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How Can a Jew Get Right with God?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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September 6, 2018 4:20 pm

How Can a Jew Get Right with God?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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The Jewish high holy days are upon us. How does a Jew right with God's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown I I thoroughly Jewish Thursday. Welcome to the broadcast that moment my initial surprise with those viewing could see is now memorialized forever if not forever for a while on the Internet.

So welcome to the broadcast 866 340 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

I do want to explain aspects of the biblical calendar T when and how that moved over to the traditional Jewish calendar, and why Jews all around the world will be celebrating the new year in just a few days. On the first of Tishri, which is the seventh month of the biblical calendar. So, how. To that end up being the new year will talk about that and this is a season reduce around the world will spend time in reflection and repentance when nonreligious Jews will get a little more religious when religious Jews will really do a lot of soul searching and praying and seeking to make things right with God and man, then that will lead up to the day of atonement, when they'll spend over 24 hours a little 24-hour. Fasting much the time in synagogue praying, if you religious do you spend many many hours praying confessing sin, asking for forgiveness and mercy will talk about all that on the broadcast. And then something fascinating that Just Took Pl. in Jerusalem. One of my friends regret for ministry school himself a pastor and church planter. He was there to take it in to read his description to you about this unique event and then will take your Jewish related calls as well. 8663 freight 784 so as long as your call relates to a Jewish subject, so could be Hebrew language. It could be specifically Old Testament Hebrew language could be related to messianic prophecy could be related to Jewish traditional practices could be related to modern Israel news in Israel today.

We will take your calls. Okay, before we get into the calendar and the high holy days.

I wanted to talk to about very unique event that recently took place and am just looking for the note here from my my friends who sent me the information I began to hear more and more about a reconstituted Sanhedrin. About 71 rabbis who would be coming together to reconstitute the Sanhedrin, which is not function. For centuries, and this would be a united Jewish leadership to make decisions for the people as a whole.

Now, in a case like this disable who's gonna recognize them as a going to be universally recognized as the one body of Jews are one body of Orthodox Jews are one body of ultra-Orthodox use of the answer to all those questions is no. There is not, so it's not clear how widely recognized they would be, but I've watched this with interest and I've wondered okay if they do manage to really become a nationally recognized leadership on some level. How much authority will they have and then what about the inevitable conflict between traditional Judaism is expressed in a Sanhedrin just like we had in the book of acts as different Jewish beliefs and practices were developing in that day and there was a national leadership.

How much will there be a conflict between this leadership and Jews who believe in Jesus so what happened was, there was an outreach from some of these rabbis involved with what would be call this new Jewish Sanhedrin and they said, look, we are doing a creation concert traditional Judaism believes that the first day of the seventh month is the anniversary of the creation of the world. Hence a good time to have the new year. Can you argue for that on a scientific level. Note simply Jewish tradition, but they said there's gonna be a creation concert in Jerusalem and it's going to be open to not just traditional Jews but Christians and others even invited some messianic Jews to be present and this was organized by these leaders, these rabbis who want to constitute a new Sanhedrin, a new Jewish ruling leadership so here's what my friend wrote to me from Israel.

Now you heat. He's not just some young guy, starry eyed taken everything believe everything he is often questioning and and I've raised many questions for him and many concerns. This is his report and he wrote this me couple days back, got home last night about 11 was quite interesting. They explained that this was the dress rehearsal for the big event next year. CBN and Sid Ross. Middle Eastern TV covered it live but understand the technical stuff had kinks to work out very small invited crowd but included ambassadors and government delegations from Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala and Columbia boosters are apparently on board with the idea of a new United Nations being located in Jerusalem. So these guys have big plans.

