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We Can Disagree and Still Be Family

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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October 10, 2018 4:20 pm

We Can Disagree and Still Be Family

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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October 10, 2018 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 10/10/18.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

What is your something radical, something amazing you can differ on Pres. Trump and still be one in Jesus stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire. Now, like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown why I am through the back in the studio back live today after some travel London and then Dallas thrilled to be back with you. Phone lines are open you been itching. You want to call and give me a piece your mind and share your viewpoint. Phone lines are open 866-34-TRUTH 87884. I trust you enjoyed the special broadcast we prepared and we played for you during the days away. Great fruitful trip to London on many scores of say more about that in a moment and then great day in Dallas yesterday some important things taking place there and got home late last night, but we will talk about controversy and unity can be controversy and unity at the same time can there be deep differences and unity at the same time you know there is a bus tour. There are professing evangelicals. I don't know that the people but they're calling themselves evangelicals are being described as such in a headline and Huffington Post. They are going around America in a bus tour discouraging Christians from voting for Pres. Trump say you're not to vote for him not to vote Republican. When we make of that. Can evangelicals before Trump and against Trump and yet one in Jesus as a possible know there are folks who think that my book Donald Trump is not my Savior is a slam here just look at the headline anti-Trump evangelicals run a nationwide bus tour to flip Congress. The vote common good bus tour is challenging his service Christians to question their loyalty to the Republican party. And of course you could go through other parts of America and question the evangelicals lever history and tradition of voting Democrat in question their loyalty white evangelicals largely vote Republican black evangelicals largely vote Democrat. Can we still be one in Jesus.

These are serious questions. Are they not. So I started to say that a lot of folks take my new book title Donald Trump is not my Savior and evangelical speaks his mind about the many supports as president. They take it as as a slam on the president.

It is not.

These are president, not our Savior, we unite around our Savior we can have differences about the president. We give our lives, our souls, our heart or mind or body are all to the Savior. We have differences about the president. We can be very different. Polar extremes on uncertain political issues as difficult as it may be and yet come together for the gospel mirrors the devil who wants to divide believers, 866-348-7884 before we get into this. I just want to share this with you.

Here is my little rant today. Gabi wrapped a good graph about the benefits of healthy eating so many of you know, August 24 of 2014 I knew I needed to make a change in my lifestyle. Since Nancy my plans not working, consider right you only eat what I give you nothing passes into your mouth without my approval. So is eat. This is this Tony thistle all the stuff I've eaten pretty much all my life, lifelong chocoholic, and most my life pizza Holick and other things like that. All gone and only healthy eating from that point on and I am super blessed my whole life radically changed revolutionized lost 95 pounds in less than eight months that through diving but healthy eating with exercise and other things I'm I'm super blessed.

These are 63.

My life is in God's hands, my, my days are in his hands but it's up to me as a steward of been radical changes experienced great blessing so I know there's grace on the when I travel.

And there's a prayer team that prays regularly for me and I appreciated deeply and I'm sure that helps immensely, and I know that I've learned over the decades of more than 100 6070 overseas trips wise ways to travel and things like that but I just want to glorify the Lord and say here really are benefits to living a healthy lifestyle. So got up really early Thursday morning as my assistant Dylan to fly to London. I'm really a late night person so leaving the house except in the mornings early for me, but flew to JFK than from JFK six something our flight to London.

Got them to London late Thursday night maybe go to hotel around midnight went to sleep shortly after that. Then Friday I had a great night sleep Friday just put in the normal day and did a debate with a Reform rabbi liberal Jewish rabbi and a great Christian network there that will be airing this week will give me details about that she can watch or listen then to the subsequent entries about life and ministry then spoke briefly at her at a just a dinner and then the next day full day of ministry of speaking twice in the morning on Jesus in the Old Testament than being part of panel discussion.

