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What Is God Saying About the Kavanaugh Hearings?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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September 24, 2018 5:00 pm

What Is God Saying About the Kavanaugh Hearings?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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I have just four words, God hates false witnesses stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH. Jim is Dr. Michael Brown, Justice Rick Cavanaugh has issued a statement a strong statement, a righteously defiant statement. I want to reach you a little bit later in the broadcast. But if you been following what has become a circus and ugly circus in Washington. We want to comment. We want to do what we do here on the line of fire. Start with Scripture. Start with Scripture perspectives bring them to bear on society. Welcome, friends to the broadcast.

This is Michael Brown. I hope you had a great weekend, delighted to spend this Monday together with you. Here's number to call 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884. In fact, I've got a couple of questions for you right got two questions for you.

866-34-TRUTH the number to: question number one. If you have heard the most recent allegation that was released last night in the New Yorker by Deborah Ramirez against Justice Cavanaugh when he was at Yale, so 35 years ago. The other accusation when he was in high school 36 years ago. If you follow that if you read it if you've heard about it. Has that made you more suspicious of justice Cavanaugh and other was only another allegation or does this one seem even more false than the first. Hence, you are even more trusting of justice, so if you follow this. How has this latest allegation impacted you. Second, this is a very different question. I've never I've never asked it before in the history of the broadcast are 10 years of live daily radio never asked it once and never posted this question until today but but I did all my personal and Esther to run Facebook page.

I asked this okay if you used to drink so many of us are born-again believers so we didn't have the cleanest lies before our testimonies known.

Everyone knows my testimony shooting heroin using LSD before I came to faith. Every part here and the II drank heavily.

I didn't drink as often as I did drugs, but from the last year I I drank heavily on quite a few occasions so I can relate to that and barbiturates so a similar kind of know about an experience. So my question is you're at a party drunk 30 years ago right your foggy memories of that party. If I called on you to testify under oath in someone else's reputation and career was on the line. Would you feel confident about those details all hang on hang on goes for goes further. What if you, blacked out about a lot of it but now you think you're remembering more. I think I that the more I thought I think I remember you. You were there. I think you said this, how much would you rely on your more recent memories do you think 30 years after being in a drunken party that your memories will become clearer as to what actually happened there. 866-34-TRUTH that in a moment I'm going to read some scripture to you, but I test I just want to start with some some of the responses on my Facebook page.

Jamie said this in response to my question about drinking. I would give you a specific example, but I honestly can't remember. Ryan, there are situations and events that get blurred or muddied over time, even when alcohol is not involved exactly by the way a lot of stories I remember in detail because I've told them for decades. I've told them and repeated them over and over, and the ones you didn't tell and repeat like you have the people I meet. I got it. People have a pretty good memory. German people I meet and they said all yammer we talked to Kim at your office in such a such a place. And you spent an hour with me. It was so meaningful and like we met in my office back that diddly all when we had dinner at your house that one time your your daughters were so cute like vaguely remember that Everything we talked about now you're getting like detailed reconstructions of things. If you question okay have a clawlike he's a pastor that I am sorta left but to me this is what God save the settlers miserable.

It's terrible, but God say this of. I was so drunk one time I was driving like a demon my friend in the car was screaming at me to slow down.

The next thing I knew, I saw the police lights. I was pulled over, stepped out of the vehicle.

The police officer said something to me and that I threatened to kill him out of the hundreds of times. I was drunk or stoned out of my mind is probably one of three or four times. I remember anything. All the other times me and my crazy friends would just post about getting so high not remember what we did the day before Jared I have a hard time remembering clear details from 30 days hosts over memories I have from 30 years ago are vague at best Carolyn that only the foggy memory from party 30 years ago, but just the low inhibitions from drinking that allows one to do things that would normally do while sober is a whole other thing to think about Darcy were prosecuting or defending attorney really want my foggy details during the time that I was drunk.

If I admitted to being under the influence with my testimony even hold weight and be able to be used to declare someone innocent guilty.

I hope not. I would not want to swear under oath or anything. I wasn't sure of, regardless of alcohol being in involved Christina in my humble opinion, you are mentally incompetent to testify on current events, and even worsen events from 30 years ago. If you were drunk. Now let's just stay here for one minute and the real look at Scripture okay was to stay here for one minute. You might say no, no, no you don't understand something happen when you're drunk you don't know all the details but the thing itself was traumatic. Your most ground it was fell off the building you attacked you were assaulted, so try to knife you try to rob you, so try to rape you. You remember that I would absolutely say yes I understand that something vivid that happens in the midst of an attack an assault. Yeah, but in the midst of being drunk, etc. yeah I can understand you. Remember that. However, if you can't exactly remember who was wearing wet and did how this thing happened may be those details are wrong.

