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When Is It Right to Disobey the Law

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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August 20, 2018 4:30 pm

When Is It Right to Disobey the Law

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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August 20, 2018 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 08/20/18.

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So we know as followers of Jesus we are to submit to authority, but at what point do we say to the law.

Sorry we have to obey God's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown looking friends to the line of fire broadcast, we're going to have a very important discussion today. Hope your weekend was last years of the call. 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884. A question that is face Christians through the ages. When we do when the law tells us to disobey God. What we do when the law tells us to disobey our conscience when we do when the law tells us to disobey our personal convictions.

At what point is it right to say no to the authorities note to the law in order to say yes to God as rebellion ever the will of God. How can we be in harmony with Scripture tells us to submit to authority it at the same time refused to submit to authority to tackle those questions today and phone lines are open 866-34-TRUTH anything related to today's subject, of course, 100% for months open. But if you have a general Bible or theology question or culture were question like to ask.

I'll do my best to take some of your questions as well. All right. When I started my day today emails were forwarded to me, including questions from a pastor in Canada. He is calling on other pastors to stand for righteousness in the country, even if it means going to jail because the prevailing laws of the country call on Christians in certain areas in certain situations to compromise their convictions. At what point do you say sorry but we must do what is right in God's sight, even if it means disobeying earthly authorities and then a voicemail from a pastor in Australia so this was waiting for me at the beginning of the day forwarded to me email from Pastor in Canada voicemail for a pastor in Australia. All right, we need to make some decisions now that the government has passed same-sex quote marriage. We need to make some decisions.

Last week I wrote an article it's getting a lot of distribution.

I wrote an article calling on Christians in California to prepare for civil disobedience. California Christians prepare for civil disobedience.

What I write the article on the tribute troublemaker. I am a peacemaker. I'm not trying to stir rebellion. I believe in obedience and submission, but there are times when our obedience to God causes us to say no to earthly authorities. Not a spirit of rebellion not do what I want to do, but rather in order to say yes to the highest authority have to say no to a lower authority. It would it would be like in the household.

If you have an older brother say a 14-year-old brother who was watching the younger kids when the parents went out and there was a disputable matter and and that the brother said well you're going to do it like this and then mom or dad called and said do it like this instead will then you obey mom or dad even if it means disobeying the brother because he's ultimately under their authority as well. So what I write this for California because of ABS illegal 2943 does going to law which it looks like it will if it does go into law, then it would require Christians to not love their neighbor. It would say that if someone comes to you for help but see your professional Christian counselor with your pastor and you your professional counselor as well.

And someone comes to you saying I need help. I'm 23 years old. I'm attracted to the same sex and I don't want to be. I want to be in a normal marriage is God intended.

I want to have biological children by I don't believe this is God's will help me please know I'm not allowed to it's illegal for me to help you. Someone comes to you, a 40-year-old woman. I asked up and tormented my whole life. I feel like I'm a man trapped in a woman's party and I know that everyone's telling me will just get on hormones and and dress the way you want to address and have sex change search. I don't feel it's right. Can you help me know I'm not allowed to what that's telling me I can't love my neighbor. That's telling me I can help someone in need, and there are scores of hundreds and thousands of people who have come out of homosexual practice of come out of gender identity confusion. Who can say through the power of the gospel and her professional counseling.

I've been help that there are peer-reviewed studies that indicate that change is possible in a wide range of sexual orientation and gender confusion is whatever it is, people have been change their endless anecdotal testimonies and the word of God says, including homosexual practice. Such were some of you and others you been changed by the gospel.

So you're telling Christians. You cannot practice your faith you're telling professional counselors and therapists. You cannot love your neighbor and at that point we have to say sorry I must obey God not met, knelt. Can I just give you a little feel for what comes our way for preaching with the Bible says about these issues.

It wasn't that long ago that every body.

Even the.

The liberal theologians in the gay activists they all acknowledged virtually all of them acknowledge the vast majority acknowledged that biblical historic Christian teaching was against homosexual practice but they said well you know can't take the Bible literally were that was is Paul's hang for your were not under Leviticus anymore.

Now things have shifted to the point that this is an aggressive attempt to dislodge you from even holding to what the Bible says for yourself for your church no-no working to change your views on so if you've watched your video or consider this video can you be gay and Christian.

You know it's full of love. We recognize other arguments and explain why they're wrong you know it's full of scriptural truth.

