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Dr. Brown Answers Your Facebook and Twitter Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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September 14, 2018 4:50 pm

Dr. Brown Answers Your Facebook and Twitter Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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September 14, 2018 4:50 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 09/14/18.

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You got the questions we got the answers stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by going 866-34-TRUTH. Let's 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown, a friend, this is Michael Brown delighted to be with today.

If you're watching you'll notice we are audio only, and I'm taking your questions via Facebook and twitter not don't don't send them and now I asked on yesterday Thursday morning, I asked folks poster questions on twitter poster questions on Facebook and I'll answer them on the air today so I won't be taking your phone calls but I'm answering questions that have been previously submitted and I want to begin with the question that was sent via email by two Nika not normally we have team members that answer email questions including an Old Testament scholar and a New Testament scholar when the scholar in Hebrew, the other scholar in Greek both solid theologically both love the Lord both stand with us in our fundamental beliefs and they answer email questions. Some of our are sent to me directly for my answer. Other other was the answer, but this is one that I wanted to answer directly it's from two Nika.

She says this hi Dr. Brown I just finished listening to the debate, meaning the debate to Dr. James White and I did on his homosexuality consistent with New Testament obedience. This is the debate we did this past Saturday night in Jacksonville/Switzerland, Florida, and Dr. White and I had the joy and privilege of teaming up as we debated a gay and a lesbian pastor.

So to the cassette just finished listening to the debate.

I was wondering if you could address the comment that Rev. Roos made this lesbian pastor regarding the book of Ruth as affirmation of homosexuality. I had asked the question to Rev. Ruth and Pastor D.

Wayne, do I believe there right with God. No, I believe that living in sin, yes. Do I believe they have been deceived and are deceiving others. Yes, I believe their sincere yes sincere and deceived, but I refer to them as Rev. Ruth and pastor doing because this is how they function. They are ordained within their sphere and function pastorally within their sphere. And just as you had priests that were still priest in ancient Israel, they were not functioning properly and you had people that recall profits they were not functioning properly.

That's what I'm happy to refer to them as Rev. Ruth and pastor doing.

Although I believe they are hurting the flock by their teaching. That being said, I asked them, can you give me an explicit positive example of homosexual relations anywhere in the Bible and explicit positive example and Rev. Ruth said well I look at Ruth and Naomi and I look at the relationship that they had that I look at Ruth laying with Boaz outside of wedlock and and having a child outside of wedlock and I look at them as an example not.

Of course I I press this I said that that Ruth and Naomi were both heterosexual and the account both married and then Ruth remarries and there's nothing explicit. To the contrary there and to make them into lesbians. This is Regents of the Texas not there but anyway this trouble to Nika so she asked this was something I've never heard before. It shocked me to hear the Scripture twisted in such a way. Ruth also seem to possibly be alluding to Ruth laying with Boaz in a sexual way outside of the covenant of marriage. I could be wrong but if you can provide some clarity on that area appreciated that portion of Scripture is always baffled me a little Ruth going and laying at Boaz Street.

I appreciate your insight and thank you for all you do. I love your show. God bless you both. Thanks to Nika for the kind words and your you have every reason to be utterly shocked by the application of Scripture that was being made, and as I press the issue that there are there are mother-in-law's and daughter-in-law's that have wonderfully deep relationship, especially if they're both widowed at the same time. So now their lives to join together without the man involved that once joined their lives together. There are mothers and and sons-in-law that have deep relationship in sons-in-law's and father's laws that have deep relationship and there's nothing homosexual or lesbian about it Josh is one of the points I made. Can't you have a deep, deep friendship, a covenantal relationship that's not sexual or romantic that's that's one of the saddest things about the gay and lesbian reading of Scripture that you can have brotherly affection or sisterly affection at all, must be homoerotic or home or romantic or something like that is not a stitch of Scripture to support it. And again every inch of text in the book of Ruth describes Ruth and Naomi and the other opera as heterosexual. So what about the question of Ruth laying at Boaz's feet. Now when she does have a child with Boaz.

It is within wedlock. So that was misstated with the least stated unclearly by Rev. Ruth.