In the afternoon doing some writing night then preach Sunday morning. Had a lengthy luncheon interacted theologically with the pastor in the afternoon and then preached Sunday night and then back to my room for more writing and things like that, then flew out really early Monday morning and then 10 1/2 hour flight or so to Dallas and then got into Dallas took a quick nap and then did a radio interview in the afternoon then allowed for dinner with some friends and did a podcast with some young guys in the evening.

Great fun time we had together got back to the hotel late Monday night and then full day in Dallas yesterday really important board meeting for ministry then recorded some great videos with James Robison then flew home did some writing got home old leaven at night etc. okay, no jet lag, no jet lag is 00 as an CER. All jet lag okay so you got a five hour time differential from North Carolina where I currently live to London and then a six hour time differential Dallas than the one hour time differential coming back. That's a lot of flying lots of fights normally are mom upgraded through miles of different things I can find better because this time is just economy plus I was always not knowing the inner seat we could lay out and and sleep fully and things like that the okay so I'm I'm just telling you. Yes, there's grace.

No question. There is grace, and yes I've learned good ways to travel and things like that. But I'm telling you healthy eating only putting healthy food in your system, it makes a massive difference. I want to commend it.

You and encourage you and that Nancy and I wrote a book called breaking the stronghold of food that I think you'll find really really helpful. We have a Facebook group with over thousand folks interacting about these things called we're breaking the stronghold of food. It's a great place to connect with others and share honestly and get help and encouragement and a citizen last thing so what are you doing these long flights well when I left Thursday made a big salad. The night before to complain with me and instead of having plane meals.

That's what I had and then in England we asked we could stop at a grocery store Sunday night is just a little grocery kind of at a gas station thing with actual grocery store, got all the ingredients, made myself a salad I got back in the room packed a couple solids to take on tenant. If our flight and that's what I did got some fruit as well.

Some blueberries and grapes and things like hey why not make the decision to do if you make the decision to do it.

You can do it with God's grace and help. It really really pays amazing benefits and have the energy the vitality, strength to just run your race and go for with joy and with vigor at an entity to know you're not dragging yourself down dragging others down. What a blessing. All right, this one of the share that with you.

866-348-7884. You get upset when someone tells you I voted for Donald Trump. I support Donald Trump.

I think he's doing a great job is present. This upset you. Look at you angry, agitated. Conversely so much is that I could never vote for Trump. I think the guys an idiot.

I could never over this that upset you to get upset to the point of of not being able to fellowship together to get upset to the point of getting mean-spirited towards each other. You get upset to the point of of of even wondering if this person could be right with God all someone posted on my Facebook page today will of God raised up Donald Trump and you don't recognize that how can there be fellowship and unity it wasn't. It was was in a nasty challenge was the question I've had in recent weeks. People tell me because I sometimes differ with the president all right that I say have a wish he didn't say this that we shouldn't do that, that because of that I'm not saved I'm a heretic and then someone else that anyone voted for Donald Trump as part of the Judas church. These kinds of extremes are totally destructive, got me totally candid with you. We are going to be anyway. But I like your permission to okay great thank you thank I cannot possibly see how devoted follower of Jesus could vote for Hillary Clinton as president or vote for Barack Obama as president I could see you sitting out the election because you didn't like Donald Trump. I could see you voting for another candidate, but simply the issue of abortion simply the issue of LGBT activism simply the issue of religious liberty.

