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The Battle Over Sexual Orientation

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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September 4, 2018 5:42 pm

The Battle Over Sexual Orientation

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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Hearings have begun will weigh in on that and then focus on the great battle of the day can sexual orientation be changed stock for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown promoting friends to the line of fire.

This is Michael Brown 866-348-7884 is the number to call.

We got off to talk about today on the broadcaster staff to set for just sitting here in my ear got a lot to talk about on today's broadcast the justice Cavanaugh hearings are underway and there is an ongoing battle across the nation over the issue of sexual orientation change second half hour today will speak with an expert on this very controversial very important subject. Don't you have a blessed Labor Day weekend. Again, we were live yesterday. If you missed yesterday's broadcast. We got to answer some great questions talk through some interesting scripture text I talked about the visit to the gravesite of my mom and dad now that my mom's grave marker was officially installed and unveiled so you reflect a lot at times like that anyway great to be with you today. Get 866-34-TRUTH if you consider yourself pro-life, conservative, and even following the judicial nominations the question as to who would be nominated by Pres. Trump.

How do you feel about justice Cavanaugh, there was tremendous excitement about justice Neil Gorsuch and he has lived up to the expectations and he has functions in some ways ready as a little Scalia. What about justice Cavanaugh there's been more division over his nomination.

There has been on the one hand and outcry from the left massive opposition from the left to derail the nomination of Justice Brett Cavanaugh. There have been protests there have been attempts to disrupt the hearings that began today. There's even been disorder from the Democratic Party itself and there is almost the sense that if he's in its guarantee.

Roe V Wade would be overturned.I'd love for that to be the case if that was the case, that would be wonderful. As we continue to seek to change hearts and minds in America.

Yes, let the laws change absolutely let things go back to states in the states do what is right, but by all means let change, absolute hundred percent on the other hand, on the other hand, we now have a situation in which those on the right are divided that there are those that are strongly supporting justice Cavanaugh, there are those who are tentatively supporting justice Cavanaugh and there are those who are opposing justice Cavanaugh Melick.

I'm not a legal expert. I am not a Supreme Court expert.

I am strongly pro-life but I am not an expert in terms of all the legal issues and the ramifications of what the court can and can't do and things like that, nor have I read the thousands of opinions really issued by justice Cavanaugh what I want to do is mention a few of the different opinions about justice Cavanaugh and then give you the insight that I can give is your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution not as a judicial expert does a constitutional expert, not as it Supreme Court expert but is someone who loves the Lord and loves the word and is strongly pro-life is following these things carefully. I can weigh in and give you that perspective I got a brand-new article up that asked the question if confirmed, will justice Cavanaugh help the pro-life cause. If confirmed, will justice Cavanaugh help the pro-life cause.

Now one of the most prominent pro-life organizations is the Susan B. Anthony list and according to Marjorie Danny Felson was the president of the Susan B.

Susan B. Anthony list quote Pres. Trump has made another outstanding choice in nominating Judge Brett Cavanaugh to replace Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy keeping his promise to nominate only originalist judges to the court and repeat that this is the highly respected Susan B. Anthony list and this is Marjorie Jennifer Oser, the president. Pres. Trump is made, another outstanding choice for Caleb Betz wrong article. Pres. Trump is made, another outstanding choice in nominating Judge Brett Cavanaugh to replace Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy keeping his promise to nominate only originalist judges to the court. She said that Cavanaugh was court and experienced principal jurists was a strong record of protecting life and constitutional rights. You have folks like Catholic priest Frank Pavone, longtime pro-life leader very positive on justice Cavanaugh, you have different organizations that are posting positively think tanks conservative think tanks about justice Cavanaugh on the flipside, when it came down to the final four candidates that Pres. Trump was considering it was, it was clear that Amy Amy Cohen Barrett would be the most likely, if elected, to vote against Roe V Wade and the question was, would she get approved which you get confirmed and many felt that she wouldn't get confirmed.

Some said the private entry she had with Pres. Trump didn't go that well maybe he wasn't convinced that you present yourself, although he already appointed her in a federal court level and she did fine in the hearings there. In any case, what we do know is that he didn't choose the other three. He did choose to Cavanaugh.