However, is it indicated in the text that Ruth had sex with Boaz that she actually had sex with him before they were married, and is that what is being told to us what you could possibly read the text like that you could read that that uncovering his feet is a euphemism for having sex with and that they lay together but no one said anything to preserve honor and just let her go and and that was like sending a message.

I'm available others and say that's utterly impossible. That is completely and utterly impossible.

And the reason is utterly impossible is because you had laws in Israel under the Torah about this very stuff and and and that sex outside of marriage was still wrong. It was fornication you had adultery, so you have sex with someone outside of your spouse and there's fornication it's having sex with someone outside of marriage.

So you could say plainly, it couldn't be an end that it is literally what happened.

She uncovered her feet and lay there to say hey I am here and I'm available as your potential wife and of course he doesn't touch her have sex with her and they get up in the morning go about their business. But now he immediately pursues and says okay I'm going to redeem this woman. I am going to be the kinsman redeemer and I'm going to marry her because I am a relative of of of of Naomi and her family. So the question is what's actually going on here in the book of Ruth, the IVP Bible background commentary on the Old Testament makes this comment to Ruth chapter 3 verses seven through nine uncovering feet and the spreading of the garment. There are occasions in the Old Testament with the term feet is used euphemistically for the sexual organs expression spread the edge of the garment is likewise useful sexual overtones in a betrothal context in Ezekiel 16 eight the text. Ruth does not suggest a blatant sexual act that is provocative in its ambiguity.

Let me present yet another option, and by the way, even if there was a sexual act between them as zero to do with my question to our debating opponents about can you show me anything explicit in the Bible a positive reference to a homosexual relationship anywhere in the Bible. Obviously they could not. So this again with_Ruth as a heterosexual woman all right, but there's one other option which is this in Judaism as it developed around the time of Jesus.

There were different ways that a man could acquire a wife, you could go through a formal contract with a dowry say so you could say to the father okay with this money I I'm purchasing this woman chose not purchasing smudges or acquiring another way we just be through a formal ceremony of saying you are my wife okay.

Another way would be with the sexual act that the two would come together. There was that not sleep in a field somewhere. The first day that they met okay but make the determination.

Okay were going to be husband and wife and then he would take her and they would be together right so could this been have been Boaz's way of formally saying to Ruth, okay, we are hereby joined together and now he goes to the formality of the whole ceremony publicly, etc. so that's another option so option number one is they had sex and and then later formalize things so Bible is telling us what happened. Not the most upright thing, but what happened. Another option is that there is no sexual act whatsoever. It was just Ruth being there making it clear that she was a widow to be redeemed and that he was now going to act on it and the third option is that this was a formal act between them of coming together as husband and wife, and that later. It was officially formalized.

Now that's remember there are different cultures. There are different there are different lifestyles.

There are different laws so in our culture in America know you don't sleep with someone say we just became husband and wife that's that's just how we decided to do it.

The center law that's not our culture all right up let me grab one of your questions. That was posted on Twitter. Let's see this is to get the first one that was posted okay Stephen. My question is on Roche session.

Should the actual Jewish new year be in the same month that Passover occurs. According to Exodus 12 to thank you that actually if you listen to my broadcast from last Thursday. Last Thursdays broadcast so eight days ago, I discussed this where we got Roche session is the beginning of the year. So, in the biblical calendar. This is the first day of the seventh month rent between were a few days past that now the first day of the seventh month, on the biblical calendar and traditional Judaism ultimately said therefore different New Year's if it sounds confusing, you'd say were okay look at this in America today. We have the school year right that runs from late August or early September to May or June.

Your fiscal year with with businesses that you have just that the calendar years. You can have different years. In that sense. So, in ancient Israel different years were developed there is the that the year for trees because you couldn't eat the tree. The produce from a tree within the first three years, while when do you measure the year of a tree.

You had the year of Kings when Kingswood rain in the agricultural year. So ultimately there was a shift in the first day of the seventh month, which is a season of awe, which begins a time of repentance, which begins with the trumpet blast became the traditional Jewish new year, but there are karat white Jews that reject these traditions and still celebrate Passover is the beginning of the year. There are some messianic Jews who still celebrate Passover is the beginning of the year in accordance with the biblical calendar and I think that's a fine practice to have go by the calendar strictly recognizes such great just remember though the Lord is usual. This is the time best time that forgot I will be right back with more of your questions on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us today on the line of fire Michael Brown delighted to listen special announcement, we are going to be closing out our trip to Israel within the next few weeks and actually were going to do it within the next week were extending it a little bit more.