They obviously spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on the concert was at the Davidson Center archaeological dig perpendicular to the Wailing Wall directly below the dome of the rock. They had a huge orchestra and a prophet look like Noah's Ark of 40+ all man choir eight priests on the stone ramparts with traditional robes show for and silver trumpets for the top cantors so these are the liturgical singers in synagogue for the top cantors in Israel and state-of-the-art light and sound projected series that was on ancient stone walls, creating an entirely otherworldly effect. Then he gives a link to breaking Israel and it is an article about this event so if you go to breaking Israel and look for this you'll find this about nations recognizing Sanhedrin. We sat with octogenarian Jewish praise music pioneers Merv and Merle Watson this response like a Waco Israel Jehovah Dara they were in tears at times and blown away.

Susan messengers leaders.

Here is the report. This is Morris personal report, the world creation concert last night. What a fabulous event. It was it was an outstanding privilege to be invited and to experience this magnificent happening of such profundity, spiritual depth and excellence of masterful technology beautifully executed while laden with deep respect for God and what we know of his ways and character ancient walls vibrated with the power of six shofars the ramp towards bone by six Priestly white clothes man standing high in the ramparts who followed with a blistering series of trumpet blasts trust in the thousand strong audience into a breath, stopping journey your pre-creation space.

This was day one of the Genesis creation story, a moment of exquisite triumph of those of us who are believers in the Bible there throne above the walls of the remnants of a 20 times destroyed city, Jerusalem, all those present were South and site shocked into an incomparable visual and aural affirmation of what we believe to be historical truth. We became witnesses to a miracle of the action of the creative spirit of God over your foot seemed empty space. So the bursting forth of creatures and sites bathed in the newness of purities beginnings huge Hebrew letters appeared on the rocks announcing each event will the crescendo of 100 piece orchestra 50 voice men's chorus and brilliant cantorial singers capture all our hearts with the emotional commitment to the moments overwhelming splendor biblical truth. The next two hours, a transfixing parade of sights and sounds stampeded us into a multi-millennial timelessness of histories, biblical pageantry, that's incredible report and I sit here and I tell you I don't know what to make of it all.

This I would be thrilled. I would be absolutely thrilled if traditional Jew messianic view came together to worship God, and there was openness for exchange of views traditional Jews began to see the possibility of being a loyal Jew worship of the one true God.

The following issue as the Messiah, that would be beautiful. That would be awesome. I don't see that happening. So I'm wondering how this new group of rabbis Orthodox ultra-Orthodox rabbis feels that they can effectively do outreach to evangelical Christians to be standing with them will recognize that these evangelical Christians believe Jesus is the Messiah. I'm not saying anyone is being duplicitous.

I'm not saying this is a satanic set up. I'm not saying the event was not as beautiful as these eyewitnesses describe.

I just don't know where all this is going. So I watch with real interest now. I am not one who for years and years has been looking for a red heifer without blemish. Why is that important to many will we know from the book of Numbers the 19th chapter that for the ritual of purification. So let's say you accidentally touch a corpse or get defiled in one way or another for purification rituals you needed to use the ashes of a red heifer that was unblemished. So for many years as religious Jews, some religious Jews are looking to rebuild the temple and other same on the Messiah comes, he'll build it either way you're going to need a red heifer without blemish to fulfill those temple rights. So some people really into prophecy and try to figure this out. They were looking for the red heifer for years. He reports retinol defendant blemish. Although the final blemish to some traditional rabbis have been trying to breed cows so that they can end up with a red heifer so taking embryos, whatever they would do to try to to get the desired result and recently some rabbis certified yes I just stumbled on this console is a website talk about the things we trust Christ. I don't go looking for this and if you do that's fine just hasn't been my bent but they said they found a heifer baby red heifer without blemish so there watching carefully because he could develop a blemish at some point, but if if not, then that animal would be killed in an appropriate time and then burned in its ashes would be preserved to be mixed with the water purification. In any case where does all this mean means you live today just like you live every Thursday with expectation that God is at work with a sense of urgency because we only have one life to live and lives hang in the balance and with curiosity or these outward signs that were getting closer to the end of the age know we know every second that ticks on the clock read closer to the end of the age just like every second, the moment you're born you're heading towards death. Instead of coming to be morbid. Sorry, but it is there more to this Wilsey.

