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Revisiting Hebrew Pictographs

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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August 23, 2018 4:30 pm

Revisiting Hebrew Pictographs

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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August 23, 2018 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 08/23/18.

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So why do people get so mad when we expose the error of some of their false popular teaching. I think I just answered my own question stalking for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience have the president of fire school of Ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH. Jim is Dr. Michael Brown well here we are together on thoroughly Jewish Thursday. Michael Brown absolutely delighted to be with you.

Phone lines are open 86634 866-34-TRUTH 87884808 really is an amazing thing. We just tell someone, the truth that have some pet doctrine that there into which is based completely on falsehood or misconception. There's this new teaching they discover that the really into it and you tell them the truth about it from Scripture using facts, not making things up and they blast you as being unspiritual and they get angry with you is the enemy all interesting is that sometimes the truth hurts. They cannot be totally candid with you on this thoroughly Jewish Thursday. I have heard people butcher the Hebrew butcher the Greek, but overall make a great point in their message and I'm blessed by their message. I wish they didn't butcher the Hebrew the Greek, but overall, their message was just fine. The points were good and edifying.

I was blessed by it and if I can help them with the Hebrew, Greek. I would love to but often that's not an opportunity you have other times I've heard people use the wrong verse, but with the right point so they start the wrong place to use the are they the start the wrong places in the wrong Scripture, but the overall destination the overall part of the message is good.

Okay I wish they use the right Scripture and rightly understood the Scripture. They were interpreting but since the overall thrust of their message that people what were receiving thrust was good.

I I was blessed by that. Also, and there are the people that I can really receive from our often very simple teacher's meaning they may be very smart or educated or they may not be that smart or educated but they love the Lord. They love the word and their overall message is sound and they're not giving an academic sermon. I can listen to that all day and be blessed, edifying teacher that knows the text. Well that's gifted with insight into the Hebrew and Greek in the study and gets in that I can be blessed for that as well, sonnets, and you have to be intellectual to teach or preach what I am saying is you need to base your message on truth, truth, truth, truth, so when we put out a video in detail took a lot of time to prepare.

It will be put out a video exposing some of the myths about an ongoing pictographic meaning in the Hebrew Bible. Now, should you later. We got blasted for that of many thanked us, but is blasted equating me with the enemy. Some are so ugly we had to remove the comments I need to repent a misleading people is not interested. First, everything.

Things factually, this is no debating it. It's not a controversial thing for Hebrew scholars it's it's it's known simple and it's not it's not a big issue okay and and secondly, for those exiting the text.

It's understood that the pictograph the original pictographic meetings that that the origins of the words no longer carry that meeting. Once you have an alphabet and everything is based on the alphabet. This is this is as known as the air were breathing, but because people get into it and hold ministers Blalock at this insight and that people get upset when you tell the truth pay. I'm not here to steal your joy. I'm not here to be a party pooper. I'm here to help ground shoe and equip you and strengthen you so you can stand and do with the Lord's called you to do and together we can see Jesus. Yeshua glorified on the Jewish people in the church around the world. You have a Jewish lady question, free of any kind, and still phones open now. Second straight week open to those who identifies hubris lights, a Black Hebrew Israelites.

We demolished some of the weakest interpretations of this group ones that they put forth most strongly we demolished them because they completely collapse upon scrutiny.

It's a call-in we've open the phone's call in that you have to be a leader. Leaders great that anyone call-in instead will have no people blasting us online, some so nasty and ugly full of hatred and vitriol.

And as I've said this white hatred this by K2. There's a snake with his Jewish acre. This Gentile hatred. This mail hatred. The scream of hatred there taken all different groups. I'm just saying that we get hit consistently with some of the most racist ugly bitter hatred from those who identifies Black Hebrew Israelites which makes one thing abundantly clear is that they don't know God are not walking in the spirit and I long for them to truly know the Lord and be wonderfully born again, and many are coming to the truth and are getting set free and I thank God for that again request it's immaterial to me. The color of Jesus skin, almost skin it's immaterial to the issue is the truth of the gospel and let us not read, write, history so people it at what's interesting is since repent of the public challenge and put on the whole video debunking some of those common misinterpretations and then last week debunked further some of the saws are missed the juice today – drowsy Jews today are primarily converts of the house are kingdom. Another myth bogus nonsense false. We put that out just all the people at Marcus there less joining an online that's interesting and I'm called another one and I know many of you listen so phone lines remain open 866-34-TRUTH 7884.

