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Courageous Canadian Pastors Take a Stand

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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October 3, 2018 4:30 pm

Courageous Canadian Pastors Take a Stand

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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October 3, 2018 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 10/03/18.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

National speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the direct correlation of conscience and president of fire school of Ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown prints on opening the phone lines right now 866-34-TRUTH 87884 if you have any question of any kind on any subject under the sun as long as it relates somehow to the line of fire.

Give me a call. 866-34-TRUTH if you want to take issue with me on something if you need clarification by all means give me a call if it's appropriate for Christian radio for public consumption, then it's not off limits here welcome friends to the broadcast Michael Brown so glad to be with you today at the bottom of the hour to bring on a pastor from Canada. He is part of a coalition of a couple of hundred pastors together. They have taken a stand against a sexual education curriculum. In Canada they are speaking up and speaking out, which is not an easy thing to do in Canada today so will hear from them ill encourage you in America and in other nations where you are listening and viewing as well once more. The number 866-348-7884 before we go to the phones I want to give you a short message of encouragement.

If you listening.

Give your best year if you're watching look at me right now. Let's make eye contact.

There we go.

Don't be distracted. Yeah.

Be encouraged be encouraged. I'll say it once more. As Paul wrote to the Philippians once and again and said, rejoice, rejoice, rejoice, I'll say it again be encouraged. So how can how can I be encouraged when the world is falling around collapsing all around me to be encouraged when were in such a mess.

How can I be encouragement America so divided may Bureau situation. Huckabee encourage one finances are a mess and we can go bankrupt Huckabee encourage when a child is sick as I can better the doctors don't know what to do.

Huckabee encourage we just went through a split in our church. Huckabee encouragement when my parents just got the car wreck how there's a lot of hardship and there's a lot of pain and there's a lot of suffering and his Lotta sin. There is a whole lot of problems in this world, but I say to you from the heart. If you know the Lord. If Jesus is your Savior and your Lord and your Redeemer be encouraged.

God has not fallen asleep. God is not slumbering God is, is not lacking in diligence. God has not forgotten you. He said to Israel many centuries ago, mother forget her own nursing child and you think the answer should be no mother wouldn't forget her nursing child, and God said yes E even she can forget, but I won't forget you speaking to Zion Jerusalem promised Israel how much more promised to us through the cross look all I need to know is that God is with me and God is forming that's that's all I need to know it doesn't matter how messed up things around.

It doesn't matter how many people hate me. It doesn't matter how many difficulties I'm in the midst of if I know I'm in right relationship with God that I'm seeking to honor him and do his will, then whatever comes my way. I'm encouraged because God is with me. God's phone and therefore I have the wind at my back. The wind is in my sales. Therefore, I have everything I need to do the work of God and for him to be glorified in me. If you know the Lord be encouraged. Jesus is Lord of all authority in heaven and earth still belongs to him at the salon to the media accessible to the Army accessible to the Internet. It doesn't belong to the president doesn't belong to a nation lost to him. That has not changed. Be encouraged. 866-34-TRUTH and with that we go to the phones will start in California with Dino.

Welcome to the line of fire. Hello are you there gone very first caller gone is is not said that we we got a bunch of other calls on the screen get to in a moment of blessed night Pres. Trump is a big rally mocked someone ugly was Marcus rightly said Prof. Christine Buzzy Ford's testimony and just remember this is merchantable and beers remembered as the member.

This and the others try to character assassinate Britt Cavanaugh knelt maybe. Maybe he got more Intel from FBI this there's there's no verification of these charges and now he's gonna lash out and he's obviously speaking for a lot of people feel others were so how how similar the woman ever to come forward after what he just did. Well, if you're lying. Let's say let's say she was long, maybe set appropriate for the President of the United States to mock her but if she was willfully lying under oath and perjured herself in front of a national input international audience in order to destroy a man. If this is a big if, then she should be prosecuted. She should be prosecuted for what she did and she should suffer the full penalty of law.

