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Dr. Brown Takes Your Calls

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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October 12, 2018 4:20 pm

Dr. Brown Takes Your Calls

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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October 12, 2018 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 10/12/18.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

Well here we are. Already you've got questions. We got answers phone lines are open stock for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, let's have some fun today.

Let's beautify. Let's be challenged. Phone lines are open and ringing off the hooks immediately. 866-34-TRUTH 784 is the number, some tough questions and challenging questions and controversial questions. However, we can help you today. You got questions, we've got answers.

We all have a moral do her best to find them for you. 86634.

Truth is number to call this is Michael Brown is always delighted to be with you if you're listening you can hear the smile in my face. You are listening correctly. If you're watching see it up.

By the way, just a word of wisdom for you is a reason that fire ants are called fire ants and nasty out of the house. It's little things can do what they do and cross so quickly but they are nasty many of you know that I'm not a handyman may surprise you but I'm not a handyman in your school be a handyman. Nancy has her old toolbox actually tool closet sometimes the she's working on something just to describe the tool to base all know which one to get anyway. She's skinny little assignment today to see if I could take a piece avoided this kind of hammer it down next to this a temporary mailbox we have outside of the house because the thing was tilting so I'm hammering the thing in all this down. What was that five-step rate in the thing of fire is just as Nancy said, I just don't observed these kinds of things is the second time about this over the years annexing their swarming around my shoulders like this happen took my speaker up really quick. I will at the Nancy we have a problem with cave just shaking everything off and thankfully these little bite marks but no itching you there at least though itching that I been aware of so there's a reason fire ants are called fire ants. This could fire this holy fire, but fire ants. Is this not a good fire.

Don't mess with fire ants just just my word was the 40 today was free enough to call ask about fire ants a week we covered that was your question there go fire ants because the fiery bites. In case you can ask we ready answered 866-34-TRUTH.

Let us start import seal Oklahoma Eugene, welcome to the line of fire. Hello Dr. Brown are you doing there. All I'm really blessed genuinely. Thank you. Victor to get it your life.

Your debate on help me out with a lot of Gerald by 3 to 1 point today little bit about me I grew up in the church and white rillettes.

Macro call been playing in the. That hurt me. I happen for me personally when I was 20 years old and if my my question is like I had a natural and I only needed fruit of the Holy Spirit and what in my so I trying to buy what you are. But I'll be on it. I don't see anywhere in your care about that physically happening at a church.

Like there's II do believe that binder will hundred 40 day satellite judge@and wonder when I don't eat at finding what our wonder if hearing at people like MacArthur I know that he believed that supported at all, but you would immediately go to auto Rick but didn't care.

So therefore must be wrong but I don't see anything. I think so, how to light how to lie back because I don't want my my belief to be my though they were good.

I wanted to be scriptural, but I don't be being fake playing in the. Anywhere in the Bible. I wonder how I feel like I don't really know how to feel about it yet. We are at your ask great questions and then I'm glad you're asking them so number one we need to distinguish between extra-biblical and un-biblical extra-biblical would be something that's not explicitly spoken against or spoken for in Scripture, un-biblical would be something that is blatantly contrary to Scripture, so we would all agree that if someone says I was inspired to speak out that the Bible is not true. Well, we know that that is not from God. If someone said Lord told me to divorce my wife and and go marry my neighbor and and three other women will we know that that was the voice of the Spirit so certain things are obvious and if someone is adding to the Bible, claiming God is not given me further revelation that's added to. The Bible sets un-biblical but extra extra biblical would be responses to preaching that are not explicitly mentioned in Scripture, or as this often happened in revival movements, people shaking, convulsing, falling, you may have it with demons leaving people in the Bible you'll have it with people being overcome by the presence of God in and falling to the ground or collapsing on their faces. So we understand that the presence of God can be so overwhelming that you can't even stand on your feet with the explicit practice of laying hands on someone and they the phone about not had many people he laid hands on. They fall flat on their face seen that as well. Of this, a fall flat out straight to their knees. Alyssa began to sob Alyssa, falling backwards so I seen all those different things and what I would say is the principle is this that the Bible does not tell us to judge a prayer or the power of the prayer by whether someone falls or doesn't fall if they fall forward if they fall backward if they weep, or if they jump, or if they laugh. Nowhere does the Bible give us those guidelines suit during the great awakening Jonathan Edwards had to deal with these very things the revered theologian, philosopher, Calvinist.