You know it's not bashing and hateful but in response to it.

These are the kinds of things that that come our way and that will put the graphics up for you that are there watching. These are some of the things that come over kill yourself do please and thank you this is a response to my video about this one. F you. I hope you die a slow painful death. Sincerely, an atheist asexual and homosexual gal and and then help. How about this here is yet another desire coming our way.

Someone says this a my do you can't say this stuff knows what the Bible says about homosexuality.

You can't stay say this stuff in 2018 my fellow generation is coming to burn you at the stake, and I will join in but you better.

I'm just gonna sit back and watch. This is why reject God homophobe Christians like you and my family may God touch these people and reveal his mercy to them and grant them repentance and set them free for their own bias and hatred and bigotry and to bigotry and confusion, but these are the sentiments out there friends simply to practice your faith in certain ways. In certain important ways you may find yourself out with your denomination. You may find yourself out with your local church fellowship. You might find yourself out with local government authorities. What are you going to do. Are you to compromise your convictions for the sake of your colleagues for the sake of your career. You do what's right in God's sight is a giveaway Lulu. What about Romans chapter 13 Romans chapter 13 Paul gives very clear teaching.

Let's take a look at what he says that every person be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except from God, and those that existed been instituted by God. Therefore whoever resists the authorities resists what God is appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment. But now notice what he says. For rulers are not a terror to good conduct, but to bad. Would you have no fear of the one who was in authority than do what is good and you will receive his approval for is God's servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword in vain.

For he is the servant of God and the avenger who carries out God's wrath on the wrongdoer.

Paul is talking about rightful authority.

In other words, if you have some military government take over your country and they order you. If you have a family member over 70 years old. We consider these people wasteful and draining our economy. You are to turn them over for execution in the morning.

What you don't do that. That is, wrongful authority there. The sword is being used for evil. If the Nazis come knocking on your door and they say to you, if you know any Jews in the neighborhood. We need names, addresses if you know anyone hiding Jews with the names, addresses, you say sorry, we don't know any boy we heard they all left yet you actually lie like others have lied in biblical history to save a life.

So when the lower authority the earthly authority tells you to disobey God. What you say. With all respect, not maligning, not cursing, not mocking, but with all respect to the authority what the apostle said and ask the fifth chapter when the apostles were told not to preach anymore.

In Jesus name. What did they say we must obey God rather than man acts 529 watchmen the target like this submission is absolute obedience is conditional so we always submit to the authority, meaning that if our disobedience casts us in prison or wheat we die for us like Christians under Nero or Caesar others when they were ordered to to worship the emperor to offer sacrifice to the Emperor.

They said no to the law, but they were ultimately subject to the consequences and suffered because of it, but they suffered for righteousness. Obedience is conditional so that means that if you are a private in the Army and let's say Sgt. says I want you to be cleaning this floor.

I want you to polish the floor in the mess hall here. You don't leave until you're done, and then the general comes and says I need you to drive me right now. This is such a symbol of the Sgt. asked me to do this. I'm countermanded his orders because I am over him you do with the general said when the Sgt. said what did you do use a servant with all respect, the general ordered me so we are not rebels. We are submitted people, but we submit to the higher authority we may have a price to pay for faith in the years ahead. I do believe the tide will turn.

I do believe sanity will prevail. I do believe God will shake our nation in a positive way and I do believe it's possible that our president through court appointees. Those things can help you good and protect our liberties but we must be determined just like our brothers and sisters around the world with all honor and respect for authority when the authorities tell us to disobey God to disobey the word of God or the convictions of our conscience before God. Them with all respect, we have to say sorry I must obey God rather than man or he will be right back. To explore this further. It will take your calls on this subject in a wide range of subjects, 866-348-7884 phone lines are on file.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks Rose for joining us on the lawn of our 866 I want to emphasize again that we are not called to have a rebellious attitude. Yes, it's true that during the American Revolution was the slogan that rebellion against tyrants is obedience to God.

So when we say no to tyranny.

You can see that's rebellion against tyrants when we say no to government authorities. You could say that is rebellion against government authorities.

I understand that I'm not arguing against that.

What I'm saying is rib alien itself when it is not out of submission to a higher authority. It's dangerous rebellion itself gives way to the flesh rebellion itself is is generally casting off authority, doing what I want to do. We never want to feed into that attitude and then attitude ultimately gets ugly and that attitude ultimately produces more harm than good, but the attitude of submission to the highest authority produces good fruit can be costly but will produce good fruit 866-34-TRUTH we go to Carl in Florida walking to the line of fire are dark brown and and thank your grandpa wanted to write you. I wanted like to disobey the law while you're absolutely right.

