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Science and the Transgender Movement; And a Message of Racial Reconciliation

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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September 5, 2018 4:30 pm

Science and the Transgender Movement; And a Message of Racial Reconciliation

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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September 5, 2018 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 09/05/18.

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I have two guests on today's broadcast one, the descendent of slaves. The other descendent of slaveowners come together in Jesus with a great message today stalking for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience have the president of the fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown as always here in the line of fire.

It is our goal to build up, not to tear down the blessing to strengthen and to encourage them to help so will tell the truth will tackle controversial issues will wade into difficult waters, but not for the sake of controversy not just for some heat without light, but always with the goal of building up strengthening, encouraging and rallying God's people around the truth and appealing to those with different views to hear what we have to say welcome to the want to fire 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 little later in the broadcast good to bring on to guest together. They have an important message to get out. They both stand together in the pro-life movement, one a black American, the other a white American one. The descendent of slaves the other, the descendent of slave owners. So it's an important message that they have for everyone today and I urge you to call a friend text them, shoot them a note and tell them to tune into the line of fire. Okay, I do first want to address the latest developments in the justice Cavanaugh hearings and then I want to speak to you as well about some science some information the transgender activists don't want you to hear. Don't want you to know. In fact, in fact, when Brown University published a recent study linked to a recent study scientific study about sudden onset of gender confusion in children past puberty. It was pulled, but because transgender activists were offended by, so will get to that in a little while as well. 866-34-TRUTH that is the number to call. Okay, I posted a question just seconds ago, literally and immediately before we started the show so will just get the first trickle of responses coming in, but asked this question could what your take. If another Republican president and a dominated break Cavanaugh to the Supreme Court with the opposition to be just as intense. Another was a liberals primarily fighting Tromp are primarily fighting Cavanaugh I gave the choices of Tromp Cavanaugh equal mixture of both. Not sure this is the first few dozen votes coming in but I keep you posted on that. If you like to wait and give me a call 866-348-7884. Here's what I want to say and I'm not saying this is Republican or Democrat because I'm an independent and I'm not saying this is a supporter or critic of the president. I'm saying this as best as I can from someone watching and trying to look at things honestly the behavior of Democrats at the hearing yesterday for justice.

Cavanaugh to me was embarrassing, even despicable.

And if the reports are true that Chuck Schumer coordinated the attacks that coordinated how they were going to interrupt and immediately call for adjournment end and we haven't got access to certain documents.

Of course, many of the documents are not direct writings of justice Cavanaugh, but rather documents from the Bush White House that they don't have access to because there deemed confidential and really unrelated to the confirmation hearings of justice Cavanaugh to coordinate this. If true, you some of the reports I'm still saying if true, that this was a coordinated effort to shut down the hearings. That's childish, that's immature. That's beneath our elected officials is it will look at Donald Trump. Ask and when he does I say that's wrong for him. You know you make it medically from both sides, but rather get mentally from both sides understand that I'm calling for stability and maturity from all sides.

Just like I did like it when candidate became kind of a Trump one after John McCain and I didn't like it when John McCain's funeral was used two in a backhanded way attack Pres. Tromp, and I don't like it when Donald Trump since out tweets about one journalist, the city thinks like a degenerate fool and I don't like it when these Democrats act like children and you got all the protesters that you you want to make the pro-abortion movement look as ugly as it is, just get these kind of protesters screaming and yelling and disrupting meetings and and what's what's interesting to to add to all this is the type of dirt and stuff that people are trying to come up with that simply doesn't exist.

It's my blog and how about one of the senators Sen. Durbin saying plainly that a lot of his opposition is to Donald Trump and the Trump is behaved in such a way that now Durbin skin opposes nominee meet you. You talk about what you do send them in as those in on you, you are mean to me on a meaning to you.

I don't justify it on any side.

It grieves me on all sides disable Pres. Tromp is not the first want to be divisive. Absolutely I agree. I believe the presidency of Pres. Obama. Although the different nature was divisive in its own way, and exacerbated racial tensions here in America and I believe Donald Trump has added fuel to the fire and other elected officials and added more fuel to the fire and we got ourselves one big mess. So here's my appeal.

I can't affect and pray, but I can't directly affect behavior, president company when you can. I can pray.