One of my friends who say Washington insider said, out of the four. Cavanaugh was his last choice, but still a good choice. Were we to make of this. Here is an article came out a few weeks back Jane Coast explaining why social conservatives are disappointed that Trump picked Brett Cavanaugh as she pointed to a number of top leaders in the conservative and pro-life movement who had reservations about Cavanaugh call for outright opposition. The national reviews David French. Highly respected conservative columnist and lawyer as well. He said all defend Cavanaugh vigorously from unfair critiques tomorrow, but tonight after hearing about the nomination for the appointment I joined many conservatives in a slight society side of regret there was a rather choice and then Tim Wildman, president of the American family Association with which and with whom I've worked on a number of occasions. He initially was very strong strongly opposed to the nomination and called on constituents to call Senators and speak against it. But then, after listening more to those on the conservative side and the pro-Cavanaugh side in hearing more from Cavanaugh. He modified his statement.

This is the official more recent statement from the American family Association said this AFA has opposed the nomination of Brett Cavanaugh to the US Supreme Court for some very valid reasons were deeply concerned about how he might ultimately rule on issues related to abortion, and religious liberty for these reasons, we consider this nomination to represent a four-star appointment when it could have been five-story circular we have no plans to fight Pres. Trump on his nomination disappointed love good federal judges ready before too many more. We hope that her concerns proved to be unfounded yet I end and then other groups small groups like the South Carolina Columbia so it's an incest, the Columbia Christians for life.

They been sitting on the blast with titles like Roe versus Wade. Protector Cavanaugh, another red flag for Jesuit educated Jesuit school director Brett Cavanaugh is a sin not just August 30 Miller pro-life activist sent out links to two of video with this warning. Pres. Trump broke his campaign promise to pro-lifers when he nominated Judge Brett Cavanaugh to the Supreme Court, Ricardo Davis of Georgia right to life calls Cavanaugh's pro-abortion position morally reprehensible and urges pro-lifers and conservatives to demand Cavanaugh's withdrawal and for Trump to replace some of the real pro-life nominee such as Amy Connie Barrett or what would make of this. What what should we think of this.

On the one hand, a Thomas chipping who's the Deputy Director of the end would meets the third Center for legal and judicial studies himself assume legal fellow. He said that Cavanaugh's record meets the Chuck Schumer standard of a judgment is not predictably rule four a particular side.

This is because Cavanaugh is the kind of judge who follows the law rather than his personal views so what what can we know for sure. How can we predict where things are going well number one, we can't we can't know for sure. We can't know for sure how a justice will decide once nominated once seated seated on the Supreme Court. Once interacting with the other justices Wiest we don't know. For the most part the expectations as to how Clarence Thomas or Samuel Alito or Ruth Bader Ginsburg or or others have voted. We pretty much knew where they were going before hand so largely you can tell conservative liberal pro-life, pro-abortion, pro-religious liberty pros special interest groups. Whatever constitutional more interpretive progressive we can know those broad strokes, but specifically we don't know in the lab. The last thing I'm going to do here is tell you who's right between these different pundits and pro-life organizations and leaders. I don't know which one is right. Here's what I do know number one we can put all our bit eggs.

The Supreme Court best.

Yes, Pres. Trump has been amazing. Supreme Court appointees liberals you don't like is been amazing. I should say in federal court appointees. He he is appointing many fine people that can really shift, but that the direction of the courts for decades to come talk about that recently put out an article about that.

No question about it just discourse which has been exceptional thus far, we can be sure that whoever he appoints a break. Cavanaugh will be massively better for the pro-life conservative religious liberty constitutional cause then adjust is that Hillary Clinton would've appointed, but ultimately we have to pray for God's will. The confirmation hearings and for God's work in the heart of justice Cavanaugh because we do not ultimately which was visible and more importantly, the Supreme Court alone cannot change the hearts of the nation over them over and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us on 11 586642 that is the number to call or write. Switching from justice Cavanaugh now to the subject of the battle over sexual orientation. You say I don't want to hear this kick can I appeal to you to hear this Kenite can I appeal to you to say this is not something we can sit on the sidelines will be in Can I urge you and say that I'm not bringing these things up because I've got some fixation on talking about homosexuality. I have some fixation about talking about gays.