I could not see how you could vote for Hillary Clinton on any of those and for Barack Obama on the first two in particular, and the third somewhat, however unlike a judge or salvation based on that because I know people that love the Lord that are godly, God-fearing Bible believing, and they voted for Barack Obama in a vote for Hillary Clinton for the life of me I can't see it. I've had days and as people. Please call please call and explain why. And I've gotten rational calls I got clearheaded calls of different with the callers but they presented their positions fairly explain why they voted the way they did memorable 11 caller who said that that he voted for Barack Obama. He supposed to abortion but is convinced that the presence I can be the one the changes abortion and that the Supreme Court's I can be the one the changes it that is going to have to happen through other means of he's voting entirely for separate issues. Again, I don't agree with that but I don't question the sincerity. I don't question his devotion to the Lord. Number one pastor of a multiethnic church was a white pastor. The church was pretty well equally divided between Blacks and whites, so he went through a little teaching before before Lexuses years back and he said okay. Here, the scriptural principles and in here's how we. Here's how we evaluate candidates assuming his whole congregation would vote for the conservative Republican candidates based on the list that knows it in verse candidates for Christmas after was shocked to find out. The church basically split over SS advises a vote that happened, I think, but they all of the Lord is sunny for the life you can understand how I could vote Kelly still be united in Jesus. Get your calls when we come back. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends to the line of fire broadcast. I've been reading the book by Francis Chan a wonderful booklet is church. He talks about unity talks about loving one another." From the Lord's words that the prayer of Jesus in John 17, which is quite extraordinary and affect will take a call on that very subject in in a moment, and return about being unified retirement being unified in Jesus, despite our profound differences about politics about the president. Some of us are in the same boat, some different some you can find anybody in Greece exactly with you. How can we maintain unity, and in essence give the devil a blackeye while maintain their own personal convictions. John 17 Jesus prays for unity. But in John 13 Jesus after giving an example of sacrificial love citizen by this the whole world will know you are my disciples.

The love you have one from in reading those words was was quite a reminder to me on of them address this.

Many a time, but reading the words Francis chancel beautifully laid them out. It struck me, Charlie Hass, what a tragedy it is when we snipe at each other and bided each other and attack each other rather than demonstrate love, what does the watching world see as it looks at us, the people of God wouldn't be amazing if people said now you guys different summary things, but you think about each other while you will see I do on lots of things but you have such respect for each other when it be amazing 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Jared in Kentucky. Welcome to the line of fire. You're very welcome. Oh why? What you already brought up what dog out the prayer book bill when you have a father make people want what you have so many denominations and I got a loaded question, but coming in because there's so many denominations and not everybody does affect each other within the church outcome outcome yelled at the minute Scripture word bait anything done at the father how well yes so I do believe that the prayer of Jesus will be answered because he is praying according to the father's will, a spring, a perfect prayer so II do believe that the father will answer that before Jesus returns. Certain eternity will experience it, but somehow I believe will experience if you're in this world now. How do these things happen. I have spoken with or read stories of Christian leaders in different countries.

In the midst of persecution sharing a prison cell.

And even though they were not in fellowship before and were critical of one another's denominations or groups when they were in prison cell. Together, they found tremendous unity and they realized while we really are one. There was just a meeting I was supposed to be there, but wasn't able to in August of Jewish believers in Jesus from around the world from all kinds of different denominations and backgrounds entrusted us a list. I thought whoa that's diverse the meeting they really drafted an amazing statement of unity on certain fundamentals and in recognition of calling his Jewish believers. So it could be in the midst of persecution and hardship with the Holy Spirit being poured out as we all unite against a common enemy that that will find that unity and in the midst of meeting one another will learn to appreciate one another. Now as to the different denominations.

Obviously the Catholic Church would say will that's a proof that Protestantism is wrong or the Orthodox Greek Russian Orthodox would say the Eastern Orthodox will.

That's a proof that the others are wrong where the true church.

I look at denominations in two different ways. There's the negative and that were fractured and divided and majoring on the minors that separate us resident majoring on the majors that unite us.

If however with and the different expressions like the justice at a church in Corinth and the church in Thessalonica, a church in Philippi and they each had different character based on the believers in the culture in the city that each denomination can be like a different flavor a different emphasis like a different musical genre right were like a different instrument in an orchestra that this was strong on this and this was strong on this and there is an old saying that when the water rises high enough. You don't see the fences anymore.

In the midst of that the browser revival I serve with guys that will be never profit.