You can pray, but I can't directly affect the behavior of Sen. Chuck Schumer or Dick Durbin or others. So the broker Sen. Harry like I can't. I can do that and when you But what I can do is control what I say what I can do is think through how I speak what I can do is measure my words and seek to set an example that others can follow and I know by God's grace that lots of folks listen to the broadcast. Watch the broadcast read our articles listen and watch and read other things that we put out in everything we do we seek to be your voice and everything we said we do we seek to honor the Lord at any look if if I was ever put forward in inlets. Let's say that that I was also justice that I was in the of the courts and civil want to put me up for some higher appointment to a federal court.

I get blasted out instantly. I mean it wouldn't be a matter of of 1/2 a second vetting because of spoken out onto many controversial subjects, and even if I didn't speak out on those just my spiritual beliefs.

Just get where my tape series on prayer when my tape series on spiritual warfare. Tape series: tape sums that's how far back they go look at whatever audio series on any of those things or listed as all my messages, in which the revival or read things that have written about the things of the spirit in God.

Obviously, a crazy man you believe and I believe in God accurately. The miracles of divine intervention of God speaking our times are some I'm not trying to position myself in a way that the world will just like me and I'm not encouraging you to position yourself in the way we you throw your beliefs in the closet so people will like you. I'm talking about acting with civility. I'm talking about acting with grace. I'm talking about conducting ourselves in a way that's befitting as ambassadors of the Lord.

Some people survive the way Jesus repeat those Pharisees in Matthew 23 and he didn't hold back sets on to speak with a friend or not. Jesus and perhaps when Jesus is rebuking the Pharisees for hypocrisy and self-righteousness is also rebuking us sometimes we walk in those things rather than us thinking that we can point the finger the same way that he did best to look at our lives and examine our own hearts as a lord or any of those tendencies in the because many of those leaders whom Jesus rebuked were highly respected by the people. But God saw the hearts read about another scandal to Catholic priests case the kids listing once it was happening but they were in a car in public in Chicago doing things that ought not to be done in public or in private bitumen Catholic priests in Moses 320 in the afternoon and and so oblivious to what they were doing that concert a knock on the window with car to get their attention. Of course there were arrested for what they did what gets grievous and as ugly and happy to be two men and happen to be Catholic, so we could point our finger homosexuals reported figures that Catholics and their their culpable there's a lot of sin in the Catholic priesthood and a lot of is homosexual that's true, but I report like that. I grieve because these men are known to represent Jesus Donald agree with their theology within the society they are known to represent Jesus that's agrees me and then I merely think of all the heterosexual sin that's out there in the sin that's in the evangelical church and then I searched my own heart for purity. That was my first reaction is, is not just to can delegate their guilty and in many ways they destroy their lives here but what they've done and they've brought reproach to the Catholic Church and to the priesthood at and to the extent there identified with Jesus. They brought reproach to his name and what they did is reprehensible, inexcusable. But up but I'll need to get on a high horse and just attack them. The better thing to do is to say, have other own house. What about the sin in our own camp.

How can we clean that up while yes, let the Catholic Church deal righteously with its own mess and to date I don't believe that it has even nearly been touched. Anyway, all that to say I'm watching what's happening in the Senate. I'm watching senators either. They're just trying to get good soundbites to use for TV ads running for president, which other centers of accused them of, or are they are they are further exposing the infantile irrational opposition to pro-life conservative or simply to a conservative constitutionalist. Whatever it is, it makes them look bad.

I can't imagine that any except those really staunch on the left think well of what they're doing and are praising them and saying way to go.

I'm sure some are, but to me that's got to be the minority and if Republicans acted like this.

I'd be just as embarrassed, thinking what in the world are we doing were hurting because again I'm say that not as a Republican but as a conservative if conservatives were doing it. I'd be embarrassed when the president does it on embarrassed how we read through the book of Proverbs is my first counselor, my open letter to Pres. from candidate Trump in August 2015 the first time I focused on him, redressed him to look at the Proverbs of Solomon, lived by them freshly spoke a lot. I will be right back with some important information for cleansing by Expo light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown take just a reminder announcement of the mentioned my open letter to Donald Trump August 2015 reaching out and saying hey here are some gruesome suggestions for you free of charge and that was the first of old over hundred articles over three-year period where I addressed issues with candidate Trump and Republican candidate Trump and for the presidency.

Then, once he had won the Republican nomination and then Pres. Trump honest observations why I voted for him after initially opposing him concerns I have what's been good what's been bad.

