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From the Catholic Sex Scandals to Radical Islam

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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August 29, 2018 4:40 pm

From the Catholic Sex Scandals to Radical Islam

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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August 29, 2018 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 08/29/18.

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From the Catholic abuse sex scandal to the presence of radical Islamic terrorists in America today. We got all covered right here for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by going 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. The story is everywhere in the news. It's been so for weeks in a different levels for years. Story of sexual abuse Catholic priests abusing children primarily young boys and adolescent boys now more more revelation coming forward now a major Catholic leader saying Pope Francis knew about all of this, and rather than do something to stop it. Actually promoted a key player in it. We need to address these things honestly but constructively in a way also that we examine our own hearts and lives. This is Michael Brown you are listening to, watching, experiencing the line of fire are two important interviews today. First, focusing on the issue of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church and the wider problem of sexual abuse in the church at large.

And then were going to talk about the presence of radical Islam in America today as we near the anniversary of September 11. If you have a call specifically relating to these topics, 866-34-TRUTH otherwise over time is going to be devoted to our special guest.

Over the years have had the joy of working with Larry Tomczak.

We are dear friends and fellow soldiers in the Lord and he's been a faithful steady witness for decades, faithful to his wife and family faithful to the calling on his life and a man of if you get to know him at all is really full of love is not one of these flame throwing angry people are hitting over the head with Bible verses. He is a loving caring man but he's burdened which causes him to speak out and he's recently addressed this issue of the scandal in the Catholic Church. So, Larry. Great to have you back with us on the modifier today my honor, I love you friend and mentor in so many ways so it is a joy to be here, but we got a sober topic is an urgent time that we got a directive now for those under your background or are you a Catholic hater or Catholic basher Milt Mike. I would think the audience you would think I would read the Roman Catholic and I want but I'm very grateful to God dedicated leaders, priests and nuns that shape me. I mean even the fact I can write articles and get things right grammatically. I think Sr. Pauline is an alternate and I went to mass every Sunday and but you know what is.

I was really genuinely born again when I was around 20 I counseled with Catholic leaders right after I would've booked it reached about 40 million Catholics that identified with my journey and Mike I Young I adopted I reached the place where I should bake I'm a Christian with a Catholic background and out. So when I share today on this topic and I know you share the burden to them in the Catholic Church.

It is on the ropes and you know you want Sean Hannity is neither a Bill O'Reilly may be influenced or Laura increment Mike Pompeo. There is no secretary for at least one of the Catholic people and they like people all around us there stunned their shock. Mike, I bumped into a guy get a day on he was so stabbed anything. I don't want to stay.

People are angry. The writing off The writing of Christianity because of this, and I have to counsel this man looked at John up to discuss what to say but yeah this is a serious time and when you started the program like you. You made mention, I mean American leaders calling for the Pope to resign is not. I am not antagonistic. I am so stabbed I cannot believe what I read that report from the grand jury of leaving Pennsylvania 300 predator priests Mike abusing over thousand shouldering the I know how you are using church property to produce child pornography. It's reprehensible is unconscionable. So I'm not with you today here attacking I'm trying to use the word constructive offer some constructive input so that we can hopefully look back. Learn lessons and then also where are reforms changes needed that we never had this happen again yeah and and Larry. Obviously you and I are evangelicals. Neither of us are Catholics and my own upbringing Jewish men coming into an evangelical church to be born again.

I don't have the same history was Catholicism that you do.

But either way, our ministries are and are not devoted to polemics against the Catholic Church there some that are in and I respect that.

But that's not our specific burden calling Sue were looking at this in a non-antagonistic way. And then of course the question of the victims understand that the grand jury report in Pennsylvania looked at a period of decades, but that was only one part of America and then America's only one part of the world and then the allegations go right up to the pulpit and in the major leaders and cardinals and and Catholic seminaries and and things like that and allow your daughter Melody works with a lot of young people a lot of broken young people and in many of them are victims of sexual abuse in their own family or the settings like that or some pastor abuse them and as a pastor, so if you cancel people fears. One of the traumas. The lasting effect on the victim consent.