If this is what she generally believes and remembers then it's inappropriate for someone to marker specially president, but things continue to heat up, which means you better pray we need to be on our knees and pray for a nation, as we continue get torn apart by the seams and don't allow politics to divide your family, your best to center on things that unify and then have your differences where you do 866-34-TRUTH of let's go to see Grove, North Carolina Todd, welcome to the line of fire like Dr. Brown my quick to do with the conversation but the prayer. I have a job after job pepper one of things about you baptizing their African ham about why are you bad thing to be or not to cry or that profit and other peers upon out widely early Jewish authorities believe that that that Messiah would baptize yeah it's an interesting question.

I'm not aware of a Jewish tradition that the Messiah would be involved in immersing people or that Elijah were expected profit would be involved in it when I take it as it is this that you you constantly have the battle between Jesus and the religious authorities between Johnny Mercer and the religious authorities so they're basically saying who are you who are your your preparing the way for the coming of the Messiah. Are you the Messiah but but but but what authority are you immersing people. Are you Messiah and Nama claim to be the Messiah.

You lights up my car nebulizer is this great prophet is not claiming to be a woman whose authority baptize, so it's not that these figures were necessarily associated with immersion. To my knowledge, but rather that this was simply their way of challenging that the who think you're another danger not recognized by Austria not anybody to put in contemporary terms so so who are you that's that's what I think it's mean, I don't think there was a specific connection between the Messiah or Elijah or an enzyme prophet who would be involved in immersing people rather it was a challenge to his authority as religious. Nobody in their eyes as best as I can understand with thanks. It's a very relevant question as your questions always are.

Thanks talk you all right 866-34-TRUTH if you're just tuning him taking all kinds of questions in the first half-hour than a special guest from Canada you beatified in courage when you hear from him a little later in the show. I would go to Clemens North Carolina Ellen, welcome to the line of fire.

Dr. Brown hey there waited long, from God their Abraham and I get my standard air and a definite belching with Hagar, with adoption not a thing that they did during that time it looked upon badly yet will further the first thing it was not be Abraham's physical see and all the promises were to his physical see.

So it wasn't just a matter of them having a child, but it was a matter of being Abraham's actual siege, so it had to be someone produced from him the eye. You did have polygamy, though in the ancient world. So for us Sarah to give her servant to Abraham as a wife that was that was common.

Polygamy was, and so Abraham was a polygamist.

Then, or bigamist in with with the with two wives so that was common but the issue wasn't whether adoption was possible or feasible but rather that would not fulfill the promise that it was going to be his seat, his physical offspring from his loins, to whom the promises were made. Now Haggai went to the last and I didn't think it will make it the it was that it had to come through his seat so absolutely I program you bad thing. Thank you for asking 866-34-TRUTH.

Let's try to reconnect with this Adina or Donna in California. All right, go ahead, you're on their way. Why won't get a quick note better than God never got it.

Thank God the father. Yeah, it why don't we put it kind of like. I grabbed the bomb's number and say it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael, thanks for joining us friends having Internet outage for a few seconds. Sorry for that mix up back with you now 866-34-TRUTH so to answer a question from California number one. Can we find the Trinity in the Old Testament number two.

Why is God normally referencing the father and Jesus only referred to as Lord number three was little reference to the spirit so yes, of course, we can find God's tri-unity years. I like to say his complex unity in the Hebrew Scriptures. Absolutely we see him there is revealing himself and hidden. We see him having a form identifiable form and it is will I see no form.

We see him appearing in flesh and blood on on Genesis 18 are being visibly seen in Exodus 24, Isaiah 6 of the passages and get us where we see if anyone sees them will die.

So how is he hidden, and it revealed and then who is his son was mentioned in Scripture as bearing divine qualities and then when God interacts with us directly when he leads us when he teaches when he instructs what is grieved, it often references his spirit. Now we get the full light of this, with the coming of the Messiah into the world that which is hidden becomes fully revealed. So the father is the source of all things, from whom all things come and therefore reference primarily as God they come through the son who makes the father known so he's the one who was seen in the Hebrew Bible and the Holy Spirit then glorifies the son who glorifies the father to the spirits role is not to be seen the spirit. This is work in visibly spirit this is working that respect. Behind the scenes but notice that he is actively working that this is not just a power referring to, because the spirit has wisdom in the spirit speaks and you can live to the spirit and mind to the spirit is equivalent to lying to God. Acts five.

