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Not Afraid of Your Toughest Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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August 31, 2018 4:20 pm

Not Afraid of Your Toughest Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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August 31, 2018 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 08/31/18.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

Let's do it with good questions. We've got answers stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry under the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to the broadcast.

Yes, one of my favorite times of the week Friday afternoons here on the line of fire. You've got questions, we've got answers. If you like a kid in a candy shop because I love getting your calls love answering your questions.

Love seeing the phone lines light up and see what you have on your mind today. Here's number to call 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 784 now maybe just recently started listening to me and you don't agree with anything so I think yes well that's what we have live talk radio so you get call in and give you peace your mind and I get to respond or maybe sick man I got these questions with wife and I keep talking about this or strong they were trying to figure this out. Reading the word or dealing with this at work and how to handle this situation spiritually. Hey phone lines are wide open 866-34-TRUTH okay first big news from California said again. Big news from California there is a bill that was poised to be passed by the assembly. It had been voted on positively by the Senate 25 to 11 is going to go through the assembly and straight to Gov. Jerry Brown to be signed AB 2943. That would make it illegal for anyone of any age under any circumstance to get professional help for unwanted same sex attraction. The Los Angeles Times reported today.

The Silliman Evan low, gay himself, the one who put this bill forward as now is drawn, it it had to be voted on by today. He pulled it wine his own words he had spoken with different phase leaders and heard different things out and thought, okay, we need to re-craft this so this is big news.

I want to read a quote from him in a moment verbatim. It's big news because it shows you what happens when the church stands, it shows you what happens when Christian leaders speak out. It shows you what happens when people who have come out of homosexuality publicly give their testimonies as uncomfortable as it may be for some of them, it shows what happens even in hyper liberal California when Christians take a stand. This is big this is positive.

This is excellent but number one big caution. Here's what assemblyman Lowe says in his own words. He says I believe we are on the side of angels and others. I believe on the right side here. I believe on the side of the angels on this issue. Having said that, in order to get it right. Why should we want to engage in meaningful, thoughtful transformational relationships in conversation so as we say the bill good bill were right in saying that the gay is good at and and were writing wanted to ban this, but obviously we need to approach this differently so this is not going away. That's number one. Don't fall asleep on this number two were both kids. It's band in California and in the church barely stood then it's band in 14 states if you're minor with unwanted same sex attraction or gender identity confusion.

You cannot get professional help help you resolve those issues in a positive way we can be affirmed in the fields you have, but you cannot get professional help. Even if your parents are standing with you in every 17 years old and were raped and molested as a child and that contributed to sexual confusion illegal. What about the children at and why did it take this before Billy was finally woke up and spoke up. So great news. Big news, positive news and excellent excellent work by many Christian leaders mobilizing pastor speaking up some individuals getting involved. Great news, wonderful news and kudos to two Silliman low for doing what he did to take the time to meet with so many leaders and have integrity to pull the bill presents this just the beginning. Time to wake up all right 866-34-TRUTH. I will start in Germantown, Maryland with Michael, welcome to the line of fire.

Thank you Dr. Brown wanted him to question time permit for about Moses writing the pennant and why is he right in third person in my second question is on Timothy chapter 49 verse 10 as regards to the word Shiloh silo and how come most modern translations don't translate it with Shiloh comments.

So the first thing in terms of Moses writing the Pentateuch that is the traditional Jewish and Christian view through the rest of the Old Testament. These are references that the books of Moses, of the law of Moses and the New Testament refers to Moses writing so this is been the traditional understanding that was almost universally held until a few hundred years ago when some German scholars began to challenge that there been a few odd challenges to some verses here and there but Moses writing in the third person, just the way of someone trying to write in a dispassionate way with.

In other words, if that's the narrative in your instructor was writing this narrative of what happened in your life, then you're doing third person interest in the book of Jeremiah, which we believe Jeremiah wrote some of its third person, so it's first person to assist literary style and it would be appropriate if Moses is writing. And remember the whole goal is is not to be presented is from a personal viewpoint, but to be writing as instructed by God. According to Orthodox Judaism, God dictated the words Moses wrote so obviously third person is easier than just a literary style when writing about yourself and not wanting to identify yourself as the one writing about yourself. As far as Genesis 4910 which is recognized as a messianic prophecy because it does indicate that the messianic rule will come from the tribe of Judah.