That's the real story here is that is the victims.

What happens to people been molested especially by someone in authority or religious authority like my daughter would 39 cities work toward outreach and it's with. I am second ministry and initiative. She works in this ministry and she said you know this work toward future punk rock range music and she said I understood why there was such anger and rage. As I talked to the young people because abuse that the divorce neglect the drugs of the parent and so they don't know how to express their anger which is justifiable, so they do it through this punk range music but the lives of young people stay increasing suicide rates in drugs among young people being gone through this and Mike. I know I just I just ate today is and any Catholics that are listening. We are trying to offer some things that are helpful but we've got to face the brutal realities that I believe years ago I can't remember most was musical. I saw a documentary on the abuse credit, the priest in Boston.

I think the movie won an award is that within an Oscar something is the best movie year and it was faxed and it would go to Ireland recently and what's happening. This is very evil and widespread, and he's trying to take some steps and I at the other three things we can cover today that should have been done and it could help us prevent this disaster that is causing people to reject Catholic Christianity and mock the church and the devil uses this to again degrade and denigrate Christianity in our land and abroad. Yes. So, even for those of us who are not Catholic.

This is a larger association with the church with Christianity and most painfully evolved with the name of Jesus and I we are going to give some ideas for him to be constructive. Look at your three suggestions and then will will look at larger issues about immorality in the church as a whole.

Speaking of of all those who were following Jesus, but it isn't it true that some people say of 12-year-old boy sexually abused by his priest that that that boy could very well become an atheist orbit become someone who is just anti-religion because that with that was the religious representative that was God's man on the earth.

And if that's what God is man on the earth.

Does either God is terrible, or they can be a God because he didn't do anything to stop this. You see this a lot, don't you all might you and I mostly traveled 46 years I've been in vocational news people time you talk to people all the time and you state. Did you have any religious training or anything and to be similar to what you know people say, Bill Marr meant that he could Catholic Madonna turns 60 last week, Madonna was Catholic but had bad experiences and the enemy uses this and so we we got our work cut out for us and but it's a reality.

We just have to face and I try I don't Bill O'Reilly argue recently saying this is sickening. I take it like a generation to retrieve a reputation but he said please take a look at the teachings of the church and I would stay beyond that.

Take a look at Jesus came as a person and and don't look at the caricature or the counterfeit and I even told people images to be helpful for those listening today. Mike you know I was installing this guy John. He just didn't want to do people so angry and the writing off Catholicism because my wife she works at likely bookstore and I don't want to thank John don't be defensive. Please listen and then agree with their discussed and if the opportunity. I think John Ed presents itself that you know Jesus shares the same righteous anger and I think here's a verse for you and I give it to people. Mark 942 whoever Jesus that causes one of these little ones he's talking the children were rounded, believe in me to skin it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he was thrown into the sea.

You talk of helical action. But Jesus feels this and we need to feel it and then we need to with compassion speaks the truth and give people a chance to vent, but hopefully pulled back and simply please don't throw the baby out with the bathwater's hi Larry, I just want to take a minute literally before your break will you come back we will look at your three constructive solutions to reduce, eliminate this problem of sexual predators in the Catholic Church, but just take a minute and speak to victims of sexual abuse and share God's heart with them. Well yes, your listening right now money. This is in my growing up I had three people and two were young Catholics that tried to manipulate me into some perverted sexual activity. Homosexual type activity, and I want you to know got scared me. He spared me from somebody.

Also they could've done a lifetime of damage. But you know what God has a heart to restore and he can turn things around for good he's done it in so many lives we know will serve a God of the miraculous, and so don't turn away from the living God draw upon him for strength. Put your life in his hands puncture trusting and receive not only forgiveness but listening to working that evening he will you turn even as I have, and help others that are struggling and are battling in this culture today because it's hyper sexualized and we need people to be ambassadors that have been saved. We deem turnaround God's friends, God really is the Redeemer and the agony, the pain been through God can turn that around and actually bring good out of it in your life will be right back don't go anywhere in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us today. I'm going to fire you know it's easy to throw stones. It's easy to criticize.