We love each other respect each other but we never probably would've been on the same ministry team because were so different it and yet we serve shoulder to shoulder for years because the, the tide of the revival and the common sacrifice to minister to people united us so that's that's what we have to do. I think if we can get that mentality now sir that we can begin to think along the lines of what unites us is greater than what divides us of so many folks are so blessed by the relationship between Dr. James White and myself and that couple of times we've done debates together, literally finishing one another's thoughts and sentences as were debating others people so blessed by but that should be the rule not the exception to men who are very different with different theologies, but deeply united in Jesus. So I believe it will happen, but we can work towards it little by little each of us in our own relationships day by day.

All right, all right.

Thank you. You are very welcome. Thank you for the questions are 866-34-TRUTH by my latest article you find on streaming fun on a website, SS. The question is can we disagree on Donald Trump and still have unity answer is yes it is. Let's go to Maryland Andrew welcome to want to fire Olga program. How are you I'm doing well thank you sir.

Yeah, there are other current work; only the Geiger code in regard to code with them, independent folder okay yeah and and I will like turning on the carpet because what law was going that I owe. Like Molly, like you, people who void like I did. But, I noticed there were some that are included, who one very solid brother in the Lord.

Even though this agreement by minute.

I still have thought go brother on the other hand, I know (nine may not want to go and I recognize of him also built an anomaly. I want Gordon didn't go Bucher 102 candidate and doing, and in that regard, sir. You're actually in good company.

In other words, there some fine people of conscience, God-fearing couldn't vote in conscience for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. And when you get my book friends Donald Trump is not my Savior out in which the test out 13 days and I currently let me just see currently listed some interviews on him. Some Christian TV and currently it's number six book under political advocacy on Amazon. A number eight in church and state and religion politics estate but what when you read through my book, you'll see you'll see that eyes really strongly opposed present Trump of the primers as we we print the articles right post them where I warn Christians about voting is like. I hope I'm wrong. And maybe God is doing something. But if if I didn't have some people in my ear who spent hours and hours and hours as president from sing like something's going on here and if I can recognize it is no way he could get as far as he had without God being in this would be very difficult vote from his wife Nancy was only the day before she finally saw.

Okay, I can vote for him, but I thank you, thank you for weighing an entry so here's the thing. Here's what I recommend. Here's how you have unity and anyone gets all your call so we will will be doing it.

Here's a big way we can have unity first, let's agree on the majors was mean to be a follower of Jesus was mean to be devoted to God how we feel about the Bible, God's word and what's our bird to tell other people about Jesus and so on. Just measure sure you test how you come to the Lord and find out these common things right, then this okay why is it that you're voting for president Trump you might say I can't similar voting for because the guys a narcissist Playboy always accusations against him. Some of them have to be true. We know the tape where he said those gross horrific things about women using sexual objects and in the guise is mean-spirited and no we can work for Hammon and Lucky's divides everything. How could you possibly vote for Lisa well yeah I don't like a lot of things. This personality certainly those products passed, but to me it really matters pro-life and and believes going to nominate the right people to the Supreme Court in its me was really boring important is standing with Israel and you go through your list. See you each explain why you're voting a certain way and for the most part. If rational. We've given this prayerful thought several reasons. We have reasons that do not damn us and do not save us at an if if we can recognize that we have to slaughter one another on social media. You know I'm I'm all for raising controversial subjects but but can we work them through.

With respect to the growth respect the suit that this respect will need it anymore really to fight you need to find each other like the devil by the administrator to destroy people's souls, but don't fight each other. We do better than that. You can differ with every word I say I think I'm totally wrong to support present Trump in any way and then we can fellowship get on her knees in prayer and worship God together we do in the right spirit right let's really keep talking about this 866-34-TRUTH because we, the error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown. I got a question married couple listening is been married. Is there anyone closer to you in this world and your spouse.