We put those together in chronological order, which makes for a really fascinating read. Plus you can jump or if you want great we can grab Donald Trump did not die for my sins or have we sold our souls to Donald Trump or a word to the never Trump or his or whatever it is is pick anyone, but they're all they are chronologically with brand-new essays. The beginning evangelicals and Donald Trump a match made in heaven, or marriage with hell and then brand-new closing material where we go from here. Seven lessons that we've learned what we do with the midterm elections and beyond. We put altogether in a brand-new book.

Donald Trump is not my Savior evangelical leader speaks out speaks his mind about the man he supports as president you find it eye-opening and whatever side of the issue. I think you'll find it helpful. So the book is available for preorder any of the sin carries Amazon a notice but we are printing 500 copies in hardcover. This is exclusively for ministry will also sign them and number them see you make it copy number 41 or 11 or 106 and it's a personal yell out, inscribe a note to you and and with the Scripture and sign it. We do for each one you can only get those through her website. This is where we can be a blessing to us and help us with a radio broadcast. This is when we can get something special in your hand. Kind of a collectors item so good as Dr. you see it right there on the homepage. Okay if you are the parents of a child struggling with gender identification confusion, now called gender dysphoria. If if you're the parent of a six or seven-year-old child. There is help risk counsel. There are things that can be done to help the child work through the confusion and it's best to reinforce biology and the great majority of these kids once they go past puberty won't even have these struggles anymore. This is been scientifically documented but obviously this needs compassion, wisdom, but what you don't want to do is affirm them in their confusion until your daughter that she's actually a boy even if it seems to give her relief is a good website help for that's helped number four and you'll find some good resources there put together by Denise Schick, whose own dad confided her when she was just nine and said that he really believed he was a woman and then lived as a woman in the years after that. But now there's a new phenomenon that more and more reports are coming of older kids even kids past puberty who are suddenly saying I think I'm boy trapped in the girls by thing or a girl trapped in a boy's body of all F-16 surgery want to get on hormones that I need to do it and and people that asking why this sudden increase and and what's it due to obvious answer would be.

It's it's the climate of the day it's the it's the spirit of the age. It's the thing now is everybody talking about and you got kids going through emotional ups and downs and may be different confusion in their own lives and lack of good role models phenomenon. Maybe they're getting confused. So there was a study done right. This is a scientific study on the up PLS +1 website you can get it now see their and and their journal rapid onset gender dysphoria in adolescence and young adults. A study of parental reports that we read that again. It was it was a study done by Lisa Littman rapid onset gender dysphoria in adolescence and young adults study parental reports now. Critics of said this is based on parental reports and obviously there is limited data to go by, but what was seen was that certain things led to these sudden changes to this rapid onset of gender dysphoria. In other words, kids or the young adult suffer from maybe depression and they started to binge watch transgender videos and suddenly became convinced that's them that that's me, that's me. I'm really girl in a voice by a mama woman in a man's body and and.

In other words, it was the exposure of social media and other influences that led to this and they Found in case after case after case after case and publish this as a scientific study so it was posted by Brown University and here's an article by Brandon Showalter few days back, unchristian post Brown you scrubs website of gender confusion amid pressure from trans activists and tells us Brown University is removed an article on gender confusion young people from its website amid complaints from transgender activists, the Ivy League university in Rhode Island said Monday sis was posted August 30 that it decided to take out a new story by Lisa Littman, a member of the faculty in the Department of Public Health, which is recently published in the scientific journal +1 because it could be seen as under supporting of the Christian community. Littman's peer-reviewed study rapid onset gender dysphoria in adolescence and young adults study parental reports examined hundreds of detailed surveys of parents is adolescent and young adult children began experiencing gender confusion and identifying as transgender research found that the worsening of mental well-being and parent-child relationships and behaviors that isolate adolescence and young those for the parents, family, friends who did that self identifies trans and mainstream sources of information are particularly concerning. In other words, there outside influences on these teenagers and young adults that are causing them to so they think will that's me I'm on transgender and and what is also what was also being found is when this is not given into what is recognition something else is going on. That is, not long after that that some of these are many of these have all the steps in front of the kids no longer feel that what look I was talking to a middle school teacher in Charlotte North Carolina some years ago. It's his lease five years ago and she was young woman Jewish background very liberal in her thinking maybe thirtyish began teaching middle schoolers and she said oh it's the new thing. It's the in thing and she was fine with it. Since the in thing the kids coming out as gay school and she said the other day a 12-year-old boy in her class came came out and said I'm gay. The next day he came back to her and said Can I take that back.

I think I made a mistake can you take that back.