He's called eternal spirit. Hebrews 9 we see his attributes in terms of the manifestations of the spirit prescriptions 12 include wisdom and knowledge and in the New Testament we are specifically urged not to grieve him. You can't grieve a rock you can't grieve a power you can grieve some with personality with personhood so we see clearly the spirits personhood, but his role is not to be seen. We don't pray to the Holy Spirit is rule's role is to glorify the son is the one who makes the father known that's what Yeshua says if you see me you seen the father. He points to him and there are several explicit times when Jesus is referred to as God in the Scriptures covertly, in the words of Thomas John 2028. Most likely, Romans 95 you have it most likely and tightest to in second Peter one and some other passages he's clearly identified as having the divine essence in John 11 and we know that the son is preexistent.

He speaks in John 17 of the glory that he enjoyed with the father before the world began, and on and on. Yet if you just made the statement Jesus is God. Most people would take that to mean that God in heaven as the Lord God of heaven that he came down on the earth and walked among us. That is no longer filling the universe, they wouldn't understand.

So the primary reference to God the creator from whom all things come is to the father but notice that the father is also Lord and yet the primary one called Lord of the New Testament is Jesus is the father not Lord of course he's Lord and he's referred to such in the Old Testament Lord, my Lord, my my exalted Lord he's referred to that as such in the Old Testament, and yet Jesus is properly called for the New Testament.

Why because he is the one to whom we submit to the glory of the father so it's all there. It's there in the way that you see clearly the deity of the son and the deity of the spirit. And since there's only one God, we understand him to be father-son and spirit I get into this and a lot of depth in volume 2 of my series answering Jewish objections to Jesus of this very quickly with was there a specific reason that you were asking your question, wow, I think air like they think once I I don't know. I kind of got it. Have you stuck in the New Testament.

Why it way confusing to sleep yet. It's one of the emphasis was not one that he is that one specific nature, but that is one God, that you don't worship all these other gods is only one true God.

That emphasis is found throughout the entire New Testament one true God, one true God only.

Don't worship other gods. There's only one true God. Only one creator, that's emphasis everywhere, but if you read the Old Testament without God's complex unity without his tri-unity. It is confusing because here he is saying you can see me now you see him and and here is referencing his son who's a son, and then you have the spirit doing work in the spirit is clearly has personality so all that happens is in the fullness of time, God reveals this little by little by little is very common historically that he reveals more more when the Messiah comes into the world, things become clear. It takes many hundreds even thousands of euros for human beings to grasp concepts and embrace them and walk in them and understand the so God, little by little by little introduces things, but 100%. The New Testament affirms, there is one God and one got old and we do not worship many gods but one God and one God only really encourage you if you have time to work through volume 2 of my series answering Jewish objections to Jesus. And I say this is a Jewish man get my book, the real culture. Jesus it will really open your eyes to the Jewishness of the Messiah and not only so it will answer some of these very questions using the Hebrew Scriptures and even using Jewish tradition as well. The real kosher Jesus. I think you'll find it really helpful because you got excellent questions. I think these really help you dig and get solid answers. I thank you so much for the call and keep stating the Scripture asking God for insight and revelation right good time for one more call in Winston-Salem were not going there ready to go to Kim in Winston-Salem eight, Matthew 18, put the letter from Matthew 18 six Matthew 18 six that was what our caller. Kim had a question about so I just want to look at that with you, Matthew 18, six whoever causes one of these little one speaking of Littlechild believing me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea that tells me that tells me that there's a fate worse than death. That tells me not only how much God cares for little ones who have been abused and and have suffered terrible things I can imagine what judgment is good be like for the abusers and and somehow God will bring justice for those who've been abused but this tells me that if it would be better to drown. Have a millstone around her neck real concrete boots right and thrown into the water to drown if that would be better than there's a fate worse than death.