Anyone with a deeper life commitment to you in this world than your spouse if you got it. Good marriage. This we know that commitment is this unique on the planet. Is there anyone that you sacrifice any more privacy.

Children sacrifice for certainly like a sacrifice anymore for your spouse, your family, right you do anything for them and within the family can have all because of conflicts because you are family and perhaps even a great marriage that you get more pushback more differences of opinion from your spouse. If anyone else on the planet.

There is there is no human being on planet Earth more devoted to me than my bride of 42+ years. Nancy, a best friend for 44 years, my bride of 42 pushers there's no human being on the planet more committed to me than this more loyal to me than this and there is no human being on the planet who tells me I'm wrong more for sick crew offers B correction more than Nancy know what that's part of our unit is exactly what I need is the way God wanted her to see certain things in and and have a certain I and recognize certain things in a certain sensitivity is just what I need. There we joke about her being the lead weight the case by helium balloon from flying away of it.

It's a joke on both of us but it's it's a match made in heaven, literally really so you say why my sinners, because if we can deepen our family relationship and Jesus that we can really differ about presidential politics, we can really differ about the good, the Cavanaugh hearings and we can really differ about who's right and who's wrong and we can do from lots of things and still be family, so I want talk about that today how we can maintain unity in the midst of this volatile political season in which we live and not letting up. Barring some divine intervention or God forbid some tragedy where were tan ourselves apart at the seams and it's it's not going anywhere anytime soon. Agree with me or differ. You think not. There's no way there's no way you vote for Trump. I don't fellowship you don't alter Trump fellowship with… As this is life and death issues a written got a draw on or do you think we can have genuine unity that superficial unity genuine unity in Jesus despite the differences of Anglophones in a moment but I will read something tonight.

I courted my lady started article which you can read on our website is Dr. Molly Trump wanted Trump First Lady.

Obviously she's been through a lot.

Obviously there. She and Donald Trump had to love each other and for who they are. I I saw a cliff once where she was asked would you be with Donald Trump if he wasn't rich and she said with he be with me if I wasn't beautiful, so they obviously found certain things elective unsuitable enough to be married to a child together, but his infidelities alleged infidelities, at least. But probable infidelities and things he said over the years. That's that's can be hard for her to handle. Yet their marriage as far as another devoted to one another that not listen to them wanted Trump said she's been doing a tour of Africa and she was in route to Egypt and talking with reporters, so she was asked if she always agrees with her husband's tweets and she said I don't always agree with what he tweets and I tell him that I give you my honest opinion and honest advice sometimes… Sometimes it doesn't. I have my own voice my opinions and it's very important to me that I express how I feel said that's what faithful wants to this language of love that I know some of you was husband's your your wired differently in your washer very differently and the main thing they do is just encouraging.

He did a great job.

Hate so proud of you hate.

Thanks for the sacrifice you make for the family and that's that's what everybody needs. I don't I don't really need that I need some slow me down if I'm going to fast. You know, but here Molly Trump, his wife, the closest person to him in this world right now. She tells them.

I don't agree. I don't agree sometimes… Sometimes he doesn't.

And if he doesn't, she might think that I wish you listen is what is what was about. They asked her to sometimes for your husband to put down his phone.

She's reviewers replied yes!

As printed family can do that if we can deepen our commitment to one another in Jesus as family. Then we can have these differences but then a good thing to do is ask the other person but I don't see it from your perspective. Share your perspective with me might still differ but at least you can have a little understanding right back to the phones we go to California Dean up welcome to the line of fire. Hello hello run the Pontiac question. All loud and clear. Okay hello yes just go ahead yet.

I have a question in regard to Lon Donald Trump children, particularly a vodka.

My question regarding her because she started off as a Presbyterian, Christian and and she denounced Christ and converted to Judaism and sometimes when I listen to… It sounds like you putting both Christianity and Judaism on the same level as though they equal and use.