It someone like them not over it. Where were doing right by hiding Jewish people were doing what were doing right by their area on another thing also is idle. I don't know. This would pair up to what you're saying but did Jesus say something like I don't have the Bible with me right now, but didn't he say that there's two sides of the coin users of God and yes it's a gift to give to God close to God and give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar.

Yes or Carl in that context. Caesar does not have are absolute obedience, only God does. Caesar does not have her absolute devotion. Only God does.

Caesar cannot control every aspect of our lives only God can. So yeah, you're absolutely right and into Frates it to go back to the Hitler and the Nazis that it be utterly terrifying to say no to the Nazis dearly terrifying to get caught me you suffer the same punishment as those thereafter it if you were caught hiding Jews. Your whole family to be butchered from your eyes you could all be carted off to concentration camps to to die a slow painful death or dying instant death is a terrifying prospect in like I can't bump on the of June but let's I was just a Christian in Germany or Hollander Franson and Nazis came knocking at my door.

I can't guarantee can you guarantee that you wouldn't of buckled or or or try their luck.

I gotta say my family I like and let my family be butchered of these are these are very costly, difficult things when I remember a story and then thank you Carl for the call, but what would I want to emphasize this because it's the right thing to do to deceive the Nazis right it's the right saying to do. We are called to do what's right, even though it sometimes costly. There was an account that I read in the book by Pastor Richard were brought author of torture for Christ and many other books. One of the most saintly man I ever met suffered horrifically for his faith in Romania is that his wife Sabina and he recounted the story of a pastor who was in prison being tortured and he wouldn't break the brightest teenage son in and they began to beat his son and his S there were good beat him to death. He couldn't take it anymore and he cried out, set out I'll deny the Lord all deny the Lord and the sun screamed out dad. I would rather die than have a cowardice of father so the father said I will stand in and watch the sun beaten to death in front of the size but it affected him for life. These these are having issues. Were talking about someone sent us an email this morning. Not sure sure if you're listening to the broadcaster, watching subsequently sent us an email this morning.

He is married to woman who in previous marriage had several children and her husband, her ex-husband was a felon, according to the reports over 20 years and abused the eldest boy I think it was repeatedly and in horrific ways physical sexual abuse, and abuse the children in other ways it took years of prayer and counseling. The kids waking up with nightmares and finally getting to a place where they are moving ahead in life free from the trauma free from the memories and according to what this gentleman told me the court is now ordered that the kids spend periods of time with the biological dad again the the physical father that they spend time with him in visitation and according to what they wrote to me" address on their website with a document these things. What happened was that the judge suggested could be traumatic for the kids to be with them with the father again, but counseling they can get through it so they said no were not giving up the kids to go to be with him.

He's abusive. He could be dangerous.

He's felon without doing it with disobeying the court.

You have to wonder what would you do in a situation like that. It's not not this is easy. All you will just trust the Lord and send them away. Would you would you so he said they've lost their businesses.

They have to stand the farmer they live. They can't go anywhere and don't know what's coming next. These are costly things and and we need to have God's heart and God's mind and to think things through. Let me share with you an article in teen Vogue. Teen Vogue is been pumping out some of the most immoral ungodly stuff in recent months and years as is this when it comes to abortion-rights civil disobedience could be the only option. This is teen Vogue August 16. Nonviolent protest should be on the table ahead of Supreme Court nominee Britt Cavanaugh's confirmation hearing, and they say this in the article. If role was overturned. Some states may make abortion illegal, which is targeted persecution of women and people who can become pregnant hoe who might those people be all well a woman who now identifies as a man so a transgender man is only the one man. But if this transgender man still has his female reproductive organs, then he could become a mom got help our confused world and the confused teenagers reading these things, but teen Vogue is saying that that ladies and men who used to be ladies you get pregnant and you don't want that kid and Planned Parenthood's basis already have all the sex you want and have all the abortions you want to go for it have all the sex you want and all the abortions were to paraphrase their recent campaign and then you have the shout your abortion campaigns.

If this is something you should be proud of and out.

Teen Vogue is saying there should you may have to have civil disobedience overthrows overturned and you break the law and you have your abortion anyway.