You say the take is is that it is that the depth of this I'm not blaming the kid. That's the environment in which our kids, grandkids are being raised. That's what they are being exposed to some of your being supposed to in this milieu are totally unstable just means that informative key times in your life you get hit with all kinds of junk. You should be getting hit with now.

A friend sent me this article published in the economist September 1, 2018 called gender dysphoria trans parenting a paper suggests that the increase in the number of trans teenage girls is partly a social phenomenon and it tells the story of Jeanette Miller growing up and remember being tomboyish and different things have an interest in the girl certain point alive, but now saying is transgender to a seven vasectomy source of restrooms was going. Hormones and her mother saying when I could have that and then being intention fighting about it and then Jeanette coming out of that no longer feeling that what in the article ends by saying this squashing research risks injuring the health of an unknown number of troubled adolescent girls. Rachel now I'm surgeon that knows the mother Rachel's daughter Rachel 20 in Belize. She latched onto a trans identity as a way of coping with on-off depression and being sexually abused as a child after receiving therapy heard gender dysphoria disappeared at her mother affirmed her gender identity is a 16-year-old several gender therapy serves Rachel with an important medical transition that she turned out not to want after all. Wow wow trans activists are trying to squash this information why Casillas is going to hurt their cause is to make people question whether really trans are not elicit this you're talking about a girl, a young woman that could have had her breast removed that could have put hormones into her body to make it the opposite of who she really was and then just with a little help and counsel she could've resolved her problem. I mean look. If if you are convinced you're actually convinced that your right arm has to go this close new torment and pain and that you're only meant to have a left arm and you go to see any self-respecting doctor there. They're going to get you psychological help that I can hack your arm off and what if someone hacked your arm off and you find out afterwards.

Oh, this was a psychological issue. If I had gotten help from the inside out and have both arms. Unfortunately were not giving that help to many struggling with transgender identity and it is help we need to give all right, we come back Matt locket will afford her to join me for a fascinating into one son of slave owners send to the slave on the other descendents of slaves to light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown and I and I talked you candidly from the heart as I always do on the broadcast here. I don't remember in my lifetime. 63 now. I remember my lifetime at the moment when we were more divided.

As a nation in the 60s.

We had a massive generation gap grow up and obviously I was part of that in my teen years in rebellion. Before I knew the Lord's. We had a lot of division of people then but the degree of division today between left and right between ethnicities and races. It seems to be more volatile and deeper that I can remember in my lifetime and it's times like this is very easy for us to get caught up in partisan politics caught up in ethnic offenses caught up in racial issues as opposed to getting caught up with God's plan and God's agenda and bringing that to bear on the very real issues that surround us that we need to address is God's people as salt as light as ambassadors for Jesus the Messiah.

This new book out called the dream King and in this book, descendents of slaves and slave owners offer inspiring challenge to usher in racial healing for our nation and both the gentlemen I'm about to bring on our colleagues of work within different settings are set face-to-face with an craving brainstorm together will afford the third is the director of marketplace leadership. Major Christ for the nation's Institute is also the founder of Hilty or Hezekiah ministries and that locket is Executive Director of the Justice house of prayer DC located right on Capitol Hill in Washington from the government to give the nation that leads prayer and intercession that appeals to holy Hill. That's higher than Capitol Hill to have a court that's above, the Supreme Court will and Matt, welcome to the broadcast. Dr. Brown figured out about all right, so will you are a descendent of slaves.

How long have you known that you know grew up knowing it in my family partly because of history of slavery passed down connected to a story. This connected to the €200 counterpart. Those in my family was used by the slaves of my family views of the cooking beautiful washing clothes, but secretly break the use of prayer.

Obligatory pastel is that the slave better than one depraved because you collectively pray your thoughts. Hope you got hopeful like a runaway.

So you literally would be the if he heard them praying for peace.

Also Christiansen and Dr. Brown ably prayed anyway they were going to a bonnet not take that Part with Them and They Went to the Bar Tonight. So the Prayers Were Seen but to Make Sure They Want Hurt, They Took That Partner with Him and He Turned It Upside down on the Cover for the Inverted Prop It up with a Rock Several Rocks underneath the Edges of It Will Be Problematic at Two Then They Would Prostrate Themselves in the Grout and the Opening between the Ground and the Cattle That the Cattle Muffler Voices of the Pray for the Night and Thought It Was Passed out As Part of the Skill.