It's it's in. He brought key of O she low does that mean until he comes to Shiloh, where they's first set of the tabernacle, the unlikely does it mean shy, low, short for that in Hebrew, or put together as one word attribute to him was until he comes to whom tribute belongs, that's a possible interpretation. Is it just a name, she low Shiloh, which is perhaps related to root Shaw law having to do with rest the men of rest. We don't know. So sometimes when you're not sure about a word you just put it in you transliterated as a name.

Not sure what it means. So maybe it's just a name but in this case there's been debate about the meaning of it for many many centuries and you'll find it in the oldest translations and interpretations. Is it a name is a description of an individual.

We don't know. It's debated the big thing to me is that it is saying that the messianic rule will come from Judah that the obedience of the nations will be to him and that it must happen within a certain period of time when certain authority is taken away from the Jewish people that has long since been the case. Therefore, we can make a good argument for having messianic application to Jesus himself a Michael thank you for two good questions that I can answer very quickly. 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Boston, Massachusetts. Eric welcome to the line of fire.

I got the run. I think you click my call one question and I think that my questions in regard to the name, but she found in the Koran and I read in your book on the question. You mentioned that it's possible that it comes from a perhaps an insult to Jewish and felt referring to Jesus as he thought and you to give a reference but I've got curative. If you could just give a specific quotation of any Formica topic, like a tractate or something. If I could look it up and document that and then I can. What your take is on people claim that it comes from Greek or Aramaic. How would you interact with. With that in your opinion yet so the first thing first thing is this, of just so folks know with the questions about in the Quran, Jesus is referred to as ESA, which doesn't make any sense.

If you take Yeshua and put it into Arabic you get your score because that this should in Arabic becomes a saw to get you so you you wouldn't get Esau. So where does that come from what we know that Mohammed learned about Jewish and Christian beliefs from different Jewish and Christian teachers, and sometimes it appears that he confused. What was written in the Bible with what was found in outside Jewish traditions.

See final oddities outside Jewish traditions reflected in the Craun as if this is what the Bible actually said and we know that sometimes in the Talmud. It's not so much as an insult, but another way of speaking about Jesus without speaking about him directly.

So for example, there are there are statements in the Talmud about bail him all right and and bail him his suffering certain fate in the world to come or he is or he's is right now boiling and excrement in Gehenna and that there are many who believe that when it's his bailment actually means Jesus that that's their way of referring to him as a false prophet without naming him and this could've also been because of a potential censorship of of church reading it and seeing things. So in the same way. There are some who believe that when there's a reference to Esau that in a negative way that it's actually referring to Jesus and that Mohammed heard those things and got confused. This is one of the exclamations to be the best as to how this name got there.

Hence, hence Esau, instead of of your sewer as it should have been. Now if it came through Aramaic Aramaic is Yeshua Syriac is closely related to that.

That to me would not explain the form Esau in in the Koran as far as coming through the Greek is Jesus, you would still expect different verbal form. So to me that that doesn't line up again. There some other explanations, but to me the best one is this misunderstanding what all do is just grab maybe the best reference or to just keep listening. After the break and I'll get to the best reference or to where scholars think that when the Talmud mentioned Esau.

It actually meant Jesus instead. But what is interesting is that if a Muslim calls on the name of Jesus is not pronouncing it rightly because he knows it is Esau. And yet God knows who is talking about in response to the cry and if a Muslim confesses Jesus is Lord.

He may be mispronouncing the name but we know the person is talking to and that's always the biggest issue. So Eric on this of the break. This keep listening. However, your listening and that will will give you the best reference. The ones that most scholars would agree on are likely a backhanded slap or just a reference to Jesus in the Talmud but call him Esau instead. All right for monster jam, but I will get to everyone. Your calls on the other side of the break and after that right here on the line of fire will go anywhere by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown is sample Eric youth being associated with you. So there's this is the heart reference from Jewish mysticism where Christians are referred to as children of Esau, but just looking for some other references in terms of the best specific point, a place to pointed to okay 866-34-TRUTH and I will go back normally will I don't have to. I was going to go back to a call from New Zealand even though he called this a few days back as it was New Zealand but normally we don't want same person back within a few weeks just to be fair to others. Okay, enough to do that because he's gone 86634 and we go to Marlene in Indiana.