We shall see it's it's just fascinating to watch and for most of world history since the time of Jesus.

We have been able watch these things because we haven't been a nation whose people in the land with any possibility rebuild the temple, or like that's always interesting to come back straight because they were there on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown looking to stay on the line of fire.

The Michael Brown delighted to be with you. I've got a brand-new article on the issue of anonymity.

There is a big piece in the New York Times, just in case you missed it, in which some claim to be a senior White House official writing anonymously, which is highly unusual for an op-ed piece to say the least so that he is part of the resistance within within the trumpet ministration trying trying to thwart many of his radical ideas and work against certain of his principles. Yeah, this is ridiculous. If this was done by a staff member of Pres. Obama and feel the same way this trash you don't do that anonymity means no accountability. Anonymity means you can evaluate the truthfulness of the source means you don't know if this person is biased is an extra grind. It means they can do all kinds of damage and there is there's no no way that the press back on the issue or prove its false and not only so it shows a tremendous lack of attack integrity. Some of you lying there.

They agreed to it to work in this White House and they're working there will fundamentally think in the present is unfit to be there to get out of here. What side the persons on the stuff stinks so check out my article and there's a link in it to my new book Donald Trump is not my Savior evangelical leader speaks his mind about the many supports as president again. You can get the sign number hardcover edition comes out in October.

Only one website. Otherwise Standard Edition you can order anywhere but girl website S. Dr. to find out more. All right we go to the phones will start in Columbus Ohio. Randy, welcome to the line of fire.

Thank you so much for taking my call. Dr. Brown I just want to take a quick moment to say how much I appreciate the way that you respect and show love toward our brothers and sisters in Christ. Even though that disagree with you. I think that just a very Christlike attitude of my question deals with Genesis chapter 2 verse 15 and the two words that translated there in the English translation, and even back to the stepchildren I think is commonly translated to work and to keep and then the it is supplied.

Bringing it or referencing it to the garden and I'm wondering if those those words could not be better translated to God to have the object be God's word or God himself to worship or to serve God and to obey his command appreciate the thought behind the question sir, but that doesn't work grammatically or logically the the object. This is clearly says in the second half of the verse from the case to become a den begun Aiden a love dollars from raw so the the prefix or suffix. There the problem of suffix is absolutely going back to the Garden of Eden.

So he placed man in that garden to work it and to keep it to preserve it so someone translated culture it and to keep it now in different contexts, the root of von tending to serve some testaments to work sometimes means to serve and to keep can be in the context of keeping a garden or keeping commandments, but no it's it's certainly in context there rightly translated that it means to. He put them in the garden to take care of the garden. That's all it's saying well I appreciate that.

I think doctors still hammer Old Testament professor who's going to be with the Lord.

I think it is the expository commentary actually was alluding to the more the translation that the that I was suggesting but that I will number one Prof. cell hammers was a tremendous scholar can usually do well and he knew Jewish tradition well and he could well be saying there was it a double entendre. There that that there is a hint later at serving God and keeping his commandments. Something like that. But in InContext it certainly means the garden, but without question and that's what's worse, the University translated like that.

However, the words use could have a larger spiritual implication. If you want to try to find some homiletical deeper meaning.

But the plane sensitive and what is that being said is, of course, I own that the commentary and into the Jeremiah commentary in the revised edition Saul I'll check again to see exactly what he was going out sees a highly respected scholar is a great guy, totally reliable, so if if he says a certain thing then he's looking for the spiritual insight or a hint in the Hebrew is supposed to send this is the plain sense okay perfect.

I really appreciate you taking my question. Responding to that all yeah you bet Randy hate the sense of when you were kind enough to mention my interaction with other believers with grace, hate tomorrow night anyone anywhere near Jacksonville, Florida anyone, near Jacksonville, Florida joined Dr. James White and the we are giving a presentation tomorrow night at Gordon Conwell theological seminary was the subject how you can work together as believers across theological divides, so we can give this presentation together the info Osama website S Dr. Brown. There were just click on itinerary now Saturday night, and even more important event for the first time in many years.