What an attack on Saturday. One of the attack on the unborn one attack on women as well because their victims in this to them being manipulated wrongly one attack on a culture of life, but think of it, think of it, if there could be calls for civil disobedience to go ahead and break the law and have an abortion. How much more should there be calls to biblical obedience.

Even when we have to contradict the law we do it with respect. We do it with honor do with obedience friends. We must obey God rather than men and may God shake steam generation that reads teen Vogue.

This confusing, profane, immoral stuff may there be an awakening that makes it shameful to be trash like this and maybe editors and writers of teen Vogue be among the first to be awaken us her prayer to pray with me. Amen white friends. We are just getting started much more to come. Can I encourage you that if we are a blessing to you. It is with your help and support. I want to thank you personally.

Every one of you who sent in a gift to help us this year especially this summer.

Summer months, often very challenging for ministries as we go by faith and is not initially set income. The consent I want to thank all of you on the front lines.

Our torchbearers are monthly supporters. Thank you for your faithfulness for standing with us for helping us with at least a dollar a day for months of $30 or more per month. Thank you. I know for some of you that's a faith sacrifice, but I trust God's blessed you and giving you a sense that you're doing right and that there's much fruit coming out of it. It's amazing how many people we touch every week.

It's amazing how many lives are being changed in America and around the world and in Israel and its with your help I want to thank all of you who pray for us and some of you even fast for us and one appeal to some of you listen to me for 10 years and just never dawned on you that we could use your help. Some of you have thought from months I want to stay out what now is a great time to do it. Take a moment go to my website and start to brown the Lord.

It would be a great encouragement and we got so much plan for the days ahead with a little more funding we can get it done. Ask Dr. ask a DR

Click on donate to become a torchbearer. Look at all the benefits that we send you every month, or helpless with you once I get but do something today if all you do will make a great great difference. Thank you ever plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice immoral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends. I think that's a seriously serving as your voice immoral cultural and spiritual. I know that we each have our own individual relationship with God.

I know that we each have our own gifts and strengths to bring our own weaknesses to deal with. I know that I know there are no superstars in the kingdom that all of us, or servants, but I also know the Lord has graciously given us a great platform to reach millions.

I know the Lord has graciously committed certain causes to us as a voice so as I speak. I don't just speak seeking to be a voice for the Lord, meaning speak in harmony with Scripture and in harmony with his heart but also I seek to be your voice so that as your voice I can speak for you as well.

Civil disobedience. What is it right to disobey the law. Obviously, when the law tells us to disobey God. If the law said you cannot pray with you children at home to say sorry but were to pray with our children. You cannot read the Bible in private sorry were going to read the Bible in private. Obviously these choices are clear, but it's often a challenging saying when your whole life. You have learned to honor authority. It's a challenging thing to differ with that I will open up the phones, 8663 for 87884, not just a questions about civil disobedience, but to any Bible, theology, culture related question that you have. We always run out of time on Fridays are the days when we open the phones were never able to get to all of our callers. Obviously.

But we look to give you extra opportunity. So if there's anything you want to ask me about open the phones to do that but I will share personal experience with you.

I don't talk about this often it's it's a fine thing to talk about the just haven't talked about it often, but back in the early 90s we participated in an operation rescue event in the Maryland DC area. We had members of our congregation were very active in the pro-life movement. In fact, that's a tell your story first, we first moved to Maryland this a family from Long Island in 1987. We stayed at the home of this dear woman what I guess in her 60s, then get a PhD in biology and was very active in the pro-life movement and she had been an event in Buffalo, New York. I believe it was in Buffalo where she and and others were protesting an abortion clinic and operation rescue. You would go and sit in front of the clinic, even though that was breaking the law, then you'd be arrested for it sit for the clinic sing hymns to be arrested for and is sometimes agreed to jail. This process, you were to send you home.

Whatever. So she and the other ladies that were protesting with her were on the bus and they brought another woman on the bus. That woman was actually the protest on behalf of the abortion clinic. She was a pro-abortion woman and she got on the bus terrified that they bring on handcuffs. She's absolutely terrified because she's with all these other women who's who in her mind, their monsters, and she does know what to expect when they found out who she was.

They loved her, they share the gospel with her and she ended up getting born again right there on that bus but finally we have an opportunity for an event in our area and everything was last minute we had been praying and fasting spending hours and hours crying out to God to make an impact to make a difference and my daughters were going come with us are our two daughters getting legally become with us.