I've some fixation talk about with the Bible says about the sexual issues. Quite the contrary. I've written so much of said so much. I would be thrilled to move on to other subjects and issues except we cannot we have a moral and spiritual responsibility speak openly and plainly not the please understand what the stakes are. There are 14 states or districts include Washington DC, where it is illegal for a minor with unwanted same-sex attraction or unwanted gender identity confusion is illegal for that minor to receive professional help illegal and is been illegal in California for what six years so you got 17-year-old daughter would say she was raped repeatedly by an uncle. You didn't know about it when she was nine years old.

She has a real issue with men will distrust from men is sexually repulsed by men but she loves the Lord and she she wants to be a wife and a mother believes that her desires for for women are or irregular disorders, and she'd like to get professional counselor help illegal yeah illegal and you disable how this happened because the church is been sleeping on musicians happen because the committee leaders were willing to speak up with some other people which I am a people here forget the Lord, people in need. California came within an inch of passing a complete ban for anyone of any age to get professional help, that would mean that if there is any transaction, let's say that you will lead a Christian counseling ministry. People pay for appointments to see right you you are a licensed Christian psychologist or therapist or counselor could be a pastor and this is what you do and someone comes to a 35-year-old man was tormented because he feels like he's trapped in the wrong body and it is really a woman in a man's body and he wants help and freedom and he doesn't want hormones that he doesn't want sex change surgery, California came within inches of passing a bill that would've made it illegal for that person to get professional counseling and help in less the professional help was go ahead and get sex change surgery. Go ahead, go on hormones that let let's just take in the local church right there is a pitched battle to say that you can't change the changes impossible which are born a certain way and you can't change it no more than than I could change to a black American or black American could change to white American no more than I could change to an Asian American or Asian-American could change the Caucasian American no more. Can someone change their code sexual orientation. This is what we are told right that the question is what is the Bible say. The question is what to multiply tens of thousands of ex-gays have to say.

The question is what should we as loving parents spiritual leaders as friends and peers, family members, what should we believe now one question is should we even use the term sexual orientation was that buying into the language of the day is that buying into the mentality of the day, should we simply say human beings are flawed and broken in many different ways, how many times you think thought you embarrassed about whether their self-centered thoughts are proud thoughts or competitive thoughts or jealous thoughts or lustful thoughts or greedy thoughts or envious thoughts or angry thoughts or violent thoughts wherever they are. Many times do you think thoughts for Quentin come from where they come from the symptoms of of of think something so stupid to where they could, but it was his summer in me wasn't the devil put the thought in my mind it was a Nick. I remember one time I was I was writing some article and I remember to reference her work in a book, a scholarly book. I remember the reference in oath, and I thought okay got a put this in the hit by wrist. You're smart, what a stupid thought letting people know the source I was good to put it in plenty of people smarter than me and burn scholars. The myth of what a stupid thought. Where in the world I come from and then there's some things just like the core of our being. Some you struggled with profound anger the core of your being and in you and angry violent person before you knew the Lord and others so self-righteous and others just consume with heterosexual less than that you that was a part of who you were when you came to faith he realized. Okay, these things are of the flesh thereof. The world and by God's grace I need to say no to them. I receive forgiveness for what I've done with those things. But now by his grace I want to be changed, but the bottom line is whatever struggle you go through. That's not who you are when it comes to sexual orientation with the thing turned around and and the with the society says that's who you are that you're born this way you can change it's innate and immutable.

And this is part of your fundamental identity. That's the first lie we need to say no to know your sexual desires and romantic attractions do not define you as a human being. In particular, they do not define you as a child of God in Jesus. All right. Secondly, Paul writes to the Corinthians in first within 611 with a list of sins of those who practice will not inherit the kingdom of God is just a sample list to see those who live in willful disobedience to God will not inherit the kingdom of God. Those who are truly saved will not as a lifestyle living continue willful disobedience to God and he mentions in the list two different Greek words which use together absolutely speak about homosexual practice and he says and that's what some of you used to be such were some of you. You used to be like that, but you're not anymore. At the very least, it means you no longer practice those things. And isn't that what Scripture is really talking about when you practice how you live that were you tempted yesterday but how would you respond to the temptation that have you had a wrong thought but, did you give place to the thought and cultivate that thought and act on that thought those of the deeper questions so to even say what can you change your sexual orientation is not even asking the biblical question the biblical question is can behavior be changed.

The answers categorically yes now I know people who, by the grace of God went from homosexual to heterosexual. Some have an instantaneous deliverance some gradual change over period of years.