Then there's a punishment after death has to be otherwise it wouldn't be better to have a horrible death and drown. In that way of drive times as we get to camp to get to one more call art got got Pastor Kevin standing by his can be joining us on the other side of the break of Lindley to say this, let me say this in the little time that we have before we transition to our guest.

I've been urging this.

I've been I've been calling forward for many, many, many years, the only voice but I am a voice and this is one thing that the Lord has given me to do whichever assignments but one thing he's given me to do is is the call of us to stand took all of us to be courageous, say, come on, we got one life with livid for the Lord. But let's let stand for the gospel. I may re-air next week. An important interview I did with her dear friends, a saponin moniker from India is such a moving show and we were able to to build a good number of of fiscal church buildings for your giving and generosity which out the tribal areas.

You just talk about kind of like a hot but if they can get instead have have regular walls and and then have a regular roof and use concrete things like that rather than just have everything with with with wooden with branches in an and leaves, then it's less easily burned down by the militants of I said that the city folks risking their lives for the gospel every day literally risking their lives knowing by sharing their faith. They could be killed. Knowing by sharing their faith, they may never see their family get knowing by sharing their faith. They could be in jail and be tortured, knowing the pressure in their fate at the release they can be ostracized the release to lose a job as the most they could lose the laws and yet the gospel is spreading like holy fire in country after country after country, in the midst of persecution and hardship and difficult it shouts to us in the West. Take a stand take Stan up being unfriended on Facebook will not get you in Fox's book of martyrs.

Sorry, having having someone criticize you on Instagram's is nothing to be a martyrs crown right and and and even if some of us have lost jobs, lost opportunities, lost reputation for the gospel is still a small price to pay compared to what others are paying around the world and compared to the price or Savior pay for us. So let's repair debt of gratitude by reducing Lord here I am sending you some weather it's the way you raise your kids at home, whether it's the decisions you make in the workplace. With this what you preach from the pulpit at backbone. Have courage.

Be strong. Don't be a wimp. Jesus lives in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 8663 here again is Dr. Michael Brown (to the modifier broadcast days ago I published an article with quotes from Francis Schaeffer, the great intellectual school. Philosophers, theologians of the last generation died in the early 80s and I discovered some quotes from him on some social issues, homosexuality, other things, going to 67. 50 years ago that if you read them today you say while that's a great insight that he really has inside. This was 50 years ago. He saw some of the things that he was sound of the alarm and was given the wake-up call and was talking about with little to liberal denominations were going in this time of the rise of radical feminism where that was going the 60s and 70s relatively early 80s and it was remarkable to me reading that you can go to my website Esther to seat on the homepage or just type in profit referencing is a prophet who wonders 50 years ago. It was remarkable to me and painfully stirring to read these things and then to say we been warned about this for decades and yet some are still on the sidelines and some still don't see the reality of the battle or what we are really dealing with. Well, and in many ways things were worse in Canada than in America when it comes to some of the key social and moral issues and there is a smaller evangelical church, percentagewise, there is not as much in the culture, stand in and fight and aggressive way like we have in America. For better or for worse, in a number of pastors in Canada said enough is enough.

Things have gone too far. There's too much of a direct attack on our rights and liberties and freedoms and in particular is a frontal assault on our children.

We began to hear from different pastors and leaders in Canada some years back, and most recently Pastor Kevin Cavanaugh of the Cedar Grove Baptist Church begin to interact with us and he and other pastors in Canada have formed a coalition to oppose a new sexual education curriculum. This could be costly for them. In many many different ways but they've done it nonetheless. So I want you to hear they're doing so that you will be encouraged. You'll be encouraged to stand to do what's right in your own home in your own city in your own school pastors and leaders will be encouraged to stamp it so we could also back them in prayer.