Let me give an example of a biblical text that often gets misunderstood and her frequent heard some bizarre Pentecostal interpretations as well. Take a look with me in Daniel chapter 5 right so this is during the reign of Delta shots are right he is the successor to Nebuchadnezzar.

Daniel is now an elder who has served in the kingdom served among royalty for many years and is recognized as gifted with the ability to understand dreams and riddles and things like that.

That's how he first comes to prominence raised up by God in Daniel. The second chapter of Daniel chapter 2 verse four to Daniel chapter 7 verse 28 are in Aramaic. It's the longest Aramaic section in the Hebrew Scriptures you have some other portions as well, but this is the longest section Daniel chapter 2 verse four to Daniel 728 as it focuses in particular on the nations and the fate of the nations.

But what happens here in Daniel five is a famous account where there is handwriting on the wall. There is blasphemous partying, being done by Delta shots are and his people taking vessels that had been taken from the temple of the Lord Yahweh's temple and now they are being used just for partying and they see a hand and it writes on the wall.

This is the, the origin of the famous idiom you see the handwriting on the wall is what comes from here. Daniel chapter 5 and what now unfolds as a no don't understand the words.

Now I actually heard someone once claim only heard it once I remember it's because it was in tongues at lesson, it was in tongues. It was in Aramaic but delicate understood understand what it meant. So in Daniel chapter 5 right Daniel reads it and he says this is the writing that was inscribed in the name and date to Kale and forcing sentential semen name and they to Kale who foreseen who is and so Monai Monai to Kale and forcing civil what was so hard to understand.

What if it said nickel, nickel, dime, quarter nickel, nickel, dime, quarter what is. I mean, you wouldn't you understand the words which witnessed and what they meant. So each of these words were firms to AA weight/coin okay. Something that was actually used in known, hence my example nickel, nickel, dime, quarter but the words also have a verbal aspect to them. The roots have a verbal aspect so it would be like, I can say man he nickel and dime you to death. He nickel and dime you to death. Okay, so now I'm using nickel and dime in a verbal form.

Okay or quarter.

What I can say you quartered them you know they were drawn and quartered quarter has a verbal aspect to it as well right so it's not exact equivalent but these were simply weight/coins advocates what what is that mean but the roots also had verbal aspects which now Daniel explained, so this is what you needed. The interpretation for the work that we read the words, what is it, what do they mean against his Aramaic okay so number one this is the interpretation of the words. As for Monai God has numbered your kingdoms days and brought it to an end that II just want to read that to you in Aramaic just so that you can you can hear okay so Monai Manatt allow Hamas to test cut mocha, toss the hush Lema right so Monai is the word and then what God did is Manatt okay Manatt, which means God has counted up your kingdom and brought it to an end. So Monai the interpretation of that is Manatt Monai is the weight of the coin and now he's using it in the verbal sense of Wade. He has wager kingdom in the balance and finished it. Okay then next is verse 27 verse 27 Daniel 527 to Kale says this to Kale as for to Kale you are weighed on the bouncer so first counted.

These counted numbered right now. You have been weighed on the scales and found wanting. Weighed on the scales so to Kale to kill Todd is now the verbal form right to kill to both of the Houston cost right so you have been weighed on the scales and come up short. Used to cost the seer come up short.

So again you have Monai rhymes with Manatt, Kale with kilter. So these are related forms once a noun and the other is a verb. So this is what Daniel's understanding and then foreseen or Paris. Okay, so Paris is singular parsing is plural so your kingdom has been divided and also Paris reminder Persia.

Your kingdom is been divided and given to the Medes and the Persians. So cross Paris, some of who taught the Vaught the Monday lacrosse okay cross so the noun cross the verb pre-sucked so with each one.

