these things, so I had a lot of mixed feelings about and also the other thing is that you know I was trying to do a once a year on, and that's kind of what I was doing but I couldn't do this when this one was. There was so much of our number one warfare about I'll be doing it on and it was kinda like your plowing snow.

You know it was just so much weight you know. So I mix as one animal I come again amazed and while Lord plow it out by my DuPont and the implications are very big and heavy for for our world and is our absolutely and that's that's exactly what I would expect Jonathan Reitzel just to lay out the big picture what what is revealed in the return of the gods is revealing a mystery behind, literally virtually every transformation taking place on the last 60 years in America and the West. What is transforming our culture or art in our school system, or government, or are you know our worldview that has a dramatic change of the W we been watching on and that is go back number one to the Bible, which of course the gods of ancient times, but also to be ancient with inscriptions of Mesopotamia Middle East on this go back to the gods in and what are the gods and you don't work the gods dealer this mythology is fiction, but could there be something real linked to the gods of the Bible and the biology says there is and what if you a few things. There's a reality to them.

Could they if they exist day. Work now, could they return, and if so what would happen and and so this would be behind everything on Supreme Court decision on what's happening a children's cartoon on and put it affect everyone listening every believer, every nonbeliever, and if so what is it mean and what we need to do about it. That is what the return of the gods gonna reveal I was flying a few years ago and saw two movies that were just come out in the they were both about the Greek gods mitten and they were now they were being worshiped, but they they were interacting on the earth that I somehow how curious is that and then other things that were just of those wars America about the same demonic spirits that were operating 3000 years ago. Operating impulses in first Corinthians that the gods of the nations are our demons. So when you speak about the mystery of the spirits. What what is that I like you for a break in the art in Deuteronomy and in the Psalms. It says that what the nations are pagans are worshiping or offering their children to our the team and should payment is a word. Speaking of entities after the Babylonians and in the pagan cultures, strokes, orbit should be with us should do to them. They thought of as they could be good spirit about the Bible to only malevolent spirit.

When that word was translated into Greek by the rabbis or the scholars they they translate into the word.Imani which, of course, we get the word pneumonic or demon and then exactly as you said Paul says the same thing, but what he says that what they're worshiping the idol are actually worshiping the die Monia and we get an MS demonic or demon and so one of things that that you note, the gods were around. You know in in pagan culture on that one and what the Bible saying is that there is a link to the spiritual world of you would think that we we should think that anyway. Of course you are worshiping things. There is a spiritual link is not saying that the you know what they were saying their mythologies were right.

Of course it's it's a fantasy. Not that there is a link between these things, and that even the other spirits could play on the mythology of the mythology it can follow certain aspects of the spirit feel about this. We are out where there is a spiritual realm. And this is what they were doing without knowing it.

So there would be the Santa cease about this God has this power that got us out of the behind the fantasy was demonic activity MS demonic activity so they can cite individuals we know about individuals being demonized or demon possessed in Scripture, but that how far can demonic activity go, it can affect nations out of civilizations and on about around the world.

You know, no matter what the culture.

One thing God strange thing, but except remote for Israel and then what is returned with God that event.

But if you client of the gods in one form or another.

You know, our spirits are spiritual or art principalities, then what it means is if it if it is civilization or culture is given to the God given to the spirit. One of things I found is that when ON researcher Griff that you'll that the possession is all over it subject that the Bible speaks about it virtually always cultures in some way speak about it and the closer you got to the gods, the more these things would manifest. Usually the Oracle of Delphi. You know, the high priest, they would be shaking and convulsing and falling all the signs of confession.

That's what I got. That's not the spirit so it is not just individuals with the entire culture was was in a sense possessed you when you look at the you notice either possession of you look at pagan culture. You see it complete throughout and so yeah there is a there is a very important aspect of civilizational possession without it. Spirits can affect the entire entire cultures and nation so is leasing. See Romans one people worship idols instead of the one to God and God gives them over to idolatry than into all kinds of foolishness and sexual morality than sexual perversion and other sins so they're not just been given over to the flesh, then they're being given over to demonic powers right absolutely and when you look at much of pagan worship.

You begin to see real parallel to what we know as demonic human sacrifice.