February 1-10. The trip of a lifetime holy fire in the holy land not only the full wonderful tour that you get with our great tour guide with our dear friend Scott Volk with you every step of the way with me doing special teaching in special locations and baptisms in the river Jordan, all of it, all the amazing things, but each night were going to do something together, be it a Q&A time with me, or special time of prayer and ministry or joining me for my radio show or having a time of worship with other believers in the land.

So if you haven't signed up yet and you want to go now is the time to get your deposit and so go to your website. Ask Dr. ASK DR sign up today.

It will be a trip you'll remember for the rest of your life. Okay I'm answering questions that were already posted on Twitter and Facebook so don't post them now I'm answering questions that were ready posted. We posted yesterday morning and said ask your questions and then will answer them on the air today. Okay, let's see, here's a question from Simone. I can you talk a bit about what Calvinism is and why you don't believe it.

I don't consider myself a Calvinist, but I saw someone say that only Calvinism can recognize evil also trust in God's providence. I like how you and James White don't divide over this pace among many people, like how we don't divide over it and and some people on either side can't see how there are some people on the extreme non-Calvinist side.

That's a Calvinist make God into a monster who was evil and you cannot be a Christian and a Calvinist, and some of the extreme Calvinist side say you believe in self salvation. You make yourselves Lord it's not the gospel. I feel bad for folks on both extremes, but to take a moment to explain what Calvinism is. It is best explained around the acronym tulip. This was a an and an acronym that was subsequently used, to summarize five responses to Arminianism that were compiled by Calvinist leaders in the early 1600s, so tulip T stands for total depravity that human beings are totally lost, totally depraved in every area of their being and could do absolutely nothing in themselves to save themselves.

You unconditional election for no good in us for no response in us for nothing in us of any kind. God unconditionally elects some to salvation and passes over the rest. So he creates all human beings.

Some for salvation, some ultimately for destruction and he saves who he saves not based in anything in us not based on our responding to his grace not based on his crying for help, not based on anything simply based on his sovereign choice in the sovereign choice why he chooses who he chooses is known only to him L is limited atonement.

Jesus did not die to make salvation possible for the whole world. Jesus died specifically to save the lost.

As Charles Spurgeon has said that non-Calvinist believe in a wide bridge that only goes part way across the water Calvinist believe in a narrow bridge that goes all the way across of Jesus by dying on the cross secures the salvation of the elect. While his death is sufficient for all its efficient only for the elect. And then I irresistible grace whomever God calls will come whomever Jesus has died for will be saved.

His grace is irresistible and then P perseverance of the saints. Those who are truly save will persevere in holiness to the end. If they fall away, they will prove their true election by returning to the Lord if they die in, send, and they were never truly save they were false converts who were never truly safe now, obviously, there are aspects of Calvinism that I agree with.

I agree that salvation is entirely by grace and not by human effort.

I agree that in ourselves we can do nothing to save ourselves.

And I agree that Jesus death on the cross secures the salvation of those who are elect and those who believe. I also believe his death on the cross make salvation possible for all and that those who go to hell.

Do not go to hell because God preordained their damnation. They go to hell because they refuse God's grace.

They resisted God's grace and that when the gospel comes it comes with empowering grace so that we can say yes or no that throughout Scripture. Although it's clear that we cannot save ourselves. We cannot take ourselves from death to life. We can we cannot bring ourselves to a place of righteousness. We cannot move in the direction of God by ourselves.

We have been given a will to respond and we can say yes or no God's grace comes to us and empowers us with the ability to say yes or no non-Calvinist.

Recall that convenient grace now Calvinist would say your debt in your sin. Calvinist would say you're not just hopelessly lost.

You are dead. You don't have the ability to respond. Calvinist believes that you are born again before you believe you might say why I never heard that yes a Calvinist would say that you are born again. First, because otherwise your dad in sin. How can you believe I would say that dead in sin is a metaphor.