Sometimes were reluctant to speak out about issues because we know our own imperfections. I remember once when pastor the church I was working with committed adultery and we had to remove him him and he took off with another woman in even boasted about it on some level, and when we want to lovingly confront them with our hearts breaking and only wanted to see him restored and help to me we were going to pay his salary over year in and and get into place where he can get restored and come to real repentance and then come back to do ministry again. He turned hostile. I remember him saying we will you ever lusted after woman the forts that have multicity committed adultery in your heart which gives you the right and and sometimes people are paralyzed by that is supposed to saying hey by God's grace we have not engaged in these things, and even the were far from perfect walking lot laws that are worthy of our calling in the Lord is our sacred responsibility to address problems and abuses so speaking with my dear friend Larry Tomczak, Larry. Let's go through one of the time your three suggestions for the Catholic Church and then look again I'm not Catholic and I have issues with doctrine or things like that in the mass etc. but all that being said, I would also like to see certain reform and change come to reduce and even eliminate this problem.

So let's go for number one yet. And these are very practical in the real. I think number one. I believe we should Catholic leadership should consider the option of allowing priests to marry you and II was baited.

I mean you look at the culture of the hypersexual is culture the temptations and unless somebody has what I believe is clear in Scripture of the gift of singleness, which could say some of the state, people are being set up for almost inevitable disaster and so young people simple.

This is always been the case in that the Pope Peter. He was so but what and what the church was over thousand years old, when it issued a decree on being celibate it wasn't to really of the Council of Trent in 1563 that this would definitively affirm and so I would stay number one Jesus it's true he never married, but he taught that there the gift of singleness in Matthew 19 wasn't for everyone. She was able to receive it, receive it, and the apostle Paul gained guidance on the book if it people can't follow a single light then he said they can't control the screen and took letter marry is better to marry than to burn early church celebrated leaders married Peter Roman Catholic Church considers the first pope.

He was married. Look at Matthew 814 and some hope for the children of article so I believe celibacy is a beautiful gift from God. But if man can be very vulnerable to all kinds of sexual temptation with women in heaven forbid with others that could entice even at a young person, then let's steer clear of what the Bible says in verse 24.

It's dangerous to forbid people to marry.

I think this would be a change that would be healthy and and and productive to my just jump in there and of course it does put a positive model extolling the importance of marriage and family MC Catholics of Belize in marriage and family, importance of and often have large families but here you have leaders who are modeling it in a relationship and able as husband and wife even to minister to others and help in an Council and relate better but let's let's think about this realistically, you have a high percentage of men who are attracted to other men who join the Catholic priesthood because very few heterosexual men of the gift of celibacy. Therefore, it's going to be more likely that they'll marry then going to the priesthood, but a man who is attracted to the menaces like I can't marry anyway, you get a better chance of someone like that. Getting into the priesthood and quite plainly even Catholic leaders admitted to it now. This is largely a homosexual problem not just a pedophile problem, but the the great majority of abuse of all the abuses were maddened in these cases, but the great majority of those abused were adolescent males so so these are teenage males so is this is a homosexual problem and it's it it's been tolerated. According to these reports and and even cultivated on a very high level. Alright so number one I'm with you step for step number two well number two when it comes right from my experience. 20 years of good Catholic but I would need it can sound dramatic, but whether you're a Pope or whether you're a woman that you let's say you want to emulate Mother Teresa in her life. Whether you're a Catholic priest, a college student, you could be the present United States CEO bottom line is you must be born again and I believe number two is with the Catholic Church needs to return to basic biblical Christianity and once again we need to teach and instruct people and praise. You must be born again and I think a great illustration Scripture is in John three will you had a religious leader that came Jesus and he wanted to know how I get properly related to God and Jesus and say would be baptized, confirmed her radio to cure the poor, engaging the work.