So how old are they they were younger teenagers. If, if that old and they were joining us for the protest and late 80s early 90s I don't have to check my journal for exact date anyway that the morning of the protest is when you're notified where it's going to be because otherwise this can be a counter protest. It's going to be big and could really try to get in the way of everything so yet you you waiting with your focal six in the market and now you all meet a particular place.

So now you have the police standing around the abortion clinic and the first wave of people.

The police are going to try to stop you supposed to just run by them and then after that they just get out of the way. Let everybody come because obviously there are too many people and and by the time we got there, there were protesters on the other side that that was that was surprising that they had found out about it somehow.

And they were there and I remember thinking this is they were Satanists they were gays and lesbians, and they were atheists. Those are the most prominent among them think it is in this and I trio here is this a Trinity of of evil here. Why would gays and lesbians be so upset about abortion when if they are in same-sex relationships that I could get pregnant. Why were they so militantly anti-Christian, anti-life and Satanists while that was telling, and then atheists who think they know survival of the fittest in caring for our species, and while they so aggressive but obviously there was a clear connection between God, the Bible, and life in a culture of life while not nothing. All atheists all homosexuals or pro abortion simply saying that that was the heart of those protest so I remember I remember the moment Melissa did you just can't run past the police.

It's like all my life I've 100 police. I have an uncle who was a policeman when I was a boy, I always respect authority this day.

It does matter what the setting is I always respect and honor authority is that that was a little challenging. Ill tell the girls that we just got a run by John and then they let everybody throughout the okay so they're just technically doing their part, but they know is a peaceful protest year so I knew wasn't right to break the law to do that. There were leaders like David James Dobson and other national leaders that waited in and said why they support Operation Rescue why they believe it was right. You can debate that with me.

You sound think that was right because you actually saving a life, or your you know what you say what we were up in the clinical shut down for little while whenever I remember sitting there all around the abortion clinic. However, many hundreds of us there were singing hymns, worshiping talking and that there were others there tell the cops know where the good ones really go once I was pro-abortion people really good ones where you really good ones and and there don't don't mess with us says get rid of those people arrest those people and it was pretty quick that when the police came and began to carry us off and just in the spirit of the protest, you weren't supposed to get up and walk you supposed to be carried to say I'm not participating in this I am not agreeing to this live should be taken here and I'm laying down in front of this clinic and I remember it'll be the big guy and I was was really heavy then but no big guy six with three within the whatever, 220 pounds, maybe that pouts us to suffer. Sergey sorry got a Carrie Rigas and it happened so quickly.

I got friends of mother been arrested over and over and over other settings were my life was threatened for preaching the gospel.

This is the one time arrested in a setting like that and suddenly the thought hit me, this is it this is it. Got a few minutes of Micah; I just became so overcome with grief.

I just began to weep and I looked it at our two daughters.

I just looked at them in the eyes just so they could see and feel the pallet that asked on other consciousness that that this is a terribly painful thing and then we get on the the Boston this bus all these all these guys are on it and is got these plastic handcuffs on us that are no adjustable to rescind their weirdo handcuffed behind her back sobs he goes off a while else. It's uncomfortable in some cases it was painful.

So one of the guys who real pro-life champion and he been arrested many many times working with Operation Rescue, he may be his were extra tight.

Whatever but he was hurting, minor hurting, but is distance minor and and he said hey can can you can you loosen these little the police. Note not touching and I sits everybody a survey we are brothers and sisters been slaughtered in other parts the world without being tortured to death until at least let's have a little pain for the gospel. It'll and and then you go to the police station and did police station/jail good process get on's the thing even on your record that the reason I raise that is to say that that it it's it's one thing to talk about obeying God when it means disobeying the law. It's it's one thing to talk about saying no to unrighteousness, but but but think if you lived in the South and you refuse to cooperate with the slave trade. Not only would you lose your business not only would your family be threatened. You could die there be people that would kill you. It's easy. So I would do what's right. What will we will really kick can I can I throw something out you did to think about if we don't obey when it's easy what makes us think we can obey when it's hard. If if we don't do what's right when there very little consequences for for for doing it. What makes us think we can do what's right when it's gonna cost us our livelihood organ be thrown in prison killed. But let me let me an example, let's say you try to get in shape right now.