Welcome to want to fire our you doing very well. I want to ask you several questions like: the amount need churches in the wind. It needed anything. California why they weren't and I want a have you heard about it beat you believe in it and that is that a lot of the churches that turned to not evangelism at its regular church turned to the 50138, and held that in turn signed up with the devil get called because he ended up going unto you heard about the devil has one frequently got enough yet. A lot. Marlene get just to jump in. So 501(c)(3). My own organization is is that it is is registers 501(c)(3). So we are really registered as a religious organization that a political organization, but I'm 100% free with that to speak out on whatever issue I feel the speak out on. There is no hindrance.

There is no obstacle to it. Those hiding behind that are doing so wrongly, those who are say well we we can't speak on this issue because were 501(c)(3). That's, that's quite false. If we became primarily a political organization and what we got involved with this political advocacy and that was the function of our work. Then I would not be able to do that is 501(c)(3), but to be perfectly candid with you Marlene. I find the problem to be either fear of man, or lack of conviction or unwillingness to take controversial stands. The best construction is gonna want to distract from my ability to be a witness for the gospel.

What happens when art kids are being picked off. What happens when wrong things are being done. What happens when babies are being slaughtered in the world will if I speak about abortion, I might offend people speak out.

The truth is always good offend, so 501(c)(3), is currently constructed no problem for look at that all these years with zero problem with the IRS whatsoever. Speaking on a moral cultural issues, and as we get close to the midterm elections. I will give spiritual and biblical principles that will help us in terms of thinking through how to vote. And even when I as an individual endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz during Republican primaries.

The one-on-one time of endorsement preps the last time because it it distracted from people being able to hear me.

Is it as it an impartial voice, but which is the biggest thing I've got to be given to but I as an individual I can endure seven crews and pastors even under 501(c)(3) could if the church is registers such can freely address certain political issues from the pulpit just within certain bounds, and now with Pres. Trump taking on the Johnson amendment does really nothing stopping one from doing it but there's a distinction between being a ministry and people given to a charitable ministry is tax deductible versus giving without tax deduction for political advocacy.

Because that's the big difference. 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Chris and Texas.

Thanks for calling on a fire truck hey I not that great. Thanks I but I don't know if you ever… Or are familiar with, not Mandela affect grave epiphenomenon. How would you describe it while what a lot of written out all the memory but out, but like most of them upright, but government where you know down you know that the Levantine things Bert and what not in out but if you just explain no how do you define the Mandela affect well.

I may doubt it. Provided the most popular will learn what travel he would like modern-day belltower of Babel. I guess it shows once more how do you just kind words. The Mandela affect what that no different than other know whether you know let's put that aside and because I didn't get that in the what's the King James connection well like modern word you know that better in there like they don't belong.

You know what they want black count. Knowing in a wine bottle. You know, and it might not like bleeding but court out make unicorn Elder Dr. word you let what you do suggest just a question, Chris really do about it. If you get the original get an original 611 King James okay about your knocking to be able to understand a lot of it, because so much of the vocabularies changed in the words are old. We don't spell it the same way we don't use those words right and that's not an accurate reflection on the Bible and in other words, as the Bible was being translated as above is being written. It was written in the language of the people was written in old Hebrew or old Greek. It was written in the language of the people reflected the prayers in the hearts the dealings of of the people and ditto for example, there is the Hebrew word era Vaughn, which in Greek is Oregon which is a deposit in the Greek literature of the day you just have business transactions write what your are about what your deposit, you know what your down payment so it was it was written in the language of the people and that's the goal of a translucent if you read the preface to the King James version.

You'll see that that was their goal to write going to the people as you read it you can be 100% sure that if there were alive today, they'd be working on a new dish and the last thing they be doing is using the 611 because these transoms were where it in fact have a video on it. If you go to if you go to my website. The digital library S Dr. Brown SK DR Brown and just type in preface okay preface.