He said you got to be. You must be born again and I was 20 years of my life I was a good Catholic. I went to Matt. I have 12 years of Catholic schooling and everything, but I was not born again and I found that all over the country.

When I wrote my book years ago clap your hands the reason it was accordingly a bestseller and many reasons, among other reasons, with people related. Larry Highwood never repented. I never put my trust in the person and work of Jesus Christ. And we've got to recognize because it and again, somebody might really react this, but I believe the reality is that possibly and maybe all of these pedophile priests had never really repented they would never supernaturally born again that the starting point for Christian life. So I state get back to the basics and I saw a film on Pope by Pope Francis, just six months ago. The documentary and he had masses of people, hundreds of thousands in using the worst problem in the world is global warming, and he's talking all you've got hundreds of thousands tell them they must repent, put their trust in Jesus, but you know that that's my appeals. I think that the second one might you guys so I saw something on that Larry.

If you have Catholic priests one after another after another truly born again. Do you think this can bring even more shaking to the Catholic Church because if you truly born again man.

Perhaps some of the foundations might be challenged. Absolutely, like, absolutely.

And I can tell you we had a lady in our church in Atlanta. I believe she was a nun 15 years, heard the gospel. She responded she was born again.

She taught my oldest son. She she died. I think it was 103, but she took that play. She said I was never born again. I was a good religious Catholic nun, but I never repented and put my trust in Jesus a gap it would shake the foundations but that not needed today be number three well II recommend our Pope, Pope on he has repented and made statements today and he did it in Ireland and other places that wouldn't but you know what years ago I took a course on Catholicism at Catholic University and I remember the theologian Catholic teeth that look kind of smiley that love the Catholic Church never relieved it's it's wrong. It just publishes new decrees and goes forward, that's an exaggeration but I know what you think and the Bible says he who covers his sins will not prosper, but whoever confesses and forsakes them will obtain mercy, and so I believe the Pope as the shepherd of the Catholic Church should be very explicit. She should say we agree we are repenting we are putting in place accountability were going to do XYZ, but it can't be just a quick statement or some inspirational statement. It's got to be genuine.

Otherwise, how are we to retrieve people that not just our watching and laughing in the world and grieved. But Catholics that it said I was trained in this and when I heard this on Don, we've got to do what's necessary and I believe there is a way before more I have Catholic friends at Catholic colleague on the on the air yesterday, so again when passing Catholics, but I have no problem with someone leaving the Catholic Church if they truly come to Jesus, but it pains me when Lena Catholic Church. They also disregard Jesus and that becomes even that the deeper issue and Larry if you had to take a minute and give a word of advice to an evangelical pastor tip to any pastor, your your first word of advice for that person's own sexual purity will you say to that man.

Well, I state, make sure you have rich and ongoing communion with Jesus Christ taking time in the word.

How does a young man guarding his way with your general GE keeps the word of God in his heart walked close with God had godly accountability with other leaders walking in accountability and transparency with people so I think walk close to Jesus Christ, and make sure and if you're married, make sure you have other couples around you so that in the hour were the evil in the enticement in the subduction you so quick so great you can't afford to go it alone, lonely hymns alone in this kind of situation, but Mike is victory. You and I by the grace of God and others all over the learn from this and working to help others that men friends. Larry's put together something super helpful. The bull's-eye challenged and it takes to one day few minutes each day to watch a video and to read from a book and you get it educated on what the Bible says about abortion about immigration about same-sex marriage.

One topic a day and you know more than many cultural leaders, even though many pastors, even though Larry what's the website where they can find out more, yet very good thank you might just go to bull's-eye don't put about bull's-eye you can immediately access the videos that three minutes. As you sit on all these topics and then there's the book you can order it there and have it within couple days it'll help you to make you an informed influencer and that's what you and I are committed to help people bring the truth today. Amidst this deception, I bull's-eye Can you see in a few minutes a day for a month.