As you know mutilations all the other the conversion itself self-destructive. And if you see that these are linked to possession, so certain points that the polytheism of much of the world outside like the Hindu faith in Gainesville which had the ancient Greco-Roman world in the interest of the girls a lot of that is displaced by monotheistic states, but where where the gods go where did spirits go to the Messiah that is taking Molly with its failure to the new covenant, but the power is going forward you the power to cast out spirits file many sent the disciples into the world into the pagan world. I do have this quiet and and that you know it's really literally over of spirit you have the spirit of God versus the spirits of the world and any other word written about biology on and so and that's what really diverse believers work were persecuted or thrown to the lions because they would not worship the gods are ever infant, so it was really a battle of spirits, work, or "the God and so you don't need help because of the gospel that really alone. But God's. You know you let that be temples of Zeus yielded to the drawings of Athena they would be emptied out and bait. They ended the gods and it brought it behind the gods are spirits or principalities, then spirits don't and so you after their existing soap interesting thing might omit this is this is where Bob McKee I I speak about in a book called the house of spirits about is that that Messiah Jesus gave a parable about the spirit that comes out of a man that he says that you know it goes into the dry places looking for a place it doesn't find it that I would go back to my house go back to the bad clubhouses finds the house.

Leave the swept in and the implication is that empty and goes against seven other spirits were set itself and we possesses the man a reprint that with the house and then then the Messiah says that though the latter state of the worst of the first that we take that and it's true it if someone knows the Lord event turns away. It's interesting something much greater, or darker on and possession, as well as just interning with the Lord what he says as he says, so it will be with this generation. It wasn't just speaking about one person, and so therefore now if you take that to the thing right out Western civilization was once given to the spirits and God. The gospel cleansed that it was it within a sense that most of the greatest mass exorcism in history. That's like Western civilization so unique because of that, but the warning is if the West if for any culture that has been so cleansed Americo any court or if you live spirit, the remainder of the rest of the questions of religion ever turns away from God, if it ever turns back then what it's saying is, the house is not to remain empty, it will be repossessed and the rates that were driven out will come back to it and it ended since the dogs are the ancient entities will come back to repossess it and that is exactly as I stop right there versus distances for Matthew 1230 drawing. That's what's going to happen to that generation. Jesus one and its relevance to come back we'll talk more about the return of the gods tell you we get the book for yourself. They were the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown and friends to the line of fire broadcast Jonathan Kohn about his brand-new book, really hot off the press the return of the gods. Where's the best place for them to get the book. Jonathan God everywhere it's online right now you see it on Walmart going to know it's really literally everywhere, great, great, that's what I thought the just wanted to ask a question. All right, so it is if gods or spirits are returning to the modern world, meaning the demonic powers have been active in different ways but now making a more public overt return may be coming out of hiding, more filling the void that you mentioned has is been here because we have the gospel so much. We rejected so much.

Phil was something else which gods are returning you and you that we can… That we've had the presence of God and the ways of God. That is been a protection letter to Montréal in many ways onto society and up again with tomatoes different when you go to mission trips you see that you see the difference about changing up on the things that you know America was patterned after ancient Israel and you know the Puritans work you'll you very much soap on top of that Western solution of the heart the spiritual heart of it.

Once the gospel game is basically Israel and so you know if it turns you happen when Israel turned away from God, that you turn to the gods and turned to be. Things will there were three the gods of their there are many different modulation of the three that really epitomize what happened to Israel and in the end. So in the block in the return to Gaza: but dark unity and what it thing here is that is that it is in the same way they have returned am the first one is call I call in the book is the possessor that his name means.

Of course you know it on the name most of all that is bail all this. Is that of you in ancient Israel. This principality in this God was if it would cause Israel to forget God.

After the Bible says the bill call to print out the anti-God is the chief of the Canaanite pantheon.

The substitute God to God. He's the one who promised them turn away. I'll give you all you freedom will give you prosperity and this is what everyone they turn to you.

When you look at that the list of God you BPL is always first bail and admit like the spirit that comes back up into them to bring the rest.

And so the thing is that with what happens when is your real turning America will become you know God becomes really noticeable early 60s we start removing God to start taking God out of that a proud parent of school, we take them the word out of school admitted to get on and on. Opening the door you were empty and indefensible was looking exorcism of God from a culture and and the things that says that if the house is not to remain empty.

You do that something else is coming in its place you look at it when people are moving to or from school in the 60s that American public could see like a little thing but look at what is now come into school. You know, this is the law of the Spirit here and so the spirit comes to America.

That is, or in power really takes the mainstream, which is bail God out of the culture of Israel out of the public square that we been watching this culture driving God out and out and out and stop it if it was noticeable that is out of this is that spirit is like the spirit of love taken as they should. You went when you of these are paper, taken spirits or pagan gods.