It doesn't mean you cannot respond which is why it says in Ephesians 5 wake up you sleeper and rise from the dead. There is a call to respond to those recalled dead in Revelation 3 to the church in Sardis who have a reputation of being alive, yet you're dead wake up so dead. There is obviously a metaphor dead simply means separated from God and lost in sin and darkness. But when the gospel comes with God's life.

We can say yes we can say no. Now Calvinist could make a case for they preach. Truly, salvation by grace Arminian could make a case for non-Calvinist. We preach truly salvation by grace you could make a case is a Calvinist that only Calvinist presents the true love of God, the Arminian could make a case of you Calvinist could present the true love of God. That's why these issues are debated all right. Let's go to another twitter question that organist switch over to Facebook Gyro if were only appointed to die once, and only then who is the second witness Elijah and who Enoch since Moses really God he cannot die again according to Scripture. Okay, Hebrews 927 is making a general statement about humanity.

All right, that justice is appointed to us to die once and after this the judgment, so Jesus the Messiah died once etc. it's it's not saying that every human being has to die for. For example those that are alive when Jesus returns, will never die. It will never physically die so Enoch could have escaped normal death and been taken to meet the Lord, just as Elijah now some would say no. Everybody has to die. So the two witnesses are Enoch and Elijah in Revelation 11 and they will die, but the text in Hebrews 927 is not saying that every human being must die. It's just in the normal course of life. Everybody dies and then after this the judgment there's no reincarnation and no successive lives and things like that. Those who are alive at the end of the age will escape physical death someone like Lazarus died twice. Okay, so we that we don't have to worry about what will Enoch and Elijah actually experience physical death any more than we have to worry about those living at the end of the age. All right, so Joshua where can I find the physical Bible that has both the Old Testament Hebrew and New Testament Greek tax act. Actually, I've only one like that for many years and in just to check. Now I just typed in a complete Hebrew and Greek Bible book so we just be a PDF or something like that and yet these are available. For example, look for the complete Hebrew, Greek Bible, the complete Hebrew, Greek Bible, there is there is an addition from Hendrickson that's put out with with a nice cover. So it's a standard standard Hebrew text and standard Greek text so so these are readily available and I've I've had one. I guess it for years that that I really enjoyed using effective God alone on my desk and in my home office right now.

Okay, let's see okay at this is from God's warrior bear answering questions right now on twitter about to move over to Facebook good morning. My question is are the people who occupy Israel.

Today the true Israelites spoken of in the Bible. The actions of the government, military, sometimes questionable. Not that I know anything. My question is more about the people in power. Thank you. Yes the the modern state of Israel is ultimately descended from the people of Israel in the Bible. And just like the people of Israel in the Bible intermarried and the people of Israel in the Bible were joined by others and the people of Israel the Bible and warlord to the Jewish people added more converts say during the time of the book of Esther so this is always happened. There have been those who are not from the bloodline of Israel who been joined to the larger nation but yes modern Israel today.

If you trace back the people living there that ultimately you will get back to the ancient Israelites of the ancient Israelites often send and did evil and modern Israelites often sin and do evil. Okay, but these are ultimately descendents of Israel, descendents of the Jewish people. Many have been scattered and lost. We don't know who they are and where they are in terms of of those that were once part of Israel.

Part of the Jewish people. But yes, Israel today is descended from Israel of old, but with ongoing intermarriage and others converting in through the centuries so that you've got some from the original bloodline and many many others mixed in.

And God has brought us back to the land, not because of our goodness or righteousness because of his grace because of his purpose. Sometimes we do good.

Sometimes we don't were back in the land by God's grace, not by our works, that much right stay right there in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown looking friends to the Friday edition of the line of fire. You've got questions, we've got answers.

I am taking your questions posted on Facebook and twitter, but don't post them now because I asked for these questions Thursday morning to answer on the show today so too late to post now but as always will have plenty of opportunities for you to get to us with your questions.

By the way, you can always write to her website, asked Dr. Brown, the Lord asked K DR sometimes will take those questions and answer them on the air. Some all answer directly others. We have a highly qualified team that will answer so you will get answers to your questions. That's why Michael asked Dr. Brown. Okay let me go over to Facebook. This is a question from Janik Sir good morning I followed your daily post.