Bull's-eye hey Larry will connect again. God bless you I love you. Thanks Mike bye-bye they gave us the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown. Every year comes to September 11 approaching the 17th year, 17th anniversary of the surface terrorist attacks. This cycle, it takes place in my home, my wife Nancy thinks I'm not really going to be is moved by this you speak about yourself.

I won't be as pained and devastated by and then that they comes in. She spends much of the day watching the news listening to the stories of those whose lives were dramatically affected.

On September 11 and the reason she goes to that cycle is not just because she's compassionate and empathetic, but also because she lost her brother that day in the World Trade Center in New York City. So this is something that's close to home for us, but on a certain level for all of us in America drove us to apply from the world. This is always something to talk about in particular when we still face issues of radical Islam. Not this worldwide, but here in America. My guest William Fetter has written extensively about these issues is the author of 20 books speaks over 100 cities a year and his book America's God and country encyclopedia of quotations are sold over half-million copy so you see him on TV news you've read perhaps his books about America.

Perhaps you've read what is written on Islam as well.

When I found out that Dr. Fetter was going to be available to talk about radical Islamist lives. Let's do it, especially as we lead up to September 11 so Bill, great to have you back a lot of fire. Thanks for joining us today. We would so let me ask you this, or are we getting into more conspiracy theories hype paranoia.

When we keep talking about radical Islam.

I'm Emmett. Haven't haven't really shut the threat down and isn't ices largely defeated Al Qaeda.

Maybe some in the past what we still talking about this today will Islam is moving into Latin and South America and infiltrated the drug gangs are coming up across the border. They call them OTM other than Mexican underfunding, Pakistani, Somali, Sudanese abandoned Arab Spanish dictionaries grand prayer rug in the Arizona desert and now we found that Pres. Obama when he was in office, together with not come up $1.6 billion through the funnel through Catholic charities and other organizations to resettle of these people in those cities all across America and with FinePrint being that they cannot evangelize just bring them into signing up until they're taken over the section 8 housing complexes in the cities I've been to Sioux Falls South Dakota Helena Montana. Charlotte will all the Muslim communities that have popped up and they're beginning to get involved politically and build mosques and when the communities don't want to change. Under the previous administration, the Department of Justice came in and soon the community in one phase, even Culpeper, Virginia. They subpoenaed the pastor because he had given the history of Islam, and so the Department of Justice will because they told him to bring in all of his notes. All of his books. Anything you have written or said about Islam.

They wanted to have them come in they were trying to post them as a ringleader of anti-Islam in the community. Thankfully, the truck came in. That got stopped, but we saw that there was a very aggressive movement on the behalf of the government to bring the sin and the that started some opening comments and all glad because with that. So Bill again these days we are conditioned to hear the news and hear things like that and and wonder okay is this just is this Alex Jones and info wars is is this is is this CNN is the enemy who do we believe it is this another conspiracy theory so white when you're talking about these things. Those that don't know you don't know your background, how how deeply if you research these issues and again is is not comfortable for you to do this on your own. But I'm asking to you to tell us why we should believe you that these reports are accurate and that you know that, of which you speak. I primarily run and so the timeline is significant at all.

Start with Mohammed's life is sort of the DNA of this law so he was born at 570 A.D. and at the time the two big superpowers were the Byzantine Christian Roman Western Empire based out of Constantinople and the Persians. The mass of the Empire in the East and they actually had significant wars in each other up. Let the power vacuum in it. The power vacuum came Islam now Mohammed. He was all his father dies before he borne his mother dies 26 is grandfather guarding guys like H was often taken in by uncle Abu Charlie was a merchant takes monk MRIs to different cities and he hears about the different religions.

His whole life. You can never read and write and so he ends up combining parts of them, so the Zoroastrians which was the Persian religion believe the paradise was so full of urgent. There was some Jewish communities revisited, and he originally had his followers find following toward Jerusalem until they rejected even Encyclopaedia Britannica said the Gospels made notable all of apocryphal and heretical sources thought the Trinity was the father married you away and is another to all the moon… Arabia always taken cities said a different God we worship to the sun, the moon, the stars, and one of them in America was kobold about God and the calendar began with the first bite of the crescent moon over the desert better lock your thought on the moon.