He saying here is what you saw, nickel, nickel, dime, quarter but now you been nickel you been dime you can quarter doesn't work in English, so it works Aramaic not tongues. Nothing mysterious. It just needed rotation beyond explicit words there, and that's what God gave the said solar is her by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown (26 truth you Jewish -related calls are quite welcome. Once again I invite those who differ with me just post comments because I can't reply that many, many comments we have hundreds of thousands of responses and interaction with all of our posts on a weekly basis so obvious. Similarly, see the fastest vast majority of them but that's why we pay for air time. That's what you support us to be on the air so that we can take your calls live 866-34-TRUTH a few minutes I'll sure little bit of the reaction we got to debunking the myth of ongoing pictographic meanings in the Hebrew alphabet, but let's go to the phones will start with Courtney in Birmingham, Alabama. Welcome to want to fire Harry doing very well thank you in regard that nearly deciphered at Earl which revealed that report a calendar and often get that alien insurer during wondering your thoughts on that. I think that January February air okay so when you mentioned, newly deciphered, if even if you just go to Wikipedia you see an entry there about 20 different text from Carranza Dead Sea Scrolls which deal with the 364 date solar calendar, and these have been known. Some of them for many many years when I was in grad school in the in the late 70s early 80s when the students there was looking at calendars from Babylon to Dead Sea Scrolls in some of these things were in circulation, then so do you know specifically the one that's being spoken of that was recently deciphered, not care other than to be very similar calendar people went but I got back part Enoch are I have it off their pregnant right and right no fine.

I like that article that I read it here. It really get a lot of information that F5 got it.

Yeah, I apologize for the I apologize for not knowing us to tough my heads when you referring to but yet similarities to the Enoch calendar 364 day calendar solar calendar as opposed to the standard lunar calendar that was used in in other parts of the Jewish world and it became the prevailing one through pharisaical Judaism becoming rabbinic Judaism, etc. it was there, was there deftly word different calendars that that we know what we have, though somewhat fragmentary from the Dead Sea Scrolls so it's it's not that you can put everything together decisively. But yes, there were different calendars that that much we do know, and we know around the world. There are some that went by lunar calendars so that when parcel encounters that we know around the world so is the same thing in the Jewish community. I wouldn't let me just say this. Some people basil teachings on this and they they get into all types of exotic and esoteric doctrine in just don't get bothered by that. This is peripheral but interesting, and not allow articling act by Google nearly accurate at Earl Ravel frantic day calendar and I are okay at the Paley of Hebron, which I know that what you're talking about a on it.

Actually you that you can execute the language on here like XP died between a young assessment.

That's a total misunderstanding. That's the scripts they wrote the Paley will strip those they used an old script. They did not use pictographs. It's it's a complete misconception yet so I'm on the set that strength. All right, Lucifer Dead Sea Scrolls of this would calendar soupçon explained that yet, here we go biblical archaeology February 2.

Newly deciphered Dead Sea Scrolls. The joy of the right yet so today what during the break, I'll just I'll read through this quickly and then comment on this as long as you keep listening off the year you be able to understand that so limit and explain things okay originally 5000 years ago when certain writing forms were being developed.

You had initially pictures hundreds and hundreds and thousands and thousands of pictures like in Chinese like an Egyptian hieroglyphs all right like the scripts that would've leaned behind like lay behind Samarian things like that so's pictures that and because you got a lot to convey. You need thousands and thousands of different pictures right so then you develop something with the pictures turned into different forms. If you look at Tom Robbie's law code just Google it.

You see something that looks like chicken feet.

That's called cuneiform from the Latin Junius wedge so that's how the scribes would right thinks of the pictures then change into these forms by the time you got to the Babylonians and Assyrians, so-and-so, Hammurabi, and those in the second millennium first millennium. They had about 600 something signs instead of thousands of pictures and about 600 different signs and other signs had different sounds can have several different potential sounds eventually. This gets reduced to an alphabet of 20 to 25 letters or something like that where you have. For example, the original sign for house was by it, but it looked like an enclosure.

Now you have a letter that just stands for book doesn't stand for house to stands for but once you go from three or four, 5000 pictures to twentysomething letters. You just have letters. That's all you have and this is an alphabet and every Hebrew and linguistic scholar.