Thanks for sharing a few weeks back I joined the message late. You mentioned that Adam and Eve had several children in the garden.

Can you elaborate on that. This is a subject I'm writing on. I just want to make sure I'm correct.

Thanks for your questions or know Adam and Eve did not have several children in the garden. Adam and Eve were expelled from the garden before they had children, Adam and Eve sinned before they had children. So I certainly never said that there are Jewish mythological traditions that there was a first wife of of Adam and that she was put out for rebellion for refusing to submit name Lily and that she subsequently strike to kill Adam's offspring, so human beings to miscarriage and and and things like that. But that's just Jewish myth, no there were no children born to Adam and Eve in the garden. It was after that the children were born. Genesis 3 Genesis 4 are explicitly clear on that. Now perhaps you heard me answering someone the standard question from the fourth chapter of Genesis that talks about Kane marrying and where you can get a wife while Adam and Eve had many children as the fifth chapter tells us our rights over period of years, the children grow and yet initially, you've got you've got a brother marrying a sister or immediate cousins marrying. But that's just the beginning of the human race, and then think spread out from there at Tony when we die we go straight to heaven or to the to the grave to await the return of the Lord. I know that the Bible says the thief who died alongside Jesus was forgiven. Jesus told him today. You'll be with me in paradise. I also know the Bible says people in the grave will hear his voice, can you please explain thanks. Yes, it's a great point that John V chapter Jesus says that that the dead will hear his voice and rise certainly that speaking of physical resurrection. Certainly physical resurrection is yet future that's explicit that's clear. We all understand that we all agree with that that's that's not the. The issue whatsoever. The issue is as you're asking what happens when we die in favor of the view that upon death, we immediately go into the presence of the Lord would be taxed like you mention the 23rd chapter were Jesus tells the thief today, you'll be with me in paradise.

And to say don't note Jesus was saying, truly, truly, I say to you today you will be with me in paradise. In the future know that expression truly, truly, and he would be a main man that that is that stands by itself. Verily, verily, I sent you an old English stop today. You'll be the week be with me in Paris it's the right way to understand that also.

Philippians 1. Paul says that he desires to depart and be with Jesus, which is far better. Second Corinthians 5 tells us that to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. Revelation 6 mention of the martyrs before the throne of God. I know it's it's it's visionary text, but still you could look at that that the martyrs before the throne of God crying out for justice. Those text will all speak to that Luke 16 about the parable gives the picture of immediate lists and immediate pain after death. Being in a place of blessing and a beat being a place of torment. That would also point in this direction. Other say look, we need to recognize the possibility of soul sleep in the New Testament the way the human euphemistically described the dead is they fell asleep. And yes, the dead will come forth from their graves and we have in the Old Testament text saying that the dead don't know anything in the day can't praise God. Those were just sent you a corpse can't praise God in which you leave this world you're out of this world and the whole emphasis in the Hebrew Bible was life in this world so the debtor no longer participating in that I believe that the evidence points to immediately leaving this world, either with God or separated from God, awaiting the final resurrection and the dead, hearing the voice of the son of God is speaking it in a real yet metaphorical sense, because he speaking of the raising up of the bodies coming out of the grave. That being said, were ultimately looking to is the eternal state were ultimately looking to is the return of Jesus and the resurrection of the dead, that is the great and ultimate hope so. It's a comfort to know absent from the body present with the Lord. And yet, the ultimate they were looking toward is the return of Jesus and the resurrection of the dead.

That being said, this is not a matter within the body to divide over if you reject a future resurrection.

If you reject any future punishment that would be something I would divide over but I would not divide over the issue of soul sleep and is some would say look the moment you close your eyes.

As a believer when you next open them your with Jesus. That's gonna be the same experience with you believe in soul sleep or not. So I understand that argument all right. Let's see here, Cyril. What is Satan do, can you explain it in light of the Scripture yet will you look at some of his description sees the adversary. He's the accuser he's the tempter he goes about like a roaring lion, seeking to destroy that he accuses us before Donald is he still have access to accuse us before God is not that he's accusing us in other ways he's bringing temptation and sin in front of us. He's seeking to oppose everything that God is doing God's light. He is darkness. God is truth, he is lies. John 844 says he's a liar from the beginning. He's a murderer from the beginning so you look at every aspect of human evil things that we are responsible for.