We are joining side-by-side to debate, others we are debating a two pastors a man and a woman, both of whom are quote married to their same-sex partners, both of whom say they believe in the authority of Scripture and are eager to debate what Scripture says about homosexuality. This is going to be Saturday night also in Jacksonville but at a church there in Jacksonville, not at the seminary. So go to my website. S. Dr. and check it out if you don't live anywhere near that of your friends that you let them know the course will be blasting on social media today and tomorrow to let folks know as well.

Okay 86634 let's go to David and San Diego, California.

Welcome to the line of fire, after Dr. Brown provided all event while my question is about the Jewish annotated I'm sure you're familiar with it at Angel Levine on your radio program before and I know you're very ordeal to her that one of the I'm on the plate debate with her, but as a Christian. I'm wondering what the best approach that I should have two literature like that you consider it reliable and like for example Cambridge University press put out a book Lachman commentary on the Gospel of Luke written by Amy Jill Levine with Dr. Ben Witherington the third side I did a break. Here, what are your feeling about the kinds of resources where you have a Christian scholar respect the Christian God or like Dr. Witherington and then someone like Amy Jill Levine working on a commentary I'm only on my page 20 something I've already run into a few lines where I've been a little talking, thinking, what I do it so you feel about the kinds of things like the Jewish annotated yeah so so I look at it from a couple of angles. The fact that scholars are joining together. David and saying we recognize the New Testament is important Jewish literature was New Testament is something that must be read against its Jewish background. This massive that's wonderful that's tremendous. It's a giant step in the right direction rather than thinking of it is some foreign literature. It's unrelated to the Jewish people know it same. We must put Jesus in the Jewish context of his day, along with the rest of the writers of the New Testament as you read it so you realize they are not believers they are reading it through critical eyes as well and and therefore, they argue, have different perspectives. This is taken for granted, there will be different perspectives but let me learn what I can. That's so, I'm super positive that it happened that I read of work through a lot of it and found it to be excellent. No toxic schoolboy they miss that. That's the messengers of Emporia for years of surprise, they miss this miss that, despite the excellence scholarship. So number one. It's wonderful that it's happening. Number two. Read it through the lens of okay this is not being written by believers and is not the silly can be sympathetic to some of our points of view, or perhaps see things from those angles, despite the excellence scholarship. That's where CU compared to the Jewish New Testament commentary of of David Stern the seven Jewish scholar annually will see some very different perspectives or other works by messianic Jewish scholars, turns on an action Romans, Galatians, by Joseph Salama Hillary recording, for example, was hard to come by.

Very expensive but there's a lot of messenger scholarship on the New Testament, so you cannot compare those you compare David Stearns, Jewish New Testament commentary to the annotated Jewish New Testament commentary by these Jewish non-messianic scholars. As for collaborative efforts. Amy Jill Levine and Elizabeth and of course Ben Witherington is one of the world's top New Testament scholars in a very solid evangelical and very solid in his knowledge of the background to the New Testament Jewish background in classical background so that's more interesting sir because you don't quite know what perspective you're getting. So I would read it with great interest but with my eyes open. In other words, I greeted with great interest thinking whom this is.

That may be more Amy Jill Levine's perspective is not believe what we believe, was present more something I just okay Ben Witherington's given me guidance on this is an evangelical believer.

So like I I read this is all my studies academic studies were in secular schools, college and grad school. I never studied with people who believe what I believe I'm in the church. What I did but outside of that I did the academic world. So I was constantly being challenged and I had to take in the scholarship the learning appreciate that and then sifted so sift everything sir against the grid of what you believe is the orthodox teaching of Scripture. What you believe is upheld as the orthodox teaching of Scripture by other leading scholars then sifted against that grid and when something challenges that grid look at it honestly, and determine okay what what has to go here this this observation or do I need to adjust my grid. I thank you for the great question of right back here on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you for joining us. I'm thoroughly Jewish Thursday, this is Michael Brown great to be with you today so this Sunday evening begins the Jewish new year. According to Jewish tradition, the Bible is the first day of the seventh month with in Jewish tradition. This is the anniversary of the creation of the universe and the setup for partying even even secular Jews don't have.