The ancient world fully understands that once you go from pictures to two alphabet.

The pictures no longer apply.

Just like that the, the English B comes through Greek going all the way back to Phoenician and Hebrew. It's it looks like an enclosure that the 2B written the way it is our B goes back to the same picture but it doesn't mean house. It just means but so in any case, something I letter a ultimately goes back to an ox head but does mean oxide. It's just a so you had this form of script which is called Paley oh Hebrew, which was based on the pictographs and then just turn into the soul Hebrew script which no longer had pictographic meanings just alphabet and that script was used.

If you look at ancient inscriptions from Phoenicia and things like that or inscription code can tell it is rude and in the ancient Israelite world, you'll see that old script being used know what happened was when the Jewish people were in exile in Babylon. They picked up the Aramaic script which is a school more of a square's typescript and they began to use that.

But we know at the time of Jesus that the Paley oh script was to you sometime so it's just like the difference between print and cursive okay so if I just say print the letters or use cursive right that's the it's the just two different types of scripts. It has nothing to do pictographs or pictographic meanings. The pictographic meanings had been forgotten for centuries and centuries and centuries and centuries they had no more relevance is just an alphabet just the same as when we say ABC when I tell you what pictographs were talking about letters so please tell me anything that I just said that wasn't clear because I can't guarantee that I'm saying things in a way that's clear for everyone. I. Okay.

Great. Second, Paley oh Hebrew script is just an older script that saw just like writing something print versus cursive. There's no difference in the meaning there is no difference in the significance of the letter say thank you so much for the call. Much appreciated.

866-34-TRUTH dropped off another call. Yeah that's got a brother Joe in Texas walking to the line of fire. Dr. Brown and a twofold question for you. In my young sure.

So we have been looking at you.

Psalm 24 and wondering if that was referring to two. Also I was wondering about the doctrine of the eternal generation of the.what people like Laura messianic thought about right okay so number one Psalm 24 is not specifically messianic in it, you could try to argue as it goes down, you know, the majestic king, the King of glory is ultimately speak of the Messiah, but there there is no there's no thinking that an ancient Israelite reading that would think that that was anything other than God the father himself just referring to God in general and not specifically to the Messiah because it's God creating and it's it's God coming to his sanctuary.

So it could apply to the Messiah, but it's certainly not its first application. As for the idea of eternal generation of the sun.

These are things that theologians have debated. If you say that the son of God is eternally begotten.

What is that mean if if he's eternal then he has no beginning and no end. If he's begotten he has a beginning.

So when certain theologians speak of Jesus being eternally begotten that can be odd.

What is that actually mean none of some theologians will explain exactly what it means, but I understand when the Bible speaks of Yeshua being declared God's son. It was, not in a literal birthing as much as when he came into this world when he rose from the dead. He was declared God's son with power and that the relationship between father son and Spirit in eternity past is clouded in mystery because were unable to understand that God existed in eternity. We know it we affirm it mentally. But to say he always was breaks our own human categories.

So a standard Trinitarian view would be God eternally existed. His father, son and Spirit. Others would simply say God is always been exactly who he is and he revealed himself to us as father son and Spirit is a triune God revealed himself to us as father-son spirit, but use the term eternally begotten to me personally, even though it's been used speak of eternal generation of the sun raises more questions for me than answers, so I just try to stay with biblical language quote the Scriptures and perhaps let others more theologically brilliant figure out the details right. Hey, thank you very much for the call 866-34-TRUTH we come back will take into the world of hostility to the truth.

What we debunk a pet dog, stay right here in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 860 Jim is Dr. Michael Brown thank you on today's thoroughly Jewish Thursday broadcast phone lines are wide open. Why mean wide open for the Jewish related Hebrew related is related question 866-34-TRUTH 784 866-34-TRUTH four truth. I just looking up at you to valid core. Dr. B.

After you show the real Messiah last night, which went good YouTube recommend yet another Torah observant live show with the speaker was saying Jesus was the anti-Messiah over and over, you know.