Maybe those details are misremembered. Maybe those details are in accurate.

That's what we have to consider and when you have someone's reputation and career on the line in the future direction of the Supreme Court of America, which has so much power. Now that it shapes things in ways way beyond what our founders intended and were trying to get the Supreme Court to go back to being more constitutional in harmony with what our founders intended. If you told our founders of all them, even the most liberal as far as I know if you said to all of them 200+ years ago by the way, the Supreme Court is going to have enough power in that the 2010s to say that marriage is the union of two men or two women. I think they would not of had the ability to comprehend such concepts, let alone say yeah that's what we intend. That would be so far out but now were talking about situations that will reassess them completely break down young giving you my viewpoint, I'm giving you my viewpoint. Love to hear yours, 866-34-TRUTH and feel free to call him if if you have observations about drinking may be your professional psychologist or therapist or counselor to deal with people's trauma victims. By all means call it because on the one hand, we absolutely totally 100% want to expose the abusers we absolutely categorically want to stand with the abused. We absolutely categorically want to stand with women who have not had a voice. We absolutely categorically want to have a place in our society where they're not intimidated where they can come forward with without being threatened further with without a court questionable.

Why did you get raped or the outrageous case years ago were there. The rapist was acquitted because the woman's dress that she was raised in a very's suggestive miniskirt well dress like that you deserve what want. So as we absolutely want to shout out the rightness of the need to movement, but not at the expense of the falsely accused movement and one of my colleagues sent me a list of one example after another after another of men who served some 20+ years in prison falsely accused, falsely identified, no way to defend themselves. I'm thinking that think of spending a good chunk of your life may be the prime of your life incarcerated for something you didn't do, and that when you come out what kind of person are you how you been affected was been taken from you, so we need to pursue justice as Michelle Malkin said this I court my latest article. Michelle Malkin said believe evidence don't believe a gender that want to believe you because your woman while I can believe you fisherman want to believe you because you're a white woman amicably because you're black but no don't believe gender complete color believe evidence believe evidence that's a great theme of Scripture, justice, justice.

So you pursue justice, justice to the pursuit equal weights and equal measures. No, the word of God even tells us, don't show favoritism towards the poor, don't show favoritism towards the poor is not remarkable it's it's saying yet don't favor the rich don't don't. I mean that's what we think we would do right.

That would be the human tendency discuss really influential my community.

I can't rule against him this this guy owns the real estate. I live on.

I can't rule against him. This guy's got all the power five favorable rulings in the better for me for my family. Hello, remember remember my kids for this. It's easy to show favoritism to the to the powerful to the mighty it's easy to show favoritism to the rich James Jacob. The second chapter warns us about that in our correlational gatherings is that if someone comes in your synagogues ready to miss any Jews, Jewish believers, someone comes into your synagogue and their poor guys of us in the back here rich. Go. Come right up front. God despises that, favoritism with the word of God is so balanced in God's heart for justice so strong that that the word of God actually says don't show favoritism to the poor bodies, poor everything is against him.

I can't judge in his favor.

No judge based on the habitats that's registered just okay we come back were going to look at what Scripture says about bearing false witness, and how the Bible tells us to sort these things out when someone claim comes with charges how things are established, that is what is important and what we must do so to pursue that and see why the word of God says so much about bearing false witness either the 10 Commandments we will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown, my friends wanted my seven mother wake tomorrow gun important interview when we speak with the pastor and New Testament scholar who has written a whole book on the deity of the son of God, according to John's Gospel. This brother reached out to me some months back asked if I would take time to read it. So we get requests constant request to endorse books and reports to books, but this got my attention even though we had not met. Find out more about his ministry and his academic background.

Read through the book and said you bet some of the forward to the book of argument we have the entire hour on tomorrow's broadcast getting a thesis use if you got questions about the deity of Jesus about John's Gospel particular portrayal of Jesus, by all means. Tomorrow's a great day to listen at the call also just got this is that the cover of my forthcoming book Donald Trump is not my Savior and evangelical leader speaks his mind about the many supports as president. Let me let me break this down. Donald Trump is my president, not my Savior. Politics is not the gospel I voted for him. I don't worship at the altar of Donald Trump. All right, we've got a sort these things out.