We cannot say the devil made me do it. We are responsible for that reflects though the nature of Satan that reflects the nature of darkness where I would encourage you to do is just get your Bible Concordance are now just a Muslim is an E Bible on the phone or the computer tablet. Just search for Satan and search for devil. And when you go through it you'll see exactly what his arguments are question from Zoltan Dr. Brown, can you please make any counter arguments to the existence of God. I think he was a Christian, unable to do that results in why in the world would you think that crossing of counter arguments I give counter arguments for everything that I believe of course I can have dialogue with enough thinking people and heard their arguments.

I thought things through myself and just logic can come up with them so that that's odd. I wonder if you are not a follower of Jesus, could you give me strong arguments that the resurrection of Jesus is real. Could you give me strong arguments that point to God the Creator. Could you give me strong arguments that point to a universal consciousness of right and wrong and how that also points to the existence about could you give me strong arguments for the inspiration of the Scriptures. I wonder if you could is a non-Christian, I'm assuming your non-Christian from your question. Sure I'm here.

You want me to give arguments against the existence of God. I course, I could millions of prayers prayed every day that aren't answered. If God was truly loving and compassionate and kind Whitney answer the parents praying further the healing of their little three-year-old child dying of leukemia, so many random things happen. With no seeming explanation or purpose that would point to randomness in the universe.

The fact that that you have beautiful sunshine one day and in a terrible earthquake. The next day and massive hurricane.

The next and then the spring flowers. The next tells you that it's random that there is not an order that is not a right or wrong to that to the cosmos. That evolution is explain things well enough that that we we understand the survival of the fittest and how we got here where we are and just if we keep studying and learning will find out the origin of life and the origin of human consciousness and things like that.

Plus, you got what all these different religions and they all claim to be right. We know the Bible is full of contradictions is clearly man-made and it gets history wrong and and and it ended in theology. One says this in the notice is another and look you know we don't believe in all the gods of that of the ancient Greeks in the ancient Egyptian so were just eliminating false gods one after another because they're all fall back on all day if you want me to give arguments but there is a solid answer to every single one of those and in fact the more I give the arguments the more I'm excited about the solid answers to every one of them and to those who listening to Dr. Brown you just mess with my faith without lists of friends main command encourage you to get your roots down deeper. How you do that well really spend quality time with God.

The more you with him, the more real. He'll be in your life you do that by praying you do that by reading the Bible, set matter being brainwashed. It's a matter of renewing your mind to truth and reality. One of my elders in the Lord decades ago. Now with the Lord used to say when I pray coincidences happen.

It's an interesting thing that you pray consistently over many years, you will see supernatural answers to prayer and then you'll see God doing impossible things that in the more I share some of these things with others. The more you just have to scratch your head and say this is God.

This is the hand of God. God is real and then there there is no rational explanation for the universe without a divine beginning that that it if you deny the existence of God.

You have to say that nothing, created everything, you have to deny every scientific law and principal to come up with that and even the fine-tuning of the universe to have a planet Earth producing life and from which we can see the rest of the universe.

It's is the hand of a loving God and Creator and you know it it's one thing if you're walking down the beach in the sand. The swirling a little bit you think that's beautiful but just swirling wind and tide.

It's another thing if, as you're walking down the beach you see a sentence 1 mile long giving every detail of your life history over the last 20 years will it didn't just happen because of the tide. That's how it is with the universe as it is with the human body.

That's how it is, ultimately, with God's word standing out from all other ancient books and religious books so you strengthen your faith by spending quality time with God in prayer, reading the word of God acting in obedience to what he says and then studying and then learning be an area of science and the Bible archaeology in the Bible responding to Muslims responding to religious Jews. Understanding Hinduism to preach the gospel and what whatever your background and calling is your answers and that's the amazing things have been following the Lord over 46 years now by his grace. Fact is nearing 47 is that all the areas where I was challenged. It all just going to second the college and university endlessly differently a lot more than I do more studies the more I learn on stronger and stronger.

My faith came, joined faith in my heart, heart and mind.

That's how we love God all together.