Thank you, thank you for pointing that out into what could well be that there is ignorance in terms of the connections that, in other words, they're just going to be algorithms or things that spot one word and and your intricate and can end up recommending something totally the opposite. Just because the words related don't know sometimes it's based on viewer history malls all searchable one. That one am just checking something, try to get an update on computer prices and then next thing is everywhere I look its ads for that computer that you know of whatever it is so there was some one time I got this thing for for portable toothbrush that was electric and you described in your you got, you know, the thing replaced regularly and toothpaste regular everywhere I look to student space to space to space of its I don't even know how things get recommended on YouTube. How much it's personalized, individualized, how much generalize but but thanks for letting us know all right.

So here's the deal.

I felt burdened a few months back.

To really take some time and I told my team looks can take a lot of time.

I have a lot of slides. This can be really complex, but I feel I need to debunk this idea that within the Hebrew Bible today that the pictographs that lie behind the alphabet, just like they lie behind our English alphabet or the German alphabet of the Latin alphabet to the alphabets that we use lie behind the Hebrew Phoenician alphabet of old lie behind the Greek alphabet behind the English Latin alphabet that the original pictographic meaning is still fun. It's completely bogus.

It's 1% nonsense. There is zero truth to it, and it's dangerous to try to interpret the word like that because you can read anything that you want into it.

In any case, we took the time to go through a prepared lots of slides pulled from different places different books or team went through carefully.

We put the video together. We weren't satisfied. It was a pretty long video did it again second or third time until we really felt this was the clearest that we could explain it and then posted it and of course many people thanking us many people appreciating it. But not everyone is happy with us bursting their blue NSF there not enough riches in the word array as if all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are not already hidden in Yeshua, as if by the Holy Spirit.

We could not get endless insight into the glorious truths of the work as the words carry meaning not creating all kinds of new meanings.

So here are some of the responses that we have gotten right about one guy named Teddy posted this, you obviously have no idea what you're talking about.

You say in your own words that you want to explain your views truth Joshua himself said he is often tough. Yet note number one no such name is Joshua first issue.

Secondly, because I know every detail of which I speak it simple fact for anyone that knows the Hebrew language and history of Hebrew language.

Since no speculation here fact. Yes, Yeshua said he's the beginning and the end the a and Z Alpha and the Omega, the author, the top he didn't say that he's the. The ox had because that's where the olive Ridgely came in. Though he didn't say that there pictographic meanings Teddy humble yourself but I can help you mean that I can help you all the posted need to repent. Humble yourself Teddy I can help you write a quill or said this Google Hebrew word pictures by Dr. Frankie sequins, YouTube, etc. Rev. Conkey Chinese in the Bible. A night signed by Carla Fleetwood. Actually, Dr. sequence may be a very nice man may love the Lord but is this teaching was quite wrong on this quite well yeah and the reason that you have thousands and thousands of symbols in Chinese is is because they still have all these different forms. Once you reduce it to an alphabet. The pictographic meanings no longer hold usually have 22 or 25 letters that you're dealing with a just sounds now of the last Palio Hebrew letter tau was shaped like the cross of Christ. Hence the northern crosses near the nonmoving Northstar Israel should never change orders to rejoin his humor that was given to man by God. This guy has no clue LOL you know I could tell if I feel I feel genuinely bad for people and so sure the right and in what you're saying is based on ignorance and misinformation say that's harsh I'll say it again with their saying is based on ignorance and misinformation.

Often I find the more ignorant someone is, the more they mock the truth, the more they mock things that are accurate.

Okay, here's another one.

This is revolutions.

I could tell he was lauded in the first 10 seconds.

Also the left side favorites is ludicrous right brain favoritism lying to slot the first and second your discernment solve friend your disturbance, way, way off.

I'll give these facts. Facts and information. As someone who's been studying the Hebrew Bible for 45 years gaga's brown seems to be sent to confuse those on the path back to the creator's original words as intentions. The Torah should pictographic Berliners are absolutely key to unlocking deeper understanding of the always sterile your emergency friend, your deceived you are reading meanings into the Scripture that God never intended, and if you do it for every single verse go to the tower and come up with your lips particular feelings for every single verse you will have other nonsense at end and we don't have nonsense. You can be creating all kinds of meanings that are not there.