Both are coming back. Now they're coming to a Christian or a Judeo-Christian based nation so that the mission is to take a Christian or Judeo-Christian nation and taken Isaac turn it into a beginning. I will be looking at the mass transformation of America. Since then, it is that way every direction is taken every one or if the patronization so that's that's one part of what the beginning of the pelvis, but it's actually very deep at the affected our culture even in the deepest way to delete literal outward signs about this is laziness of bailing out all coming to America.

Yet you want, and is something that you know we could take for granted we don't think twice. One of the key signs of worship throughout the Middle East was the was the representation was represented by a molten roll up on all this comes up again and again and again and so interesting. It is also linked to bills like the prosperity you know the prosperity of the nation. Although the prosperity want to link to Wall Street you know and went when a deal when there's a profit remarkably called a market for the reader know nothing babies do it for that reason, but then the direct 1980s. They erected a massive molten bronze all on Wall Street are right out of Wall Street on this is actually quicker doing it because there's a will prosperity the street sign on the hell you talking about Emily. What you think about Molten get golden got got IN the audit is a bank not a good thought the time but I wanted you probably did when they actually erected the authority that led to the temple of bail in New York City, thing that they're doing this for any reason that they have any idea. I was like a harbinger. It why they thing the Scriptures widely doing these things that they do it anyway and that that arch also appeared in New York City also appeared in Washington, overlooking the capital just when they were having that the hearings for this report justice concerning abortion, you know. Yes, they're very and and then there's the ways but for an pagan culture.

But you know you over him in. You have many gods and in their courses, one God, but that means you have many truths you not one truth many truth so everybody can now say that's true for you with relative I have my own truth. The only thing we take that.

Is that something progressive and woke that's pagan. The idea that you can click you would take it culture you create your own idol you're creating your own God you creating your okay well this is my authentic truth of a massive public career but cannot go back to his authentic truth that is part of the relative that the subject of occasional culture that is a pagan think sodas affected us even woke is amended and feel these things about the fact that the deepest way it reminds me of what GK Chesterton said that when people don't believe in God. It's not that they believe in nothing but in everything, and yet is sociologist Rodney Stark is demonstrated in countries as Sweden and Iceland. These different countries that are supposed be very irreligious and turning from traditional religion they believe in all kinds of superstition and the most bizarre things but what were seeing it in a minute and have very dangerous and going on here so like you know it's never neutral neutral and when you look when you look at any culture that turns away from God paren since Russia you know what comes in is demonic you talking about the Soviet Union Outlook Germany comes and is demonic and and and and be the thing is it's gonna be worse and when you commit the pagan world. You have Nero but in the post-Christian world you got Hitler so there's never going to be that the house is never going to remain empty. Yeah that that's that's it.

I read, but also the other day who said that thrones always get sold quickly and that's the spirituality friends. All this is in the new book, just hot off the press return of the gods. The return of the gods by Jonathan con all right sold you some of the dark Trinity ball all the possessor whose the enchantress of all right or consort of bail but she is all over you in the Bible is called auditory authority to article oratory. It is bail and on budget. In the in the clinician will choose a start in the in the Mediterranean or the maximum entertainment world is known very famously talk on. Also, when you go to Greece becomes Opera tidy. When you get to Rome Venus. Very dark. This is the goddess of sexuality of sexual, particularly sexual immorality, unbridled sexual lost keys out, he called a prostitute or a harlot God goddess on pencil and went when Israel no way wasn't just bail those auditory and so what happened is God.

That means that it is the sexualization of the culture and when you look at you about progression likely a part of bail that at the historic second well the first, the turning bail. The turning away on the and and you have patronization in a material you don't worship but then the next thing that's going to come. According to this template is going to be the sexualization of American culture and Western culture, and a sexual revolution of that's exactly exactly what happens when she comes into the culture and we been dealing with it. Everything in the suit, as it is this extraordinary and dramatic it is, there exists on this list America last year. The year before that and it was so sexually explicit and so Dorothy somehow. I can even comment on it because you can't read the lyrics. You can watch the video you can hear how you and you think that little children across America are seeing it. It was just a snapshot to me of how far things have gone and then the aggressive educational agenda that wants to sexualize little children and get condoms in elementary schools. You think, how did this happen and now look at where it's gone and everything is that one of things that you don't weirded all the sexualization come from well it comes from the marriage that it was taken out of the marriage bed you and God is being a prostitute or harlot you know it is against our drawing sheet she's on detrimental to marriage. On the evening her mythology on and so this is what happens marriage starts getting weak in family weekend, you'll start going like clockwork, as is, since this is a decline. Return the gauze system lease one of these things all my my dear it is we come back is the destroyer is the answer from Jonathan con return of the gauze.