The glass impact throughout and they would just walk out of the court is a Mohammed as it draws different things from these different faiths and he comes into Mecca and it anticipates everyone joining this new religion. It will unite the world what they don't join and for 12 years. The only make 70 converts to get confrontational and they choose not to tell it has nowhere to go. He tries going to the city, although you paid a one of the ultimate rocks and stones in a sense is a Muslim refugee and he goes north 210 miles to a Jewish city called Medina. The Jews are nice and tolerant and they let Mohammed as they Muslim immigrant goes in the minority neighborhoods in Mecca and he organizes the following amongst people who have grievances against the Jewish government were familiar with the term of organizing in the community but is probably just large enough to eat and then go to the Jews, and pressures them to accommodate him and his followers politically. They do they make a treaty now Mohammed the political leader. When Mohammed's followers in Mecca get confrontational they get chased out of town.

They are Muslim refugee. They go to Medina, and Mohammed allows them to rob the caravan headed to Mecca in retaliation for the Mac and Jason about account so were Jesus said if they take your coat.

Given your shirt's attitude was that they figure out your atelier take their caravan story fights and 66 battles and raised in the next 10 years before he dies even get the whole chapter of the carotid server HF retitled the spoils of war on how to distribute booty from Robin caravan outburst 3350 since all it is give you the slave girls that your booty answer within five years of Mohammed coming into the Jewish town of Medina is not a Jew left in the town. Transition from a religious leader to politically and militarily and within five years of his death. Every pre-existing culture and review was wiped out. And then in the next 50 years.

Egypt, which have been completely Christian evangelize by the market, wrote the gospel of Matthew Mark Luke John Muslim leader of your Benelux conquered Egypt. Have been completely Christian for six centuries evangelize by the apostle Paul. The name Christian was first used in Syria until Cully Kumar conquered Jerusalem had been a Byzantine Christian city for three centuries of Constantine and then there used to be 250 Catholic diocese along north Africa in a dozen of pickles from Carthage today that's Tunisia been a mere 711 80,000 Muslims invaded Spain spenders are still fighting on foot with heavy metal swords. Muslims run Arabian horses with spirits and some of your swords and tenure. They conquer all Spain. We over a million slavery whole Catholic orders existing through the Middle Ages called the Trinitarian head of the order will call the ransom or they would collect donations to ransom your friend, but then they crossed the Pyrenees.

They conquer southern France there finally stopped outside of Paris. At the battle of Tours in 732 A.D. exactly 100 years after the death of Mohammed, and 632 eight Moravia Paris in a 100 year military capping and since this is the first century of Islam.

There are some people that look to that is their example. The way Christian book of the first century of Christianity is our example, the differences Jews and the apostles never let Army everyone of the police consultant let Army and all because there but if you like I can go through another interesting. Just so a bill obviously what you're saying is is number one you study the issues as a historian to someone getting the latest breaking news on the Internet and shouting it out to the world.

Hence the little history lesson there and obviously any support you can go into greater detail, but in essence what you're saying is, is that even though there may be peaceloving Muslims today and there be maybe Muslims that deplore the actions of Isis or disagree with the Taliban that Islam and its core is militaristic is conquering and is bloodied is is that an accurate statement. The definition of the word are definition, it is different groups going along Islamic definition of peace is when the whole world submits to the will of all yeah so for a fundamental Muslim world.

These world as well. Going to say is a religion of peace of the religion of making the world, submits all know moderate Muslim think the world will submit all of later.

Maybe in the distant future.

Maybe the end of the world. Everything is figurative as is and so far off they really don't care about that much fundamental Muslim thinks the world is supposed to sum it all now and they're really excited, they want to make it happen.