Some very intense change over period of years.

By way of counseling and get into deep root issues. I know them on a on a wide spectrum in terms of how it happened but I know folks who to this day are happily married. I've spoken some of their spouses and they say oh we have a normal relationship. It's a normal sexual and romantic relationship. My spouse's heterosexual.

I know people like that desirably what Jesus can't do it become a Jesus can do it.

Number two. I know others who either through walking with the Lord in discipleship or professional counseling or some type of spiritual deliverance have had a tremendous lessening in their same-sex attractions and desires and have seen an upswing in their heterosexual desires. I've read of some will know personally but have heard the stories with the little personally. Of of guys. For example, that as they began to experience freedom from homosexual desires that will all my heterosexual friends. The guys they will struggle with lust for women to go. Just give me desire for the woman I marry, so they're not like your triple header heterosexual guy, but they're in love with the woman there married to and sexually attracted to that woman as for the ideal right the best. This attracted to that one woman I know others who have mastered the flesh and say no to homosexual desires and attractions and yet have not become heterosexual anyway shapes as a form of their living holy lives.

As one former lesbian once said God did not say, be thou heterosexual from the Lord thy God am heterosexual, but be thou holy from the Lord thy God am holy right so having said all that, having said all that, in their celibate and the blessed. The fact is, there is an all-out assault on this issue and that means that some of you can have your family members, kids or grandkids and great grandkids or siblings or spouses who in the days to come are going to come out as gay or bisexual or some other variant and they will fully believe this is who I am. This is I've always been in change is impossible. All right, we must have tools we must have information. Above all, we must have love, compassion, long-suffering to stand with those who say I'm same-sex attracted but I don't want to give way to those attractions. I really want to follow Jesus. No matter what it costs could sure use some help along the way we come back on to speak with Dr. Joseph Nicolosi Junior's dad is a pioneer leader is late data pioneered leader in the field of professional counseling to help people with unwanted same sex attractions have an eye-opening discussion coming up next illness, we will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

I remember in the early days of my involvement online when you had the forms just popping up on AOL and things like that that I begin to interact with some folks sharing the testimony. Some some liberal folks and others to the testimony of a good friend of mine who come of homosexuality. And that's the first time that I got swarmed by people saying he's lying can't be telling the truth. No one ever changes Mimi's bisexual realtor was he suppressing something you're born this way you can change and of course it was everyone saying that to me was just one or two that was the party line and I'm talking about what 25 years ago or longer, so this is nothing new in terms of what gay activists believe and say. But it is now become the norm to the point that to challenge it puts you in a situation of being the David up against Goliath we know the California came within inches of passing a bill that would of made it illegal for anyone of any age to get professional help for the unwanted same-sex attractions and we know that already. 14 states, including the District of Columbia have outlawed professional help for any minors with unwanted same-sex attraction gender identity confusion. This is absolutely outrageous and we often look at this from a biblical Christian viewpoint talk about the power of God to change people in Jesus can change anyone, which of course I believe in is true, but what about the professional counseling and what about the success that has been had in in that way even without saying okay pray with me and asked Jesus into your life and what about purely psychological approaches. My guest today, Dr. Joseph Nicolosi Junior is the founder and clinical director of the re-integrative therapy Association was a PhD from the Chicago school of professional psychology is that Dr. Joseph Nicolosi Senior was really a key pioneer in this field and I'm thrilled to have Dr. Nicolosi with me of certain great to speak with you directly.

Had some fun hanging out with your dad in years past.

A great to have you on the broadcast today great vigor, so also please tell me about your own background getting into this field. You knew the controversy. Your dad was in you knew the opposition to it. What is it that got you involved. Personally really got me involved was getting to know the lives of these individuals who are very misunderstood by our culture's are individuals who say I have the effect attractions and they don't fit.

And sometimes you were talking about individuals who sexually abused when they were young by someone at the same spec and they have it confusing attractions and now people are telling them all if you have it attractions the just need your yeah just means you're born that way people think of that doesn't fit or other people who because of their deeply held values their belief in the Muslim or Jew or Christian or Buddhist. I would always credit heterosexual or there are many individuals who just say Ivan Ivan gay relationship for 10 years 20 years and ultimately it's not satisfying if you like these people are being misunderstood or being given the label and really seeing their stories and seeing how they exchange and a life change. That is what really are so allow me to dispose you rumors you are not advocating parents forcibly sending a child away to a so-called conversion therapy camper. They will be subjected to shock treatment to drive the gay out of them correct at who you're talking about professional psychological counseling therapeutic services where someone for for any reason, who does not want to live with these attractions and desires. You will sit down and talk with that person and try to get to the root of that that's what you're talking about and we need to differentiate between two different kinds of therapy.