There is a line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown book return of the gods. Jonathan beat before we talk about the last of the three beings demonic powers that you're referring to is the dark Trinity a little bit more about about Ashtoreth these charts the enchantress. How does this connect with with foreign withdrawal. Yes, with which draft you are well known in goddess in her name in Greek. For a prostitute is ordinary. We got the word porn from it.

And so the very first pornography in the world with the writings of this link to this goddess. The baby was literally the earliest literature on that Ashley and her affect or the effect of this principality was also to reproduce on images of naked people throughout the culture back then and you have the weather quick they had clay, but that's the same thing and use the word erotic.

You know which of course comes from the Greek, was a Greek audit was born on the upper Dotty who is start the God it produces not only it's only went to porn, but also the word Eros and so is moving to the regularization method of a Christian or Judeo-Christian nation. The car is moving he is doing that through the sexual realm.

If you would almost powerful realms of really patronizing America.

It has been such a realm it's moving about that.

Eric also his call beacon chapters because I'm a sorceress because she is also the goddess of the spells and casting spells on people on and so get the same time that you have the revolution in the 60s. You also have revival of the occult point even now we have more witches in America. Then we have Presbyterians yield the revival of the new Angel. That's not an accident that these, at the same time that were turning rave about and she was also the goddess of the rent and any intoxicating substances you also the same. So you you have an explosion of drugs we still have exposed him to write up these things are linked to this God. I remember reading some of the stats about the rise of witchcraft in recent years, and compared to this part of the Presbyterians millennial Presbyterians being outnumbered by which it was just as well but you see these things happening together. Those were some of the lights that went on for me writing Jezebel's North America looking is okay to see with this, but this and this and this.

So the last in the store Trinity, the destroyer who is that I know and you know the history of Ellington and Eliza to recorded in the daughter of the three of the priest of about start which is the same thing on the left on one of the things that you know is actually not an exception intake and culture on but it's not the rule limiting weight, but human sacrifice is actually very common in pagan culture and sacrifice is very common in pagan culture, whether it's whether it's your right German lands were Russian lands that Polynesian land was all over and to be a child in pagan culture was was dangerous and that this is the God or the principality that causes parents to offer up their own children as sacrifice course we know them as more like which we believe is linked to working on and when Israel turned away from God. This is what they did that they called their children the path of the fire. They offered them, which is what the pagan world was doing so, it is following this pattern or template you have your tail represented turning away from God and patronization faculty of the sexual revolution of the top and then you're going to have this and so when you look at it you know you the 60s amenity in the 60s, abortion to America and the West out abortion on demand 1970 abortion liquids legalized by 273. You have the offering up of children by way wasn't just invented infanticide which you had then you also had a portion of the pagan world.

It was actually the gospel that ended infanticide to the gospel that ended human sacrifice across the world were turning away from God, then this spirit or this God this mullet is going to come to America and that is exactly what happened and how can you compare well yet he offered up thousands. We have offered up millions. Yet, this is just the larger denigrating of human life that comes out of it. It's is clearly related not a Jonathan in the return of the gods because were weren't running through a whole lot in an hour and it's it's eye-opening it's shaking it's intense. It reminds us that we have a spiritual battle but you you give a lot of data and information in the book yeah yeah well I had to research the problem from ancient Mesopotamia and then what is actually happening happening here happening now. We replay not even even a microphone not you know abortion, even the way they all know it Mike you also.

I know you you you also did it, but even the way they offer them out. There are parallels to what we are doing to this day, so we just got to get the paper because what topics would happen is that the beginning when this thing up begins, you will only make God's image that the Spirit start taking hold in the name of tolerance, but as it progresses, it gets under it gets deeper and it's all about exactly with what we're doing right now even with gender easing, but we talk about the sizes. Abortion is a right spelled RIGHT it really becomes a right RIT becomes religious right ritual and the passionate intensity behind it exposes it so late when your time at the enchantress the connection with sexual morality and drugs he storage we saw that that happened witchcraft.

We sought to sweep in in the 60s. I remember living through it. Is there another side to this demonic activity that comes out more in time when the greater good and come out at the beginning and that is that that when I looked at this bike.