I believe you'll find it. I actually go through the preface to the to the King James by the King James translators themselves and discuss what they had to say otherwise. This check for KJV and you'll find that now look. Chris, I'm with you if if the translators used words like automobile or rocketship or things that didn't exist in that day with their their bottles their bottles from the ancient world and there were bottles back in that time and there were things you call a couch that was sued because the couch so it depends on how if it brings in word zero computer and Moses type.

This then downloaded this on the computer will that obviously I totally agree with you that hundred percent but on the flipside, yet is the King James vocabularies changed dramatically and words had one meaning, then a different meaning today in the last thing they would want us to be the case. Hey Chris, thanks for the call appreciate it. So we got got bogged down on the Mandela affect issue there. And if you watch the video on the preface to the contentious read for yourself, get along to find anywhere preface to the resulting James. I think you'll find it to be very interesting read.

All right we are going to go right back to the phones on the other side of the break, 866-348-7884 before we do that, let me mention which it to me is been a very, very exciting process you have written probably 100+ articles about candidate Trump in the primaries than Republican candidate Trump against Hillary Clinton and then Pres. Trump to James Robison today who was one of the leaders who was with Pres. Trump Monday night and some elitists were there come away with tremendous reports at the same time.

I have other friends is how can you possibly Christian friends how you support men like Donald Trump but he does so much harm and so on and so divisive and vulgar hose like you can make the goodies done massively outweighs that's how we relate to this as evangelical believers. How should we show loyalty to the president and yet show greater loyalty to Jesus, how, how should we stand for righteousness issues without selling our soul in the process and work the streusel.

I was praying couple we said it really burdened by the Lord to get a book out will have lasting value. The years to come.

Gobbling but to get up before the midterms and and I so I could get a brand-new material a full opening chapter that asked the question evangelicals and Tom encompasses a match made in heaven was a marriage with hell and then the end of the book I give you some prophetic insights. I believe spiritual insights into how to move forward. How should we think moving forward, in which we do, even with 2018 2020 elections and within the book.

I took every relevant articles like 90 articles go Trump and put them in their and you can read just as I had concerns in a change of heart. Hope that eat my words. Enjoy getting my words. Now it was I right. This is the same things you been thinking all about 350 pages marked October 23. We have an exclusive printer reprinting 500 copies just only us 500 hardcover copies number them on the silent you individually. For the Scripture.

And so to preorder. This is always rush you get the hardcover #go to Esther to round out a SK DR Brownsville orders many you want to tell us he wants to sign them to so you can stand with us as were blessed as well have stuck around are going to the homepage right will be right. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 8663 dear Jim is Dr. Michael Brown thinks friends were enjoying us today. I'm going to fight you know why I just got a thought to do something and I gobbling him to do it tonight. Just try to figure out how to set things up, moved into a new place and figured the best way to do this but I gobbling tonight I am going to do a Facebook live chat or maybe around 9 PM Eastern daylight Time do live Facebook chat on the S. Dr. Brown Facebook page where all I'll talk about my new book Donald Trump is not my Savior evangelical leader speaks his mind about the many supports as president.

Responding to questions they thought.

Why would you write this so are you on what how could you stand for the president to criticize the president as it was some fun talking about this or just want to give you a heads up and gobbling that's gonna happen tonight around 9 PM Eastern time. All right. You've got questions, we've got answers, 866-348-7884.

Any question of any kind that you have in any area of expertise. I have phone lines are open earlier you call the better chance we have of getting to your calls. With that we go to CJ in Ohio.

Thanks for calling the line of fire. Hello, I am quick about how to be a distinction between having though.

And of the baptism of the road. And how believers are to about how that impacted get a life of the believer today. Yeah so it's this important question. We we do know what ever relationship believers had with the Holy Spirit before Pentecost. Something changed after that. So whatever relationship. Old Testament believers had or even the disciples had it tells us in John VII chapter.