There is a term is being thrown about all the time. Call conversion therapy know that God is ill-defined is no ethics code.

There is no governing body is really practiced by unlicensed people. That kind of strawman that the left loves to attack the vague and conversion therapy, but in the work that I do and re-integrative therapy is the specific trademark term.

It really is about treating trauma sexual addictions for anyone of any of any gender or sexual orientation, and we see that we treated underlying dynamics with evidence-based treatment. The sexuality often shifts on its own as a byproduct look completely different, but that the bill and the other 82 943 in California. This building hold at the last minute that was as very broad, vague bill which would threaten the lives of the allies of anybody contract don't work right so again the distinction is important and it's a distinction that we need to hear, but the bill the way it was worth it would've affected you directly.

There'd be no nuance in that. So if you're practicing in California. It would've been illegal for you to help these people that you really care about. Let me ask this, but let's talk about the kind of people that got your attention enough that you said I'm going to devote myself to all these years of study and application to help people like this give an example of some of the types of people that you are your data counseled over the years. All give an example of a young man I spoke to earlier today he was.

He was sexually abused by an older guy and he had a father who is very detached from them.

This young man was craving connection with that long for male attention, affection, approval, and along and someone who offered them a sexualized and twisted form and this is a young man is actually Muslim and he said no.

Indeed, these attractions don't fit. They don't fit with my values and my identity. This is not the man I want to be and I'm being told I have these feelings, I just I am born again and I'll always be that way, and there's no way out and was standard trauma therapy week. He's describing very significant shifts in is in his same-sex attraction decreases and increases in the heterosexual crush and we value and the public are not being told about these people and their stories right and again we are a generation that is can respond much better to a personal story than to facts and information and and it's positive or that were timeout people, not just summit statistics.

So Dr. Nicolosi years ago there was a colleague of mine who would become famous in his home country was a pastor but to become famous as a counselor and one day a young lady student in our school came in and was talking to me about her background in her life and it didn't line up with the girl I thought she was. As I explained to my friend he proceeded to tell me in detail about her background and I thought God supernaturally reveal that semi-sit how in the world did you know all that is if you counseling the people you will see patterns and categories.

So obviously everyone is individual, but you you spoken to enough people over the years. Are there common traits are there common aspects of environment upbringing nurture that contribute to same-sex attraction or is that a stereotypical misconception. We work with Sony and I work with hundreds of men and would be attractions… Our clinic, overall rating, thousands of individuals from around the world and this is the most common pattern are to distill the entire pattern down to just a few minute.

As kids grow up as most of us know that they go through different development stages by her older three rotor going to different things and the stages of development for boys and girls were about identical up until about 2 1/2 years of age around 2 1/2.

As with all the gender identity phase of development and that the first time where the boy is starting to see that all the world is divided between masculine and feminine, and which one ally and at this point. Note for and normally the boy would just identify from the mother identify with the father on the daddy and all the things the superheroes is the age of superhero Spider-Man Ironman, etc. in the boys making a gender part of his identity will home where the father can be more distant or critical part of our client Ella, the mother is more a higher anxiety.

She made it more intrusive. The boy is temperamentally sensitive ancestors of bullying older brother that sometimes occurs if you put these factors together and increase the probability that the boys can have difficulty at that particular stage of development, and for many of these individuals in my client as they get older. Females are the closest friends they know girls like the back of the males are like a different world there, though they do this roughhousing stop, and a lot of my clients might have trouble connecting with other guys and competitive work. They just felt kind of timid around other males in as this goes on in the years go by and this kid is getting a lot of email attention, affection approval, but eventually he began a long for male and then puberty occurs and then guess where his attractions are going to go to. It's not female, he sees a safe, familiar, but toward males who are mysterious and citing and dangerous anything kind of exotic and doctors attractions go to and typically these individuals as they look. I tried to make his attractions go away. I tried to pray tried to will myself into into attractions toward females and try to make it happen that the feelings are not there all toward male and then around this age. This is with the gay label shows up in the blood, teasing, and kids who are different or feminine. Anyway, they can call Geyer always of the putdowns and this individual is usually at a crossroads, because he has a circulation escort and is in a culture that also you're born this way and he doesn't know what to make of it. So that is what we see most commonly from our clientele and as you're speaking to someone like this and obviously I've heard from many many other professionals and then from pastors who of also counseled many hundreds of years that there are common patterns. Not everyone is the same.