I'm looking up to the writings of his God link that is God's. I am a woman I am a man that her him saying she has the power to turn a man into a woman and a woman into a Mac. This is the goddess or the principality that is gender that blows sexuality that bends the line between man and woman on and so what the ending time and you and so what if we were to see this read this at work in America and the West. What were going to see in time is going to be not just the sexual revolution but is gonna turn another side it's going to start saying the blending of gender. They may feminizing of men.

The mass utilizing appointment and we have been seeing this a minute. It's only the sexual realm. It's been in every realm. I need your info.

If a man ask you masculine Orthodox toxic development at the mescaline also will let you wonder what is that it is the spirit that is seeking to basically delete and the distinction between the two.

One of the one of things I found what I was when I was looking up inscriptions are linked to the goddess she grinds away masculine. The masculinity of a man. He has weapons to women so it gets to seek to do that method happening guilty a baptized anatomy for the 67th so the pain in society actually actually given them the spirit of radical feminism is link she weighed against the authority of man. She had a problem with that deal. So in every way. You see this, even though the re-channeling of your girls from gripping program to this.

So our rubbing program against being a providing against the dubbing channel to the videogame added to pornography and so little appointment but it actually affects that the sexual realm is become the most dramatic articles a couple mistakes of the daily wire on sociological contagions and in the transgender revolution and it was talking about Helsing's suites were society, like deciding corporately loses his mind yet. We got genital mutilation of young people now and and hormone block resetting to destroy the license sterilized and people shouting for this needs to happen and not you think. How does a meds have, will I know part of it can be explained sociologically, but I'm quite sure that behind all this is demonic spirits driving it you're saying it's not a surprise that that this is something we should have expected in terms of the progression exactly how it would. Not that we wait. But that we have become weary work has to go on starting with when you take God out what possesses a dog to do this to a child.

While this is what the investment made in the spirit.

Even Michael even even on liberal liberals.

As you know are saying this is demonic and everything is the goddess had a priesthood and the priest of the goddess ago about the bit that were man dressed up as women and they dressed as women.

They spoke as women and they even had sexual sexual relations as women. So if he returns were good at this. The effectiveness of the spirit to be that of androgyny and so cross-dressing it said that literally, the namesake addresses a man is a woman. She dresses a woman about so we have drag queens that we have goes back to her priesthood and edits you would gone for much of the body because of the gospel. The fact that it's coming back into the mainstream is a fine of this. This spirit coming back and the other thing is the fact that it's going after children wanting. I noticed on that I'm doing this and is that you know they always always always go after the children get the children you have the future and children of the most easily malleable, bendable, and one of the things that happen is is her priest wasn't just men dressing as women. There were also men who were transitioned as women surgically and which affected their hormones are, in fact, when I when I looked at what was there to be ancient writing, that she has. It says that these changed men would glance before holding scalpels, which I believe was linked to the back of transitioning to the goddess who transitions it. So now you're back then it was her priesthood. But you don't want to come back.

It could be worse. Well, now it's not his office after a priesthood she's after an entire generation necessitating as we talked 2004 that God called me to begin to focus on gay and lesbian activism. The transgender port was and is prominent that, but I saw right and what I compassion for the people in love for those involved in a great burden for them.

I never had before that the agenda was the principal's right to freedom of religion, speech and conscience in America and that it was given target children and so on.

So everything that I've watched unfold in these last 18 years it right now over doing is plugging in spiritual realities behind each and every development in… As you're talking give me specifics. I'm thinking of what I've witnessed and documented and seen and even where the agenda was going according to those within it. What they didn't understand was it was a dark agenda, not a liberating agenda and and we have to remember is the people worship these these beings these deities thinking it was for their good, but instead they put themselves under bondage you want. Yet we have the paper and you can very very clear about that. A very strong ability of the size of the place to return of the gods you this is deeply stirring recognizing the spiritual war.

This is deeply stirring the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown is always have good through the list of questions and list of questions. This gives you, like a little drink of of a cup by the notion of contents so for everything here to dig in deeper. Get the book return of the gods.