They need Jesus just as much as the non-Jew and his daughter denounced Christ and she a practicing Jew and running a Christian if they give the impression a lot of the tickly design a time. Christian invited to, but I only like the route that I secret where I see Christian Zionism is going on. I see John KE being the representative of Christian guide and he's misrepresenting it because it his Christians United for Israel conferences he had pegged you there and he's telling them that they don't meet the gospel and is only for the Gentile that are thousands of do bleeding in his dual covenant theology and denouncing Christ and and under there almost upholding Donald Trump as though he does failure I got of his accomplishment.

I'm glad that he has acknowledges that Jerusalem is Israel's capital Trafford are entity there is just the mutual aspect as far as where he stands regarding his daughter yes and salute me when those are those very important questions as we talk about talk about unity. Let me kind of go little bit out of order in response to each point with regard to Pastor Haydee I interact with them extensively years back because is these very concerns that it sounded like he was preaching dual covenant to my face. He told me in a meeting with with other Christian leaders present the Jews need Jesus to be saved and that if rabbis were sitting in the Sunday morning service.

He would preach Jesus the same way to them and his right hand Jewish man told me over the phone that he preaches to her about Jesus all the time and that he needs Jesus that's on one hand, on the other hand, I've seen statements with my own eyes that said the opposite. So I don't know what to make of it.

I may be the oldest. Maybe the statements that I saw finalize her older but I can tell you I sat with him several of the leaders and asked him face-to-face about that very subject. That being said, so we'll just leave them out of the picture.

There are Christian Zionists, who have been unfaithful to the gospel by saying that Jews have their own covenant with God.

I can understand Christian Zionists say listen, we are gathering together to stand together for Israel you know are Christians and we want everyone to believe in Jesus you know are standing with the messianic Jews in Israel. There are brothers, but our purpose here is on evangelism. We didn't ask you to proselytize and make you uncomfortable. We ask you to be here so we can stand with you to get okay that I'm all for that great perfect but if you don't make clear your beliefs and if you don't stand with messianic Jews in Israel.

Then I feel it's a big problem is that's that's first thing the second thing regarding putting Judaism and Christianity in an equal sense just understand this part which is we often talk about our Judeo-Christian heritage of the Old Testament and the Old Testament law that was very important for some of the founding fathers. Quite a few of them and that parallels with Israel and America were important to them. So it wasn't just a Christian view. Some of them had great respect for the Jewish people and the calling on the Jewish people. So we often talk about Judeo-Christian heritage and in that regard, I stand shoulder to shoulder with people like Dennis Prager and Ben Shapiro and Michael Medved, all of whom were Jews unvarying sides of from conservatism to orthodoxy, but in terms of the culture wars in terms of many other things we stand side-by-side. So in that regard, I appreciated that being said evangelical Christian leaders have the ear of Donald Trump in a unique way. Now what about Yvonne can Jared might my bigger concern with if I can. Jared is that there their history is almost more like a liberal New York Democrat than a conservative Republican and you wonder. Have they shifted a little because of the volatility of the so-called progressive side. The anger, the hostility have the baby shifted some ways, perhaps I don't know when I was at one meeting at the White House because I'm not a White House insider Jared Krishna came in briefly and met with us in the in the leaders told me that he has really worked hand-in-hand with evangelicalism and tremendous friend of evangelicals.

So what about a vodka why I want to see vodka saved once he Jared saved and yes they need Jesus. So when you say she renounced yes to convert to Judaism. She would have to say that she no longer believes this and in that sense there has to be some type of renunciation.

I don't believe it was a cursing of him as much as to say she no longer believes that he's the only way I don't know she might think he's a great teacher and leader, but not the only Savior or she may have categorically rejected him.

Either way she needs the Lord and we pray for it for her to truly know the Lord on the ship or did she maven races and not a Presbyterian Christian. That's my hope that she was nominal and that she didn't really have a relationship with Jesus.