So what have many things in common with some of our Calvinist friends today who don't believe in the gifts and power of the Spirit for today, but Jonathan Edwards during the great awakening so many unusual manifestations. His wife would have trances for extended periods of time hours if not days and other people would convulse and fall to the ground and and Jonathan Edwards said God did not give us guidelines for this in the Bible, meaning he didn't say when the Holy Spirit touches you, then the heartbeat will rise to this level or the eyes will dilate or you begin to weep or shake and he said that that you cannot assume that these outward signs are proof of the Holy Spirit, but you certainly cannot dismiss that is the Holy Spirit because of these things rather what you have to do is look at the lasting fruit so hearsay evaluated if it is something that is not mentioned positively or negatively in the Bible and in itself is not contrary to Scripture and God does not tell us to judge by this thing that we go to the to the other issue which is but see the fruit that's produced so as Jonathan Edwards put it, and of this simplified a little bit. The first thing is is the Jesus of the Bible, the virgin born eternal son of God the only Savior is he exalted through this either immediately or long-term. Secondly, our people drawn to the Scriptures are they hungry for the word they submit to the authority of Scripture. Third, to the repent of sin and turn to God in holiness. Fourth, are they now burden to reach the lost. If that's the effect of the experience then you assume the experiences from God. If it happens to a thousand people, and 800 have a very genuine experience and maybe 100 or just doing it out of counterfeit because they see others snow falling. Anybody can fall it in my skeptical days late 70s early 80s as a fervent believer, but try strata get away from.

So my Pentecostal charismatic heritage. I taught against being slain in the spirit I had all these reasons, why didn't prove anything.

It wasn't God, and so on him and was in a deep conviction Alyssa, but I was kind of mockingly say why didn't agree with it and and is God spirit moved on me.

I didn't even tell anyone anything they'd never heard of it. I pray in the they fall out and they get up changed and one of one of the most precious memories I have, during the browser revival is is to pray for a guy that did not respond to the altar call was there with friends.

Often a guy bigger than me, look like a football player standing their arms folded glaring in the book but was willing to let me pray for him and I could barely reach them because the crowd just barely touches his hand. Just reach out to where he was her touches four head with one finger, and next thing he falls to the ground weeping and convulsing and crying out and gets up soundly save having repented of his sins. The Holy Spirit did that so doesn't mean that there can't be counterfeits. It doesn't mean that some people don't fake it doesn't mean that some people just think you're supposed to do it but if I see over period of time. People don't even know about this experience. What was that what happened to me they get up changed.

Then I judge by the fruit that's produced because the Bible doesn't give me any other way to judge that are right that mimic their appreciated and I will be quicker than I have a collar that make me I don't want my might be it developing a character therefore must be wrong. I know the denomination out there.

I take the think tank on a musical instrument that there is no no I collected in the New Testament right yeah I am I glad wanted no explicit Scripture get that, though I cannot be right and I want that to be my aunt on signs and wonders, especially when I believe the coordinates out this from what I understand the embargo judging by three judge by what happened to be anything contrary to Scripture that could become clearly wrong, but don't make it function because at night with me in Scripture that looking at the wrong person summed it up wonderfully.

So use the moral test and the creedal test real test is what I believe.

So if the beliefs or orthodoxy.

Teachings orthodoxy check that off the moral test is what kind of fruit long-term is produced in people's lives. And you have to look at not just one person but many people over period of time and then you can really evaluate in your own life, you can say this is what happened to me awesome and thank you Eugene 866-34-TRUTH.

Let us go to carrion in Colorado.

Welcome to the line of fire. My ever been in the line of fire tomorrow.