You can get it anywhere. Books are sold. Basically it is available in multiple platforms, both performs a Jonathan I want to give some hope some encouragement as well because this is very jarring and very intensive is the world that we live and we sit down privately and talk. These are the things that we we talk about you but I will focus on one or two specifics and then gets a broader picture versus going is there hope what happened that in your view, kind of exploded on the streets of New York City and has affected the world has this tie in with some of these ancient cruise industries that you're revealing. You know Mike you been with pride of third sexuality began our exploded in Stonewall riots in New York City. I welcome into detail because it is not.but the amazing thing. I thought you think was the world I mean saturated with the stockings of this deity or this spirit on example on this. Argos was linked always to what was called the dog that means it up, however, and or an L house or a bar that was that was when she went to war. It was linked to the liens that I welcome into it, but that night was linked to a Lyons that there was a woman who actually stirred up the whole event. That is, this is everything going for dealing with outcome. From there on, the goddess was called the storm. You are the loud thundering struck the woman's name was more more storm in this article, the dance of the goddess when when the gotta go to war they literally was a dance that broke out that night among both the rider and it did look but they said they chat.

They said words, they thing words that went back to the writings of the God even it even says about God is through the storm that breaks the stone wall. The stall they were trying to do even the timing of that was going to be ancient pagan calendar so I'm that's just a very, very quick touch yet and so wants to explode out of that. Still more how remarkable that in Pres. Obama's second inaugural speech that he held Stonewall detailed set of the Center for women's rights. Stonewall for gay rights goddess almost the civil rights these were now instead of instead of Stonewall being a riot that broke out. That lets all kinds of lawlessness and and really put it put it, an emphasis on sexual revolution.

This is a something being celebrated right so you in your review again were just scratching the surface you put in your view, where are things going and and is there hope you will limit limited equipment on all you know the crematory parade while the parades are linked to the God of the God of the parades and the parades of the goddess admin rating as women and women parading as men even in the time of the goddess. There was one time when this happened in the ancient commentators record that it was one month of the year. We typically paper to possess the culture, what they actually identified in the ancient writings as the Lord even I won't go into it, but even the rainbow is a link to the goddess of the sign about and I don't think one quick thing at the end that is not even that the Supreme Court decision. Since then, 2003, 2013 a minute then marriage being redefined in 2015. They all took place in the days of the God's sake on the same date all and end when remember when when Dr. struck down as we know it and all over America. There were rainbows on the White House rainbow trout that night was the 10th of Comoros which is on the ancient calendar of Babylon because that's the day appointed to cast a spell to close all man to love them that we are in a war when a worker not against people, but against principalities, and there is a more it's a real thing. The last part of the book I speak about that one where this is heading in it worth having is that that that the gods are never content that we've just been tolerant with every knee shall bow may also have a vendetta regarding Christians or the word that would throw them out so we have to be, but we have to be strong, you know, to me it still be brothers doing exciting. Gotta view these goals of the end.this is where it's all going and and we have to be strong and when you look back at the Bible, a large adult with the gods of Moses W gods of Egypt, the Maccabees double the gods of Greece and Delta gods of Rome is not a strange thing in that sense we have to be strong and we have to stand we have not bowing me and we have to is the power of God in the last book of the Holt the other God is greater than the God who is likely you'll become more like you got them on the God that God is so much stronger than not. But we have to rise and we can't be intimidated.

We cannot bow down to the God's is still some satellite listen, we all know that we're in spiritual warfare.

What will I get by reading this book that will take me deeper question people ask is that what we know involved in spiritual warfare white while I need to understand this was so intent about grasping this seminar is very important thing affecting everything of a culture how it affects that without affecting your care. Now you where this is coming and where it's coming from. This is not some general thing. This is an exact precise thing and this is what was dealt with in the Bible and arrow and and so one. Also, I'm hoping people won't get a moment that they not only get the return of the gospel himself, but I get it for people in their lives.

Even people who are not saved, and what part of it because everybody is affected by everybody have somebody in their life that is a very affected by it on and said and to take charge over it and take power over it.

If you know what you're dealing with, you know you can fight effectively by the power of God's existence. Also remind us that that our greatest battle is not political yeah yeah and equipment affects everything politically. Of course you get up but we could never make that our main thing it never was. But it but it is out as a path that we were not against much of what we war against principalities on as believers, you know, this is the time that we could it we can be the strongest field we can become radical, I mean radical and log radical involvements radical impurity that you do it you noted that this you'll gives the power of Messiah that these things out, thought it that way too, but also in our lives because of weird to get. We are part of these things, whether it's pornography whether it's whatever it is, then we can how we can apply to get that song it's a call for repentance among the body.

If we can we have to we have to separate just like Gideon had a countdown at idle. We have to do that in order that we can fight like the people about spiritually opt for God and God is still on the throne. It is what is it is again I go Michael Mike Gill, who is like you oh Lord among the God we have to stand in the power we have to be

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