Do the exact same thing with English will be just as nonsensical is taking the rolloff spirit breath of life out of you. Always words the officers been doing this for money away from this variance to change an old associate with him and agree with the pay but I'm try to help people in error.

If you want people run into error.

That's your prerogative, but to study this. I have lot responsibilities teacher in the body. Just like other pastors, teachers, leaders, and to the extent God's given us a great platform to speak to millions that I have greater accountability. My hands clean because and give me the truth here. My hands clean because of the taken spirit out of anything. I'm taking nonsense out and saying the words to be sure they are spirit like no need to create something new. You don't need to read stuff into them that that that that don't exist, is in the Bible and the office of God's word enough is the truth of the Scriptures office and the revelation of the Holy Spirit enough is the life-giving power. The transforming power. The word of God enough you create meanings that don't exist in the way people burst your bubble, you said one man need to humble yourself about this one. Linda wow jealousy needs to be redressed repent from your pride poet from his FROM typo there that that's maybe you're projecting maybe are just other bronzer trends help people hustle of the city Council of Ya sure all the public is no such the australis completely made up note 0 truth and the pronunciation house done PhD have no matched to the ancient people.

Your opinion is genocide to people I Mrs. Christ stuff friends but this is what happens debunk nonsense and false that's simple.

You get this, garbage, you're on the matter that I feel bit. I feel bad for the people I do.

:-) First, I have to admit that that I feel bad for the people and and I pray God given that the courage and humility to embrace the truth and to throw out myths and fables word of God is full of spirit full of life. Don't need to create meanings that don't exist.

866-34-TRUTH let's see we go over to Kimberly and Youngstown, Ohio.

Welcome to the line of fire hi Michael hello I I'm I'm calling about your dear here is relate you know X you know discussion you had last Thursday I get your challenge here is like to call you yet so I would not it was time excited yet.

I'm sorry my in my getting the right day.

Yeah we see on Thursday the last week was the house are. So it related to he resorts to go ahead okay well I am a moderate I don't subscribe to the keeping of the cam and I come from a background of being in a conservative evangelical background, so I am not coming from where the camps are coming. I don't subscribe to a lot of the can't in fact mostly Hebrew like I know think the camps are infiltrated, they think they're a CIA operation to kinda destroy what's going on among so that the mischaracterization the yelling on the street. The anger that all about. We consider that this kind of a way to kinda blackball the whole thing so I personally would what you mean and what really backed while in what sense what you believe is he resorts are you yourself a person of color.

Yeah okay so what what he believes that the original Israelites were African and that white GLI ULI siren from in an educated background and when I would challenge Macbeth because I really didn't know I had known about history and in about geography. So instead of me to know pulling a script that I know I've been trained to read the Scriptures and study I've been in a track of learning history going back and studying and and even learning Hebrew and I even got having gone to Israel and and though my perspective didn't just come from somebody pulling a line out. I mean, the Torah teachers.

I think you have to read the Bible contextually.

You can't just pull Scriptures out in a couple narrative, which is what a lot of evangelicalism does it pull Scriptures together and then leaves a narrative of things that aren't even that level to present to ask. Let's leave that for separate subject of the guy explicitly tell me one thing that I said that was wrong, but something here is what I did. I went back and looked. I want you know I'm as respectful. I went back and looked up all of the version and I noticed that the older version and said that that one line you said you will be told as cat you we we sold and the other one day you will sell yourselves with the totally different it in and half of them said one thing and happened to the other.