I believe our vote in the midterm elections is important, but I believe our vote in the midterm elections is separate from our calling or related to, but not our primary calling as far as being salt being like making a difference. So you can preorder this Amazon.

Of course if you want the e-book or paperback, but we have exclusive printed of the hardcover edition, which I'll be signing all right so Rick send this one more week if you'd like to preorder this is only from us number sign. So this is a collectors item preorder. You may want to get it in advance. It is it'll come out third week of October given advances a holiday present for someone else decided to have USB 26 1 x 5 or 10 of these is he a please sign it to this when it will do it for each one individually with Scripture reference. All right, so you will be blessed by this collectors item edition of the book and you find the book to be a tremendous read.

I am confident of that. Absolutely confident and it's also a supporting blessing or ministry. All right, why does the Bible speak so strongly about false witnesses were in the midst of the whole controversy over justice. Cavanaugh is he being falsely accused. Remember charges that were not nearly as substantial. The Anita Hill brought against Clarence Thomas years ago, who's telling the truth.

How do we decide justly on the one hand of someone has been victimized. We want to hear them. We want to recognize that their ploy we want to understand, especially with with rape and assault against women how difficult it is rape and assault.

If anyone come forward or to prove your case. On the other hand, to speak falsely about someone is very grave and ugly and got set once it's an Exodus chapter 20 verse 16 Exodus chapter 20 verse 16 the 10 Commandments says this. Do not give false testimony against your neighbor. Do not bear false witness against your neighbor. This is one of the 10 Commandments.

It's that fundamental bearing false witness is destructive and ugly. You can literally crush someone you can literally destroy the life of a good person.

You can literally bring the whole family to despair. You can bring out all kinds of destruction by bearing false witness and and you are bearing false witness when you lie about things that you did as well, but in particular when you testify falsely against him was great. So here's how the Bible treated this in Deuteronomy chapter 19, there were actually specific laws about bearing false witness. Deuteronomy chapter 19 beginning in verse 16 a look at this. If a malicious witness testifies against someone accusing him of a crime. The two people in the dispute or to stand in the presence of the Lord before the priests and judges and authority at the time the judges are to make a careful investigation, and if the witness turns out to be a liar who has falsely accused his brother, you must do to him as he intended to do to his brother. You must purge the evil from you. Then everyone else will hear and be afraid. And they will never again do anything like this among you, do not show pity life for life. I for I tooth for tooth, hand for hand and foot or foot. Now that was under the Sinai covenant and got established there and that is repeated the New Testament that every matter must be established under the testimony of two or three witnesses and then obviously the judges have to weigh the testimony and seek to discern who's telling the truth and who isn't telling the truth, but the biblical law was so strong the biblical law was so forceful that let's say someone lies about you when not talking about an innocent mistake were not talking about someone who really thought they remembered something. But they were inaccurate were talking about someone will fully line willfully mess with misrepresenting which also means if you're not sure asked not to speak. The mind can play all kinds of games. All right, but according to biblical law. Let's say someone lied about.

You and said you murdered this person was actually they did or they know who did that say they know who didn't try to cover for them.

You murdered this person, but I just hate you. And because of that they it looks like your guilty sleep there a safe you murdered that person. If you did in the Old Testament law, those death penalty right when on under the Sinai covenant today in terms of all the laws of Moses apply to everyone today. This was under Sinai covenant to someone lies about you because they hate you, they got a grudge against you.

They see all they can easily framing. They lie about your visit.

You murdered that person when it's found out that you did in the line. Then they get put to death under biblical law when they want to see happen to you, happens to them. That's how serious it is, and then Proverbs chapter 6 verse 16 tells us that there are seven things God hates. Six. Yes, even seven things that God hates Proverbs chapter 6 beginning in verse 16 the Lord hates, he detests six things fax seven are detestable to him.

Arrogant eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood heart that plots wicked schemes, feet, eager to run to evil allying witness who gives false testimony and one who stirs up trouble among brothers.

These are serious sins, serious issues and look again the eager to run. Keep hands that shed innocent blood, lying tongue, organize oysters, a trouble among brothers and I heart the plots, wicked schemes and allying witness who gives false testimony. God utterly detests this now how do we evaluate the charges against justice, in the first case, a woman comes and says that this happened to her. Over 35 years ago and she didn't speak about it until recently in a therapy session and she was drinking at the time also can't really nail down the year.