It was can have an exception to the rule. But if you add in say sexual abuse along the way. Then the chances of this person being same-sex attracted increase. All the more that correct absolute data query in the American psychological Association in 2014 acknowledged that there does seem to be like. I was amazed to be admitted they'd admitted it on that there is a link. It's not perfect link. So many people can be sexual abuse and abstraction of the laypeople will not be attractions and will never abuse anybody were not friends. It was an absolute thing, but the APA in 2014 did acknowledge that there does seem to be a causal link between the sexual abuse and shift in sexuality later on in life, which is even specifically mentioned same-sex attraction to the correlation friends we can continue this very important discussion with Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, he is again the founder of the re-integrative therapy Association and director, clinical director of the for-profit organization.

The breakthrough clinic which focuses on addiction disorders for the use of treatments that are faster, more gentle the more effective than most conventional treatments will let you know how to be in touch with Dr. Nicolosi's organizations.

On the other side of the break and asked him what we say someone 16-year-old kid that same-sex attracted poor parents of a five-year-old that thinks she's trapped in her own body. We say will be right back. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

My guess Dr. Joseph Nicolosi is disqualified is asked if dad, a pioneer counseling helping men and women with unwanted same-sex attractions for whatever reason, they could be atheists for all you know he himself has the educational background, PhD Chicago school of professional psychology and professional background having counseled so many hundreds and hundreds of strugglers himself so Dr. Nicolosi, let's say if a 15-year-old kid wants help. I mean, obviously you have the legal issues now in certain states, which is completely outrageous. Let's say mom and dad come in with their 15-year-old boy nieces on the what to do out of struggle of praying I pray for this to go away. I went to the to the pastor who wanted to exorcise demons from Rihanna what to do and should I just accept this sin and I can imagine just being lonely.

The rest of my life. We tell that kid right one part Starwood education foundation because were being hit with always different ideologies are left after tries to exercise demons out of them apart far right or left, who would just slap a label on it. This is who you are and you'll always be this way, the truth is that according to the American psychological Association.

A significant number of men who identify as on sexual actually admit time, having romantic and sexual attractions toward women is not the thing works set in stone for everybody in the brain is capable of something called neural plasticity neuro- reimbursing more evidence is everyday. It basically means that that our brains have the capacity all of the capacity to wire and rewire themselves based on our life experiences so people sexual attractions are necessarily set in stone forever. In fact, lesions of the brain that are related sexual preferences are lesions that we now change over time. The Fallon out and it's important to know the more young people actually is an interesting morning people are seeing the sexuality of fluid new report in the CDC 2015 show that more young people acknowledge that their sexuality can change and so that's when we need to acknowledge and embrace of the stay away from the from putting a cannot get into a lifetime label right so they get educated they understand that change is possible.

Why, why did they find it so hard to change, though it did today.

Today need some outside help, perhaps, to tell them to dig deeper. Maybe there are just trying to change superficially at and are not really adequately getting to the root cause. What could be so challenging for so many challenging number one because were hearing very contradictory messages, especially their geared toward young people at all to speak about a young person to think life in general. Under getting contradictory messages are being told that if you didn't choose a feeling that it must be biological like the only other option regular, given this kind of false dichotomy and now there are many people who there their answer to having you want attractions. This is depressed but push them away. And that doesn't really work pushing down push and where I have yet to meet a single individual is that I just prayed in his attractions instantly left the rest of my lunch, possible, glancing, I've never heard of the case like I've never expired. None of my 5% so typically you know the clients but they often fail to me. I am attracted to guys who I feel possessed the very things that I do not.

So for example the man says I know the kind of guy am attracted to is a guy who has bigger bicep and really flat out that is the tone that can guide and Ella, I will tell you to become evil to come in. You like to let it.