Strange fire confident, you know, yeah, wow, let me say this, I totally respect the passion of of the folks involved. John MacArthur, Phil Johnson, Todd Friel, and others. In other words, they really believe that things are very wrong and there certainly some valid errors that need to be address. Of course I take deep deep issue with their overall conclusions and many of the specifics, but I believe that they were really trying to be sincere and and maybe have looked the worst of things. A thought that that's the whole. But either way, John MacArthur at strange fire. I wrote authentic fire and I believe ultimately that the good fruit is commodity the things put forth 40 miles. I'm able better in a power chair might be that I am no longer vapid, but I wheelchair To Greeley, Colorado. Elevate your appetite way back in 1974, here you like it or not, the glorious meeting dream I had 73 and 18-year-old emerging from the week aboard 11, my Savior led me to thinking, and going green beautiful sister as their parents stay right there gonna break your all on the edge of us. He wanted to hear the rest of your story. Everybody else will get you as quickly as we can. Thank you, thank you for participating in today's broadcast Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown by friends want to find Michael around the light. Be sure to read my latest article CNN claims that Kanye West is a mentally ill token Negro that calls for response so I responded but always in a constructive and redemptive way. You can read that the website asked Dr. Brown org and I got a quick announcement about my new book, I'll tell you that in a moment. We got a phone line open. If you try to get through. Now's a good moment 866-348-7884 so Karen in Colorado back to seat you had a life-changing dreamer you encounter Jesus.

Go ahead Billy Graham came to Christ, anything, anyway. Here later, mostly traumatized by what happened morning over my old life, wanting my old mom back before she became a member of that and came to me and stuff.

It was a beautiful dream treating one of them is repent now and now the other along going to now take your time anyway that the bottom line is usually came to me breathtakingly beautiful by the way, pure left so I could care To Greeley great church in Greeley, Colorado.

Travis Allen is the new pastor.

He organized the transfer conference I witnessed I tell my testimony to an elder unknown comedic elder whispered in Travis's ear. I didn't know that Travis just came up and invited me to Easter dinner, his family, and I cannot think of a power chair anything you can transfer my car I found Karen that you and will all help me a wonderful weekend that we were leaving the parking lot family and I turned around and I don't want you talking about. I want tonight. My dream car parking lot crying and shaking and waiting for my wheelchair To get there if you invite me to dinner and I wanted you just need to jump in. I'm so sorry to cut you off just in the middle of this we are on national radio and through Internet international and I'm not questioning anything you're saying but since your mentioning another pastor by name and and accusing him of treating the very ugly way. I just need to jump in here right in and say this so I don't know this pastor. The situation at all and I'm not doubting your question, you but I have to be responsible in terms of what you say about individuals and if I had known this, so I would've said just this.

Don't miss any names, but let me say this. Karen number one, it's absolutely scriptural that the Lord speaks to us in dreams and purist with dreams and the New Testament says in the last days of this is the print which we live from the death and resurrection of Jesus until his return, the last days that your old men will dream dreams, young men will see visions. So this is something that should be common among God's people, dreams, visions the Holy Spirit speaking and acting as it was in acts. This is what God is been doing through history and continues to do around the world today so my friends have received very supernatural, very unusual dreams. Family members very supernatural, very very undeniable and very Jesus exalting a life-changing so I affirm that Jesus does these things and if his first word she was it repent now. That certainly sounds like the Lord. As for this pastor of if what you're saying is accurate.

Obviously he he thought he was correcting error in a serious way, but the best thing to do with her been to embrace with the Lord was doing. Of course we have mystical experiences as followers of Jesus, and for many salvation itself was a mystical experience and for many just praying being with God this way. W.

Tosi put together Christian book of mystical verse of of our spiritual reflections so there's an unhealthy mysticism, but to meet with God to commune with the Lord to to have him speak to us by his Spirit and by his word to encounter him in dreams and visions. That's beautiful. That's New Testament, that's wonderful and that's what he is doing around the world and I pray that it seems that that the wound is still very fresh and you so may the Lord bring grace and healing to that wound me to be complete forgiveness for any sins committed against you and and may you go on in the joy and freedom of the war mate mate may be shielded by him hey Karen, thanks for calling and I do hope you understand why I had to interrupt and jump in with thank you so much, 8663 foray 7884. Let's go to Las Vegas. Jeff welcome to the line of fire. All right are you doing I'm doing great man.