I want you to hear what's going on, a Kevin, thanks much for joining us today on the line of fire. Thank you for having me glad to do it sir where exactly in Canada are you based. Okay so were just outside of Vancouver itself in the city of Surrey which is the largest geographical city in in all of BC so it's it's a beautiful beautiful part of Canada but it's it's a pretty unchurched part of Canada is not not only unchurched but frankly but the gods of the world are here in Canada than in huge fashion, temples, and every major religion relives of every sort, so it's it's a very very different environment in so many ways I remember in 1986 going there with my wife Nancy and her daughters. There was with the big Expo for sapping their and we were we were struck by how absolutely beautiful it was but something felt weird the whole time just spiritually cynical. Where am not one of those they dislike pick things up a certain clinic there was afterwards I found that while the extraordinarily low percentage of of church attendance and then as you mentioned, the, the other religions. The void's is going to be filled so you're not an environment where you've got 20 mega churches in your community, each with 5000+ members and and 24 seven gospel to be blanketing all the airways it's it's it's a bit of a challenge in part and and that's just one part of Canada right right. Interesting that you made that observation about just even the sense because I'm a dual citizen so I get across. Early on I been here in this station for 20 years now, but I remember in the early years, every time across the border to the US it, I felt I literally felt my spirit lighten every time I came back in the Canada I felt this heaviness. This this actual sense of oppression or darkness so it's very interesting made that observation. Yeah it's something I remember, this is not just something just seems funny to me there for ministry.

But a few days of vacation as well. It was during the vacation time just started to notice it all right to help help our viewers and listeners understand this, you're in Canada you're in United States.

How would you characterize the difference between the mentality of evangelical Christians in America and kind of art did take a stand fight independent kind of thing with the spirit of a lot of the evangelicals in Canada.

Well I think is you know Canadians love to characterized himself as peaceloving people there, incredibly gracious and in most regards and very polite. The thought of a Canadian actually offending you is is is harder for most Canadians boo they don't want to be seen or understood. That way, so that sort of sets of dynamic all by itself is a good see and understand so but but the flipside of that spirit, I easily and quickly turns into apathy and complacency. So when when needing to take a stand for truth. It it can be a little bit more difficult but thank God you know I mean part of the beauty of this international world that we live in up here in Canada there's 55 different nationalities in my own congregation to give you an idea of the diversity. I believe that God is actually sent these brothers and sisters from other nations to light a fire under us because most of them actually that come here from other nations come come with far stronger convictions are really the prayer warriors. They're the ones that are really leading the way in so many ways.

So that's been a very deep encouragement to us, but the that the that the natural Canadian citizen there. There are many faithful followers of Christ is in regard to that the Caucasian natural citizens and are blessed by that as well, but I think you know where we just as you said were far more liberal and in every regard and even Christian organizations here at times just baffle me at their unwillingness to actually take a strong stand a bit of had some encounters with organizations that we'd all know and understand and it's like oh my goodness what what what happened here, you know, because I know that's not the same in the US also. Anyhow, we got it got us doing some fabulous things that we are very very excited about your souls. Obviously when you get to a point where people speak with the act. It's often when kids are affected young children. Schools are affected. That's when people think okay we got a get involved so exactly what is this so G what is that stand for what's going on in the Canadian schools okay well it it it is worse than you and I have time to talk about. No matter how how I presented times it by about 10 so just answer sexual orientation and gender identity. It is a very militant aggressive sex activist Eric indoctrination that it is just gotten so over-the-top and so aggressive, so blatant that for the first time I met I've been involved in city and regional ministry even national ministry since I've been here, but the first time I've really seen a we've really seen pastors and leaders actually rise up and willing to rise up and like you said actually take a stand, regardless of the cost. You know, I, I, again I keep coming back. But how can one be a follower of Christ. It remained silent in regard to these issues. So we have the we have formed the West Coast Christian Accord and it is so 14 articles that draws strongly. Most of them from the Nashville statement by permission. What a fabulous document that is and that we just released it publicly. Last Wednesday we had 200 pastors that it signed on and a thousand people after 21 days of prayer and fasting throughout BC we we let meetings every single night for 21 days and there.

The result at the end was 200 pastors a thousand people. We went live last week.

West Coast Christian and in five days. The number of people doubled. So it's over 2000 now with 640 pastors who have signed on, but it's gone international. So we got 62 people from 62 countries hit our website and we've actually had 90 of them are your SKUs, we would had we've had the 20 countries actually sign on people from 20 countries. The largest group has been from Nigeria though it's been very exciting to see the response. All right, so again we can see so much on the radio and in a public setting.