Not either. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us this is the line of fire. This is Michael Brown is my profound joy and verbiage to be on the air with you were audio only for those watching our Facebook or YouTube. Trees were audio only just had used to reschedule because of travel changes because of the hurricane and things like that but as always answer your questions on Friday. I asked Thursday morning post questions for me on Twitter and Facebook. We got a bunch of great questions. I been going through as many as I can. And now for this last segment under the try the rapidfire method.

All right, I'm giving some more in-depth answers. But now the rapidfire soul will start on Twitter know what I once heard a preacher say that Jesus was not a Jew, but a Hebrew is a true he claims that the word Jew came after the time of Jesus. What's the difference between a Jew and Hebrew, totally false word Jew was widely in circulation is used throughout the New Testament. I have no idea maybe misheard the preacher otherwise what he saying is complete nonsense word Jew is ready used in the Hebrew Bible, you who D speaking of someone of the tribe of Judah or of the kingdom of Judah and the net came to be the name of the that the Israelite people as a whole. They were called Jews so Jesus was a Hebrew meaning in Israelite and a Jew one and the same. In this case and the word Jew is found all through the New Testament so that's a bizarre statement. John Jesus said not one jot or tittle will pass from the law.

Paul said all Scripture is God breathed was the cabin Jesus and the apostles used what language was it and I've had a hard time believing they rely heavily on the Greek translation such as the Septuagint level in the canon of Scripture that which was recognized as scripture was certain we call the Old Testament today. There is no indication in the New Testament that the apocryphal books which are found in the Septuagint, and in for example a Catholic or Orthodox Bible that those books were received as Scripture by the authors of the New Testament or by Jesus. What we say it, because they're never quoted as scripture. If there's any allusion or reference to any of the apocryphal books. It is not in the context of, as it is written, or as the Scripture says, and we also know that the Jewish canon as as recognized by the end of the first century basically was what we call the Hebrew Scriptures the Old Testament the turnoff now.

Did the apostles rely at all on the Septuagint while the Septuagint was the, the, primarily use Greek translation of day done by Jews, so if you're writing to a Greek speaking Jew, it would be natural to quote from it.

In other words, if you're writing to community maybe are outside of of the land of Judah rather than observe Israel. Your writing to this community okay and and they are Greek speaking Jews and that's the Bible that they have will it's it's gonna be logical that you quote that because that's what they'll have. We know that Paul frequently quotes. We know that Matthew uses it in and sometimes uses his own translation, but it it it seems that this is why these in the New Testament within Paul sometimes will translate differently so it was it was used because it was they were writing in Greek dislike what I write in English II normally if uncle the Old Testament. I normally discard an English translation rather than translating it straight from the Hebrew which which you can do normally discard an English translation, especially that's more accessible to other people. That's what the apostles widely did writing in Greek, but did they understand Hebrew, certain aromatic we could presume Hebrew.

Certainly at least biblical Hebrew right.

Edgar will there be 1/3 coming of Jesus.

The movie left behind chosen talks of the third coming of the Messiah. Any reference on Scripture would be great thanks and God bless you. I guess what you mean is a rapture and a second coming being two separate events. I don't believe that they'll be two separate events. I believe when Jesus comes in the clouds that that he will appear in glory will be caught up to meet him. The devil rise. First will be caught up to meet him and will descend together with him.

Prof. Craig Keener and I have a book coming out in March. Not afraid of the antichrist. Why we don't believe in a pretrip rapture, but those who hold to pretrip rapture to states to parts of the second coming.

They don't believe in 1/3 coming of Jesus, asked me to believe Jesus will save us all know there are those who be saved in the those who be lost. There is a final judgment. There will be final destruction and punishment of the wicked. The Bible is clear on that. Jesus says, many are those who go the way of destruction, so many will be saved. Many will be lost. The Bible is absolutely clear that an passage after passage from the Old Testament to the new the Old Testament Daniel 12 lays out the second verse that many meeting multitudes will rise from the earth, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt. Let's see here. No apologies allowed you know this is a question on Twitter from no apologies allowed Gino. Many Christian apologists who have worked on analyzing and critiquing grand and objectivism from a Christian perspective. They gotta be out there. I just don't know. I'm sorry.