This Is My Family That They Didn't Think They Would See Freedom in the Time so They Pray for the Treatment of Children and the Next Generation so That the Story Passed down from Generation to Generation to Generation in My Family and the Best That's How It Connected to the Story. A Lot Of It but It Was Oil Out Of Hope You Know That What We Understood That All of the Difficult Thing in the Atrocity of the Inhumanity of Slavery.

We Also Saw the Great Triumph That Our Christian Faith Gave Us Again about the Not Just the Black Christian Slave.

Also, the White Christian Abolitionist Becky and Who Do the.

If Any Personal Display with the Christian to That Person with Her Brother Beautiful Click Allows the Help of Those Probably Have the Houses Burned Even That Was Shot Killed… Because the Children Stuff with the People of God Rather Than Compromise and We Could, Slavery, and of the Prayers of the Godly Remnant of Black Christian Slave and Why Christian Abolitionist That I Believe Prayed in the Being the First of the Second Great Awakening Had Not Been for Those Revivals. Slavery Would Never Ended up Inspection and Credible's Amazing Perspective, Will, and Obviously Will Come Back to the Moment, and Then That on Your End. I Guess This Is Not the Kind of Condition That You Proudly Pass on like like Wills Family Did in Terms of the Message of Hope and Prayer and Faith. But When Did You Find out That You Were Descendent of Slave Owners. Well, I Didn't Know That until Just Recently. I Was Kim Christian of the Teenager, but You Anything That Was Ever Discussed in Our Family Mostly Because My Family Didn't Have Any Insight into Our Genealogy Week Actually Could Get Back Further Than My Dad's Grandfather Because There's Been a Loss of Courthouse Records Because the Fires Are Really Just It Came down to Stop Telling the Story. And so My Family Never Really Knew Where We Came from and You I Got My Life Kind of Radically Turned Upside down and around Shaken Back in 2005 and Found Myself Leaving a Career in the Marketplace and Moving to Washington DC to Be a Prayer Missionary on Capitol Hill and That Will Afford and We Spent about a Decade Being Friends Being Really Discount Brothers in the Lord and Running Together Ministry Could Become a Common Common Heart or Revival Common Heart to See God Move on the Racial Issue in an America That Also Pro-Life Issue. We Spent about a Decade Just Praying Together and Leading Prayer Meetings All around the Nation, Only to Find out Later That There Was All of the History Involved in so It's Only Been Recently That I Found out Extraordinary and Again What You Want to Get It Was Hard for Revival, and Your Heart for the Unborn Will. Knowing Your History. Knowing What Was Done to Bring Liberation and and the Cost to Bring Liberation. There's a Great Concern That That We Have You and I Talked about It Face-To-Face and in Terms of the Toll That the Pro-Abortion Movement Is Taken on the Black American Community Digital Background Make You Even More Sensitive to That.

When You're Looking at a Black Genocide of of Unparalleled Proportions. You Know When We Go to Do with the Race Is One of the Things That Get Left Out Of the Other Narrative, Pull Away, but Actually Become like the Pink Elephant in the Room Is Eugenics Will Talk about Racism in Terms What Happened. Slavery We Talk about What Redline We Talk about What Happened without the Mass Incarceration but Would People Leave Out Of the Story Line Is the Fact That It Was the Eugenics Society of American Eugenics Elite That Were Part of It Is Everybody from CJ Gamble. This Thereby Connected to Margaret Sanger and Others That Were Proponents for Mass Incarceration.

There Was a Report Proponents for Population Control and Back Is Left out and so until We Deal with That Were Really Not at the Hug Away at the at the Whole Issue of Dealing with Racism in This Patient until We Address That Goes All Away to the Whole Thing of Member of the Whole Thing of Neglecting People Being Dehumanized.

Years Ago, People Didn't like the Fact of Course Would Pick up a Fake Monkey Different Things like Heart and the Way Different People Were Treated and Eugenics Sided with It. The Black People Close to the BMX of Monkeys and Close to the Being up the Rest of Humanity. Will We Started Humanizing about It Easier to Modularize Them and Eliminate We've Done That, Not Only with African-Americans.