When Jesus spoke about walls of living water springing up from our innermost being that he was speaking of the Holy Spirit who had not yet been given. And then, of course, in Luke 24, 49, he tells the disciples to stay and to introduce them until they're endued with power from on high that acts 18 Jesus telling that you receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you so something distinct and definite happened at that point those who are of Pentecostal persuasion believe that the moment we are born again. The Holy Spirit comes to indwell us in the Holy Spirit baptizes us into the body of Christ into Messiah's body, but that there is a separate endearment of power subsequently called the baptism in the Holy Spirit and they would say that's what happened and asked to in acts eight and X 10 and X 19 that's the baptism of the Holy Spirit and that every believer should pursue that so that we are endued with that supernatural power to enable us to be more effective witnesses for the Lord. It certainly includes boldness, but beyond that it's it's speaking of the supernatural and human for signs and wonders and miracles of healing the north of the Spirit working miraculously as testimony that Jesus is risen from the dead their others who believe that God still heals today and works miracles and that he does those things through us, but they would say. The moment your saved you receive the spirit. It's not like you get more of the spirit, later you received the Spirit is just a matter of coming into the full awareness of the spirits work in our lives.

What I would say practically sir, is rather than divide over this.

Let's agree that God has wonderful things he wants to do in us through us by his Spirit, and we should cry out God filming to the fold. Use me to the max we know acts two, four, they were filled with the spirit right asked to one through four.

There filled with the spirit.

They speak in new tongues and then acts 431 after they prayed they were filled with the spirit of the place was shaken, and they were filled with the spirit so they could suggest refill with the spirit and were filled again with the spirit refilled again so rather than debate. Is there a separate baptism of the Spirit which which I have historically believe there is.

I would say let's just go after God is a father everything you have from the fullness of your spirit in my life so I can best glorify Jesus and be a witness to hurting a dying world war. I want everything you have and believe for that. Whether it's something that comes subsequently or the realization of something that's already been given as long as we get that same end result that would be my most practical ancestor. I was wondering we were studying John 132. I look at how… And mentioned that it stalled. Come down from heaven and and and it doesn't remain on him drainage even though it try and understand it. If that if there is a distinction between the unit with having the Holy Spirit being baptized note. What I wanted or experiences baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Does it remain in the weighted date that that it did on Jesus and or or did kind of a thing or like a temporary empowerment. I am just the way I understand is the disciples were temporarily empowered, Matthew 10, Luke nine and 10 Mark six. They were temporarily empowered to go out on a mission to receive the permanent endearment when they were subsequently baptized in the Spirit, and you could argue depending on the grammar of the Greek and X, 19, one Paul is the believer's recent emphasis that you received the Spirit when you believed why we asked that if everyone automatically receive the spirit. Wouldn't he be speaking of something subsequent to salvation. Another say will they didn't have the full understanding of salvation, but Paul didn't know that at that point, when he asked them, and look for Jesus, the spirit being upon him CJ. There should be evidence that the spirits upon us.

There should be evidence that we have been filled with the spirit and as I understand it is a permanent lifelong inducement from God, but like anything else we must cultivate our relationship with God and our intimacy with God and walk in faith to see the full realization of the things that God has given us so that's my big question, do I have clear evidence of the anointing of the Holy Spirit in my life for the glory of God for the good of the church for the good of the dying world that we focus on that and you're asking great questions good questions I believe will see God's him move mightily. What's interesting is if you go through church history, and read about supernatural breakthroughs that say deal Moody had this reference tongues with the receive power from on high. There there others that knew there had to be more like John Lake and in he broke through with him.

It was baptism of the Spirit with tongues. The key thing is sometimes you go through a crisis and you know there must be more, and you have experience of a fresh empowering of the spirit. Whether it's something coming on us and outside or the welling up of something inside either way, it's of critical importance if we could be effectively used by God. Thank you sir, 866-34-TRUTH. Okay, we do reconnect with George in New Zealand welcome sir to light a fire ground are remarkable. So could you please explain to me how how women are here, according to all scoring 11 yeah actually he met remind you just put that out on video because we get we get asked that question so so many times.

Let me just give you the really short answer okay. I do believe that a woman's hair is given terrorist covering and it is for glory that there is obviously something about women having full head of hair versus men it's perfectly common for men to be bald, it's perfectly common for men to shave their heads, it's much more shameful and traumatic for woman to be bald so hair has been given to her with a special meaning in a woman's life even more than in a man's life and I believe that Paul is emphasizing their part of it the proper gender distinctions so everyone has to work this out between her and God.

But I'm personally uncomfortable when I see a Christian woman with her hair so short that you really struggle to see if they are you male or female. I don't I don't see that is in harmony with hair being given as a woman's glory.