You might want to check out. I'll see if I can find out to be an apologist conference is this weekend. If you're anywhere near Nashville, Tennessee. Join me trees for new generation this Saturday.

Just look on my itinerary asked her to 00 if your giant winner Jackson on preacher new life Sunday morning, gobbling we rerouted some things with travel to make sure we could get to these places despite potential problems with the hurricane, but now I'm I just have not studied these issues myself.

So I imagine there are apologist to tackle these. I just don't know them all right back to Facebook drew is a great program I can get to learn biblical Hebrew, there plenty all depends on how you want to learn just typing online.

Learn biblical Hebrew and you'll find books with CDs you'll find Hebrew tutors you'll find other websites with various ways that there there are lots of different good ways to learn today and I can't recommend anyone in particular.

Obviously, if you can study with someone that's great, but if you can't.

There many programs now that that bring a teacher right in your home through CD, DVD, or sometimes you can afford it through an online tutor Samantha. Since the Bible does not condemn same-sex quote love if inset isn't sex. The main thing homosexual Christians are fighting to justify. They would also be fighting to justify the relationship as a whole and in other words, yes, sex is a big issue.

Obviously, sex is a big issue for heterosexuals as well. We understand it, just tell the young couple all yeah go ahead and be married. You just can't have sex.

What okay still happily married couple all yeah yeah just stay married, but can have sex. Sex obviously matters at certain points of life matters even more than than other points in life. But it's the relationship that gave quote gay Christians are fighting for is will the right to have a romantic relationship. The Bible speaks to the behavior and the Bible makes clear that the only relationship silly romantic relationships God blesses are heterosexual. So in that sense the Bible speaks against all yes a big big issue that's being made is the issue of the right to have sex with whoever you love. And clearly, the Bible explicitly speaks against that Tanner, at what point does a Christian's habitual sin become unforgivable reserves or is there always forgiveness for the struggling Christian. There is always forgiveness for the struggling Christian.

There is always forgiveness for someone who comes to God in humility. Forgive me God. I have sinned, have mercy on the wash me clean. I believe Jesus blood cleanses me first John one something to read over and again in that respect God's mercy God's compassion is there and real for us.

Who is it that cannot be forgiven.

Those who refuse to repent.

Those who refuse to humble themselves before God. Those who go so far as to commit an unpardonable sin where they utterly reject the spirit and attribute knowingly the works of the spirit to Satan himself, those who cross that line were they hardened their heart beyond recovery.

That's not a struggling Christian.

That's not a description of a struggling Christian.

That's a description of a hardhearted rebel so we can sell rebellion. So sin is so as CW. We consoled these things and harden our hearts to the point that we turn away from God and there is no more repentance, but but that is by that the choice of our harden will that is by the choice of of our sinful hearts, not by the choice of God is saying. I refuse to forgive because you blew it one too many times did Jesus say if someone sins against you 707.

And with a 490 times in a day and calms and repents, forgive, well, isn't that a pattern for us before God as well.

So we hate sin. We despise sin. We recognize how destructive sin is at the same time we also recognize the mercy of God, the extraordinary mercy of God, look, I I want to please the Lord, I want to live for God. I want my life to shine before him.

I want my private life to to honor him and my public life to glorify him. I know that sin is costly.

I know that sin is deadly. I know that sin could destroy my life and destroy my ministry and and by doing that bring reproach to the name of the Lord damage my family and and hurt millions of people that we be able to minister to touch II realize how ugly and terrible sin is and I seek to please the Lord, and I seek to live a holy life. At the same time, I live by the mercy of God 24 seven. At the same time. I live knowing that I stand by grace. I live knowing even as a believer and a child of God that if God would judge me as my sins deserve wrong thoughts. Wrong attitudes wrong actions wrong words failure to pray failure to love my neighbor. Failure to to give myself wholeheartedly that when everything is if God wanted to shine his perfect light on any of us on our holiest best day we would fall short and be condemned so we seek to please the Lord, without holiness no one will see the Lord.

He's called us to holiness. We seek to live and and please him in every way. Following the example of Jesus at the same time we know standby mercy stand by grace a friend. The website and asked asking your brother don't get my email sign up today that we can

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