We've Done a Little of the Child in the Womb When You Were the People That We Cannot See Become Optional. This Is Inevitable That Some of the People That We Can See Will Become Logical so We Do with the Life Issue. What You Can't Get to That Whole Aspect of Everybody Mattering in This Patient Love People's Layout Allows Better Black Love Money for Something White Lies Matter the Dealer Discussing Drill down Deeper Life Matters and Is One of the Quintessential Things That Dealing with Who Took to the Helen the Rate That We Gradually Drifted in the RSO Masses. The Book between King King Stories of the Fulfillment of Dr. Martin Luther King's Dream. We Hear so Much Bad News Today Were Flooded with It Day and Night, and That's the Hot News. The Big News and It's Always so Divisive and Volatile in an Easier It's You Love This, When You Hate This One.

What What Is Your Book.

Do and Why Is It so Needed at a Volatile Time in American History Whether Certainly No Shortage of Opinions Actually Appear on the Hill Today Praying for the Confirmation Hearing for This Vacant Unit Supreme Court so All the Opinions Are on Full Display Entrenched in It Right Now. But Here's the Thing.

God's Been at Work for Quite Some Time and I Think We Lose Sight of the That Our Lives Are Set against a Bigger Backdrop of a Providential Hand of God. You Know We We Get Our Eyes Focused on the Problem in Front of Us, or Even the Problems in Her Individual and We Lose Sight of the Fact That God Has Determined in Advance. The Places Where We Would Live the Times That We Would Live Acts 17 Make That Very Clear and and Those Circumstances Are Design That We Might Search for Him and Find Him, so He Is Not Far from Any of Us. And so What the Book Is Doing Is We've Discovered a Storyline That Doesn't Just Involve My Life and Will Fight, but We Found the Thread Connecting Back through Centuries of History and It Reveals the Hidden Hand of God and How He Has Been Carefully Leaving Things Together and I Think This Is the Message That We Need to Understand.

Certainly Believers Need to Know the but I Think Unbelievers Need to Know That There Is a Storyline That God Is Telling and Each and Every One of Us Are an Important Part of It Life That We've Been Given Are an Integral Part of What God Is Wanting to Do and so I Think When You Get That Perspective I Think My Perspective I Think Is a Healthy Perspective, but at the Life-Giving Perspective Because Suddenly Our Life Meaning and Even the in of the Tragic Circumstances the Trauma of Our Life Suddenly We Can Find Meaning in It, and Purpose That I Think I Think You Know God. God Allows Us to Go through Difficult Think We Can Produce a Prayer You Know Certainly That's True of My Life and Will Well and so I Think That's What the Books Trying to Do Here Is Just Working on the Hidden Hand of God Has Been Working on the Story for a Long Time Book by Wilson Ward and Matlock. It Is Extremely King Will Will Open the S'more on the Other Side of the Break. I Want to Get That Example or Two of of God Being at Work. We Just Got about a Minute before the Break, but Do You Think That Were Too Focused on the Bad News and Not Noticing What God Is Doing What You Think about That Will Let You Think We Just Our Propensity to the Book of the Bad News, but You Know If You Knew Better. But Listen, There Are Amazing Things That Happen Are Not Just Talking like That of Alignment in Some Kind of Clout, Fear of Being on Think God Is Actually Doing Something That I Made about Different Story with Manna, but We've Been Recognizing Doors All around the Country from the People We Talked and Got an Amazing Things with You in the Race Is Just like There Is This Will Pick up That Lets the Skill and Stores It in Your Books about How God Is Dealing. The Racial Divide in America and How You Can Be Part of the Healing Process.