This is a time for partying you they don't recognize the holiday or they recognize it with sobriety. But this is a time when Jews around the world wish that everyone will be written down for another year's life.

A time of soul-searching and repentance.

The first 10 days so the first 10 days of the seventh month with year of the biblical of the traditional new year Jews look at these as the amino how Naeem as we explained every year. Days of awe and in the Bible 10 is often a number of testing and trying.

So this is a time of trying. This is a time of testing. This is a time of Jewish repentance Jewish soul-searching and then on Yom Kippur, the day of atonement, which is the 10th day of the seventh month of the biblical calendar. Jews spent 24 hours fasting and spend much time in prayer. Traditional Jews spend most of that time.

If you're not sleeping in the synagogue, praying prayers going through liturgy confessing sin, asking for forgiveness, with the hope that your good deeds outweighed your bad deeds situated in the balance and receive God's mercy for another year of life, which means for all of us. It's a great time to be praying for the Jewish community. It's a great time to be saying God opened Jewish hearts and minds to the need for a Savior, the need for the Messiah, the need for blood atonement and it's also a time to reflect on the coming of the Lord, which is a massive theme in the New Testament and in an hour day. I would say the ones who talk about most of those who believe in the pretrip rapture and are looking for Jesus to come any moment looking for the signs of the times and others that we don't believe in that stuff, but tend not to really think a lot about the second coming was that is a massively important New Testament theme that which gives us hope as estimates of the women was coming, but the what of his coming.

That gives us great hope and according to the clear testimony of the Scripture from Matthew 24 to 1st Corinthians 15 first Thessalonians 4 to Revelation 11 Jesus. Joshua is coming with the shofar blasts the blast of the trumpet and and when we look at this season. We recognize this is what it symbolically points to not want to go to your calls. In a moment. 866-34-TRUTH 780 forfeits Jewish related it's appropriate for today but before I do that, you might say.

How is it that the biblical calendar starts a niece on the first day of Nissan with the Passover celebration. How is it that that's the biblical calendar. Where is the traditional Jewish calendar makes this seventh month of the calendar.

So instead of March, April. Instead, September, October makes that the time of the new year so if you want to look this up. I checked it myself. This search just throw this out and just search wire. Therefore, Jewish New Year's, or what are the four Jewish news just before it.

Therefore, no before that sounds too bizarre to you Jewish teachers will often point Outlook we have the new year January 1 right that's new year and in the West. New York then refers then then we have. We also have a say school year was a school year starts with late August early September right and then that Anne's summer in May, June, then you may have a fiscal year when businesses open and close their books or taxes you from here to here.

So in that regard.

You can have different New Year's on the calendar so if you just look this up again I'd I just checked to see how easy it was to find one of the four Jewish New Year's, or why are there four Jewish new year so we mention this one the first of Tishri, which is the seventh month, on the biblical calendar with the shofar blessed in the Bible doesn't say much about it except for the blowing of the shofar, but obviously it's a wake-up call because it leads up to David Toma.

Obviously a wake-up call the surcharge to the time of repentance right so the first of Tishri serves as the new year for several purposes.

The best known being the new year for the civil calendar or the new year, four seasons right there when you go down to that.

The next one which is the 15th of Shabbat, also called to because that's the letters for 15 to Bish fought the 15th of Shabbat. So the second year is 15 Shabbat the new year for trees near Patrice felt the Torah says you can't eat the fruit from a tree until it's three years old will once a year for tree so this is the new year for treats of is not the same significance then first of Nissan which we previously mentioned, so that's that. The time of redemption. The Passover season, which in the Bible is the first month of the year and because of that is is considered to be a new year for the reign of King's so you looking for the reign of King started from your financial world they would start the reign of King's at certain times of the year so soul just like a we inaugurate presidents writing November and and even though we use the calendar year.