With this in Christian radio and this was appropriate to talk about the very fact that it's difficult for us is to adults to talk about the curriculum in a public setting, very difficult for us to do and we have to do it generically. We couldn't get into detail, and yet this is being taught to our children in schools refute many schools in America have curricula like this and and and here in Canada on a national level. Just take a minute and paint the picture of some of what's in the curriculum. Obviously have to do it in a way that's appropriate in the city but just paint a picture for minute as ugly as it is, well, it's everything. Dr. Brown from books like 10,000 dresses that is getting read to kindergartners or even preschool. I am and if you still don't know what boys must wear dresses, a boy who wants to be a girl) and and that the level of confusion and just starting to read the book, so II read it to my congregation two weeks ago and I should just imagine yourself five years old in storytime sitting and listening to a teacher actually read this you can't make out what's going on. Is this a boy is it a girl is a both physical get our minutes good level of confusions incredible which ends up being that the boy actually is choosing to be a girl and you know that this this is all celebrated so and read read to a kindergartners and then you have all because of licensing practices and other things, introducing them to children that you well. It's the light a fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown is the announcement national and Canada.

I'm just looking now at the website announcing the story telling us about what happened in Canada. BC pastors launch campaign against so G123 again sexual orientation and gender identity.

The sexual education class a BC pastors unite against LGBT Q school policy of important story word is getting out there not hatemongers there not a hate group.

They are pastors who love Jesus and love their communities and love their children and stand for what's right up to Kevin, let me ask you this. Is there any fear of some kind of repercussion that you will be hauled into court that will be something in Canadian law or even the court of public opinion, that could adversely affect you in ministry. I think we've all had to face, dad, and if this were not were were being foolish and I think you know I've encouraged as we been making these presentations to pastors we been working on this for the last nine months as we got 20 pastors together to actually craft and and mold us into a Canadian context but one of the things that I've been clear from the beginning is that you really have to understand that this this could quite frankly end up costing you everything 10 years ago, roughly when the decision to for gay marriage here in Canada, the faithful Anglican pastors here in Canada lost their parishes. They lost their retirement. They lost they lost virtually everything but one of them. One of my good friends had heard Pastor at heard said we lost everything. But our souls so we I personally have been threatened to be turned into the RCMP to be investigated for hate crimes are that that's actually when you know the Lord really. I felt like the Lord really alarmed me that if I acted independently that they pick us off one by one, and that was really where felt the Holy Spirit speaking that that and leaving that a coalition of pastors really like minded men and women needed to stand together and so that's what preempted the really this development of this coalition back in January so yeah I am in there, you know, there is debate.

They are very general way of legislation. That is turn the Bible go see 38 are the Bible and the hate literature Bill C.

19 makes it against the law for us to speak openly about transparent negatively about transgender is him so there's already federal laws that you know Kent can be enforced so will see what's going to happen but again, how can one know how can one be a faithful follower of Jesus, and not actually stand on that side. I just don't know. I'm with you. As you know hundred percent Kevin yeah I know that it was in 2011 when I published Christie happen to America I had documented their leaders in Canada, Catholic priests, the mothers that were forbidden for life. They were not allowed to publish anything having to do with the Bible and homosexuality that that the district penalties the ready court cases and the question of the Bible be looked at is is hate speech and hate literature. So these these battles to be gone for long time and a lot of times it was didn't really affect me were that was someone else somewhere. It's just going to pass this psychopath.

No international law the Jordan Peterson is drawing attention to that would say that that you cannot quite miss gender someone so if if Joe is convinced that he's really Jane and wants to be called Jane and you don't call him Jane. That's, that's it. That's an offense that's is against the law. I submit your announcing this enforced speech and in the court ruling the seventh two ruling against Trinity Western University that that said, if you want have if you want to law school, and you can hold your Christian values. You can hold your Christian covenant. Shockingly, or not surprisingly, but shockingly, the University civil will just withdraw that for students of why God knows what is this pastor said we lost everything.