The thing happen. Can't really nail down a lot of other details about what happened but you sure this is what happened now there are four other people who were alleged to have knowledge of this and every single one of them, including a lifelong friend differs and said we have no knowledge of this. We have absolutely no knowledge of this ever happening under it so all four corroborating witnesses cannot corroborate including not just friends of justice Cavanaugh all right but also a lifelong friend of this woman now is she a malicious evil person out to get him I'm not can it make that assumption is she telling the truth. It seems very hard to believe based on what scores and scores and scores and scores.

The scores and scores of others have testified in terms of his character and the FBI vetting him six times I believe. Up to now you talk to people that knew me and my high school days.

No secret.

Before I came to know Jesus. I was an idiot and a jerk and a heavy partier and wicket and out of control with drugs and drinking all the stuff I was known for Dragon to get people testifying to the opposite of what I got. Sayville testified of the change and that I was a little too zealous. Yeah, you know each other in school. People talk about these things so consistently there's a Noah's behavior was the opposite of this and we never saw this and no we don't know this happening ever so maybe she simply missed, remembers and is convinced she's right, but she missed remembers that's possibility. Now another testimony from another woman and she says while in college.

Certain things are looking to get into the details, it is not appropriate even to repeat that justice Cavanaugh has forcefully said never happen and and ever. As far as I know everyone that was allegedly an eyewitness to this says no, we never saw it never happened.

So now you have a serious situation with this woman, as well has said she was foggy on the details, but after six days going through them with her attorney. She now feels confident enough to speak, come on your talk about a memory while drunk from 35 years ago and now the details are becoming clearer and on top of that, no one can corroborate the story and those who allegedly can first-hand deny it, and everyone that knew him. At that time is consistently testifying.

This is not who he was. Maybe it's the same thing.

Maybe someone trying to be sincere and thinking man I need to warn America but you don't do this, you do not threaten someone's whole career and decades of serving a certain way and decades of having a reputation and being above reproach. You don't now drag their name through the mud in this ugly and despicable white now if he's guilty, let the truth come to life. I've said that since the first charge came forth. Let the truth come to light but is witness after witness after witness has said no, no, this never happened. No corroboration of corroboration as this looks more like a political hit job. We need to say bearing false witness is ugly, and while God may love the people that do it.

He abhors this behavior. Something to think about our friends will be right back.

I want to read justice Cavanaugh statement to you on the other side of the great gives light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

This exercise you are watching something or someone is being crime or their responding to an accusation about something wrong in their lives and you're saying yourself okay if they were innocent. I would think they would respond like this or this or this or if this really happened to them of their giving their sob story and I would think they would respond like this and this and this not you can always do 100% because you never know what someone else is going to do but have you ever thought that through, and somewhat what I do if I was in that situation. Have you ever watched someone try to explain something thick, I could do a much better job of proving innocence or proving guilt so what would you do if you were just a spray Cavanaugh and now a second accuser with even less copper corroboration perhaps more negative corroboration comes forward with another accusation of sexual serious sexual misbehavior from break Cavanaugh 35 years ago what you him and you know this is 100% false. How to respond. I would respond that with your guilty and trying to deny it. How would you respond. Some people are better liars than others. Some people have characteristic behaviors that give them away. People look at body language annealed body language experts and others, you know, the polygraph tells you certain things, but how you respond. This is the line of fire to should know that this is Michael Brown the recall 866-34-TRUTH let me read to you a statement issued today by justice Cavanaugh and it is to chairman Grassley and ranking member Feinstein and the Senate Judiciary Committee. I want to be truthful in all comments along the way.

If I was right. Cavanaugh and if I was not guilty. This is the exact kind of thing I would do. I would make it clear I'm not backing down on not being intimidated and I what comes against me or my family to move forward and I want to bring everything to the light, bring it all to the like. Here, Loomis request you remember being a kid.