You really out of shape you off a flight of steps are you huffing and puffing about when it comes to run the marathon next week I'll be fine know you won't you won't be fine. You will make it what when I was heavier or heavy. I used used to be a lot stronger saw me much better cardio shape and overall shape. Now that I'm thin but I haven't lifted weights is much so I was always playing around with with her grandson Andrew last night and a grandson. Weights of the largest weights I had homework were 52 1/2 pounds each. So, so I just grabbed them and and and set on the center this this bench and the new rollback and you kick the things up and I was just trying to press out, you know, do a number those in figures let's I could think. Second, you three sets of 10 of those okay right in your mega higher right listed there is no way that I'm going to get 100,000. The Chad then it does not go on and they're not going anywhere. I would be deceiving myself to think I struggled with 50 some pounds. A remake at the 60 pounds your struggle with that. No, but I do hundred next week. No, that's not gonna happen. So what I'm saying is you think about well right now it's a little hard to win so much abundance they put a gun to my head.

I wouldn't deny Jesus really really well you know what that's little controversial and social media now to speak up for the Lord, but I'm in if it came to stand for Jesus to go to jail. Austin really will continue staring here this process a little bit.

Am I making you uncomfortable it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us today on the line of fire your voice of sanity and spiritual clarity in the midst of a society Catholic Church. All too often in compromise. Are you ready to run with the horses whom Jeremiah chapter 12 Jeremiah is going through a rough time we see in the end of the 11th chapter that his own family has come against them in his life is being threatened and brings them to that breaking point. So he starts out Jeremiah the 12th chapter questioning God or or English translations make it sound pretty nice righteous are you will.

Lord I complained to get. I would plead my cause before you. It is better understand this is Jeremiah saying oh I know, I know you cannot write your own for I know you're right but gonna bring charges against I have up. I have a problem with the way you run your world this would Jeremiah saying I dug into this in depth in my commentary, Jeremiah and some translations come close to approximating the force of what you think social, let's look at what he saying Jeremiah 12 chapter.

The lease is what is the way of the wicked prosper while the treacherous thrive. You plant them in the take root to grow produce fruit.

You are near their mouth, but far from their heart.

You Lord know me. You see me and test my heart toward you pull them out like sheep for the slaughter set them apart for the day of slaughter hello the land. Moran and the grass refueled with her for the evil of those who dwell in it, the beast and the birds are swept away because they said he will not see our letter and will come back to God's response in a moment, but would Jeremiah saying is this is not reset right is not right. I look at it here. I'm, I'm being mistreated him a righteous person on suffering but not looking at the larger world and and looking at our nation and letting the wicked prosper is bring a curse on the land and and and you're not handling things properly so God judge them judge the way could do the right thing because the prosperity of the wicked is bring a curse on the righteous and the innocent is suffering and God's response to Jeremiah's basically old so you suffer little persecution you don't like the way I run my universe is that it so look at God's response.

These are famous words. Jeremiah chapter 12 verse five God says to them.

If you've raced with men on foot and they have wearied you, how you compete with horses and if in a safe land. You are so trusting will you do in the thicket of the Jordan River and your brothers in the house of your father. Even they have dealt treacherously with you there in full cry after you do not believe them, though they speak friendly words to you are for sake in my house. I've abandoned my heritage, I given the blood of the muscle into the hands of enemies goes on so he does speak with sympathy to Jeremiah is a hey I lost my own family to my households turned against me but but what he says what he says to the prophet first is body. If you can't take if you can't take a little persecution. Anna told from your own family either make in Jerusalem.

If you can't take a little heat now. What's gonna happen when it gets really rough.

I remember vividly I'm sure that's even more vividly when she was in labor with with Jen her first child in 1977 and Nancy didn't want to be in the hospital short of natural births want to have it at home and she's got a high tolerance for pain and about 56 hours into the labor and based on my understanding that has been coast childbirth been in the classes that she must be getting real close to transition, ready to push the baby a kiss. It's real bad and and I remember the midwife big gal from Jamaica just real confident great midwife. She comes over to the house and she examines her. She does I'll come back with the real labor comes the hard labor and I thought oh my, my poor wife Omar of the hard labor. All my and and yeah it was.

It was a rough 20 something hours so bottom line. Bottom line is is God said to Jeremiah buddy. You can take it when you little heat. What's gonna happen week is really hot and friends we need to wake up to reality. If you can't take it because you get unfriended on social media figure withstand torture. If I can't take it. Having some opposed the nasty comment about me something I'll get a make it. When the government outlaws. My face know this is the time to get strong.