The New Book Dream Case Will Be Right That It's the Line of Fire with Your Host Activist, Author, International Speaker and Theologian Dr. Michael Brown Voice of More Cultural and Spiritual Revolution Get into the Line of Fire Now by Calling 86643 Here Again Is Dr. Michael Brown Vincent Speaking with Will Ford and Matlock. It Had Been on the Front Lines of the Pro-Life Movement. Years Now, and Join Together with a Message of Racial Healing for America. There New Book Dream King with a Look at God's Hand in History, and to This Moment Working to Bring about Racial Reconciliation so Will Give Us an Example Story You Tell in the Book of God's Hand Working Today to Bring about Racial Unity and Racial Reconciliation Will Really but I Have Our Story a Beautiful Thing about That Story. Are We to Go Both for Letter to the Lincoln Memorial on MLK Celebration Day January 17, 2005 Met Effect… You Actually Went There, and It Just Makes One of the Think Yes That Day so We Put the Life Tape on Our Mouth Originate with Life without Wanting the Freezing Cold Was like Miniature Miles Right and We All Prayed Silently. That's When the Holy Spirit Spoke to Me Reach out and Resist and Brought Together What Had Been Building in Me for Several Months about a Calling You with LGBT Issues Written That She Really Wasn't There Reach out to the People with Compassion Resist the Agenda with Courage. II Journal That As That Moment When That Were Codified in My Heart Reach out and Resist. So II Remember I Remember That Very Well Okay so You Guys Are Both Leather That Day You Will, but What Would It Knowing We Both Their Thereabout Drink I Had a Dream about Marta the Detail in the Book Looked up a Good Deal of Me about All the Baggage That I Brought up… Dealt with and Share the Dream That Day in the Conference. That Night at Church and Met It Comes to That Same Prayer Be Because of a Dream That He Had about a Man He Would Echo the Event Eating Though Luther Was a Little Than It Actually Buys and There Is a Leak Become Very Good Friends with His Friends for Almost 14, 15 Years Now. Fast Forward Matt Found out That the Civil War Four Years Ago He Found out That the Civil War Ended in His Family's Front Yard All It Is Amazing. So Here I Have This Old Caldecott My Family Were People Prayed and Prayed with Him at What a Miracle If You Will Have This Kettle Pot in My Family Were People Prayed Due at the Time the Civil War and Everything You Have This House with Any to Give Families Regularly Thought with Amazing Coincidence. Then We Stumbled on This Research. You Know God Is about His Research and Got Revealed This.

We Did a Year and 1/2 with the Research of the Make Sure That It Is without an Appeal across and We We Learn That Mass Family Is a Family All My Family What I Kettle Pot Came from Everything If We Met at the Lincoln Memorial on MLK Celebration DateI Dream to the Place What Dr. King Said Not in It.

I Have a Dream Speech. I Have a Dream That One Day the Sons of Former Slaves and the Sons of Former Slave Owners to Sit Together at the Table of Brotherhood. Something Can Make the Dream Speech. When Poetry Maybe with Prophecy.

Maybe the Dream King Himself Mentally. Name the Book the Drinking Man. I Would Talk about This and He Said When They Were There the Dream King, Who Is the One Who Actually Expired Dr. King Classes.

John 17 Ways of Father. They Will Be One of the Let Your Glory to Come so That the World Will Believe Babies Not Given up on America. Yet It May Be Working Intensely and Intently on Cue, and the Right of That I Believe You Sent for Me.

Just Hearing That Story Is Worse Reading the Book Dream King That Is What I Guess. Yeah Yeah Yes It's Also Mad That Back over You, Weaving Your Perspective and in Your Confidence in the Providence of God That That God Is Actually Doing Something and Believing Something Together and Bringing about His Purpose in the Midst of This Human Mess You Know after I Moved to DC a Joint with a Colleague of Art Lou Ingle Here with the House of Prayer and We Been Praying for the Ending of Abortion for Years and One of the Things That God Showed His Early on with Vivid Language concerning That the American Civil War and the War That Was Fought in the Shedding of Innocent Blood of the African Really and so Got It Used A Lot Of Similar Language in It.

Given a Stream through the Years about That and That We Are Gathering in Virginia and We Decided to Go Pray at Appomattox Courthouse before We Did That Gathering and so We We Went There and and We Prayed and As We Were Getting Ready to Leave.

We Walked into the Little Visitor Center There and Was Standing Next to My Friend at the Okay and He Grabbed the First Book off the Shelf That Caught His Attention, and I Opened It to the First Random Page and It Was Called the Battle of Locket Farm and I Is That My Last Name and I Had No Idea If I Start Researching It and That's When I Discovered That the Final Battle of the Civil War. The Leak Generally Fought with in the Front Yard of a Family May Block It Will. About That Time It Was My Older Brother Who Finally Did What No One in Our Family Ever Done. He Got the Breakthrough on Our Family History Any Companies That II Got Us All Going Back to 1645 We Came in and Established Virginia and I like Simple Man. I Got a Virginia Story for You and I Started Telling and He Stopped Me and He Decent… Place down by Appomattox. This Area Called Sailors Creek and I Simple That's Exactly Where It Is Why Just on the Dock. That Was Our Family so That Things Really Began to Open up Was It Wasn't Just That We've Been Praying That Link with the Civil War. For All These Years Will and I Have Been Running Together Probably Fears Then We Find out That the Last Battle Actually Happened in My Family's Front Yard and Folk. That's When Things Really Started Getting Interesting Amazing Right Now Because You've Been on the Front Lines of of Difficult Causes One to See Racial Reconciliation America When It Seems like in the Last Presidency in the Current Presidency Things Getting Worse That Even Though We See Progress in the Pro-Life Movement. The Opposition Is so Adamant and yet There's a Spirit of Faith in You. Some Would Say We're Just Dreamers, but That Will Matt Why Do You Believe That These Are God's Dreams, Not Just Your Dreams.