The dilemma we face in the West is the nicer we show ourselves a certain percentage of Muslims view that niceness is weakness. There's a concept in Islam when your enemy is strong retreat when your enemy is weak attack and so when the non-Muslim will shows itself. We, the fundamental Muslim take that as an indicator that are supposed to attack and you can see this throughout the 14 centuries of history. Whatever they've lost major battles in the enemy of them strong. They go into remission for a generation or two, but then they do preemptive little attacks that there's no response. The myth that begin as they were moving back into the this phase of all want this to become I'll just get a jump in here. We get a break and come back. Talk with Bill Sadler about radical Islam presence of Islam in America and ask the question what what you Christian to do national security is one thing, what about individual believers, we naturally love. It's the line of fire with your host activist and author internationals leader and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown show an obvious and important question for my guest bill better as we talk about Islam or what we would all agree on is radical Islam and some of the radical Islam is normative Islam.

That's simple but build many Christians. They look of God Muslim neighbors, coworkers, I want to share the love of God with them. I want to reach out to them should not be doing that or is that showing weakness is there a difference between how America handles things in terms of national security and military versus individual Christians in doing outreach right God gives commands to five general categories. First, the individual event of the family right husband love your wives, gives them a tear. A medic gives commands to the church to take care of you open the windows of a member of the employer's employees and then the government and the government commanders really simple.

Protect the innocent and punish the guilty. The government's job is not figurative ports, not the new charities about the welfare stopped to help. Talk to any that it shows both through project management judge built historically, the church is been the one to take care of the poor and orphanages, medical clinics in Totowa missionary groups doing Third World countries. That's what the church did and prior to Franklin Roosevelt. The church in America did all of the social welfare stopped. Anyway I bring out to make your point. Yes, as individuals we love people and we want to bring them to Christ. It's the government's job to protect us and so as individuals we have to proverb says a good man leaves an inheritance to his children's children, so if were a good person we want to leave the country for kids. Were they will be threatened with great here you read stories of male girls in Germany or in England or France and 20 years ago. Straight now they're having all these crimes would take place and is that I'll be a good parent. If we proverb says good man leaves an inheritance to very good inheritance that were leaving, so we want to bring them to Christ. But we also want to turn to our children a country that's safe to preach the gospel if the death penalty to preach the gospel in Saudi Arabia and in parts of Pakistan and so forth. So would Jesus want us to continue to preach the gospel just what he wants to continue to be involved to preserve the freedom to preach the gospel and so we have this balance. We have two different responsibilities and obviously if we did the first one and we really really did it, we wouldn't have to really worry about because everybody would benefit. It's because we haven't been doing the first of now will put into position of having to be called a lot. I tell people the most important thing is to bring people to Christ. The second most important thing is to preserve the freedom to do the most important thing in August was relieved his testimony to these Christians in Nigeria in southern Sudan and the Congolese Christians are being wiped out by vocal the British colonized countries in Africa and lack of a better description. They realize that most little better at collecting taxes than Christians and so when Britain gave the colonies their independence. They left the Muslims and charges on Nigeria which was a predominantly Christian country as Muslim government and so now the focal robber going into killing and burning entire villages and take her out to the government and the government does this all we didn't know it happened or we can keep track of it and everybody knows that there behind it. They're just pretending like you're not and so but I do want to bring out so important is the second historical chapter and asked the Turks the Turks convert to Islam. Around 1071 and made into what is the big turkey people forget Turkey used to be the Byzantine Christian empire, you open up your Bible and read the letters to the ethicist and Galatian look line cord, although studies were in Asia minor. They were all wiped out by Muslim Turks and all seven studies mentioned in the book of Revelation, Philadelphia, five tires are almost as wiped out by Muslim Turks. Only the Muslims conquered Constantinople cut off the land routes. India, China in 1453. That's why Columbus is still in 1492 to find a sea route to get to India, China, he thought he made at the Indians or names of people he meets Indian and the name stuck. We never would've called Native American Indians had not been for Islamic Jihad and then the Muslims invaded Eastern Europe Lodge of Moldova, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, and they finally surround Vienna, Austria 1529 minutes from Vienna, Austria again 1683 and they dominate the Mediterranean Sea and an even one of the pilgrims ship 1625 bid for about 800 pounds of beaver skin is in effect. England is captured in the English Channel and taken to Morocco and the captain and crew made slaves and dumb The John Smith out of Jamestown, Virginia. He spent five years fighting the Muslims in Hungary before he thought of Jamestown James Oglethorpe about the Georgia spent several years fighting in Serbia to the Muslims out before you, the Collier servant of the Georgia and so we have to realize that there's a 1400 your track record of conquest, they gradually been taken over Christian areas and once they take over the make the Christians in the second class citizens called Jimmy Jimmy cannot insult a Muslim. And so in America will move really careful not to insult the Muslim they take that as an indicator that we have already submitted that we are second-class citizen and when your enemy is weak.