Again I'm I may have really offended some people say that I'm just speaking honestly and candidly as interesting watching Vicki beaching someone just sent me a recent video of hers. If you look at her when she was a Christian worship leader with longer hair and obviously very very female and feminine. And now that she's client is a lesbian is interested just just look at the way she looks that this make of it what you will okay make of it what you will.

Those watching. We've got a clip and that if you just grab just search for her name and look for images you'll see just pictures of her in the past were her hair was just a very common female length than look much more feminine and womanly.

It's is quite interesting to see the change. There is as far as head coverings and all that. That's a separate subject that we've had many a time, but what he says is good, put on a quick video for strength is limited.

As far as woman's hair that's that's my view, this something gifted from the Lord that has special value importance in women's life. I understand understand in the different cultures you may have cultures in Africa were we are woman's hair is is very, very short and Mansour may be different on that make a larger judgment just general observation, I thank you for the call 866-34-TRUTH.

Let's go to Richard in Centralia, Washington perhaps the first time I spoken to someone in Centralia, Washington walking to the broadcast will thank you so much… Brought back I just discovered who you were. About a week ago so I'm just a brand-new listener and I'm really enjoying a lot of the work that you I've seen already, so thank you call just know me, for we can you call then we have folks listening 10 years haven't called yet so did start.

Thank you.

My question is regarding the language of the Tower of Babel and it was that the claim language that Adam and Eve spoke in the garden of Eden with God and the second part of that is it related to the Zephaniah 39 in God restoring that same language. Later, through the gift of tongues yeah okay so first thing is, I believe it relates to tongues in any when I say that is it tongue speaker since January 24 of 1972 when I first spoke in tongues and Zephaniah.

The third chapter. There's that there's a question in terms of exactly what's meant by a pure tongue right so far brought in Hebrew.

Does that mean a pure dialect of the language were pristine form of language that didn't exist or something having to do with spiritual purity. There's debate on but the larger question was the language in a slug before God, tongue, and was that the language of Genesis's in the second chapter, Adam uses Hebrew will come back to that right.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown join his friends on the line of fire so Dr. Whitesell, we don't know for sure what the language was that was spoken before Tower of Babel. If resuming a Semitic language.

Scholars reconstruct something called proto-Semitic which is the source for all of the different Semitic languages, be they Babylonian and Assyrian, be they Eucharistic, be they ever will I be they Aramaic and Syriac be the Phoenician Punic, be they Arabic, be they Hebrew right so that would be the speculation it would have been proto-Semitic and then the scattering happened, but it theoretically could of been something else that processing system Semitic language could be one of the languages after the. The tongues were confused. So here's the other thing we know that in Genesis 2 Adam uses Hebrew and he's called a Dom because he comes from the Automall of the earth, and he calls his wife Chava Eve because should be the mother of all living and she's called Isha woman because she's taken of the each man so some believe that that was the first language that Adam and Eve spoke Hebrew. That was the original language in it even though Hebrew historically developed as a Canaanite dialect in Hebrew as we know it in the Bible is definitely a later language that an earlier language is not as ancient to say Babylonian, not as ancient as Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Hebrews we have it preserved in the Bible. Some say no Hebrews. The original language. Everything changed when there is this possible, but it's also possible that because the Bible was the Old Testament was written in Hebrew that these ancient words and accounts were made to fit with Hebrew. For example, when I did my video. Can you begin Christian. I explained that that the woman is called woman because she's taken of the men I know that the words woman and man are not related like that but I didn't want to try to explain a short video now as I'm explained with the hero. She says just getting an analogy in an English if you like saying he's called Mike because he always speaks with a mic there trying to restrict call Frank because it's always Frank even though that's got the original derivation so it's it's a subject of debate. Sir, but for sure. We cannot say with any certainty what the language was in Genesis 11 before things were changed, tongues if if it is an identifiable language it would be what Paul refers to in first Corinthians 13 when he speaks of the tongues of angels out those it would be dogmatic about it from from my knowledge from my understanding of with a PhD in near Eastern languages and literatures facilities looked at this, I would caution against someone being dogmatic about this is my own opinion there. I thank you sir for the call 86634 of this go to Paul in Greensboro, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire.