Thank you alright so I thought you like member for a month ago. I'm not there, believe her but I bet it. Dr. what it comes to Christian doctrine, mainly because like you were just arguing with the with the gardener and all those other people Catholic Church. They are the church you say product of your church reform people say there you don't like to go down the line we could have an hour and no conflict of reality. Now I'm back that I could even the red letter word from the Bible to him. I'm sorry work of the Bible Bible that this we don't have any direct in the Bible there taken from the gospel right okay so that I could except that and I could even except on 39 I think I did when I was there fingers all but I don't.

I just don't except a lot of the doctrine and I'm sure you would agree with me but I think a person could have a belief in God and even the John prefix think like I think I do, but I don't except the other thing and say what here. Let's let's start here, right.

Jeff and I really appreciate your honesty. Okay so number number one, it's possible that different groups think they're the only group but their error is just that they're part of something bigger.

In other words maybe are the food court at the mall and you've got Sbarro's Italian pizza. There in your Sbarro's Italian they think will we are the only shop you're in the mall and then across and that you got Burger King and then across from that you got subway and across and that you got some Chinese takeout or whatever it is, in each one says were the only food in the mall earlier wrong about that, but there right that they are serving food so it could be that some of us are too narrow thinking my group alone has it. I don't think Protestant is the only one saved. I believe that the Protestant expression based on Scripture alone is more accurate than that which is based on a lot of later traditions but there are many things that we still have in common. I believe their fellow Christians who are Catholic who are Orthodox, Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, although I believe there are things that are taught wrongly in in those churches as well. So the first thing is this have to be totally exclusively could be the families a little bit bigger than we realize, as opposed to throwing out all the other traditions and all the other teachings and all the other doctrines could be that the families a little bit bigger than some of us realize, but what what if you just go as logic is it just see if you go with this logic with me for minute I the ones that preserve the words of Jesus for us and in the writings that were universally accepted by the early believers like the Gospels, for example, Matthew Mark Luke and John are these first writings that were recognized to be by by eyewitnesses of the offense, or by colleagues of eyewitnesses and so they preserve these things and then they also embraced in their midst.

Paul right so the they are the ones that gave us the New Testament that we have that's why it was so widely accepted only a few of the books really disputed so what if you just say okay I will start here with the Gospels because because this is from the eyewitnesses and Jesus told us that he send the spirit so that his words would be preserved.

Start there and then just now see what the followers of Jesus taught and did enjoy about what other churches teach right now just read your way through the Bible and say God I just want to know you. I want to know you. I want to fall your son Jesus that I believe is true. But you have to help me because I'm really confused to trust you to show me where I'm wrong, you sell yourself to look. I'm a little human being one of many of us knowing ourselves no big universe and in so many different religious faiths. I do believe you there God I do believe Jesus died for me, but on the where to go from there. So help me. I believe if you're sincere God, you and what you can do is just read through the New Testament and and step-by-step and where you confuse they got. I don't get this victory. I studied under you for your phone number left work, I may not get name all the Bible that I've gone through. I've been I'm a pretty good apology. I felt I would.

I'm not man man made doctrine. I just don't agree with them but I think I pray the that supernatural… I believe I do if I'm wrong then God wafted correctly what I when I leave this earth, but I was not asked to show you what one is to show you now yeah I do remember some of the details of the call it was it was quite striking and you been at this for many years. Correct. I've been active for 40 years. I just walked by wide go how long you married 36 years, you know what, I'm so sorry. I bet that God I really good. I was being honored by what I did even say you're my wife.

I do that you work through it because it believe I'm knocking to make it.

I got not. I don't think I will make it.

It's like taking my eyes away to be on… I harmless I've been married 42 years and like I can imagine. I can imagine this and just handed it Rob I hang in there.