So all that she rejected was had knowledge if she really knew the Lord and rejected them to convert to Judaism that would be of greater concern. So here's long short answer. Dena I share the concerns about aspects of Christian Zionism I do to John he gave his word that he said to me face-to-face. I just haven't met with them since the ask about other statements that seem to be totally contradictory, but I do have concerns when Christian Zionism basically says to Israel you you get in anyway that's that's a serious deception and I do appreciate though how we stand together for larger purposes and in that sense we can speak of the Judeo-Christian heritage.

All that being said, ultimately it's only going to be a Jesus centered revival that can turn the nation.

It can't just be moral ideology. There has to be a divine visitation right back with more of your calls this and say right here it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

I have a house this can be strong without being nasty and courageous about being mean-spirited can be bold without being a jerk on the thumb of the president about us.

You want me one of my goals. Part of my calling as your voice of moral sanity and spiritual clarity. Part of my burden as your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution is to help you stand strong in Jesus in the midst of crazy conflict, but losing your mind, but losing your composure without losing your testimony and and what we just on the city.

The level of vitriol and anger and depth of division forget even if you Democrat, Republican, liberal conservative just on everybody we we saw their eyes massive upheaval and division.

We can't let that be us. We can't let that be our testimony in Jesus. In the back to phones in a moment, but consider this right. There are few subjects that get us dispassionate exports right I mean people flip out over sports and in you go to a game and in your you're wearing the visiting jersey at the home team game in there and screaming at you and yelling at you, and so on, and people get really worked over sports while my sons-in-law said that he won't take his son to a professional football game because of the ugliness of what takes place in stance profanity and its anger at different things.

Some years back. I took our older daughter, Jennifer, to which his little girl or teenager took her to a hockey game and then took all the doors were basswood in consecutive nights of dismissible work it out. The work schedules and at the hockey game was Philadelphia against Washington and fights broke fights broke out in the stands in the audience fights broke out guys pulled out of the crowd right sitting in front of us and around us.

Is this a big rivalry there. And yet you can be pastors in these different cities and have a friendly joke about, you know who's going to win a friendly wager. You know I send you my book.

If they when you send your whatever and envy running passionately just sports right if family members. You can be written for different teams and afterwards have a meal together. What we have to be able to do that with other issues that are more weighty and politics is one it's terribly divisive. I believe we can have open, candid and honest differences. And yet be full of Jesus over the spirit full of unity working together server dying and hurting world. Let's go back to the phones and really all right. We lost Steve. There okay let's go to Raymond in Florida. Thanks for holding Sir walking to the line of fire dark brown paper heavily on again. I got a fair question. All right, okay, I know the voice we met face-to-face Jacksonville Jacksonville yeah yeah, second time on your salary.

Let it come back on God it yet yeah I remember we met when I spoke state real quick.

How's the weather your way what was happening with hurricane Michael Jacksonville. It's not that bad yet. And I really don't watch the news much tonight but I will go and that the treatment or size. As we met, as you sit on the phone you you are actively involved trying to mobilize believers to to get involved in moral and cultural issues and obviously devotes your passion about this, but you believe that we can maintain unity in the midst of it. I think your question is what I'm struggling and looking to you as a mentor.

I am actively engaged locally in the spiritual realm the political process. You and I even think that there's I have two real-life examples to ask questions for you to took sincerely help me and others in the situation. I know I'm just recently dealing with young people that grew up in our church Pentecostal in will prompt a call church who went off to college completely brainwashed and socialism. It insert Mike my questionnaire or or if that situational McGregor situation for infants we see a struggle within the Southern Baptist convention in their call for unity and I have a lot to deal with with rice relation.

But the problem is it seems like the call to unity is to just simply say or discover that we got unified around the gospel and not what you would be divided by political issues, but I look at this is it's not just put leader what we say our political issues that are really not political issues. These are biblical issues right my questionnaire.