They go from November to November in terms of their one year in two years and in the first of a little. That's the new year for the tithing of cattle went when you had to count certain things the ties for cattle has me from cattle born the same fiscal year. So between the first, a little one year and the next. Anyway, I can find that online for Jewish New Year's say but there is no temple in the blood sacrifices was a traditional Jew do for atonement will they would say the thought is important, but much more importance, repentance, and seeking God's favor and doing of good deeds and giving of charity, all of which have their place with there was a reason substitution was so important. There are traditional Jews who to this day, practice of the coca parse which means tone. Now many traditional Jews reject this but it is widely practiced so you would take a a hammer rooster and you would wave it around your head, obviously killed wave it around her head and say this is my substitute. This is my exchange. This is my atonement and and then some would say that money for that chicken there.

The hand rooster would be given to charity. But with that. It's telling me that there's a recognition for some type of substitute and to my Jewish friends. I tell you from the heart. You can pray you can repent that you need a substitute.

You still need a substitute.

That's why you had the priestly system. That's why had the temple system that's way of the sacrificial system. That's why the blood unison for the guilty.

And that's what Messiah did he himself took our sins on the shoulders dying on the tree while we were yet sinners, Messiah died for the ungodly. God took the iniquity of all of us because all of us of straight inlaid that iniquity on this one who never strayed the righteous one.

And as we turn to God in faith and repentance we find mercy outside of that we complete for all day long, but were rejecting the mercy that God has provided.

It's a serious loss for each of us, 866-34-TRUTH. Let us go to flower mound, Texas, David, welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown blog and I got the idea of "book have a dog kayak just how does he define this that would from the beginning will be at began the beginning the first of the last black boat. The pattern Scripture Barca beginning where there is a paradigm regarding vehicle and event that paragraph there go to authority (the amount of all start back for the first time in the last Adam, yes, so when we talk about sin being classical casting.

It's the Greek letter Chi, which is an X right so if you take lessee take the top left and draw that line so that now becomes the bottom right and then the bottom left becomes the top right so in Hebrew poetry you might have something where you have a be be a so they might have the subject the firm. The verb in the subject. My favorite example is always Proverbs chapter 10 verse 12, which is hatred stirs up strife, but love covers a multitude of sins. But in Hebrew. That's the key Astec structures, ABC, and then backwards CBA so it's in Hebrew love cover.

Excuse me, hatred stirs up strife, but over all transgressions covers love.

So the first one is hatred. The noun stirs up the verb strife.

The object in the universe. It but overall transgressions.

The object covers the verb. The noun love at the end so it puts this total contrast between hatred and love yes that you have that in the Bible.

Paradise lost paradise regained first Adam sins second Adam purchases are redemption and various things like that in Scripture. So things do come full circle in many ways. In the Bible absolutely, and the good thing is because God's Redeemer, the end ends up better than the beginning of her was out of alignment and wrote a book called alignment event that kind of idea you here today happening where they're at in order to work God is doing in the Gentile.

Your different ways to look at the David Osher is a dear friend and he's a brilliant brilliant man and deeply devoted to the Lord. So the gospel starts with the Jewish people.

It goes to the Gentile world so the Gentiles are dependent on the Jews for the message. Now it goes to the Gentiles, to the Jew, so the Gentiles have largely brought the message back to the Jewish people and then in the end it it it ends at back in Jerusalem for starts with the Jewish people goes throughout the entire world and ends up back in Jerusalem or obviously I believe that the gifts and power the spirit that were manifest in the New Testament, or God's intent for all ages. God, I mostly work unique things in and through Jesus and the apostles, but there is the gifting and power, the spirit that is given to all believers.