Listen Jeff, I'm asking all of our listeners pray for just this man is hurting and he needs to be touched by the love of God and encounter the living God. Would you pray for Jeff with me. Would you right now would you do it. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown line of fire now by calling 86. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us on the line of fire euchre questions. We've got answers. I was just speaking with a gentleman named Jeff for 40 years he's been on a spiritual journey.

He's listen to me and other teachers for many many years. He says he believes in God and believes in John 316. He thinks that is a problem with so many other things go Christian doctrines as he says, and what makes the pain never intense is his wife of 36 years, passed away four months ago, is supreme. It's like losing his eyes and just during the break I stopped to pray for him. But what would you join me in praying that God would visit him, that God will open his eyes that God would reveal Jesus to him.

Let's recognize how helpless we are in ourselves and let let's pray that God would work in his heart, and we needs to humble himself. If there's any stubbornness another stubbornness in my life God has overcome that God would bring them to repentance as well.

866-348-7884 of one of our callers just asked a question and then did not come on the line, wondering the books that are not a part of the Bible do I use them for many of my sermons. I guess you would mean like the book of Enoch, or something like that. There other books like the book of Ya sure that we don't have what you get online order, but it's not the real original one that existed in biblical times.

This is some later person writing it and claiming it was that, but always all kinds of things for illustration. The authority of Scripture I and and is one who does not accept the Catholic canon or that which is been accepted by Catholics and others with the Apocrypha so I wouldn't preach a sermon from an apocryphal book like Ecclesiasticus also called Ben cera or from Maccabees or Tobit or something like that. I wouldn't preach a sermon. From there, but I may reference them find an inspirational quote look like. I quote a W toes or I quote Leonard Ravenhill. I quote Charles Spurgeon.

I get all of you.

My quote Justin Martyr Augustine a different one, so surely we can quote some of these ancient books.

I can call Jewish writings rabbinic writings for insight and background. Even though the rabbis did not believe in Jesus. Yeshua so there are ways to do things in an illustrative way, but the authoritative textile preach from is only the Bible and thus saith the Lord Scripture is only the Bible, 86634. Truth is the number to call and let us go back to the phones will start in Orlando Florida.

George walking to the line of fire. I hope you were untouched by the hurricane is pretty far away from you, sir. Yeah, actually more inland shipping can handle so you got it right well so yes I can handle. Quick question what you know I like County Clerk -like answer to question. The first one anyway. Let's go.

Do you believe in your opinion that those who strongly hold to replacement theology even have the Holy Spirit at all, or would you still consider my brothers in the Lord.

If they hold to the essentials of the faith for salvation, namely the recognition of human sin and guilt. The belief that Jesus, the divine son died for sins and rose from the dead, that forgiveness only comes to the cross and they've asked God to forgive and they confess Jesus is Lord seeking to follow him, even if they have serious doctrinal error. To me replacement theology is a serious doctrinal error. I I recognize them as brothers and sisters in the Lord. They have the Holy Spirit because the Holy Spirit indwells the people of God. So yes, I recognize that and every one of us has some blind spot some something in our believes that's not perfect. If we hold to the fundamentals of the faith. That's what saves us, and ultimately unites us and and there are some who hold to replacement theology because of bad attitudes to residual Israel and the Jewish people that's uglier there. Others who hold to it because their vision of Jesus is such that that they think will we went from Israel to Jesus. We can go back to Israel. Everything is in Jesus, so they have a lofty view of Jesus. They just don't understand fully how Israel fits in with that citizen fine Christians I know of that are called replacement theology. They're not anti-Semites. They believe in the authority of Scripture.

Their brothers and sisters I can learn a lot from them, but I believe they have serious error. There and historically it has opened the door to anti-Semitism and hatred of the Jewish people, but I certainly would not see sit in a brothers and sisters. That being said, there are people who hold replacement theology that deny the fundamentals of the faith. Also, that are liberal Christians deny the resurrection of Jesus did on the authority of Scripture and they they have some strange view of other things. So they're not safe for those reasons okay and with out being quicker in that same line of thinking is currently right now, sticking a church history class will know more about the history of shared some of the writing… The professor says lots of people like Justin Martyr or Augustine or whatever you won't mention at the negative stuff in all my own I have I have come to realize that not just one or two, but a consistent like a large number of church fathers or very important, influential Christianity people had been strongly like Satan had wrote really, really horrible things.