You attack your enemy is strong retreat when your soul were showing weakness is inviting aggression and so we have to understand the dynamics we can try to think of it in a different frame of mind, we have to understand the 1400 your history, in which they interpret our action until his retirement. Conquest of course the word Islam itself, meaning submission, we just got up to three minutes but it is. Is it just coincidence that there is now a Muslim Mayor of London or has London been targeting the been targeted by Muslims for many years. England colonized and then felt guilty that the colonizers so they opened it up it but people in the country like all right to come back to England and the welfare of the blood of people from India and in the Muslim countries and yeah so now they have shut down 500 churches in London and opened up 400 mosques and there were 900 acid attacks in London and it's mostly young male men is a spurred marriage proposal, or something of a throw acid in the girls face.

I may actually set up water stations on the street corners in London so in case you get acid on your face and quickly went over there for the watermark Paris there's France back all the way to an old Francis the first made a treaty with the Ottoman Empire and so they sort of allowed immigration to come in and now they're 751 neighborhoods surrounding Paris is been totally taken over by 5 million Muslims.

They first came in, they were nice and then they began to become more fundamental. I and now they young other places for the fine, that says enter at your own risk when you going to be his neighborhood is the US notice provided extensive urban jobs on edge of Europeans are bought into this global warming, environmentalism, and they been having fewer and fewer kids Muslims come in.

Still have five wives file all of the welfare the husband doesn't work is living like a king. Impregnating these women and and so population demographics show that within the next decade or two.

Europe will be Muslim.

And so this is something we can ignore or we can think that I go through that the stages of Mama's life and all of this book 1st comes into Medina as an immigrant and he's nice and they'd given the neighborhood to live. Then he organizes politically and then violence takes place in a drugstore than five years of them telling you to the Jewish town of Medina. There's not a Jew left associate the three-step pattern in the DNA.

The first was commanders immigrants in their life and are really nice so nice people say they're nice but more and more commend the gravity together form a community and then an email shows up as is okay not a lawyer when you start on the book closer. Don't be will) with infidels going to Holland who does the whole all food ladies you know where the burqas the work and he begins the step-by-step pigment of the fundamentalist direction and then finally some young male believes that is going to get airborne women any commit terrorist attacks and then the non-Muslims move out of the neighborhood.

They don't feel safe and unethical is a predictable pattern and emigrate, increase, eliminate, emigrate as a religious refugee increase number of your followers amongst those who have grievances and began to demand political accommodation and then have Brandon outbreaks of violence to drive out the former evidence and so this is a predictable pattern. We love them. Yes, we love them.

We want the Baltic come to knowledge of this of the saving grace of Jesus. Islam is a religion of work, there's no Lamb in their theology and you never know if you do not work. Even Mohammed said no I'm the prophet of Allah. I don't know what all will do so there's never any securities just works. Our job is to tell that there is a lamp, the Lamb of God that paid for their sins on the cross and they can experience of forgiveness. So we have our job cut out for. But it's important for us to understand this history and figurehead of my friends. The figures written the book what every American needs to know about the prom with every American needs to know about the chronic history of Islam and the United States in the what's the best website to go for the fall. You American I American in the book what every American needs to know that the chronic hey Bill, thanks as always for all the information. May God wake up America. Thanks so much for joining us

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