But our souls. That's the one thing you want to lose and write at least 70 people are selling their souls for popularity for position for income for security and it's completely contrary to the gospel. Absolutely, absolutely. I just had a conversation with a principal of a Christian school here this morning who is being pressured like crazy. In fact, the Minister of education Rob Fleming just over the weekend because there was a protestant on Vancouver Island against Sochi and over the weekend. He said of the 60 school districts and BC. All of them have signed on, including all of the independent schools and what were finding, which is just so disappointing is the Christian school after Christian school are buying into this based on the thought that all their actually affirming is that there won't be any bullying, no discrimination, etc. etc. but the fact is, they've generally that the drink to the Kool-Aid in the sense that they've signed on and now if kids actually want to transgender date there legally responsible to allow it help this to happen.

Encourage this to happen and so I minute is it you know it is just getting very very disconcerted what's happening and how many get on this disc. I said that his conversation with school principals and superintendents is they own all this property. They have all these buildings.

They can't afford to lose the funding or the support from the government or they could end up losing their buildings in their ministry and all the credit. Well, you know you and I know you really going to stand now or there to take it from you later you're going to get it continued to actually bow the knee until you're actually you know you soul has no saver exam happening.

That's we see happening if we try to save a life saver reputation saver yesterday saver building saver income saver proper consumer school.

We lose our souls in the process and what happens isn't in Francis Schaeffer again talked about this decades ago, the goalposts could get moved right. You agree to point a look and used it used to be just be tolerant this be without trying to tell you what writing believe or not believe what you can practice practice but just be tolerant of others.

Some years ago tolerance was now considered homophobic if you tolerate something means is something wrong with it. Okay so I accept no no no no that's not, you must celebrate and that shirt is must celebrate in the insured is must participate and envy the unspoken mantra of gay activists for decades is been. We will intimidate and we will manipulate until you capitulate and understand has to be where I capitulate.

We love you we care few Jesus died for you the same as anyone else but you have an aggressive agenda that is absolutely the opposite of our agenda and our values and goals for family and marriage in our kids and to stand Kevin if if folks want to sign on. Will post this on social media as as well a for its international following.

But if folks want to sign not read what you wrote and then just as outsiders outside Canada sign on where they go to go to the West Coast Christian so West Coast Christian Accord 11 full and we would love that we were seeing or wanting to believe for this to be a global movement that is going to unite Christians around the earth actually stand where they're at and actually uphold as you say so graciously and I love your your heart your passion your commitment and you know a love for these dear people, so two of my very best friends in life have been gay my whole life. I interviewed three for my church on Sunday, same-sex attracted they've gloriously found Christ walking with them.

You know what God is doing great things, but would love to have people join us in support and commitment. The stamp of the things of Christ in this hour so to help you remember it W CCA West coast Christian 100 Susan shows over a will will post the link to the interview and then a link to the to the website so that folks going; right now, if you've got a moment if you are driving in your car you got a moment and again you not before Canada. You're signing on as a pastor leader from America you signing on as as it is a Christian in Bulgaria wherever you are. Read it. Find your affirmation. There find your articulation there say you're a man to it. Take a few seconds and pray for it. For this to really speak to the nation and and spread like holy fire through the nation to really shake things up because again, this only goes in one direction and those who came out of the closet want to put us in the closet with him at the activists in their mind fighting for freedom and equality in their mind. Kids need to know this from the early stages and we can help.

The kids were transgender and there will be suicide and the kids were gala in their mind. This is the right thing in our mind. It's the very wrong thing so West Coast Christian go there and was a say right on the homepage.

Love over comes so it is love that motivates us love for God or for children love for our neighbor. He Kevin I just want to agree with you in prayer right now with her listening and viewing audience and Lord, we lift up this coalition of pastors. This growing coalition of pastors by the hundreds become thousands by the thousands become tens of thousands.

May 10 of thousands become hundreds of thousands around the world is your people take a stand for what's right God have mercy on Canada. God bless Canada strengthen the Church of Canada is blessed. Thanks for banging other flesh all right forward

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