So many things that were the norm in the book of acts I see restored to being the norm again at the end of the age. So in many ways, yes, I see these types of things in the whole idea of reformation was people say we got a lot of tradition that's getting in the way we need to go back to Scripture.

So how far we take that can be debated but that the large patterns of these things yeah absolutely I do see a right will be right back to glory because all I got an interesting observation about the controversy surrounding the president of it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown friends. Yes, it is thoroughly Jewish Thursday so thoroughly Jewish. There is that the music jumped right in over our announcer. That's right were here and if you gotta usually call 866-34-TRUTH is the number to call. Okay quick announcement case you missed this earlier you live anywhere near Jacksonville, Florida. Dr. White, Dr. James White and I invite you to Gordon, theological seminary, tomorrow night, Friday night will be doing a live event together on how to work together across the theological divide. I should be a great, eye-opening, enjoyable night then Saturday night at Switzerland church also in Jacksonville, Florida.

Dr. White Knight teaming together to debate two pastors a man and a woman, both quote married to their same-sex partners both very enthusiastic about the Bible and send the Bible supports their viewpoint we could debate together against them will be live streamed. Yes, that's the plan will be, but if you're anywhere near Jacksonville. By all means, join us for details on the website* okay now just a quick word of advice, and maybe I'll turn this into an article, I have the opportunity today, things are really swirling right now around the White House with the hearings initial hearings for Justice Cavanaugh of the Supreme Court with hearings with leaders from Facebook and twitter talk about is there bias in social media with really intense accusations about the fitness of the president coming from forthcoming book by Bob Woodward and an anonymous source which is a deplore this hiding behind anonymity for many reasons. We my latest article, enough with the anonymity you got truth bring it out to the light show your integrity you suffer the consequences will be. Hey we do that every day of our lives. The truth of but here's my counsel. Whatever side you're on. Don't react, don't react because if you react you're going to get more partisan and you gonna swing to an unrealistic position where I mean your supporter trump you think is being treated unfairly. You gonna react so much in his favor because the attack against them is so savage that you're going to go too far in this real areas that need prayer and that should concern us your opponent of the president, you know, things do a good job. You know I'm in the White House your swing the other way believe all this and be almost irrational in your opposition to him.

Neither position is healthy nest in my new book Donald Trump is not my saving evangelical speaks his mind about the many supports as president.

I do my best to tow the line of truth and life and into not get into partisan politics and I think it will help you stand with the president for the good that he does grieve over issues where you think you could do better, and pray for the good of our nation, which is being ripped apart and I'll see a lot of people working to heal the divide. I see a lot of people working to make the divide even deeper so that's my counsel, and yes the book is available for preorder. If you haven't yet preordered your exclusive hardcover edition signed number you can do that on our website.* or write to the phones go to Andy in Durham, North Carolina. Thanks for holding CERT welcome to the line of fire grabbing on the show. You're welcome. I have a question on the Jewish roots of the Eucharist.

Have you read Brent Petrie's book, know I I am looked at it. I know it's from a Catholic perspective, if you look on Amazon.

It's really highly reviewed Tillich 435 reviews in their overwhelmingly positive and it seems to be selling well. A couple years after publication. So I do need to look at it. I believe I downloaded and ready.

I just haven't gotten around to it yet, so let me just say this and you get to a specific question okay.

I do not want to sound biased and close minded and reject what may be a lot of good information in the book, but because it's pointing to the mass, at least as I understand it, because I reject the Catholic mass reject the idea of some ongoing efficacy of an ongoing suffering of the Savior reflected in the mass because of that I'm skeptical but you haven't read it, someone to be fair, there may be brilliant insights and a lot of stuff I could learn from.

Despite not being Catholic but I come in with the big? Just to be told we can't okay so have you ever had comment about how you got. Have you gotten into the book. Yes I have.

I read it over the weekend.