The client will usually describe the exaction characteristic know if another client comes to me two hours later and I say to him okay with the kind I retracted duties as all guys big and bulky, a body built okay will kind of body would you like to have our big and bulky like your body built in other words, my client consistently report that they are attracted to specific elements in other men that they themselves wish they had in themselves. And so the realization that I can be powerful. Many individual so hypersexuality is complicated and as different facets to it.

And those are the beginnings of a little want to look at and for those that aren't familiar with dealing with addictions and other behavioral issues or areas rely change this. What you talk about is unique in this particular application, but is common in terms of other addictions or behavioral issues or areas of a person unaware change often have to get to the root and see which triggering things are lesions that things do things and then deal with their supposed to just tell him I convinced am I gonna do this we'll see change and lots of errors like that. Now you have a resource that that is just being released along let everyone know about it and will bless social media as well but but tell our listeners and our viewers about this new resource just released this week was a new film based that would be commissioned a Hollywood filmmaker skeptical Hollywood filmmaker was very interested in this topic make. I just want to learn about this for myself. You went out and we interviewed individuals who went through our therapy and the incredible asked what her home spoke to their value, their spouses and he did these very candid, very raw in her interviews were. He asked them to question the deep questions that he felt like Mark being out and he you recently released a film of the film is called free to love as on the website free to love free to love and it interviews the people who say no. Nobody can change get his attractions will always be this way and myself and other other clinicians on my staff.

On the other side but really the story centers around these men what were their stories.

What are they discovered was that look like to to change her sexuality in a world that says that you can't are friends again free to love

Option one.

Watch all of it, but I guess if you're behind this that this skeptical Hollywood filmmaker found some very interesting facts along the way. Absolutely thinking that these men got to know them deeply and along the way, was astounded by saying that the shift in their lives, seeing that they had remarkable similarities in their back. None of the men knew what they were different they were in different states across the US and he was thinking of them seems remarkable similarities and with standard trauma treatment of addictions. Basically, sexual addiction treatment the same treatment meltdown of the clinic throughout the world. I believe we use a specific treatment. These individuals noticed very significant and lasting shift their sexuality as a byproduct. I friends even as the closest speaks I am posting links to various social media sites to get word out about this watch yourself, friends, get other friends to watch a thing change is impossible and just see firsthand what can be done. Maybe we hear a lot of gospel testimonies and rejoice in those but now you're getting it from a little different perspective and one that's open to everyone from all face and on face document close the office and we could take hours on this but one last question we got about 2 1/2 minutes. What you say to the parent.

The parents dealing with the gender confused child. Now everything is still telling the parents only kid that's for your identify as such.

You get to be 1011 get on hormone blockers to stop the onset of puberty and and 16 surging hormones for life of when I'm accusing a three-year-old, or being a transgender activist or the parents of being radical liberals become a caring parents. A confused kid what he tell his parents that that your well it's really that that your your comment that and science are matching up a lot more than you may think your parental instinct that that there are 6700 genetic differences between the male and female, and changing how you dress giving a person injecting them with hormones changing their their gender on the drivers license. None of these things change those thousand 700 genetic differences everything from cellular metabolism to to the way our bones grow to explain called neural architecture neural architecture is the design of the of the brain structure of the brain needs individual. These these are very, much determined by our genes are highly influenced by them. And so you were were telling people that if you just identify a different way than that's who you will become a biologist telling us something very different. And so, but neuroscience is showing us that our genes change, but the jeans the Y chromosome or X chromosome, depending on your male or female, not at the moment your feet. That doesn't change, but what does changes our thoughts and feelings. And so, though, an individual may identify a certain way when you're young it doesn't mean that there that they won't change in identity and their thoughts and their feelings later on. I'm so thoughts and feelings do change by our core genetic structure. You asked whether male or female does not change. I is so slow. Reach out to more to your organization suspiciously living your home status or online resources. What's the best place for them to go.

Patient will we love movie is great if you want to see other individuals and just care about their stories in their lives. We love and if there are interested in seeing more about our organization, they can go to we integrative right we integrative in the movie free to love just posted on Twitter and Facebook look to the trailer to it last week and am thrilled to see the skin out document closely. It's amazing that he is trying to help people and you've got a massive part of the society pushing against you, but I believe the truth in love will prevail.

So keep up the great work. We need you on the front lines are you and you are very welcome, my friends, we are at a time, go to the website free to love want should share with friends change is possible

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