However, we are around Finland were looking at both called the name of Christ yet or you don't profess Christ and professed Christians but yet they actively promote and spread and be clear and anti-biblical position. You know how I unified around our course ungulate right I did love my family. What you yes so so let me let me jump in and these are great questions because they press issues that they press things in it in a deeper way. The first thing I'm really going to probe his or we both truly committed to Jesus and the Scriptures. In other words, it could be that someone is gotten caught up with an ideology that is so far out that they've actually departed from the Lord) in laboratory it right right okay so for example if someone advocates socialism is not heresy there's there's no end to creeds that addresses that this over.

The Bible makes that a test for faith you can advocate that capitalism is a better system, but there there's nowhere where that becomes the issue so if I see someone and I see that the big issue is the backslidden from devotion to Jesus and in the process taken in some radical left or radical right ideology.

My biggest thing is okay, let's just cultivate a deeper relationship to the Lord.

Can we commit to do a Bible study on economics or something that can can we commit to praying together on a daily basis.

Or let's do some outreach together and try to get this person stirred up again. Jesus stirred up again and really following the war that that's what I want to start out almost start there in terms of relationship with God. If I see they love the Lord with all their heart, their passionate there there committed to the Lord, but their ideology is shifted then I'll tell her to do it. Make your best case to me let me hear it biblically right let Melissa that to it. I want to read this and hear these arguments so they they understand that and then if they still come only difference I okay so we differ on that.

But what can we work.

Can we agree that we should stand for the unborn. Okay great let's do that. Can we agree that we need to evangelize her neighborhood and leave socialism versus capitalism out. Yes.

Okay. What about when the Southern Baptist convention. Some concerns that either you're overlooking the real issues or you're embracing a type of liberation theology that's not really the gospel. So that's what I would press III would I would press or the things that are being raised truly gospel issues or have people swarmed to dangerous extremes, like embracing a liberation theology.

Look, I do deal with this is an is the only pro Israel speaker at a Palestinian Christian conference and that's why I was invited and I about 11 challenged by Palestinian Christian friends. But what I found it. We have profound differences met deep differences about the place of Israel today about what's right and what's wrong about even hit history. How we view comply me. I deep, profound differences that I'm terribly grieved over their position and they over mine. But we really spent time together and got to know each other in the process I saw there there love for the Lord in their desire to please him, and they saw the same with me and they recognize my love for them so we have to do is really say okay. First and foremost, if this person is a genuine brother or sister in Jesus, then and in that regard, it's very simple. I'm commanded to love you as Jesus love me. I'm commanded to love you. The sacrificial way uncommitted to love you and bless you and and to have that heart of affection for you as a family member than to be with forever. That's rafter start so I was mad at you first God, it was first due is my attitude then let's really probe these issues and let me challenge you and tell you why III don't see what you're saying.

Lining up the scriptural principles and in the words of this is black liberation theology or white supremacists theology were or whatever the thing is, let's let's probe that and let's see if it really is gospel and let's see what's wrong with it in and just like Dr. White and I we've debated each other James White. I've debated each other more than we've debated side-by-side, but in those dope debates and and when I debated mentor Isaac, with whom I have farmer profound differences that I do.

Dr. White Palestinian Christian leader at the end of our debate is that I feel closer to you now. I have a greater love for you. I saw his passion where he's coming from it to him. It's just this Jesus centered vision and so on and and and just as also to boxers hugging afterwards so I feel we have to do that but it's only to be Raymond with effort and with honesty and with humility if we just rent each of the heretics in a hurry were in trouble. However, if we sit and listen and understand.

At the end we might have to say II find your position to be heretical and contrary to the gospel and and I really don't think you can hold this to be right with God your honest, but otherwise if it's in Jesus. Gotta figure out how to find a greater unity and then articulate our differences in the mist. Thank you for the call. So sorry I couldn't get some of the other calls today.

Read my latest article on maintaining unity in the midst of our differences. Sure, pick up your copy of Donald Trump, save it all help to help unify parentheses

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