The kid and you you had eaten the cookies you you're supposed to eat the cookies there supposed to be for the guests for dessert after dinner but you ate some cookies and were supposed and your mother comes and says Johnny Sally wherever your did you eat some of those cookies think of languages I think will kiss your guilty you going to try to come up with something else. The guilt thing out of you must trust me I would never do that. Are your whatever right, that is some kind of cover up like a cookie. No, I don't want any cookies. I know I didn't need those two cookies that are missing out on what I did kind of admit your guilt when you try not to but if you if you didn't do it. What you say mommy look look like teeth my hands look in my pockets know I didn't absolutely not I but I told you I wouldn't and I didn't wait when the truth is on your side you want ever bring it all into the light. Is this what you do now I understand there are situations that are very embarrassing and you don't want to bring it into the light because it's embarrassing when you are a victim of something or embarrassing details, but when you're being falsely accused you up. Let's bring all the evidence into the life that's one reason I love to do debates whisper everything on the table. I do not hide my position. Let's put everything on the table so justice Cavanaugh when I testified in front of the center three weeks ago. I explained my belief that fair process is foundational to justice into our democracy at that time I set before the Senate Judiciary Committee for more than 31 hours and answered questions under oath. I then answered more questions in a confidential session the following week I responded to more than 1200 written questions. More than a been submitted to all previous Supreme Court nominees combined, can we stop for a moment corporately say wow only after the exhaustive process was complete that I learned to the news media about a 36-year-old allegation from high school, Eddie Bennett asserted months earlier and withheld from you throughout the hearing process just to jump unit that's completely unjust. That is completely contrary completely contrary to what the judiciary committee should be doing this had all all all all the earmarks of the political hit job. Okay… First was an anonymous allegation that I categorically and unequivocally denied soon after the fuse was identified. I repeated my denial on the record and make clear that I wish to appear before the committee.

I then repeated my denial to committee investigators under criminal penalties for false statements. All the witnesses identified by Dr. Ford's being present at the party. She describes her on the record to the committee saying they have no recollection of any such party happening. I asked to testify before the committee again under oath as soon as possible so that both Dr. Ford and I could both be heard. I thank chairman Grassley for schedule a hearing for Thursday last night another false and uncorroborated accusation from 35 years ago was published. Once again, those alleged to have been witnesses to the event denied ever happen. There is no our friends to come up with something, anything that will block this process and a vote on my confirmation from occurring. These are smears pure and simple, and they deserve our public discourse, but they are also a threat to any man or woman who wishes to serve our country such grotesque and obvious character assassination. If allowed to succeed will dissuade competent and good people of all political persuasions from service.

As I told the committee during my hearing a federal judge must be independent not swayed by public or political pressure that is the kind of judge will always be I will not be intimidated into withdrawing from this process. The coordinated effort to destroy my good name will not drive me out the vile threats of violence against my family will not drive me out the last minute character assassination will not succeed. I have devoted my career to serving the public and the cause of justice, and particularly to promoting equality and dignity of women. Women from every phase of my life have come forward to attest my character. I'm grateful to them. I owe it to them and to my family to defend my integrity in my name. I look forward to answering questions from the Senate on Thursday if I will break Cavanaugh falsely accused.

That's exactly what I would do. I would fight for.

Clearly I would expose the lies I would put everything on the table and I would remind everyone bows break Cavanaugh that I care deeply about justice for women. We understand the me too movement has made us acutely aware of how difficult it is for for raped and assaulted women to come forth.

First, why they want to. There really ashamed and often feel dirty enough. Second, are they going to have be believed thoroughly can have to recount every detail in public and from strangers who wants to do that and and and and then some of the cases can't be proven. On the flipside, and I'll share these with you in a moment. On the flipside, and I just talked about this in less segment testify falsely is terribly destructive and and I've read about thousands I can verify this with thousands of false testimonies about men false testimonies of sexual assault every single year. So here we have two categories we have the category where we must stand for women who are sexualized and and and and put in compromising positions all the time and and you can't get a handle as you do this in the semester with all the testimony just Harvey wants to know others like that. We must have a climate that we do our best to work against this cruelty and barbarism and we we we we make a way for women to be able to come forward with without now being guilty for coming forth in certain cultures. Certain countries, be a traditional Hindu country, in India or traditional Muslim country in Pakistan is on a woman can get raped and then she's put to death because she got raped yeah that's utterly horrible. So the me too movement has has done something very important.

We need to be sensitive to this at the same time we don't want to swing from one extreme to the other. Now your guilt if you choose, especially if your man when you get accused are therefore guilty. All men are guilty, especially pure white man. White privilege, no trust value sent Blackman a been sufficiently demonized in our society, suffered terribly because of that's just the climate today.