Just as people and what my question is how can someone yeah I am writing be filled with the Holy Spirit and write awesome awesome Christian doctrinal stuff, but in the same paper right really horrible about that. That is, that is very very fair question. Trust me when I wrote our hands were stained with blood.

I agonized over these things. Quoting leader after leader began with some of the early church leaders, dehumanizing the Jews or making this absolute separation between Jews and Christians is as if to follow Jesus as a Jew you can be a Jew anymore, and then it began to get worse by the time of John Chrysostom's a little bit after Augustine saying God hates the Jews that I hate the Jews and in his famous seven his infamous seven sermons against the Jews and then the worst example would be Martin Luther real world changer, a man who had an extraordinary revelation of faith and grace. And yet he said some of the worst imaginable. Things not just about the Jews but about the peasants and and others. Yet it's a massive contradiction. You can go to Jacob James III chapter and how can you bless on the one side and curse. On the other out right before radio today was visited by some precious sisters from Japan, one of whom is a grad for ministry school there there in the studio right next to us watching and this dear sister put her head in my hands and sobs sobbed and sobbed and sobbed asking forgiveness with the church is done to the Jewish people just with a broken heart and I've I've met with other believers in other parts the world equally broken up when they read some aspects of church history. I can only say this George. I am like a damn someone to hell over those things. But they are very very ugly blemishes. They are a major reason why Jews reject Jesus name the church history this is a terrible blemish on testimonies that otherwise were beautiful and powerful, just a terrible terrible blind spot and perhaps the root of it is in Romans 11 when pulses remember you don't support through through support you, so don't post against the branches and don't post against the branches that are broken off this is you can be broken off as well.

It's a warning to all of us.

But George, you do right to agonize over this. It's it's it's an honest question to ask and you really do right to agonize over these things. If you haven't read my book. Our hands were stained with blood on encourage you to do it. And yes, sir, what you mention is the norm of seminary. After seminary around America around the world, you'll have comprehensive courses on church history whole classes on the fathers like Augustine Chrysostom whole classes on Luther and nothing will be said about the ugly statements or the sometimes outright horrific statements. It's a shame. Thankfully, little by little it's changing to different schools but it's it remains a blind spot as a Catholic scholar Edward Flannery said in his book the anguish of the Jews almost exact quote that the pages of history. The Jews have memorized Christians of taught out of their history books to you.

Keep digging in and you keep wrestling with.

These things are. It is important 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to New Jersey. Matt, thanks for holding welcome to the line of fire.

Thank you.

I'm calling about the second half of specifically described in numbers. I chapter yet and my question is today and believers, we don't have it unclean and or clean. Is that something relevant that old recognized in Scripture looking at looking at in mentioning John by so first of all is that a fee that observed by traditional Jews today and also is something that's recognized by messianic Jews. There is no clean or unclean are understanding of a biblical worldview. You beckon the gent for both you traditional Jews recognized that and what it means yes. So it was only in numbers. The ninth chapter of wheat we have the account where a because there were issues with uncleanness with the people of Israel celebrating the Passover that another date was given when it could be done so this this was not something that was instituted on the calendar okay this was not something that became the norm. So, numbers 946. There were certain men who were unclean through touching the dead bodies that they could not keep the pastor and the data came from Moses and Aaron on the day the super unclean, etc., are we Bring the Lord's offering. Moses didn't know what to do because this was not anything had been revealed him up to then he went to to hear from the Lord, the Lord spoke to him and said if any one of your descendents is unclean through touching a body was on the launcher and he shall still keep the Passover to the Lord. The second month, on the 14th day at twilight. They shall keep it this this is not been something historically instituted in a in other words, on the traditional Jewish calendar. There is not a second Passover and in the messianic world, there would be messianic Jewish world pastor was being celebrated. There'd be no reason to not celebrated then and if there was uncleanness yes for grace and forgiveness. We also have second Chronicles 30 where people had partaken of the Passover and there was uncleanness so Hezekiah prayed for cleansing and forgiveness for the people and apparently some were sick because it it speaks of the Lord healing the people crafted a parallel first Corinthians 11. People taking communion in an unworthy way. The lesson though the spiritual lesson for me is that even in the midst of the law. There was flexibility there was flexibility in grace in the midst of the law and this is a precursor to me the way that Jesus approached some of these issues. I thank you for some, I think I've been asked that question. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 664 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us friends on the line of fire. Okay quick announcement then straight back to the phones number one, a week ago today I was in London and debating the friendly debate with reform Rabbi Jonathan Romaine, facilitated by Justin Brierley with this wonderful unbelievable show.