Actually very pipeline know you probably don't have a lot of time left. But I would say that the believer Eucharist that Jesus was really offering himself at the Last Supper and continues to offer himself to the father or her behalf in an ongoing manner pretty much hates the definition of the mass as taught by the church for over 2000 years will almost 2000 years now so I would encourage your listeners to read it and ticket information and have the Holy Spirit move your hearts that's that's at the fair and square. So I have some caveats in terms of the statement you just gave, but let me ask you this quickly, sir and again as I said I don't want to say more without giving the. The author, the, the benefit of reading the work carefully and reading it with an open mind so my question when Catholics will say that the, the, the Eucharist will eat when you eat through the the bread when you drink the wine. It's literally the body and blood of Jesus. When Jesus said this is my body, you have to eat my flesh and drink my blood would you agree that they literally did not cut him up at that moment and eat his flesh and drink his blood.

Now they did not consume them in a cannibalistic form okay sweetie we agree on that.

Obviously so he was on some level saying it metaphorically correct. On some level the bread and wine to represent his body and blood. Yes okay you spent so you would still hold to transubstantiation for other reasons. That's were we would differ but at least we agree that there has to be something metaphorical and what's being said though, so the whole idea that the Catholic position is literal in the present is not literal.

Obviously there's this metaphor there from the start that the illicit this this book was brought to my attention some time ago. I'm almost sure that I downloaded it and therefore have it on my Kindle and need to get to it. So I'll take this is another reminder. In this way I can can be more interactive and see what I can get out of the book so thank you for asking ENT much appreciated much of life, and I really love your show will thank you for listening.

Sir I appreciate that all right 866-34-TRUTH) in Connecticut. Time is short so dive right in my house right now.

I as you speak right into the mic is better little low. Okay now a little better.

Go ahead okay okay well and round on the right, even though he would not circumcise okay but it went back. Benefit again.

Outburst 18 that he believed and then got in the covenant.

But what I'm wondering is friendly and 50 cut and count. They are compact and count it the right. If it was not invented okay… So circumcision was never comes righteousness that was no sign of the covenant that was requirement, but never brought righteousness to anyone someone number two.

Genesis 15 verse six is worse is Abraham.

Abram believed it was counted for righteousness. The covenant of circumcision was given in the 17th chapter and then after that Abraham continues to believe example, that the 22nd chapter of Genesis is commended for his faith again. So what Romans for saying these the father of those who believe both circumcised and uncircumcised because when God first pronounced the righteous. He had not yet been circumcise Genesis 15 circumcision covenant Genesis 17. These commended again for his faith and obedience.

Genesis 22 so he is a man of faith before circumcision after circumcision is justified by faith before circumcision after circumcision and therefore serves as a father of faith were Gentile and view alike.

That was also interesting.

Karen is that circumcision was practiced in the land of Canaan. It was practiced in Egypt, the Philistines didn't practice if they came in and go see people as they came in from elsewhere.

They were not Semitic peoples, and they didn't practice if that's what they were singled out as the uncircumcised Philistines, so this was something that was done in the land and that Abraham is apparently being joined to the land by God and and being told to take on this practice, which done Lamberth and distinctly do it on the eighth day etc. I thank you for asking the question. All right, friends.

We have a lot of exciting things going on right now in our ministry in terms of Jewish outreach in terms of new plans to reach Israelis in Hebrew in Israel. There's a lot going on. If you don't get my emails. Can I ask you to take a minute and go to my website now asked Dr. escape your brown. The Lord would you do that all right just take a minute if if you driving this way to have a moment go there and sign up for my emails. Okay, you'll see right on the homepage. It says email you just submit their and and will send you a really neat free e-book seven secrets to the real Messiah that you get automatically and I got some really important announcements about a new initiative that is can be really exciting reaching Jewish people with the gospel in the land of Israel that we could need or could use your help with but this way can be praying with us believing with us and you stay informed.

So you don't miss anything that were doing so make sure you take a minute would you do that you'll be blessed in the process starts around the sun emails and all our friends in Jacksonville Florida coming your way back with you live tomorrow

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