This is the situation today. So let's pursue justice, not swing from one side to the other. Let's evaluate claims. Let's evaluate them like we would in a court of law. My understanding is that none of these things ever would've made it to trial. None of these accusations sows and try to press charges because of all the corroborating witnesses against them, and in no way to substantiate and all of the foggy details his drinking and from lifelong friends as well intimate friends thing on those never heard this never happened. That's damning that's damning.

I'm saying the women bringing the assault charges the salt claims lifelong friend into the close friend.

No never happen. Never heard this now, not aware of it all.

That's damning because the phones 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Beth in Illinois. Welcome to modifier hi Michael, thank you. I just wanted to a word of you know.

Thank you. I get it at that former victim you don't forget what happened to you and that really bothered me. What she said that she claimed forgot. I went my little girl, my classmate and you don't forget and that bothered me because although it got there that have occurred throughout that and basically the cricket that I never got. I know that God will get This tag tonight. Can I just asked you this, how many years ago were you victim of abuse element. It probably over 40 years ago got it and how long did it take to identify the wounds that brought in your life and then to receive healing from those wounds probably know I am sorry just was hard to hear that last comment you made out and don't think they still really don't trust men got it on Sunday. I asked that question because I want people to realize how unbelievably damaging sexual abuse and physical abuse can be and often the younger the person is abuse the worse Beth. I appreciate you calling and limit living to say this because we got a break. I just want to pray now father you help Beth find absolute healing for these wounds rolled four years ago and and resolve whereby trusting you can trust men in a healthy way and maybe all this sensitizes us to the heart of this is stated to thanks-call it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown, a friend, just a reminder of again yeah I love this cover for my new book comes out third week of October. Donald Trump is not my Savior and evangelical leaders be said about the man he supports as president. Take a moment to get a special copy of this book. In the last few days. Someone told me that I'm not a believer I'm not a follower of Jesus. I'm a heretic because I I question anything about Pres. Trump yet. I voted for Donald Trump support was the president because I don't agree with everything I'm I'm not a Christian mother followed Jesus than someone else posted.

Basically anyone that voted for Trump is not a Christian. It's a Judas church. These two extremes are completely ridiculous and completely destructive.

So in my new book on them to give you a path to follow to be a follower of Jesus first in a voter second and to give you a context of what we look to the president to do and what we look to God for what we look to the body for the believers for alright so I think you'll find this really helpful really eye opening material and and you could read and in order. It's written or different parts take out as you like it it's it's very accessible for that and Todd Starnes.

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Why not all right or make sure you get them out to folks before the midterms of that's important to you sooner or website Esther to you see it right on the homepage and this is a way that we can be a blessing to you by putting kind of a collectors item. Addition of this book in your hands and at the same time it's with you can help support our ministry before the phones 866-34-TRUTH let me share some thoughts with you for my newest article, the Cavanaugh hearings and the clash between hashtag me to and hashtag falsely accused, so I I point out that to date. Not a single alleged witness provided by Prof. Christine Lacey Ford has corroborated her charges so it's four out of four who have said no recollection of this or was not it such party or never saw Britt Cavanaugh do this until Sunday night and look another woman came forward with any charge of any kind against Judge Cavanaugh. Now, however, that that other woman has emerged. Also claiming improper behavior from Cavanaugh when he was in college so how do we sort this out and again knocking to go through the vulgar details of what you claim you still do not liken it to that in the setting of this broadcast so first thing to evaluate what's his track record for years and years and years and years and years and years and years and years is what with his track record since is that any kind of public life. Since is been seen or known and, in the sense what's his track record. So the entire public testimony of Cavanaugh's professional life has been virtually without blemish. That's why Dennis Prager in an article urged us this prayer wrote an article saying believe him believe and and it it doesn't matter what happens 36 years ago. That's Prager's position don't even consider whether he misbehave all in high school 36 years ago and Prager's view, even if Cavanaugh was guilty that's not who is been for decades.

We should appreciate the man he is and has been for so many years, all right now I'm not endorsing a position that you ignore what happened. If it happened, but that's a major argument sent look at. We spent all these decades. Then David French also reminded us that in contrast with prominent men like Bill Clinton or Donald Trump. There's not a long line of women echoing the charges of abuse or impropriety to because of this, he suggested Cavanaugh has more of a presumption of innocence.

Great point.

In other words, there a lot of women who claim Donald Trump did this to them did that to them and could well be in a lot of woman claimed Bill Clinton did this. This did this and seems to be accurate but with with activist scour Emily looking looking looking for weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks to try to find dirt that finally two women come forward with memories from 35 years ago 36 years ago. Both while drunk.