He just sent me links podcast YouTube are absent will be posting those in a little while. I think you really enjoy watching this and is very very different approach may be a conservative believer in the rabbi being a liberal believer, you see the differences in our approach the Scripture and God and faith are highlighted. Secondly, would you be praying with me.

I really am excited about the new book Donald Trump is not my Savior and evangelical leader speaks his mind about the many supports Pres. I'm really supported support excited about this book, which I support because I wrote it, a coming out in its today the 11 days 11 days and it jumped up, ready preorders and I was on the other day was like number three in political discourse. Whatever the category was, but I I'm really excited as I'm doing the audio reading about him book going back to articles I wrote at different times come like a commentary on trumpet what's happening in the world, overrunning three year period with Brandon matures to beginning at the end. So one of my colleagues sent yesterday really couldn't put it down. We have advanced copies. The first hundred pages. He just shot through so would you be praying with me. I just film some interviews with James Robison were posting links on Facebook and Twitter that you can watch those interviews, you can preorder on Amazon when you do that day comes out if the price is reduced to get the best price that day tell a friend about it and when you get it.

Let's be praying for impact. I want to see this have an impact on the midterm elections and I believe I God's grace. It can and beyond to 2028 6634 let's go to see Stephen in Syracuse New York.

Thanks for holding Sir. Welcome to the line of fire. Hello Dr. Brown, a big family have a amazing minister. Thank you. I have a question about Matthew 7.2 yes and how could someone do all those amazing supernatural loving the attribute them to achieve and be a Christian right and you say not be a Christian because he says the part of men never knew you correct right yeah right so there are two different ways to read the verse in Matthew seven. Starting in verse 21. Not everyone who says to me Lord Lord will enter the kingdom, but those that do the will of my father. On that day. Verse 22 many will say to me Lord, Lord, to be not prophesy in your name cast out demons in your name and do many mighty works in your name that will declare them. I never knew you depart from you workers of lawlessness so they're there to waste it to read this one is. There were self deceived. They use demonic power counterfeit power.

They were always sinners. They use Jesus name, but in doing so misused it and they were false works.

They were counterfeit miracles and they were never truly saved the other way to read it, which to me is the more likely is.

But eat either one is possible is to recognize that those words I never knew you were used in ancient Judaism is an excommunication formula.

So even though they were once with you when you excommunicated them. You said the words I never knew you so Jesus could be saying that there were people that were anointed that were gifted like Sampson or think of Judas, for example, who was gifted and anointed by God, but who ultimately departed nothing. Sampson ultimately did, but others maybe they started well.

I do believe you can forfeit your salvation. You can willingly turn away from the Lord and renounce him.

He doesn't force you to stay in the family so there were people who work miracles were used by God healed the sick drove out demons prophesied in Jesus name and then what happened was they turned away from the Lord and thought what still do all these things are.

This is a proof that were right with God.

He says no you're not because you want doing the will of my father, your lawless one so were cutting you off away from it.