This is the time in whatever area we find ourselves not to be obnoxious not to be self-righteous, God forbid not to be self not be hypocritical, but to stand for what's right to get a little backbone now is the time to do it now. Once it was got a gun to your head.

But in the little decisions of life. Now we have to say yes to certain things and no to others that lit the cyclic in Proverbs chapter 24 Proverbs 24 some very powerful versus verse 10. If you faint in the day of adversity. Strength is small. If you faint in the day of adversity, strength, a small maybe you did well with little opposition, but with real opposition crumbling failing your fainting. There's only one way to get stronger of the day of adversity, it's to get strong today is only one way to get ready to run that marathon. That's by running a little more each day.

This is only one way to to get ready for the day of evil.

Ephesians 6 when the day of evil comes, will be able to stand out by putting on the full armor today and then look what's next in Proverbs 24 just read one verse look at the two verses that follows verse 10. If you faint in the day of adversity, your strength is small. Verse 11 rescue those who were being taken away to death hold back those who were stumbling to the slaughter. If you say, behold, we did not know this does not he who weighs the heart perceive it does not. He keeps watch over your soul.

No way will he not repay man according to his work. It is that not a vivid picture of abortion rescue those who were being taken away to death hold back those who were stumbling to the slaughter. If you say we did know anything about this. To this end, God keeps watch of our souls know this is why Francis Schaeffer said, to paraphrase that every abortion clinic in America beast have a sign saying open by the permission of the local church friends now is a great time for us to do what's right. It it it doesn't cost us that much in America do what's right.

Compared to history.

Compared to other countries. Today we've got amazing freedoms here, here I am talking freely on radio and no one shut me down here I am right now do a live YouTube video like Facebook faint fee that has been shut down and I'm on Christian radio and other settings in Christian TV that has been shut down and I can publish the books I want to publish with publishers and post the articles or post up there some pushback and we had some unequal treatment from Facebook or from YouTube and any I've had publishers not willing to publish something is too controversial and the other places that will have bespeak that would've had me speak in the past but here I am.

Notice if you're watching might my head still on my neck hasn't been chopped off and been burned at the stake interview. I have friends in other parts the world who been stone for the gospel call exhibit imprisoned for the faith of those who been tortured and killed others who are widows of those who been killed yet. These are colleagues, friends, coworkers, around the world, God willing, I go to India again in December.

My 26 time Winokur proselytized by the Winokur proselytized that the local Christians there.

They do outreach on them to serve the believers on their strength in the believers on their help and encourage the believers and participate in a graduation ceremony so perfectly legal for me to go there and do what I do, but Christian friends there for their paying I just just got out a tweet.

Since I can't verify it yet, but a Nigerian pastor there. He is lying bloodied and according to this just just martyred in Nigeria. These things happen in some parts the world by the hour right now in America. In many countries were you listening this not happening. So why are we more bold. Why don't we stronger while we standing taller well we speaking more clearly could be fear of man is the stronghold alive could be work cursed with a man pleasing spirit not of Nancy's experimenting on to serve you and help you, but a man pleasing spirit meeting were more interested in pleasing man and God begot helpless. May God stir us. We God revealed in me. In each of us were were we have a spirit of compromise and attitude of compromise that a mindset of doing what's convenient, rather than what's right and begot helpless to stand up for what's right.

Not only does our generation need us to. But the next generations to our kids or grandkids a great grandkids play a little ball with my son-in-law and grandson that live near us last night. No stroke of them.

Hey, I guess the really healthy because another 15 years.

We could be planned great grandfather grandfather, father, son, and reread for generations.

Hey friends, now's the time to do what's right and God wants to use you and wants to use me to make a difference. Don't don't wait for someone else to take a stand. You see something that needs attention you give attention you see something were somewhat no one speaking up, then perhaps you're the one to speak.

One of the most celebrated missionaries in modern church history John Payton who spent decades in dangerous islands among cannibals and brought tremendous conversion. He felt the least qualified to go but when he heard about the need for missionary in South seas.

He was there in Scotland when he heard about that he said since none more qualifiable golden then all go heard that calling that he was literally a world changer. Maybe somebody will say the same thing today since the most qualified of said yes, here I am, send me and then rely on God's grace 24 seven negative office

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