All right.

In the first one every witness. She alleges can testify testifies against her and the other it takes her six days with her attorney to put together a memory so that she feels confident that she's reconstructed the memories from a drunken party over 35 years ago, roughly 35 years ago and all of the alleged eyewitnesses deny it happened as I read it and followed it. That's pretty shaky that would indicate the man's being falsely accused.

Even if these women are not malicious just sincerely misremembered that would be the best construction I could put on then that is the question of bringing a false accusation. I spoke earlier in the broadcast about a God hates false witnesses.

God hates will be acting that way maliciously lie about others. So an article on national review by Michelle Malkin notes that thousands of men have been falsely accused of sexual misconduct and crimes and and her article is called don't believe women believe evidence so here are some examples. Brian Franklin spent 21 years of a life sentence in prison after he was convicted in 1995, sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl who committed perjury, understand, and later won a reversal of his conviction 2016 that's beyond the horrific Joshua Horner serving a 50 year sentence for sexual abuse of young girl was exonerated. There had been no DNA, no corroborating witnesses and no other forensic evidence. Just the word of his accuser Victor Burnett cared for his grandmother and was getting ready to start his career in 1979, a woman identified him as the man raped her. He was convicted and spent three decades fighting to clear his name before DNA testing cleared them into thousand nine, so there are thousands of rapes that are not reported every year.

It's this tragic, tragic, tragic, and there are countless cases of sexual abuse that that are not ruled in favor the female victim, just no way of proving what happened, but there are also countless cases of false accusations against mental Michelle Malkin gives us the simple guidelines right. The role of the press should be very patient verification and validation rate is a devastating crime so was lying about it is not victim blaming, to get to the bottom of the truth. It's liar shaming don't believe a gender believe evidence you can read the rest of my article on our website Esther to review read my articles. We lay out the principles and I've only come out more strongly. Speaking against the charges now that all witnesses involved have denied them and said no even lifelong friends or intimate friends of those bringing the charges and then the flimsy nature of so much going on and there drunkenness. In addition to it because of that and the way this is been done in the clear Democratic political hit job you say will look the Republicans will even vote for Merrick Garland even consider in this is payment of fines. So let's agree it's politics and ultimately what's it about. It's a battle over Roe V Wade, that's what is ultimately about never forget that 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Brian in Texas. Thanks for calling on fire hello are you doing very well be like you, Brian. The one thing I wanted to clarify and I think your argument. Mr. Brian Franklin filled but you know with with the accusation that going on today with Judge Cavanaugh that the thinking that been going on with Blackman today Blackman good day yesterday week we soon felt guilty and presumed you to blacken your mail, especially if you're certain anything new. This is something that's not new in the black community and I just want to clarify right he is no benefit in until presumed guilty.

God just wanted to make sure that we are all aware that this would have been happening for black people in the past and even present their arguments and with Brian Franklin yet, and fact, let me just mention this, this one case Brian so I tweeted out earlier because this a white privilege thing now and then so white males are more suspect, and in certain areas now so I tweeted out in the eyes of some these days. If your mail accused of sexual assault that only you guilty until proven innocent. But you guilty anyway, simply because your mail, white males are the most guilty of all sums making a specific point in a specific way but but a friend of mine black pastor in the in Charlotte North Carolina posted all them to see if I can find his tweet said some very similar to what to what you're saying and said historically, you know we been lynched.

We've been this we been that way. I said, you're absolutely right to hundred percent right in terms of saying that so yeah this this I would say Brian helps perhaps the white community recognize some of the frustration that the black communities had to deal with and of the presumed guilty and the the of the act is the accuser is is immediately believe because of the skin color, and things like that. Now, it's because of the gender so yeah you can have things swing it. In any case, you know where an innocent white policeman gets blamed because the victim was was a black teenager, but in so so many cases through history. Yeah this the it's been stacked against black Americans, African-Americans, especially young black American males and in fact many of my college years ago during the trave on Martin George Zimmerman controversies and and and my namesake Michael Brown Ferguson. Many African-American callers called this a document we love you and we love you show them were God-fearing people, but can we tell you how many times we get pulled over and racially profile so it's it's a sensitivity want to be reminded of Brian. I appreciate you doing this very thing today because less of a friend all right tomorrow special interview with an author focusing on the deity of Jesus in the Gospel of John.

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