So either they were counterfeit miracles and they never knew the Lord, or they would generally miracles, but they departed from the Lord at which point he said away from me. I never knew you either of those two would work. Thank you. You are very welcome sir, thank you for the call 866-34-TRUTH out. We go to Erin in Fort Myers, Florida. Welcome sir to the line of I I'm doing well thank you, thought Dario when her greatly and let me know what you think about it you are about seven years me and my yacht by now are log here and live with it on the floor about six year and we're not married and that online dating Mark for a fair amount of time I that I am basically and then because I'm not married according to the law but the Bible am I not married you have lived together and Native American.

So let me ask you one question first and then look at Scripture, why have you not gotten legally married name. I deftly bet that in my mind that we are on the way but we would focus a little deeper. Have you committed yourself to her exclusively and she to you exclusively for the rest your life's younger okay so in that sense you have made the commitment that you needed to make a buy in those you not living together just to experiment you have committed yourself one to another, and consummated the relationship. However, we are subject to the laws of the land and in different cultures marriages is recognized in different ways in our culture is not recognized by simply living together and consummating the relationship sexually when Jesus said give to Caesar that which belongs to Caesar.

When Paul said submit to the governing authorities in the eyes of the government and the laws of the state you are not married, and therefore you are in sexual sin and fornication. Nothing God is condemning you to hell because of of your stance here. God is merciful and patient, but I am saying that the preachers are right in telling you that and there's no reason that you don't go tomorrow with with this woman that you commit your life to and and have this officially recognized either in a church sermon on anybody there just get it done. Either that, or separate, and so you do it the right way so it be the worst still, if you just said hey we're here were living together. If it doesn't work, we break up that's were not marriage it. You said you both commit yourself to each other exclusively for the rest your lives so don't procrastinate that sin if you do go and get a foremost if you sell not know. I don't know if I'm willing to make that commitment then you better stop sleeping with that gal because that's fornication you only have sex with the one you're married to in God's sight and we have to submit to the laws of the land. These are righteous, just laws. There's nothing on righteous about them so go ahead and seal the deal man right are all right.

LSR should shoot us a note when you've done it so we can congratulation. I am serious. Go to my website.

Asked Dr. Brown the Lord say hey Maren I called were officially married now.

All right I sure thing that now listen in. In the ancient Jewish world, say around the time of Jesus. You could you pay the dowry for for the wife. That would be one way of of officially marrying another would be by official statement of intent of of saying you know you're my wife and another would be say okay we get a commit rest relies together and that we consummate that that's not our law that was that was in ancient Jewish custom that is not the lawn. That's not the way it's done in Jewish world today either, just okay for together than that's consummated a bit parent. Thank you for calling and being open and conduit mad. I know you will. I know you will. I believe you will okay let's go to New Brunswick Canada again Reese. Welcome back to the line of fire. Yeah, go ahead a little short on time so dive right in. Okay quickly I my question is about working from a legal perspective from just wondering. I've been to camp by incremental camp and abolition compound hundred yeah I just had this conversation with friends the other day one view would say what ever you can do to save the baby's life, the better. So if if you can get it where abortions after 20 weeks become a legal pass a law for the if you can get it where abortions under certain circumstances or legal pass offer if you can. If you can get it that the mother has to see an ultrasound first pass that law and the the other say it's unethical for me to sign off on anything.

It's unethical for me to put my stamp on anything that still accepts abortion. Generally speaking, though, be it slavery, or other things like that things were done incrementally, incrementally, incrementally, and then the whole system collapsed, so the way I look at it is this.

Everyone knows that I am not affirming abortion right so if I'm a legislator and we can pass something in our states where you have to wait one day and and you know be given 24 hours to reflect on this and other alternatives have to be shown to that sign them into law. Okay, at least he can save some lives working to keep working towards the restroom to keep speaking out against the rest so I do respect the mindset of the all or nothing that I think calling out.

That's the kind of person I am.

I respect that. I understand your same look on nuts if I sign anything that's for the blood of the unborn.

I'm single that's happening anyway but your signature is can reduce the number used to number the number and every life counts. So if we can work incrementally words the larger goal that can be something very constructive friends. Have an awesome weekend. See if the little give you someone to share the gospel with be back with you on Monday

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