Hello all loud and clear. Father yet so right right so so let's just let's just take a look okay if you take a look in Exodus chapter 15 Exodus 15 which is the song of Moses. Notice. Notice what it says. At the outset. So then then Moses and the children of Israel sang this song and their rejoicing in the Lord and in what is it say it says verse three the Lord is a warrior of the Lord is his name Pharaoh's chariots and his host. He cast into the sea and his chosen officers were sunk in the Red Sea and if you look back at the end of chapter 14 all right, it says in verse 28. The waters came back and covered the chariots and horsemen entire army of Pharaoh that had gone after them to see none of them survived so Paula, if we are understanding that farrow led his armies to pursue Israel as the 14th chapter would suggest that he would've died in in in when the sea came back and drowned all the Egyptians, he would've died if the text refers to misleading army, but just in terms of he was giving headship to it was a fiscal year with the die but he was if he was there, which is what's the text seems to say yeah will die for sure. Thank you, 86634 Florida Sam. Welcome to the line of fire ground. I have a couple questions for you personal and first 20 sending the apocryphal dealt yet so I know that the apocryphal and not part of the chemical structure that we have right now I did to Protestant Note, can you please explain how we have a quote from biblical law that in the book of Jude where Jude talks about the tens of thousands of income battle divorce and a sure thing so so we speak of the Apocrypha. For those not familiar. If you have a Catholic Bible you have those books in the Catholic Bible. So first Maccabees or wisdom of Solomon or Ecclesiasticus that Ecclesiastes, but Ecclesiasticus or prayer of Manasseh, things like that or Tobit. These were these were books that were written between the old and New Testament. They were included in the Septuagint, which was the Greek translation of the Hebrew Scriptures into Greek and they were widely used in the early church, but nowhere, nowhere ever does the New Testament quote them a Scripture that was saying as it is written rest. The Scripture says and that's how consistently will quote the Old Testament a reference it as Scripture other words in verses and sayings that are quoted in acts 17 Paul quotes a Greek poet in him we live and move and have our being. Titus, Paul quotes another Greek poet who who is criticizing the Cretans a so you you do have other quotes the Old Testament will reference in the book of Josh are and things like that but we don't have those so in the same way Enoch which is not Apocrypha but was close to the paper for so a false describe works of the work described that it all went back to Enoch.

Where's everything that is not the case, but it appears parts did go back were authentic so that you recorded it was widely used in early Jewish and Christian circles, but just not recognized as part of the canon of Scripture is preserved in the in the easy optic canon so these the open Orthodox Church preserves his Scripture.

But otherwise it's not preserved so it's not quoted the Scripture. So that's the big thing. It doesn't say as the Scripture says if it said that they meet assume that Enoch was for the canon, but their other other quotes in the New Testament from pagan poets, etc. so certainly a book that was highly revered and used could be quoted, but not as Scripture, but it was it was believed obviously is Jude is quoting.

If you believe this was a genuine word that went back to Enoch and that's why he quotes it make sense that we can reduce book and learn from it all yeah apps absolutely sir. No question.

In fact, if you went back to the time of the Reformation when many many of people were coming out of Catholicism.

They they in the Bible you had Old Testament Apocrypha New Testament that that's how Bibles were bound many times in those days and it was understood that you should you should read the Apocrypha and learn from it, but don't base doctrine on it and don't take it with full scriptural authority. The way I like to put it is it's it's in between a really good book of the Bible literally.

As it is not the inspired word of God, thus saith the Lord, but is not just another really good book, so by all means be familiar with what's in the Apocrypha, but if you find something that seems to conflict doctrine, like praying for the debtor. Some of that conflict doctrinally was Scripture. Then you drive you drive your doctrine from Scripture when it comes to the book of Enoch, even more so it's it's more of a mix but you'll learn about a lot of the traditions that early Christians believed, or at least were familiar with, so it's not deafly worth reading. Learning from, but not getting caught up on her overfocus on if God wanted us to have that he would've included as part of Scripture hate friends. As always, will do our best to get to as many of your calls in the days ahead.

We try to open up the phones on other days when the week we we finished I got news.

Whatever talk about save us open up the phone so I wish we could get everyone every week but unable to in the hour that we have but a reminder again for those that just tuned in last few minutes of the last half hour.

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