What Gives You Faith and Confidence to Keep Going. 01 for Me. Effective Got All the in My Life in a MetLife to Me Nearly One Thing That Mark Me with It Being a Person of Prayer and Praying into the Drain into the Things I Had No Idea You Have. Not All the Things I Got Is Unfolding As yet Unfolding with Us in This Whole Story. For Example, If You Met Matt Not Two Weekends Ago, but It Last Week.

It Dr. King Said I Have a Dream to One Day on the Radial Georgia the Sons of Former Slaves and Slave on It Was Sit Together at the Table Brother Looks Mad Not Actually Got a Chance to Share a Story Together and Erect the Table of Brotherhood.

Look for the Communion Table on Top of Dough Mountain and George Stone Mountain Is the Place with the Ku Klux Klan Was Rebirth in 1950 and We Got a Chance to Share Our Story.

Dr. King Said the Speech Also Let Freedom Ring. I Think the That That Whole Speech and Other Aspects of You Study the History of the Little Evening Prayed He Was Actually on the People Came up First with the Phrase I Have a Dream and a Prayer Meeting of the Preminger Would Have an Editor to Been Burned down by the Client. Dr. King Was in Attendance to Be Heard or Think I Have a Dream. It Was after That He Started Using That Phraseology in His Speech for about a Year before Ashley Set It in the March on Washington. In Other Words, That Would Parcel a Prayer Meeting Because I Believe It Was Connected to. Jesus Had This on His Heart Father. They We Want to Put Your Glory Could Come so That the World Will Believe the Father Is Not Answer the Sons. Dr. Brown You Not and That's What's This Was so Intriguing about This Thereby Talk about the Narratives That Are out There Right Now This Nation but There's a Metanarrative That God Is God and There Is a Storyline That Easily Ways We Would All These Things Together and He's Working All Things Together Together for Good, Because Their People Called According to His Purpose Who Uniting to What He Wanted, to the Point of Intercession and Action.

So That's What This Will Give Me Hope and That We Got Oh Minute and 1/2. What Are You Hoping That Readers Will Experience As They Read the Dream King. It Would Be This You Have Just a Moment Ago like What You Know You People Just Save Your Just a Bunch of Dreamers Listen, Don't Discount the Dreams from God Mark Rutland Yard Them in for You to Dreams from God or a Hearty Thing They Can Last in Storms and I Would Say This but That Don't Just Say It Just a Dream. You Don't Know What Angels Had to Fight through Get That Dream to You in Sleep at Night.

The Listed Night I Just Would Encourage Your Listeners Don't Say It's Just a Dream. I Think Dreams from God Have a Sustaining Power They They Help Us Understand Our Pain.

It's a Guiding Constellation for Our Lives and the Point Is That the Directions Were Supposed to Go in the Lives Were Supposed to Live. I Said You Guys Will Love This Been Listening to the Bible and All You Recently Started with One Translation in Genesis and I Was Listening Also to Another Audiobook to Penny over There Is Driving One Direction or Another Inside-Out You Know I Need to Go Back to to Scripture, and of Course What Is It It's about Joseph in Prison and the Dreams of the Guys There Joseph Interpreting Dreams and This Is Driving up to That to the Studio Today and Then about Pharaoh's Dreams That I'm Having Them Twice and When It Did God Show Me Twice and Importance of It. And of Course It Leads to the Unfolding of Biblical History That Indicates through Training, so I Clearly Have My Mind That That We Talk about Dream King Is As I Drove It It It Just a Reminder Friends. This Is in the Bible in the Last Days That That Young Men Will See Visions. Old Men Will Dream Dreams and If the Getting Is There and Stays with You and Jason with You. Maybe Gosplan Is There Any Guys, I Appreciate Your Perseverance.

I Remember Being There J Hop in DC Right in the Early Days and You Are Going to Use You Still Been Going for. And It's Because God Sustaining God's Given You Impossible Things. Get the Book Friends Dream King by Will, for the Matlock Gus Thanks for Joining Me Today Appreciated the Family Go to Barnes & Noble. You Can Also Go to Dream and Get the Book. All Right God Bless

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