Try to let me go back to the Hebrew the Hebrew sad you will be sold to your enemies and nose and sessile you yet you my Nana but mother so you will receive. In other words, know what I mean is I go when I look it up. II look I go to the word accurately work but I just you don't really resent the Jesus as you will sell yourselves it's it's like you know there's no sitter will come back and he was good. Every time that pharmacies sell yourself. It is the hit pile. It is that as for the flex form, not passive simple.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown, thanks friends for someone are just one dimension. The article that Courtney referred me to. In the first half-hour of the show about newly deciphered its scroll text that tied in with enough counter again. We've known over 3 to 64. The calendar we know the inner calendar so one us a lunar calendar versus the solar calendar so the significance reading through the article. The big point was that the lunar calendar, you have to make lots of decisions you need rabbinic authority involved. You need to discuss which is when the stay falls are not whereas a solar calendar things can be fixed on set days more readily so that that's the big offshoot of that but again that's been known before. Okay so so Kimberly out. I mean no offense when I when I say that you can't refute because the form for you were sold as a passive form that would be named card Tim this is this is heat McCartin which is called the heat pile which is the reflexive form and that form is used. A number of times in the Hebrew Bible, and every time that forming so you sold yourselves to do evil so here it says you sold yourselves reducing hate somebody buys were in such desperate condition somebody bias and nobody would so it meant that Isaac added. I looked it up in and in some of the river, I'd say I look up 20 different version and half the verdant inside and and though you have to say when I have a conflict like that.

I mean, you tell me if I'm correct I have a conflict.

I have to go back to the context of the whole script I can't do kind of looked at birth out of the contact in the rest of the birth it that I will bring a nation against you from far away from the end of the earth like an eagle swooping down nation whose language he did not understand.

If it was Egypt bent but they teach Hebrews knew the Egyptians knew their language. They were very familiar. They were just coming out of Egypt. It would have to be something else and even the terms and you knowing Hebrew names mean things like Sam mean name and Egypt actually mean me as I am what you mean bondage or doubt the sign doesn't the sentence is not correct. I isolate such needs runoff.

It doesn't. The solid intake can cannot listen, you cannot. Egypt, the name occurs over 400 times in the Bible. Okay and that's it. If it's pond digital talk about a call at the house of bondage meets Ryan Wyatt Weiser, the dual form. This is upper and lower Egypt.

Okay, it's not upper and lower bondage. It's I am busy to work need to physically degree but you can't Unisom and if I am in Hebrew, though they did in the culprits rhyme is pronouncing at that, but I don't mean to insult but you cannot put that you cannot try to read something as it does not mean bondage was to let a little place other people. Here's what you're missing. It's her other people whose language you understand will now sell you and ships into captivity, which did happen to the Jewish people of the way in history. Okay, so the Syrians, for example, as as they would exile people. They one way to do it was they would put them on ships right so the people that the Babylonians, the Syrians whose language you don't understand. Will XL you the put your and ships and send you back to to the place from which I said you'll never come. And while there you want to sell yourselves as slaves but no one will lie you and every single time without fail.

In the Hebrew Bible when you have the verb to sell and to buy in the same verse. That's what they mean it doesn't and it kind of makes sense to contact me. The whole contact occurred. If that wife no one bought you and you are and explain the whole verdict is about being in slavery. How would that even make sense. Very simple know the whole verse is not about being in slavery the holes in the solid progress and not what is so bad it's the mast cell and it's so terrible that you'll wish to sell yourself as slaves to get out of it and nobody will even by it's the plain meaning of the verse are innocently numb and symptomatic intensity.

Given area of it and you and it wouldn't even need to go to your shift to even go to Egypt and walked it also does this again shows and concerts are many times ma'am I not Kimberly. I okay commence on the speech. Respectfully, when I six or yeah and I'm not trying to be different. Back with you. I'm just showing you what I did not out of ignorance or racism. I went to the Scripture and I thought I should isolate such that it lets let's break it down number one, it does not work about the language even though this is the people who can export number two we know historically that sometimes the way that people were sent into Egypt from all different parts of Israel was by ship. We know that, especially from the north.

This is historically known.

Number three.

The most natural reading of the Hebrew this verbal form occurring throughout the Hebrew Bible is to sell yourself so miserable you want to sell yourself into slavery and normal bodies number four.

Every single time without fail.

No exceptions. Ever when you have the verb sell and buy in the same verse does not mean sell and redeem it mean sell and buy 100×100.

And this happened in Jewish history.

Their arguments that it happened when when Jerusalem fell to the Romans.

The arguments that this happened by the Syrians early on. Okay, I know I agree I made it a pattern that happened to the cable at all through their history. They are plucked out of land every time they been the same thing happened over and over. And on the Babylonians and the Medo Persian and Greek and Roman but it still said even in the New Testament

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